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2021-09-27 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-lookup.c (ctf_lookup_by_name_internal): Fix pptrtab bounds.
* testsuite/libctf-writable/pptrtab-writable-page-deep-lookup.*:
New test.
2021-09-27 Nick Alcock <>
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/enum-symbol.c: Remove unused label.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/conflicting-type-syms.c: Remove unused
* testsuite/libctf-regression/pptrtab.c: Likewise.
* testsuite/libctf-regression/type-add-unnamed-struct.c: Likewise.
* testsuite/libctf-writable/pptrtab.c: Likewise.
* testsuite/libctf-writable/reserialize-strtab-corruption.c:
* testsuite/libctf-regression/nonstatic-var-section-ld-r.c: Fix
format string.
* testsuite/libctf-regression/nonstatic-var-section-ld.c:
* testsuite/libctf-regression/ Adjust.
* testsuite/libctf-writable/symtypetab-nonlinker-writeout.c: Fix
2021-09-27 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open.c (ctf_bufopen_internal): Don't complain about corrupt
function index symtypetab sections if this is an old-format
function symtypetab section (which should be ignored in any case).
Fix bad grammar.
2021-09-27 Nick Alcock <>
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
2021-09-27 Nick Alcock <>
PR libctf/27967
* (VERSION_FLAGS): Replace with...
(ac_cv_libctf_version_script): ... this multiple test.
(VERSION_FLAGS_NOBFD): Substitute this too.
* (libctf_nobfd_la_LDFLAGS): Use it. Split out...
(libctf_ldflags_nover): ... non-versioning flags here.
(libctf_la_LDFLAGS): Use it.
* libctf.ver: Give every symbol not in libctf-nobfd a comment on
the same line noting as much.
2021-09-27 Nick Alcock <>
PR libctf/27360
* (libctf_la_LIBADD): Link against libiberty
before pulling in or pulling in
* Regenerate.
2021-07-03 Nick Clifton <>
* 2.37 release branch created.
2021-05-09 Alan Modra <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_dynset_eq_string): Don't declare.
* ctf-hash.c (ctf_dynset_eq_string): Delete function.
* ctf-dedup.c (make_set_element): Use htab_eq_string.
(ctf_dedup_atoms_init, ADD_CITER, ctf_dedup_init): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_conflictify_unshared): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_walk_output_mapping): Likewise.
2021-05-06 Nick Alcock <>
* testsuite/lib/ctf-lib.exp: Use -gctf, not -gt.
* testsuite/libctf-regression/
Hidden symbols now get into the symtypetab anyway.
2021-05-06 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open.c (init_types): Unknown types may have names.
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_resolve): CTF_K_UNKNOWN is as
non-representable as type ID 0.
(ctf_type_aname): Print unknown types.
* ctf-dedup.c (ctf_dedup_hash_type): Do not early-exit for
CTF_K_UNKNOWN types: they have real hash values now.
(ctf_dedup_rwalk_one_output_mapping): Treat CTF_K_UNKNOWN types
like other types with no referents: call the callback and do not
skip them.
(ctf_dedup_emit_type): Emit via...
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_unknown): ... this new function.
* libctf.ver (LIBCTF_1.2): Add it.
2021-03-25 Nick Alcock <>
* Check for dlsym, not dlopen.
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-03-25 Nick Alcock <>
* testsuite/libctf-writable/symtypetab-nonlinker-writeout.c: Don't
leak buf.
2021-03-25 Nick Alcock <>
PR libctf/27628
* ctf-lookup.c (isqualifier): Don't dereference out-of-bounds
qhash values.
2021-03-25 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open-bfd.c (ctf_bfdopen_ctfsect): Initialize debugging.
2021-03-25 Nick Alcock <>
PR libctf/27628
* ctf-serialize.c (ctf_emit_type_sect): Allow for a NULL vlen in
2021-03-25 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_format_type): Don't emit size or alignment
on error.
2021-03-21 Alan Modra <>
* ctf-impl.h: Include string.h.
2021-03-18 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_encoding): Support, after a fashion, for enums.
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_format_type): Do not report enums' degenerate
2021-03-18 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-dedup.c (ctf_dedup_rhash_type): Report errors on the input
dict properly.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_bufopen_internal): Report errors initializing
the atoms table.
2021-03-18 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_next_t) <ctn_tp>: New.
<u.ctn_mp>: Remove.
<u.ctn_lmp>: Remove.
<u.ctn_vlen>: New.
* ctf-types.c (ctf_struct_member): New.
(ctf_member_next): Use it, dropping separate large/small code paths.
(ctf_type_align): Likewise.
(ctf_member_info): Likewise.
(ctf_type_rvisit): Likewise.
2021-03-18 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_dtdef_t) <dtu_members>: Remove.
<dtd_u>: Likewise.
(ctf_dmdef_t): Remove.
(struct ctf_next) <u.ctn_dmd>: Remove.
* ctf-create.c (INITIAL_VLEN): New, more-or-less arbitrary initial
vlen size.
(ctf_add_enum): Use it.
(ctf_dtd_delete): Do not free the (removed) dmd; remove string
refs from the vlen on struct deletion.
(ctf_add_struct_sized): Populate the vlen: do it by hand if
promoting forwards. Always populate the full-size
lsizehi/lsizelo members.
(ctf_add_union_sized): Likewise.
(ctf_add_member_offset): Set up the vlen rather than the dmd.
Expand it as needed, repointing string refs via
ctf_str_move_pending. Add the member names as pending strings.
Always populate the full-size lsizehi/lsizelo members.
(membadd): Remove, folding back into...
(ctf_add_type_internal): ... here, adding via an ordinary
ctf_add_struct_sized and _next iteration rather than doing
everything by hand.
* ctf-serialize.c (ctf_copy_smembers): Remove this...
(ctf_copy_lmembers): ... and this...
(ctf_emit_type_sect): ... folding into here. Figure out if a
ctf_stype_t is needed here, not in ctf_add_*_sized.
(ctf_type_sect_size): Figure out the ctf_stype_t stuff the same
way here.
* ctf-types.c (ctf_member_next): Remove the dmd path and always
use the vlen. Force large-structure usage for dynamic types.
(ctf_type_align): Likewise.
(ctf_member_info): Likewise.
(ctf_type_rvisit): Likewise.
* testsuite/libctf-regression/type-add-unnamed-struct-ctf.c: Add a
self-referential type to this test.
* testsuite/libctf-regression/type-add-unnamed-struct.c: Adjusted
* testsuite/libctf-regression/ Likewise.
2021-03-18 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_dtdef_t) <dtd_vlen_alloc>: New.
(ctf_str_move_pending): Declare.
* ctf-string.c (ctf_str_add_ref_internal): Fix error return.
(ctf_str_move_pending): New.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_grow_vlen): New.
(ctf_dtd_delete): Zero out the vlen_alloc after free. Free the
vlen later: iterate over it and free enum name refs first.
(ctf_add_generic): Populate dtd_vlen_alloc from vlen.
(ctf_add_enum): populate the vlen; do it by hand if promoting
(ctf_add_enumerator): Set up the vlen rather than the dmd. Expand
it as needed, repointing string refs via ctf_str_move_pending. Add
the enumerand names as pending strings.
* ctf-serialize.c (ctf_copy_emembers): Remove.
(ctf_emit_type_sect): Copy the vlen into place and ref the
* ctf-types.c (ctf_enum_next): The dynamic portion now uses
the same code as the non-dynamic.
(ctf_enum_name): Likewise.
(ctf_enum_value): Likewise.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/enum-many-ctf.c: New test.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/ New test.
2021-03-18 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-hash.c (ctf_dynset_elements): New.
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_dynset_elements): Declare it.
(ctf_str_add_pending): Likewise.
(ctf_dict_t) <ctf_str_pending_ref>: New, set of refs that must be
added during serialization.
* ctf-string.c (ctf_str_create_atoms): Initialize it.
(CTF_STR_ADD_REF): New flag.
(ctf_str_add_ref_internal): Take a flags word rather than int
params. Populate, and clear out, ctf_str_pending_ref.
(ctf_str_add): Adjust accordingly.
(ctf_str_add_external): Likewise.
(ctf_str_add_pending): New.
(ctf_str_remove_ref): Also remove the potential ref if it is a
pending ref.
* ctf-serialize.c (ctf_serialize): Prohibit addition of strings
with ctf_str_add_ref before serialization. Ensure that the
ctf_str_pending_ref set is empty before strtab finalization.
(ctf_emit_type_sect): Add a ref to the ctt_name.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_generic): Add the ctt_name as a pending
* testsuite/libctf-writable/reserialize-strtab-corruption.*: New test.
2021-03-18 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-serialize.c (ctf_serialize): Preserve ctf_typemax across
2021-03-18 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_dtdef_t) <dtd_u.dtu_argv>: Remove.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_dtd_delete): No longer free it.
(ctf_add_function): Use the dtd_vlen, not dtu_argv. Properly align.
* ctf-serialize.c (ctf_emit_type_sect): Just copy the dtd_vlen.
* ctf-types.c (ctf_func_type_info): Just use the vlen.
(ctf_func_type_args): Likewise.
2021-03-18 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_dtdef_t) <dtd_u.dtu_arr>: Remove.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_array): Use the dtd_vlen, not dtu_arr.
(ctf_set_array): Likewise.
* ctf-serialize.c (ctf_emit_type_sect): Just copy the dtd_vlen.
* ctf-types.c (ctf_array_info): Just use the vlen.
2021-03-18 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_dtdef_t) <dtd_u.dtu_enc>: Remove.
<dtd_u.dtu_slice>: Likewise.
<dtd_vlen>: New.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_generic): Perhaps allocate it. All
callers adjusted.
(ctf_dtd_delete): Free it.
(ctf_add_slice): Use the dtd_vlen, not dtu_enc.
(ctf_add_encoded): Likewise. Assert that this must be an int or
* ctf-serialize.c (ctf_emit_type_sect): Just copy the dtd_vlen.
* ctf-dedup.c (ctf_dedup_rhash_type): Use the dtd_vlen, not
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_reference): Likewise.
(ctf_type_encoding): Remove most dynamic-type-specific code: just
get the vlen from the right place. Report failure to look up the
underlying type's encoding.
2021-03-18 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_archive_next): GNU style fix for do {} while.
* ctf-dedup.c (ctf_dedup_rhash_type): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_rwalk_one_output_mapping): Likewise.
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_format_type): Likewise.
* ctf-lookup.c (ctf_symbol_next): Likewise.
* swap.h (swap_thing): Likewise.
2021-03-18 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-serialize.c: General reshuffling, and...
(emit_symtypetab_state_t): New, migrated from
local variables in ctf_serialize.
(ctf_serialize): Split out most section sizing and
(ctf_symtypetab_sect_sizes): New (split out).
(ctf_emit_symtypetab_sects): Likewise.
(ctf_type_sect_size): Likewise.
(ctf_emit_type_sect): Likewise.
2021-03-18 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_dict_t): Fix comment.
2021-03-18 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (symtypetab_delete_nonstatic_vars): Move
into ctf-serialize.c.
(ctf_symtab_skippable): Likewise.
(symtypetab_density): Likewise.
(emit_symtypetab): Likewise.
(emit_symtypetab_index): Likewise.
(ctf_copy_smembers): Likewise.
(ctf_copy_lmembers): Likewise.
(ctf_copy_emembers): Likewise.
(ctf_sort_var): Likewise.
(ctf_serialize): Likewise.
(ctf_gzwrite): Likewise.
(ctf_compress_write): Likewise.
(ctf_write_mem): Likewise.
(ctf_write): Likewise.
* ctf-serialize.c: New file.
* (libctf_nobfd_la_SOURCES): Add it.
* Regenerate.
2021-03-18 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-link.c (ctf_link_lazy_open): Move up in the file, to near
* ctf-lookup.c (ctf_lookup_symbol_idx): Repair tabdamage.
(ctf_lookup_by_sym_or_name): Likewise.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/struct-iteration.c: Likewise.
* testsuite/libctf-regression/type-add-unnamed-struct.c: Likewise.
2021-03-02 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (symtypetab_density): Report the symbol name as
well as index in the name != object error; note the likely
* ctf-link.c (ctf_link_shuffle_syms): Report the symbol index
as well as name.
2021-03-02 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-link.c (ctf_link_shuffle_syms): Free ctf_dynsyms properly.
2021-03-02 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_format_type): Fix signed/unsigned confusion.
2021-03-02 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-dedup.c (ctf_dedup): Pass on errors from ctf_dedup_hash_type.
Call ctf_dedup_fini properly on other errors.
(ctf_dedup_emit_type): Set the errno on dynhash insertion failure.
* ctf-link.c (ctf_link_deduplicating_per_cu): Close outputs beyond
output 0 when asserting because >1 output is found.
(ctf_link_deduplicating): Likewise, when asserting because the
shared output is not the same as the passed-in fp.
2021-03-02 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_dict_t) <ctf_link_type_mapping>: No longer used
by the nondeduplicating linker.
(ctf_add_type_mapping): Removed, now static.
(ctf_type_mapping): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_type_mapping): New.
(ctf_dedup_t) <cd_input_nums>: New.
* ctf-dedup.c (ctf_dedup_init): Populate it.
(ctf_dedup_fini): Free it again. Emphasise that this has to be
the last thing called.
(ctf_dedup): Populate it.
(ctf_dedup_populate_type_mapping): Removed.
(ctf_dedup_populate_type_mappings): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_emit): No longer call it. No longer call
ctf_dedup_fini either.
(ctf_dedup_type_mapping): New.
* ctf-link.c (ctf_unnamed_cuname): New.
(ctf_create_per_cu): Arguments must be non-null now.
(ctf_in_member_cb_arg): Removed.
(ctf_link): No longer populate it. No longer discard the
mapping table.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_one_symtypetab): Use
ctf_dedup_type_mapping, not ctf_type_mapping. Use
(ctf_link_one_variable): Likewise. Pass in args individually: no
longer a ctf_variable_iter callback.
(empty_link_type_mapping): Removed.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_variables): Use ctf_variable_next, not
ctf_variable_iter. No longer pack arguments to
ctf_link_one_variable into a struct.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_per_cu): Call ctf_dedup_fini once
all link phases are done.
(ctf_link_deduplicating): Likewise.
(ctf_link_intern_extern_string): Improve comment.
(ctf_add_type_mapping): Migrate...
(ctf_type_mapping): ... these functions...
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_type_mapping): ... here...
(ctf_type_mapping): ... and make static, for the sole use of
2021-03-02 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-link.c (ctf_link_one_variable): Remove reference to
"unconflicted link mode".
2021-03-02 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-link.c (ctf_create_per_cu): Drop FILENAME now that it is
always identical to CUNAME.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_one_symtypetab): Adjust.
(ctf_link_one_type): Remove.
(ctf_link_one_input_archive_member): Likewise.
(ctf_link_close_one_input_archive): Likewise.
(ctf_link_one_input_archive): Likewise.
(ctf_link): No longer call it. Drop CTF_LINK_NONDEDUP path.
Improve header comment a bit (dicts, not files). Adjust
ctf_create_per_cu call.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_variables): Simplify.
(ctf_link_in_member_cb_arg_t) <cu_name>: Remove.
<in_input_cu_file>: Likewise.
<in_fp_parent>: Likewise.
<done_parent>: Likewise.
(ctf_link_one_variable): Turn uses of in_file_name to in_cuname.
2021-03-02 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-types.c (ctf_member_iter): Move 'rc' to an inner scope.
(ctf_enum_iter): Reimplement in terms of ctf_enum_next.
(ctf_type_iter): Reimplement in terms of ctf_type_next.
(ctf_type_iter_all): Likewise.
(ctf_variable_iter): Reimplement in terms of ctf_variable_next.
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_archive_iter_internal): Remove.
(ctf_archive_iter): Reimplement in terms of ctf_archive_next.
2021-03-02 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_archive_next): Set the name of parents in
single-member archives.
2021-02-26 Alan Modra <>
* Regenerate.
2021-02-21 Alan Modra <>
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
2021-02-20 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_dict_t) <ctf_symhash>: New.
<ctf_symhash_latest>: Likewise.
(struct ctf_archive_internal) <ctfi_crossdict_cache>: New.
<ctfi_symnamedicts>: New.
<ctfi_syms>: Remove.
(ctf_lookup_symbol_name): Remove.
* ctf-lookup.c (ctf_lookup_symbol_name): Propagate errors from
parent properly. Make static.
(ctf_lookup_symbol_idx): New, linear search for the symbol name,
cached in the crossdict cache's ctf_symhash (if available), or
this dict's (otherwise).
(ctf_try_lookup_indexed): Allow the symname to be passed in.
(ctf_lookup_by_symbol): Turn into a wrapper around...
(ctf_lookup_by_sym_or_name): ... this, supporting name lookup too,
using ctf_lookup_symbol_idx in non-writable dicts. Special-case
name lookup in dynamic dicts without reported symbols, which have
no symtab or dynsymidx but where name lookup should still work.
(ctf_lookup_by_symbol_name): New, another wrapper.
* ctf-archive.c (enosym): Note that this is present in
ctfi_symnamedicts too.
(ctf_arc_close): Adjust for removal of ctfi_syms. Free the
(ctf_arc_flush_caches): Likewise.
(ctf_dict_open_cached): Memoize the first cached dict in the
crossdict cache.
(ctf_arc_lookup_symbol): Turn into a wrapper around...
(ctf_arc_lookup_sym_or_name): ... this. No longer cache
ctf_id_t lookups: just call ctf_lookup_by_symbol as needed (but
still cache the dicts those lookups succeed in). Add
lookup-by-name support, with dicts of successful lookups cached in
ctfi_symnamedicts. Refactor the caching code a bit.
(ctf_arc_lookup_symbol_name): New, another wrapper.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_dict_close): Free the ctf_symhash.
* libctf.ver (LIBCTF_1.2): New version. Add
ctf_lookup_by_symbol_name, ctf_arc_lookup_symbol_name.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/enum-symbol.c (main): Use
ctf_arc_lookup_symbol rather than looking up the name ourselves.
Fish it out repeatedly, to make sure that symbol caching isn't
(symidx_64): Remove.
(symidx_32): Remove.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/ Test symbol lookup
in an unlinked object file (indexed symtypetab sections only).
* testsuite/libctf-writable/symtypetab-nonlinker-writeout.c
(try_maybe_reporting): Check symbol types via
ctf_lookup_by_symbol_name as well as ctf_symbol_next.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/conflicting-type-syms.*: New test of
lookups in a multi-dict archive.
2021-02-20 Alan Modra <>
* testsuite/config/default.exp (ld_L_opt): Define.
* testsuite/lib/ctf-lib.exp (load_common_lib): Delete. Instead load
(run_host_cmd, run_host_cmd_yesno, check_compiler_available): Delete.
(compile_one_cc, check_ctf_available): Delete.
2021-02-03 Nick Alcock <>
* (ac_cv_libctf_bfd_elf): Include string.h.
* configure: Regenerated.
2021-02-03 Nick Alcock <>
* (EXPECT): Check for, in order to define...
(TCL_TRY): ... this, if Tcl supports try/catch.
* (TCL_TRY): Run the testsuite only if set.
* configure: Regenerated.
* Likewise.
2021-02-02 Nick Alcock <>
* (CTF_LIBADD): Remove explicit -lintl population in
favour of LIBINTL.
* (libctf_nobfd_la_LIBADD): No longer explicitly
include $(LIBINTL).
(check-DEJAGNU): Pass down to tests as well.
* configure: Regenerated.
* Likewise.
2021-01-27 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-string.c (ctf_str_add): Treat adding a NULL as adding "".
(ctf_str_add_ref): Likewise.
(ctf_str_add_external): Likewise.
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_name_raw): Always return "" for offset 0.
* ctf-dedup.c (ctf_dedup_multiple_input_dicts): Don't armour
against NULL name.
(ctf_dedup_maybe_synthesize_forward): Likewise.
2021-01-27 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_serialize): Fix shadowing.
2021-01-27 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_encoded): Add check for non-empty name.
(ctf_add_forward): Likewise.
(ctf_add_typedef): Likewise.
2021-01-27 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open.c (init_types): Rip out code to check anonymous typedef
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_reftype): Likewise.
* ctf-lookup.c (refresh_pptrtab): Likewise.
2021-01-27 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.c (_libctf_nonnull_): Add parameters.
(LCTF_LINKING): New flag.
(ctf_dict_t) <ctf_link_flags>: Mention it.
* ctf-link.c (ctf_link): Keep LCTF_LINKING set across call.
(ctf_write): Likewise, including in child dictionaries.
(ctf_link_shuffle_syms): Make sure ctf_dynsyms is NULL if there
are no reported symbols.
* ctf-create.c (symtypetab_delete_nonstatic_vars): Make sure
the variable has been reported as a symbol by the linker.
(symtypetab_skippable): Mention relationship between SYMFP and the
(symtypetab_density): Adjust nonnullity. Exit early if no symbols
were reported and force-indexing is off (i.e., we are doing a
final link).
(ctf_serialize): Handle the !LCTF_LINKING case by writing out an
indexed, sorted symtypetab (and allow SYMFP to be NULL in this
case). Turn sorting off if this is a non-final link. Only delete
nonstatic vars if we are filtering symbols and the linker has
reported some.
* testsuite/libctf-regression/nonstatic-var-section-ld-r*:
New test of variable and symtypetab section population when
ld -r is used.
* testsuite/libctf-regression/
Likewise, when ld of an executable is used.
* testsuite/libctf-regression/
Likewise, when ld -shared alone is used.
* testsuite/libctf-regression/nonstatic-var-section-ld*.c:
Lookup programs for the above.
* testsuite/libctf-writable/symtypetab-nonlinker-writeout.*: New
test, testing survival of symbols across ctf_write paths.
* testsuite/lib/ctf-lib.exp (run_lookup_test): New option,
nonshared, suppressing linking of the SOURCE with -shared.
2021-01-19 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (membadd): Transform ""-named members into
NULL-named ones.
* testsuite/libctf-regression/type-add-unnamed-struct*: New test.
2021-01-19 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-lookup.c (ctf_lookup_by_name_internal): Do not return the
base type if looking up a nonexistent pointer type.
* testsuite/libctf-regression/pptrtab*: Test it.
2021-01-13 Alan Modra <>
* Regenerate.
2021-01-12 H.J. Lu <>
PR binutils/26792
* aclocal.m4: Regenerated.
* configure: Likewise.
2021-01-11 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/27173
* configure: Regenerated.
2021-01-09 H.J. Lu <>
* configure: Regenerated.
2021-01-09 Nick Clifton <>
* 2.36 release branch crated.
2021-01-09 Alan Modra <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-01-07 Samuel Thibault <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-01-05 Nick Alcock <>
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/struct-iteration.c (main):
ctf_member_count returns an int.
2021-01-05 Nick Alcock <>
* (BASEDIR): New.
(BFDDIR): Likewise.
(check-DEJAGNU): Add development.exp to prerequisites.
(development.exp): New.
* Regenerated.
* testsuite/lib/ctf-lib.exp (check_ctf_available): Return boolean.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/lookup.exp: Call check_ctf_available.
* testsuite/libctf-regression/regression.exp: Likewise.
2021-01-05 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_aname): Print forwards to unions and enums
2021-01-05 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_dict_t) <ctf_pptrtab>: New.
<ctf_pptrtab_len>: New.
<ctf_pptrtab_typemax>: New.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_serialize): Update accordingly.
(ctf_add_reftype): Note that we don't need to update pptrtab here,
despite updating ptrtab.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_dict_close): Destroy the pptrtab.
(ctf_import): Likewise.
(ctf_import_unref): Likewise.
* ctf-lookup.c (grow_pptrtab): New.
(refresh_pptrtab): New, update a pptrtab.
(ctf_lookup_by_name): Turn into a wrapper around (and rename to)...
(ctf_lookup_by_name_internal): ... this: construct the pptrtab, and
use it in addition to the parent's ptrtab when parent dicts are
* testsuite/libctf-regression/regression.exp: New testsuite for
regression tests.
* testsuite/libctf-regression/pptrtab*: New test.
* testsuite/libctf-writable/writable.exp: New testsuite for tests of
writable CTF dicts.
* testsuite/libctf-writable/pptrtab*: New test.
2021-01-05 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_archive_iter): Remove outdated comment.
2021-01-05 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (struct ctf_next) <u.ctn_next>: Move to...
<ctn_next>: ... here.
* ctf-util.c (ctf_next_destroy): Unconditionally destroy it.
* ctf-lookup.c (ctf_symbol_next): Adjust accordingly.
* ctf-types.c (ctf_member_iter): Reimplement in terms of...
(ctf_member_next): ... this. Support recursive unnamed member
iteration (off by default).
(ctf_member_info): Look up members in unnamed sub-structs.
* ctf-dedup.c (ctf_dedup_rhash_type): Adjust ctf_member_next call.
(ctf_dedup_emit_struct_members): Likewise.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/struct-iteration-ctf.c: Test empty unnamed
members, and a normal member after the end.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/struct-iteration.c: Verify that
ctf_member_count is consistent with the number of successful returns
from a non-recursive ctf_member_next.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/struct-iteration-*: New, test iteration
over struct members.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/struct-lookup.c: New test.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/ New test.
2021-01-05 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-link.c (ctf_link_warn_outdated_inputs): New.
(ctf_link_write): Call it.
2021-01-05 Nick Alcock <>
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/ New symbol-lookup test.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/enum-symbol-ctf.c: New CTF input.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/enum-symbol.c: New lookup test.
2021-01-05 Nick Alcock <>
* (EXPECT): New.
(RUNTEST): Likewise.
(CC_FOR_TARGET): Likewise.
(check-DEJAGNU): Likewise.
(AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Add dejagnu.
* Regenerated.
* testsuite/config/default.exp: New.
* testsuite/lib/ctf-lib.exp: Likewise.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/ New test.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/enum-ctf.c: New CTF input.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/enum.c: New lookup test.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/ambiguous-struct*.c: New test.
* testsuite/libctf-lookup/lookup.exp: New.
2021-01-05 Nick Alcock <>
* (BFD_LIBADD): Remove.
(BFD_DEPENDENCIES): Likewise. Remove associated cases.
(SHARED_LIBADD): Rename to...
(CTF_LIBADD): ... this. Stick in a suitable libiberty even when
linking statically.
* (libctf_nobfd_la_LIBADD): Adjust accordingly.
libctf uses libintl.
(libctf_la_LIBADD): Reference directly, not via
(libctf_la_DEPENDENCIES): Remove.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Likewise.
2021-01-05 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-decl.c (ctf_decl_push): Exclude slices from the decl stack.
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_aname): No longer deal with slices here.
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_membstate_t) <cdm_toplevel_indent>: Constify.
(CTF_FT_BITFIELD): Likewise.
(CTF_FT_ID): Likewise.
(ctf_dump_member): Do not do indentation here. Migrate the
type-printing parts of this into...
(ctf_dump_format_type): ... here, to be shared by all type printers.
Get the errno value for non-representable types right. Do not print
bitfield info for non-bitfields. Improve the format and indentation
of other type output. Shuffle spacing around to make all indentation
either 'width of column' or 4 chars.
(ctf_dump_label): Pass CTF_FT_REFS to ctf_dump_format_type.
(ctf_dump_objts): Likewise. Spacing shuffle.
(ctf_dump_var): Likewise.
(type_hex_digits): Migrate down in the file, to above its new user.
(ctf_dump_type): Indent here instead. Pass CTF_FT_REFS to
ctf_dump_format_type. Don't trim off excess linefeeds now we no
longer generate them. Dump enumerated types.
2021-01-05 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_resolve): Improve comment.
(ctf_type_size): Yield ECTF_INCOMPLETE when applied to forwards.
Emit errors into the right dict.
(ctf_type_align): Likewise.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_member_offset): Yield ECTF_INCOMPLETE
when adding a member without explicit offset when this member, or
the previous member, is incomplete.
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_format_type): Do not try to print the size of
(ctf_dump_member): Do not try to print their alignment.
2021-01-05 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_objts): Dump by calling ctf_dump_format_type.
(ctf_dump_format_type): Don't emit the size for function objects.
Dump the element type of arrays like we dump the pointed-to type of
pointers, etc.
2021-01-05 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_format_type): Add 0x to hex type IDs.
(ctf_dump_header): Add 0x to the hex magic number.
(ctf_dump_str): Add 0x to the hex string offsets.
(ctf_dump_membstate_t) <cdm_toplevel_indent>: New.
(ctf_dump_type): Adjust. Free it when we're done.
(type_hex_digits): New.
(ctf_dump_member): Align output depending on the width of the type
ID being generated. Use printf padding, not a loop, to generate
2021-01-05 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-decl.c (ctf_decl_push): Don't print array decls backwards.
2021-01-04 Nicolas Boulenguez <>
PR 27117
* Make AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR consistent with
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-01-01 Alan Modra <>
Update year range in copyright notice of all files.
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