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2020-09-23 H.J. Lu <>
PR libctf/26934
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_objts): Pass format argument to asprintf.
2020-11-23 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_dict_t) <ctf_symtab_little_endian>: New.
(struct ctf_archive_internal) <ctfi_symsect_little_endian>: Likewise.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_serialize): Adjust for new field.
* ctf-open.c (init_symtab): Note the semantics of repeated calls.
(ctf_symsect_endianness): New.
(ctf_bufopen_internal): Set ctf_symtab_little_endian suitably for
the native endianness.
(_Static_assert): Moved...
(swap_thing): ... with this...
* swap.h: ... to here.
* ctf-util.c (ctf_elf32_to_link_sym): Use it, byteswapping the
Elf32_Sym if the ctf_symtab_little_endian demands it.
(ctf_elf64_to_link_sym): Likewise swap the Elf64_Sym if needed.
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_arc_symsect_endianness): New, set the
endianness of the symtab used by the dicts in an archive.
(ctf_archive_iter_internal): Initialize to unknown (assumed native,
do not call ctf_symsect_endianness).
(ctf_dict_open_by_offset): Call ctf_symsect_endianness if need be.
(ctf_dict_open_internal): Propagate the endianness down.
(ctf_dict_open_sections): Likewise.
* ctf-open-bfd.c (ctf_bfdopen_ctfsect): Get the endianness from the
struct bfd and pass it down to the archive.
* libctf.ver: Add ctf_symsect_endianness and
2020-11-20 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-link.c (ctf_link_deduplicating): Clean up the ctf_link_outputs
hash on error.
2020-11-20 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_dtd_insert): Set ENOMEM on the dict if out of memory.
(ctf_dvd_insert): Likewise.
(ctf_add_function): Report ECTF_RDONLY if this dict is not writable.
* ctf-subr.c (ctf_err_warn): Only debug-dump passed-in warnings if
the passed-in error code is nonzero: the error on the dict for
warnings may relate to a previous error.
2020-11-20 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open.c (ctf_getsymsect): New.
(ctf_getstrsect): Likewise.
* libctf.ver: Add them.
2020-11-20 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (struct ctf_archive_internal) <ctfi_dicts>: New, dicts
the archive machinery has opened and cached.
<ctfi_symdicts>: New, cache of dicts containing symbols looked up.
<ctfi_syms>: New, cache of types of symbols looked up.
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_arc_close): Free them on close.
(enosym): New, flag entry for 'symbol not present'.
(ctf_arc_import_parent): New, automatically import the parent from
".ctf" if this is a child in an archive and ".ctf" is present.
(ctf_dict_open_sections): Use it.
(ctf_archive_iter_internal): Likewise.
(ctf_cached_dict_close): New, thunk around ctf_dict_close.
(ctf_dict_open_cached): New, open and cache a dict.
(ctf_arc_flush_caches): New, flush the caches.
(ctf_arc_lookup_symbol): New, look up a symbol in (all members of)
an archive, and cache the lookup.
(ctf_archive_iter): Note the new caching behaviour.
(ctf_archive_next): Use ctf_dict_open_cached.
* libctf.ver: Add ctf_arc_lookup_symbol and ctf_arc_flush_caches.
2020-11-20 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-dedup.c (ctf_dedup_rhash_type): Null out the names of nameless
type kinds, just in case the input has named them.
2020-11-20 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_header): Dump the new flags bits and the index
section lengths.
(ctf_dump_objts): Report indexed sections. Also dump functions. Use
ctf_symbol_next, not manual looping.
(ctf_dump_funcs): Delete.
(ctf_dump): Use ctf_dump_objts, not ctf_dump_funcs.
2020-11-20 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (CTF_INDEX_PAD_THRESHOLD): New.
(_libctf_nonnull_): Likewise.
(ctf_in_flight_dynsym_t): New.
(ctf_dict_t) <ctf_funcidx_names>: Likewise.
<ctf_objtidx_names>: Likewise.
<ctf_nfuncidx>: Likewise.
<ctf_nobjtidx>: Likewise.
<ctf_funcidx_sxlate>: Likewise.
<ctf_objtidx_sxlate>: Likewise.
<ctf_objthash>: Likewise.
<ctf_funchash>: Likewise.
<ctf_dynsyms>: Likewise.
<ctf_dynsymidx>: Likewise.
<ctf_dynsymmax>: Likewise.
<ctf_in_flight_dynsym>: Likewise.
(struct ctf_next) <u.ctn_next>: Likewise.
(ctf_symtab_skippable): New prototype.
(ctf_add_funcobjt_sym): Likewise.
(ctf_dynhash_sort_by_name): Likewise.
(ctf_sym_to_elf64): Rename to...
(ctf_elf32_to_link_sym): ... this, and...
(ctf_elf64_to_link_sym): ... this.
* ctf-open.c (init_symtab): Check for lack of CTF_F_NEWFUNCINFO
flag, and presence of index sections. Refactor out
ctf_symtab_skippable and ctf_elf*_to_link_sym, and use them. Use
ctf_link_sym_t, not Elf64_Sym. Skip initializing objt or func
sxlate sections if corresponding index section is present. Adjust
for new func info section format.
(ctf_bufopen_internal): Add ctf_err_warn to corrupt-file error
handling. Report incorrect-length index sections. Always do an
init_symtab, even if there is no symtab section (there may be index
sections still).
(flip_objts): Adjust comment: func and objt sections are actually
identical in structure now, no need to caveat.
(ctf_dict_close): Free newly-added data structures.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_create): Initialize them.
(ctf_symtab_skippable): New, refactored out of
init_symtab, with st_nameidx_set check added.
(ctf_add_funcobjt_sym): New, add a function or object symbol to the
ctf_objthash or ctf_funchash, by name.
(ctf_add_objt_sym): Call it.
(ctf_add_func_sym): Likewise.
(symtypetab_delete_nonstatic_vars): New, delete vars also present as
data objects.
(CTF_SYMTYPETAB_EMIT_FUNCTION): New flag to symtypetab emitters:
this is a function emission, not a data object emission.
(CTF_SYMTYPETAB_EMIT_PAD): New flag to symtypetab emitters: emit
pads for symbols with no type (only set for unindexed sections).
(CTF_SYMTYPETAB_FORCE_INDEXED): New flag to symtypetab emitters:
always emit indexed.
(symtypetab_density): New, figure out section sizes.
(emit_symtypetab): New, emit a symtypetab.
(emit_symtypetab_index): New, emit a symtypetab index.
(ctf_serialize): Call them, emitting suitably sorted symtypetab
sections and indexes. Set suitable header flags. Copy over new
* ctf-hash.c (ctf_dynhash_sort_by_name): New, used to impose an
order on symtypetab index sections.
* ctf-link.c (ctf_add_type_mapping): Delete erroneous comment
relating to code that was never committed.
(ctf_link_one_variable): Improve variable name.
(check_sym): New, symtypetab analogue of check_variable.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_one_symtypetab): New.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_syms): Likewise.
(ctf_link_deduplicating): Call them.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_per_cu): Note that we don't call them in
this case (yet).
(ctf_link_add_strtab): Set the error on the fp correctly.
(ctf_link_add_linker_symbol): New (no longer a do-nothing stub), add
a linker symbol to the in-flight list.
(ctf_link_shuffle_syms): New (no longer a do-nothing stub), turn the
in-flight list into a mapping we can use, now its names are
resolvable in the external strtab.
* ctf-string.c (ctf_str_rollback_atom): Don't roll back atoms with
external strtab offsets.
(ctf_str_rollback): Adjust comment.
(ctf_str_write_strtab): Migrate ctf_syn_ext_strtab population from
writeout time...
(ctf_str_add_external): ... to string addition time.
* ctf-lookup.c (ctf_lookup_var_key_t): Rename to...
(ctf_lookup_idx_key_t): ... this, now we use it for syms too.
<clik_names>: New member, a name table.
(ctf_lookup_var): Adjust accordingly.
(ctf_lookup_variable): Likewise.
(ctf_lookup_by_id): Shuffle further up in the file.
(ctf_symidx_sort_arg_cb): New, callback for...
(sort_symidx_by_name): ... this new function to sort a symidx
found to be unsorted (likely originating from the compiler).
(ctf_symidx_sort): New, sort a symidx.
(ctf_lookup_symbol_name): Support dynamic symbols with indexes
provided by the linker. Use ctf_link_sym_t, not Elf64_Sym.
Check the parent if a child lookup fails.
(ctf_lookup_by_symbol): Likewise. Work for function symbols too.
(ctf_symbol_next): New, iterate over symbols with types (without
(ctf_lookup_idx_name): New, bsearch for symbol names in indexes.
(ctf_try_lookup_indexed): New, attempt an indexed lookup.
(ctf_func_info): Reimplement in terms of ctf_lookup_by_symbol.
(ctf_func_args): Likewise.
(ctf_get_dict): Move...
* ctf-types.c (ctf_get_dict): ... here.
* ctf-util.c (ctf_sym_to_elf64): Re-express as...
(ctf_elf64_to_link_sym): ... this. Add new st_symidx field, and
st_nameidx_set (always 0, so st_nameidx can be ignored). Look in
the ELF strtab for names.
(ctf_elf32_to_link_sym): Likewise, for Elf32_Sym.
(ctf_next_destroy): Destroy ctf_next_t.u.ctn_next if need be.
* libctf.ver: Add ctf_symbol_next, ctf_add_objt_sym and
2020-11-20 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-link.c (ctf_link_shuffle_syms): Adjust.
(ctf_link_add_linker_symbol): New, unimplemented stub.
* libctf.ver: Add it.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_serialize): Set CTF_F_DYNSTR on newly-serialized
* ctf-open-bfd.c (ctf_bfdopen_ctfsect): Check for the flag: open the
symtab/strtab if not present, dynsym/dynstr otherwise.
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_arc_bufpreamble): New, get the preamble from
some arbitrary member of a CTF archive.
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_arc_bufpreamble): Declare it.
2020-11-20 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_arc_open_by_offset): Rename to...
(ctf_dict_open_by_offset): ... this. Adjust callers.
(ctf_arc_open_by_name_internal): Rename to...
(ctf_dict_open_internal): ... this. Adjust callers.
(ctf_arc_open_by_name_sections): Rename to...
(ctf_dict_open_sections): ... this, keeping compatibility function.
(ctf_arc_open_by_name): Rename to...
(ctf_dict_open): ... this, keeping compatibility function.
* libctf.ver: New functions added.
* ctf-link.c (ctf_link_one_input_archive): Adjusted accordingly.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_open_inputs): Likewise.
2020-11-20 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h: Rename ctf_file_t to ctf_dict_t: all declarations
(ctf_fileops): Rename to...
(ctf_dictops): ... this.
(ctf_dedup_t) <cd_id_to_file_t>: Rename to...
<cd_id_to_dict_t>: ... this.
(ctf_file_t): Fix outdated comment.
<ctf_fileops>: Rename to...
<ctf_dictops>: ... this.
(struct ctf_archive_internal) <ctfi_file>: Rename to...
<ctfi_dict>: ... this.
* ctf-archive.c: Rename ctf_file_t to ctf_dict_t.
Rename ctf_archive.ctfa_nfiles to ctfa_ndicts.
Rename ctf_file_close to ctf_dict_close. All users adjusted.
* ctf-create.c: Likewise. Refer to CTF dicts, not CTF containers.
(ctf_bundle_t) <ctb_file>: Rename to...
<ctb_dict): ... this.
* ctf-decl.c: Rename ctf_file_t to ctf_dict_t.
* ctf-dedup.c: Likewise. Rename ctf_file_close to
ctf_dict_close. Refer to CTF dicts, not CTF containers.
* ctf-dump.c: Likewise.
* ctf-error.c: Likewise.
* ctf-hash.c: Likewise.
* ctf-inlines.h: Likewise.
* ctf-labels.c: Likewise.
* ctf-link.c: Likewise.
* ctf-lookup.c: Likewise.
* ctf-open-bfd.c: Likewise.
* ctf-string.c: Likewise.
* ctf-subr.c: Likewise.
* ctf-types.c: Likewise.
* ctf-util.c: Likewise.
* ctf-open.c: Likewise.
(ctf_file_close): Rename to...
(ctf_dict_close): ...this.
(ctf_file_close): New trivial wrapper around ctf_dict_close, for
(ctf_parent_file): Rename to...
(ctf_parent_dict): ... this.
(ctf_parent_file): New trivial wrapper around ctf_parent_dict, for
* libctf.ver: Add ctf_dict_close and ctf_parent_dict.
2020-10-21 Tom Tromey <>
* mkerrors.sed: Remove.
* ctf-error.c (_CTF_FIRST): New define.
(_CTF_ITEM): Define this, not _CTF_STR.
(_ctf_errlist, _ctf_erridx): Use _CTF_ERRORS.
* Rebuild.
* (BUILT_SOURCES): Remove.
(ctf-error.h): Remove.
2020-08-27 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-subr.c (open_errors): New list.
(ctf_err_warn): Calls with NULL fp append to open_errors. Add err
parameter, and use it to decorate the debug stream with errmsgs.
(ctf_err_warn_to_open): Splice errors from a CTF dict into the
(ctf_errwarning_next): Calls with NULL fp report from open_errors.
New err param to report iteration errors (including end-of-iteration)
when fp is NULL.
(ctf_assert_fail_internal): Adjust ctf_err_warn call for new err
parameter: gettextize.
* ctf-impl.h (ctfo_get_vbytes): Add ctf_file_t parameter.
(LCTF_VBYTES): Adjust.
(ctf_err_warn_to_open): New.
(ctf_err_warn): Adjust.
(ctf_bundle): Used in only one place: move...
* ctf-create.c: ... here.
(enumcmp): Use ctf_err_warn, not ctf_dprintf, passing the err number
down as needed. Don't emit the errmsg. Gettextize.
(membcmp): Likewise.
(ctf_add_type_internal): Likewise.
(ctf_write_mem): Likewise.
(ctf_compress_write): Likewise. Report errors writing the header or
(ctf_write): Likewise.
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_arc_write_fd): Use ctf_err_warn, not
ctf_dprintf, and gettextize, as above.
(ctf_arc_write): Likewise.
(ctf_arc_bufopen): Likewise.
(ctf_arc_open_internal): Likewise.
* ctf-labels.c (ctf_label_iter): Likewise.
* ctf-open-bfd.c (ctf_bfdclose): Likewise.
(ctf_bfdopen): Likewise.
(ctf_bfdopen_ctfsect): Likewise.
(ctf_fdopen): Likewise.
* ctf-string.c (ctf_str_write_strtab): Likewise.
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_resolve): Likewise.
* ctf-open.c (get_vbytes_common): Likewise. Pass down the ctf dict.
(get_vbytes_v1): Pass down the ctf dict.
(get_vbytes_v2): Likewise.
(flip_ctf): Likewise.
(flip_types): Likewise. Use ctf_err_warn, not ctf_dprintf, and
gettextize, as above.
(upgrade_types_v1): Adjust calls.
(init_types): Use ctf_err_warn, not ctf_dprintf, as above.
(ctf_bufopen_internal): Likewise. Adjust calls. Transplant errors
emitted into individual dicts into the open errors if this turns
out to be a failed open in the end.
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_format_type): Adjust ctf_err_warn for new err
argument. Gettextize. Don't emit the errmsg.
(ctf_dump_funcs): Likewise. Collapse err label into its only case.
(ctf_dump_type): Likewise.
* ctf-link.c (ctf_create_per_cu): Adjust ctf_err_warn for new err
argument. Gettextize. Don't emit the errmsg.
(ctf_link_one_type): Likewise.
(ctf_link_lazy_open): Likewise.
(ctf_link_one_input_archive): Likewise.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_count_inputs): Likewise.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_open_inputs): Likewise.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_close_inputs): Likewise.
(ctf_link_deduplicating): Likewise.
(ctf_link): Likewise.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_per_cu): Likewise. Add some missed
ctf_set_errnos to obscure error cases.
* ctf-dedup.c (ctf_dedup_rhash_type): Adjust ctf_err_warn for new
err argument. Gettextize. Don't emit the errmsg.
(ctf_dedup_populate_mappings): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_detect_name_ambiguity): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_init): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_multiple_input_dicts): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_conflictify_unshared): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_rwalk_one_output_mapping): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_id_to_target): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_emit_type): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_emit_struct_members): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_populate_type_mapping): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_populate_type_mappings): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_emit): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_hash_type): Likewise. Fix a bit of messed-up error
status setting.
(ctf_dedup_rwalk_one_output_mapping): Likewise. Don't hide
unknown-type-kind messages (which signify file corruption).
2020-08-27 Nick Alcock <>
* Adjust package name to simply 'libctf': arbitrarily
declare this to be version 1.2.0.
* Regenerated.
* configure: Regenerated.
* ctf-intl.h: New file, lightly modified from opcodes/opintl.h.
* ctf-impl.h: Include it.
* ctf-error.r (_ctf_errlist_t): Mark strings as noop-translatable.
(ctf_errmsg): Actually translate them.
2020-07-26 Eli Zaretskii <>
PR binutils/25155:
* ctf-create.c (EOVERFLOW): If not defined by system header,
redirect to ERANGE as a poor man's substitute.
* ctf-subr.c (ENOTSUP): If not defined, use ENOSYS instead.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_dtd_insert): Add uintptr_t casts.
(ctf_dtd_delete): Likewise.
(ctf_dtd_lookup): Likewise.
(ctf_rollback): Likewise.
* ctf-hash.c (ctf_hash_lookup_type): Likewise.
* ctf-types.c (ctf_lookup_by_rawhash): Likewise.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-lookup.c (ctf_lookup_by_name): Adjust.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_arc_bufopen): Endian-swap the archive magic
number if needed.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_list_splice): New.
* ctf-util.h (ctf_list_splice): Likewise.
* ctf-link.c (link_sort_inputs_cb_arg_t): Likewise.
(ctf_link_sort_inputs): Likewise.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_count_inputs): Likewise.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_open_inputs): Likewise.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_close_inputs): Likewise.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_variables): Likewise.
(ctf_link_deduplicating_per_cu): Likewise.
(ctf_link_deduplicating): Likewise.
(ctf_link): Call it.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-link.c (ctf_link_one_input_archive_member): Check
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_type_id_key): New, the key in the
(ctf_dedup): New, core deduplicator state.
(ctf_file_t) <ctf_dedup>: New.
<ctf_dedup_atoms>: New.
<ctf_dedup_atoms_alloc>: New.
(ctf_hash_type_id_key): New prototype.
(ctf_hash_eq_type_id_key): Likewise.
(ctf_dedup_atoms_init): Likewise.
* ctf-hash.c (ctf_hash_eq_type_id_key): New.
(ctf_dedup_atoms_init): Likewise.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_serialize): Adjusted.
(ctf_add_encoded): No longer static.
(ctf_add_reftype): Likewise.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_file_close): Destroy the
* ctf-dedup.c: New file.
* ctf-decls.h [!HAVE_DECL_STPCPY]: Add prototype.
* Check for stpcpy.
* Add it.
* Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* Add --enable-libctf-hash-debugging.
* aclocal.m4: Pull in enable.m4, for GCC_ENABLE.
* Regenerated.
* configure: Likewise.
* Likewise.
(ctf_assert): Define to assert.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-sha1.h: New, inline wrappers around sha1_init_ctx and
* ctf-impl.h: Include it.
(ctf_sha1_init): New.
(ctf_sha1_add): Likewise.
(ctf_sha1_fini): Likewise.
* ctf-sha1.c: New, non-inline wrapper around sha1_finish_ctx
producing strings.
* Add file.
* Regenerate.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* libctf.ver (ctf_link_set_variable_filter): Add.
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_file_t) <ctf_link_variable_filter>: New.
<ctf_link_variable_filter_arg>: Likewise.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_serialize): Adjust.
* ctf-link.c (ctf_link_set_variable_filter): New, set it.
(ctf_link_one_variable): Call it if set.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-link.c (ctf_link_one_variable): Check the dst_type for
conflicts, not the source type.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_file_t): Improve comments.
<ctf_link_cu_mapping>: Split into...
<ctf_link_in_cu_mapping>: ... this...
<ctf_link_out_cu_mapping>: ... and this.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_serialize): Adjust.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_file_close): Likewise.
* ctf-link.c (ctf_create_per_cu): Look things up in the
in_cu_mapping instead of the cu_mapping.
(ctf_link_add_cu_mapping): The deduplicating link will define
what happens if many FROMs share a TO.
(ctf_link_add_cu_mapping): Create in_cu_mapping and
out_cu_mapping. Do not create ctf_link_outputs here any more, or
create per-CU dicts here: they are already created when needed.
(ctf_link_one_variable): Log a debug message if we skip a
variable due to its type being concealed in a CU-mapped link.
(This is probably too common a case to make into a warning.)
(ctf_link): Create empty per-CU dicts if requested.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-link.c (ctf_link_write): Close the fd.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* Set -DNOBFD=1 in libctf-nobfd, and =0 elsewhere.
* Regenerated.
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_link_input_name): New.
(ctf_file_t) <ctf_link_flags>: New.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_serialize): Adjust accordingly.
* ctf-link.c: Define ctf_open as weak when PIC.
(ctf_arc_close_thunk): Remove unnecessary thunk.
(ctf_file_close_thunk): Likewise.
(ctf_link_input_name): New.
(ctf_link_input_t): New value of the ctf_file_t.ctf_link_input.
(ctf_link_input_close): Adjust accordingly.
(ctf_link_add_ctf_internal): New, split from...
(ctf_link_add_ctf): ... here. Return error if lazy loading of
CTF is not possible. Change to just call...
(ctf_link_add): ... this new function.
(ctf_link_add_cu_mapping): Transition to ctf_err_warn. Drop the
(ctf_link_in_member_cb_arg_t) <file_name> Rename to...
<in_file_name>: ... this.
<arcname>: Drop.
<share_mode>: Likewise (migrated to ctf_link_flags).
<done_main_member>: Rename to...
<done_parent>: ... this.
<main_input_fp>: Rename to...
<in_fp_parent>: ... this.
<cu_mapped>: New.
(ctf_link_one_type): Adjuwt accordingly. Transition to
ctf_err_warn, removing a TODO.
(ctf_link_one_variable): Note a case too common to warn about.
Report in the debug stream if a cu-mapped link prevents addition
of a conflicting variable.
(ctf_link_one_input_archive_member): Adjust.
(ctf_link_lazy_open): New, open a CTF archive for linking when
(ctf_link_close_one_input_archive): New, close it again.
(ctf_link_one_input_archive): Adjust for lazy opening, member
renames, and ctf_err_warn transition. Move the
empty_link_type_mapping call to...
(ctf_link): ... here. Adjut for renamings and thunk removal.
Don't spuriously fail if some input contains no CTF data.
(ctf_link_write): ctf_err_warn transition.
* libctf.ver: Remove not-yet-stable comment.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_strerror): Delete.
* ctf-subr.c (ctf_strerror): Likewise.
* ctf-error.c (ctf_errmsg): Stop using ctf_strerror: just use
strerror directly.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.c (ctf_file_t) <ctf_parent_unreffed>: New.
(ctf_import_unref): New.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_file_close) Drop the refcount all the way to
zero. Don't recurse back in if the refcount is already zero.
(ctf_import): Check ctf_parent_unreffed before deciding whether
to close a pre-existing parent. Set it to zero.
(ctf_import_unreffed): New, as above, setting
ctf_parent_unreffed to 1.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_serialize): Do not ctf_import into the new
child: use direct assignment, and set unreffed on the new and
old children.
* ctf-link.c (ctf_create_per_cu): Import the parent using
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_link_type_mapping_key): Rename to...
(ctf_link_type_key): ... this, adjusting member prefixes to
(ctf_hash_type_mapping_key): Rename to...
(ctf_hash_type_key): ... this.
(ctf_hash_eq_type_mapping_key): Rename to...
(ctf_hash_eq_type_key): ... this.
* ctf-hash.c (ctf_hash_type_mapping_key): Rename to...
(ctf_hash_type_key): ... this, and adjust for member name
(ctf_hash_eq_type_mapping_key): Rename to...
(ctf_hash_eq_type_key): ... this, and adjust for member name
* ctf-link.c (ctf_add_type_mapping): Adjust. Note the lack of
need for out-of-memory checking in this code.
(ctf_type_mapping): Adjust.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <> Check for vasprintf.
configure: Regenerated. Likewise.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_arc_bufopen): Fix message.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (struct ctf_archive_internal) <ctfi_free_strsect>
* ctf-open-bfd.c (ctf_bfdopen_ctfsect): Explicitly open a strtab
if the input has no symtab, rather than dividing by
zero. Arrange to free it later via ctfi_free_ctfsect.
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_new_archive_internal): Do not
ctfi_free_strsect by default.
(ctf_arc_close): Possibly free it here.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_is_slice): Delete, unnecessary.
(ctf_dump_format_type): improve slice formatting. Always print
the type size, even of slices.
(ctf_dump_member): Print slices (-> bitfields) differently from
non-slices. Failure to format a type is not an OOM.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_format_type): Emit a warning.
(ctf_dump_label): Swallow errors from ctf_dump_format_type.
(ctf_dump_objts): Likewise.
(ctf_dump_var): Likewise.
(ctf_dump_type): Do not emit a duplicate message. Move to
ctf_err_warning, and swallow all errors.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-decl.c (ctf_decl_fini): Free the cd_buf.
(ctf_decl_buf): Once it escapes, don't try to free it later.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_aname): Print arg types here...
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_funcs): ... not here: but do substitute
in the type name here.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_assert): New.
(ctf_err_warning_t): Likewise.
(ctf_file_t) <ctf_errs_warnings>: Likewise.
(ctf_err_warn): New prototype.
(ctf_assert_fail_internal): Likewise.
* ctf-inlines.h (ctf_assert_internal): Likewise.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_file_close): Free ctf_errs_warnings.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_serialize): Copy it on serialization.
* ctf-subr.c (ctf_err_warn): New, add an error/warning.
(ctf_errwarning_next): New iterator, free and pass back
errors/warnings in succession.
* libctf.ver (ctf_errwarning_next): Add.
2020-07-22 Egeyar Bagcioglu <>
* ctf-types.c (ctf_variable_iter): Fix error return.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open.c (ctf_bufopen_internal): Diagnose invalid flags.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
ctf-decls.h (ctf_qsort_compar_thunk): Fix arg passing.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_next_hkv_t): New, kv-pairs passed to
sorting functions.
(ctf_next_t) <u.ctn_sorted_hkv>: New, sorted kv-pairs for
<cu.ctn_h>: New, pointer to the dynhash under iteration.
<cu.ctn_s>: New, pointer to the dynset under iteration.
(ctf_hash_sort_f): Sorting function passed to...
(ctf_dynhash_next_sorted): ... this new function.
(ctf_dynhash_next): New.
(ctf_dynset_next): New.
* ctf-inlines.h (ctf_dynhash_cnext_sorted): New.
(ctf_dynhash_cnext): New.
(ctf_dynset_cnext): New.
* ctf-hash.c (ctf_dynhash_next_sorted): New.
(ctf_dynhash_next): New.
(ctf_dynset_next): New.
* ctf-util.c (ctf_next_destroy): Free the u.ctn_sorted_hkv if
(ctf_next_copy): Alloc-and-copy the u.ctn_sorted_hkv if needed.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_next): New.
(ctf_get_dict): New prototype.
* ctf-lookup.c (ctf_get_dict): New, split out of...
(ctf_lookup_by_id): ... here.
* ctf-util.c (ctf_next_create): New.
(ctf_next_destroy): New.
(ctf_next_copy): New.
* ctf-types.c (includes): Add <assert.h>.
(ctf_member_next): New.
(ctf_enum_next): New.
(ctf_type_iter): Document the lack of iteration over parent
(ctf_type_next): New.
(ctf_variable_next): New.
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_archive_next): New.
* libctf.ver: Add new public functions.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* libctf.ver (ctf_ref): New.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_ref): Implement it.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-inlines.h (ctf_forwardable_kind): New.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_forward): Use it.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_get_ctt_size): Move definition from here...
* ctf-inlines.h (ctf_get_ctt_size): ... to here.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-hash.c (ctf_dynset_eq_string): New.
(ctf_dynset_create): New.
(key_to_internal): New.
(internal_to_key): New.
(ctf_dynset_insert): New.
(ctf_dynset_remove): New.
(ctf_dynset_destroy): New.
(ctf_dynset_lookup): New.
(ctf_dynset_exists): New.
(ctf_dynset_lookup_any): New.
(ctf_hash_insert_type): Coding style.
(ctf_hash_define_type): Likewise.
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_dynset_t): New.
(ctf_dynset_eq_string): New.
(ctf_dynset_create): New.
(ctf_dynset_insert): New.
(ctf_dynset_remove): New.
(ctf_dynset_destroy): New.
(ctf_dynset_lookup): New.
(ctf_dynset_exists): New.
(ctf_dynset_lookup_any): New.
* ctf-inlines.h (ctf_dynset_cinsert): New.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-hash.c (ctf_helem_t) <key_free>: Remove.
<value_free>: Likewise.
<owner>: New.
(ctf_dynhash_item_free): Indirect through the owner.
(ctf_dynhash_create): Only pass in ctf_dynhash_item_free and
allocate space for the key_free and value_free fields fields
if necessary.
(ctf_hashtab_insert): Likewise. Fix OOM errno value.
(ctf_dynhash_insert): Only access ctf_hashtab's key_free and
value_free if they will exist. Set the slot's owner, but only
if it exists.
(ctf_dynhash_remove): Adjust.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-hash.c (ctf_hashtab_insert): Free the key passed in if
there is a key-freeing function and the key already exists.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-inlines.h: New file.
* ctf-impl.h: Include it.
(ctf_hash_iter_find_f): New typedef.
(ctf_dynhash_elements): New.
(ctf_dynhash_lookup_kv): New.
(ctf_dynhash_iter_find): New.
* ctf-hash.c (ctf_dynhash_lookup_kv): New.
(ctf_traverse_find_cb_arg_t): New.
(ctf_hashtab_traverse_find): New.
(ctf_dynhash_iter_find): New.
(ctf_dynhash_elements): New.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h [!__GNUC__] (__extension__): Define to nothing.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_archive_count): New.
* libctf.ver: New public function.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-types.c (ctf_member_count): New.
* libctf.ver: New public function.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_kind_forwarded): New.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_name_raw): New.
(ctf_type_aname_raw): Reimplement accordingly.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-subr.c (ctf_dprintf): _libctf_debug is unlikely to be set.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (struct ctf_archive_internal)
<ctfi_unmap_on_close>: New.
(ctf_new_archive_internal): Adjust.
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_new_archive_internal): Likewise.
Initialize ctfi_unmap_on_close. Adjust error path.
(ctf_arc_bufopen): Adjust ctf_new_archive_internal call
(unmap_on_close is 0).
(ctf_arc_close): Only unmap if ctfi_unmap_on_close.
* ctf-open-bfd.c (ctf_fdopen): Adjust.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_aname): Return ECTF_CORRUPT if
ints, floats or typedefs have no name. Fix comment typo.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_slice): Support slices of any kind that
resolves to an integral type.
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_encoding): Resolve the type before
fishing its encoding out.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_create): Mark dirty.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (membcmp) Skip nameless members.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_member_offset): Support names of ""
as if they were the null pointer.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open.c (init_types): Remove typeless CTF_K_FORWARD
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_reference): Add support for dynamic slices.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_serialize): Add cast.
(ctf_add_slice): Likewise.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_dtdef_t) <dtu_argv>: Fix type.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_function): Check for unimplemented type
and populate at the same time. Populate one-by-one, not via
(ctf_serialize): Remove unnecessary cast.
* ctf-types.c (ctf_func_type_info): Likewise.
(ctf_func_type_args): Likewise. Fix comment typo.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_reftype): Support refs to type zero.
(ctf_add_array): Support array contents of type zero.
(ctf_add_function): Support arguments and return types of
type zero.
(ctf_add_typedef): Support typedefs to type zero.
(ctf_add_member_offset): Support members of type zero,
unless added at unspecified (naturally-aligned) offset.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-error.c: Include <stddef.h>, for offsetof.
(_ctf_errlist): Migrate to...
(_ctf_errlist_t): ... this.
(_ctf_erridx): New, indexes into _ctf_errlist_t.
(_ctf_nerr): Remove.
(ctf_errmsg): Adjust accordingly.
* (BUILT_SOURCES): Note...
(ctf-error.h): ... this new rule.
* Regenerate.
* mkerrors.sed: New, process ctf-api.h to generate ctf-error.h.
* .gitignore: New, ignore ctf-error.h.
2020-07-22 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h: Fix typos in comments.
2020-07-22 Nick Clifton <>
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_arc_write): Avoid calling close twice on the
same file descriptor.
2020-07-04 Nick Clifton <>
Binutils 2.35 branch created.
2020-06-26 Nick Alcock <>
* aclocal.m4: Add config/gettext-sister.m4: Shuffle into
alphabetical order.
* Regenerated.
* Likewise.
* configure: Likewise.
2020-06-26 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c: Include <unistd.h>.
* ctf-open-bfd.c: Likewise.
2020-06-26 Nick Alcock <>
PR libctf/25120
* Check for bswap_16, bswap_32, and bswap_64 decls.
* swap.h (bswap_16): Do not assume that presence of <byteswap.h>
means this is declared.
(bswap_32): Likewise.
(bswap_64): Likewise.
(bswap_identity_64): Remove, unused.
* configure: Regenerated.
* Likewise.
2020-06-26 Nick Alcock <>
PR libctf/25120
* ctf-impl.h (_libctf_printflike_): Add non-GNU-C fallback.
(_libctf_unlikely_): Likewise.
(_libctf_unused): Likewise.
(_libctf_malloc_): Likewise.
2020-06-26 Nick Alcock <>
PR libctf/25120
* ctf-archive.c (search_nametbl): No longer global: declare...
(ctf_arc_open_by_name_internal): ... here. Use bsearch_r.
(search_modent_by_name): Take and use ARG for the nametbl.
2020-06-26 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_new_archive_internal): Declare.
(ctf_arc_bufopen): Remove.
(ctf_archive_internal) <ctfi_free_symsect>: New.
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_arc_close): Use it.
(ctf_arc_bufopen): Fuse into...
(ctf_new_archive_internal): ... this, moved across from...
* ctf-open-bfd.c: ... here.
(ctf_bfdopen_ctfsect): Use ctf_arc_bufopen.
* libctf.ver: Add it.
2020-06-26 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_forward): Intern in the right namespace.
(ctf_dtd_delete): Remove correspondingly.
(ctf_rollback): Likewise.
2020-06-26 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_type_internal): Hand back existing types
2020-06-26 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_forward): Don't add forwards to
types that already exist.
2020-06-26 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open.c (init_types): Only intern root-visible types.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_dtd_insert): Likewise.
(ctf_dtd_delete): Only remove root-visible types.
(ctf_rollback): Likewise.
(ctf_add_generic): Adjust.
(ctf_add_struct_sized): Adjust comment.
(ctf_add_union_sized): Likewise.
(ctf_add_enum): Likewise.
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_dtd_insert): Adjust prototype.
2020-03-11 John Baldwin <>
* swap.h (bswap_identity_64): Make static.
2020-01-18 Nick Clifton <>
Binutils 2.34 branch created.
2020-01-05 Joel Brobecker <>
PR binutils/25155:
* Add AC_CHECK_DECLS([asprintf]).
* configure, Regenerate.
2020-01-01 Alan Modra <>
Update year range in copyright notice of all files.
2019-10-16 Simon Marchi <>
* swap.h (bswap_16, bswap_32, bswap_64): Make static.
2019-09-30 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open.c (ctf_bufopen_internal): Fix tabdamage.
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_lname): Likewise.
2019-09-23 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open.c (ctf_import): Do not leak a ctf_file_t ref on every
ctf_import after the first for a given file.
2019-09-23 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_str_append_noerr): Declare.
* ctf-util.c (ctf_str_append_noerr): Define in terms of
* ctf-dump.c (str_append): New, call it.
(ctf_dump_format_type): Use str_append, not ctf_str_append.
(ctf_dump_label): Likewise.
(ctf_dump_objts): Likewise.
(ctf_dump_funcs): Likewise.
(ctf_dump_var): Likewise.
(ctf_dump_member): Likewise.
(ctf_dump_type): Likewise.
(ctf_dump): Likewise.
2019-09-23 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_alloc): Remove.
(ctf_free): Likewise.
(ctf_strdup): Likewise.
* ctf-subr.c (ctf_alloc): Remove.
(ctf_free): Likewise.
* ctf-util.c (ctf_strdup): Remove.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_serialize): Use malloc, not ctf_alloc; free, not
ctf_free; strdup, not ctf_strdup.
(ctf_dtd_delete): Likewise.
(ctf_dvd_delete): Likewise.
(ctf_add_generic): Likewise.
(ctf_add_function): Likewise.
(ctf_add_enumerator): Likewise.
(ctf_add_member_offset): Likewise.
(ctf_add_variable): Likewise.
(membadd): Likewise.
(ctf_compress_write): Likewise.
(ctf_write_mem): Likewise.
* ctf-decl.c (ctf_decl_push): Likewise.
(ctf_decl_fini): Likewise.
(ctf_decl_sprintf): Likewise. Check for OOM.
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_append): Use malloc, not ctf_alloc; free, not
ctf_free; strdup, not ctf_strdup.
(ctf_dump_free): Likewise.
(ctf_dump): Likewise.
* ctf-open.c (upgrade_types_v1): Likewise.
(init_types): Likewise.
(ctf_file_close): Likewise.
(ctf_bufopen_internal): Likewise. Check for OOM.
(ctf_parent_name_set): Likewise: report the OOM to the caller.
(ctf_cuname_set): Likewise.
(ctf_import): Likewise.
* ctf-string.c (ctf_str_purge_atom_refs): Use malloc, not ctf_alloc;
free, not ctf_free; strdup, not ctf_strdup.
(ctf_str_free_atom): Likewise.
(ctf_str_create_atoms): Likewise.
(ctf_str_add_ref_internal): Likewise.
(ctf_str_remove_ref): Likewise.
(ctf_str_write_strtab): Likewise.
2019-08-09 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_encoding): Fix the dynamic case to
work right for non-int/fps.
2019-08-08 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_name): Don't strlen a potentially-
null pointer.
2019-08-07 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_file_t) <ctf_add_processing>: New.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_file_close): Free it.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_serialize): Adjust.
(membcmp): When reporting a conflict due to an error, report the
(ctf_add_type): Turn into a ctf_add_processing wrapper. Rename to...
(ctf_add_type_internal): ... this. Hand back types we are already
in the middle of adding immediately. Hand back structs/unions with
the same number of members immediately. Do not walk the dynamic
list. Call ctf_add_type_internal, not ctf_add_type. Handle
forwards promoted to other types and the inverse case identically.
Add structs to the mapping as soon as we intern them, before they
gain any members.
2019-08-09 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_names_t): New.
(ctf_lookup_t) <ctf_hash>: Now a ctf_names_t, not a ctf_hash_t.
(ctf_file_t) <ctf_structs>: Likewise.
<ctf_unions>: Likewise.
<ctf_enums>: Likewise.
<ctf_names>: Likewise.
<ctf_lookups>: Improve comment.
<ctf_ptrtab_len>: New.
<ctf_prov_strtab>: New.
<ctf_str_prov_offset>: New.
<ctf_dtbyname>: Remove, redundant to the names hashes.
<ctf_dtnextid>: Remove, redundant to ctf_typemax.
(ctf_dtdef_t) <dtd_name>: Remove.
<dtd_data>: Note that the ctt_name is now populated.
(ctf_str_atom_t) <csa_offset>: This is now the strtab
offset for internal strings too.
<csa_external_offset>: New, the external strtab offset.
(ctf_name_table): New declaration.
(ctf_lookup_by_rawname): Likewise.
(ctf_lookup_by_rawhash): Likewise.
(ctf_set_ctl_hashes): Likewise.
(ctf_serialize): Likewise.
(ctf_dtd_insert): Adjust.
(ctf_simple_open_internal): Likewise.
(ctf_bufopen_internal): Likewise.
(ctf_list_empty_p): Likewise.
(ctf_str_remove_ref): Likewise.
(ctf_str_add): Returns uint32_t now.
(ctf_str_add_ref): Likewise.
(ctf_str_add_external): Now returns a boolean (int).
* ctf-string.c (ctf_strraw_explicit): Check the ctf_prov_strtab
for strings in the appropriate range.
(ctf_str_create_atoms): Create the ctf_prov_strtab. Detect OOM
when adding the null string to the new strtab.
(ctf_str_free_atoms): Destroy the ctf_prov_strtab.
(ctf_str_add_ref_internal): Add make_provisional argument. If
make_provisional, populate the offset and fill in the
ctf_prov_strtab accordingly.
(ctf_str_add): Return the offset, not the string.
(ctf_str_add_ref): Likewise.
(ctf_str_add_external): Return a success integer.
(ctf_str_remove_ref): New, remove a single ref.
(ctf_str_count_strtab): Do not count the initial null string's
length or the existence or length of any unreferenced internal
(ctf_str_populate_sorttab): Skip atoms with no refs.
(ctf_str_write_strtab): Populate the nullstr earlier. Add one
to the cts_len for the null string, since it is no longer done
in ctf_str_count_strtab. Adjust for csa_external_offset rename.
Populate the csa_offset for both internal and external cases.
Flush the ctf_prov_strtab afterwards, and reset the
* ctf-create.c (ctf_grow_ptrtab): New.
(ctf_create): Call it. Initialize new fields rather than old
ones. Tell ctf_bufopen_internal that this is a writable dictionary.
Set the ctl hashes and data model.
(ctf_update): Rename to...
(ctf_serialize): ... this. Leave a compatibility function behind.
Tell ctf_simple_open_internal that this is a writable dictionary.
Pass the new fields along from the old dictionary. Drop
ctf_dtnextid and ctf_dtbyname. Use ctf_strraw, not dtd_name.
Do not zero out the DTD's ctt_name.
(ctf_prefixed_name): Rename to...
(ctf_name_table): ... this. No longer return a prefixed name: return
the applicable name table instead.
(ctf_dtd_insert): Use it, and use the right name table. Pass in the
kind we're adding. Migrate away from dtd_name.
(ctf_dtd_delete): Adjust similarly. Remove the ref to the
deleted ctt_name.
(ctf_dtd_lookup_type_by_name): Remove.
(ctf_dynamic_type): Always return NULL on read-only dictionaries.
No longer check ctf_dtnextid: check ctf_typemax instead.
(ctf_snapshot): No longer use ctf_dtnextid: use ctf_typemax instead.
(ctf_rollback): Likewise. No longer fail with ECTF_OVERROLLBACK. Use
ctf_name_table and the right name table, and migrate away from
dtd_name as in ctf_dtd_delete.
(ctf_add_generic): Pass in the kind explicitly and pass it to
ctf_dtd_insert. Use ctf_typemax, not ctf_dtnextid. Migrate away
from dtd_name to using ctf_str_add_ref to populate the ctt_name.
Grow the ptrtab if needed.
(ctf_add_encoded): Pass in the kind.
(ctf_add_slice): Likewise.
(ctf_add_array): Likewise.
(ctf_add_function): Likewise.
(ctf_add_typedef): Likewise.
(ctf_add_reftype): Likewise. Initialize the ctf_ptrtab, checking
ctt_name rather than dtd_name.
(ctf_add_struct_sized): Pass in the kind. Use
ctf_lookup_by_rawname, not ctf_hash_lookup_type /
(ctf_add_union_sized): Likewise.
(ctf_add_enum): Likewise.
(ctf_add_enum_encoded): Likewise.
(ctf_add_forward): Likewise.
(ctf_add_type): Likewise.
(ctf_compress_write): Call ctf_serialize: adjust for ctf_size not
being initialized until after the call.
(ctf_write_mem): Likewise.
(ctf_write): Likewise.
* ctf-archive.c (arc_write_one_ctf): Likewise.
* ctf-lookup.c (ctf_lookup_by_name): Use ctf_lookuup_by_rawhash, not
(ctf_lookup_by_id): No longer check the readonly types if the
dictionary is writable.
* ctf-open.c (init_types): Assert that this dictionary is not
writable. Adjust to use the new name hashes, ctf_name_table,
and ctf_ptrtab_len. GNU style fix for the final ptrtab scan.
(ctf_bufopen_internal): New 'writable' parameter. Flip on LCTF_RDWR
if set. Drop out early when dictionary is writable. Split the
ctf_lookups initialization into...
(ctf_set_cth_hashes): ... this new function.
(ctf_simple_open_internal): Adjust. New 'writable' parameter.
(ctf_simple_open): Adjust accordingly.
(ctf_bufopen): Likewise.
(ctf_file_close): Destroy the appropriate name hashes. No longer
destroy ctf_dtbyname, which is gone.
(ctf_getdatasect): Remove spurious "extern".
* ctf-types.c (ctf_lookup_by_rawname): New, look up types in the
specified name table, given a kind.
(ctf_lookup_by_rawhash): Likewise, given a ctf_names_t *.
(ctf_member_iter): Add support for iterating over the
dynamic type list.
(ctf_enum_iter): Likewise.
(ctf_variable_iter): Likewise.
(ctf_type_rvisit): Likewise.
(ctf_member_info): Add support for types in the dynamic type list.
(ctf_enum_name): Likewise.
(ctf_enum_value): Likewise.
(ctf_func_type_info): Likewise.
(ctf_func_type_args): Likewise.
* ctf-link.c (ctf_accumulate_archive_names): No longer call
(ctf_link_write): Likewise.
(ctf_link_intern_extern_string): Adjust for new
ctf_str_add_external return value.
(ctf_link_add_strtab): Likewise.
* ctf-util.c (ctf_list_empty_p): New.
2019-08-05 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_resolve): Return ECTF_NONREPRESENTABLE on
type zero.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_type): Detect and skip nonrepresentable
members and types.
(ctf_add_variable): Likewise for variables pointing to them.
* ctf-link.c (ctf_link_one_type): Do not warn for nonrepresentable
type link failure, but do warn for others.
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_format_type): Likewise. Do not assume all
errors to be ENOMEM.
(ctf_dump_member): Likewise.
(ctf_dump_type): Likewise.
(ctf_dump_header_strfield): Do not assume all errors to be ENOMEM.
(ctf_dump_header_sectfield): Do not assume all errors to be ENOMEM.
(ctf_dump_header): Likewise.
(ctf_dump_label): likewise.
(ctf_dump_objts): likewise.
(ctf_dump_funcs): likewise.
(ctf_dump_var): likewise.
(ctf_dump_str): Likewise.
2019-09-30 Nick Alcock <>
* (AC_DISABLE_SHARED): New, like opcodes/.
(LT_INIT): Likewise.
(dlopen): Note why this is necessary in a comment.
(SHARED_LIBADD): Initialize for possibly-PIC libiberty: derived from
(BFD_LIBADD): Likewise, for libbfd.
(VERSION_FLAGS): Initialize, using a version script if ld supports
one, or libtool -export-symbols-regex otherwise.
* (ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): Likewise.
(INCDIR): New.
(AM_CPPFLAGS): Use $(srcdir), not $(top_srcdir).
(noinst_LIBRARIES): Replace with...
[!INSTALL_LIBBFD] (noinst_LTLIBRARIES): ... this, mentioning new as well.
[INSTALL_LIBCTF] (include_HEADERS): Add the CTF headers.
[!INSTALL_LIBCTF] (include_HEADERS): New, empty.
(libctf_a_SOURCES): Rename to...
(libctf_nobfd_la_SOURCES): ... this, all of libctf other than
(libctf_la_SOURCES): Now derived from libctf_nobfd_la_SOURCES,
with ctf-open-bfd.c added.
(libctf_nobfd_la_LIBADD): New, using @SHARED_LIBADD@.
(libctf_la_LIBADD): New, using @BFD_LIBADD@ as well.
(libctf_la_DEPENDENCIES): New, using @BFD_DEPENDENCIES@.
* aclocal.m4: Add ../bfd/acinclude.m4, ../config/acx.m4, and the
libtool macros.
* libctf.ver: New, everything is version LIBCTF_1.0 currently (even
the unstable components).
* Regenerated.
* Likewise.
* configure: Likewise.
2019-07-30 Nick Alcock <>
* (INSTALL_LIBCTF): New, controlled by
[INSTALL_LIBCTF] (lib_LIBRARIES): Add libctf.a.
* Regenerated.
* configure: Regenerated.
2019-07-30 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_arc_close): Call ctfi_bfd_close if set.
* ctf-open-bfd.c (ctf_bfdclose): Fix comment.
2019-07-30 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open-bfd.c (ctf_fdopen): Call bfd_set_cacheable.
2019-07-13 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (includes): Include <sys/param.h> here.
2019-07-30 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open.c (flip_lbls): Eschew for-loop initial declarations.
(flip_objts): Likewise.
(flip_vars): Likewise.
(flip_types): Likewise.
2019-07-30 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-hash.c (ctf_hashtab_insert): Pass in the key and value
freeing functions: if set, free the key and value if the slot
already exists. Always reassign the key.
(ctf_dynhash_insert): Adjust call appropriately.
(ctf_hash_insert_type): Likewise.
2019-08-03 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_type): Look up and use the forwarded-to
type kind. Allow forwards to unify with pre-existing structs/
2019-07-30 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_file_t) <ctf_link_cu_mappping>: New.
<ctf_link_memb_name_changer>: Likewise.
<ctf_link_memb_name_changer_arg>: Likewise.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_update): Update accordingly.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_file_close): Likewise.
* ctf-link.c (ctf_create_per_cu): Apply the cu mapping.
(ctf_link_add_cu_mapping): New.
(ctf_link_set_memb_name_changer): Likewise.
(ctf_change_parent_name): New.
(ctf_name_list_accum_cb_arg_t) <dynames>: New, storage for names
allocated by the caller's ctf_link_memb_name_changer.
<ndynames>: Likewise.
(ctf_accumulate_archive_names): Call the ctf_link_memb_name_changer.
(ctf_link_write): Likewise (for _CTF_SECTION only): also call
ctf_change_parent_name. Free any resulting names.
2019-07-13 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-link.c (ctf_create_per_cu): New, refactored out of...
(ctf_link_one_type): ... here, with parent-name setting added.
(check_variable): New.
(ctf_link_one_variable): Likewise.
(ctf_link_one_input_archive_member): Call it.
* ctf-error.c (_ctf_errlist): Updated with new errors.
2019-07-13 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_file_t): New field ctf_link_type_mapping.
(struct ctf_link_type_mapping_key): New.
(ctf_hash_type_mapping_key): Likewise.
(ctf_hash_eq_type_mapping_key): Likewise.
(ctf_add_type_mapping): Likewise.
(ctf_type_mapping): Likewise.
(ctf_dynhash_empty): Likewise.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_file_close): Update accordingly.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_update): Likewise.
(ctf_add_type): Populate the mapping.
* ctf-hash.c (ctf_hash_type_mapping_key): Hash a type mapping key.
(ctf_hash_eq_type_mapping_key): Check the key for equality.
(ctf_dynhash_insert): Fix comment typo.
(ctf_dynhash_empty): New.
* ctf-link.c (ctf_add_type_mapping): New.
(ctf_type_mapping): Likewise.
(empty_link_type_mapping): New.
(ctf_link_one_input_archive): Call it.
2019-07-13 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-link.c: New file, linking of the string and type sections.
* (libctf_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* Regenerate.
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_file_t): New fields ctf_link_inputs,
* ctf-create.c (ctf_update): Update accordingly.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_file_close): Likewise.
* ctf-error.c (_ctf_errlist): Updated with new errors.
2019-07-13 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_funcs): Check the right error value.
2019-07-13 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump): Use ctf_type_iter_all to dump types, not
(ctf_dump_type): Pass down the flag from ctf_type_iter_all.
(ctf_dump_format_type): Add non-root-type { } notation.
Add root flag to prototype.
(ctf_dump_label): Adjust accordingly.
(ctf_dump_objts): Likewise.
(ctf_dump_var): Likewise.
2019-07-13 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_compress_write): Fix double-free.
2019-07-13 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_arc_write): Split off, and reimplement in terms
(ctf_arc_write_fd): ... this new function.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_write_mem): New.
2019-07-13 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_str_atom_t) <csa_offset>: New field.
(ctf_file_t) <ctf_syn_ext_strtab>: Likewise.
(ctf_str_add_ref): Name the last arg.
(ctf_str_add_external) New.
(ctf_str_add_strraw_explicit): Likewise.
(ctf_simple_open_internal): Likewise.
(ctf_bufopen_internal): Likewise.
* ctf-string.c (ctf_strraw_explicit): Split from...
(ctf_strraw): ... here, with new support for ctf_syn_ext_strtab.
(ctf_str_add_ref_internal): Return the atom, not the
(ctf_str_add): Adjust accordingly.
(ctf_str_add_ref): Likewise. Move up in the file.
(ctf_str_add_external): New: update the csa_offset.
(ctf_str_count_strtab): Only account for strings with no csa_offset
in the internal strtab length.
(ctf_str_write_strtab): If the csa_offset is set, update the
string's refs without writing the string out, and update the
ctf_syn_ext_strtab. Make OOM handling less ugly.
* ctf-create.c (struct ctf_sort_var_arg_cb): New.
(ctf_update): Handle failure to populate the strtab. Pass in the
new ctf_sort_var arg. Adjust for ctf_syn_ext_strtab addition.
Call ctf_simple_open_internal, not ctf_simple_open.
(ctf_sort_var): Call ctf_strraw_explicit rather than looking up
strings by hand.
* ctf-hash.c (ctf_hash_insert_type): Likewise (but using
ctf_strraw). Adjust to diagnose ECTF_STRTAB nonetheless.
* ctf-open.c (init_types): No longer filter out ECTF_STRTAB.
(ctf_file_close): Destroy the ctf_syn_ext_strtab.
(ctf_simple_open): Rename to, and reimplement as a wrapper around...
(ctf_simple_open_internal): ... this new function, which calls
(ctf_bufopen): Rename to, and reimplement as a wrapper around...
(ctf_bufopen_internal): ... this new function, which sets
2019-07-13 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf_types.c (ctf_type_iter_all): New.
2019-07-13 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open.c (init_symtab): Check for overflow against the right
(upgrade_header): Set cth_objtidxoff, cth_funcidxoff to zero-length.
(upgrade_types_v1): Note that these sections are not checked.
(flip_header): Endian-swap the header fields.
(flip_ctf): Endian-swap the sections.
(flip_objts): Update comment.
(ctf_bufopen): Check header offsets and alignment for validity.
2019-07-13 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open-bfd.c: Add <assert.h>.
(ctf_bfdopen_ctfsect): Open string and symbol tables using
techniques borrowed from bfd_elf_sym_name.
(ctf_new_archive_internal): Improve comment.
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_arc_close): Do not free the ctfi_strsect.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_bufopen): Allow opening with a string section but
no symbol section, but not vice versa.
2019-07-08 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_file_t): New field ctf_openflags.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_bufopen): Set it. No longer dump header offsets.
* ctf-dump.c (dump_header): New function, dump the CTF header.
(ctf_dump): Call it.
(ctf_dump_header_strfield): New function.
(ctf_dump_header_sectfield): Likewise.
2019-07-06 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_file_t): New fields ctf_header, ctf_dynbase,
ctf_cuname, ctf_dyncuname: ctf_base and ctf_buf are no longer const.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_set_base): Preserve the gap between ctf_buf and
ctf_base: do not assume that it is always sizeof (ctf_header_t).
Print out ctf_cuname: only print out ctf_parname if set.
(ctf_free_base): Removed, ctf_base is no longer freed: free
ctf_dynbase instead.
(ctf_set_version): Fix spacing.
(upgrade_header): New, in-place header upgrading.
(upgrade_types): Rename to...
(upgrade_types_v1): ... this. Free ctf_dynbase, not ctf_base. No
longer track old and new headers separately. No longer allow for
header sizes explicitly: squeeze the headers out on upgrade (they
are preserved in fp->ctf_header). Set ctf_dynbase, ctf_base and
ctf_buf explicitly. Use ctf_free, not ctf_free_base.
(upgrade_types): New, also handle ctf_parmax updating.
(flip_header): Flip ctf_cuname.
(flip_types): Flip BUF explicitly rather than deriving BUF from
(ctf_bufopen): Store the header in fp->ctf_header. Correct minimum
required alignment of objtoff and funcoff. No longer store it in
the ctf_buf unless that buf is derived unmodified from the input.
Set ctf_dynbase where ctf_base is dynamically allocated. Drop locals
that duplicate fields in ctf_file: move allocation of ctf_file
further up instead. Call upgrade_header as needed. Move
version-specific ctf_parmax initialization into upgrade_types. More
concise error handling.
(ctf_file_close): No longer test for null pointers before freeing.
Free ctf_dyncuname, ctf_dynbase, and ctf_header. Do not call
(ctf_cuname): New.
(ctf_cuname_set): New.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_update): Populate ctf_cuname.
(ctf_gzwrite): Write out the header explicitly. Remove obsolescent
(ctf_write): Likewise.
(ctf_compress_write): Get the header from ctf_header, not ctf_base.
Fix the compression length: fp->ctf_size never counted the CTF
header. Simplify the compress call accordingly.
2019-07-11 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* ctf-endian.h: Don't assume htole64 and le64toh are always
present if HAVE_ENDIAN_H; also check if htole64 is defined.
[!WORDS_BIGENDIAN] (htole64, le64toh): Define as identity,
not bswap_identity_64.
2019-09-18 Alan Modra <>
* ctf-open-bfd.c: Update throughout for bfd section macro changes.
2019-09-09 Phil Blundell <>
binutils 2.33 branch created.
2019-07-18 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-types.c (ctf_type_aname_raw): New.
(ctf_func_type_info): Likewise.
(ctf_func_type_args): Likewise.
* ctf-error.c (_ctf_errlist): Fix description.
* ctf-lookup.c: Fix file description.
2019-06-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_create): Fix off-by-one error.
2019-06-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h: (struct ctf_strs_writable): New, non-const version of
struct ctf_strs.
(struct ctf_dtdef): Note that dtd_data.ctt_name is unpopulated.
(struct ctf_str_atom): New, disambiguated single string.
(struct ctf_str_atom_ref): New, points to some other location that
references this string's offset.
(struct ctf_file): New members ctf_str_atoms and ctf_str_num_refs.
Remove member ctf_dtvstrlen: we no longer track the total strlen
as we add strings.
(ctf_str_create_atoms): Declare new function in ctf-string.c.
(ctf_str_free_atoms): Likewise.
(ctf_str_add): Likewise.
(ctf_str_add_ref): Likewise.
(ctf_str_rollback): Likewise.
(ctf_str_purge_refs): Likewise.
(ctf_str_write_strtab): Likewise.
(ctf_realloc): Declare new function in ctf-util.c.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_bufopen): Create the atoms table.
(ctf_file_close): Destroy it.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_update): Copy-and-free it on update. No longer
special-case the position of the parname string. Construct the
strtab by calling ctf_str_add_ref and ctf_str_write_strtab after the
rest of each buffer element is constructed, not via open-coding:
realloc the CTF buffer and append the strtab to it. No longer
maintain ctf_dtvstrlen. Sort the variable entry table later, after
strtab construction.
(ctf_copy_membnames): Remove: integrated into ctf_copy_{s,l,e}members.
(ctf_copy_smembers): Drop the string offset: call ctf_str_add_ref
after buffer element construction instead.
(ctf_copy_lmembers): Likewise.
(ctf_copy_emembers): Likewise.
(ctf_create): No longer maintain the ctf_dtvstrlen.
(ctf_dtd_delete): Likewise.
(ctf_dvd_delete): Likewise.
(ctf_add_generic): Likewise.
(ctf_add_enumerator): Likewise.
(ctf_add_member_offset): Likewise.
(ctf_add_variable): Likewise.
(membadd): Likewise.
* ctf-util.c (ctf_realloc): New, wrapper around realloc that aborts
if there are active ctf_str_num_refs.
(ctf_strraw): Move to ctf-string.c.
(ctf_strptr): Likewise.
* ctf-string.c: New file, strtab manipulation.
* (libctf_a_SOURCES): Add it.
* Regenerate.
2019-06-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_hash_iter_f): New.
(ctf_dynhash_iter): New declaration.
(ctf_dynhash_iter_remove): New declaration.
* ctf-hash.c (ctf_dynhash_iter): Define.
(ctf_dynhash_iter_remove): Likewise.
(ctf_hashtab_traverse): New.
(ctf_hashtab_traverse_remove): Likewise.
(struct ctf_traverse_cb_arg): Likewise.
(struct ctf_traverse_remove_cb_arg): Likewise.
2019-06-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-hash.c (ctf_dynhash_remove): Call with a mocked-up element.
2019-06-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_format_type): Prefix hex strings with 0x.
(ctf_dump_funcs): Likewise.
2019-06-19 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open-bfd.c: Add swap.h and ctf-endian.h.
(ctf_fdopen): Check for endian-swapped raw CTF magic, and
little-endian CTF archive magic. Do not check the CTF version:
ctf_simple_open does that in endian-safe ways. Do not dereference
null pointers on open failure.
2019-06-19 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open.c (get_vbytes_common): Return the new slice size.
(ctf_bufopen): Flip the endianness of the CTF-section header copy.
Remember to copy in the CTF data when opening an uncompressed
foreign-endian CTF file. Prune useless variable manipulation.
2019-06-19 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open.c (ctf_types): Fail when unidentified type kinds are
2019-06-19 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open.c (ctf_bufopen): Dump header offsets into the debugging
2019-06-19 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-subr.c (_PAGESIZE): Remove.
(ctf_data_alloc): Likewise.
(ctf_data_free): Likewise.
(ctf_data_protect): Likewise.
* ctf-impl.h: Remove declarations.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_update): No longer call ctf_data_protect: use
ctf_free, not ctf_data_free.
(ctf_compress_write): Use ctf_data_alloc, not ctf_alloc. Free
the buffer again on compression error.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_set_base): No longer track the size: call
ctf_free, not ctf_data_free.
(upgrade_types): Likewise. Call ctf_alloc, not ctf_data_alloc.
(ctf_bufopen): Likewise. No longer call ctf_data_protect.
2019-06-19 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_dtd_insert): Pass on error returns from
(ctf_dvd_insert): Likewise.
(ctf_add_generic): Likewise.
(ctf_add_variable): Likewise.
* ctf-impl.h: Adjust declarations.
2019-06-14 Alan Modra <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2019-06-06 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-decls.h: Include <libiberty.h>.
* ctf-lookup.c (ctf_lookup_by_name): Call xstrndup(), not strndup().
2019-06-06 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_format_type): Cast size_t's used in printf()s.
(ctf_dump_objts): Likewise.
(ctf_dump_funcs): Likewise.
(ctf_dump_member): Likewise.
(ctf_dump_str): Likewise.
2019-06-06 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-archive.c (arc_mmap_header): Mark fd as potentially unused.
* ctf-subr.c (ctf_data_protect): Mark both args as potentially unused.
2019-06-05 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_arc_write): Eschew %zi format specifier.
(ctf_arc_open_by_offset): Likewise.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_type): Likewise.
2019-06-04 Tom Tromey <>
* ctf-create.c (ctf_add_encoded, ctf_add_slice)
(ctf_add_member_offset): Use CHAR_BIT, not NBBY.
2019-06-04 Nick Alcock <>
* Check for O_CLOEXEC.
* ctf-decls.h (O_CLOEXEC): Define (to 0), if need be.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Likewise.
2019-06-04 Nick Alcock <>
* qsort_r.c: Rename to...
* ctf-qsort_r.c: ... this.
(_quicksort): Define to ctf_qsort_r.
* ctf-decls.h (qsort_r): Remove.
(ctf_qsort_r): Add.
(struct ctf_qsort_arg): New, transport the real ARG and COMPAR.
(ctf_qsort_compar_thunk): Rearrange the arguments to COMPAR.
* (libctf_a_LIBADD): Remove.
(libctf_a_SOURCES): New, add ctf-qsort_r.c.
* ctf-archive.c (ctf_arc_write): Call ctf_qsort_r, not qsort_r.
* ctf-create.c (ctf_update): Likewise.
* Check for BSD versus GNU qsort_r signature.
* Regenerate.
* Likewise.
* configure: Likewise.
2019-06-03 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_dump_funcs): Free in the right place.
2019-05-29 Nick Alcock <>
* (ZLIB): New.
(ZLIBINC): Likewise.
(AM_CFLAGS): Use them.
(libctf_a_LIBADD): New, for LIBOBJS.
* Check for zlib, endian.h, and qsort_r.
* ctf-endian.h: New, providing htole64 and le64toh.
* swap.h: Code style fixes.
(bswap_identity_64): New.
* qsort_r.c: New, from gnulib (with one added #include).
* ctf-decls.h: New, providing a conditional qsort_r declaration,
and unconditional definitions of MIN and MAX.
* ctf-impl.h: Use it. Do not use <sys/errno.h>.
(ctf_set_errno): Now returns unsigned long.
* ctf-util.c (ctf_set_errno): Adjust here too.
* ctf-archive.c: Use ctf-endian.h.
(ctf_arc_open_by_offset): Use memset, not bzero. Drop cts_type,
cts_flags and cts_offset.
(ctf_arc_write): Drop debugging dependent on the size of off_t.
* ctf-create.c: Provide a definition of roundup if not defined.
(ctf_create): Drop cts_type, cts_flags and cts_offset.
(ctf_add_reftype): Do not check if type IDs are below zero.
(ctf_add_slice): Likewise.
(ctf_add_typedef): Likewise.
(ctf_add_member_offset): Cast error-returning ssize_t's to size_t
when known error-free. Drop CTF_ERR usage for functions returning
(ctf_add_member_encoded): Drop CTF_ERR usage for functions returning
(ctf_add_variable): Likewise.
(enumcmp): Likewise.
(enumadd): Likewise.
(membcmp): Likewise.
(ctf_add_type): Likewise. Cast error-returning ssize_t's to size_t
when known error-free.
* ctf-dump.c (ctf_is_slice): Drop CTF_ERR usage for functions
returning int: use CTF_ERR for functions returning ctf_type_id.
(ctf_dump_label): Likewise.
(ctf_dump_objts): Likewise.
* ctf-labels.c (ctf_label_topmost): Likewise.
(ctf_label_iter): Likewise.
(ctf_label_info): Likewise.
* ctf-lookup.c (ctf_func_args): Likewise.
* ctf-open.c (upgrade_types): Cast to size_t where appropriate.
(ctf_bufopen): Likewise. Use zlib types as needed.
* ctf-types.c (ctf_member_iter): Drop CTF_ERR usage for functions
returning int.
(ctf_enum_iter): Likewise.
(ctf_type_size): Likewise.
(ctf_type_align): Likewise. Cast to size_t where appropriate.
(ctf_type_kind_unsliced): Likewise.
(ctf_type_kind): Likewise.
(ctf_type_encoding): Likewise.
(ctf_member_info): Likewise.
(ctf_array_info): Likewise.
(ctf_enum_value): Likewise.
(ctf_type_rvisit): Likewise.
* ctf-open-bfd.c (ctf_bfdopen): Drop cts_type, cts_flags and
(ctf_simple_open): Likewise.
(ctf_bfdopen_ctfsect): Likewise. Set cts_size properly.
* Regenerate.
* aclocal.m4: Likewise.
* config.h: Likewise.
* configure: Likewise.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* Check for bfd_section_from_elf_index.
* configure: Regenerate.
* [HAVE_BFD_ELF]: Likewise.
* libctf/ctf-open-bfd.c (ctf_bfdopen_ctfsect): Use it.
abfd is potentially unused now.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* New.
* Regenerated.
* Likewise.
* aclocal.m4: Likewise.
* configure: Likewise.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-dump.c: New.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-labels.c: New.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h (_libctf_version): New declaration.
* ctf-subr.c (_libctf_version): Define it.
(ctf_version): New.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c (enumcmp): New.
(enumadd): Likewise.
(membcmp): Likewise.
(membadd): Likewise.
(ctf_add_type): Likewise.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-lookup.c (isqualifier): New.
(ctf_lookup_by_name): Likewise.
(struct ctf_lookup_var_key): Likewise.
(ctf_lookup_var): Likewise.
(ctf_lookup_variable): Likewise.
(ctf_lookup_symbol_name): Likewise.
(ctf_lookup_by_symbol): Likewise.
(ctf_func_info): Likewise.
(ctf_func_args): Likewise.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-decl.c: New file.
* ctf-types.c: Likewise.
* ctf-impl.h: New declarations.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open-bfd.c: New file.
* ctf-open.c (ctf_close): New.
* ctf-impl.h: Include bfd.h.
(ctf_file): New members ctf_data_mmapped, ctf_data_mmapped_len.
(ctf_archive_internal): New members ctfi_abfd, ctfi_data,
(ctf_bfdopen_ctfsect): New declaration.
(_CTF_SECTION): likewise.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-archive.c: New.
* ctf-impl.h (ctf_archive_internal): New type.
(ctf_arc_open_internal): New declaration.
(ctf_arc_bufopen): Likewise.
(ctf_arc_close_internal): Likewise.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-open.c: New file.
* swap.h: Likewise.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-create.c: New file.
* ctf-lookup.c: New file.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h: New definitions and declarations for type creation
and lookup.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-hash.c: New file.
* ctf-impl.h: New declarations.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-error.c: New file.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-util.c: New file.
* elf.h: Likewise.
* ctf-impl.h: Include it, and add declarations.
2019-05-28 Nick Alcock <>
* ctf-impl.h: New file.
* ctf-subr.c: New file.
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left-margin: 8
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version-control: never