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-*- text -*-
Changes in 2.37:
* New features
** Add ctf_lookup_by_symbol name and ctf_arc_lookup_symbol_name, analogues of
existing ctf_lookup_by_symbol and ctf_arc_lookup_symbol, but looking up
symbols by name rather than symbol number. This also works in places where no
symbol number is known, like in object files and dynamic dicts created by
** libctf supports compilers that encode unrepresentable types via a special
kind (CTF_K_UNKNOWN) as well as via type ID 0.
* Bugfixes
** Avoid duplicating or losing types of data object symbols when
ld -r is used
** Prohibit typedefs with no name; prevent the linker/deduplicator
producing such typedefs
* Bugfixes, also on 2.36 branch
** Prevent ctf_lookup_by_name returning success when
looking up nonexistent pointer types
** Fix ctf_type_add copying of structs with unnamed members