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/* This file is part of the program psim.
Copyright (C) 1994-1996, Andrew Cagney <>
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, see <>.
#ifndef _DEVICE_TABLE_H_
#define _DEVICE_TABLE_H_
#include "basics.h"
#include "device.h"
#include "tree.h"
#include <string.h>
typedef struct _device_callbacks device_callbacks;
/* The creator, returns a pointer to any data that should be allocated
once during (multiple) simulation runs */
typedef void *(device_creator)
(const char *name,
const device_unit *unit_address,
const char *args);
/* two stages of initialization */
typedef void (device_init_callback)
(device *me);
typedef struct _device_init_callbacks {
device_init_callback *address; /* NULL - ignore */
device_init_callback *data; /* NULL - ignore */
} device_init_callbacks;
/* attaching/detaching a devices address space to its parent */
typedef void (device_address_callback)
(device *me,
attach_type attach,
int space,
unsigned_word addr,
unsigned nr_bytes,
access_type access,
device *client); /*callback/default*/
typedef struct _device_address_callbacks {
device_address_callback *attach;
device_address_callback *detach;
} device_address_callbacks;
/* I/O operations - from parent */
typedef unsigned (device_io_read_buffer_callback)
(device *me,
void *dest,
int space,
unsigned_word addr,
unsigned nr_bytes,
cpu *processor,
unsigned_word cia);
typedef unsigned (device_io_write_buffer_callback)
(device *me,
const void *source,
int space,
unsigned_word addr,
unsigned nr_bytes,
cpu *processor,
unsigned_word cia);
typedef struct _device_io_callbacks { /* NULL - error */
device_io_read_buffer_callback *read_buffer;
device_io_write_buffer_callback *write_buffer;
} device_io_callbacks;
/* DMA transfers by a device via its parent */
typedef unsigned (device_dma_read_buffer_callback)
(device *me,
void *dest,
int space,
unsigned_word addr,
unsigned nr_bytes);
typedef unsigned (device_dma_write_buffer_callback)
(device *me,
const void *source,
int space,
unsigned_word addr,
unsigned nr_bytes,
int violate_read_only_section);
typedef struct _device_dma_callbacks { /* NULL - error */
device_dma_read_buffer_callback *read_buffer;
device_dma_write_buffer_callback *write_buffer;
} device_dma_callbacks;
/* Interrupts */
typedef void (device_interrupt_event_callback)
(device *me,
int my_port,
device *source,
int source_port,
int level,
cpu *processor,
unsigned_word cia);
typedef void (device_child_interrupt_event_callback)
(device *me,
device *parent,
device *source,
int source_port,
int level,
cpu *processor,
unsigned_word cia);
typedef struct _device_interrupt_port_descriptor {
const char *name;
int number;
int nr_ports;
port_direction direction;
} device_interrupt_port_descriptor;
typedef struct _device_interrupt_callbacks {
device_interrupt_event_callback *event;
device_child_interrupt_event_callback *child_event;
const device_interrupt_port_descriptor *ports;
} device_interrupt_callbacks;
/* symbolic value decoding */
typedef int (device_unit_decode_callback)
(device *bus,
const char *unit,
device_unit *address);
typedef int (device_unit_encode_callback)
(device *bus,
const device_unit *unit_address,
char *buf,
int sizeof_buf);
typedef int (device_address_to_attach_address_callback)
(device *bus,
const device_unit *address,
int *attach_space,
unsigned_word *attach_address,
device *client);
typedef int (device_size_to_attach_size_callback)
(device *bus,
const device_unit *size,
unsigned *nr_bytes,
device *client);
typedef struct _device_convert_callbacks {
device_unit_decode_callback *decode_unit;
device_unit_encode_callback *encode_unit;
device_address_to_attach_address_callback *address_to_attach_address;
device_size_to_attach_size_callback *size_to_attach_size;
} device_convert_callbacks;
/* instances */
typedef void (device_instance_delete_callback)
(device_instance *instance);
typedef int (device_instance_read_callback)
(device_instance *instance,
void *buf,
unsigned_word len);
typedef int (device_instance_write_callback)
(device_instance *instance,
const void *buf,
unsigned_word len);
typedef int (device_instance_seek_callback)
(device_instance *instance,
unsigned_word pos_hi,
unsigned_word pos_lo);
typedef int (device_instance_method)
(device_instance *instance,
int n_stack_args,
unsigned_cell stack_args[/*n_stack_args*/],
int n_stack_returns,
unsigned_cell stack_returns[/*n_stack_returns*/]);
typedef struct _device_instance_methods {
const char *name;
device_instance_method *method;
} device_instance_methods;
struct _device_instance_callbacks { /* NULL - error */
device_instance_delete_callback *delete;
device_instance_read_callback *read;
device_instance_write_callback *write;
device_instance_seek_callback *seek;
const device_instance_methods *methods;
typedef device_instance *(device_create_instance_callback)
(device *me,
const char *full_path,
const char *args);
typedef device_instance *(package_create_instance_callback)
(device_instance *parent,
const char *args);
/* all else fails */
typedef int (device_ioctl_callback)
(device *me,
cpu *processor,
unsigned_word cia,
device_ioctl_request request,
va_list ap);
typedef void (device_usage_callback)
(int verbose);
/* the callbacks */
struct _device_callbacks {
/* initialization */
device_init_callbacks init;
/* address/data config - from child */
device_address_callbacks address;
/* address/data transfer - from parent */
device_io_callbacks io;
/* address/data transfer - from child */
device_dma_callbacks dma;
/* interrupt signalling */
device_interrupt_callbacks interrupt;
/* bus address decoding */
device_convert_callbacks convert;
/* instances */
device_create_instance_callback *instance_create;
/* back door to anything we've forgot */
device_ioctl_callback *ioctl;
device_usage_callback *usage;
/* Table of all the devices and a function to lookup/create a device
from its name */
typedef struct _device_descriptor device_descriptor;
struct _device_descriptor {
const char *name;
device_creator *creator;
const device_callbacks *callbacks;
extern const device_descriptor *const device_table[];
#include "hw.h"
/* Pass through, ignore and generic callback functions. A call going
towards the root device are passed on up, local calls are ignored
and call downs abort */
extern device_address_callback passthrough_device_address_attach;
extern device_address_callback passthrough_device_address_detach;
extern device_dma_read_buffer_callback passthrough_device_dma_read_buffer;
extern device_dma_write_buffer_callback passthrough_device_dma_write_buffer;
extern device_unit_decode_callback ignore_device_unit_decode;
extern device_init_callback generic_device_init_address;
extern device_unit_decode_callback generic_device_unit_decode;
extern device_unit_encode_callback generic_device_unit_encode;
extern device_address_to_attach_address_callback generic_device_address_to_attach_address;
extern device_size_to_attach_size_callback generic_device_size_to_attach_size;
extern const device_callbacks passthrough_device_callbacks;
#endif /* _DEVICE_TABLE_H_ */