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2008-12-23 Jon Beniston <>
* NEWS: Record that support for LM32 has been added.
* Add LM32 object files and dependencies.
* Regenerate.
* Indicate LM32 uses cgen.
* configure: Regenerate.
* configure.tgt: Add LM32 target.
* config/tc-lm32.c: New file.
* config/tc-lm32.h: New file.
* doc/ Add c-lm32.texi to CPU_DOCS.
* doc/ Regenerate.
* doc/all.texi: Add LM32 as CPU of interest.
* doc/as.texinfo: Add LM32 dependent features link.
* doc/c-lm32.texi: New file.
2008-12-23 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (match_template): Changed to return
const template *. Handle i.swap_operand for 3 operands.
(build_vex_prefix): Take const template *. Swap operand for
2-byte VEX prefix if possible.
(md_assemble): Updated.
(build_modrm_byte): Handle RegMem bit for SSE2AVX.
2008-12-23 Anatoly Sokolov <>
* config/tc-avr.c (mcu_types): Add attiny87, attiny327, atmega4hvd,
atmega8hvd, atmega16hvb, atmega32hvb, atmega64c1, atmega16m1,
atmega64m1, atmega32u6, atmega128rfa1, at90pwm81, at90scr100,
m3000f, m3000s and m3001b devices.
* doc/c-avr.texi: Likewise.
2008-12-23 Nick Clifton <>
* NEWS :Remove mention of STT_IFUNC support.
* config/obj-elf.c (obj_elf_type): Remove STT_IFUNC support.
* doc/as.texinfo: Remove mention of STT_IFUNC support.
2008-12-21 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* config/tc-cris.c (s_cris_dtpoff): New function.
(md_pseudo_table): Add "dtpoffd".
2008-12-20 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (parse_insn): Optimize ".s" handling.
2008-12-20 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (_i386_insn): Add swap_operand.
(parse_insn): Handle ".s".
(match_template): Handle swap_operand.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Document .s suffix.
2008-12-20 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* config/tc-cris.c (cris_process_instruction): Handle
BFD_RELOC_CRIS_32_IE, in the test whether the relocation fits.
(get_3op_or_dip_prefix_op): Handle TLS/PIC decoration for the
"double indirect" addressing mode.
(cris_get_reloc_suffix): Add entry for :IE for BFD_RELOC_CRIS_32_IE.
(cris_number_to_imm, tc_gen_reloc): Handle BFD_RELOC_CRIS_32_IE.
2008-12-18 Ralf Wildenhues <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2008-12-08 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (build_modrm_byte): Remove an extra blank
2008-12-04 Ben Elliston <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (parse_cpu): Remove booke64 support. Update
usage strings.
(ppc_setup_opcodes): Likewise, remove booke64 support.
* doc/c-ppc.texi (PowerPC-Opts): Remove -mbooke32 and -mbooke64.
* doc/as.texinfo (Overview): Likewise.
2008-12-04 Nick Clifton <>
* doc/as.texinfo (Type): Reword description of STT_IFUNC type.
2008-12-03 Nick Clifton <>
* config/obj-elf.c (obj_elf_type): Add support for STT_IFUNC type.
* doc/as.texinfo: Document new feature.
* NEWS: Mention new feature.
2008-11-29 Kai Tietz <>
* config/tc-i386.c (i386_target_format): For coff flavour in TE_PEP
use "pe-i386" for 32-bit.
2008-11-28 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (ehopt.o): Add struc-symbol.h.
* Regenerated.
* ehopt.c: Include struc-symbol.h.
(check_eh_frame): For very small O_constant DW_CFA_advance_loc4
create correct DW_CFA_advance_loc. Handle O_subtract only
for code alignment factor 1, otherwise handle O_divide or
O_right_shift of O_subtract and O_constant.
(eh_frame_estimate_size_before_relax): Always divide by ca.
(eh_frame_convert_frag): Likewise.
2008-11-28 John David Anglin <>
* dw2gencfi.c (output_cfi_insn): Scale DW_CFA_advance_loc1,
DW_CFA_advance_loc2 and DW_CFA_advance_loc4 outputs.
2008-11-28 Joshua Kinard <>
* config/tc-mips.c (hilo_interlocks): Handle CPU_R14000, CPU_R16000.
(mips_cpu_info_table): Add r14000, r16000.
* doc/c-mips.texi: Add entries for 14000, 16000.
2008-11-27 M R Swami Reddy <>
* config/tc-cr16.h (GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_NAME): Defined
* config/tc-cr16.c (md_pseudo_table): Add "4byte" directive to
md_pseudo_table and accept @c prefix, same as long directive.
(cr16_cons_fix_new): Initialize rtype to BFD_RELOC_UNUSED.
(tc_gen_reloc): Declare a variable of type bfd_reloc_code_real_type
and set it for GOT related relocations.
(md_undefined_symbol): Defined
(process_label_constant): Added checks for GOT/got and cGOT/cGOT
prefixes with constant label and set the appropriate relocation type.
* doc/c-cr16.texi (cr16-operand specifiers): Add got/GOT and cgot/cGOT.
2008-11-26 DJ Delorie <>
* config/tc-m32c.c (md_pseudo_table): Add support for .loc et al.
2008-11-25 DJ Delorie <>
* config/tc-m32c.c (md_convert_frag): Fix ADJNZ reloc math.
2008-11-21 Sterling Augustine <>
* config/tc-xtensa.c (check_t1_t2_reads_and_writes): Call
xtensa_state_is_shared_or to allow multiple opcodes within a
single FLIX bundle to write to these special states.
2008-11-19 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* config/tc-cris.c (cris_number_to_imm): Apply S_SET_THREAD_LOCAL
on symbols in TLS relocs.
2008-11-19 Nick Clifton <>
* doc/fdl.texi: Update to v1.3
* doc/as.texinfo: Change license to v1.3.
2008-11-18 Catherine Moore <>
* config/tc-arm.c (neon_type_mask): Renumber.
(type_chk_of_el_type): Handle F_F16.
(neon_cvt_flavour): Recognize half-precision conversions.
(do_neon_cvt): New shapes NS_QD and
NS_DQ. Encode half-precision conversions.
(do_neon_cvtt): Encode the T bit.
(asm_opcode_insns): vcvt, vcvtt support.
(arm_option_cpu_value): Add neon-fp16 support.
2008-11-17 Nick Clifton <>
* as.c (parse_args): Update copyright year.
2008-11-14 Mat Hostetter <>
* read.c (emit_expr): Grow frag before filling it so that
dot_value remains valid.
2008-11-14 Peter Jansen <>
PR 7026
* config/tc-arm.c: Ensure that all uses of as_bad have a
formatting string.
2008-11-12 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* config/tc-cris.c (cris_number_to_imm): Except for
BFD_RELOC_NONE, always set contents. Where previously this was
skipped, set contents to 0.
PR gas/7025
* input-scrub.c (input_scrub_include_sb): Make the position
after the input have defined contents, a 0 character.
* config/tc-cris.c (cris_relax_frag): Add missing case for
PR gas/7020
* read.c (read_a_source_file): Rearrange evaluation order when
looking for '=' to avoid conditional on undefined contents of
2008-11-06 Adam Nemet <>
* config/tc-mips.c (COP_INSN): Change logic to always return false
for FP instructions.
2008-11-06 Chao-ying Fu <>
* config/tc-mips.c (validate_mips_insn): Add case '1'.
(mips_ip): Add case '1' to process sync type.
2008-11-06 Joel Sherrill <>
* configure.tgt: Add m32c-*-rtems* and m32r-*-rtems*.
2008-11-04 Sterling Augustine <>
* config/tc-xtensa.c (tinsn_check_arguments): Check for multiple
writes to the same register.
2008-11-04 Sterling Augustine <>
* config/tc-xtensa.c (xtensa_j_opcode): New.
(xg_instruction_matches_option_term): Handle "FREEREG" option.
(xg_build_to_insn): Likewise. Update renamed tls_reloc reference.
(md_begin): Initialize xtensa_j_opcode.
(md_assemble): Update renamed tls_reloc reference. Handle "j.l".
(xg_assemble_vliw_tokens): Save free_reg info in the frag.
(tinsn_immed_from_frag): Get free_reg info back out of the frag.
(vinsn_to_insnbuf): Update renamed tls_reloc references.
Distinguish extra argument for "FREEREG" from extra TLS argument.
* config/tc-xtensa.h (struct xtensa_frag_type): Add free_reg field.
* config/xtensa-istack.h (struct tinsn_struct): Rename tls_reloc
field to extra_arg.
* config/xtensa-relax.c (widen_spec_list): Add rules to relax "j.l".
(build_transition): Handle "FREEREG" operand.
* config/xtensa-relax.h (enum op_type): Add OP_FREEREG.
2008-10-31 Alan Modra <>
* po/id.po: Update.
2008-10-24 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* config/tc-mips.c (mips_cpu_info_table): Move the MIPS64r2
comment so that Broadcom SB-1 cores are in the MIPS64 section.
2008-10-21 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-bfin.c (gencode, allocate): Remove unnecessary cast.
* config/tc-ns32k.c (bit_fix_new): Likewise.
* config/tc-m68k.c (md_begin): Likewise.
* hash.c (hash_insert, hash_jam): Likewise.
* symbols.c (symbol_create, local_symbol_make): Likewise.
* frags.c (frag_alloc): Likewise.
2008-10-20 Jay Krell <>
* config/bfin-parse.y: Use C style comments.
* config/tc-bfin.c: Likewise.
* config/tc-m68k.c: Likewise.
* config/tc-mips.c: Likewise.
2008-10-12 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (processor_type): Moved to tc-i386.h.
(cpu_arch_tune): Make it global.
(cpu_arch_isa): Likewise.
(cpu_arch_isa_flags): Likewise.
(i386_align_code): Check fragP->tc_frag_data.isa,
fragP->tc_frag_data.isa_flags and cpu_arch_tune instead of
cpu_arch_isa, cpu_arch_isa_flags and cpu_arch_tune,
* config/tc-i386.h (processor_type): Moved from tc-i386.c.
(cpu_arch_tune): New.
(cpu_arch_isa): Likewise.
(cpu_arch_isa_flags): Likewise.
(i386_tc_frag_data): Likewise.
(TC_FRAG_TYPE): Likewise.
(TC_FRAG_INIT): Likewise.
2008-10-09 Bob Wilson <>
* doc/as.texinfo (Pseudo Ops): Swap order of Comm and CFI menu entries.
(Altmacro, Comm, Loc, Loc_mark_labels, List, MRI, PopSection, Sleb128):
Moved into alphabetical order.
2008-10-09 Bob Wilson <>
* doc/as.texinfo (Dot): Expand no-space-dir conditional to include
a complete sentence.
(Pseudo Ops): Put conditionals around Skip and Space menu entries.
(Line): Remove conditional declaration of Ln node and section here.
Put aout-bout description inside the no-line-dir conditional.
(Skip, Space): Use a separate conditional for each node.
2008-10-09 Bob Wilson <>
* doc/as.texinfo (Pseudo Ops): Remove no-file-dir conditional around
menu entry for File; remove version-specific .file operands from menu
description. Replace "LNS directives" menu entry with new entries
for "Loc" and "Loc_mark_labels".
(LNS directives): Split into separate nodes for each directive.
(Loc): New node for .loc directive. Mention that this directive
is for DWARF2 and add a missing article.
(Loc_mark_labels): Likewise for .loc_mark_labels.
(File): Change this node to describe both the default version and
the DWARF2 version of .file. Move the no-file-dir conditional to
include only the default version.
2008-10-09 Eric Botcazou <>
* dw2gencfi.c (cfi_finish): Deal with md_fix_up_eh_frame.
* config/tc-i386.h (md_fix_up_eh_frame): Define on Solaris.
(i386_solaris_fix_up_eh_frame): Declare.
* config/tc-i386.c (i386_solaris_fix_up_eh_frame): New function.
2008-10-09 Nick Clifton <>
PR 6944
* doc/as.texinfo (Dollar Local Labels): Correct description of
dollar local labels to show that the colon suffix is still
2008-10-08 Nick Clifton <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add "id".
* configure: Regenerate.
* po/id.po: New Indonesian translation.
2008-10-07 H.J. Lu <>
* read.c (pseudo_set): Don't allow global register symbol only
* symbols.c (S_SET_EXTERNAL): Likewise.
* config/tc-mmix.h (TC_GLOBAL_REGISTER_SYMBOL_OK): Defined.
* doc/internals.texi: Document TC_GLOBAL_REGISTER_SYMBOL_OK.
2008-10-06 Bob Wilson <>
* doc/as.texinfo (Local): New description of ELF .local directive.
2008-10-06 Nick Clifton <>
PR 6926
* read.c (get_line_sb): Renamed to get_non_macro_line_sb.
(_find_end_of_line): Add extra parameter indicating if the line is
inside a macro. If it is then do not allow the @ character to be
treated as a line separator character.
(read_a_source): Update use of _find_end_of_line.
(find_end_of_line): Likewise.
(s_irp): Update use of get_line_sb.
(s_macro): Likewise.
(do_repeat): Likewise.
(get_line_sb): New function. Like the old version of get_line_sb
except that it takes an extra parameter indicating whether the
line is inside a macro.
(get_macro_line_sb): New function.
2008-10-04 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* config/tc-cris.c: Update all comments regarding explicit relocations
to, besides PIC, also imply TLS or to say "relocation specifier" or
(RELOC_SUFFIX_CHAR): Rename from PIC_SUFFIX_CHAR. Change all callers.
(cris_get_reloc_suffix): Rename from cris_get_pic_suffix. Change all
callers. Also handle TLS relocs.
(cris_get_specified_reloc_size): Rename from cris_get_pic_reloc_size.
Change all callers. Also handle TLS relocs.
(tls): New constant.
(cris_process_instruction): Check for non-PIC TLS relocations and
adjust message when emitting error message about relocation not
(get_autoinc_prefix_or_indir_op): Also check for relocation suffix
when tls is true.
(get_3op_or_dip_prefix_op): Ditto.
(cris_number_to_imm, tc_gen_reloc): Handle TLS relocs like PIC relocs.
2008-10-03 Kazu Hirata <>
* listing.c (buffer_line): Open the source file with FOPEN_RB.
Manually process line ends.
2008-09-30 Wesley W. Terpstra <>
Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-tic4x.c (tic4x_globl): Call S_SET_EXTERNAL as well as
2008-09-30 Wesley W. Terpstra <>
Nick Clifton <>
* coffgen.c (coff_write_symbols): Check to see if a symbol's flags
do not match it class and if necessary update the class.
(null_error_handler): New function. Suppresses the generation of
bfd error messages.
* coff64-rs6000.c (bfd_xcoff_backend_data): Update comment.
2008-09-30 Alan Modra <>
* Run "make dep-am".
* Regenerate.
2008-09-29 Nick Clifton <>
* dw2gencfi.c (output_cfi_insn): Fix typo in invocation of
tc_cfi_emit_pcrel_expr macro.
2008-09-29 Peter O'Gorman <>
Steve Ellcey <>
* configure: Regenerate for new libtool.
* aclocal.m4: Ditto.
* Ditto.
* doc/ Ditto.
2008-09-29 Nick Clifton <>
PR 6878
* app.c (do_scrub_chars): Only issue warnings about tick
characters detected in symbol strings if hex ticks are supported.
2008-09-29 Nick Clifton <>
* dw2gencfi.c (output_cfi_insn): Fix typo in invocation of
tc_cfi_emit_pcrel_expr macro.
2008-09-28 Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* NEWS: Mention .cfi_val_encoded_addr.
2008-09-26 Eric Botcazou <>
* (TARG_ENV_HFILES): Add config/te-solaris.h.
* (TARG_ENV_HFILES): Likewise.
* configure.tgt (Solaris targets): Set em=solaris.
* config/te-solaris.h: New file.
2008-09-26 Jie Zhang <>
* config/bfin-parse.y (asm_1): Fix reduce/reduce conflicts.
2008-09-24 Richard Henderson <>
* dw2gencfi.c (DWARF2_ADDR_SIZE): Provide default.
(struct cfi_insn_data): Add ea member.
(CFI_val_encoded_addr, dot_cfi_val_encoded_addr): New.
(output_cfi_insn): Handle CFI_val_encoded_addr.
(select_cie_for_fde): Don't match CFI_val_encoded_addr.
* doc/as.texinfo (.cfi_val_encoded_addr): Document.
2008-09-25 Alan Modra <>
PR 6913
* listing.c (print_options): Don't call fprintf without format string.
2008-09-19 Alan Modra <>
* write.c (TC_FORCE_RELOCATION_SUB_LOCAL): Heed md_register_arithmetic.
* config/tc-frv.h (TC_FORCE_RELOCATION_SUB_LOCAL): Likewise.
* config/tc-hppa.h (TC_FORCE_RELOCATION_SUB_LOCAL): Likewise.
* config/tc-mn10300.h (TC_VALIDATE_FIX_SUB): Likewise.
* config/tc-sh.h (TC_VALIDATE_FIX_SUB): Likewise.
* config/tc-sh64.h (TC_VALIDATE_FIX_SUB): Likewise.
* config/tc-xtensa.h (TC_VALIDATE_FIX_SUB): Likewise.
* doc/internals.texi (TC_FORCE_RELOCATION_SUB_ABS,
* write.c (md_register_arithmetic): Define.
(fixup_segment): Adjust TC_FORCE_RELOCATION_SUB_ABS invocation.
Modify error message when registers involved.
(TC_FORCE_RELOCATION_SUB_ABS): Heed md_register_arithmetic.
* config/tc-sh.h (TC_FORCE_RELOCATION_SUB_ABS): Likewise.
2008-09-15 Alan Modra <>
* write.c (install_reloc): Correct EMIT_SECTION_SYMBOLS test.
2008-09-15 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-frv.c (md_apply_fix): Use abs_section_sym for
relocs with no symbol.
* config/tc-mmix.c (md_assemble): Mark fake symbol on
BFD_RELOC_MMIX_BASE_PLUS_OFFSET as OK for use by relocs.
(mmix_md_end): Likewise mark mmix reg contents section symbol.
2008-09-14 Chris Smith <>
* config/tc-z80.c: Opcode generation of ld a,(bc) and ld a,(de) was
broken, as the opcode of ld a,(de) was being emitted for both.
2008-09-12 Sterling Augustine <>
* config/tc-xtensa.c (init_op_placement_info_table): Allow number of
operands equal to MAX_INSN_ARGS.
2008-09-11 Jan Kratochvil <>
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2008-09-09 Peter Bergner <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (ppc_setup_opcodes): Simplify POWER4/NOPOWER4 test.
Remove POWER5 and POWER6 tests.
2008-09-08 John David Anglin <>
* config/tc-hppa.c (hppa_regname_to_dw2regnum): Add register name to
number support for 32-bit targets.
2008-09-08 Tristan Gingold <>
* NEWS: Add a marker for the 2.19 features.
2008-09-07 John David Anglin <>
* config/tc-hppa.h (DIFF_EXPR_OK): Define for SOM target. Revise
comment regarding use of difference expressions.
* dw2gencfi.c (CFI_DIFF_EXPR_OK): Define if not defined.
(dot_cfi_personality): Use CFI_DIFF_EXPR_OK instead of DIFF_EXPR_OK.
(dot_cfi_lsda, output_cie, output_fde): Likewise.
* config/tc-hppa.h (CFI_DIFF_EXPR_OK): Define.
2008-09-06 Richard Sandiford <>
* config/tc-mips.h (DWARF2_FDE_RELOC_SIZE): Define.
2008-09-03 Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-i386.c (pe_lcomm_internal): New function. Allows the
alignment field of the .lcomm directive to be optional.
(pe_lcomm): New function. Pass pe_lcomm_internal to
(md_pseudo_table): Implement .lcomm directive for COFF based
* doc/c-i386.texi (i386-Directives): New node. Used to document
the .lcomm directive.
2008-08-30 John David Anglin <>
* config/tc-hppa.h: Don't define DWARF2_EH_FRAME_READ_ONLY on Linux
and NetBSD.
2008-08-29 Eric B. Weddington <>
* config/tc-avr.c (mcu_types): Add atmega16u4.
* doc/c-avr.texi: Likewise.
2008-08-28 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-ia64.c (CR_IIB0): New.
(CR_IIB1): Likewise.
(cr): Add cr.iib0 and cr.iib1.
(specify_resource): Handle IA64_RS_CR_IIB and CR_IIB0/CR_IIB1.
2008-08-28 Jan Beulich <>
* config/tc-i386.c (md_assemble): Force number of displacement
operands to zero when processing string instruction.
(i386_index_check): Special-case string instruction operands. Don't
fudge address prefix if there already was a memory operand. Fix
error message to correctly reflect the addressing mode used.
(i386_att_operand): Fix comment.
(i386_intel_operand): Snapshot, clear, and restore base and index
reg for each operand processed. Increment count of memory operands
2008-08-27 John David Anglin <>
* config/tc-hppa.c (is_SB_relative): New macro.
(fix_new_hppa): Remove $segrel$ marker.
(cons_fix_new_hppa): Set reloc type R_PARISC_SEGREL32 if expression is
segment relative.
* config/tc-hppa.h (tc_frob_symbol): Check for $segrel$.
2008-08-27 Jan Beulich <>
* config/tc-i386.c (check_string): Use register_prefix for error
(process_operands): Likewise.
2008-08-26 Mark Mitchell <>
* c-arm.texi: Add tutorial on ARM unwinding pseudo ops.
2008-08-26 Jie Zhang <>
* config/bfin-parse.y (check_macfunc_option): Fix instruction
mode checking.
(asm_1): Check mode for 16-bit multiply instructions.
2008-08-24 Alan Modra <>
* Update a number of obsolete autoconf macros.
* configure: Regenerate.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
2008-08-22 Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-mcore.c (md_assemble): Increase length of name array
to include terminating NUL.
2008-08-22 Jie Zhang <>
* config/bfin-lex.l (NUMBER): Protect special `.'.
2008-08-22 Alan Modra <>
* symbols.c (symbol_clone): Ensure clones are not external.
2008-08-22 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-hppa.c (md_begin): Set BSF_KEEP for "dummy_symbol".
2008-08-21 Richard Henderson <>
* dw2gencfi.c (DWARF2_FDE_RELOC_SIZE): New.
(output_cie, output_fde): Use it.
(cfi_finish): Use it.
* config/tc-hppa.h (DWARF2_FDE_RELOC_SIZE): Set to 8 for 64-bit.
* config/tc-hppa.c (tc_gen_reloc): Generate pc-relative relocations
from the results of DIFF_EXPR_OK manipulation.
2008-08-21 Sterling Augustine <>
* config/xtensa-istack.h (MAX_INSN_ARGS): Increase to 64.
2008-08-20 Bob Wilson <>
* config/tc-xtensa.c (O_tlsfunc, O_tlsarg, O_tlscall): Define.
(O_tpoff, O_dtpoff): Define.
(suffix_relocs): Add entries for TLS suffixes.
(xtensa_elf_cons): Check for invalid use of TLS relocations.
(map_operator_to_reloc): Add is_literal parameter and use it to
control translating TLS instruction relocations to the corresponding
literal relocations.
(xg_valid_literal_expression): Allow TLS operators.
(xg_build_to_insn): Copy TLS operators from pseudo-instruction
operands to generated literals.
(xg_assemble_literal): Handle TLS operators. Update call to
(md_assemble): Handle CALLXn.TLS pseudo-instruction.
(md_apply_fix): Handle TLS relocations.
(emit_single_op): Handle TLS operators.
(convert_frag_immed): Update call to map_operator_to_reloc.
(vinsn_to_insnbuf): Emit relocations for TLS-related instructions.
* config/xtensa-istack.h (tinsn_struct): Add tls_reloc field.
* config/xtensa-relax.c (append_literal_op): Add src_op parameter
to initialize the op_data field of the BuildOp.
(build_transition): Use it here to record the source operand
corresponding to a generated literal.
* config/xtensa-relax.h (build_op): Comment op_data use for literals.
2008-08-20 H.J. Lu <>
AVX Programming Reference (August, 2008)
* config/tc-i386.c (CPU_FLAGS_AES_MATCH): New.
(cpu_flags_match): Likewise.
2008-08-20 Alan Modra <>
PR 6848
* write.c (install_reloc): Check that reloc symbols have been
(set_symtab): Mark symbols with BSF_KEEP.
2008-08-18 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (i386_align_code): Fix a comment typo.
2008-08-15 Alan Modra <>
PR 6526
* Regenerate.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* doc/ Regenerate.
2008-08-14 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-tic4x.c (tic4x_operands_parse): Make static.
2008-08-13 Ben Elliston <>
* doc/as.texinfo (Align): Document the PowerPC behaviour.
2008-08-13 Alan Modra <>
* as.c, as.h, ecoff.c, hash.c, macro.c, symbols.c, config/obj-evax.c,
config/obj-som.c, config/tc-alpha.c, config/tc-arm.c, config/tc-bfin.c,
config/tc-bfin.h, config/tc-crx.c, config/tc-frv.c, config/tc-frv.h,
config/tc-hppa.h, config/tc-i386.c, config/tc-i860.c, config/tc-i960.h,
config/tc-ia64.c, config/tc-ia64.h, config/tc-m32c.c, config/tc-m32c.h,
config/tc-m68k.c, config/tc-maxq.c, config/tc-s390.c, config/tc-s390.h,
config/tc-sparc.c, config/tc-sparc.h, config/tc-spu.c, config/tc-spu.h,
config/tc-tic4x.c, config/tc-tic4x.h, config/tc-tic54x.c,
config/tc-tic54x.h, config/tc-vax.c, doc/internals.texi: Banish PARAMS
and PTR. Convert to ISO C. Delete unnecessary forward declarations.
2008-08-12 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-arm.c (s_unreq): Adjust hash_delete call.
* config/tc-ia64.c (dot_rot): Likewise.
2008-08-11 Alan Modra <>
PR 6575
* hash.c: Expand PTR to void *.
(hash_delete): Add "freeme" parameter. Call obstack_free.
* hash.h: Expand PTR to void *.
(hash_delete): Update prototype.
* macro.c (macro_expand_body): hash_delete LOCALs from formal_hash.
* config/tc-tic54x.c (tic54x_remove_local_label): Update hash_delete
(subsym_substitute): Likewise.
* doc/internals.texi (hash_delete): Update.
2008-08-08 Anatoly Sokolov <>
* config/tc-avr.c (mcu_types): Add avr25, avr31, avr35, and avr51
architectures. Reorganize list to put mcu types in correct
architectures and to order list same as in GCC. Use new ISA
definitions in include/opcode/avr.h.
* doc/c-avr.texi: Add avr25, avr31, avr35, and avr51 architecture
descriptions. Reorganize descriptions to put mcu types in correct
architectures and to order lists same as in GCC.
2008-08-08 Richard Sandiford <>
Daniel Jacobowitz <>
* config/tc-mips.c (OPTION_CALL_NONPIC): New macro.
(md_longopts): Add -call_nonpic.
(md_parse_option): Handle OPTION_CALL_NONPIC.
(md_show_usage): Add -call_nonpic.
2008-08-08 Sterling Augustine <>
* config/tc-xtensa.c (exclude_section_from_property_tables): New.
(xtensa_create_property_segments): Use it.
(xtensa_create_xproperty_segments): Likewise.
2008-08-08 Alan Modra <>
* doc/internals.texi (DWARF2_FORMAT): Update for 2008-08-04 change.
2008-08-06 Richard Sandiford <>
* config/tc-mips.c (mips16_reloc_p, got16_reloc_p, hi16_reloc_p)
(lo16_reloc_p): New functions.
(reloc_needs_lo_p): Use hi16_reloc_p and got16_reloc_p to
generalize relocation checks.
(matching_lo_reloc): New function.
(fixup_has_matching_lo_p): Use it.
(mips16_mark_labels): Don't clobber a symbol's visibility.
(append_insn): Use hi16_reloc_p and lo16_reloc_p.
(mips16_ip): Handle BFD_RELOC_MIPS16_GOT16 and BFD_RELOC_MIPS16_CALL16.
(md_apply_fix): Likewise.
(mips16_percent_op): Add %got and %call16.
(mips_frob_file): Use got16_reloc_p to generalize relocation checks.
Use matching_lo_reloc.
(mips_force_relocation): Use hi16_reloc_p and lo16_reloc_p to
generalize relocation checks.
(mips_fix_adjustable): Use lo16_reloc_p to generalize relocation
2008-08-06 DJ Delorie <>
* NEWS: Mention these changes.
* config/tc-h8300.h (H_TICK_HEX): Define.
* config/tc-h8300.c (OPTION_H_TICK_HEX): New.
(md_longopts): Add "-h-tick-hex".
(md_parse_option): Support it.
* doc/c-h8300.texi (H8/300 Options): Document it.
* doc/as.texinfo (Overview): Likewise.
* config/tc-sh.h (H_TICK_HEX): Define.
* config/tc-sh.c (OPTION_H_TICK_HEX): New.
(md_longopts): Add "-h-tick-hex".
(md_parse_option): Support it.
* doc/c-sh.texi (SH Options): Document it.
* doc/c-sh64.texi (SH64 Options): Document it.
* doc/as.texinfo (Overview): Likewise.
2008-08-05 Alan Modra <>
PR gas/6656
* dwarf2dbg.c (dwarf2_directive_file): Disable gas generated
debug info if we see compiler generated debug info.
(dwarf2_directive_loc): Likewise. Remove redundant debug_type test.
2008-08-04 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf2dbg.c: Remove superfluous forward function declarations.
(DWARF2_FORMAT): Add section arg.
(out_header): New function, split out from..
(out_debug_aranges): Use out_header.
(out_debug_abbrev): Add info_seg and line_seg args. Use
DW_FORM_data8 (for DW_AT_stmt_list) if line_seg is 64-bit.
(out_debug_info): Use out_header. Output 8 byte DW_AT_stmt_list
if line_seg is 64-bit.
(dwarf2_finish): Adjust out_debug_abbrev call.
* config/tc-mips.h (DWARF2_FORMAT, mips_dwarf2_format): Add sec arg.
* config/tc-mips.c (mips_dwarf2_format): Likewise.
2008-08-04 Alan Modra <>
* ( Set LC_ALL=C.
* Regenerate.
* po/ Regenerate.
2008-08-01 Peter Bergner <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (parse_cpu): Rename altivec_or_spe to retain_flags.
Handle -mvsx and -mpower7.
(md_show_usage): Document -mpower7 and -mvsx.
* doc/as.texinfo (Target PowerPC): Document -mvsx.
* doc/c-ppc.texi (PowerPC-Opts): Document -mvsx and -mpower7.
2008-07-31 Peter Bergner <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (parse_cpu) <power6>: Accept Altivec instructions.
<cell>: Likewise.
2008-07-30 Michael J. Eager <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (parse_cpu): Separate handling of -m403/405.
(md_show_usage): Likewise.
2008-07-30 Alan Modra <>
* messages.c, symbols.c, write.c: Silence gcc warnings.
2008-07-28 Ineiev <>
* config/tc-i386.c (operand_type_check): Warning fix.
2008-07-26 Michael Eager <>
* doc/as.texinfo: Add description of single-precision attribute.
2008-07-24 Jie Zhang <>
* config/bfin-parse.y (asm_1): Error if plain symbol is used
as load/store offset.
2008-07-22 Chao-ying Fu <>
* config/tc-mips.c (mips_ip): Reset s to argsStart.
2008-07-22 Jie Zhang <>
* config/tc-bfin.c (bfin_gen_loop): Remove loop symbol.
2008-07-21 DJ Delorie <>
* config/tc-h8300.c (fix_operand_size): Use the default size
specified by the .lbranch/.sbranch pseudos.
2008-07-18 DJ Delorie <>
* config/tc-m32c.h (H_TICK_HEX): Define.
* config/tc-m32c.c (OPTION_H_TICK_HEX): Define.
(md_longopts): Add support for it.
(md_parse_option): Likewise.
* doc/as.texinfo (Overview): Add new m32c options.
* doc/c-m32c.texi (M32C-Modifiers): Likewise
* as.h: (enable_h_tick_hex): New.
* app.c (enable_h_tick_hex): New.
(LEX_IS_H): New.
(do_scrub_begin): Mark 'H' and 'h' as special if enable_h_tick_hex.
(do_scrub_chars): If enable_h_tick_hex and 'h', check for H'00
style hex constants and convert the input stream to 0x00 style.
(do_scrub_chars): If a 'X style character constant is found after
a symbol character (like you're or X'00), warn the user.
2008-07-10 Richard Sandiford <>
* config/tc-mips.c (mips16_mark_labels): Use ELF_ST_SET_MIPS16.
(mips_fix_adjustable): Likewise.
(mips_frob_file_after_relocs): Likewise.
2008-07-08 Nathan Sidwell <>
* config/tc-m68k.c (m68k_set_cpu, m68k_set_arch): Don't complain
about overriding an earlier setting.
2008-07-07 Adam Nemet <>
* config/tc-mips.c (NO_ISA_COP): New macro.
(COP_INSN): New macro.
(is_opcode_valid): Use them.
(macro) <ld_st>: Use them. Don't accept coprocessor load store
insns based on the ISA if CPU is NO_ISA_COP.
<copz>: Likewise for coprocessor operations.
2008-07-07 Paul Brook <>
* config/tc-arm.c (arm_fix_adjustable): Don't adjust MOVW/MOVT
2008-07-07 Ralf Corsépius <>
* configure.tgt: Add bfin-*-rtems*.
2008-07-04 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-spu.c (md_apply_fix): Handle fully resolved
2008-06-25 Peter Bergner <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (parse_cpu): Handle -m464.
(md_show_usage): Likewise.
2008-06-24 Eric B. Weddington <>
Add support for ATtiny13A.
* config/tc-avr.c (mcu_types): Add attiny13a.
* doc/c-avr.texi: Likewise.
2008-06-24 Bob Wilson <>
Alan Modra <>
* write.c (relax_segment <rs_org>): Include current stretch
value when calculating whether .org is backwards.
2008-06-17 Ralf Wildenhues <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2008-06-17 Nick Clifton <>
* app.c (do_scrub_chars): Do not UNGET an EOF value.
2008-06-16 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
PR gas/6607
* config/tc-mmix.c (s_loc): Assume "negative" addresses belong to
text_section. Do the "stepping backwards" test for text_section
using unsigned operands.
2008-06-13 Peter Bergner <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (ppc_cpu): Use ppc_cpu_t typedef.
(ppc_insert_operand): Likewise.
(ppc_machine): Likewise.
* config/tc-ppc.h: #include "opcode/ppc.h"
(struct _ppc_fix_extra <ppc_cpu>): Use ppc_cpu_t typedef.
(ppc_cpu): Update extern decl.
2008-06-12 Adam Nemet <>
* config/tc-mips.c (validate_mips_insn): Handle field descriptors
+x, +X, +p, +P, +s, +S.
(mips_ip): Likewise.
* config/tc-mips.c (validate_mips_insn): Handle field descriptor +Q.
(mips_ip): Likewise.
(macro_build): Likewise.
(CPU_HAS_SEQ): New macro.
(macro2) <M_SEQ_I, M_SNE_I>: Use it. Emit seq/sne and seqi/snei.
2008-06-09 Eric B. Weddington <>
* config/tc-avr.c (mcu_types): Remove support for ATmega32HVB device.
* doc/c-avr.texi: Likewise.
2008-06-04 Nick Clifton <>
* app.c (do_scrub_chars): Do not UNGET an EOF value.
2008-06-03 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (set_sse_check): New.
(md_pseudo_table): Add "sse_check".
2008-06-03 Paul Brook <>
* config/tc-arm.c (do_t_rbit): Populate both rm fields.
2008-05-30 Nick Clifton <>
PR 5523
* config/tc-avr.c (avr_ldi_expression): Do not warn about unknown
relocs here.
2008-05-29 Maxim Kuvyrkov <>
* config/tc-mips.c (mips_cpu_info_table): Move records for
ST Loongson-2E/2F processors to a better place.
2008-05-23 H.J. Lu <>
PR gas/6518
* config/tc-i386.c (match_template): Report ambiguous operand
size, not invalid suffix when there is no match in Intel
2008-05-22 Paul Brook <>
* config/tc-arm.c (parse_cond): Covert to lowercase before matching.
2008-05-21 I-Jui Sung <>
* config/tc-arm.c (arm_cpus): Add Faraday ARMv4 and ARMv5TE
compatible cores: fa526, fa626, fa626te, fa726te.
* doc/c-arm.texi (ARM Opts): Add -mcpu={fa526, fa626, fa626te,
fa726te} options.
2008-05-14 Alan Modra <>
* Run "make dep-am".
* Regenerate.
* doc/ Regenerate.
* po/ Regenerate.
2008-05-09 Catherine Moore <>
* config/tc-mips.c (mips_frob_file): Don't match MIPS16 relocs
with non-MIPS16 relocs.
2008-05-09 Chao-ying Fu <>
* config/tc-mips.c (md_begin): Use strncmp to compare TARGET_OS, in
case that some characters append at the end of the name.
(mips_ip): Likewise.
(s_change_sec): Likewise.
(md_section_align): Likewise.
2008-05-07 Bob Wilson <>
* config/tc-xtensa.c (xtensa_create_property_segments): Use
xtensa_make_property_section instead of xtensa_get_property_section.
(xtensa_create_xproperty_segments): Likewise.
2008-05-02 H.J. Lu <>
* NEWS: Mention XSAVE, EPT and MOVBE.
* config/tc-i386.c (cpu_arch): Add .movbe and .ept.
(md_show_usage): Add .movbe and .ept.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Add movbe and ept to -march=. Document
.movbe and .ept.
2008-04-29 David S. Miller <>
* config/tc-sparc.c (v9a_asr_table): Fix order of softint entries.
2008-04-28 Adam Nemet <>
* config/tc-mips.c (file_mips_soft_float, file_mips_single_float):
New statics.
(OPTION_ELF_BASE): Make room for new option macros.
OPTION_DOUBLE_FLOAT): New option macros.
(md_longopts): Add msoft-float, mhard-float, msingle-float and
(md_parse_option): Handle OPTION_SINGLE_FLOAT,
(md_show_usage): Add -msoft-float, -mhard-float, -msingle-float
and -mdouble-float.
(struct mips_set_options): New fields soft_float and single_float.
(mips_opts): Initialized them. Add comment for each field
(mips_after_parse_args): Set them based on file_mips_soft_float
and file_mips_single_float.
(s_mipsset): Add support for `.set softfloat', `.set hardfloat',
`.set singlefloat' and `.set doublefloat'.
(is_opcode_valid): New function to invoke OPCODE_IS_MEMBER.
Handle single-float and soft-float instructions here.
(macro_build, mips_ip): Use it instead of OPCODE_IS_MEMBER.
(is_opcode_valid_16): New function.
(mips16_ip): Use it instead of OPCODE_IS_MEMBER.
(macro) <M_LDC1_AB, M_SDC1_AB, M_L_DOB, M_L_DAB, M_S_DAB,
M_S_DOB>: Remove special-casing of r4650.
* doc/c-mips.texi (-march=): Add Octeon.
(MIPS Opts): Document -msoft-float and -mhard-float. Document
-msingle-float and -mdouble-float.
(MIPS floating-point): New section. Document `.set softfloat' and
`.set hardfloat'. Document `.set singlefloat' and `.set
2008-04-25 David S. Miller <>
* config/tc-sparc.c: Accept 'softint_clear' and 'softint_set'
%asr aliases.
* doc/c-sparc.texi: Consistently refer to architecture 'versions',
rather than occaisionally 'levels'. Consistently refer to Sun's
UNIX variant as SunOS, every version of Solaris is also SunOS.
Document new 'softint_clear' and 'softint_set' aliases. Clarify
which architecture versions support '%dcr', '%cq', and '%gl'. Add
section on 32-bit/64-bit opcode translations.
2008-04-23 Mike Frysinger <>
* (OBJ_FORMAT_CFILES): Add config/obj-fdpicelf.c.
(OBJ_FORMAT_HFILES): Add config/obj-fdpicelf.h.
(obj-fdpicelf.o): Define.
* Regenerate.
* configure.tgt: Set bfd_gas to yes when fmt is fdpicelf.
(bfin-*-*): Delete.
(bfin-*-linux-uclibc): New; set fmt to fdpicelf and em to linux.
(bfin-*-uclinux*): New; set fmt to elf and em to linux.
* config/obj-fdpicelf.c: New.
* config/obj-fdpicelf.h: Likewise.
* config/tc-bfin.c (bfin_flags, bfin_pic_flag): Set default based on
the OBJ_FDPIC_ELF define.
(md_longopts): Add mnopic and mno-fdpic.
(md_parse_option): Handle OPTION_NOPIC.
2008-04-23 Paolo Bonzini <>
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2008-04-23 David S. Miller <>
* config/tc-sparc.c (v9a_asr_table): Add missing
'stick' and 'stick_cmpr', and document ordering rules
of table.
(tc_gen_reloc): Accept BFD_RELOC_SPARC_PC22 and
* doc/c-sparc.texi: New section on Sparc constants.
Add documentation for %stick and %stick_cmpr.
2008-04-22 David S. Miller <>
* config/obj-elf.c (obj_elf_section_type): Add prototype
before obj_elf_section_word and add 'warn' arg.
(obj_elf_section_word): Add type pointer arg, and if no #SECTION
is matched, try checking for #SECTION_TYPE.
(obj_elf_section): Adjust for new args.
(obj_elf_type_name): New function.
(obj_elf_type): Call it, and accept STT_foo number strings
in .type statements as output by SunPRO compiler.
2008-04-22 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (md_assemble): Don't check SSE instructions
if noavx is 0.
2008-04-18 David S. Miller <>
* doc/c-sparc.texi: Add syntax section.
2008-04-18 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (build_modrm_byte): Don't check FMA to swap
REG and NDS for instructions with immediate operand.
2008-04-18 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (build_modrm_byte): Swap REG and NDS for
2008-04-16 David S. Miller <>
* config/tc-sparc.c (sparc_ip): Add support for gotdata mnemonics
and relocation generation.
(tc_gen_reloc): Likewise.
2008-04-15 Andrew Stubbs <>
* config/tc-sh.c (md_apply_fix): Make sure BFD_RELOC_SH_PCRELIMM8BY4
relocations are properly aligned, and not negative.
2008-04-15 Khem Raj <>
* doc/tc-arm.texi: Fix fnstart and fnend directive names.
2008-04-14 Edmar Wienskoski <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (parse_cpu): Handle "e500mc". Extend "e500" to
accept e500mc instructions.
(md_show_usage): Document -me500mc.
2008-04-11 Nick Clifton <>
* listing.c (print_timestamp): Use localtime rather than
localtime_r since not all build environments provide the latter.
2008-04-10 H.J. Lu <>
* NEWS: Mention -msse-check=[none|error|warning].
* config/tc-i386.c (sse_check): New.
(md_assemble): Check SSE instructions if needed.
(md_longopts): Add -msse-check.
(md_parse_option): Handle OPTION_MSSE_CHECK.
(md_show_usage): Show -msse-check=[none|error|warning].
* doc/c-i386.texi: Document -msse-check=[none|error|warning].
2008-04-10 Santiago Urueña <>
* listing.c: Add -ag listing flag to show general information in
listings such as gas version, passed options, and time stamp.
(listing_general_info): New function.
(print_options): New function.
(print_single_option): New function.
(print_timestamp): New function.
(MAX_DATELEN): Define.
(listing_print): Add call to listing_general_info.
* listing.h (LISTING_GENERAL): Define.
(listing_print): Add new parameter.
* as.c (show_usage): Print new switch.
(parse_args): Parse new switch.
(main): Pass command line on to listing_print.
* NEWS: Mention this new feature.
* doc/as.texinfo: Document the new sub-option.
2008-04-08 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf2dbg.c (dwarf2_emit_insn): Simplify test before dwarf2_where
call. Delete out of date comment.
(dwarf2_consume_line_info): Always clear dwarf2_loc_directive_seen.
(dwarf2_emit_label): Don't emit unless there has been a previous
.file or we are outputting assembler generated debug.
dwarf2_consume_line_info after emitting line info, not before.
(out_debug_info): Simplify files_in_use test.
2008-04-07 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (parse_real_register): Return AVX register
only if AVX is enabled.
2008-04-07 Kaz Kojima <>
PR gas/6043
* config/tc-sh64.c (shmedia_md_pcrel_from_section): Use
md_pcrel_from_section for BFD_RELOC_64 and BFD_RELOC_64_PCREL.
2008-04-04 Adrian Bunk <>
Bob Wilson <>
* config/tc-xtensa.c (xg_apply_fix_value): Check return code from
call to decode_reloc.
2008-04-04 H.J. Lu <>
* NEWS: Mention XSAVE. Change CLMUL to PCLMUL.
* config/tc-i386.c (cpu_arch): Add .pclmul.
(md_show_usage): Replace clmul with pclmul.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Likewise.
2008-04-03 H.J. Lu <>
* NEWS: Mention AES, CLMUL, AVX/FMA and -msse2avx.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Add avx, aes, clmul and fma to -march=.
Document -msse2avx, .avx, .aes, .clmul and .fma.
* config/tc-i386.c (YMMWORD_MNEM_SUFFIX): New.
(vex_prefix): Likewise.
(sse2avx): Likewise.
(CPU_FLAGS_64BIT_MATCH): Likewise.
(CPU_FLAGS_32BIT_MATCH): Likewise.
(regymm): Likewise.
(vex_imm4): Likewise.
(fits_in_imm4): Likewise.
(build_vex_prefix): Likewise.
(VEX_check_operands): Likewise.
(bad_implicit_operand): Likewise.
(OPTION_MSSE2AVX): Likewise.
(T_YMMWORD): Likewise.
(_i386_insn): Add vex.
(cpu_arch): Add .avx, .aes, .clmul and .fma.
(cpu_flags_match): Changed to take a pointer to const template.
Enable encoding SSE instructions with VEX prefix for -msse2avx.
(match_mem_size): Also check ymmword.
(operand_type_match): Clear ymmword.
(md_begin): Allow '_' in mnemonic.
(type_names): Add OPERAND_TYPE_VEX_IMM4.
(process_immext): Update assert.
(md_assemble): Don't call process_immext if sse2avx and immext
are true. Call build_vex_prefix if vex is true.
(parse_insn): Updated for cpu_flags_match.
(swap_operands): Handle 5 operands.
(match_template): Handle 5 operands. Updated for cpu_flags_match.
Check regymm. Call VEX_check_operands. Handle YMMWORD_MNEM_SUFFIX.
(process_suffix): Handle YMMWORD_MNEM_SUFFIX.
(check_byte_reg): Check regymm.
(process_operands): Duplicate the destination register for
-msse2avx if needed.
(build_modrm_byte): Updated for instructions with VEX encoding.
(output_insn): Output VEX prefix if needed.
(md_longopts): Add msse2avx.
(md_parse_option): Handle OPTION_MSSE2AVX.
(md_show_usage): Add avx, aes, clmul, fma and -msse2avx.
(intel_e09): Support YMMWORD.
(intel_e11): Likewise.
(intel_get_token): Likewise.
2008-03-28 Eric B. Weddington <>
* config/tc-avr.c (mcu_types): Add attiny167.
* doc/c-avr.texi: Likewise.
2008-03-28 Eric B. Weddington <>
* config/tc-avr.c (mcu_types): Add atmega32u4.
* doc/c-avr.texi: Likewise.
2008-03-28 Eric B. Weddington <>
* config/tc-avr.c (mcu_types): Add atmega32c1.
* doc/c-avr.texi: Likewise.
2008-03-28 Paul Brook <>
* config/tc-arm.c (parse_neon_mov): Parse register before immediate
to avoid spurious symbols.
2008-03-28 Nathan Sidwell <>
* config/tc-m68k.c (md_convert_frag_1): Replace as_fatal with
2008-03-27 Eric B. Weddington <>
* config/tc-avr.c (mcu_types): Add atmega32m1.
* doc/c-avr.texi: Likewise.
2008-03-27 Ineiev <>
* config/tc-arm.c (do_neon_cvt): Move variable declarations to
start of block.
(do_neon_ext): Fix sign of comparison.
2008-03-26 Bernd Schmidt <>
From Jie Zhang <>
* config/bfin-parse.y (asm_1): Check AREGS in comparison
instructions. And call yyerror when comparing PREG with
(check_macfunc_option): New.
(check_macfuncs): Check option by calling check_macfunc_option.
Fix comparison always true warnings. Both scalar instructions
of vector instruction must share the same mode option. Only allow
option mode at the end of the second instruction of the vector.
(asm_1): Check option by calling check_macfunc_option.
* config/bfin-parse.y (check_macfunc_option): Allow (IU)
option for multiply and multiply-accumulate to data register
(check_macfuncs): Don't check if accumulator matches the data register
(assign_macfunc): Check if accumulator matches the
data register in each rule that moves to the data
* config/tc-bfin.c (bfin_start_line_hook): Localize the labels
generated for LOOP_BEGIN and LOOP_END instructions.
(bfin_gen_loop): Likewise.
2008-03-19 Andreas Krebbel <>
* config/tc-s390.c (md_parse_option): z10 option added.
2008-03-17 Ralf Wildenhues <>
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* configure: Likewise.
* Likewise.
* doc/ Likewise.
2008-03-17 Adrian Bunk <>
PR 5946
* config/tc-hppa.c (is_same_frag): Delete.
2008-03-14 Sterling Augustine <>
* config/tc-xtensa.h (xtensa_relax_statesE): Update comment for
2008-03-13 Evandro Menezes <>
PR gas/5895
* read.c (s_mexit): Warn if attempting to exit a macro when not
inside a macro definition.
2008-03-13 Alan Modra <>
* Run "make dep-am".
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2008-03-09 Paul Brook <>
* config/tc-arm.c (arm_cpu_option_table): Add cortex-a9.
* doc/c-arm.texi: Add cortex-a9.
2008-03-09 Paul Brook <>
* config/tc-arm.c (fpu_vfp_ext_d32): New vairable.
(parse_vfp_reg_list, encode_arm_vfp_reg): Use it.
(arm_option_cpu_value): Add vfpv3-d16, vfpv2 and vfpv3.
(aeabi_set_public_attributes): Handle Tag_VFP_arch=VFPV3-D16.
* doc/c-arm.texi: Document new ARM FPU variants.
2008-03-07 Paul Brook <>
* config/tc-arm.c (md_apply_fix): Use correct offset range.
2008-03-07 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (ppc_setup_opcodes): Tidy. Add code to test
for strict ordering of powerpc_opcodes, but disable for now.
2008-03-04 Paul Brook <>
* config/tc-arm.c (arm_ext_barrier, arm_ext_msr): New.
(arm_ext_v7m): Rename...
(arm_ext_m): ... to this. Include v6-M.
(do_t_add_sub): Allow narrow low-reg non flag setting adds.
(do_t_mrs, do_t_msr, aeabi_set_public_attributes): Use arm_ext_m.
(md_assemble): Allow wide msr instructions.
(insns): Add classifications for v6-m instructions.
(arm_cpu_option_table): Add cortex-m1.
(arm_arch_option_table): Add armv6-m.
(cpu_arch): Add ARM_ARCH_V6M. Fix numbering of other v6 variants.
2008-03-03 Sterling Augustine <>
Bob Wilson <>
* config/tc-xtensa.c (xtensa_num_pipe_stages): New.
(md_begin): Initialize it.
(resources_conflict): Use it.
2008-03-03 Sterling Augustine <>
* config/tc-xtensa.h (RELAX_XTENSA_NONE): New.
2008-03-03 Denys Vlasenko <>
H.J. Lu <>
PR gas/5543
* read.c (pseudo_set): Don't allow global register symbol.
* symbols.c (S_SET_EXTERNAL): Don't allow register symbol
2008-03-03 H.J. Lu <>
PR gas/5543
* write.c (write_object_file): Don't allow symbols which were
equated to register. Stop if there is an error.
2008-03-01 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-ppc.h (struct _ppc_fix_extra): New.
(ppc_cpu): Declare.
* config/tc-ppc.c (ppu_cpu): Make global.
(ppc_insert_operand): Add ppu_cpu parameter.
(md_assemble): Adjust for above change.
(md_apply_fix): Pass tc_fix_data.ppc_cpu to ppc_insert_operand.
2008-02-22 Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-arm.c (do_bx): Only test EF_ARM_EABI_VERSION on ELF
targeted ARM ports, otherwise just skip generating the reloc.
2008-02-18 H.J. Lu <>
* doc/c-i386.texi: Update -march= and .arch.
2008-02-18 Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-mn10300.c (has_known_symbol_location): New function.
Do not regard weak symbols as having a known location.
(md_estimate_size_before_relax): Use new function.
(md_pcrel_from): Do not compute a pcrel against a weak symbol.
2008-02-18 Jan Beulich <>
* config/tc-i386.c (match_template): Disallow 'l' suffix when
currently selected CPU has no 32-bit support.
(parse_real_register): Do not return registers not available on
currently selected CPU.
2008-02-16 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (process_immext): Fix format.
2008-02-16 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (inoutportreg): New.
(process_immext): New.
(md_assemble): Use it.
(update_imm): Use imm16 and imm32s.
(i386_att_operand): Use inoutportreg.
2008-02-14 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (operand_type_all_zero): New.
(operand_type_set): Likewise.
(operand_type_equal): Likewise.
(cpu_flags_all_zero): Likewise.
(cpu_flags_set): Likewise.
(cpu_flags_equal): Likewise.
(UINTS_ALL_ZERO): Removed.
(UINTS_SET): Likewise.
(UINTS_CLEAR): Likewise.
(UINTS_EQUAL): Likewise.
(cpu_flags_match): Updated.
(smallest_imm_type): Likewise.
(set_cpu_arch): Likewise.
(md_assemble): Likewise.
(optimize_imm): Likewise.
(match_template): Likewise.
(process_suffix): Likewise.
(update_imm): Likewise.
(process_drex): Likewise.
(process_operands): Likewise.
(build_modrm_byte): Likewise.
(i386_immediate): Likewise.
(i386_displacement): Likewise.
(i386_att_operand): Likewise.
(parse_real_register): Likewise.
(md_parse_option): Likewise.
(i386_target_format): Likewise.
2008-02-14 Dimitry Andric <>
PR gas/5712
* config/tc-arm.c (s_arm_unwind_save): Advance the input line
pointer past the comma after parsing a floating point register
2008-02-14 Hakan Ardo <>
PR gas/2626
* config/tc-avr.c (mcu_types): Change the ISA tyoe of the attiny26
to AVR_ISA_2xxe.
(avr_operand): Disallow post-increment addressing in the lpm
instruction for the attiny26.
2008-02-13 Jan Beulich <>
* config/tc-i386.c (parse_real_register): Don't return 'FLAT'
if not in Intel mode.
(i386_intel_operand): Ignore segment overrides in immediate and
offset operands.
(intel_e11): Range-check i.mem_operands before use as array
index. Filter out FLAT for uses other than as segment override.
(intel_get_token): Remove broken promotion of "FLAT:" to mean
"offset FLAT:".
2008-02-13 Jan Beulich <>
* config/tc-i386.c (intel_e09): Also special-case 'bound'.
2008-02-13 Jan Beulich <>
* config/tc-i386.c (allow_pseudo_reg): New.
(parse_real_register): Check for NULL just once. Allow all
register table entries when allow_pseudo_reg is non-zero.
Don't allow any registers without type when allow_pseudo_reg
is zero.
(tc_x86_regname_to_dw2regnum): Replace with ...
(tc_x86_parse_to_dw2regnum): ... this.
(tc_x86_frame_initial_instructions): Adjust for above change.
* config/tc-i386.h (tc_regname_to_dw2regnum): Remove.
(tc_parse_to_dw2regnum): New.
(tc_x86_regname_to_dw2regnum): Replace with ...
(tc_x86_parse_to_dw2regnum): ... this.
* dw2gencfi.c (tc_parse_to_dw2regnum): New, broken out of ...
(cfi_parse_reg): ... this. Use tc_parse_to_dw2regnum. Adjust
error handling.
2008-02-12 Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-tic4x.c (tic4x_insn_insert): Add const qualifier to
(tic4x_insn_add): Likewise.
(md_begin): Drop cast that was discarding a const qualifier.
* config/tc-d30v.c (get_reloc): Add const qualifier to op
(build_insn): Drop cast that was discarding a const qualifier.
2008-02-11 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (cpu_arch): Add .xsave.
(md_show_usage): Add .xsave.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Add xsave to -march=.
2008-02-07 Alan Modra <>
* read.c (s_weakref): Don't pass unadorned NULL to concat.
* config/tc-i386.c (set_cpu_arch, md_parse_option): Likewise.
2008-02-05 Sterling Augustine <>
* config/tc-xtensa.c (relax_frag_immed): Change internal consistency
checks into assertions. When relaxation produces an operation that
does not fit in the current FLIX instruction, make sure that the
operation is relaxed as needed to account for being placed following
the current instruction.
2008-02-04 H.J. Lu <>
PR 5715
* configure: Regenerated.
2008-02-04 Adam Nemet <>
* config/tc-mips.c (mips_cpu_info_table): Add Octeon.
2008-01-31 Marc Gauthier <>
* configure.tgt (xtensa*-*-*): Recognize processor variants.
2008-01-25 Kai Tietz <>
* read.c: (emit_expr): Correct for mingw use of printf size
2008-01-24 Bob Wilson <>
* doc/c-xtensa.texi (Xtensa Syntax): Clarify handling of opcodes that
can only be encoded in FLIX instructions but are not specified as such.
(Xtensa Automatic Alignment): Remove obsolete comment about debugging
2008-01-24 H.J. Lu <>
* NEWS: Mention new command line options for x86 targets.
2008-01-23 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (md_show_usage): Replace tabs with spaces.
2008-01-23 Eric B. Weddington <>
* config/tc-avr.c (mcu_types): Change opcode set for at86rf401.
2008-01-23 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (md_show_usage): Show more processors for
2008-01-22 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (i386_target_format): Remove cpummx2.
2008-01-22 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (XXX_PREFIX): Moved from tc-i386.h.
(XXX_MNEM_SUFFIX): Likewise.
(END_OF_INSN): Likewise.
(templates): Likewise.
(modrm_byte): Likewise.
(rex_byte): Likewise.
(DREX_XXX): Likewise.
(drex_byte): Likewise.
(sib_byte): Likewise.
(processor_type): Likewise.
(arch_entry): Likewise.
(cpu_sub_arch_name): Remove const.
(cpu_arch): Add .vmx and .smx.
(set_cpu_arch): Append cpu_sub_arch_name.
(md_parse_option): Support -march=CPU[,+EXTENSION...].
(md_show_usage): Updated.
* config/tc-i386.h (XXX_PREFIX): Moved to tc-i386.c.
(XXX_MNEM_SUFFIX): Likewise.
(END_OF_INSN): Likewise.
(templates): Likewise.
(modrm_byte): Likewise.
(rex_byte): Likewise.
(DREX_XXX): Likewise.
(drex_byte): Likewise.
(sib_byte): Likewise.
(processor_type): Likewise.
(arch_entry): Likewise.
* doc/as.texinfo: Update i386 -march option.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Update -march= for ISA.
2008-01-18 Bob Wilson <>
* config/tc-xtensa.c (xtensa_leb128): New function.
(md_pseudo_table): Use it for sleb128 and uleb128.
(is_leb128_expr): New internal flag.
(xtensa_symbol_new_hook): Check new flag.
2008-01-16 Eric B. Weddington <>
* config/tc-avr.c (mcu_types): Change opcode set for avr3,
at90usb82, at90usb162.
* doc/c-avr.texi: Change architecture grouping for at90usb82,
These changes support the new avr35 architecture group in gcc.
2008-01-15 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (md_assemble): Also zap movzx and movsx
suffix for AT&T syntax.
2008-01-14 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (match_reg_size): New.
(match_mem_size): Likewise.
(operand_size_match): Likewise.
(operand_type_match): Also clear all size fields.
(match_template): Skip Intel syntax when in AT&T syntax.
Call operand_size_match to check operand size.
(i386_att_operand): Set the mem field to 1 for memory
(i386_intel_operand): Likewise.
2008-01-12 H.J. Lu <>
PR gas/5534
* config/tc-i386.c (_i386_insn): Update comment.
(operand_type_match): Also clear unspecified.
(operand_type_register_match): Likewise.
(parse_operands): Initialize unspecified.
(i386_intel_operand): Likewise.
(match_template): Check memory and accumulator operand size.
(i386_att_operand): Clear unspecified on register operand.
(intel_e11): Likewise.
(intel_e09): Set operand size and clean unspecified for
2008-01-11 Andreas Schwab <>
* read.c (s_space): Declare `repeat' as offsetT.
2008-01-10 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (match_template): Check processor support
2008-01-10 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (match_template): Continue if processor
doesn't match.
2008-01-09 Alexandre Oliva <>
* config/tc-ia64.c (ia64_convert_frag): Zero-initialize room for
unwind personality function address.
2008-01-09 Bob Wilson <>
* dwarf2dbg.c (out_sleb128): Delete.
(size_fixed_inc_line_addr, emit_fixed_inc_line_addr): New.
(out_fixed_inc_line_addr): Delete.
(relax_inc_line_addr, dwarf2dbg_estimate_size_before_relax): Call new
size_fixed_inc_line_addr if DWARF2_USE_FIXED_ADVANCE_PC is set.
(dwarf2dbg_convert_frag): Likewise for emit_fixed_inc_line_addr.
(process_entries): Remove calls to out_fixed_inc_line_addr. When
DWARF2_USE_FIXED_ADVANCE_PC is set, call relax_inc_line_addr.
* read.h (emit_expr_fix): New prototype.
* read.c (emit_expr): Move code to emit_expr_fix and use it here.
(emit_expr_fix): New.
2008-01-09 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (match_template): Check register size
only when size of operands can be encoded the canonical way.
2008-01-08 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (i386_operand): Renamed to ...
(i386_att_operand): This.
(parse_operands): Updated.
2008-01-05 H.J. Lu <>
* doc/c-i386.texi: Update .att_mnemonic and .intel_mnemonic.
* config/tc-i386.c (set_intel_mnemonic): Set intel_mnemonic
(md_assemble): Remove Intel mode workaround.
(match_template): Check support for old gcc, AT&T mnemonic
and Intel Syntax.
(md_parse_option): Don't set intel_mnemonic to 0 for
2008-01-04 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.h: Update copyright to 2008.
2008-01-04 Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (parse_cpu): Preserve the settings of the
2008-01-03 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (md_assemble): Use !intel_mnemonic instead
2008-01-03 H.J. Lu <>
* gas/config/tc-i386.c (cpu_arch_flags_not): Removed.
(cpu_flags_not): Likewise.
(cpu_flags_match): Updated to check 64bit and arch.
(set_code_flag): Remove cpu_arch_flags_not.
(set_16bit_gcc_code_flag): Likewise.
(set_cpu_arch): Likewise.
(md_begin): Likewise.
(parse_insn): Call cpu_flags_match to check 64bit and arch.
(match_template): Likewise.
2008-01-03 Jakub Jelinek <>
* config/tc-i386.c (process_drex): Initialize modrm_reg and
modrm_regmem to 0 instead of None.
2008-01-03 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (match_template): Use the xmmword field
instead of no_xsuf.
2008-01-02 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (process_suffix): Fix a typo.
2008-01-02 H.J. Lu <>
PR gas/5534
* config/tc-i386.c (match_template): Handle XMMWORD_MNEM_SUFFIX.
Check memory size in Intel mode.
(process_suffix): Handle XMMWORD_MNEM_SUFFIX.
(intel_e09): Likewise.
* config/tc-i386.h (XMMWORD_MNEM_SUFFIX): New.
2008-01-02 Catherine Moore <>
* config/tc-mips.c (mips_ip): Check operands on jalr instruction.
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