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2014-12-27 Anthony Green <
* config/tc-moxie.c (md_assemble): ldo/sto instructions now use a
16 bit offset instead of 32.
2014-12-25 Yaakov Selkowitz <>
PR gas/17753
* config/tc-mep.c (md_begin): Specify types of vararg literals.
2014-12-24 Andrew Burgess <>
* doc/c-avr.texi: Document -mlink-relax and -mno-link-relax.
2014-12-24 Andrew Burgess <>
* config/tc-avr.c (struct avr_opt_s): Change link_relax to
no_link_relax, extend comment.
(enum options): Add new OPTION_NO_LINK_RELAX.
(md_longopts): Add entry for -mno-link-relax.
(md_parse_option): Handle OPTION_NO_LINK_RELAX, and update
(md_begin): Initialise linkrelax from no_link_relax.
(md_show_usage): Include -mno-link-relax option.
(relaxable_section): Only allocatable code sections can be
2014-12-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* config/tc-avr.c: Add include for elf/avr.h.
(avr_elf_final_processing): New function.
* config/tc-avr.h (elf_tc_final_processing): Define.
(avr_elf_final_processing): Declare
2014-12-18 Xingxing Pan <>
* gas/config/tc-arm.c (arm_cpus): Add core marvell-whitney.
2014-12-23 Nick Clifton <>
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
* po/uk.po: Updated Ukrainian translation.
2014-12-19 Matthew Fortune <>
* config/tc-mips.c (md_apply_fix): Apply alignment check
to the symbol and offset rather than *valP for
BFD_RELOC_MIPS_18_PCREL_S3. Also update the error message
2014-12-14 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (flag_compress_debug): Default to compress
debug sections for Linux.
* NEWS: Mention it.
2014-12-12 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-ppc.h (md_reg_eh_frame_to_debug_frame): Match current
gcc behaviour.
* config/te-aix.h: New file.
* configure.tgt: Use em=aix for powerpc-aix.
2014-12-09 Chen Gang <>
* config/tc-tic4x.c (md_assemble): Ensure insn->name is zero
terminated. Simplify concatenation of parallel insn.
2014-12-06 Eric Botcazou <>
* configure.tgt: Add Visium support.
* (TARGET_CPU_CFILES): Move config/tc-vax.c around
and add config/tc-visium.c.
(TARGET_CPU_HFILES): Move config/tc-vax.h around and add
* Regenerate.
* config/tc-visium.c: New file.
* config/tc-visium.h: Likewise.
* po/ Regenerate.
2014-11-28 Sandra Loosemore <>
* config/tc-nios2.c (can_evaluate_expr, get_expr_value): Delete.
(output_addi, output_andi, output_ori, output_xori): Delete.
(md_assemble): Remove calls to deleted functions.
2014-11-25 Max Filippov <>
* config/tc-xtensa.c (search_trampolines): Move post-loop
condition check outside the search loop.
2014-11-24 H.J. Lu <>
* configure: Regenerated.
2014-11-21 Terry Guo <>
* config/tc-arm.c (md_assemble): Do not consider relaxation.
(md_convert_frag): Test and set target arch attribute accordingly.
(aeabi_set_attribute_string): Turn it into a global function.
* config/tc-arm.h (md_post_relax_hook): Enable it for ARM target.
(aeabi_set_public_attributes): Declare it.
2014-11-21 Terry Guo <>
* config/tc-arm.c (fpu_vfp_ext_armv8xd): New.
(arm_cpus): Support cortex-m7.
(arm_fpus): Support fpv5-sp-d16 and fpv5-d16.
(do_vfp_nsyn_cvt_fpv8): Generate error when use D register for S
register only target like FPv5-SP-D16.
(do_neon_cvttb_1): Likewise.
(do_vfp_nsyn_fpv8): Likewise.
(do_vrint_1): Likewise.
(aeabi_set_public_attributes): Set proper FP arch for FPv5.
* doc/c-arm.texi: Document new cpu and fpu names for cortex-m7.
2014-11-20 Richard Earnshaw <>
* config/tc-arm.c (rotate_left): Avoid undefined behaviour when
N = 0.
2014-11-20 Richard Earnshaw <>
* config/tc-aarch64.c (warn_unpredictable_ldst): Check that transfer
registers are in the GP register set. Adjust warnings. Use correct
field member for address register.
* testsuite/gas/aarch64/diagnostic.l: Update.
2014-11-19 Ryan Mansfield <>
* config/tc-aarch64.c (md_assemble): Call warn_unpredictable_ldst.
(warn_unpredictable_ldst): New.
2014-11-18 Igor Zamyatin <>
* config/tc-i386-intel.c (i386_operator): Remove last argument
from lex_got call.
* config/tc-i386.c (reloc): Remove bnd_prefix from parameters'
list. Return always BFD_RELOC_32_PCREL.
* (output_branch): Remove condition for BFD_RELOC_X86_64_PC32_BND.
* (output_jump): Update call to reloc accordingly.
* (output_interseg_jump): Likewise.
* (output_disp): Likewise.
* (output_imm): Likewise.
* (x86_cons_fix_new): Likewise.
* (lex_got): Remove bnd_prefix from parameters' list in macro and
declarations. Don't use BFD_RELOC_X86_64_PLT32_BND.
* (x86_cons): Update call to lex_got accordingly.
* (i386_immediate): Likewise.
* (i386_displacement): Likewise.
* (md_apply_fix): Don't use BFD_RELOC_X86_64_PLT32_BND nor
* (tc_gen_reloc): Likewise.
2014-11-18 Jan Beulich <>
* config/tc-aarch64.c (s_aarch64_arch_extension): New.
(md_pseudo_table): Add arch_extension.
(aarch64_parse_features): New parameter "ext_only". Handle it.
(aarch64_parse_cpu, aarch64_parse_arch, s_aarch64_cpu,
s_aarch64_arch): Pass FALSE as new third argument of
2014-11-17 Philipp Tomsich <>
* config/tc-aarch64.c (aarch64_cpus): Add "xgene2".
* doc/c-aarch64.texi: Document it.
2014-11-17 Philipp Tomsich <>
* config/tc-aarch64.c (aarch64_cpus): Add "xgene1".
* doc/c-aarch64.texi: Rename xgene-1 to xgene1.
2014-11-17 Ilya Tocar <>
* config/tc-i386.c (cpu_arch): Add .avx512vbmi.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Document it.
2014-11-17 Ilya Tocar <>
* config/tc-i386.c (cpu_arch): Add .avx512ifma.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Document it.
2014-11-17 Ilya Tocar <>
* config/tc-i386.c (cpu_arch): Add .pcommit.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Document it.
2014-11-17 Ilya Tocar <>
* config/tc-i386.c (cpu_arch): Add .clwb.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Document it.
2014-11-14 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (cpu_arch): Re-arrange avx512* and xsave*
* doc/c-i386.texi: Re-arrange avx512* and xsave*. Add
clflushopt and se1. Remove duplicated entries.
2014-11-13 Marcus Shawcroft <>
* config/tc-aarch64.c (aarch64_cpus): Add CRC feature for
cortex-A53 and cortex-A57.
2014-11-13 H.J. Lu <>
PR gas/17598
* config/tc-i386.c (reloc): Support BFD_RELOC_X86_64_GOTPLT64.
2014-11-13 Nick Clifton <>
PR binutils/17512
* config/obj-coff.c (coff_obj_symbol_new_hook): Set the is_sym
2014-11-13 Marcus Shawcroft <>
* config/tc-aarch64.c (aarch64_cpus): Remove example-1 and example-2.
2014-11-12 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-z80.c (parse_exp_not_indexed, parse_exp): Warning fixes.
2014-11-12 Alan Modra <>
PR ld/17482
* config/tc-i386.c (output_insn): Don't test x86_elf_abi when
not ELF.
2014-11-11 Nick Clifton <>
* po/uk.po: Updated Ukranian translation.
2014-11-07 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/17482
* config/tc-i386.c (output_insn): Add a dummy REX_OPCODE prefix
for instructions with R_X86_64_GOTTPOFF relocation for x32 if
2014-11-06 Sandra Loosemore <>
* config/tc-nios2.c (nios2_diagnose_overflow): Adjust call to
2014-11-05 Matthew Fortune <>
* config/tc-mips.c (mips_elf_final_processing): Add INSN_ISA32R6
and INSN_ISA64R6 support.
2014-11-04 Alan Modra <>
* expr.c (expr_symbol_where): Don't use register keyword.
* app.c (app_push, app_pop, do_scrub_chars): Likewise.
* ecoff.c (add_string, add_ecoff_symbol, add_aux_sym_symint,
add_aux_sym_rndx, add_aux_sym_tir, add_procedure, add_file,
ecoff_build_lineno, ecoff_setup_ext, allocate_cluster.
allocate_scope, allocate_vlinks, allocate_shash,
allocate_thash, allocate_tag, allocate_forward, allocate_thead,
allocate_lineno_list): Likewise.
* frags.c (frag_more, frag_var, frag_variant, frag_wane): Likewise.
* input-file.c (input_file_push, input_file_pop): Likewise.
* input-scrub.c (input_scrub_push, input_scrub_next_buffer): Likewise.
* subsegs.c (subseg_change): Likewise.
* symbols.c (colon, symbol_table_insert, symbol_find_or_make)
(dollar_label_name, fb_label_name): Likewise.
* write.c (relax_align): Likewise.
* config/tc-alpha.c (s_alpha_pdesc): Likewise.
* config/tc-bfin.c (bfin_s_bss): Likewise.
* config/tc-i860.c (md_estimate_size_before_relax): Likewise.
* config/tc-m68hc11.c (md_convert_frag): Likewise.
* config/tc-m68k.c (m68k_ip, crack_operand): Likewise.
(md_convert_frag_1, s_even): Likewise.
* config/tc-mips.c (mips_clear_insn_labels): Likewise.
* config/tc-mn10200.c (md_begin): Likewise.
* config/tc-s390.c (s390_setup_opcodes, md_begin): Likewise.
* config/tc-sh.c (sh_elf_cons): Likewise.
* config/tc-tic4x.c (tic4x_cons, tic4x_stringer): Likewise.
* config/m68k-parse.y (m68k_reg_parse): Likewise. Convert from K&R.
(yylex, m68k_ip_op, yyerror): Convert from K&R.
2014-11-04 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-d10v.c (find_opcode): Call frag_now_fix_octets rather
than equivalent obstack_next_free expression.
* config/tc-d30v.c (find_format): Likewise.
2014-11-03 Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-msp430.c (msp430_srcoperand): Fix range test for
20-bit values.
2014-10-31 Andrew Pinski <>
Naveen H.S <>
* config/tc-mips.c (CPU_IS_OCTEON): Handle CPU_OCTEON3.
(mips_cpu_info_table): Octeon3 enables virt ase.
* doc/c-mips.texi: Document octeon3 as an acceptable value for
2014-10-30 Dr Philipp Tomsich <>
* config/tc-aarch64.h (MAX_MEM_FOR_RS_ALIGN_CODE): Define to 7.
* config/tc-aarch64.c (aarch64_handle_align): Rewrite to handle
large alignments with a constant fragment size of
2014-10-29 Nick Clifton <>
* po/uk.po: New Ukranian translation.
2014-10-23 Sandra Loosemore <>
* config/tc-nios2.c (nios2_insn_infoS): Add constant_bits field.
(nios2_arg_infoS, nios2_arg_hash, nios2_arg_lookup): Delete.
(nios2_control_register_arg_p): Delete.
(nios2_coproc_reg): Delete.
(nios2_relax_frag): Remove hard-coded instruction size.
(md_convert_frag): Use new insn accessor macros.
(nios2_diagnose_overflow): Remove hard-coded instruction size.
(md_apply_fix): Likewise.
(bad_opcode): New.
(nios2_parse_reg): New.
(nios2_assemble_expression): Remove prev_reloc parameter. Adjust
uses and callers.
(nios2_assemble_arg_c): New.
(nios2_assemble_arg_d): New.
(nios2_assemble_arg_s): New.
(nios2_assemble_arg_t): New.
(nios2_assemble_arg_i): New.
(nios2_assemble_arg_u): New.
(nios2_assemble_arg_o): New.
(nios2_assemble_arg_j): New.
(nios2_assemble_arg_l): New.
(nios2_assemble_arg_m): New.
(nios2_assemble_args): New.
(nios2_assemble_args_dst): Delete.
(nios2_assemble_args_tsi): Delete.
(nios2_assemble_args_tsu): Delete.
(nios2_assemble_args_sto): Delete.
(nios2_assemble_args_o): Delete.
(nios2_assemble_args_is): Delete.
(nios2_assemble_args_m): Delete.
(nios2_assemble_args_s): Delete.
(nios2_assemble_args_tis): Delete.
(nios2_assemble_args_dc): Delete.
(nios2_assemble_args_cs): Delete.
(nios2_assemble_args_ds): Delete.
(nios2_assemble_args_ldst): Delete.
(nios2_assemble_args_none): Delete.
(nios2_assemble_args_dsj): Delete.
(nios2_assemble_args_d): Delete.
(nios2_assemble_args_b): Delete.
(nios2_arg_info_structs): Delete.
(NIOS2_NUM_ARGS): Delete.
(nios2_consume_arg): Remove insn parameter. Use new macros.
Don't check register arguments here. Remove 'b' case.
(nios2_consume_separator): Move check for missing separators to...
(nios2_parse_args): Remove special case for optional
(output_insn): Avoid using hard-coded insn size.
(output_ubranch): Likewise.
(output_cbranch): Likewise.
(output_call): Use new macros.
(output_addi): Likewise.
(output_ori): Likewise.
(output_xori): Likewise.
(output_movia): Likewise.
(md_begin): Remove nios2_arg_info_structs initialization.
(md_assemble): Initialize constant_bits field. Use
nios2_parse_args instead of looking up parse function in hash table.
2014-10-22 Matthew Fortune <>
* doc/as.texinfo: Update the MIPS FP ABI descriptions.
* doc/c-mips.texi: Spell check and correct throughout.
2014-10-21 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* config/tc-mips.c (s_insn): Set file options.
2014-10-21 Andrew Pinski <>
* config/tc-aarch64.c (aarch64_cpus):
Add thunderx.
* doc/c-aarch64.texi: Document that thunderx
is a valid processor name.
2014-10-21 Jan Beulich <>
* read.c (HANDLE_CONDITIONAL_ASSEMBLY): New parameter "num_read".
(read_a_source_file): Adjust HANDLE_CONDITIONAL_ASSEMBLY
(_find_end_of_line): Don't issue "stray '\\'" warning when in
false branch of conditional.
2014-10-21 Jan Beulich <>
* config/tc-aarch64.c (output_operand_error_record): Move down
assertion of idx being non-negative. Use local variables when
2014-10-18 Alan Modra <>
PR 17493
* write.c (adjust_reloc_syms): Don't allow symbols in reg_section
to be reduced to reg_section section symbol.
* gas/config/tc-i386.c (i386_finalize_immediate): Reject all
reg_section immediates.
2014-10-17 Matthew Fortune <>
* doc/c-mips.texi: Fix bad @value references.
2014-10-15 Tristan Gingold <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2014-10-15 Chen Gang <>
* config/tc-tic4x.c (md_assemble): Correct strncat size.
2014-10-14 Tristan Gingold <>
* NEWS: Add marker for 2.25.
2014-10-14 Alan Modra <>
PR 17453
* config/tc-i386.c (fits_in_signed_long): Use unsigned param and
expression to avoid signed overflow.
(fits_in_signed_byte, fits_in_unsigned_byte, fits_in_unsigned_word,
fits_in_signed_word, fits_in_unsigned_long): Similarly.
* expr.c (operand <'-'>): Avoid signed overflow.
* read.c (s_comm_internal): Likewise.
2014-10-14 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-sparc.c (sparc_md_end): Fix unused variable warnings.
2014-10-09 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* config/tc-sparc.c (v9a_asr_table): Entry for %cps removed.
(sparc_arch_table): Remove the HWCAP_RANDOM, HWCAP_TRANS and
HWCAP_ASI_CACHE_SPARING from the architectures using them.
(HWS_V8): New define.
(HWS_V9): Likewise.
(HWS_VA): Likewise.
(HWS_VB): Likewise.
(HWS_VC): Likewise.
(HWS_VD): Likewise.
(HWS_VE): Likewise.
(HWS_VV): Likewise.
(sparc_arch): Use the HWS_* macros. Fix the `sparc4' architecture
to cover the HWCAP_ASI_BLK_INIT and HWCAP_IMA capabilities.
(hwcap_seen): Variable widened to 64 bits.
(hwcap_allowed): Likewise.
(sparc_arch): new field `hwcap2_allowed'.
(sparc_arch_table): provide hwcap2_allowed values for existing
(sparc_md_end): Add a HWCAPS2 object attribute to the elf object
in case any of the HWCAP2_* caps are used.
(sparc_ip): Take into account the new hwcaps2 bitmap to build the
list of seen/allowed hwcaps.
(get_hwcap_name): Argument widened to 64 bits to handle HWCAP2
(HWS_VM): New define.
(HWS2_VM): Likewise.
(sparc_arch): New architectures `sparc5', `v9m' and `v8plusm'.
(v9a_asr_table): Add the %mwait (%asr28) ancillary state register
to the table.
(sparc_ip): Handle the %mcdper ancillary state register as an
(sparc_ip): Handle } arguments as fdrd floating point registers
(double) that are the same than frs1.
* doc/c-sparc.texi (Sparc-Opts): Document the -Av9e, -Av8pluse and
-xarch=v9e command line options. Also fix the description of the
-Av9v and -Av8plusv command line options.
Document the -Av9m, -Av8plusm,-Asparc5, -xarch=v9m and
-xarch=sparc5 command line options.
2014-09-29 Terry Guo <>
* as.c (create_obj_attrs_section): Move it and call it from ...
* write.c (create_obj_attrs_section): ... here.
(subsegs_finish_section): Refactored.
2014-09-27 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf2dbg.c (all_segs_hash): Delete.
(get_line_subseg): Delete last_seg, last_subseg, last_line_subseg.
Retrieve line_seg for section via seg_info.
* subsegs.h (segment_info_typet): Add dwarf2_line_seg.
2014-09-23 H.J. Lu <>
PR gas/17421
* config/tc-i386.c (md_assemble): Disallow VEX/EVEX encoded
instructions in 16-bit mode.
2014-09-22 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-m68k.c (md_assemble): Add assert to work around
bogus trunk gcc warning.
* config/tc-pj.h (md_convert_frag): Warning fix.
* config/tc-xtensa.c (xg_assemble_vliw_tokens): Warning fix.
2014-09-17 Tristan Gingold <>
* config/tc-arm.c (move_or_literal_pool, add_to_lit_pool): Use
bfd_int64_t instead of int64_t.
2014-09-16 Ilya Tocar <>
* config/tc-i386.c (evexrcig): New.
(build_evex_prefix): Force rounding bits.
(md_longopts): Add mevexrcig.
(md_parse_option): Handle OPTION_MEVEXRCIG.
(md_show_usage): Document mevexrcig.
* doc/c-i386.texi (mevexrcig): Document new option.
2014-09-16 Kuan-Lin Chen <>
* config/tc-nds32.c (nds32_fsrs, nds32_fdrs, nds32_gprs): Remove.
(relax_table): Add new relaxation pattern.
(do_pseudo_la_internal, do_pseudo_ls_bhw): Expand for PIC suffix.
(do_pseudo_move, do_pseudo_neg, do_pseudo_pushpopm): Fix.
(get_range_type, nds32_elf_record_fixup_exp, nds32_get_align,
nds32_elf_build_relax_relation, md_assemble, invalid_prev_frag,
nds32_relax_frag, md_estimate_size_before_relax): Adjust relaxation.
(relocation_table): Remove.
(relax_ls_table): Load-store relaxation pattern.
(hint_map): Define-use chain pattern.
(nds32_find_reloc_table, nds32_match_hint_insn): Analysis
relaxation pattern.
(nds32_parse_name): Parse PIC suffix.
* config/tc-nds32.h: Declare.
2014-09-15 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (OPTION_omit_lock_prefix): Renamed to ...
(md_longopts): Updated.
(md_parse_option): Likewise.
2014-09-15 Andrew Bennett <>
Matthew Fortune <>
* config/tc-mips.c (mips_nan2008): New static global.
(mips_flag_nan2008): Removed.
(LL_SC_FMT): New define.
(COP12_FMT): Updated.
(ISA_IS_R6): New define.
(ISA_HAS_64BIT_REGS): Add mips64r6.
(ISA_HAS_DROR): Likewise.
(ISA_HAS_64BIT_FPRS): Add mips32r6 and mips64r6.
(ISA_HAS_ROR): Likewise.
(ISA_HAS_MXHC1): Likewise.
(hilo_interlocks): Likewise.
(md_longopts): Likewise.
(ISA_HAS_LEGACY_NAN): New define.
(options): Add OPTION_MIPS32R6 and OPTION_MIPS64R6.
(mips_ase): Add field rem_rev.
(mips_ases): Updated to add which ISA an ASE was removed in.
(mips_isa_rev): Add support for mips32r6 and mips64r6.
(mips_check_isa_supports_ase): Add support to check if an ASE
has been removed in the specified MIPS ISA revision.
(validate_mips_insn): Skip '-' character.
(macro_build): Likewise.
(mips_check_options): Prevent R6 working with fp32, mips16,
micromips, or branch relaxation.
(file_mips_check_options): Set R6 floating point registers to
64 bit. Also deal with the nan2008 option.
(limited_pcrel_reloc_p): Add relocs: BFD_RELOC_MIPS_21_PCREL_S2,
(operand_reg_mask): Add support for OP_SAME_RS_RT, OP_CHECK_PREV
(match_check_prev_operand): New static function.
(match_same_rs_rt_operand): New static function.
(match_non_zero_reg_operand): New static function.
(match_operand): Added entries for: OP_SAME_RS_RT, OP_CHECK_PREV
(insns_between): Added case to deal with forbidden slots.
(append_insn): Added support for relocs: BFD_RELOC_MIPS_21_PCREL_S2
(match_insn): Add support for operands -A, -B, +' and +". Also
skip '-' character.
(mips_percent_op): Add entries for %pcrel_hi and %pcrel_lo.
(md_parse_option): Add support for mips32r6 and mips64r6. Also
update the nan option handling.
(md_pcrel_from): Add cases for relocs: BFD_RELOC_MIPS_21_PCREL_S2,
(mips_force_relocation): Prevent forced relaxation for MIPS r6.
(md_apply_fix): Add support for relocs: BFD_RELOC_MIPS_21_PCREL_S2,
(s_mipsset): Add support for mips32r6 and mips64r6.
(s_nan): Update to support the new nan2008 framework.
(tc_gen_reloc): Add relocs: BFD_RELOC_MIPS_21_PCREL_S2,
(mips_elf_final_processing): Updated to use the mips_nan2008.
(mips_cpu_info_table): Add entries for mips32r6 and mips64r6.
(macro): Enable ldc2, sdc2, ll, lld, swc2, sc, scd, cache, pref
macros for R6.
(mips_fix_adjustable): Make PC relative R6 relocations relative
to the symbol and not the section.
* Add support for mips32r6 and mips64r6.
* configure: Regenerate.
* doc/c-mips.texi: Document the -mips32r6 and -mips64r6 command line
* doc/as.texinfo: Likewise.
2014-09-15 Matthew Fortune <>
* tc-mips.c (check_fpabi): Move softfloat and singlefloat
checks higher.
2014-09-12 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* config/tc-sparc.c (sparc_ip): Update the set of allowed hwcaps
when bumping the current architecture.
(md_begin): Adjust the highetst architecture level also when a
specific architecture is not requested.
2014-09-12 Andrew Bennett <>
* configure.tgt: Add mips*-img-elf* target triple.
2014-09-12 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-i386.c (match_template): Remove redundant "!!" testing
single-bit bitfields.
(build_modrm_byte): Don't compare single-bit bitfields to "1".
2014-09-09 Kyrylo Tkachov <>
* config/tc-arm.c (arm_cpus): Add cortex-a17.
2014-09-03 Jiong Wang <>
* config/tc-aarch64.c (parse_sys_reg): Remove the restriction on op0
2014-09-03 Jiong Wang <>
* config/tc-aarch64.c (parse_operands): Recognize PAIRREG.
(aarch64_features): Add entry for lse extension.
2014-08-26 Jiong Wang <>
* config/tc-arm.c (aeabi_set_public_attributes): Update selected_cpu
based on the info we got during parsing.
(arm_handle_align): Make sure the p2align expanding logic under thumb
2014-08-26 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* config/tc-mips.c (macro) <M_SAA_AB>: Remove duplicate code and
jump to...
<M_SAAD_AB>: ... here. Assert that !microMIPS.
2014-08-26 Jan-Benedict Glaw <>
* config/tc-moxie.h (md_convert_frag): Silence warning.
2014-08-22 Richard Henderson <>
* config/tc-aarch64.c (tc_aarch64_regname_to_dw2regnum): Fix
register number for vector register types.
* config/tc-aarch64.h (DWARF2_LINE_MIN_INSN_LENGTH): Set to 4.
2014-08-22 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (md_assemble): Only set the PPC_APUINFO_VLE
flag if both the processor and opcode flags match.
2014-08-22 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* config/tc-arm.c (add_to_lit_pool): Preinitialize `imm1'.
2014-08-20 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* dw2gencfi.c (make_debug_seg): Replace leading spaces with tabs.
(dot_cfi_val_encoded_addr, output_cfi_insn): Likewise.
(output_cie, cfi_change_reg_numbers, cfi_finish): Likewise.
2014-08-20 Kyrylo Tkachov <>
* config/tc-arm.c (parse_ifimm_zero): New function.
(enum operand_parse_code): Add OP_RSVD_FI0 value.
(parse_operands): Handle OP_RSVD_FI0.
(asm_opcode_insns): Use RSVD_FI0 for second operand of vcmp, vcmpe.
2014-08-20 Alan Modra <>
* Typo fix.
* Regenerate.
* po/ Regenerate.
2014-08-19 Andreas Tobler <>
* Add FreeBSD ARM support.
* Regenerate.
* configure.tgt: Add FreeBSD ARM support.
* config/te-armfbsdeabi.h: New file.
* config/te-armfbsdvfp.h: Likewise.
2014-08-19 Alan Modra <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2014-08-18 Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-rl78.c (md_apply_fix): Correct handling of small sized
RELOC_RL78_DIFF fixups.
2014-08-18 Alan Modra <>
* read.c (parse_mri_cons): Warning fix.
2014-08-14 Alan Modra <>
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2014-08-06 Ilya Tocar <>
* config/tc-i386.c (omit_lock_prefix): New.
(output_insn): Omit lock prefix if omit_lock_prefix is true.
(OPTION_omit_lock_prefix): New.
(md_longopts): Add momit-lock-prefix.
(md_parse_option): Handle momit-lock-prefix.
(md_show_usage): Add momit-lock-prefix=[no|yes].
* doc/c-i386.texi (momit-lock-prefix): Document.
2014-08-01 Takashi Yoshii <>
PR 10378
* config/tc-sh.c (tc_gen_reloc): Fix initialization of addend in
2014-07-29 Matthew Fortune <>
* config/tc-mips.c: Rename INSN_LOAD_COPROC_DELAY to INSN_LOAD_COPROC
2014-07-29 Matthew Fortune <>
* config/tc-mips.c (mips_flags_frag): New static global.
(struct mips_set_options): Add oddspreg field.
(file_mips_opts, mips_opts): Initialize oddspreg.
(ISA_HAS_ODD_SINGLE_FPR): Add CPU argument and update for R5900 and
(enum options, md_longopts, md_parse_option): Add -mfpxx, -modd-spreg
and -mno-odd-spreg options.
(md_begin): Create .MIPS.abiflags section.
(fpabi_incompatible_with, fpabi_requires): New static function.
(check_fpabi): Likewise.
(mips_check_options): Handle fp=xx and oddspreg restrictions.
(file_mips_check_options): Set oddspreg by default for fp=xx.
(mips_oddfpreg_ok): Re-write function.
(check_regno): Check odd numbered registers regardless of FPR size.
For fp != 32 use as_bad instead of as_warn.
(match_float_constant): Rewrite check regarding FP register width. Add
support for generating constants when MXHC1 is present. Handle fp=xx
to comply with the ABI.
(macro): Update M_LI_DD similarly to match_float_constant. Generate
MTHC1 when available. Check that correct code can be generated for
fp=xx and fp=64 ABIs.
(parse_code_option, s_mipsset): Add fp=xx, oddspreg and nooddspreg
(mips_convert_ase_flags): New static function.
(mips_elf_final_processing): Use fpabi == Val_GNU_MIPS_ABI_FP_OLD_64
to determine when to add the EF_MIPS_FP64 flag. Populate the
.MIPS.abiflags section.
(md_mips_end): Update .gnu_attribute based on command line and .module
as applicable. Use check_fpabi to ensure .gnu.attribute and command
line/.module options are consistent.
* doc/as.texinfo: Add missing -mgp64/-mfp64 options and document new
-mfpxx, -modd-spreg and -mno-odd-spreg options.
* doc/c-mips.texi: Document -mfpxx, -modd-spreg, -mno-odd-spreg,
gnu_attribute values and FP ABIs.
2014-07-27 Joel Sherrill <>
Add RTEMS target support and simplify matching
* gas/configure.tgt (or1k*-*-rtems*): Ensure a match.
(or1k*-*-*): Use or1k* to match or1knd and or1kZ.
2014-07-27 Anthony Green <>
* configure.tgt (generic_target): Add moxie-*-moxiebox*
* config/tc-moxie.c: Remove moxie_target_format.
(md_begin): Set default target_big_endian.
* config/tc-moxie.h: Only set TARGET_BYTES_BIG_ENDIAN if unset.
(TARGET_FORMAT): Set based on target_big_endian.
2014-07-26 Alan Modra <>
* config/bfin-parse.y: Don't include obstack.h.
* config/obj-aout.c: Likewise.
* config/obj-coff.c: Likewise.
* config/obj-som.c: Likewise.
* config/tc-bfin.c: Likewise.
* config/tc-i960.c: Likewise.
* config/tc-rl78.c: Likewise.
* config/tc-rx.c: Likewise.
* config/tc-tic4x.c: Likewise.
* expr.c: Likewise.
* listing.c: Likewise.
* config/obj-elf.c (elf_file_symbol): Make name_length a size_t.
* config/tc-aarch64.c (symbol_locate): Likewise.
* config/tc-arm.c (symbol_locate): Likewise.
* config/tc-mmix.c (mmix_handle_mmixal): Make len_0 a size_t.
* config/tc-score.c (s3_build_score_ops_hsh): Make len a size_t.
(s3_build_dependency_insn_hsh): Likewise.
* config/tc-score7.c (s7_build_score_ops_hsh): Likewise.
(s7_build_dependency_insn_hsh): Likewise.
* frags.c (frag_grow): Make parameter a size_t, and use size_t locals.
(frag_new): Make parameter a size_t.
(frag_var_init): Make max_chars and var parameters size_t.
(frag_var, frag_variant): Likewise.
(frag_room): Return a size_t.
(frag_align_pattern): Make n_fill parameter a size_t.
* frags.h: Update function prototypes.
* symbols.c (save_symbol_name): Make name_length a size_t.
2014-07-22 Sergey Guriev <>
Alexander Ivchenko <>
Maxim Kuznetsov <>
Sergey Lega <>
Anna Tikhonova <>
Ilya Tocar <>
Andrey Turetskiy <>
Ilya Verbin <>
Kirill Yukhin <>
Michael Zolotukhin <>
* config/tc-i386.c (cpu_arch): Add .avx512dq, CPU_AVX512DQ_FLAGS.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Document avx512dq/.avx512dq.
2014-07-22 Sergey Guriev <>
Alexander Ivchenko <>
Maxim Kuznetsov <>
Sergey Lega <>
Anna Tikhonova <>
Ilya Tocar <>
Andrey Turetskiy <>
Ilya Verbin <>
Kirill Yukhin <>
Michael Zolotukhin <>
* config/tc-i386.c (cpu_arch): Add .avx512bw, CPU_AVX512BW_FLAGS.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Document avx512bw/.avx512bw.
2014-07-22 Sergey Guriev <>
Alexander Ivchenko <>
Maxim Kuznetsov <>
Sergey Lega <>
Anna Tikhonova <>
Ilya Tocar <>
Andrey Turetskiy <>
Ilya Verbin <>
Kirill Yukhin <>
Michael Zolotukhin <>
* config/tc-i386.c (cpu_arch): Add .avx512vl, CPU_AVX512VL_FLAGS.
(build_vex_prefix): Don't abort on VEX.W.
(check_VecOperands): Support BROADCAST_1TO4 and BROADCAST_1TO2.
(check_VecOperations): Ditto.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Document avx512vl/.avx512vl.
2014-07-21 Joel Sherrill <>
Add or reactivate or1k-*-rtems*
* gas/configure.tgt (or1k-*-rtems*): Add.
2014-07-17 Ilya Tocar <>
* config/tc-i386.c (parse_register): Set need_vrex.
2014-07-15 Jiong Wang <>
* config/tc-arm.c (add_to_lit_pool): Use "inst.operands[1].imm" for
sign extension. Casting the type of imm1 and imm2 to offsetT. Fix
one logic error when checking X_op.
2014-07-14 Andreas Schwab <>
* config/tc-m68k.c (md_convert_frag_1): Don't complain with
--pcrel about TAB (DBCCLBR, LONG) conversion.
2014-07-12 David Majnemer <>
* read.c (assign_symbol): Don't force "set" symbols local for PE.
2014-07-08 Jiong Wang <>
* config/tc-arm.c (literal_pool): New field "alignment".
(find_or_make_literal_pool): Initialize "alignment" to 2.
(s_ltorg): Align the pool using value of "alignment"
(parse_big_immediate): New parameter "in_exp". Return
parsed expression if "in_exp" is not null.
(parse_address_main): Invoke "parse_big_immediate" for
constant parameter.
(add_to_lit_pool): Add one parameter 'nbytes'.
Split 8 byte entry into two 4 byte entry.
Add padding to align 8 byte entry to 8 byte boundary.
(encode_arm_cp_address): Generate literal pool entry if possible.
(move_or_literal_pool): Generate entry for vldr case.
(enum lit_type): New enum type.
(do_ldst): Use new enum type.
(do_ldstv4): Likewise.
(do_t_ldst): Likewise.
(neon_write_immbits): Support Thumb-2 mode.
2014-07-07 Barney Stratford <>
* config/tc-avr.c (avr_operand): Permit referring to r26-r31 by
name as [xyz][hl]. Permit using a symbol whoes name begins with
‘r’ to refer to a register.
Allow arbitrary expressions for the P and p operators.
(md_apply_fix): Check the BFD_RELOC_AVR_PORT5 and
BFD_RELOC_AVR_PORT6 relocations.
2014-07-04 Alan Modra <>
* doc/internals.texi: Update "" comments.
* acinclude.m4: Likewise.
* config/tc-sparc.c: Likewise.
2014-07-04 Alan Modra <>
* Rename from
* Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* doc/ Regenerate.
2014-07-04 Alan Modra <>
* doc/ Regenerate.
2014-07-04 Alan Modra <>
* Include bfd/version.m4.
(AC_INIT, AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Use modern form.
(BFD_VERSION): Delete.
* Get bfd version from bfd/version.m4.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* doc/ Regenerate.
2014-07-01 Barney Stratford <>
Senthil Kumar Selvaraj <>
Pitchumani Sivanupandi <>
Soundararajan <>
* config/tc-avr.c (mcu_types): Add avrtiny arch.
Add avrtiny arch devices attiny4, attiny5, attiny9, attiny10, attiny20
and attiny40.
(md_show_usage): Add avrtiny arch in usage message.
(avr_operand): validate and issue error for invalid register for
add new reloc exp for 16 bit lds/sts instruction.
(md_apply_fix): check 16 bit lds/sts operand for out of range and
(md_assemble): check ISA for arch and issue diagnostic.
* NEWS: Mention new support.
* doc/c-avr.texi: Document support for avrtiny architecture.
2014-06-27 Alan Modra <>
* config/obj-macho.c (obj_mach_o_set_symbol_qualifier): Don't set
SYM_MACHO_FIELDS_NOT_VALIDATED after reporting an error.
(obj_mach_o_frob_label): Avoid cascading errors.
(obj_mach_o_frob_symbol): Don't set SYM_MACHO_FIELDS_NOT_VALIDATED.
2014-06-18 DJ Delorie <>
* config/rx-parse.y (BSET, BCLR, BTST, BNOT, BMCMD): Make .B
suffix optional.
2014-06-17 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* config/tc-mmix.c (loc_assert_s): New member frag.
(s_loc): Set it.
(mmix_md_end): If an error is reported for a LOC expression, patch
up the related frag.
2014-06-17 Chris Metcalf <>
PR gas/16908
* macro.c (buffer_and_nest): Honour #line directives inside
2014-06-17 Jiong Wang <>
* config/tc-arm.c (depr_it_insns): New check for inc/dec sp.
2014-06-17 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* config/tc-cris.c (cris_bad): New function.
(cris_process_instruction): Where applicable, use it instead of
2014-06-16 Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-aarch64.c (md_apply_fix): Ignore unused relocs.
2014-06-16 Jiong Wang <>
* config/tc-aarch64.c (END_OF_INSN): New macro.
(parse_operands): Handle operand given and in wrong format when
operand is optional.
2014-06-16 Alan Modra <>
* write.h (subsegs_finish): Delete declaration.
* write.c (subsegs_finish): Make static.
(write_object_file): Call subsegs_finish from here. Don't print
warning and error count here..
* as.c (main): so here instead. Remove dead code for "no
object file generated". Split out count strings to better support
internationalisation. Don't call subsegs_finish. Tidy setting of
"keep_it". Run write_object_file even after errors.
(keep_it): Make static.
* config/obj-elf.c (elf_frob_symbol): Remove assert.
(elf_frob_file_before_adjust): Likewise.
2014-06-16 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-dlx.c (machine_ip): Move initialisation of the_insn
2014-06-16 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-i386.c (reloc): Don't avoid pcrel check for
BFD_RELOC_SIZE64. Return NO_RELOC on failing pcrel check.
2014-06-16 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-tic6x.c (s_tic6x_ehtype): Clear after frag_more.
(tic6x_output_exidx_entry): Likewise.
(md_apply_fix): Simplify 1 byte md_number_to_chars.
2014-06-16 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-tic54x.c (tic54x_mlib): Don't write garbage past
end of archive to temp file.
(tic54x_start_line_hook): Start scan for parallel on next line,
not one char into next line (which may overrun the buffer).
2014-06-16 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-vax.c (md_apply_fix): Rewrite.
(tc_gen_reloc, vax_cons, vax_cons_fix_new): Style: Use NO_RELOC
define rather than the equivalent BFD_RELOC_NONE.
2014-06-16 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-arm.c (s_arm_elf_cons): Initialise after frag_more.
(md_apply_fix): Delete now unnecessary zeroing for BFD_RELOC_ARM_GOT*
and BFD_RELOC_ARM_TLS* relocs. Simplify BFD_RELOC_8 case.
2014-06-16 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-cris.c (md_create_long_jump): Follow "short" jump
with a nop rather than leaving uninitialised.
2014-06-13 Chen Gang <>
* config/tc-score7.c: Replace sprintf with strcpy where
(s7_b32_relax_to_b16): Use symbol_get_frag() to access a symbol's
* config/tc-score.c (s3_relax_branch_inst16): Likewise.
(s3_relax_cmpbranch_inst32): Likewise.
2014-06-07 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (ppc_insert_operand): Handle PPC_OPERAND_SIGNOPT
on unsigned fields. Comment on PPC_OPERAND_SIGNOPT signed fields
in 64-bit mode.
2014-06-02 Martin Storsjo <>
* doc/c-aarch64.texi: Fix the documentation on :pg_hi21:.
2014-06-05 Joel Brobecker <>
*, configure: Regenerate.
2014-06-03 Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-msp430.c (OPTION_WARN_INTR_NOPS): Use y instead of z.
(OPTION_NO_WARN_INTR_NOPS): Use Y instead of Z.
* doc/c-msp430.texi: Update command line option description.
2014-05-22 Alan Modra <>
* listing.c (listing_warning, listing_error): Add space after colon.
* messages.c (as_warn_internal, as_bad_internal): Use the same
string as above.
2014-05-20 Matthew Fortune <>
* config/tc-mips.c (file_mips_opts_checked): New static global.
(s_module): New static function.
(file_ase): Remove.
(mips_pseudo_table): Add .module handler.
(mips_set_ase): Add opts argument and use instead of mips_opts.
(md_assemble): Use file_mips_check_options.
(md_parse_option): Update to use file_mips_opts instead of mips_opts.
(mips_set_architecture): Delete function. Moved to...
(mips_after_parse_args): Here. All logic now applies to
file_mips_opts first and then copies the final state to mips_opts.
Move error checking and defaults inference to mips_check_options and
(mips_check_options): New static function. Common option checking for
command line, .module and .set. Use .module values in error messages
instead of refering to command line options.
(file_mips_check_options): New static function. A wrapper for
mips_check_options with file_mips_opts. Updates BFD arch based on
final options.
(s_mipsset): Split into s_mipsset and parse_code_option. Settings
supported by both .set and .module are moved to parse_code_option.
Warnings and errors are kept in s_mipsset because when
parse_code_option is used with s_module the warnings are deferred
until code is generated. Any setting supporting 'default' value is
kept in s_mipsset as it is not applicable to s_module. Inferred
settings are also kept in s_mipsset as s_module does not infer any
settings. Use mips_check_options.
(parse_code_option): New static function derived from s_mipsset.
(s_module): New static function that implements .module. Allows file
level settings to be changed until code is generated.
(s_cpload, s_cpsetup, s_cplocal): Use file_mips_check_options.
(s_cprestore, s_cpreturn, s_cpadd, mips_address_bytes): Likewise.
(mips_elf_final_processing): Update file_ase to file_mips_opts.ase.
(md_mips_end): Use file_mips_check_options.
* doc/c-mips.texi: Document .module.
2014-05-20 Matthew Fortune <>
* messages.c (as_warn_internal): Remove extra whitespace from
warning messages.
2014-05-20 Matthew Fortune <>
* config/tc-mips.c (FP64_ASES): Add ASE_MSA.
(mips_after_parse_args): Do not select ASE_MSA without -mfp64.
2014-05-20 Mike Stump <>
* messages.c (as_warn_internal): Ensure we don't interleave output
within a single line when make -j is used.
(as_bad_internal): Likewise.
2014-05-20 Richard Sandiford <>
* config/obj-elf.h (obj_elf_seen_attribute): Declare.
* config/obj-elf.c (recorded_attribute_info): New structure.
(recorded_attributes): New variable.
(record_attribute, obj_elf_seen_attribute): New functions.
(obj_elf_vendor_attribute): Record which attributes have been seen.
2014-05-20 Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-msp430.c (CHECK_RELOC_MSP430): Add OP parameter.
Generate BFD_RELOC_MSP430_ABS_HI16 if vshift is 1.
(msp430_srcoperand): Store vshift value in operand.
2014-05-19 Nick Clifton <>
PR gas/16858
* config/tc-i386.c (md_apply_fix): Improve the detection of code
symbols for 32-bit PE targets.
2014-05-18 Richard Sandiford <>
* config/tc-mips.c (md_obj_begin): Delete.
(md_obj_end): Fold into...
(md_mips_end): Move to end of file.
2014-05-17 Nick Clifton <>
PR gas/16946
* config/tc-v850.c (handle_ctoff): Generate an error if called
when using the RH850 ABI.
2014-05-16 Kaushik Phata <>
* config/tc-rl78.c (enum options): Add OPTION_32BIT_DOUBLES
(md_longopts): Add -m32bit-doubles and -m64bit-doubles.
(md_parse_option): Parse -m32bit-doubles and -m64bit-doubles.
(md_show_usage): Show all of the RL78 options.
(rl78_float_cons): New static functions.
(md_pseudo_table): Update handler for "double".
* doc/c-rl78.texi: Document new options.
* doc/as.texinfo: Likewise.
2014-05-13 Matthew Fortune <>
* config/tc-mips.c (mips_set_options): Rename gp32 to gp throughout.
(HAVE_32BIT_GPRS, HAVE_64BIT_GPRS): Remove. Re-implement via GPR_SIZE.
(HAVE_32BIT_FPRS, HAVE_64BIT_FPRS): Remove. Re-implement via FPR_SIZE.
(GPR_SIZE, FPR_SIZE): New macros. Use throughout.
2014-05-08 Matthew Fortune <>
* config/tc-mips.c (md_parse_option): Update missed file_mips_isa
2014-05-08 Matthew Fortune <>
* config/tc-mips.c (mips_set_options): Rename fp32 field to fp.
Update fp32 == 0 to fp == 64 and fp32 == 1 to fp != 64 throughout.
(file_mips_gp32, file_mips_fp32, file_mips_soft_float,
file_mips_single_float, file_mips_isa, file_mips_arch): Merge into
one struct...
(file_mips_opts): Here. New static global. Update throughout.
(mips_opts): Update defaults for gp32 and fp.
2014-05-08 Matthew Fortune <>
* config/tc-mips.c (streq): Define.
(mips_convert_symbolic_attribute): New function.
* config/tc-mips.h (CONVERT_SYMBOLIC_ATTRIBUTE): Define.
(mips_convert_symbolic_attribute): New prototype.
2014-05-02 Max Filippov <>
* config/tc-xtensa.c (md_apply_fix): mark BFD_RELOC_XTENSA_DIFF*
fixups as signed.
2014-05-07 Andrew Bennett <>
* tc-mips.c (ISA_SUPPORTS_MIPS16E): Add mips32r3, mips32r5, mips64r3
and mips64r5.
(ISA_HAS_64BIT_FPRS): Likewise.
(ISA_HAS_ROR): Likewise.
(ISA_HAS_MXHC1): Likewise.
(hilo_interlocks): Likewise.
(md_longopts): Likewise.
(ISA_HAS_64BIT_REGS): Add mips64r3 and mips64r5.
(ISA_HAS_DROR): Likewise.
(options): Add OPTION_MIPS32R3, OPTION_MIPS32R5, OPTION_MIPS64R3, and
(mips_isa_rev): Add support for mips32r3, mips32r5, mips64r3 and
(md_parse_option): Likewise.
(s_mipsset): Likewise.
(mips_cpu_info_table): Add entries for mips32r3, mips32r5, mips64r3
and mips64r5. Also change p5600 entry to be mips32r5.
* Add support for mips32r3, mips32r5, mips64r3 and
* configure: Regenerate.
* doc/c-mips.texi: Document the -mips32r3, -mips32r5, -mips64r3 and
-mips64r5 command line options.
* doc/as.texinfo: Likewise.
2014-04-28 Nick Clifton <>
PR gas/16858
* config/tc-i386.c (md_apply_fix): Do not adjust value of
pc-relative fixes against weak symbols.
2014-04-26 Alan Modra <>
* po/ Regenerate.
2014-04-24 Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-arm.c (s_ltorg): Only create a mapping symbol for ELF
based targets.
2014-04-23 Will Newton <>
* config/tc-arm.c (s_ltorg): Call make_mapping_symbol
directly instead of mapping_state.
2014-04-23 Andrew Bennett <>
* config/tc-mips.c (options): Add OPTION_XPA and OPTION_NO_XPA.
(md_longopts): Add xpa and no-xpa command line options.
(mips_ases): Add MIPS XPA ASE.
(mips_cpu_info_table): Update p5600 entry to allow the XPA ASE.
* doc/as.texinfo: Document the MIPS XPA command line options.
* doc/c-mips.texi: Document the MIPS XPA command line options,
and assembler directives.
2014-04-22 Sandra Loosemore <>
* config/tc-nios2.c (nios2_consume_arg): Add case for 'E' to
unbreak self-test mode.
2014-04-22 Max Filippov <>
* config/tc-xtensa.c (xtensa_handle_align): record alignment for the
first section frag.
2014-04-22 Christian Svensson <>
* Remove openrisc and or32 support. Add support for or1k.
* Likewise.
* configure.tgt: Likewise.
* doc/as.texinfo: Likewise.
* config/obj-coff.h: Likewise.
* config/tc-or1k.c: New file.
* config/tc-or1k.h: New file.
* config/tc-openrisc.c: Delete.
* config/tc-openrisc.h: Delete.
* config/tc-or32.c: Delete.
* config/tc-or32.h: Delete.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2014-04-16 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-tilegx.h (TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Add RELOC arg.
* config/tc-tilepro.h (TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Likewise.
2014-04-10 Senthil Kumar Selvaraj <>
* config/tc-avr.c: Add new flag mlink-relax.
(md_show_usage): Add flag and help text.
(md_parse_option): Record whether link relax is turned on.
(relaxable_section): New.
(avr_validate_fix_sub): New.
(avr_force_relocation): New.
(md_apply_fix): Generate DIFF reloc.
(avr_allow_local_subtract): New.
* config/tc-avr.h (TC_LINKRELAX_FIXUP): Define to 0.
(avr_force_relocation): Declare.
(avr_validate_fix_sub): Declare.
(md_allow_local_subtract): Define.
(avr_allow_local_subtract): Declare.
2014-04-10 Andrew Bennett <>
* config/tc-mips.c (mips_cpu_info_table): Add P5600
* doc/c-mips.texi: Document p5600.
2014-04-09 Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-rl78.h (TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Add RELOC parameter.
* config/tc-z80.h (TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Discard RELOC parameter.
* config/tc-aarch64.h (TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Discard RELOC parameter.
* read.c (emit_expr_fix): Mark the r parameter as potentially
2014-04-09 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (warn_476, last_insn, last_seg, last_subseg):
New static vars.
(md_longopts, md_parse_option, md_show_usage): Add --ppc476-workaround.
(ppc_elf_cons_fix_check): New function.
(md_assemble): Set last_insn, last_seg, last_subseg.
(ppc_byte, md_apply_fix): Handle warn_476.
* config/tc-ppc.h (TC_CONS_FIX_CHECK): Define.
(ppc_elf_cons_fix_check): Declare.
* read.c (cons_worker): Invoke TC_CONS_FIX_CHECK.
2014-04-09 Alan Modra <>
* gas/config/tc-alpha.h (TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Add RELOC parameter.
* gas/config/tc-arc.c (arc_cons_fix_new): Add reloc parameter.
* gas/config/tc-arc.h (arc_cons_fix_new): Update prototype.
(TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Add RELOC parameter.
* gas/config/tc-arm.c (cons_fix_new_arm): Similarly
* gas/config/tc-arm.h (cons_fix_new_arm, TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-cr16.c (cr16_cons_fix_new): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-cr16.h (cr16_cons_fix_new, TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-crx.h (TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-m32c.c (m32c_cons_fix_new): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-m32c.h (m32c_cons_fix_new, TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-mn10300.c (mn10300_cons_fix_new): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-mn10300.h (mn10300_cons_fix_new, TC_CONS_FIX_NEW):
* gas/config/tc-ns32k.c (cons_fix_new_ns32k): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-ns32k.h (cons_fix_new_ns32k): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-pj.c (pj_cons_fix_new_pj): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-pj.h (pj_cons_fix_new_pj, TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-rx.c (rx_cons_fix_new): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-rx.h (rx_cons_fix_new, TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-sh.c (sh_cons_fix_new): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-sh.h (sh_cons_fix_new, TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-tic54x.c (tic54x_cons_fix_new): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-tic54x.h (tic54x_cons_fix_new, TC_CONS_FIX_NEW):
* gas/config/tc-tic6x.c (tic6x_cons_fix_new): Similarly.
* gas/config/tc-tic6x.h (tic6x_cons_fix_new, TC_CONS_FIX_NEW):
* gas/config/tc-arc.c (arc_parse_cons_expression): Return reloc.
* gas/config/tc-arc.h (arc_parse_cons_expression): Update proto.
* gas/config/tc-avr.c (exp_mod_data): Make global.
(pexp_mod_data): Delete.
(avr_parse_cons_expression): Return exp_mod_data pointer.
(avr_cons_fix_new): Add exp_mod_data_t pointer param.
(exp_mod_data_t): Move typedef..
* gas/config/tc-avr.h: here.
(exp_mod_data): Declare.
(avr_parse_cons_expression, avr_cons_fix_new): Update prototype.
(TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Update.
* gas/config/tc-hppa.c (hppa_field_selector): Delete static var.
(cons_fix_new_hppa): Add hppa_field_selector param.
(fix_new_hppa): Adjust.
(parse_cons_expression_hppa): Return field selector.
* gas/config/tc-hppa.h (parse_cons_expression_hppa): Update proto.
(cons_fix_new_hppa): Likewise.
* gas/config/tc-i386.c (got_reloc): Delete static var.
(x86_cons_fix_new): Add reloc param.
(x86_cons): Return got reloc.
* gas/config/tc-i386.h (x86_cons, x86_cons_fix_new): Update proto.
* gas/config/tc-ia64.c (ia64_cons_fix_new): Add reloc param. Adjust
* gas/config/tc-ia64.h (ia64_cons_fix_new): Update prototype.
(TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Add reloc param.
* gas/config/tc-microblaze.c (parse_cons_expression_microblaze):
Return reloc.
(cons_fix_new_microblaze): Add reloc param.
* gas/config/tc-microblaze.h: Formatting.
(parse_cons_expression_microblaze): Update proto.
(cons_fix_new_microblaze): Likewise.
* gas/config/tc-nios2.c (nios2_tls_ldo_reloc): Delete static var.
(nios2_cons): Return ldo reloc.
(nios2_cons_fix_new): Delete.
* gas/config/tc-nios2.h (nios2_cons): Update prototype.
(nios2_cons_fix_new, TC_CONS_FIX_NEW): Delete.
* gas/config/tc-ppc.c (md_pseudo_table): Remove quad, long, word,
short. Make llong use cons.
(ppc_elf_suffix): Return BFD_RELOC_NONE rather than BFD_RELOC_UNUSED.
(ppc_elf_cons): Delete.
(ppc_elf_parse_cons): New function.
(ppc_elf_validate_fix): Don't check for BFD_RELOC_UNUSED.
(md_assemble): Use BFD_RELOC_NONE rather than BFD_RELOC_UNUSED.
* gas/config/tc-ppc.h (TC_PARSE_CONS_EXPRESSION): Define
(ppc_elf_parse_cons): Declare.
* gas/config/tc-sparc.c (sparc_cons_special_reloc): Delete static var.
(sparc_cons): Return reloc specifier.
(cons_fix_new_sparc): Add reloc specifier param.
(sparc_cfi_emit_pcrel_expr): Use emit_expr_with_reloc.
* gas/config/tc-sparc.h (TC_PARSE_CONS_RETURN_TYPE): Define.
(sparc_cons, cons_fix_new_sparc): Update prototype.
* gas/config/tc-v850.c (hold_cons_reloc): Delete static var.
(v850_reloc_prefix): Use BFD_RELOC_NONE rather than BFD_RELOC_UNUSED.
(md_assemble): Likewise.
(parse_cons_expression_v850): Return reloc.
(cons_fix_new_v850): Add reloc parameter.
* gas/config/tc-v850.h (parse_cons_expression_v850): Update proto.
(cons_fix_new_v850): Likewise.
* gas/config/tc-vax.c (vax_cons_special_reloc): Delete static var.
(vax_cons): Return reloc.
(vax_cons_fix_new): Add reloc parameter.
* gas/config/tc-vax.h (vax_cons, vax_cons_fix_new): Update proto.
* gas/config/tc-xstormy16.c (xstormy16_cons_fix_new): Add reloc param.
* gas/config/tc-xstormy16.h (xstormy16_cons_fix_new): Update proto.
* gas/dwarf2dbg.c (TC_PARSE_CONS_RETURN_NONE): Provide default.
(emit_fixed_inc_line_addr): Adjust exmit_expr_fix calls.
* gas/read.c (TC_PARSE_CONS_EXPRESSION): Return value.
(do_parse_cons_expression): Adjust.
(cons_worker): Pass return value from TC_PARSE_CONS_EXPRESSION
to emit_expr_with_reloc.
(emit_expr_with_reloc): New function handling reloc, mostly
extracted from..
(emit_expr_fix): Add reloc param. Adjust TC_CONS_FIX_NEW invocation.
Handle reloc.
(parse_mri_cons): Convert to ISO.
* gas/read.h (TC_PARSE_CONS_RETURN_TYPE): Define.
(emit_expr_with_reloc): Declare.
(emit_expr_fix): Update prototype.
* gas/write.c (write_object_file): Update TC_CONS_FIX_NEW invocation.
2014-04-03 Ilya Tocar <>
* config/tc-i386.c (cpu_arch): Add .se1.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Document .se1/se1.
2014-04-02 DJ Delorie <>
* config/tc-rl78.c (md_apply_fix): Add overflow warnings for
pc-relative branches.
2014-04-02 Nick Clifton <>
PR gas/16765
* config/tc-arm.c (create_unwind_entry): Report an error if an
attempt to recreate an unwind directive is encountered.
2014-03-27 Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-score.c (s3_parse_pce_inst): Add "%s" parameter to
sprintf in order to avoid a compile time warning.
2014-03-26 Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-rl78.c (rl78_op): Issue an error message if a 16-bit
relocation is used on an 8-bit operand or vice versa.
(tc_gen_reloc): Use the RL78_16U relocation for RL78_CODE.
(md_apply_fix): Add support for RL78_HI8, RL78_HI16 and RL78_LO16.
2014-03-25 Nick Clifton <>
* config/obj-coff-seh.c (obj_coff_seh_code): New function -
switches the current segment back to the code segment recorded
when seh_proc was last invoked.
* config/obj-coff-seh.h (SEH_CMDS): Add seh_code.
2014-03-25 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (ppc_is_toc_sym): Revert 2014-03-05.
(md_assemble): Likewise. Warn.
2014-03-21 David Weatherford <>
Max Filippov <>
* config/tc-xtensa.c (xtensa_check_frag_count)
xtensa_maybe_create_trampoline_frag, init_trampoline_frag,
find_trampoline_seg, search_trampolines, get_best_trampoline,
check_and_update_trampolines, add_jump_to_trampoline,
dump_trampolines): New functions.
(md_parse_option): Add cases for --[no-]trampolines options.
(md_assemble, finish_vinsn, xtensa_end): Add call to
(xg_assemble_vliw_tokens): Add call to
(xtensa_relax_frag): Relax fragments with RELAX_TRAMPOLINE state.
(relax_frag_immed): Relax jump instructions that cannot reach its
* config/tc-xtensa.h (xtensa_relax_statesE::RELAX_TRAMPOLINE): New
relax state.
* doc/as.texinfo: Document --[no-]trampolines command-line options.
* doc/c-xtensa.texi: Document trampolines relaxation and command
line options.
* frags.c (get_frag_count, clear_frag_count): New function.
(frag_alloc): Increment totalfrags counter.
* frags.h (get_frag_count, clear_frag_count): New function.
2014-03-20 DJ Delorie <>
* config/rl78-defs.h (RL78_RELAX_NONE, RL78_RELAX_BRANCH): Add.
* config/rl78-parse.y (BC, BNC, BZ, BNZ, BH, BHZ, bt_bf): Call
* config/tc-rl78.h (md_relax_frag): Define.
(rl78_relax_frag): Declare.
* config/tc-rl78.c (rl78_relax): Add.
(md_assemble): Set up the variable frags also when relaxing.
(op_type_T): New.
(rl78_opcode_type): New.
(rl78_frag_fix_value): New.
(md_estimate_size_before_relax): New-ish.
(rl78_relax_frag): New.
(md_convert_frag): New-ish.
2014-03-20 Richard Sandiford <>
* config/tc-mips.h (DIFF_EXPR_OK, CFI_DIFF_EXPR_OK): Define.
* config/tc-mips.c (md_pcrel_from): Remove error message.
(md_apply_fix): Convert PC-relative BFD_RELOC_32s to
BFD_RELOC_32_PCREL. Report a specific error message for unhandled
PC-relative expressions. Handle BFD_RELOC_8.
2014-03-19 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* config/tc-sparc.c (hpriv_reg_table): Added entries for
%hstick_offset and %hstick_enable.
* doc/c-sparc.texi (Sparc-Regs): Document the %hstick_offset and
%hstick_enable hyperprivileged registers.
2014-03-19 Daniel Gutson <>
Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-arm.c (codecomposer_syntax): New flag that states whether the
CCS syntax compatibility mode is on or off.
(asmfunc_states): New enum to represent the asmfunc directive state.
(asmfunc_state): New variable holding the asmfunc directive state.
(comment_chars): Rename to arm_comment_chars.
(line_separator_chars): Rename to arm_line_separator_chars.
(s_ccs_ref): New function that handles the .ref directive.
(asmfunc_debug): New function.
(s_ccs_asmfunc): New function that handles the .asmfunc directive.
(s_ccs_endasmfunc): New function that handles the .endasmfunc directive.
(s_ccs_def): New function that handles the .def directive.
(tc_start_label_without_colon): New function.
(md_pseudo_table): Added new CCS directives.
(arm_ccs_mode): New function that handles the -mccs command line option.
(arm_long_opts): Added new -mccs command line option.
* config/tc-arm.h (LABELS_WITHOUT_COLONS): New macro.
(tc_start_label_without_colon): Added extern function declaration.
(tc_comment_chars): Define.
(tc_line_separator_chars): Define.
* app.c (do_scrub_begin): Use tc_line_separator_chars, if defined.
* read.c (read_begin): Likewise.
* doc/as.texinfo: Add documentation for the -mccs command line
* doc/c-arm.texi: Likewise.
* doc/internals.texi: Document tc_line_separator_chars.
* NEWS: Mention the new feature.
2014-03-18 Jiong Wang <>
* config/tc-aarch64.c (aarch64_opts): Add new option
(verbose_error_p): Initialize to 1.
* doc/c-aarch64.texi (AArch64 Options): Document -mverbose-error
and -mno-verbose-error.
2014-03-17 Nick Clifton <>
PR gas/16694
* config/tc-arm.c (tc_arm_regname_to_dw2regnum): Parse VFP
registers as well.
2014-03-13 Richard Earnshaw <>
Jiong Wang <>
* doc/c-aarch64.texi: Clean up some formatting issues.
(AArch64 Options): Document -mcpu and -march.
(AArch64 Extensions): New node.
2014-03-13 Tristan Gingold <>
* config/tc-i386.c (use_big_obj): Declare.
(md_longopts): Add -mbig-obj option.
(md_parse_option): Handle it.
(md_show_usage): Display help for this option.
(i386_target_format): Use bigobj for x86-64 if -mbig-obj.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Document the option.
2014-03-12 Nick Clifton <>
PR gas/16688
* config/tc-aarch64.c (literal_expression): New structure.
(literal_pool): Replace exp array with literal_expression array.
(add_to_lit_pool): When adding a bignum cache the big value.
(s_ltorg): When emitting a bignum initialise the global bignum
array from the cached value.
2014-03-12 Alan Modra <>
* Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* doc/ Regenerate.
2014-03-06 Pitchumani Sivanupandi <>
Vishnu KS <>
Senthil Kumar Selvaraj <>
Soundararajan <>
* gas/tc-avr.c: Add new devices
avr25: ata5272, attiny828
avr35: ata5505, attiny1634
avr4: atmega8a, ata6285, ata6286, atmega48pa
avr5: at90pwm161, ata5790, ata5795, atmega164pa, atmega165pa,
atmega168pa, atmega32a, atmega64rfr2, atmega644rfr2, atmega64a,
avr51: atmega128a, atmega1284
avrxmega2: atxmega16a4u, atxmega16c4, atxmega32a4u, atxmega32c4,
atxmega32e5, atxmega16e5, atxmega8e5
avrxmega4: atxmega64a3u, atxmega64a4u, atxmega64b1, atxmega64b3,
atxmega64c3, atxmega64d4
avrxmega6: atxmega128a3u, atxmega128b3, atxmega128c3,
atxmega128d4, atxmega192a3u, atxmega192c3, atxmega256a3u,
atxmega256c3, atxmega384c3, atxmega384d3
avrxmega7: atxmega128a4u
* doc/c-avr.texi: Ditto.
2014-03-05 Alan Modra <>
Update copyright years.
2014-03-05 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (ppc_elf_suffix): Support @localentry.
(md_apply_fix): Support R_PPC64_ADDR64_LOCAL.
2014-03-05 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (md_assemble): Move code adjusting reloc types
later. Merge absolute and relative branch reloc selection.
Generate 16-bit relocs for most 16-bit insn fields given a
non-constant expression.
2014-03-05 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-ppc.c (ppc_is_toc_sym): Remove OBJ_ELF support.
(md_assemble): Don't call ppc_is_toc_sym for ELF.
2014-03-04 Heiher <>
* config/tc-mips.c (mips_cpu_info_table): Use ISA_MIPS64R2 for
2014-03-03 Nick Clifton <>
* config/msp430/msp430.c: Replace known mcu array with known
msp430 ISA mcu name array.
Accept any name for -mmcu option.
Add -mz option to warn about missing NOP following an interrupt
status change.
(check_for_nop): New.
(msp430_operands): Emit a warning, if requested, when an interrupt
changing instruction is not followed by a NOP.
* doc/c-msp430.c: Document -mz option.
2014-03-03 Alan Modra <>
* config/bfin-lex-wrapper.c: Correct copyright date.
* config/obj-fdpicelf.c: Likewise.
* config/obj-fdpicelf.h: Likewise.
* config/tc-frv.c: Correct copyright punctuation.
* config/tc-ip2k.c: Likewise.
* config/tc-iq2000.c: Likewise.
* config/tc-mep.c: Likewise.
* config/tc-tic4x.c: Likewise.
* config/tc-tic4x.h: Likewise.
2014-03-01 Senthil Kumar Selvaraj <>
* config/tc-avr.c: Remove atxmega16x1.
2014-02-28 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf2dbg.c (out_debug_line): Correct .debug_line header_length
field for 64-bit dwarf.
2014-02-21 Ilya Tocar <>
* config/tc-i386.c (cpu_arch): Add .prefetchwt1.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Document .prefetchwt1/prefetchwt1.
2014-02-12 Ilya Tocar <>
* config/tc-i386.c (cpu_arch): Add .clflushopt, .xsavec, .xsaves.
* doc/c-i386.texi: Document .xsavec/xsavec/.xsaves/xsaves/
2014-02-10 Alan Modra <>
* po/ Regenerate.
* po/gas.pot: Regenerate.
2014-02-03 Sandra Loosemore <>
* config/tc-nios2.c (md_apply_fix): Test for new relocs.
(nios2_special_reloc): Add %call_lo, %call_hiadj, %got_lo,
%got_hiadj relocation operators. Sort table and add comment
to explain ordering.
(nios2_fix_adjustable): Test for new relocs.
* doc/c-nios2.texi (Nios II Relocations): Document new relocation
2014-01-30 Sandra Loosemore <>
* config/tc-nios2.c (md_apply_fix): Handle BFD_RELOC_NIOS2_CALL26_NOAT.
(nios2_assemble_args_m): Likewise.
(md_assemble): Likewise.
2014-01-24 DJ Delorie <>
* config/tc-msp430.c (msp430_section): Always flag data sections,
regardless of -md.
(msp430_frob_section): New. Make sure all sections are noticed if
they have content.
(msp430_lcomm): New. Flag bss if .lcomm is seen.
(msp430_comm): New. Likewise.
(md_pseudo_table): Add them.
* config/tc-msp430.h (msp430_frob_section): Declare.
(tc_frob_section): Define.
2014-01-23 Nick Clifton <>
* config/tc-msp430.c (show_mcu_list): Delete.
(md_parse_option): Accept any MCU name. Accept several more
variants for the -mcpu option.
(md_show_usage): Do not call show_mcu_list.
2014-01-22 DJ Delorie <>
* config/tc-msp430.c (msp430_refsym): New: ".refsym <symbol>"
* doc/c-msp430.texi (MSP430 Directives): Document it.
2014-01-22 Michael Zolotukhin <>
* config/tc-i386.c (check_VecOperands): Remove regzmm from AVX2
gather assert.
2014-01-22 Michael Zolotukhin <>
PR gas/16489
* config/tc-i386.c (check_VecOperands): Add check for invalid
register set in AVX512 gathers.
2014-01-22 Alan Modra <>
* config/tc-tic4x.c (md_shortopts): s/CONST/const/.
2014-01-21 DJ Delorie <>
* config/tc-rl78.c (require_end_of_expr): New.
(md_operand): Call it.
(rl78_cons_fix_new): Mark LO16, HI16, ahd HI8 internal relocations
as not overflowing.
2014-01-17 Will Newton <>
* config/tc-arm.c (do_vfp_nsyn_cvt_fpv8): Set OP to 1
for the s32.f64 flavours of VCVT.
2014-01-14 Nick Clifton <>
PR gas/16434
* config/tc-z80.c (wrong_match): Provide format string to
(parse_exp_not_indexed): Delete unused variable dummy.
(emit_byte): Delete unused variable fixp.
2014-01-08 H.J. Lu <>
* config/tc-i386.c (regbnd): Removed.
(vec_disp8): Likewise.
2014-01-08 H.J. Lu <>
* as.c (parse_args): Update copyright year to 2014.
2014-01-07 Tom Tromey <>
* config/tc-tic30.c (debug): Avoid old VA_* compatibility
2014-01-07 Tom Tromey <>
* config/tc-microblaze.h (parse_cons_expression_microblaze): Don't
2014-01-07 Tom Tromey <>
* config/tc-xc16x.h: Don't use ANSI_PROTOTYPES.
2013-01-07 Philipp Tomsich <>
* config/tc-aarch64.c (aarch64_cpus): Add entry for "xgene-1"
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