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# Miscellaneous CR16 simulator testcases
if [istarget cr16*-*-*] {
# all machines
set all_machs "cr16"
global global_sim_options
if ![info exists global_sim_options] {
set global_sim_options ""
set saved_global_sim_options $global_sim_options
# The cr16 linker sets the default LMA base to 0, and all the code
# expects the VMA when running, so use that when running the tests.
set global_sim_options "$saved_global_sim_options --load-vma"
# The .ms suffix is for "miscellaneous .s".
foreach src [lsort [glob -nocomplain $srcdir/$subdir/*.ms]] {
# If we're only testing specific files and this isn't one of them,
# skip it.
if ![runtest_file_p $runtests $src] {
run_sim_test $src $all_machs
set global_sim_options $saved_global_sim_options