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Fri Dec 28 00:13:42 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
Further stabilization for the Intel 960.
* Makefile.dist: Parameterize the location of the "include"
and "bfd" directories, as well as "getopt". Add symfile.c.
Link in both dbxread and coffread. Fix up "make depend" to
rewack the locations of include, bfd, and getopt in its output.
* README: Document moving include files, improve some of
the other doc.
* coffread.c: Move common code out to symfile.c. Change
symbol_file_command style interface to use new *_symfile_init
and *_symfile_read interface under BFD. Use BFD internal
info to locate line table, symbols, etc.
* core.c (core_fetch_registers): Rename to get_core_registers
to avoid confusion with fetch_core_registers.
(register_addr): Move to coredep.c, which is already machine
dependent. This leaves core.c pretty clean of dependencies.
* coredep.c (register_addr): Accept this routine from core.c.
* dbxread.c: Move common code (with coffread.c, etc) into new
symfile.c. Each psymtab now contains a pointer to the
format-dependent function that knows how to read it in. Make
some things static.
(dbx_psymtab_to_symtab): Renamed from psymtab_to_symtab_2.
(process_one_symbol): Add code to complain about a "compiler bug
we muzzle here", if we actually see it.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp): Insert missing "break" statements
in code that determines whether a variable is an lvalue in
memory, register, or whatever. I detected this via a compiler
bug in which it *almost* mashed out the whole switch statement.
* gdb-int.texinfo: Add minor sections on configuring gdb for
release, and about the README file.
* infcmd.c (registers_info): Fix formatting somewhat. Still
not as pretty as before, but it handles byte swapping.
* remote-nindy.c: If data cache routines are interrupted while
waiting for the remote end, be sure that any uninitialized cache
blocks are on the free list, not on the valid list!
* symfile.h: Flesh out this header file with all the various
routines and variables that have been merged in from dbxread.c
coffread.c, and symtab.c to symfile.c.
* symfile.c: New file, containing code common to dbxread.c,
coffread.c, and some code from symtab.c. All generic code for
reading symbol files should be in here now.
(unrecord_misc_function): Remove unused function.
* symtab.h: Remove file-reading things to symfile.h.
* symtab.c: Remove file-reading things to symfile.c.
* tm-i960.h: Fix FRAME_CHAIN types; define PRINT_RANDOM_SIGNAL
to decode i960 fault types.
* target.h, remote.c, remote-eb.c, remote-vx.c, remote-nindy.c,
target.c: Change type of the "resume" function from int to void,
since its result was never used.
Sat Dec 22 02:51:40 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* main.c: Replace "stupid" with "caution"; you now "set caution
on or off".
* printcmd.c (print_scalar_formatted): Fix typo in 'g' format
* infcmd.c (do_registers_info): Call val_print to deal with the
byte order of the registers being printed. FIXME, this makes
the formatting of the output uglier.
* infcmd.c (wait_for_inferior): If PRINT_RANDOM_SIGNAL is
defined, call it for signals the debugger doesn't itself use.
The i960 uses this for more detailed fault information.
* remote.c (remote_open): If arg is null, print help rather than
dumping core.
* sparc-xdep.c (register_valid): Avoid declaring size, since
various modules will think of various sizes depending on the
architecture of their tm-file. FIXME, we need protection against
actually entering one of those modules, which would clobber
storage if not for the target architecture compiled into gdb.
* stack.c (up_command, down_command): Always print the frame
you arrive at.
(up_silently_command, down_silently_command): New commands
for use in scripts.
* i960-pinsn.c (reg), i960-tdep.c: Lint.
* i960-tdep.c (i960_frame_chain_valid): Lookup_symbol now takes
more parameters than it used to.
* findvar.c (registers): Increase slop to 256 bytes, which should
protect us against even most RISC machines with large register
(locate_var_value): Move declaration inside related ifdef.
* remote-nindy.c (): Use TIOCSETN rather than TIOCSETP
throughout, to avoid throwing away buffered input from the board.
(nindy_wait): Supply_register takes addr_of_value, not value.
(i960_print_fault): Renamed from i80960_fault.
(nindy_fetch_registers): Avoid have_regs stuff, just get them.
(nindy_store_registers): Avoid regs_changed stuff, just stuff
(nindy_create_inferior): Don't bother to write PC_REGNUM since
we can set the PC in the call to proceed(). Unpush nindy_ops
before pushing it on top, to avoid message to user. Eliminate
commentary from Unix machines that just misleads here.
(reset_command): Fix error message to suggest target command.
Wed Dec 19 11:03:56 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
Release 3.92.5 as frozen.
Stabilize the merged release...with help from lint, Saber C,
gcc -W, etc.
Everywhere: Add include files needed to declare return types
of functions called.
* gdb.texinfo: Roland Pesch is documenting gdb, glory be!
* breakpoint.h: Add undeclared breakpoint functions, and some
functions for display handling since I couldn't think of a better
.h to put them in.
* breakpoint.c (insert_breakpoints): Make code for disabling
shared library bkpts more likely to work. It's used when we
rerun a program and stop before the shared library has been
mapped in.
(breakpoint_cond_eval, bpstat_stop_status): Pass arg as int,
cast from pointer, so it squeezes through catch_errors.
(bpstat_stop_status): Fix logic broken some time ago. We now
always create a bpstat if the stop address matches a breakpoint,
even if we don't stop there -- just like the old code used to do
before I got my fingers into it (sigh).
(breakpoint_1): Print "ignore count" after "stop only if"
condition, since that's how it actually works.
(mention): Handle watchpoints as well as breakpoints.
(watch_command): use set_raw_breakpoint and mention to do most
of the work (and initialize all the fields!). Only pass one
arg to parse_c_expression, since that's all it takes.
* command.c (not_just_help_class_command): Rename arg to args
since we ignore "unused argument" warnings on vars named "args".
inflow.c (child_terminal_info): ditto.
infptrace.c (kill_inferior): ditto
main.c (catch_errors, version_info, quit_command, pwd_command,
source_command, dump_me_command, editing_info,
set_history_size_command, set_history, show_history,
set_verbose): ditto
stack.c (locals_info): ditto
target.c (target_files_info): ditto
valprint.c (set_input_radix, set_output_radix): ditto
* core.c: Remove old variables for handling core and exec file
sections (data_start, data_end, stack_start, stack_end,
reg_stack_start, reg_stack_end, reg_stack_offset, text_start,
text_end, exec_data_start, exec_data_end, text_offset,
exec_data_offset, data_offset, stack_offset). They're
superseded the more general build_section_table and
(get_exec_file): Mention the `file' command.
(read_memory_check): Rename to memory_error, and only call it
in the case of an actual error.
(read_memory, write_memory): call memory_error.
(core_fetch_registers): Register section name is ".reg".
coredep.c: Remove a bunch of crud now that all this file does
is pull the registers out of a core file.
(fetch_core_registers): Rewrite to actually work, I hope.
dbxread.c: Use a.out.gnu.h, not system a.out, now.
Replace index() with strchr(). Remove all the pre-BFD macro
definitions for accessing the symbol file.
(struct dbx_symfile_info): Encapsulate the information that
dbx_symfile_init needs to pass to dbx_symfile_read in this
(dbx_new_init, dbx_symfile_init, dbx_symfile_read,
dbx_symfile_discard): Rearrange symbol file reading to divide
the format-specific part from the format-independent part,
leaving the format-independent part such as file name expansion
and opening in symtab.c. This replaces
partial_symbol_file_open and partial_symbol_file_read.
Symbol_file_read, add_file, add_file_target_command,
add_file_addr_command move to symtab.c. Pass an explicit
"mainline" flag for when reading the main symbol table, rather
than relying on the offset address to be zero or nonzero.
(dbx_symfile_read): Don't allow void *'s to be printed as
(SWAP_SYMBOL): Use bfd routines to byte-swap the symbols.
(ADD_PSYMBOL_TO_LIST): Make the "function call rather than
macro" debug version really work.
(read_dbx_symtab): Remove unref'd parameter inclink.
Avoid swapping N_SLINE symbols, for speed.
Merge N_TEXT!N_EXT case with the other external symbol
definitions' case. Add comments.
(start_psymtab): Allocate the symfile name in the psymtab on
the psymbol_obstack, rather than using the caller's storage.
(end_psymtab): Only allocate a dependencies list if there are
more than zero.
(psymtab_to_symtab_2): Use BFD when reopening file to read
its symbols for real.
(read_struct_type): Add FIXME comments where it needs work
for C++ bogosity.
(read_huge_number): Add FIXME about overflows.
(read_range_type): Add FIXME about comparing a long to 1<<32.
* coffread.c: Minor changes to move things closer to the new
regime with symtab.c and dbxread.c Major work is still needed
* exec.c (exec_file_command): Remove old variables (see core.c
(xfer_memory): If memory transfer is right at the end of a
section, don't lose.
* findvar.c (get_saved_register): If value is in a real
register, LVAL is lval_register, not lval_memory.
frame.h: Declare print_sel_frame and record_selected_frame.
gdb-int.texinfo: New file, for GDB internals documentation.
Very simple, unformatted doc of cleanups is there for now.
gdbcore.h: Remove obsolete variables that described a.out
section addresses and offsets. (See core.c above.)
Declare fetch_core_registers and registers_fetched.
getopt.c: Declare char *alloca(); even on SPARC.
infcmd.c (run_command): Call target_kill rather than
(step_command, next_command, stepi_command, nexti_command):
Declare from_tty parameter even though we don't use it.
(run_stack_dummy): argument BUFFER is a char array, not
a pointer to REGISTER_TYPE.
(finish_command): using_struct_return needed a value *,
not a struct symbol *.
* infptrace.c (child_xfer_memory): To avoid dependency on
where sections are in memory, try PT_WRITE_D and if that fails,
try PT_WRITE_I. Most Unixes don't care which you use.
* infrun.c (step_resume_break_shadow): Change to array to
match other breakpoint shadow storage.
(clear_proceed_status): Pass address of bpstat to
bpstat_clear, not the bpstat itself.
(child_create_inferior): FIXME comment about if the child
(start_inferior): Remove old function.
(child_open): Use target_kill rather than kill_inferior.
(wait_for_inferior): Ditto.
(insert_step_breakpoint, remote_step_breakpoint): Use
new step_resume_break_shadow.
* inftarg.c (child_wait): If all child processes die,
pretend that the one being waited for exited with signal 42.
* main.c (command_line_input): When scanning for comments,
don't coredump on unclosed quotes.
(quit_command): Use target_kill rther than kill_inferior.
(_initialize_main): Rename class_user from "user" to
* printcmd.c (print_command_1): Initialize "fmt" if no format
is specified by the user.
(print_frame_args): Only add to args_printed if we are
actually fetching args from the stack (avoiding undefined
(_initialize_printcmd): Remove bogus \{ from string.
* remote-eb.c (eb_open): Avoid coredump on no argument.
* remote-nindy.c: Bring out of Intel environment into new
target environment. Remove all conditional compilation on
I80960. Massive hacking throughout.
(nindy_xfer_inferior_memory): New routine stolen from
(nindy_create_inferior): New routine pieced together, probably
not quite working yet.
(nindy_ops): New target_ops struct for nindy.
* remote-vx.c: Use write_memory rather than target_write_memory
to get error checking.
(vx_add_file_command, vx_open): Use symbol_file_add rather than
(vx_create_inferior): Use target_terminal_ours...
* signame.c (_initialize_signame): Always initialize, since
we need the table for things other than psignal.
* solib.c (solib_add): Use symbol_file_add, not add_file.
(solib_address): Return boolean result rather than struct
pointer which nobody else knows the type of.
* sparc-tdep.c, valops.c: Use write_memory rather than
target_write_memory, to get error checking.
* stack.c (locals_info, catch_info, args_info,
get_selected_block, frame_command, up_command): Use
target_has_stack, rather than have_inferior_p or
* sun3-xdep.c (fetch_core_registers): Rewrite for new BFD regime.
* symfile.h: New file, defining the interface between the
generic and object-file-specific symbol reading code.
* symtab.c: Move generic symbol-reading interface to symtab.c,
from dbxread.c, coffread.c, mipsread.c, etc. Add symtab_fns
table to map BFD targets to symbol-reading modules in GDB.
Change index to strchr.
(lookup_struct_elt_type): Use error() rather than hand-made
simulations thereof.
(lookup_partial_symbol): Speedup slightly when length == 0.
(symbol_file_add): New function.
(symbol_file_command): Call it.
(symfile_open, symfile_init): New function.
(add_file_target_command, add_file_addr_command): moved from
* target.c (target_command): use target_kill.
* target.h (target_files_info): Don't declare, never called
from outside.
* tm-sun2.h, tm-sun3.h (STACK_END_ADDR): Use system include
files to determine stack end address.
* valarith.c (value_x_binop, value_x_unop): Change error message
to be more useful. Pass proper argument to value_struct_elt.
* valops.c (value_assign): FIXME comment that long long
bitfields will break here.
* Makefile.dist: Add symfile.h, remote-nindy.c, remote-eb.c.
Update `make saber_gdb' to work better.
* TODO: A woman's work is never done.
* cplus-dem.c, environ.c, inferior.h, infrun.c, inftarg.c,
main.c, obstack.c, printcmd.c, remote-eb.c, remote-nindy.c,
remote-vx.c, remote.c, solib.c, source.c, sparc-pinsn.c,
sparc-tdep.c, sparc-xdep.c, symmisc.c, symtab.c, symtab.h
target.c, terminal.h, tm-sparc.h, tm-sunos.h, utils.c,
valops.c, valprint.c, exec.c: Lint.
Wed Dec 12 23:44:15 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at
Continuing Intel 960 port merge of GDB.
* Makefile.dist: Merge i960 "nindy-share" files. Rename
malloc.h to gmalloc.h to avoid name conflicts in /usr/include.
Don't ship gdb.dvi in tar file. Link gdb with init.o, not init.c.
Wack over "make depend" so it handles files in subdirectories
vx-share, nindy-share, bfd, and in the current directory.
* blockframe.c (get_prev_frame_info): Remove fatal error
if stack not defined.
* core.c (core_open, core_detach): New functions that handle
the old "core-file" command as "target core" and "detach" instead.
(core_file_command): Call them.
(core_xfer_memory): Use common routine xfer_memory.
* dbxread.c: Include a.out.gnu.h, not system a.out.h.
dbxread now uses bfd for everything but symbol reading itself.
BFD internals are used to drag out the relevant file offsets.
(partial_symbol_file_open): Change args all around for BFD.
* symtab.c: Rename "value" to "val" everywhere, so we can
#include "value.h".
(symbol_file_command): New command, moved from dbxread.c
and coffread.c. It uses BFD to read the file, then vectors
based on its type, to dbx or coff symbol readers.
* symtab.h: Extern a few vars for symbol_file_command.
* target.h: Breakpoint takes a char * save area, not a char **.
* valprint.c (val_print): When unpacking bitfields, offset
the address in gdb of the value, if it is declared with a shorter
type. Remove the last "runtime kludge test" of host byte order.
* utils.c: Remove old my_bfd_read routine.
* stack.c (frame_info): Use target_has_stack. Print program counter
register's actual name rather than "pc", since it's called the
"ip" (instruction pointer) on the i960 (sigh).
* target.c (target_command): Add command for selecting a target
type and calling its open routine. This is used for initiating
communication with a particular target, in a generic way.
* tm-i960.h: Update for modern gdb. Remove semicolons from
various macros. Handle reading struct return convention, and
error-out attempts to return structs with the "return" command.
Be sure gdb doesn't think we know how to call functions in the
to i960_xxx in lower case.
(arg_address): Circumvent errors due to LOC_ARG_BLOCK
not being defined yet.
* remote.c (remote_open): Call start_remote to initialize
wait_for_inferior during open.
(remote_xfer_inferior_memory): Return length written rather
than errno value.
* remote-vx.c (target_command -> vx_open): Use new generic
target command.
* remote-eb.c, inftarg.c, exec.c: ditto.
* infrun.c: Fix comments.
(attach_program -> child_open): Use new generic target command.
(wait_for_inferior): Clear saved register values before target_wait,
so target_wait can set some of them if convenient.
* infptrace.c (fetch_inferior_registers, store_inferior_registers):
Return success indicator, not void.
(child_xfer_memory): Avoid fetching initial word if we'll
overwrite it anyway.
* infcmd.c (attach_command): Use new generic target open routine.
(_initialize_infcmd): Update doc on attach and detach commands.
(do_registers_info): Merge in a byte-order problem as a FIXME
* findvar.c (find_saved_register): Avoid problem in current frame.
(read_relative_register): Ditto.
(write_register): Convert byte order on the way out.
* exec.c (file_command): Add.
(add_to_section_table, exec_command): Use new bfd_map_over_sections.
(xfer_memory): Common function between core_xfer_memory and
(exec_xfer_memory): Use it.
* pn-opcode.h: Document that a "PN" is a Gould PowerNode.
* breakpoint.c, breakpoint.h, symtab.h, value.h, frame.h, utils.c,
valops.c, stack.c, target.c, sparc-xdep.c, source.c, printcmd.c,
infcmd.c, i960-pinsn.c, eval.c, defs.h: lint and gcc -Wall.
Sun Dec 2 16:45:06 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at
Merge Intel 960 port of gdb, continuing...
* dbxread.c (partial_symbol_file_open, partial_symbol_file_read,
symbol_file_command): Pass from_tty arg to hush 'em up.
* coffread.c (symbol_file_command): Avoid output if from_tty != 1.
Add magic numbers for 960 COFF format.
Fri Nov 30 09:18:20 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at
Merge Intel 960 port of gdb, from Intel "1.2" release.
CHANGE_LOG entries from their port, which was based on
Thu Sep 6 11:02:22 PDT 1990
Remove temp file if download is interrupted.
Wed Aug 1 09:08:33 PDT 1990
Now uses binary protocol to talk to NINDY.
Old hex protocol (NINDY 2.13 and older) supported with -O switch.
Times out after 5 seconds when trying to talk to NINDY.
Tue May 29 12:54:49 PDT 1990
Added variable baud rate (-b switch).
Source code reorganization.
Thu Apr 26 11:09:55 PDT 1990
More cleanup of batch mode; specifically, execute "-s", "-e", and
"-se" switches as soon as they are encountered on the invocation line.
Fri Apr 20 13:47:15 PDT 1990
Add -brk switch.
Thu Apr 19 09:54:28 PDT 1990
Add 'reset' command.
Wed Apr 18 09:48:07 PDT 1990
After opening remote tty, wait for 1 second to go by without input
from it before trying to talk to NINDY (fixes problems with the
Heurikon HK80/V960E).
Mon Apr 4 16:33:05 PDT 1990
Some output was not being suppressed in 'batch' mode.
Thu Mar 22 15:31:11 PST 1990
Ask user if old symbol table should be deleted when new file is
Allow user to run a program downloaded before gdb960 was brought up.
Correct "exec-file" help message for i80960 context.
Correct bug in calculating user space address: could occasionally
corrupt user program.
Make sure to zero low-order bits in rip's because of bug in 960CA
A-step part: could cause operation faults when "next"ing across
a function call.
Correct bug that made it impossible to get source line numbers for
code loaded at addresses higher than 0x7fffffff.
Wed Jan 10 12:43:22 PST 1990
Open remote tty for exclusive use.
Fri Jan 5 12:14:42 PST 1990
Correct disassembly (CA manual was right after all):
opcode for sysctl is 0x659
Mon Oct 23 12:03:04 PDT 1989
Use G960BASE and G960BIN environment variables to find 'sx' utility.
Mon Oct 16 14:15:09 PDT 1989
"sfr0"-"sfr31" should have been named "sf0"-"sf31"
Mon Oct 2 15:56:31 PDT 1989
Added 960CA disassembly support.
To simplify maintenance:
- eliminated use of symblic links on pinsn.c: use i960-pinsn.c
directly instead.
- eliminated opcode.h: incorporates tables into i960-pinsn.c
- moved 960-specific routines from i960-pinsn.c to i960-md.c
- made disassembly interface identical to that in gdmp960.
Wed Nov 28 21:32:48 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* target.h: Allow targets to stack. Add target_has_memory,
_registers, etc. Restructure memory access and "info files"
to walk the target stack.
* exec.c, core.c, inftarg.c, remote.c, remote-vx.c, remote-eb.c,
target.c: Change tables to match target.h.
* inflow.c (child_mourn_inferior): pop child_ops.
(generic_mourn_inferior): Use new has_stack flag.
* infptrace.c (child_xfer_memory): New memory regime.
* inftarg.c (child_files_info): New "info files" regime.
* remote-eb.c: New memory regime, new info files.
* remote-vx.c: New memory regime, new info files. Now use
separate targets for VxWorks attachment to machine, and
actually running a process under VxWorks, since one has
stack & execution & regs and the other doesn't.
* remote.c: New memory regime, new info files.
* sparc-xdep.c (fetch_core-registers): New memory regime.
* target.c: New routines and support for stacked targets,
new memory regime, new info files regime.
Generalize section handling for an arbitrary number of sections,
including use of the new BFD (binary file) library.
* gdbcore.h: Add struct section_table.
* exec.c (build_section_table): Iterate all sections and
record what gdb needs to know about them.
(exec_command): Use it.
(exec_xfer_memory): Use the table.
(exec_files_info): Print the table.
* core.c (core_file_command, core_xfer_memory, core_files_info):
* source.c (find_source_lines): Use bfd_get_mtime.
* dbxread.c: Quick changes to make it compile with new BFD.
* utils.c (error): Avoid using bfd_error in generic routines.
* core.c (core_fetch_registers): Get from the ".regs" section of
the BFD core file.
* sparc-xdep.c (fetch_core_registers): Use the .regs info.
* inferior.h (attach_flag): Export.
* infcmd.c (run_command): use new target_create_inferior.
* infrun.c (child_create_inferior): Don't return result.
* Makefile.dist (VERSION): 3.91.4.
Fri Nov 23 28:15:38 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* breakpoint.c (bpstat_num): Handle breakpoints which have
since been deleted, such as temporary breakpoints.
infcmd.c (program_info): ditto.
* core.c (core_file_command): Display the frame where the core
dump occurred.
* main.c: lint.
* remote-vx.c (target_command): Merge in target command from
targ-vx.c. A few other cleanups.
* TODO, Projects: Lots more stuff to do...
Fri Nov 23 18:15:38 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
Massive changes to wall off the remote-debugging interface
behind a function vector. The port to handle VxWorks targets
is also part of this.
All files: Replace references to renamed functions,
remove references to remote_debugging, remove references to
have_include_file, have_core_file in favor of target_has_stack,
target_has_memory, etc.
* Modularize the breakpoint interface.
breakpoint.h (BREAKPOINT_MAX): New define sets max length of
a breakpoint instruction.
breakpoint.c: struct breakpoint's shadow_contents now sized as
(insert_breakpoints): Vector to target to install breakpoints.
(remove_breakpoints): Vector to target here too.
Remove REMOTE_SA_SPARC kludges and other remote_debugging.
sparc-tdep.c (single_step): Use new breakpoint interface for
the single-step breakpoints.
mem-break.c (memory_insert_breakpoint, memory_remove_breakpoint):
New file, contains routines to insert and remove breakpoints by
reading out the old contents and later replacing them. This is
how ptrace breakpoints work, and many remote systems as well.
* tm-vxworks68.h: New config file, overrides a few things for
Wind River's preferences.
* target.h: New file, for transfer vector used to talk to the
inferior (child, attached, core, exec, remote, etc). All accesses
to the thing being debugged should come through these vectors.
target.c: New file, routines to handle transfer vector.
(various files): Add transfer vectors XXX_ops for the various
targets and pseudo-targets (core files, etc) we support.
* breakpoint.c (bpstat_stop_status): Further explorations of
watchpoints and why things don't work all the time.
(bpstat_alloc): New fn to allocate a bpstat and chain it.
* config.gdb: Only add "source ${srcdir}/.gdbinit" to
the local gdbinit if it doesn't already have it.
* core.c (core_ops): add and install.
Allow core debugging without exec file.
* dbxread.c (free_and_init_header_files): Merge two fns.
(end_symtab): Free named symbol table when a new version comes in.
(read_dbx_symtab): Relocate all kinds of symbols with base
address. First step toward handling different text, data, bss
(add_file_addr_command): Renamed add_file_command.
(add_file_command): Vector to remote handler.
Add "load" as an alias for "add-file" command.
* defs.h: Allow "volatile" to be used in non-ANSI; use it for
non-returning functions.
* exec.c: Add exec_ops, and push it as a target when an exec
file is specified.
* infcmd.c (run_command): Pass executable file name and arg list
separately when starting an inferior. Permit "run" when no exec
file is specified, for VxWorks.
(detach_command): Move to child_detach in inftarg.c.
* inftarg.c: New file. Unix-child-specific routines, and the
child_ops structure.
* inferior.h (registers): Export "registers" as the way for
target dependent register handlers to find gdb's local copy of
the registers. Rename "stop_after_attach" to "stop_soon_quietly"
since it is now used by places that want wait_for_inferior to
handle the grunge but want to see every trap from the inferior.
* inflow.c (create_inferior): Pull out, and merge into infrun.c.
Eliminate remote_debugging hooks in terminal handling.
* infrun.c: Replace start_inferior with child_create_inferior.
Move all the hair of Unix shells and ptrace idiosyncracies into
child_create_inferior, so remote handlers don't have to deal.
Remove running_in_shell. Rename stop_after_attach to
stop_soon_quietly, and use it in a few other places where we want
to just call wait_for_inferior and get control back on the first
trap. trap_expected now never takes a value > 1.
(init_wait_for_inferior): Initialize static vars when a new
process is created.
main.c (gdbinit): Add new hook for .gdbinit file name, let
it be overridden by config files as GDBINIT_FILENAME.
(DEFAULT_PROMPT): Add new hook for overriding (gdb) prompt.
Both of these are used for VxWorks gdb.
mcheck.c: rename include file "gmalloc.c" to avoid problems
with system include file "malloc.c".
param-no-tm.h: New include file, same as param.h but does not
include the default "tm.h" file. This is used in files where
the target is known, e.g. remote-eb.c or sparc-xdep.c.
param.h: Now just a shell that includes tm.h and param-no-tm.h.
remote-vx.c: New file, VxWorks remote debugging support. Uses
RPC routines that are shared with the target system, in directory
remote.c: Vectorize remote interface.
source.c: Globalize source_path, and make an alias "l" for "list"
since we now have the "load" command.
sparc-xdep.c: Use new param-no-tm.h.
symmisc.c (free_named_symtab): Add new function from Wind River.
However, ifdef it out for now while we think about what it should
really be doing.
tm-sun3.h, xm-sparc.h, xm-sun3.h, xm-symmetry.h: Move
the xm- file, and change its name to CHILD_PREPARE_TO_STORE, since
non-Unix-children handle this with their own code in the target
transfer vector.
Makefile.dist: Roll version to 3.92.3. Add vx-share stuff to
source and target lists. Add vx-share to default list of include
directories. Add new files to src and target lists: mem-break,
target, inftarg, remote-eb, remote-vx, targ-vx. Be sure the
${srcdir} versions of munch and createtags are used.
* valops.c (find_function_addr): Split out of call_function.
(call_function_by_hand): Rename call_function; this function
calls functions in the target by laboriously patching the target
word-by-word with the right stack, args, regs, etc.
Mon Nov 5 17:29:10 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
Handle AMD 29000 a bit better.
* remote-eb.c (readchar): Mask received char log to make it readable.
(remote_start): Pass arguments down to executing program.
Make startaddr unsigned.
infrun.c (start_inferior): Accept args, pass them to
infcmd.c (run_command): Pass args down to start_inferior.
* tconfig/am29k-aout, tconfig/am29k-coff: New files specifying
the target object file format.
tm-29k.h: Pay heed to COFF_ENCAPSULATE.
* am29k-pinsn.c (print_insn): Print 0x on hex numbers in disassembly.
am29k-tdep.c (examine_prologue): Better checking of function prefixes.
Sun Oct 7 18:20:45 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* Makefile.dist (VERSION): Roll version to 3.91.9 and freeze.
* TODO: We did a few things, we have more to do though.
* xm-sparc.h (CLEAR_DEFERRED_STORES): Define.
* inflow.c (inferior_died): Clear deferred stores.
* Debug problems with dummy frames and calls to the inferior.
* tm-sparc.h (PUSH_DUMMY_FRAME, POP_FRAME): Move to sparc-tdep.c.
* sparc-tdep.c (do_restore_insn): Simplify.
(sparc_frame_find_saved_regs): Simplify and fix what we find.
(sparc_push_dummy_frame): Simplify and fix what we push.
(sparc_pop_frame): Slightly more hair here, deciding whether
we are restoring a saved PC or returning to a return address in %i7.
* sparc-xdep.c (read_inferior_registers): Debug if valid reg is read.
* utils.c (xmalloc, xrealloc): Return type depends on __STDC__.
* symtab.h (xmalloc): ditto, for obstack_chunk_alloc.
* obstack.h (chunkfun): ditto.
* defs.h (xmalloc, xrealloc): ditto
* utils.c (quit): Grab the terminal from the child if necessary.
* inflow.c (term_status_command): Rename to term_info, change
to "info terminal".
* sparc-pinsn.c (print_insn): Disassembly prefers real instructions.
(is_delayed_branch): Speed up.
* sparc-opcode.h: Add ALIAS bit to aliases. Fix up opcode tables.
Still missing some float ops, and needs testing.
* Support for input and output radixes other than base 10
* defs.h (input_radix, output_radix): Declare.
* expread.y (yyparse, parse_number): Handle changes of input
radix, and ambiguous names-or-numbers in radixes >10.
* printcmd.c (print_scalar_formatted): Print formatted hex
numbers in varying column widths.
* valprint.c (val_print): Use output_format to print scalar ints.
(set_input_radix, set_output_radix, set_radix): Create.
(set_output_radix): Set output_format from output_radix.
(_initialize_valprint): add `set radix' but leave the others off.
* main.c (execute_command): Let stupid questions be turned off.
(_initialize_main): Handle "set stupidity", etc.
* main.c, inflow.c, inferior.h, frame.h, command.c, defs.h,
sparc-pinsn.c, sparc-xdep.c, value.h, valops.c, values.c: Lint.
Tue Oct 2 11:20:02 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* TODO, Makefile.dist, ChangeLog: Freeze for 3.91.8 release.
bfd stuff is still screwed up, but with some manual work, it
* breakpoint.c (bpstat_do_actions): Start over if a command
proceeds the inferior, since the inferior will have stopped and
will need to have its new stop-actions taken care of.
* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): Expression gives Sun3 4.0.3
compiler fits, simplify it.
* gdb.texinfo (directory command): Doc new dir command.
source.c (directory_command): "dir" now puts things on the front
of the path, moves dups up front, and handles multiple names
on the command line, inserting each one in order. It also
blows away cached line and full_filename info.
* stack.c (backtrace_command): Skip "more stack frames follow"
unless interactive.
* Change #ifndef HAVE_VPRINTF to #define MISSING_VPRINTF in
xm-convex.h, xm-hp300bsd.h, xm-isi.h, xm-merlin.h, xm-news.h,
xm-np1.h, xm-pn.h, xm-pyr.h, xm-symmetry.h, xm-umax.h, xm-vax.h.
The only odd one was Gould NP1, which had defined vprintf to
* Merge Ted Goldstein <>'s changes for epoch.
printcmd.c (print_command_1): Pass 'inspect' flag down as a global
variable, inspect_it.
valprint.c (print_string, val_print): Use the global inspect_it
to indicate whether to print in Epoch style or normal style.
Mon Oct 1 23:55:26 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* printcmd.c (call_command): add an alias for the "print" command
which runs expressions and doesn't print the result if void.
(print_command_1): implement it.
* command.c: Remove #if 0'd code. Initialize all the fields
in add_cmd (). Rename do_nothing_command to
not_just_help_class_command, and make it externally visible.
command.h: add user_commands to struct.
* main.c (define_command): Don't overload c->function with a char
string as well as a function pointer.
* eval.c (evaluate_subexp): Reinstall tiemann changes to
calling convention of value_struct_elt () that got dropped in
* tm-sparc.h (FRAME_FIND_SAVED_REGS): move to sparc-xdep.c.
sparc-tdep.c (sparc_frame_find_saved_regs): ditto.
* tm-sparc.h (POP_FRAME): replace some constants with defines.
* sparc-xdep.c (store_inferior_registers): defer stores to regs
until a good time (e.g. when we are about to run the child),
saving ptrace calls.
* infrun.c (proceed): handle DO_DEFERRED_STORES.
* tm-sparc.h: define DO_DEFERRED_STORES.
* sparc-xdep.c (store_inferior_registers): when storing float
registers, don't store stack regs too. When storing the SP,
however, DO store the stack regs too. This fixes a bug in which
the dummy frame is not recognized when a call_function finishes,
because its frame pointer (in the stack regs) was never
(read_inferior_registers): Mark WIM and TBR and FPS and CPS valid
even though we don't know how to read them from an inferior.
valops.c (call_function): Comment about storing SP.
* infrun.c (save_inferior_status): Save away the original bpstat
chain so it can be restored later. Install the copied version for
use by whoever saved the status. It will be blow away by
restore_inferior_status, and the original chain restored. This is
important for people who have pointers into the original.
* breakpoint.c, command.h, copying.awk, dbxread.c, defs.h,
findvar.c, frame.h, obstack.h, obstack.c, inflow.c, value.h,
main.c, printcmd.c, sparc-tdep.c, symtab.c, valprint.c: lint
Fri Sep 28 20:32:46 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at
* Makefile.dist: Roll version to 3.91.8. Add bfd.h and bfdconfig.h
temporarily to the makefile. Add am29k-opcode.h and WHATS.NEW.
Add stuff.c and kdb-start.c to the OTHERS list for tar files.
Fri Sep 28 19:12:12 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* Merge Mike Tiemann's multiple inheritance changes from Sun.
Store the baseclasses in a type struct starting from array element
0 rather than from the unusual array element 1.
dbxread.c: the above.
(virtual_context): Add
Read new debug information about which virtual function table
a virtual function is from, and store it in fn_field.fcontext.
symtab.h: Add fcontextt. Fix baseclass indices. Typo in
symtab.c: the above.
valops.c: the above. Handle pointer casts of object *'s.
(search_struct_method): Add.
(value_struct_elt): First arg is now a pointer to a value, and is
modified on return.
valprint.c: the above.
values.c (value_virtual_fn_field): Add type arg. Handle
offsetting to the proper object when calling virtual fns.
The above.
(baseclass_addr): Add valuep arg.
* README: Document the current state of BFD config (missing).
* TODO, ChangeLog, Makefile.dist: Roll version.
* WHATS.NEW: Add summary of changes since 3.5.
Thu Sep 27 16:23:12 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): Clear bit vectors whenever
we allocate one.
symtab.c (B_CLRALL): define.
* tm-sparc.h (STORE_RETURN_VALUE): Avoid clobbering types by
using == rather than =. Huh... This fixes the dreaded problem
wherein builtin_type_int becomes TYPE_CODE_FLT.
* core.c (info_files): Show the inferior pid.
* config.gdb: Avoid putting "dir" command into .gdbinit. GDB
already knows how to look in the source directory.
* Remove psymtab hair from many places. Remove duplicated code
for searching symbol tables. Hide psymtabs from most places.
Make it fast to get from a psymtab to its symtab.
blockframe.c (blockvector_for_pc): Remove psymtab hair.
coffread.c (psymtab_to_symtab): Rename to psymtab_to_symtab2.
mipsread.c (psymtab_to_symtab): Rename to psymtab_to_symtab2.
dbxread.c: export psymtab_to_symtab, make it work if called N times.
(psymtab_to_symtab): Rename to psymtab_to_symtab2. Initialize
new symtab completely. New psymtabs get symtab pointer
initialized to zero. Remove MI warning printf.
symtab.h: Comments. Add psymtab to symtab pointer.
symtab.c: use PSYMTAB_TO_SYMTAB. Add psymtab_to_symtab and export it.
source.c: use PSYMTAB_TO_SYMTAB. Remove symtab version and
compilation fields.
stack.c (backtrace_command): Avoid pre-pass to read symbols, if
verbose is not set.
(print_frame_info): Avoid special-casing symbols that have not yet
been read in.
* source.c (open_source_file): Quick path if we have already
located the source file by its full name.
* symtab.c (lookup_symbol): Use find_pc_symtab rather than
find_pc_psymtab. When a name is found in the misc function
vector, search the symbol table for its mangled name, not the
name that the user typed.
* bfd.h: Fix missing comment terminators, make #endifs match.
* valarith.c (value_less): Handle unsigned int comparisons.
Add FIXME about pointer compares, which assume host and target
pointers are the same.
* command.c (do_nothing_command): lint
dbxread.c: lint. Remove sort_syms. Document C++ visibility info,
fix comments on debug symbol format for visibility. Actually set
visibility of symbols.
main.c (echo_command): lint; use <readline/history.h>.
tm-sparc.h (FRAME_FIND_SAVED_REGS): lint
obstack.h (_obstack_blank): Rearrange pointer math to avoid
pointing past end of allocated memory; saber complains.
obstack.h: Declare the external functions that we use.
valarith.h: use <string.h>
solib.c (solib_add): lint.
Fri Sep 21 17:05:19 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* main.c (initialize_main): Default info_verbose to off, now that
symbol reading is fast.
(quit_command): Avoid clobbering exec_bfd while quitting.
* Initial BFD (binary file diddling library) merger:
coffread.c: Change AOUTHDR to struct exe_hdr.
dbxread.c: ditto.
core.c: initialize initialized data at compile time.
(core_file_command): Move from coredep.c, convert to bfd.
(xfer_core_file): Convert to bfd.
exec.c (exec_file_command): use bfd routines.
gdbcore.h: BFD.
mips-tdep.c: Remove exec_file_command and friends.
source.c: bfd.
* coredep.c: (fetch_core_registers) Convert core_file_command to
mips-xdep.c, sparc-xdep.c, sun3-xdep.c: ditto.
* utils.c: (error): Bogus crap, FIXME, to print bfd errors.
(my_bfd_read): More bogosity, which I don't think we call.
(program_name): Remove this atrocity asap!
Wed Sep 19 13:36:41 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* From Per Bothner:
values.c: allocate_repeat_value was not clearing the
optimized_out field.
(value_static_field): minor stylistic fix (wrong macro was used).
valops.c (value_struct_elt_for_address): didn't work for C++
static fields.
* signame.c (_initialize_signame): Initialize signal names once.
* breakpoint.h, command.c, copying.awk, defs.h, environ.c,
exec.c, frame.h, infcmd.c, inferior.h, main.c, munch, sun3-xdep.c,
symtab.h, tm-29k.h, valprint.c, value.h, values.c: Lint.
* remote-eb.c: Support user-settable baud rates on the serial port.
* tm-sun3.h (PREPARE_TO_STORE): fix typo.
Fri Sep 14 13:28:29 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* tconfig/sun3os4: Remove warning about native assembler,
since it also occurs in the xconfig file.
* findvar.c (registers): Allocate some slop after `registers'
to prevent stray accesses from trashing the next variable.
* tm-68k.h (REGISTER_BYTES): Allocate the right number of bytes
on the sun-3, by changing the #ifdef from `sun3' (which is not
defined by cc) to `sun'. Symptom was trashed builtin_type_XXX
vars, which happened to follow `registers' in the executable.
* readline/history.c (history_search): Heed gcc-2's advice
and parenthesize && inside ||).
* am29k-opcode.h, am29k-pinsn.c, am29k-tdep.c, remote-eb.c,
tm-29k.c: Insert FSF copyright headers.
* remote-eb.c: Better comments.
* Makefile.dist: Update to 3.91.6.
* TODO: note PREPARE_TO_STORE problem.
Thu Sep 13 09:52:33 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at cygint)
* stack.c (frame_info): Only use FRAME_FIND_SAVED_REGS if defined.
* remote.c: Wrap the whole file in #if !defined (SPECIAL_REMOTE).
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior, at end): Don't set up
prev_* if the inferior no longer exists.
* inferior.h (CALL_DUMMY_LOCATION): New macro, to replace
valops.c (call_function): Use it.
* tm-convex.h: Add CALL_DUMMY_LENGTH for use by PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY.
* inferior.h (PC_IN_CALL_DUMMY): New macro.
infrun.c (wait_for_inferior, 2 places): Use it.
* values.c (value_being_returned): Only use
* Move PREPARE_TO_STORE from xm-sun3.h to tm-sun3.h to do the
right thing for remote-eb.c.
* sun3-xdep.c: Remove extraneous call to remote_store_registers.
* sun386-xdep.c, hp300hpux-xdep.c, sparc-xdep.c: Ditto.
* blockframe.c: Put get_frame_saved_regs inside #if !defined
* findvar.c ({fetch,store}_registers): Check for
* findvar.c (get_saved_register): Add argument lval and
change meaning of argument addr.
findvar.c: Change calls to get_saved_register to reflect
new calling convention.
valops.c (value_assign): Use get_saved_register instead of
Sun Sep 2 12:40:20 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* coffread.c (read_one_sym): Make temp_aux an AUXENT, not
an (uninitialized) pointer to one. Use "&" when passing it
to fread.
Fri Aug 31 22:57:54 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* coffread.c (getfilename): Use DGUX x_offset and x_name if
* coffread.c (symbol_file_command): Put semicolon after
"int from_tty".
Put safe_to_init_tdesc_context in #if defined (TDESC).
Put #ifdef TDESCs in 1st column for non-ANSI cpp's.
coffread.c: #include <sys/stat.h>.
(read_coff_symtab): Typo: in_source_files -> in_source_file.
Add missing ')' in check for "lc%" and friends. Remove
extraneous '}'.
Declare read_one_sym() at top of file.
(read_file_hdr): Put in extra #ifdefs so MC68MAGIC and
MC68WRMAGIC can have the same value without causing a duplicate
Thu Sep 13 15:55:36 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* Allow a Makefile to be built without building the
tm and xm file links that screw up builds in subdirectories.
This is done with `config.gdb none', then you can do things
like `make gdb.tar.Z'.
* tconfig/none: Config file for no target system
* xconfig/none: Config file for no host system
* config.gdb: If no TM or XM files are called out by the
host or target file, don't make links for them.
* cplus-dem.c: Add documentation.
* dbxread.c (read_ofile_symtab): Turn a fatal error into a
simple error, so the user's gdb doesn't crash due to some object
file problem (e.g. somebody is rebuilding the file out from under
* printcmd.c (print_address_symbolic): demangle the symbol.
* Makefile.dist (OTHERS): Remove tdesc-lib because it has
Motorola copyrights in it. Make "make gdb.tar.Z" work.
(alldeps.mak): sort and uniq all results from this; duplicates
hose gdb.tar.Z link building. Remove RCS files from
tconfig and xconfig. Add config files for sun386. Add
a few odd files to OTHERS and HFILES.
Mon Sep 10 21:20:24 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* Makefile.dist: Pull solib.c to tconfig/sun?os4.
Roll version number to 3.91.5. Make lint work in bindir.
* README: Document cross-debugging and new file structure.
* blockframe.c: Lint. Include "value.h" to declare read_register.
(find_pc_partial_function): remove duplicate line.
* command.h: Lint. Declare error_no_arg and dont_repeat.
* tm-news.h: Remove inadvertently duplicated stuff.
* mipsread.c: Remove cache_pc_function stuff, now done cleanly.
Clean up usage of misc_function_type. Declare some CORE_ADDRs.
* config.gdb: Allow `config.gdb host target' form. Clean
up previous change that printed bogus messages when you just said
* core.c: #include "command.h" for lint.
* dbxread.c: lint
* eval.c: lint
* main.c: Remove some casts of enums. Lint.
* source.c: lint
* symtab.c: lint
* symtab.h: lint
* expread.y: lint
* valarith.c: lint
* printcmd.c (initialize_printcmd): Fix thinko in inspect cmd.
* sparc-tdep.c (isannulled): Take instruction as parameter, don't
read it from memory. This will allow us to save ptrace calls
eventually. Changed caller single_step too.
* sparc-xdep.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Avoid reading regs
that we aren't going to use, saving many ptrace calls, especially
when watchpointing or single stepping. Use some #define's for
(store_inferior_registers): Ditto.
(core_file_command): Use some #define's for constants.
* tm-sparc.h: Add #define's for some register numbers, so we
can eliminate the use of random constants in sparc-xdep.c.
* stack.c (frame_command, print_frame_info, up_command,
down_command) Remove frame_changed, since it
causes a bug and doesn't seem to do anything useful. In some
places it was used as a flag, in others as a stack level (?).
* utils.c: Use MISSING_VPRINTF rather than HAVE_VPRINTF, so the
default is to use the portable (vprintf) version rather than the
kludge version.
* xm-news.h (MISSING_VPRINTF): Add.
* valprint.c (val_print): Demangle fancy vtbl printouts. Lint.
Sat Sep 8 00:24:12 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* Remove stuff that forces -Bstatic linking of gdb, and warnings
about linking debugged programs -Bstatic in the sun?os4 config
files in tconfig and xconfig subdirectories.
* main.c (main): Remove unreached exit(0) now that we exit
via quit_command().
* Create TODO file for online bug list. There are too many
"little" bugs to keep track of on paper.
* Change Projects file to refer to
rather than kingdon@ai.
Fri Sep 7 23:35:15 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* Makefile.dist (VERSION): 3.91.4 now.
* symtab.c (init_misc_bunches): Rename from init_misc_functions.
(condense_misc_bunches): Add sanity check that misc_count is
the same as the number of symbols in the bunch.
* coffread.c: rename init_misc_bunches. Pass an argument
to condense_misc_bunches (a zero).
* dbxread.c (partial_symbol_file_read): Call init_misc_bunches
every time we are called; don't rely on our caller to do it.
(add_file): Remove call to init_misc_bunches.
* mipsread.c: Only warn, don't error, if unknown symbol types.
This keeps an old gdb from falling on its face if it sees newly
extended symbol info. Rename init_misc_bunches.
Fri Sep 7 22:58:15 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* Merge in changes from Per Bothner for DECstations and other
MIPS stuff. The rest is Bothner speaking:
The next message is a merger of Alessando Forin's mips port with
mine. I've tried to use my good if biased judgment to get
the best of both. It *does* need testing.
Some of the changes are general, *not* mips-specific.
Didn't believe in little-endian bit order.
There are still inconsistencies about whether flags
like BITS_BIG_ENDIAN are integer (#if ...) or
boolean (#ifdef ...). I tried to paper over them.
Moved some misc_function code that was common to
{dbx,coff,mips}read.c to symtab.c.
In the process, I think I cleaned things up a bit.
At the same time, moved obsavestring and obconcat to symtab.c.
Removed obsolete condense_addl_misc_bunches (use
condense_misc_bunches(1) instead).
Needed to include <sys/dir>, at least on DECstations.
valops.c, mips-tdep.c, tm-mips.h:
Added PUSH_ARGUMENTS macro to support funny argument-pushing
conventions (when STACK_ALIGN is insufficient).
Needed on mips, where doubles need 8-byte alignment,
but ints only need 4.
Removed cruft that was not being used.
Merged in many fixes (most from Frank Yellin,
Print $ before register-names (I think that makes things a little
more consistent).
Never print two instructions, even if one delays.
Removed hex-disassemble set_cmd. (This is not mips-specific,
so I think the argument is whether it is generally worthwhile or not.
I'm inclined to think not, given how easy it is to
convert between radixes in gdb.)
This is basically Alessando's code.
It doesn't use obstacks; I changed it to use obstacks
in a few minor places where using malloc causes a
memory leak. (Probably, more places could/should be changed.)
I added record_misc_function where it was missing.
In symbol_file_command and add_file_command, I tried
to make the code consistent with more recent versions.
Minor sylistic changes in parse_procedure.
Make a .gdbinfo. psuedo-symbol point back to the real
procedure symbol (using the isym field).
This is basically from my port, but with a lot of details
and a number of routines merged in from Alessando's version.
I basically used my code "raw" backtrace (use heuristics
from the actual code, rather than symbol table info) - though
the idea is Alessandro's. I feel my code is a little cleaner
here, particularly in being a little more flexible, such as being
able to handle gcc-produced code (which it now can).
It also doesn't do frame caching (which is not useful
more recent gdb versions).
I also used my code for push_/pop_dummy, more or less.
I tried to incorporate AF's code for testing sigtramp
while backtracing; I probably got it wrong.
Added mips_print_register, which tries to scrunch as much
information as possible on a screen...
Removed the skip-prologue set_cmd. As with hex-disassemble (see
under mips-pinsn.c), I don't see anything mips-specific here,
and I don't see it being all that useful anyway.
Added a $fp psuedo-reg distinct from $fp (nice for gcc).
Use more register names (rather than hard-cases numbers).
Thu Sep 6 18:33:15 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* Hack up 3.90.11 changes:
* Makefile.dist (depend): parameterize $(GCC).
Add solib.c and solib.o.
(readline): Fix vpath for both absolute or relative SRCDIR.
* blockframe.c: Fix from for shared libs.
Also, let the part I didn't understand at least compile so
I can test the rest. FIXME.
* dbxread.c: Fix thinko using strcmp.
(init_psymbol_list): declare static.
(partial_symbol_file_open): Comment cleanups better, avoid
cleaning up the string table since the caller will do that.
Move the stat for mod time into symbol_file_command, temporarily.
(There should be a mod time for each symbol file, eventually,
to control its rereading. FIXME.)
* infptrace.c (PT_WRITE_D): use same value as PT_WRITE_I for
SunOS, which gives error for shared libs otherwise. (From
Schaefer, probably FIXME needs work for portability.)
* solib.c: Move #include "param.h" to work.
Lowercase all the Uppercase Letters In the Messages.
(find_solib): Clean up inferior_so_name for debug printouts.
Allow no argument, to mean all shared libraries.
* symmisc.c: include param.h to get CLEAR_SOLIB.
Wed Sep 5 18:00:08 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* Merge in Kingdon's changes from FSF: the diffs from 3.90.9
to 3.90.11. ChangeLog entries below are from this.
Wed Jun 13 09:17:39 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Version 3.90.11.
* Makefile.dist (HFILES): Add tm-sunos.h.
Tue Jun 12 16:15:26 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Version 3.90.10.
* Makefile.dist (gdb.tar.Z): Change linking of config so it works.
Thu Jun 7 16:22:27 EDT 1990 Jay Fenlason (
* sparc-opcode.h Added single-operand version of rett.
Mon Jun 4 18:12:31 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
Put parens around gcc_p in expansion.
Thu May 24 15:44:51 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* utils.c (lines_to_list): Return 10 if lines_per_page == 0.
Wed May 23 16:36:04 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Changes for Sun shared libraries:
blockframe.c (find_pc_partial_function): If a non-text symbol
is found, set *address = pc - FUNCTION_START_OFFSET.
breakpoint.c (insert_breakpoints) [DISABLE_UNSETTABLE_BREAK]:
Disable breakpoints instead of giving an error.
source.c (select_source_symtab): Initialize cs_pst.
symmisc.c: Call CLEAR_SOLIB if defined.
symtab.h: Make text{low,high} CORE_ADDR not int.
(psymtab): New field addr.
solib.c: New file.
dbxread.c: Move DECLARE_FILE_HEADERS outside functions.
(record_misc_function): Give correct type for N_DATA symbols.
(condense_misc_bunches): do "misc_function_count = j" regardless
of inclink.
Take code which is shared between symbol_file_command and
add_file_command and put it into partial_symbol_file_{open,read}.
Split add_file_command into add_file_command and add_file.
Make psymtab_to_symtab read in the string table if the file
is not symfile.
Two new parameters to read_dbx_symtab and start_psymtab.
tm-sunos.h: New file.
Tue May 22 17:43:03 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* infcmd.c: Change cont_command to continue_command and "cont"
to "continue".
Mon May 21 14:41:41 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* breakpoint.c (enable_breakpoint): Get value of watchpoint.
* defs.h [sparc]: Use <alloca.h> regardless of __GNUC__.
* values.c (USE_STRUCT_CONVENTION): Check for structures of
size 1,2,4,8 rather than size < 8.
* dbxread.c (dbx_lookup_type): Do f->length *= 2 as many times
as necessary, not just once.
* sparc-opcode.h: Add a bunch of new opcodes which Sun as supports.
Thu May 17 15:04:09 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* {t,x}m-sun386.h, sun386-xdep.c, {x,t}config/sun386
* tm-news.h: Add CALL_DUMMY_*.
* tm-68k.h: Remove duplicate comment at FRAME_FIND_SAVED_REGS.
* config.gdb: In list_host, list_target, use ${i}, not $i.
Tue May 15 21:27:12 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* source.c (find_source_lines) [BROKEN_LARGE_ALLOCA]: Use xmalloc.
* sparc-opcode.h: Change all store floating-point state register
instructions to have the right match & lose fields.
Sat May 5 12:39:18 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Makefile.dist: Move -I${srcdir} to GLOBAL_CFLAGS and pass
VPATH to readline.
config.gdb: If srcdir != ., create readline directory and
copy a makefile into it.
* wait.h, infrun.c: Change WRETCODE to WEXITSTATUS for
consistency with POSIX.
* breakpoint.c (bpstat_stop_status): Disable watchpoint
when we exit its exp_valid_block.
Tue Sep 4 11:46:46 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* Makefile.dist: Bump version to 3.91.3.
* Clean up handling of breakpoint commands (somewhat).
Prompted by Tiemann bug report "cont 10" doesn't work any more.
inferior.h: Add breakpoint_proceeded to inferior status struct
and globals; save it and restore it.
(clear_breakpoint_commands): Cleanup, remove old #define.
infrun.c (clear_proceed_status): Set breakpoint_proceeded.
(save_inferior_status, restore_inferior_status): handle it also.
(proceed): Remove earlier code that set breakpoint_proceeded.
It is now set only in clear_proceed_status.
(clear_proceed_status): Cleanup, use bpstat_clear rather
than clear_breakpoint_commands. No callers need the stop_bpstat
between clear_proceed_status and proceed.
infcmd.c: Add breakpoint_proceeded definition and comment.
(cont_command, jump_command, signal_command): Move call to
clear_proceed_status right next to call to proceed.
breakpoint.c (bpstat_do_actions): Avoid clobbering our
caller's argument while running down the chain of breakpoints.
Use new variable "breakpoint_proceeded" to determine when
a command that it executes moves the inferior past the
(bpstat_clear): Handle NULL argument.
(bpstat_clear_actions): Avoid useless call to
(delete_breakpoint): Clean up bpstat's that are pointing to
the deleted breakpoint from the stop_bpstat chain.
(breakpoint_auto_delete): Simplify.
* Clean up handling of EOF, error on stdin, etc. This was
prompted by a network problem that caused gdb to go into an
infinite loop filling up its malloc'd memory.
main.c (return_to_top_level): Cleanup: call bpstat_clear_actions,
not clear_breakpoints_commands, which is now gone.
(main): If command_loop returns (e.g. from EOF on stdin), do
a quit_command (looping back to command_loop if quit_command
doesn't really quit).
(command_loop): check result from command_line_input and
exit if it returns NULL, rather than passing the NULL to
(gdb_readline): Free malloc'd result space before returning
* utils.c (query): Handle C-d to mean "yes", just as if the
input was not a terminal. Also avoid infinite loop if EOF
occurs in mid-input-line before newline. This allows
query to be used at EOF on stdin with reasonable results.
* infrun.c (proceed): Set breakpoint_proceeded.
* values.c (value_as_long): Avoid infinite recursion for enums.
(_initialize_values): Fix typo in help msg (kingdon).
* Makefile.dist (RL_LIB): Use RL_LIB_DEP for dependencies,
RL_LIB for linking. This allows -lreadline for linking
and nothing for dependencies, once readline is a real library.
* config.gdb: Jim Kingdon: give useful error message if the
host or target type is not recognized.
* defs.h (alloca): SPARC <alloca.h> does not declare alloca,
it just defines it. Dumb, but deal with it.
* Jim Kingdon suggests:
in xconfig/sun3os4, CFLAGS should be XM_CFLAGS.
Wed Aug 29 18:03:27 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* Makefile.dist (VERSION): Bump version # to 3.91.2.
* Clean up Bothner's changes.
* blockframe.c (clear_pc_function_cache): New function.
* blockframe.c: remake cache_pc_function_* static.
* dbxread.c (symbol_file_command): remove references to
cache_pc_function_* variables.
* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): Use VOFFSET_STATIC.
* printcmd.c: Avoid kludging a global variable (addressprint)
to avoid printing the address of a string twice. Instead,
pass the format letter 's' down low enough that it can be seen
to avoid this problem.
(print_formatted): Pass format arg to value_print.
(restore_addressprint): Remove function.
(do_examine): Avoid hacking addressprint, cleanups and such.
(print_frame_args): Add a comment to a Bothner change.
* symtab.h: define VOFFSET_STATIC and use it instead of "-1".
* symmisc.c (free_all_symtabs): Call clear_pc_function_cache
to wipe out the values cached in blockframe.c.
* symtab.c (find_method): Add comment saying how big you must
allocate to be "big enough". Per being terse again.
* valprint.c (val_print): Handle format letter "s" to print
strings without addresses. Add comment to vtbl printing code
which casts with wild abandon. Rearrange reference-printing
code so it prints:
@0xaddr: value (print w/addressprint)
value (print w/~addressprint)
@0xaddr (parameter lists w/addressprint)
or nothing (parameter lists w/o addressprint)
Tue Aug 28 10:47:18 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* Merge more changes from Per Bothner:
Gdb's handling of TYPE_CODE_REF was so counter-C++ (and otherwise
annoying) that I tried to improve it. Here are my suggestions.
These patches all attempt to handle TYPE_CODE_REF (as in C++) better.
Do automatic de-reference when taking the address of a reference.
Don't deref_ref when printing parameter lists.
More attempts at treating refernences properly.
In val_print, if deref_ref==0, don't print dangling " = ".
Add COERCE_REF macro, which de-references an REF.
* Merge changes from Per Bothner:
* Fixed (Sony news)-specific configuration problems.
* Fixed other problems with using vanilla pcc and libc (enum problems;
assumption that vsprintf exists).
* Some major speed-ups (finc_pc_partial_function now caches a match;
parsing avoids duplicate symbol_lookup calls).
* Changed handling of baseclasses (no longer use baseclasses field
of struct type, use the first n_baseclasses fields instead).
* Various minor changes/fixes, most C++-related.
Cache the most previous match from find_pc_partial_function.
(Save both low and high ends of matching function's pc range.)
This speeds up the loop of infrun.c:wait_for_inferior quite
a bit, and makes step/next commands much zippier.
Added an enum->int cast (otherwise, some compilers barf).
No longer set baseclass offset to 0, since multiple
inheritance now mostly works.
Added a number of casts, to shut up compiler warnings
(after stabs where made enums, not ints).
When discarding a symbol table (in symbol_file_command),
must clear the cache introduced in blockframe.c.
Don't convert $vtbl_ptr_type to vtbl any more.
Get rid of TYPE_BASECLASEES and baseclass_vec (see also symtab.h).
Mask off sign bit emitted by g++ for virtual table offset.
Set voffset to -1 (not 1) for static member functions.
Changed parsing/lexing of names to avoid doing symbol lookup twice
(once when lexing to determine symbol class, once for real).
Now only call symbol_lookup once. Fields of 'this' win especially big.
Subpress printing addr twice in the case of 'x/s addr'.
lookup_basetype_type is no longer used.
Add find_methods as recursive helper function to decode_line_1.
This allows multiple inheritance to work.
Also, once one or more matches has been found, do not look in
base-classes. (Baseclass methods would be overridden, anyway.)
Removed baseclasses array in struct type.
Instead of using baseclasses[i], use fields[i-1].
Added virtual_field_bits[i] to indicate if the i'th baseclass is virtual.
Changed sign convention of voffset (previous was inconsistent).
Some macros (CALL_DUMMY and relatives) were missing. Put them back.
Used to assume existence of vsprintf. Re-written to not need it
if HAVE_VPRINTF is undefined.
typecmp was too pessimistic. Made it less so.
Don't print space after address.
If vtable points to a misc symbol (with 0 offset), print it,
since that indicates the actual class of the object.
Changed ype_print_derivation_info to use new inheritance
scheme (without baseclasses vector).
In value_primitive_field, fixed some bugs left over from previous set of fixes.
Also, changes needed because TYPE_BASECLASSES were removed.
REGISTER_U_ADDR didn't work for PC. Rewrote to use an array.
Tue Aug 21 20:08:54 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* source.c:
If there is no path set, and the symbols don't indicate what directory
a file was compiled in, look in the current directory. But either
a path or a known compilation directory will prevent this.
* dbxread.c:
Three independent bug fixes:
* Remove the #if 0 block that breaks some stuff.
* SunOS 4.1 fixed the promoted-parameter-wrong-addr bug in Sun C;
adapt gdb to either SunOS 4.0.* or 4.1.
* MAX_OF_TYPE and MIN_OF_TYPE thinko. By tedg@sun, I think.
* symtab.c:
Instantiate the class T when looking for methods in it. (Tiemann@sun)
* valprint.c:
(type_print) Demangle the name being printed.
(type_print_base) Handle botched demangling without coredump (tiemann).
* values.c:
(check_stub_method): Document routine.
(tiemann) fix bug for no-arg functions
Avoid clobbering beyond end of malloc'd storage.
Terminate the argument list properly.
Sat Aug 18 01:29:59 1990 Per Bothner (
* Changes merged by John Gilmore:
In breakpoint_1, use new print_address_symbolic instead
of find_pc_partial_function. (This forces use of assembler-level
addresses, and avoids misleading non-mangled source-level names.)
Generalize ansi argument such that -1 means skip arglist totally.
Removed global variable print_ansi_qualifiers (which made
code non-reentrant), in favor of extra explicit arguments
to internal routines.
Add new helper function print_address_symbolic.
Use find_pc_misc_function instead of find_pc_partial_function
(since we want assembler-level symbols here).
Print unknown function as just "f (...)", not "f (...) (...)".
Use new fputs_demangled explicitly.
Fixed a typing violation (problem: value.h cannot be imported
without renaming many variable in this file).
lookup_symbol: If no matching misc_func, look for a C++-mangled name.
decode_line_1: Moved forward some never-reached code.
Made decode_line_2 skip function prologues correctly.
fputs_filtered should not demangle by default.
Add new fputs_demangled to demangle on demand..
Change value_struct_elt to use value_primitive_field (using recursive
utility function search_struct_field). This allows to work
for multiple inheritance (so far only for data fields).
Change check_field in the same way (recursive helper function
to support multiple inheritance).
(Note: there are more of these problems that I haven't fixed.
Any code that says TYPE_BASECLASS (t, 1) is probably wrong.)
value_of_this: 'this' symbol name is now just "this", note "$this".
Don't print static members.
Avoid printing "members of <type>" if there are none.
Simplified type_print_derivation_info by merging duplicate code.
Remove useless blank lines in type_print_base (ptype command).
Added declaration of new routine value_primitive_field.
Added value_primitive_field which is generalized version of
value_field that can handle multiple inheritance (non-zero offsets etc).
Re-implemented value_field to call value_primitive_field.
Fri Aug 17 23:33:44 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at cygint)
* infcmd.c -- insert else to avoid 'delete env' coredump when you
delete the whole environment. Karl Berry reported the bug.
* source.c - fix openp to avoid //'s in filenames, which
trigger an Emacs bug causing it to not be able to find files
when running gdb in a window.
* dbxread.c - zap the #if 0 that botches the add-file code.
It seems to work a lot better without all the code commented out.
Fri Jul 20 16:58:46 1990 John Gilmore (gnu at
* Merge Tiemann's and Ted Goldstein's changes, detailed below,
into gdb-3.90.9.
Tue Jul 17 19:34:33 1990 Ted Goldstein (tedg at golem)
* Makefile - added a ${CFLAGS} to a couple of entries,
added remote-sa.sparc.c
* added, a modification of remote.c
which conducts a dialog directly with the SparcStation prom.
* breakpoint.c, infrun.c, sparcdep.c added
remote_insert_breakpoint(), and remote_remove_breakpoint()
to breakpoint.c instead of directly writing breakpoint instructions.
* sparcdep.c on remote_debugging,there is no need
to remove signle step breakpoint instructions.
* main.c added "-epoch" flag and "int epoch_interface" to main.c
global variable
* printcmd.c - epoch interface sends lisp expressions to open up
epoch windows on inspection.
* valprint.c - added arrayprint, and addressprint and made adding
format controls easier
* wait.h added a couple of undef's because we were getting
complaints about WSTOPSIG and WTERMSIG begin redefined.
Wed Jul 4 05:27:51 1990 Michael Tiemann (tiemann at masham)
* symtab.c (decode_line_1): Add support for handling method stubs
in the type information.
Tue Jul 3 09:39:18 1990 Michael Tiemann (tiemann at masham)
* values.c (baseclass_addr): Run loop from INDEX+1 to
N_BASECLASSES; otherwise, we can still get into a loop.
@@ This should be restructured to use a cleaner search strategy.
Sun Jul 1 12:28:51 1990 Michael Tiemann (tiemann at masham)
* dbxread.c (define_symbol,read_type): Grok GNU C++'s new
abbreviation "Tt" for tags which have the same name as their
Fri Jun 29 01:03:46 1990 Michael Tiemann (tiemann at masham)
* symtab.c (list_symbols): add ability to set breakpoints on all
the functions which match a particular regular expression.
Tue Jun 26 04:26:29 1990 Michael Tiemann (tiemann at masham)
* cplus-dem.c (cplus_demangle): New parameter ANSI says whether we
should print ANSI qualifiers (such as `const' and `volatile').
All callers changed to call with ANSI == 1, except from
`check_method_stub', which uses old-style syntax.
* symseg.h (struct fn_field): Remove unneccessary `args' field.
* symtab.h (TYPE_FN_FIELD_ARGS): Redefined.
* values.c (check_stub_method): New function.
* cplus-dem.c (do_type): Handle "long long" (encoded as 'x').
* dbxread.c (read_type): Handle new GNU C++ method type stubs.
* valprint (type_print_base): Ditto.
* symtab.c (gdb_mangle_typename): New function.
Tue Jun 5 00:18:43 1990 Michael Tiemann (tiemann at gzilla)
* breakpoint.c (catch_command): New function. Provides a
mechanism to set breakpoints based on catch clauses.
(disable_catch): Similar, but disables breakpoints on catch
(delete_catch): Similar, but deleted breakpoints on catch clauses.
Sun Jun 3 22:54:08 1990 Michael Tiemann (tiemann at gzilla)
* blockframe.c (blockvector_for_pc): New function.
* blockframe.c (block_for_pc): Changed to call
`blockvector_for_pc' and get the block itself.
* stack.c (catch_info): New function. Prints info about
exceptions which can be caught in the current frame.
* stack.c (print_frame_label_vars): New function. Similar to
* stack.c (print_block_frame_labels): Prints out labels that are
defined in this frame. These labels are exceptions that can be
* dbxread.c: Updated to handle N_CATCH symtab types.
Thu May 3 22:10:00 1990 Michael Tiemann (tiemann at teacake)
* valprint.c (everywhere): TYPE_NAME (TYPE) no longer comes in the
form "struct ..." for GNU C++. Don't flush any part of TYPE_NAME
when printing the type.
Wed May 2 22:43:04 1990 Michael Tiemann (tiemann at teacake)
* valprint.c (val_print): Use `baseclass_addr' to access the
baseclasses pointed to via the derived class object at VALADDR.
* values.c (baseclass_addr): New function. Casts derived pointers
to baseclass pointers taking virtual baseclasses and multiple
inheritance into account.
Sat May 5 12:39:18 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Version 3.90.9.
Fri May 4 12:12:55 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* breakpoint.c (watch_command, bpstat_stop_status): Deal with
exp_valid_block field correctly.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): When checking "don't even think
about breakpoints" if stop_signal == SIGTRAP && trap_expected,
also check step_resume_breakpoint.
Insert breakpoints and continue (not step) if
step_resume_break_address != NULL, even if another_trap.
If trap_expected and we enter sigtramp, then set up a
If trap_expected is set when we hit the step_resume_break,
set another_trap.
When calling resume and trap_expected says tell resume to step
(2 places), also check step_resume_break_address.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Don't set
prev_{pc,sp,func_{start,name}} before calling wait ().
Do set them after exiting loop.
Move their declarations outside functions.
(start_inferior): Initialize them.
Thu May 3 00:15:11 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior, after check for trap_expected > 1):
Restore old code which distinguishes between trap_expected and
running_in_shell, just make the latter take any non-TRAP signal,
not just SEGV.
* values.c (allocate_value): Zero VALUE_OPTIMIZED_OUT flag.
* Makefile.dist (pinsn.o): Use PINSN_CC to compile.
xconfig/3b1 (CC,PINSN_CC): Define.
* xconfig/altos, altos-dep.c: Rename altos-dep.c to altos-xdep.c.
* Version 3.90.8
* breakpoint.c (bpstat_stop_status),
infrun.c (wait_for_inferior) [SHIFT_INST_REGS]: New code.
* param.h, tm-88k.h: Define ADDR_BITS_*.
infcmd.c (jump_command, read_pc), infrun.c (wait_for_inferior),
printcmd.c (do_one_display): Use them.
* utils.c: Split #ifdef USG into a USG_UTILS and a QUEUE_MISSING.
xm-88k.h: Define USG_UTILS.
Wed May 2 00:05:33 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* printcmd.c (printf_command) [__INT_VARARGS_H]: New code.
(printf_command): Add from_tty parameter.
* valprint.c (value_print): Check VALUE_OPTIMIZED_OUT flag.
* value.h: Add optimized_out field and change lazy field to
char. Add macro VALUE_OPTIMIZED_OUT.
* i386-pinsn.c: Change from Eirik Fuller to write to stream directly
instead of stuffing things in buffers (oappend, etc).
* breakpoint.c (bpstat_do_actions): If *BSP is set to NULL by
execute_command, exit both loops.
* Makefile.dist: Don't set TARGET_ARCH. Add .c.o rule.
Tue May 1 17:07:23 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Makefile.dist (RAPP_OBS, rapp),
rgdb.c, rserial.c, rudp.c, serial.c, udp.c, xdep.h,
remote.h: Added.
m68k-xdep.c, coredep.c: Wrap in #if !defined (RDB).
* valops.c (value_struct_elt), values.c (value_static_field):
Change error messages to remove references to `info methods'.
Tue Apr 24 10:25:10 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* More 88k changes:
infrun.c (start_inferior): Add START_INFERIOR_HOOK.
infcmd.c [SHIFT_INST_REGS]: New code.
findvar.c (read_relative_register_raw_bytes): Return a value.
infcmd.c (do_registers_info): Check value from
* command.c (delete_cmd): Free the struct cmd_list_element(s)
we are removing.
Mon Apr 23 10:42:21 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* More 88k changes:
findvar.c (get_saved_register): New function.
findvar.c: Rewrite code which called find_saved_register to
call get_saved_register instead.
Sun Apr 22 14:47:51 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* valprint.c (val_print): Change error message printed when
the type has TYPE_FLAG_STUB set.
* valprint.c (val_print): Check for TYPE_CODE_UNDEF.
* findvar.c (write_register): Set register_valid (regno).
* valops.c (call_function): Check for NULL return from block_for_pc.
Fri Apr 20 11:31:23 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* findvar.c (write_register): Add PREPARE_TO_STORE.
{sun3,sparc,symmetry}-xdep.c (PREPARE_TO_STORE): Add.
infptrace.c, {mips,pyr,symmetry,sun3,arm,hp300hpux}-xdep.c
(store_inferior_registers): Don't call read_register_bytes.
symmetry-xdep.c (store_inferior_registers):
#if 0 out code to fetch registers.
* values.c (value_as_long): Call COERCE_ARRAY.
* tm-sun3.h: Include tm-68k.h not m-68k.h
* sparc-tdep.c (single_step): Set next_pc, npc4 within
if (!one_stepped), not outside it.
* Changes from Data General for 88k:
* coffread.c (read_file_hdr): Add *88*MAGIC.
* coffread.c (have_symbol_file_p): New function.
* coffread.c [COFF_CHECK_X_ZEROES] [TDESC]: New code.
* coffread.c (read_one_sym): If there is more than one
aux entry, don't give an error message, just ignore the
extra ones.
* coffread.c (process_coff_symbol): Replace clipper with
* coffread.c: Define L_LNNO32 if not defined.
(enter_linenos): Use it.
* blockframe.c: Add INIT_FRAME_PC hook and use it in
m-m88k.h: Use INIT_{FRAME_PC,EXTRA_FRAME_INFO} to do tdesc stuff.
Use dummy versions of FRAME_CHAIN_*.
* Makefile.dist, xconfig/i386*: Rename M_CLIBS to XM_CLIBS and add
tdesc/libdc.o: New target.
tdesc.{c,h}, tdesc/*, {t,x}config/m88k: New files.
Thu Apr 12 15:47:00 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* m68k-opcode.h (bras, bsrs): Use "Bw" not "Bg".
Tue Apr 10 20:50:25 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Version 3.90.7.
* xm-mips.h (BYTE_ORDER): If not defined, make it LITTLE_ENDIAN.
* mips-xdep.c ({fetch,store}_inferior_registers): Remove variable
offset and just use register_addr (regno, 1).
(core_file_command): Remove variable reg_offset and just use
register_addr (regno, 0).
* gdbcore.h [COFF_FORMAT]: #undef a_magic before redefining it.
* infrun.c ("if (trap_expected && stop_signal != SIGTRAP)", near end
of wait_for_inferior): Always pass 0 as first arg to resume.
#if 0 out "SIGSEGV in shell" test right above it (now redundant).
* i386-pinsn.c (oappend_address): New function.
(oappend): Make it "static void" and declare at top of file.
(OP_J, OP_DIR): Use oappend_address.
Mon Apr 9 15:22:09 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* mips-xdep.c: Include <mips/inst.h> not "mips/inst.h".
* wait.h [HAVE_WAIT_STRUCT]: Put #defines in #if !defined so that
it's OK if they are defined in <sys/wait.h>.
* findvar.c (fetch_registers): Pass "registers", not "&registers",
to remote_fetch_registers.
* mips-tdep.c (_initialize_mipsdep): Remove hex_disassembler
and re-write skip_prologue to use add_set_cmd.
* Makefile.dist (alldeps.mak): Don't put \ after the last
filename in each list.
Sun Apr 8 01:59:19 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Version 3.90.6.
* Makefile.dist (alldeps.mak): "XM_FILE" -> "XM_FILE=".
* valarith.c (value_x_{un,bin}op): use "operator" not "operator "
to match dbxread.c change of 16 Mar 90.
* valarith.c (value_x_unop): Pass &static_memfuncp,
not static_memfuncp.
* breakpoint.c: Add watchpoint stuff.
breakpoint.h: Add bpstat_should_step.
infrun.c (proceed, wait_for_inferior): Use it.
breakpoint.h: Add bpstat_print (and rename old bpstat_print
to bpstat_should_print).
infrun.c (normal_stop): Use it.
* value.h: Add value_free. Declare a few functions.
Sat Apr 7 21:43:43 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Remove PROFILE_TYPES code and
insert comment suggesting easy shell script equivalents.
* values.c (unpack_long): Give better error messages for
unrecognized sizes of ints and floats.
Fri Apr 6 00:32:21 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c, gdbcore.h (IS_OBJECT_FILE): Check for a_drsize
nonzero as well as a_trsize.
* More places: Use SWAP_TARGET_AND_HOST.
* valops.c (destructor_name_p): Only skip "struct " if present.
* main.c (gdb_readline): Return NULL on end of file.
* sparc-opcode.h: Add jmp 1+2, jmp 1+i, jmp i+1.
* Makefile.dist: Make unambiguously be in srcdir.
* main.c: Split source_command into source_command and
(main): Accept "-" as arg to +command for stdin.
* dbxread.c (psymtab_to_symtab): Don't read string table.
(symbol_file_command): Save string table size.
* Version 3.90.5
* symtab.c: Remove declaration of lookup_misc_func.
* mips-pinsn.c: Add use_hex_p stuff (re-worked from Forin stuff).
* mips-opcode.h: Add bdelay field.
mips-pinsn.c: Various changes from Forin, I think to make it look
like the MIPS assembler format.
mips-tdep.c, mips-xdep.c, mipsread.c: Various changes from Forin.
* gdbcore.h: Declare register_addr.
* gdbcore.h: Include <a.out.h>, before trying to redefine N_TXTADDR
and friends.
various: Don't include both a.out.h and gdbcore.h.
* Makefile.dist (HFILES): Add param.h
* utils.c (init_malloc): Moved here from mcheck.c and modified
to use the standard mcheck.c
Makefile.dist: Modify to reflect new mcheck.
Thu Apr 5 16:38:28 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* valprint.c (val_print, print_hex_chars): Print integers
larger than LONGEST.
* valarith.c (value_sub): Give error message if attempt to
subtract something of the wrong type from a pointer.
* breakpoint.c (bpstat_stop_status): Initialize retval to NULL.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_pop_frame): Change addr to adr.
Wed Apr 4 05:21:50 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at teenage-mutant)
* main.c (command_line_input): return NULL on end of file.
(execute_command): If p is NULL, return almost right away.
(read_command_lines): Treat end of file like "end".
* printcmd.c (print_frame_args): Change it so num is number
of ints of args, not number of args.
* xm-*.h: Make sure BYTE_ORDER is defined.
Also fix various #includes of old names of things.
* main.c (command_line_input): Fix comment code of 2 Apr.
* values.c (value_from_long, unpack_long): SWAP_TARGET_AND_HOST.
valarith.c various: SWAP_TARGET_AND_HOST.
(SWAP_SYMBOL): New macro. Use it wherever symbuf_idx is incremented.
exec.c (exec_file_command): SWAP_TARGET_AND_HOST.
* valarith.c (value_subscripted_rvalue): Just bcopy() the
appropriate bytes rather than playing strange games with
* param.h (SWAP_TARGET_AND_HOST): New macro.
* tm-np1.h (V7_REGNUM): Change from 27 to 26.
(REGISTER_VIRTUAL_TYPE): Return correct result for vector regs.
gould-tdep.c: New file.
* Move reading of register before store from
findvar.c (write_register) to
infptrace.c, *-xdep.c (store_inferior_register).
* findvar.c (fetch_registers, store_registers): New functions.
write_register{,_bytes}: Use store_registers regardless of
registers_valid: New variable.
(supply_register, read_register, etc.): Use it.
(read_register_gen): New variable.
various: Use read_register_gen rather than read_register_bytes
where appropriate.
*-xdep.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Remove remote_debugging check.
infrun.c (wait_for_inferior, start_inferior): Call registers_changed
not fetch_inferior_registers.
*-xdep.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Call registers_fetched if
not setting registers via supply_register, and if fetching
all registers.
infptrace.c, *-xdep.c (fetch_inferior_registers): Add param,
# of register to fetch (-1 for all).
infptrace.c, hp300hpux-xdep.c (fetch_inferior_registers):
Actually fetch only those registers needed.
value.h: Declare all the extern register functions from findvar.c.
* coffread.c (read_coff_symtab): Test for specific kinds of GCC
labels (LI%.*, LPB%.*, etc), not just ??%.*.
* coffread.c (record_misc_function): Use mf_text not mf_unknown.
* utils.c,defs.h (lines_to_list): New function.
source.c (select_source_symtab, list_command, forward_search_command,
reverse_search_command), stack.c (print_frame_info):
Use it instead of 10.
* munch: If MUNCH_NM variable exists, use it.
* main.c (initialize_main): Set rl_readline_name.
main.c: #include readline.h and #undef savestring.
Remove declarations of things declared in readline.h.
* main.c (gdb_readline): If instream == 0, read from stdin.
* main.c (main): Only call clearerr if ISATTY. Exit loop if
feof (instream).
* infcmd.c (detach_command): Set inferior_pid to 0 after
calling remote_close.
* main.c (main): If exec and sym files are the same, and there
is an error reading execfile, don't try to read sym file.
* infcmd.c (detach_command) [ATTACH_DETACH]: Don't try to detach
from inferior when remote debugging.
* source.c (reverse_search_command): Change while test from 1 to
line > 1.
Tue Apr 3 18:14:14 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Version 3.90.4.
* Makefile.dist (gdb.tar.Z): Use -z option to tar rather than
creating gdb.tar and calling compress separately.
* breakpoint.c (read_memory_nobpt): Do not treat bcopy as if it
returned an "errno" value.
* various: Make sure gdbcore.h is not included before a.out.h.
* Makefile.dist (OPCODES): Add mips-opcode.h.
* config.gdb: Print lists of {hosts,targets} after finding srcdir.
When parsing +{host,target}=, strip off +{host,target}=, not +{x,t}m=.
* Makefile.dist (gdb.tar): Do {t,x}config not just config.
Mon Apr 2 02:42:23 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* sparc-opcode.h (inc): Fix incorrect lose field.
* valarith.c (value_subscripted_rvalue): Use TARGET_BYTE_ORDER,
rather than checking endianness at runtime.
* main.c (comand_line_input): Accept comments anywhere, not
just at starts of lines.
Sat Mar 31 21:59:35 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* symtab.c (check_stub_type): Call lookup_symbol with 5 args.
Fri Mar 30 15:23:52 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* frame.h: #include param.h.
param.h: Protect against multiple inclusion.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_get_frame_setup): Fix comment about what
opcode 0x55 is.
If 0x81 or 0x83 is followed by something besides 0xec,
put codestream back where it was and return 0.
[USE_MACHINE_REG_H]: Include <machine/reg.h> not <sys/reg.h>
Move include of a.out.h above <sys/user.h>.
(i386_frame_find_saved_regs): Make locals signed.
(i386_frame_find_saved_regs, i386_push_dummy_frame, i386_pop_frame):
Use REGISTER_BYTES, REGISTER_RAW_SIZE, etc. to deal with floating
point registers.
Wed Mar 28 18:33:40 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Makefile.dist (OTHERS): Add gdb.dvi.
(gdb.dvi): New rule.
* breakpoint.c (_initialize_breakpoint): Clean up docstrings so
as not to mention subcommands (e.g. auto-display).
Call add_cmd not add_abbrev_cmd for "disable breakpoint" and
put it in class_alias.
* breakpoint.c (set_breakpoint_count): New function.
(set_breakpoint, break_command_1): Use it.
* breakpoint.c (get_number): New function.
(*_command, map_breakpoint_numbers): Use it.
* infptrace.c (write_inferior_memory): Remove remote_debugging
stuff (is handled in core.c).
(read_inferior_memory): Remove #if 0'd out remote_debugging code.
Tue Mar 27 16:51:27 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* inferior.h: Include frame.h.
* findvar.c (write_register): Replace sun4 #ifdef with
xm-sparc.h: Define CANNOT_STORE_REGISTER.
* sparc-tdep.c: Remove superfluous declaration of
* breakpoint.{c,h}: Add bpstat stuff.
bpstat_do_action: Re-work do_breakpoint_commands into this.
main.c (command_loop): Call bpstat_do_action not
inferior.h, infrun.c, breakpoint.c, infcmd.c:
Rework breakpoint_commands and stop_breakpoint
stuff to use bpstat instead.
* infcmd.c (program_info): "info reg"->"info registers".
* np1-opcode.h: Renamed from npl-opcode.h.
gould-pinsn.c: Include np1-opcode.h.
Makefile.dist (OPCODES): Change npl-opcode.h to np1-opcode.h
* coffread.c (read_enum_type): Stop reading when we hit .eos.
Mon Mar 26 15:52:35 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Version 3.90.3.
* breakpoint.c (read_memory_nobpt): New function.
gdbcore.h: Declare read_memory_{nobpt,check}.
mips-tdep.c: Use read_memory_nobpt not breakpoint_shadow_val.
Fri Mar 23 14:26:38 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* inflow.c (terminal_inferior): Reenable commented out
inferior_thisrun_terminal check.
(terminal_ours_1): If inferior_thisrun_terminal is nonzero,
return immediately.
* Makefile.dist: Rewrite DEPFILES, M_FILE, etc. stuff to deal
with host & target separation.
* config/*: Split into xconfig/* and tconfig/*.
*-dep.c: Split into *-xdep.c and *-tdep.c.
* main.c (main): Always pass two args to xrealloc.
Thu Mar 22 20:29:25 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Makefile.dist ({,dist}clean): rm {x,t}m.h not param.h
xgdb.o: Remove obsolete dependency (now in depend).
* arm-pinsn.c: Include arm-opcode.h not opcode.h.
* mips-pinsn.c, mips-opcode.h: New files from Bothner (from
release of 24 Jan 90 with mips-opcode.h patch from 1 Feb 90).
* utils.c (xmalloc): Return NULL on request for 0 bytes.
Wed Mar 21 13:30:08 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* config.gdb: Re-write machine stuff to deal with host & target.
* xm-altos.h: Don't define HAVE_WAIT_STRUCT.
* m-*.h: Split into xm-*.h and tm-*.h.
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): Put #ifdef sony_news code
in regardless of machine.
* symtab.c (decode_line_1): Add quotes and capitalize error
message "no class, struct, or union named".
* Makefile.dist (cplus-dem.o): Compile with -Dnounderscore.
* stack.c (print_frame_info): Use print_symbol to print function name.
* symtab.c (output_source_filename): Don't print a comma if
we are skipping a filename already printed.
Tue Mar 20 10:48:54 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* symtab.c (output_source_filename): Don't print a filename
more than once.
* utils.c (fprint_symbol): New function.
defs.h: Decalare it.
various: Use fprint_symbol to print symbol names.
Makefile.dist (SFILES, OBS): Add cplus-dem.{c,o}.
Mon Mar 19 17:11:03 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* coffread.c (read_file_hdr): Add MC68K??MAGIC.
* coffread.c (read_coff_symtab): Ignore swbeg and string label
* coffread.c (read_coff_symtab): Increment num_object_files
in case C_STAT not C_FILE.
New variable in_source_file. Set it in case C_FILE.
Check it in case C_STAT.
* coffread.c [FUNCTION_EPILOGUE_SIZE]: New code.
m-umax.h (FUNCTION_EPILOGUE_SIZE): Define.
* config/3b1: New file.
* config/sun*: Print message warning people to use GAS with GCC.
Sun Mar 18 02:56:40 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* infcmd.c (run_stack_dummy): Change error message.
* m-68k.h (REGISTER_VIRTUAL_TYPE): Make pc, fp, sp char *.
Sat Mar 17 21:27:49 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* mips-dep.c: Remove infptrace.c stuff.
* m-bigmips.h: New file.
m-mips.h [MIPSEB]: Remove *_BIG_ENDIAN stuff.
* m-sparc.h (FIX_CALL_DUMMY): Do not insert unimp instruction
if function was compiled with gcc.
* m-mips.h: Remove FIX_CALL_DUMMY_ALIGNED and make FIX_CALL_DUMMY
use new args.
* valops.c (call_function): New args to FIX_CALL_DUMMY.
m-*.h (FIX_CALL_DUMMY): Take new args.
* values.c (using_struct_return): New parameter gcc_p.
valops.c (call_function): New variable using_gcc.
valops.c (call_function) [REG_STRUCT_HAS_ADDR]: New code.
* m-mips.h, mips-dep.c: New files from Forin.
Fri Mar 16 13:17:19 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Makefile.dist: Add some dependencies of m-*.h files.
(HFILES): Add m-68k.h.
* dbxread.c (read_struct_type): Put "operator+" not "operator +"
in symtab.
* core.c: Split read_memory into read_memory_check and read_memory.
breakpoint.c (insert_breakpoints): If can't read memory,
tell user that error was due to seting breakpoints.
Thu Mar 15 11:47:19 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* infrun.c [COFF_ENCAPSULATE]: Include a.out.encap.h.
* blockframe.c (FRAMELESS_LOOK_FOR_PROLOGUE): Make it a function.
various m-*.h: Call function not macro.
frame.h: Declare the function.
Wed Mar 14 02:44:51 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* sparc-dep.c: Include signame.h.
* sparc-pinsn.c (print_insn): When looking for sethi before
delayed branch, call read_memory_noerr not read_memory.
* m-isi.h, m-sun3.h, m-news.h, m-hp300bsd.h, m-altos.h,
m-hp300hpux.h, m-sun2.h: Merge machine stuff except inferior
function call stuff into new file m-68k.h. Create m-3b1.h.
Tue Mar 13 21:34:33 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* inflow.c (new_tty): If can't open tty, print error message
before exiting.
* blockframe.c: Remove declaration of psymtab_to_symtab.
symtab.h: Declare psymtab_to_symtab.
blockframe.c: Remove declarations of block_for_pc and
frame.h: Add declarations of block_for_pc and find_pc_function_start.
Remove declaration of nonexistent function find_pc_function.
values.c: include frame.h instead of declaring block_for_pc.
* Version 3.90.2.
Mon Mar 12 14:20:06 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* main.c (main): Delete superfluous "e" from long_options.
Sat Mar 10 15:47:23 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* valprint.c (val_print): Print <%d bit integer> not just
<large integer>.
* dbxread.c (error_type): Fix loop that finds '\0' so that on
exit, *pp points to the '\0', not the character after.
(read_type): Make sure that places which call read_type and then
try to read more input stop immediately with another error
upon encountering '\0'.
* dbxread.c (read_range_type): Fix check for large signed
integral type to match comment and reality. Set TYPE_LENGTH based
on n2bits for signed, n3bits for unsigned.
* infcmd.c (cont_command): Print warning message if we
decide to ignore the argument.
* gdb.texinfo (attach): @xref{Attach} -> @xref{Remote}.
Fri Mar 9 16:26:47 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* symtab.h (address_class): Reinstate LOC_EXTERNAL with rewritten
* expread.y (yyerror, parse_c_1): Make yyerror take a char * arg.
* main.c (symbol_completion_function): Don't call error() on
"info jkldskf".
* m-npl.h (USE_STRUCT_CONVENTION): Change >= to >.
Thu Mar 8 00:19:01 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* symseg.h: Nuke more symseg references including LOC_EXTERNAL.
Put contents of symseg.h into symtab.h and remove symseg.h.
Wed Mar 7 18:02:15 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* symtab.h (SYMBOL_LINE): New macro.
symtab.c (decode_line_1): Accept variable as well as function.
Lookup variable/function in selected block if no file specified.
printcmd.c: #if 0 out whereis_command.
* command.c (do_setshow_command): Call function with additional
argument C.
main.c (set_history_size_command): Take argument C.
(set_verbose): New function to set docstring.
(initialize_main): Put set_verbose in command list.
command.c (lookup_cmd_1): Accept result_list NULL.
* valprint.c (_initialize_valprint): Change docstring for
"set unionprint" to normal set/show form.
* command.c (add_show_from_set): Check that docstring starts with
"Set " before assuming it does.
* main.c (show_history): Call cmd_show_list.
command.{c,h} (cmd_show_list): New function.
command.h: Declare do_setshow_command.
* command.h (cmd_list_element): New field completer.
main.c (symbol_completion_function): Use it.
symtab.h: Declare make_symbol_completion_list.
command.c (add_cmd): Set completer.
main.c, gdbcmd.h (noop_completer): New function.
infcmd.c: Set completer for environment functions.
* symtab.c (types_info, _initialize_symtab): #if 0 out.
various: Use fputs_filtered, not fprintf_filtered(%s).
* valprint.c (type_print_base): Check for integers larger than
* sun3-dep.c: Include "signame.h" instead of directly declaring
Tue Mar 6 14:59:34 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* infrun.c (signals_info): Allow argument to be a signal name
as well as an expression.
(handle_command): Check for error from sig_number.
* main.c (float_handler): Change error message.
* inflow.c (create_inferior): If getenv ("SHELL") exists, use it
instead of /bin/sh.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab, case N_SO): New variable first_symnum.
Pass it to {start,end}_psymtab.
* dbxread.c (read_ofile_symtab): Increment symbuf_idx and symnum
when calling process_symbol_pair.
* symtab.c (sources_info, output_source_filename):
Re-write so output_source_filename takes a first parameter
instead of a next one.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab, case N_SO): When incrementing
symbuf_idx, increment symnum also.
* values.c (set_internalvar_component): Use VALUE_CONTENTS,
* symmisc.c (free_symtab): Don't free filename (now in symbol_obstack).
* environ.c (init_environ): Copy entire string, including
terminating '\0'.
* value.h, values.c: Rename value_lazy to value_fetch_lazy.
values.c (value_of_internalvar): Call value_fetch_lazy.
* dbxread.c (read_huge_number): Return an error on encountering
a large decimal number.
* dbxread.c (read_huge_number): Reverse sense of overflow test.
* valprint.c (val_print, case TYPE_CODE_INT): Check for integers
larger than LONGEST.
* dbxread.c (read_ofile_symtab): When calling process_one_symbol,
call it with desc and value rather than with bufp->n_{desc,value}.
* defs.h (LONG_MAX): Define.
* sun3-dep.c: Declare sys_siglist.
* infptrace.c: Move include of gdbcore.h after a.out.h
* Makefile.dist (expread.o, mcheck.o): Remove leading "./" not
leading ".".
* m-hp300hpux.h [!HPUX_VERSION_5]: Define KERNEL_U_ADDR_HPUX.
Set kernel_u_addr using nlist().
m-hp300bsd.h: Define KERNEL_U_ADDR_BSD.
Mon Mar 5 16:52:41 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): If value of .o symbol is crazy,
don't end psymtab.
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab): Ignore first of a pair of N_SO
when both appear.
(start_subfile, start_symtab): Extra parameter dirname.
(start_subfile): Use obsavestring, not savestring, for name.
various: Call start_{subfile,symtab} with extra argument.
(end_symtab): Set dirname field in symtab.
(read_ofile_symtab): Call process_symbol_pair on pair of N_SO.
(process_symbol_pair): New function.
symtab.h (symtab): New field dirname.
source.c (open_source_file): New function.
source.c: Use open_source_file instead of openp where appropriate.
* defs.h (TARGET_CHAR_BIT): Define.
Sun Mar 4 13:11:48 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (fill_symbuf): Print error messages nicely.
* Makefile.dist (SFILES): Put standalone.c at end.
* Makefile.dist (alldeps.mak): Put out backslash after arm-convert.s.
* symtab.{c,h} (builtin_type_error): New type.
symseg.h (type_code): Add TYPE_CODE_ERROR.
valprint.c (val_print, type_print_base),
values.c (using_struct_return, set_return_value):
Check for and deal with TYPE_CODE_ERROR.
dbxread.c (error_type): New function
(read_type and subroutines): Call error_type instead of error.
* dbxread.c (read_huge_number): New function.
(read_range_type): Use read_huge_number and check results
to see if it is a large integral type.
* symmisc.c: Remove symseg stuff.
* Gould NP1 changes from (or inspired by)
dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab) [N_NBSTS]:
Treat this and N_NBLCS like N_LCSYM, etc.
(process_one_symbol) [BLOCK_ADDRESS_ABSOLUTE]: New code.
(IGNORE_SYMBOL): Add 0xa4.
(STRING_TABLE_OFFSET): don't add sizeof(int).
[!HAVE_VPRINTF]: Define vprintf to be doprnt, not printf.
(BREAKPOINT): Pad to size of machine word.
(SAVED_PC_AFTER_CALL): Remove ` at start of line (!).
(R2_REGNUM): Define.
(SP_REGNUM, FP_REGNUM): Switch definitions.
call function stuff):
Replace bogus definitions with correct ones for NP1.
gould-pinsn.c (findframe): Move framechain declaration outside #if 0.
infptrace.c (write_inferior_memory): Check addr against text_end
and use PT_WRITE_I or PT_WRITE_D as appropriate.
(store_inferior_registers): Don't try to write registers in
m-npl.h (CANNOT_STORE_REGISTER): Define.
npl-opcode.h (lil): 0xf8080000 -> 0xf80b0000.
* munch: Distinguish between BSD and System V nm by actually
seeing what output from nm looks like.
Fri Mar 2 13:43:36 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* printcmd.c (print_frame_args): Change highest_offset to point
to next unprinted arg.
* main.c (main): Print "type help for list of commands" along
with the version. Follow it with a blank line.
Thu Mar 1 14:49:26 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* valprint.c: Move print_address for function from value_print
to val_print.
Wed Feb 28 15:06:12 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Makefile.dist (m-sun4os4.h): Depend on m-sparc.h
* Makefile.dist (version.c): Depend on Makefile.dist, not Makefile.
* Makefile.dist: Change MAKEFILES to Makefiles.
* symtab.h: Declare get_sym_file.
core.c: Include symtab.h.
* Move signal name stuff from utils.c to signame.c
Move signal name stuff from defs.h to signame.h.
Makefile.dist (SFILES, HFILES, OBS): Add signame.{c,h,o}.
Mon Feb 26 12:03:12 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* command.c (add_cmd): Don't call savestring on name.
Sun Feb 25 15:52:18 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* printcmd.c (print_frame_args): Make highest_offset an int.
New variable args_printed.
(print_frame_nameless_args): Remove parameter end and add num
and first.
(print_frame_args): Change call to print_frame_nameless_args.
Fri Feb 23 21:40:15 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* stack.c (up_command, down_command):
Only print stack frame if from_tty.
Thu Feb 22 12:01:36 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* expread.y: Inlcude value.h and don't cast return value from
* infrun.c: Remove code in #ifdef UMAX_PTRACE.
* values.c (convenience_info): Print in form "$foo = 5".
Don't print "Debugger convenience variables:" before first one.
* Makefile.dist: Remove ADD_FILES from CLIBS.
(gdb, kdb, xgdb): Put in ADD_FILES as well as CLIBS.
* m-pyr.h: #if 0 out call dummy stuff.
Put in POP_FRAME which just calls error().
valops.c: If CALL_DUMMY is not defined, put in dummy call_function
which just prints an error message.
Tue Feb 20 22:11:40 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* breakpoint.c (commands_command): Add arg from_tty.
* main.c (main): Put if (!setjmp (to_top_level)) around calls
to *_command made in response to command line arguments.
Mon Feb 19 13:58:28 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* main.c (main): Use getopt_long_only. Move one-character options
to long_options. Remove entries which are just unambiguous
abbreviations of other options.
* command.h: Add types cmd_types and var_types.
Add fields type, var_type, and var to struct cmd_list_element.
command.c (add_set_cmd, add_set_from_show): New functions.
(add_cmd): Set c->var_type.
(add_abbrev_cmd): Call add_cmd instead of duplicating code.
main.c: Add showlist.
Move parse_binary_operation from main.c to command.c.
command.c (do_setshow_command): New function.
gdbcmd.h: New file.
Makefile.dist: Add gdbcmd.h.
many files: Include gdbcmd.h, use add_set_cmd and add_show_from_set.
Replace info * with show * where appropriate.
utils.c (fputs_filtered): Use UINT_MAX in lines_per_page to mean
no paging.
defs.h: Define UINT_MAX.
infcmd.c (run_command): Use execute_command, not set_args_command.
main.c (execute_command): Call do_setshow_command if necessary.
main.c (show_command, show_history): New functions.
main.c (initialize_main): Call add_prefix_cmd
for show and show history.
* coffread.c (enter_linenos): Print error if
file_offset < linetab_offset.
Sun Feb 18 15:37:05 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* convex-dep.c (comm_registers_info): Fix typo. ("argc"->"arg").
Wed Feb 14 20:45:14 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* config.gdb: Create Makefile with make.
* Makefile.dist, config.gdb: Move "srcdir=" line from Makefile.dist
to new file Makefile.srcdir.
* valprint.c: Include <errno.h>.
* value.h: Declare value_coerce_function.
* findvar.c: Add missing " after #include "gdbcore.h
* main.c (main): Re-write command parsing to use getopt.
On "gdb +help" print options with '+' not '-'.
Makefile.dist: Add getopt.
Tue Feb 13 00:08:27 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Makefile.dist: Add "srcdir=."
config.gdb: Edit srcdir= rather than adding it to the beginning.
* pyr-dep.c: Make global_reg_offset, last_frame_offset not static.
Move definition of reg_stack_offset to core.c [REG_STACK_SEGMENT].
* config/pyramid: Print message about alloca.
* breakpoint.c (clear_command): When printing "no breakpoint"
error, only use arg if non-NULL.
* core.c (read_memory): Rename to read_memory_noerr.
(read_memory): New function which calls read_memory and checks for err.
gdbcore.h: Declare all extern core.c functions.
move myread from core.c to utils.c.
declare it in defs.h.
(read_memory_integer): move from infcmd.c to core.c.
gdbcore.h: Declare it.
Many places: Remove error checking on read_memory, or call
read_memory_noerr instead. Include "gdbcore.h" if calling either.
* value.h (COERCE_ARRAY): Coerce functions to function pointers.
valops.c (value_coerce_function): New function.
* core.c, convex-dep.c, arm-dep.c (xfer_core_file): Return EIO
if address out of bounds.
* m-arm.h, arm-dep.c arm-pinsn.c arm-opcode.h: New files.
dbxread.c, m-convex.h (VARIABLES_INSIDE_BLOCK): Add gcc_p parameter.
Makefile.dist (alldeps.mak): Special case for arm-convert.s.
dbxread.c (define_symbol): Check for local based on it not
being any one of the known deftypes.
values.c (using_struct_return): Use new macro USE_STRUCT_CONVENTION.
* Makefile.dist, config.gdb: Put in srcdir stuff.
Mon Feb 12 22:46:16 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* breakpoint.c: Add addr_string and cond_string fields to
struct breakpoint.
(break_command_1): Set them. Use mention ().
(mention): Create with code from break_command_1.
(breakpoint_re_set): New function.
(breakpoint_clear): Remove.
(condition_command): Set cond_string.
(breakpoint_delete): Free cond_string and addr_string.
Declare parse_c_1's type and remove casts to struct expression *.
symmisc.c (free_all_symtabs): Don't call breakpoint_clear.
dbxread.c, coffread.c (reread_symbols): Call breakpoint_re_set,
Include breakpoint.h.
breakpoint.h: New file.
dbxread.c: Move declaration of symmisc.c functions to symtab.h.
Sun Feb 11 17:29:23 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* symtab.c: Make lookup_block_symtab extern.
symtab.h: Declare it.
valops.c (value_of_this): Use it.
Fri Feb 9 08:59:37 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* config/hp300hpux: Print message telling people to use gcc.
* value.h: Declare print_floating.
printcmd.c (print_scalar_formatted, case 'f'): Use print_floating.
valprint.c (val_print, case TYPE_CODE_FLT): Use print_floating.
valprint.c (print_floating): Make this function out of is_nan
and the code which was in val_print.
Put parentheses around high & 0xfffff.
Print sign and fraction for NaN's.
Print 17 digits not 16 for doubles.
(is_nan): Remove.
m-news.h, m-sun3.h: Define IEEE_FLOAT.
* Rename gld-pinsn.c to gould-pinsn.c.
config/{pn,npl}: Change name of gld-pinsn.c
Tue Feb 6 00:25:36 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* infptrace.c: Define PT_ATTACH if not defined.
m-hp300hpux.h: Define ATTACH_DETACH.
* main.c (initialize_main): Change alias class to aliases.
* dbxread.c: Search and destroy references to symsegs.
Also remove some #if 0'd code.
* core.c: Remove reread_exec.
dbxread.c (reread_symbols): New function.
dbxread.c (symbol_file_command): Set symfile_mtime.
coffread.c: Same.
infcmd.c (run_command): Call reread_symbols not reread_exec.
* valprint.c (val_print): When printing string after char *, print
it for "" just like any other string.
* core.c (reread_exec): New procedure.
infcmd.c (run_command): Call reread_exec.
* coffread.c (symbol_file_command): Add from_tty.
* dbxread.c (symbol_file_command): Only ask about loading new
symbol table if from_tty.
Mon Feb 5 02:25:25 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* inflow.c (inferior_died): Call breakpoint_clear_ignore_counts.
* Makefile.dist (OBS): Remove dbxread.o and coffread.o.
* config.gdb: Ignore files ending in '#' in config.
* stack.c (backtrace_command): Add QUIT to get_prev_frame loops.
Sat Feb 3 22:25:09 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Makefile.dist (YACC): Don't use -v.
Fri Feb 2 19:26:50 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* createtags: Only change .o to .c at end of name.
* Makefile.dist (alldeps.mak): new target.
(Makefile): add alldeps.mak.
(gdb.tar): add config/.
* config.gdb: Check for M_FILE= not #param.h
config/*: Make sure M_FILE= exists with space after M_FILE=.
Makefile.dist (TAGS): Pass M_FILE and DEPFILES.
createtags: Change .o to .c. Remove special tests for dep.c etc.
* dbxread.c, coffread.c: Don't check COFF_FORMAT and READ_DBX_FORMAT.
Makefile.dist: Move {dbx,coff}read.c from SFILES to ALLDEPFILES.
config/*: add dbxread.o or coffread.o to depfiles.
* Makefile.dist (depend): Depend on $(SOURCES), not force.
Thu Feb 1 17:43:54 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* symmisc.c (print_symbol): Print newline after label.
Wed Jan 31 22:35:38 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (read_addl_syms): Remove code that checks for
Move end_of_text_addr into read_dbx_symtab.
(read_dbx_symtab): #if 0 out code which checks for _etext.
Tue Jan 30 15:40:19 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* Makefile.dist (gdb.tar): Use readline's "make readline.tar"
instead of having a list of readline files.
* infrun.c (normal_stop): #if 0 out "you have found a bug in sh".
* munch (-DSYSV): Check for .text at end of name.
Optionally allow extra underscore before initialize.
Remove space between #! and /bin/sh.
* m-merlin.h: Put in clarifying comments about SHELL_FILE.
Makefile.dist (install): Execute M_INSTALL.
config/merlin: Define M_INSTALL.
Mon Jan 29 04:32:09 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* inflow.c: Change all references to signal handlers from
int (*)() to void (*)().
* main.c: Declare init_signals before use & make it void.
Declare initialize_all_files.
* Makefile.dist (config.status): New target.
Sat Jan 27 00:19:50 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* defs.h (enum command_class): Remove comma after last element.
* Makefile.dist (gdb.tar.Z): Use compress <foo >bar rather
than deleting gdb.tar.Z before starting.
* dbxread.c (process_one_symbol): Compare context_stack_depth
* mcheck.c: Put whole file in #if defined MALLOC_RANGE_CHECK.
* mcheck.c (checkhdr): Call fatal_dump_core not abort.
* mcheck.c: Copy from malloc distribution.
* main.c (main): Call init_malloc ().
* main.c (initialize_signals): Rename to init_signals.
Fri Jan 26 00:53:23 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* *dep.c: Make core_file_command return void.
* gdbcore.h [!KERNEL_U_ADDR]: Declare kernel_u_addr.
infptrace.c [!KERNEL_U_ADDR]: Make it extern.
* altos-dep.c (NBPG, UPAGES): Wrap #define in #if !defined.
* m-pn.h (GOULD_PN): Define.
*-pinsn.c: Include actual opcode table not just opcode.h
* main.c [ALIGN_STACK_ON_STARTUP]: New code.
m-i386.h: Define ALIGN_STACK_ON_STARTUP.
* m-merlin.h (NO_SIGINTERRUPT, SHELL_FILE): Define.
* Move code from infptrace [USE_PTRACE_GETREGS] to sun3-dep.c.
m-sun{2,3}.h, m-sparc.h: Define FETCH_INFERIOR_REGISTERS.
* Makefile.dist, config.gdb, config/*:
Re-write to use machine-dependent makefiles instead of cpp.
* m-hp300hpux.h: Define FETCH_INFERIOR_REGISTERS.
infptrace.c: Put {fetch,store}_inferior_registers inside
* Split execcore.c into exec.c and coredep.c.
Move a bunch of stuff from coredep.c and *dep.c to gdbcore.h.
* infptrace.c ({fetch,store}_inferior_registers):
Use U_REGS_OFFSET to set offset.
m-umax.h: Define U_REGS_OFFSET.
* m-umax.h: Define PTRACE_{ATTACH,DETACH}.
* m-i386.h (N_SET_MAGIC): Define.
m-i386gas.h: add #undef N_SET_MAGIC.
Thu Jan 25 18:39:45 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* m-hp300bsd.h: Remove KERNEL_U_ADDR.
* infptrace.c [!KERNEL_U_ADDR]: Get address of kernel u area
at runtime.
* infptrace.c: Replace numbers with PT_KILL, etc.
(store_inferior_registers): Loop for as many words are in the register.
* infptrace.c [NO_SINGLE_STEP]: Call single_step().
* kill_inferior{,_fast}: Declare as returning void.
* m-sun3.h (USE_PTRACE_GETREGS): Define.
* execcore.c: Add IS_OBJECT_FILE & related stuff.
* infptrace.c: Include <sys/ptrace.h>.
* Split default-dep.c into infptrace.c and execcore.c.
* valprint.c [IEEE_FLOAT]: Change void * to char *.
* breakpoint.c: Change printf_filtered(%s) to fputs_filtered.
Wed Jan 24 00:35:52 1990 Jim Kingdon (kingdon at
* dbxread.c (symbol_file_command): When freeing everything, free
the string table too.
* Makefile.dist (gdb1): add "rm -f gdb1".
* printcmd.c (print_scalar_formatted): If size is 0, use 'b'
'h', 'w', or 'g' depending on the type.
* stack.c (backtrace_command): Read in symbols for frames we'll
print before printing them.
* valops.c (value_at): Don't print "I/O error" on EIO from
ptrace. Don't print "out of bounds" for any ptrace error
except EIO.
* valprint.c (type_print_base, case TYPE_CODE_ENUM):
Print "FOO = 5" not "FOO : 5".
* symtab.{c,h}: Make lookup_misc_func extern.
* Makefile.dist: Define VERSION in makefile, and generate
version.c automatically.
(gdb.tar): Use gdb-$(VERSION), not dist-gdb.
* expread.y (yylex): Use lookup_primitive_typename to
cut down on calls to lookup_symbol.
symtab.{c,h} (lookup_primitive_typename): New function.
(lookup_typename): Use it.
* symtab.{c,h} (check_stub_type): New function.
valprint.c (type_print_base, val_print, type_print_derivation_info),
values.c (allocate_value): Call it.
* printcmd.c (whereis_command): New function.
symtab.c (lookup_symbol): Add symtab parameter.
various: Pass additional argument to lookup_symbol.
symseg.h (struct symbol): Add line field.
dbxread.c (define_symbol): Set sym->line.
* dbxread.c (symbol_file_command): Read string table into
malloc'd memory (symfile_string_table) and leave it there.
(psymtab_to_symtab): Use symfile_string_table.
* utils.c (sig_abbrev): Return NULL if not found.
infrun.c (sig_print_{header,info}): Consolidate duplicated
code from handle_command, signals_info.
(sig_print_info): Just print number if no name from sig_abbrev.
* Makefile.dist (OTHERS): Add ChangeLog-3.x
* infrun.c (restore_inferior_status): #if 0 out
"Unable to restore previously selected frame" error message.
* infrun.c (signals_info, handle_command): Print signal
abbrevs along with numbers.
* infrun.c (handle_command): Accept symbol signal names.
* utils.c (sig_{number,abbrev}, init_sig): New functions.
_initialize_utils: Call init_sig for each signal.
defs.h: Declare them.
* default-dep.c (read_inferior_memory): Check quit_flag in
fetch loop.
* Changes for lazy fetching (speeds things up for big objects):
value.h (struct value): New field lazy.
findvar.c (read_var_value): Set lazy instead of fetching.
valops.c: Add value_at_lazy, value_lazy.
various: Call value_at_lazy instead of value_at.
* symtab.h (LONGEST): Define.
* m-*.h (LONGEST, BUILTIN_TYPE_LONGEST): Delete (in symtab.h).
* infrun.c (wait_for_inferior): #if 0 out stop if ABOUT_TO_RETURN
* version.c: Change version number to 4.0development
For older changes see ChangeLog-3.x
Local Variables:
mode: indented-text
left-margin: 8
fill-column: 74
version-control: never