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2013-12-29 Sergio Durigan Junior <>
* arm-linux-tdep.c (arm_stap_is_single_operand): Add comment
describing function.
2013-12-28 Sergio Durigan Junior <>
* arm-linux-tdep.c (arm_stap_is_single_operand): Accept "$" as a
literal prefix. Also accept no prefix at all.
(arm_stap_parse_special_token): Likewise.
(arm_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
2013-12-28 Sergio Durigan Junior <>
PR tdep/15653
* NEWS: Mention SystemTap SDT probe support for AArch64 GNU/Linux.
* aarch64-linux-tdep.c: Include necessary headers for parsing of
SystemTap SDT probes.
(aarch64_stap_is_single_operand): New function.
(aarch64_stap_parse_special_token): Likewise.
(aarch64_linux_init_abi): Declare SystemTap SDT probe argument
prefixes and suffixes. Initialize gdbarch with them.
2013-12-23 Sterling Augustine <>
* linespec.c (add_sal_to_sals): Use "<unknown>" when a symbol
isn't found.
2013-12-23 Sergio Durigan JUnior <>
* stap-probe.c (struct stap_probe) <args_parsed>: Add comment.
(stap_is_generic_prefix): Delete extra brackets. Reindent.
(stap_parse_register_operand): Remove spurious newlines. Simplify
code to parse special token.
(stap_parse_argument_conditionally): Add gdb_assert.
(stap_parse_argument_1): Likewise. Explicitly check for NULL and
(stap_parse_probe_arguments): Likewise.
(handle_stap_probe): Likewise. Reindent code.
(get_stap_base_address): Explicitly check for NULL.
(stap_get_probes): Likewise. Reindent code.
(stap_relocate): Explicitly check for 0.
(stap_gen_info_probes_table_values): Likewise.
2013-12-20 Chung-Lin Tang <>
* nios2-linux-tdep.c (nios2_linux_sigreturn_init): Remove.
(nios2_linux_sigreturn_tramp_frame): Remove.
(nios2_linux_rt_sigreturn_tramp_frame): Update rt_sigreturn syscall
(nios2_linux_syscall_next_pc): Likewise. Remove sigreturn case.
(nios2_linux_init_abi): Remove registration of
2013-12-19 H.J. Lu <>
PR gdb/16305
* i386-tdep.c (i386_process_record): Mask out PREFIX_ADDR when
adding prefix to opcode.
2013-12-19 H.J. Lu <>
PR gdb/16304
* i386-tdep.c (i386_record_lea_modrm_addr): Don't use 16-bit
address in 64-bit mode.
2013-12-19 H.J. Lu <>
PR gdb/16304
* i386-tdep.c (i386_record_lea_modrm_addr): Zero-extend 32-bit
address to 64-bit in 64-bit mode.
2013-12-19 H.J. Lu <>
PR gdb/16304
* amd64-linux-tdep.c (amd64_canonicalize_syscall): Handle x32
system calls.
(amd64_x32_linux_record_tdep): New.
(amd64_linux_syscall_record_common): New function.
(amd64_linux_syscall_record): Call
amd64_linux_syscall_record_common with amd64_linux_record_tdep.
(amd64_x32_linux_syscall_record): Call
amd64_linux_syscall_record_common with
(amd64_linux_init_abi_common): Move amd64_linux_record_tdep
initialization and tdep->i386_syscall_record setup to ...
(amd64_linux_init_abi): Here.
(amd64_x32_linux_init_abi): Initialize
amd64_x32_linux_record_tdep. Set tdep->i386_syscall_record to
* amd64-linux-tdep.h (amd64_x32_syscall): New enum.
2013-12-19 Sergio Durigan Junior <>
* amd64-tdep.c (amd64_init_abi): Declare SystemTap SDT probe
argument prefixes and suffixes. Initialize gdbarch with them.
* arm-linux-tdep.c (arm_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* gdbarch.c: Regenerate.
* gdbarch.h: Regenerate.
* (stap_integer_prefix, stap_integer_suffix)
(stap_register_prefix, stap_register_suffix)
(stap_register_indirection_suffix): Declare as "const char *const
*" instead of "const char *". Adjust printing function. Rename
all of the variables to the plural.
(pstring_list): New function.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_elf_init_abi): Declare SystemTap SDT probe
argument prefixes and suffixes. Initialize gdbarch with them.
* ia64-linux-tdep.c (ia64_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* ppc-linux-tdep.c (ppc_linux_init_abi): Likewise.
* s390-linux-tdep.c (s390_gdbarch_init): Likewise.
* stap-probe.c (stap_is_generic_prefix): New function.
(stap_is_register_prefix): Likewise.
(stap_is_register_indirection_prefix): Likewise.
(stap_is_integer_prefix): Likewise.
(stap_generic_check_suffix): Likewise.
(stap_check_integer_suffix): Likewise.
(stap_check_register_suffix): Likewise.
(stap_check_register_indirection_suffix): Likewise.
(stap_parse_register_operand): Remove unecessary declarations for
variables holding prefix and suffix information. Use the new
functions listed above for checking for prefixes and suffixes.
(stap_parse_single_operand): Likewise.
2013-12-19 Gabriel Krisman Bertazi <>
PR breakpoints/16297
* breakpoint.c (breakpoint_hit_catch_syscall): Return immediately
when expected syscall is hit.
2013-12-19 Tom Tromey <>
* ser-unix.c (hardwire_ops): New global.
(_initialize_ser_hardwire): Use it.
* ser-tcp.c (tcp_ops): New global.
(_initialize_ser_tcp): Use it.
* ser-pipe.c (pipe_ops): New global.
(_initialize_ser_pipe): Use it.
* ser-mingw.c (hardwire_ops, tty_ops, pipe_ops, tcp_ops): New
(_initialize_ser_windows): Use them.
2013-12-19 Tom Tromey <>
* serial.c (serial_ops_p): New typedef.
(serial_ops_list): Now a VEC.
(serial_interface_lookup): Return const. Use VEC_iterate.
(serial_add_interface): Make parameter const.
(serial_open): Update.
(serial_fdopen_ops): Make 'ops' const.
(serial_pipe): Update.
* ser-tcp.c (_initialize_ser_tcp): Update.
* ser-pipe.c (_initialize_ser_pipe): Update.
* ser-unix.c (_initialize_ser_hardwire): Update.
* ser-mingw.c (_initialize_ser_windows): Update.
* ser-go32.c (dos_ops): Now const. Update.
* serial.h (struct serial) <ops>: Now const.
(struct serial_ops) <next>: Remove.
(serial_add_interface): Make parameter const.
2013-12-18 Yufeng Zhang <>
* aarch64-linux-nat.c (aarch64_linux_set_debug_regs): Set
iov.iov_len with the real length in use.
2013-12-18 Yao Qi <>
* target.h (target_xfer_partial_ftype): New typedef.
(target_xfer_partial): Update declaration.
* auxv.h (memory_xfer_auxv): Likewise.
* ia64-hpux-nat.c (super_xfer_partial): Likewise.
* ia64-linux-nat.c (super_xfer_partial): Likewise.
* linux-nat.c (super_xfer_partial): Likewise.
* procfs.c (procfs_xfer_partial): Likewise.
* record-full.c (record_full_beneath_to_xfer_partial):
(tmp_to_xfer_partial): Likewise.
* sparc-nat.c (inf_ptrace_xfer_partial): Likewise.
* target.c (default_xfer_partial): Likewise.
(current_xfer_partial): Likewise.
(target_xfer_partial): Change parameter type to 'gdb_byte *'.
2013-12-18 Yao Qi <>
* linux-nat.c (linux_proc_xfer_partial): Call xsnprintf instead
of sprintf.
(linux_nat_detach, linux_child_pid_to_exec_file): Likewise.
(linux_proc_pending_signals): Likewise.
2013-12-18 Joel Brobecker <>
* value.c (value_entirely_unavailable): ARI fix: Move trailing
binary operator to the next line. No actual code change.
2013-12-17 Pedro Alves <>
* frame.h (enum frame_id_stack_status): New enum.
(struct frame_id) <stack_addr>: Adjust comment.
<stack_addr_p>: Delete field, replaced with ...
<stack_status>: ... this new field.
(frame_id_build_unavailable_stack): Declare.
* frame.c (frame_addr_hash, fprint_field, outer_frame_id)
(frame_id_build_special): Adjust.
(frame_id_build_unavailable_stack): New function.
(frame_id_build, frame_id_build_wild): Adjust.
(frame_id_p, frame_id_eq, frame_id_inner): Adjust to take into
account frames with unavailable stack.
* amd64-tdep.c (amd64_frame_this_id)
(amd64_sigtramp_frame_this_id, amd64_epilogue_frame_this_id): Use
* dwarf2-frame.c (dwarf2_frame_this_id): Likewise.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_frame_this_id, i386_epilogue_frame_this_id)
(i386_sigtramp_frame_this_id): Likewise.
2013-12-17 Andrew Burgess <>
* dwarf2loc.c (read_pieced_value): Mark bits, not bytes
unavailable, use correct bit length.
* value.c (struct value): Extend comment on unavailable to
indicate that it is bit based.
(value_bits_available): New function.
(value_bytes_available): Call value_bits_available.
(value_entirely_available): Check against the bit length, not byte
(mark_value_bits_unavailable): New function.
(mark_value_bytes_unavailable): Move contents to
mark_value_bits_unavailable, call to same.
(memcmp_with_bit_offsets): New function.
(value_available_contents_bits_eq): New function, takes the
functionality from value_available_contents_eq but uses
memcmp_with_bit_offsets now, and is bit not byte based.
(value_available_contents_eq): Move implementation into
value_available_contents_bits_eq, call to same.
(value_contents_copy_raw): Work on bits, not bytes.
(unpack_value_bits_as_long_1): Check availability in bits, not
* value.h (value_bits_available): Declare new function.
(mark_value_bits_unavailable): Declare new function.
2013-12-16 Pierre Muller <>
Fix compilation error for cygwin native build.
* windows-nat.c (windows_ensure_ntdll_loaded) [__USEWIDE]:
Call wcstombs.
2013-12-16 Pedro Alves <>
PR 16329
* sol-thread.c (check_for_thread_db): If the target can't run or
isn't a core, return without pushing.
2013-12-15 Joel Brobecker <>
Revert the following commit:
* solib.c (solib_map_sections): Remove code overwriting
SO->SO_NAME with the bfd's filename.
Make the following changes required after the revert above:
* solib-aix.c (solib_aix_bfd_open): Set the filename of the
returned bfd to a copy of the synthetic pathname.
* solib-darwin.c (darwin_bfd_open): Set the filename of the
returned bfd to a copy of PATHNAME.
2013-12-13 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-lang.c (ada_array_bound_from_type): Move the declaration
and assignment of variable "elt_type" inside the else block
where it is used. Add two missing check_typedef calls.
Fix bug where we got TYPE's TYPE_TARGET_TYPE, where in fact
we really wanted to get ELT_TYPE's TYPE_TARGET_TYPE.
2013-12-13 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-lang.c (ada_array_bound_from_type): Remove unwanted space
between 'struct type *' and 'arr_type'.
2013-12-12 Siva Chandra Reddy <>
PR python/16113
* NEWS (Python Scripting): Add entry for the new feature and the
new attribute of gdb.Field objects.
* python/py-type.c (gdbpy_is_field): New function
(convert_field): Add 'parent_type' attribute to gdb.Field
* python/py-value.c (valpy_getitem): Allow subscript value to be
a gdb.Field object.
(value_has_field): New function
(get_field_flag): New function
* python/python-internal.h (gdbpy_is_field): Add declaration.
2013-12-12 Pedro Alves <>
* breakpoint.c (insert_bp_location): Make 'hw_bp_err_string' local
const, and remove casts.
2013-12-12 Pedro Alves <>
* cli/cli-cmds.c (source_script_from_stream) Use have_python
instead of catching UNSUPPORTED_ERROR.
* exceptions.h (UNSUPPORTED_ERROR): Delete.
* python/python.c (source_python_script) [!HAVE_PYTHON]: Internal
error if called.
* python/python.h (have_python): New static inline function.
2013-12-11 Doug Evans <>
* dwarf2read.c (lookup_dwo_cutu): Include name of dwp file in
"can't find DWO" warning.
2013-12-11 Sergio Durigan Junior <>
* break-catch-throw.c (fetch_probe_arguments): Pass selected frame
to get_probe_argument_count and evaluate_probe_argument.
* probe.c (get_probe_argument_count): Adjust declaration to accept
frame. Pass frame to probe_ops's get_probe_argument_count.
(evaluate_probe_argument): Likewise, for evaluate_probe_argument.
(probe_safe_evaluate_at_pc): Pass frame to
get_probe_argument_count and evaluate_probe_argument.
* probe.h (struct probe_ops) <get_probe_argument_count,
evaluate_probe_argument>: Adjust declarations to accept frame.
(get_probe_argument_count, evaluate_probe_argument): Likewise.
* solib-svr4.c (solib_event_probe_action): Get current frame.
Pass it to get_probe_argument_count.
(svr4_handle_solib_event): Get current frame. Pass it to
get_probe_argument_count and evaluate_probe_argument.
* stap-probe.c (stap_parse_probe_arguments): Adjust declaration to
accept gdbarch. Do not obtain it from the probe's objfile.
(stap_get_probe_argument_count): Adjust declaration to accept
frame. Obtain gdbarch from the frame. Call generic
can_evaluate_probe_arguments. Pass gdbarch to
(stap_get_arg): Adjust declaration to accept gdbarch. Pass it to
(stap_evaluate_probe_argument): Adjust declaration to accept
frame. Obtain gdbarch from the frame. Pass gdbarch to
(stap_compile_to_ax): Pass agent_expr's gdbarch to stap_get_arg.
(compute_probe_arg): Obtain gdbarch from frame. Pass frame to
get_probe_argument_count and evaluate_probe_argument.
2013-12-10 Doug Evans <>
PR 16286
* c-lang.c (c_get_string): Ignore the declared size of the object
if a specific length is requested.
2013-12-10 Doug Evans <>
* interps.h (interp_exec_p): Delete.
* interps.c (interp_exec_p): Delete.
(interp_exec): Update. Assert interp->procs->exec_proc != NULL.
* mi/mi-interp.c (mi_cmd_interpreter_exec): Update.
2013-12-10 Yao Qi <>
* amd64-tdep.c (amd64_analyze_stack_align): Call
target_read_code instead of target_read_memory.
(amd64_analyze_prologue): Call read_code_unsigned_integer
instead of read_memory_unsigned_integer. Call read_code
instead of read_memory.
(amd64_skip_xmm_prologue): Likewise.
2013-12-10 Yao Qi <>
* corefile.c (read_code): New function.
(read_code_integer): New function.
(read_code_unsigned_integer): New function.
* gdbcore.h (read_code): Declare.
(read_code_integer): Declare.
(read_code_unsigned_integer): Declare.
* i386-tdep.c (i386_follow_jump): Call target_read_code instead
of target_read_memory. Call read_code_unsigned_integer instead
of read_memory_unsigned_integer.
(i386_analyze_struct_return): Likewise.
(i386_skip_probe): Likewise.
(i386_analyze_stack_align): Likewise.
(i386_match_pattern): Likewise.
(i386_skip_noop): Likewise.
(i386_analyze_frame_setup): Likewise.
(i386_analyze_register_saves): Likewise.
(i386_skip_prologue): Likewise.
(i386_skip_main_prologue): Likewise.
(i386_frame_cache_1): Likewise.
2013-12-10 Yao Qi <>
* infrun.c: Include "target-dcache.h".
(prepare_for_detach): Call target_dcache_invalidate.
(wait_for_inferior): Likewise.
(fetch_inferior_event): Likewise.
(infrun_thread_stop_requested_callback): Likewise. Set
overlay_cache_invalid to 1.
2013-12-10 Joel Brobecker <>
* symtab.c (symbol_find_demangled_name): Add handling of
Ada symbols.
2013-12-10 Joel Brobecker <>
* mi/mi-main.c (mi_cmd_list_features): add "exec-run-start-option".
* NEWS: Expand the entry documenting the new -exec-run --start
option to mention the corresponding new entry in the output of
2013-12-10 Joel Brobecker <>
* windows-nat.c (handle_load_dll): Add comments.
(windows_ensure_ntdll_loaded): New function.
(do_initial_windows_stuff): Use windows_ensure_ntdll_loaded.
Add FIXME comment.
2013-12-08 Joel Brobecker <>
GDB 7.6.2 released.
2013-12-08 Yao Qi <>
* stack.c (frame_info): Initialize variable caller_pc.
2013-12-06 Pedro Alves <>
* frame.c (enum cached_copy_status): New enum.
(struct frame_info) <prev_pc.p>: Change type to enum
(fprint_frame): Handle not saved and unavailable prev_pc values.
(frame_unwind_pc_if_available): Delete and merge contents into ...
(frame_unwind_pc): ... here. Handle OPTIMIZED_OUT_ERROR. Adjust
to use enum cached_copy_status.
(frame_unwind_caller_pc_if_available): Delete.
(create_new_frame): Adjust.
* frame.h (frame_unwind_caller_pc_if_available): Delete
* stack.c (frame_info): Use frame_unwind_caller_pc instead of
frame_unwind_caller_pc_if_available, and handle
* valprint.c (val_print_optimized_out): Use val_print_not_saved.
(val_print_not_saved): New function.
* valprint.h (val_print_not_saved): Declare.
2013-12-06 Andrew Burgess <>
Pedro Alves <>
* exceptions.h (errors): Add OPTIMIZED_OUT_ERROR.
* dwarf2loc.c (write_pieced_value): Throw OPTIMIZED_OUT_ERROR.
* frame.c (frame_unwind_register): Throw OPTIMIZED_OUT_ERROR.
* spu-tdep.c (spu_software_single_step): Throw
* valops.c (value_assign): Throw OPTIMIZED_OUT_ERROR.
2013-12-06 Tom Tromey <>
* objfiles.c (free_objfile): Update comment.
2013-12-06 Tom Tromey <>
* objfiles.h (objfile_to_front): Remove.
* objfiles.c (objfile_to_front): Remove.
2013-12-06 Tom Tromey <>
* minsyms.c (get_symbol_leading_char): Remove unnecessary
2013-12-06 Tom Tromey <>
* psympriv.h (struct partial_symtab) <user>: Move earlier.
2013-12-06 Tom Tromey <>
* cli/cli-cmds.c (edit_command): Use paddress, not hex_string.
(list_command): Likewise.
2013-12-06 Tom Tromey <>
* psymtab.c (allocate_psymtab): Put the filename in the filename
2013-12-06 Tom Tromey <>
* buildsym.c (end_symtab_from_static_block): Use obstack_copy0.
* symtab.h (struct symtab) <dirname>: Now const.
2013-12-06 Tom Tromey <>
* symfile.c (allocate_symtab): Remove cast.
* symtab.h (struct symtab) <filename>: Now const.
2013-12-06 Tom Tromey <>
* break-catch-throw.c (fetch_probe_arguments): Use
get_probe_argument_count and evaluate_probe_argument.
* elfread.c (elf_get_probe_argument_count)
(elf_can_evaluate_probe_arguments, elf_evaluate_probe_argument)
(elf_compile_to_ax): Remove.
(elf_probe_fns): Update.
* probe.c (get_probe_argument_count, can_evaluate_probe_arguments)
(evaluate_probe_argument): Call method on probe, not via sym
* stap-probe.c (compute_probe_arg): Use get_probe_argument_count,
(compile_probe_arg): Use get_probe_argument_count. Call method on
probe, not via sym functions.
* symfile-debug.c (debug_sym_get_probe_argument_count)
(debug_sym_evaluate_probe_argument, debug_sym_compile_to_ax):
(debug_sym_probe_fns): Remove.
* symfile.h (struct sym_probe_fns) <sym_get_probe_argument_count,
can_evaluate_probe_arguments, sym_evaluate_probe_argument,
sym_compile_to_ax>: Remove fields.
2013-12-06 Pierre Muller <>
Fix completion for pascal language.
* p-exp.y (exp : field_exp name): Do not call mark_struct_expression.
(exp : field_exp name COMPLETE): New rule.
(exp : SIZEOF): Set correct current_type.
(last_was_structop): Remove static variable.
(yylex): Remove saw_structop local variable.
Adapt code to removal of variables above.
2013-12-06 Joel Brobecker <>
* frame.c (get_prev_frame_1): Delete variable "this_id".
Replace its use by a call to get_frame_id.
2013-12-05 Anthony Green <>
* moxie-tdep.c (moxie_software_single_step): New function.
(INST2OFFSET): New helper macro.
(moxie_gdbarch_init): Call set_gdbarch_software_single_step.
(moxie_process_readu): Move this up in the file.
2013-12-05 Doug Evans <>
* auto-load.c (load_auto_scripts_for_objfile): Add some comments.
2013-12-05 Joel Brobecker <>
Tristan Gingold <>
* amd64-windows-tdep.c (amd64_windows_frame_decode_insns):
Accept version 2. Ignore operations using opcode 6.
2013-12-05 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-lex.l (find_dot_all): Fix coding style violations.
2013-12-03 Walfred Tedeschi <>
* NEWS: Add section for Intel Architecture Instructions
Extesions mentioning MPX.
2013-12-03 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-lex.l (find_dot_all): Use strncasecmp instead of strncmp.
2013-12-03 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-lang.c (create_excep_cond_exprs): Force EXP to NULL
when parse_exp_1 threw an error. Add comment.
2013-12-03 Joel Brobecker <>
* NEWS: Mention "-list-features" in the entry documenting
the support for the "--language" option.
2013-12-03 Tom Tromey <>
Jan Kratochvil <>
Doug Evans <>
Samuel Bronson <>
Bring back gdb-add-index as a contrib script.
* contrib/ New file.
* NEWS: Note the addition.
2013-12-03 Samuel Bronson <>
* MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself to the list.
2013-12-03 Joel Brobecker <>
* mi/mi-main.c (mi_cmd_list_features): Remove "ada-exceptions".
2013-12-03 Joel Brobecker <>
* mi/mi-main.c: Remove trailing spaces throughout.
2013-12-03 Pedro Alves <>
Joel Brobecker <>
* exceptions.h (enum_errors) <UNDEFINED_COMMAND_ERROR>: New enum.
* mi/mi-parse.c (mi_parse): Throw UNDEFINED_COMMAND_ERROR instead
of a regular error when the GDB/MI command does not exist.
* mi/mi-main.c (mi_cmd_list_features): Add
(mi_print_exception): Print an "undefined-command"
* NEWS: Add entry documenting the new "code" variable in
"^error" result records.
2013-12-03 Joel Brobecker <>
* mi/mi-cmds.h (mi_cmd_info_gdb_mi_command): Declare.
* mi/mi-cmd-info.c (mi_cmd_info_gdb_mi_command): New function.
* mi/mi-cmds.c (mi_cmds): Add -info-gdb-mi-command command.
* mi/mi-main.c (mi_cmd_list_features): Add "info-gdb-mi-command"
field to output of "-list-features".
* NEWS: Add entry for new -info-gdb-mi-command.
2013-12-02 Doug Evans <>
Jan Kratochvil <>
* objfiles.c (allocate_objfile): Save original_name as an absolute
* objfiles.h (struct objfile): Expand comment on original_name.
* source.c (openp): Call gdb_abspath.
* utils.c (gdb_abspath): New function.
* utils.h (gdb_abspath): Declare.
2013-12-02 Pedro Alves <>
* dcache.c (dcache_read_line): Use target_read_raw_memory.
* target.c (target_read_raw_memory): New function.
(target_read_stack, target_write_memory, target_write_raw_memory):
Update comment.
(target_read_code): Add comment.
* target.h (target_read_raw_memory): Declare.
2013-12-02 Pedro Alves <>
* ctf.c (ctf_start): Use S_IRGRP, S_IXGRP, S_IXOTH
2013-12-02 Pedro Alves <>
Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* remote.c (putpkt_for_catch_errors): Remove function.
(remote_kill): Handle TARGET_CLOSE_ERROR from the kill packet
2013-12-02 Pedro Alves <>
PR remote/15974
* remote-notif.c (handle_notification): Return early if no
notification is found.
2013-12-02 Joel Brobecker <>
* common/filestuff.c (fdwalk): Add "defined(RLIMIT_NOFILE)"
preprocessor check.
2013-12-02 Joel Brobecker <>
* (HFILES_NO_SRCDIR): Remove "common/gdb_dirent.h".
2013-12-02 Joel Brobecker <>
* (HFILES_NO_SRCDIR): Remove "common/gdb_stat.h".
* ctf.c (ctf_start): Remove obsolete comment.
2013-12-02 Joel Brobecker <>
* (HFILES_NO_SRCDIR): Remove "common/gdb_string.h".
2013-11-30 Doug Evans <>
* auto-load.h (script_language): New members name, auto_load_enabled.
Add missing comments on struct members.
(auto_load_objfile_script): Delete.
* auto-load.c: #include "cli/cli-cmds.h".
(auto_load_gdb_scripts_enabled): New function.
(script_language_gdb): Update, add new members.
(source_gdb_script_for_objfile): Simplify, auto-load safe-checking
and call to maybe_add_script moved to caller.
(auto_load_objfile_script_1): Auto-load safe-checking and
call to maybe_add_script moved here.
(auto_load_objfile_script): Make static. Early exit if support for
scripting language hasn't been compiled in, or auto-loading has been
(source_section_scripts): Argument "source_name" renamed to
"section_name". All uses updated. Replace uses of AUTO_SECTION_NAME
with section_name. Skip loading script if support for scripting
language hasn't been compiled in, or auto-loading has been disabled.
Call language->source_script_for_objfile instead of calling
source_python_script_for_objfile directly.
(load_auto_scripts_for_objfile): Update.
* python/py-auto-load.c: Delete #include "cli/cli-cmds.h".
(gdbpy_load_auto_script_for_objfile): Delete.
(auto_load_python_scripts_enabled): New function.
(script_language_python): Update, add new members.
(gdbpy_script_language_defn): New function.
* python/python.h (gdbpy_load_auto_scripts_for_objfile): Delete.
(gdbpy_script_language_defn): Declare.
* auto-load.c (AUTO_SECTION_NAME): Moved here and renamed from
py-auto-load.c, GDBPY_AUTO_SECTION_NAME.
(source_section_scripts): Moved here from py-auto-load.c.
(auto_load_section_scripts): Ditto.
* python/py-auto-load.c (GDBPY_AUTO_SECTION_NAME): Moved to
auto-load.c, renamed AUTO_SECTION_NAME.
(source_section_scripts, auto_load_section_scripts): Moved to
2013-11-30 Yao Qi <>
* remote.c (getpkt_or_notif_sane_1): Fix typo "checksm".
2013-11-29 Sergio Durigan Junior <>
* Remove include of "gdb_string.h", replace by
2013-11-29 Doug Evans <>
* python/py-auto-load.c (source_section_scripts): Move comment to
more relevant location.
Whitespace cleanup.
* python/py-breakpoint.c: Remove trailing whitespace.
* python/py-cmd.c: Ditto.
* python/py-evts.c: Ditto.
* python/py-finishbreakpoint.c: Ditto.
* python/py-frame.c: Ditto.
* python/py-function.c: Ditto.
* python/py-inferior.c: Ditto.
* python/py-infthread.c: Ditto.
* python/py-param.c: Ditto.
* python/py-prettyprint.c: Ditto.
* python/py-symbol.c: Ditto.
* python/py-type.c: Ditto.
* python/py-utils.c: Ditto.
* python/py-value.c: Ditto.
* python/python-internal.h: Ditto.
* python/python.c: Ditto.
2013-11-29 Pedro Alves <>
* unwind_stop_reasons.def (UNWIND_NULL_ID): Update comment.
2013-11-29 Pedro Alves <>
* breakpoint.c (build_target_condition_list): Release previous
(build_target_command_list): Release previous commands.
(bp_location_dtor): Release target conditions and commands.
* remote.c (remote_add_target_side_condition): Don't release
(remote_add_target_side_commands): Don't release commands.
2013-11-29 Yao Qi <>
Pedro Alves <>
* dcache.c (dcache_read_line): Use current_target.beneath
instead of &current_target.
* target.c (memory_xfer_partial_1): Factor code out to ...
(raw_memory_xfer_partial): ... it. New function.
(target_xfer_partial): Call raw_memory_xfer_partial if OBJECT
2013-11-28 Doug Evans <>
* breakpoint.h (gdbpy_breakpoint_object): Renamed from
breakpoint_object. All uses updated.
* python/python-internal.h (gdbpy_breakpoint_object): Renamed from
breakpoint_object. All uses updated.
* python.c (*): All uses of breakpoint_object updated.
* python.h (*): All uses of breakpoint_object updated.
* python/py-breakpoint.c (*): All uses of breakpoint_object updated.
* python/py-finishbreakpoint.c (*): Ditto.
2013-11-28 Doug Evans <>
* Add comments delineating libpython and libmcheck.
* configure: Regenerate.
2013-11-28 Andrew Burgess <>
Pedro Alves <>
* valprint.c (value_check_printable): If the value is entirely
unavailable, print a single "<unavailable>" instead of printing
all subfields.
2013-11-28 Pedro Alves <>
* frame.c (get_prev_frame_1) <stop_reason != UNWIND_NO_REASON>:
Add "set debug frame" output.
(frame_stop_reason_symbol_string): New function.
2013-11-28 Pedro Alves <>
* frame-unwind.c (default_frame_unwind_stop_reason): Return
UNWIND_OUTERMOST if the frame's ID is outer_frame_id.
* frame.c (get_prev_frame_1): Remove outer_frame_id check.
2013-11-28 Pedro Alves <>
* frame.c (get_prev_frame_1): If the frame id is outer_frame_id,
set the unwind stop reason to UNWIND_OUTERMOST, not
UNWIND_NULL_ID. Remove explicit check for sentinel frame.
2013-11-28 Pedro Alves <>
* frame.c (frame_unwind_register): Say the register was "not
saved" instead of "optimized out".
2013-11-27 Steffen Sledz <>
PR 16152
* configure: Rebuild.
* Tighten cygwin detection check.
2013-11-27 Pedro Alves <>
* frame-unwind.c (frame_unwind_got_optimized): Use the type of the
register in the previous frame's arch.
2013-11-27 Pedro Alves <>
* frame-unwind.c (frame_unwind_got_optimized): Return
an lval_register value instead of a not_lval value.
2013-11-27 Andrew Burgess <>
* frame.c: Include "valprint.h".
(frame_unwind_register_value): Use value_optimized_out.
* value.c (value_fetch_lazy): Likewise.
2013-11-26 Andrew Burgess <>
* value.c (allocate_optimized_out_value): Mark value as non-lazy.
2013-11-26 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2-frame.c (dwarf2_frame_cache): Revert patch from
2013-11-26 Walfred Tedeschi <>
* i386-xstate.h (I386_XSTATE_MPX): New Macro.
(I386_XSTATE_MPX_MASK): Makes use of I386_XSTATE_MPX.
(HAS_MPX): New macro.
(HAS_AVX): New macro.
2013-11-25 Keith Seitz <>
PR c++/14819
* c-exp.y (classify_inner_name): If no matching symbol was
found, try looking up the token as a base class.
Likewise if a constructor was found.
* cp-namespace.c (find_type_baseclass_by_name): New function.
* cp-support.h (find_type_baseclass_by_name): Declare.
* valops.c (value_struct_elt_for_reference): If we get
a non-static field, try to get a value based on the
current instance, if any.
2013-11-24 Yao Qi <>
* disasm.c (dis_asm_read_memory): Call target_read_code
instead of target_read_memory.
2013-11-24 Yao Qi <>
* NEWS: Add note on new "set code-cache" option.
* target-dcache.c (code_cache_enabled_1): New variable.
(code_cache_enabled): New variable.
(show_code_cache, set_code_cache): New function.
(code_cache_enabled_p): New function.
(_initialize_target_dcache): Register command.
* target-dcache.h (code_cache_enabled_p): Declare.
* target.c (memory_xfer_partial_1):Handle
TARGET_OBJECT_CODE_MEMORY and code_cache_enabled.
(target_read_code): New function.
* target.h (enum target_object) <TARGET_OBJECT_CODE_MEMORY>:
(target_read_code): Declare.
2013-11-24 Yao Qi <>
* target-dcache.c (stack_cache_enabled_p_1): Rename to ...
(stack_cache_enabled_1): ... this. New variable.
(stack_cache_enabled_p): Rename to ...
(stack_cache_enabled): ... this. New variable.
(set_stack_cache_enabled_p): Rename to ...
(set_stack_cache): ... this. Update caller.
(show_stack_cache_enabled_p): Rename to ...
(show_stack_cache): ... this. Update caller.
(stack_cache_enabled): Rename to ...
(stack_cache_enabled_p): ... this. Update caller.
(_initialize_target_dcache): Replace "data cache" with
"target memory cache".
* target-dcache.h (stack_cache_enabled): Remove declaration.
(stack_cache_enabled_p): Add declaration.
2013-11-23 Doug Evans <>
* python/py-frame.c (gdbpy_initialize_frames): Remove FIRST_ERROR,
2013-11-23 Doug Evans <>
* python/py-frame.c (frapy_block): Fix error message text.
2013-11-23 Doug Evans <>
* cli/cli-script.c (multi_line_command_p): New function.
(recurse_read_control_structure, read_command_lines_1): Call it.
(execute_control_command): Consistently have a blank line between
each case.
2013-11-22 Sterling Augustine <>
PR gdb/16196:
* valprint.c (read_string): Set new variable fetchlen based on
fetchlimit and size. Use it in call to partial_memory_read.
Update comment.
2013-11-22 Tom Tromey <>
PR backtrace/16155:
* dwarf2-frame.c (dwarf2_frame_cache): Set undefined_retaddr if
the return address column is unspecified.
2013-11-22 Tom Tromey <>
Pedro Alves <>
PR backtrace/16155
* value.c (value_fetch_lazy): Internal error if
get_frame_register_value returns the same register.
2013-11-22 Pedro Alves <>
Tom Tromey <>
* frame.c (frame_stash_add): Now returns whether a frame with the
same ID was already known.
(compute_frame_id): New function, factored out from get_frame_id.
(get_frame_id): No longer lazilly compute the frame id here.
(get_prev_frame_if_no_cycle): New function. Detects wider stack
(get_prev_frame_1): Use it instead of get_prev_frame_raw directly,
and checking for stack cycles here.
2013-11-22 Pedro Alves <>
PR 16155
* frame.c (get_prev_frame_1): Do the UNWIND_SAME_ID check between
this frame and the new previous frame, not between this frame and
the next frame.
2013-11-22 Pedro Alves <>
PR 16155
* dwarf2-frame.c (struct dwarf2_frame_cache)
<checked_tailcall_bottom, entry_cfa_sp_offset,
entry_cfa_sp_offset_p>: New fields.
(dwarf2_frame_cache): Adjust to use the new cache fields instead
of locals. Don't call dwarf2_tailcall_sniffer_first here.
(dwarf2_frame_prev_register): Call it here, but only once.
2013-11-21 Doug Evans <>
* gdbtypes.c: #include bcache.h, dwarf2loc.h.
(type_equality_entry): Move here from python/py-type.c.
(type_equality_entry_d): Ditto.
(compare_maybe_null_strings, check_types_equal): Ditto.
(check_types_worklist, types_deeply_equal): Ditto.
* gdbtypes.h (types_deeply_equal): Declare.
* python/py-type.c: Remove inclusion of bcache.h, dwarf2loc.h.
(typy_richcompare): Update.
2013-11-20 Joel Brobecker <>
* python/py-value.c (is_intlike): Delete.
(valpy_int): Replace use of CHECK_TYPEDEF and is_intlike
by use of is_integral_type.
(valpy_long): Replace use of CHECK_TYPEDEF and is_intlike
by use of is_integral_type and check for TYPE_CODE_PTR.
2013-11-20 Tom Tromey <>
strerror module.
* gnulib/aclocal.m4: Update.
* gnulib/ Update.
* gnulib/configure: Update.
* gnulib/import/ Update.
* gnulib/import/ Update.
* gnulib/import/ Remove.
* gnulib/import/intprops.h: Remove.
* gnulib/import/m4/errno_h.m4: Remove.
* gnulib/import/m4/gnulib-cache.m4: Update.
* gnulib/import/m4/gnulib-comp.m4: Update.
* gnulib/import/m4/strerror.m4: Remove.
* gnulib/import/m4/sys_socket_h.m4: Remove.
* gnulib/import/strerror-override.c: Remove.
* gnulib/import/strerror-override.h: Remove.
* gnulib/import/strerror.c: Remove.
* gnulib/ Update.
2013-11-20 Yao Qi <>
* target-dcache.c (target_dcache_get_or_init): Call
set_address_space_data if 'dcache' is NULL.
2013-11-20 Walfred Tedeschi <>
* common/i386-gcc-cpuid.h (bit_MPX): Synchronize with gcc file.
2013-11-20 Walfred Tedeschi <>
* python/lib/gdb/command/ New file.
* data-directory/ Copy to the right path
to be initialized at gdb startup.
2013-11-20 Walfred Tedeschi <>
* amd64-linux-nat.c (amd64_linux_gregset32_reg_offset):
Add MPX registers.
(amd64_linux_read_description): Add initialization for MPX and
AVX independently.
* amd64-linux-tdep.c: Includes features/i386/amd64-mpx-linux.c.
(amd64_linux_gregset_reg_offset): Add MPX registers.
(amd64_linux_core_read_description): Add initialization for MPX
(_initialize_amd64_linux_tdep): Initialize MPX targets.
* amd64-linux-tdep.h (AMD64_LINUX_RAX_REGNUM): Set it to the last
register on the list.
(tdesc_amd64_mpx_linux) Add new target for MPX.
* amd64-tdep.c: Includes features/i386/amd64-mpx.c.
(amd64_mpx_names): MPX register names.
(amd64_init_abi): Add MPX register while initializing the ABI.
(_initialize_amd64_tdep): Initialize MPX targets.
* amd64-tdep.h (amd64_regnum): Add MPX registers.
(AMD64_NUM_REGS): Set number of registers taking MPX into account.
2013-11-20 Walfred Tedeschi <>
* i386-linux-nat.c (GETXSTATEREGS_SUPPLIES): Add MPX
registers on the range of registers to be read from
xsave buffer.
(i386_linux_read_description): Add case for MPX.
* i386-linux-tdep.c: Include features/i386/i386-mpx-linux.c.
(i386_linux_gregset_reg_offset): Add MPX registers.
(i386_linux_core_read_description): Initialize also MPX.
(_initialize_i386_linux_tdep): Add mpx initialization.
* i386-tdep.h (gdbarch_tdep): Add fields bnd0r_regnum, bnd0_regnum,
(i386_regnum): Add MPX registers.
(I386_MPX_NUM_REGS): New macro.
(i386_bnd_regnum_p): New function.
* i386-linux-tdep.h (I386_LINUX_NUM_REGS): Set
number of registers to be the number of BNDSTATUS.
(tdesc_i386_mpx_linux): Add description for MPX Linux registers.
* i386-tdep.c: Include features/i386/i386-mpx.c.
(i386_mpx_names): Add MPX register names array.
(i386_bnd_names): Add bnd pseudo register names array.
(i386_bndr_regnum_p): Lookup register numbers for bnd raw
(i386_bndr_regnum_p): Lookup register numbers for bnd raw registers.
(386_mpx_ctrl_regnum_p): Lookup register numbers for MPX control
(i386_bnd_type): New function.
(i386_pseudo_register_type): Use i386_bnd_type for bnd pseudo
register types.
(i386_pseudo_register_read_into_value): Add bnd case.
(i386_pseudo_register_write): Add bnd pseudo registers.
(i386_register_reggroup_p): Add MPX register to the group all.
(i386_validate_tdesc_p): Add MPX to the target description
(i386_pseudo_register_name): Add bnd pseudo registers.
(i386_gdbarch_init): Add MPX for architecture initialization.
(_initia_initialize_i386_tdep): Add mpx initialization.
* i387-tdep.c (xsave_mpx_offset): New vector for MPX offsets on
XSAVE buffer.
(XSAVE_MPX_ADDR): New macro.
(i387_supply_xsave): Add MPX case.
(i387_collect_xsave): Add MPX case.
* i387-tdep.h (I387_BND0R_REGNUM): New macro.
(I387_BNDCFGU_REGNUM): New macro.
(I387_NUM_MPX_REGS): New macro.
(I387_NUM_BND_REGS): New macro.
(I387_NUM_MPX_CTRL_REGS): New macro.
(I387_MPXEND_REGNUM): New macro.
* common/i386-xstate.h (I386_XSTATE_BNDREGS): New macro.
(I386_XSTATE_BNDCFG): Likewise.
(I386_XSTATE_MPX_MASK): Likewise.
(I386_XSTATE_ALL_MASK): New macro represents flags for all states.
(I386_XSTATE_BNDREGS_SIZE): New macro.
(I386_XSTATE_BNDCFG_SIZE): Likewise.
(I386_XSTATE_SIZE): Adapt for MPX.
(I386_XSTATE_MAX_SIZE): Likewise.
2013-11-20 Walfred Tedeschi <>
* features/i386/Makefile: Adapts for using MPX registers.
* features/i386/32bit-mpx.xml: New file.
* features/i386/64bit-mpx.xml: Likewise.
* features/i386/amd64-mpx-linux.c: Likewise.
* features/i386/amd64-mpx-linux.xml: Likewise.
* features/i386/amd64-mpx.c: Likewise.
* features/i386/amd64-mpx.xml: Likewise.
* features/i386/i386-mpx-linux.c: Likewise.
* features/i386/i386-mpx-linux.xml: Likewise.
* features/i386/i386-mpx.c: Likewise.
* features/i386/i386-mpx.xml: Likewise.
* regformats/i386/amd64-mpx-linux.dat: New file.
* regformats/i386/amd64-mpx.dat: Likewise.
* regformats/i386/i386-mpx-linux.dat: Likewise.
* regformats/i386/i386-mpx.dat: Likewise.
2013-11-20 Walfred Tedeschi <>
* target-descriptions.c (maint_print_maint_print_c_tdesc_cmd):
Modified logic of creating a bitfield to be in sync with
2013-11-20 Will Newton <>
* arm-tdep.c (arm_get_next_pc): Remove "Infinite loop detected"
error message.
2013-11-20 Yao Qi <>
* progspace.h (struct address_space_data): Declare.
* target-dcache.c: Include "progspace.h".
(target_dache): Remove.
(target_dcache_aspace_key): New.
(target_dcache_cleanup): New function.
(target_dcache_init_p): Get data through
(target_dcache_invalidate): Likewise.
(target_dcache_get): Likewise.
(target_dcache_get_or_init): Likewise.
(_initialize_target_dcache): Initialize
2013-11-20 Yao Qi <>
* progspace.c (struct address_space): Update comments.
<REGISTRY_FIELDS>: New fields.
DEFINE_REGISTRY for address_space.
(new_address_space): Call address_space_alloc_data.
(free_address_space): Call address_space_free_data.
* progspace.h: Use DECLARE_REGISTRY.
2013-11-20 Yao Qi <>
* (SFILES):Add target-dcache.c.
(HFILES_NO_SRCDIR): Add target-dcache.h.
(COMMON_OBS): Add target-dcache.o.
* dcache.c: Remove inclusion to "target.h". Include
* memattr.c: Include "target-dcache.h".
* top.c: Likewise.
* tracepoint.c: Likewise.
* target.c: (stack_cache_enabled_p_1): Move to
(stack_cache_enabled_p): Likewise.
(set_stack_cache_enabled_p): Likewise.
(show_stack_cache_enabled_p): Likewise.
(target_dcache, target_dcache_init_p): Likewise.
(target_dcache_invalidate): Likewise.
(target_dcache_get, target_dcache_get_or_init): Likewise.
(memory_xfer_partial_1): Call function stack_cache_enabled.
(initialize_target): Move code to target-dcache.c.
* target.h (target_dcache_invalidate): Move to
(target_dcache_get): Likewise.
* target-dcache.c: New.
* target-dcache.h: New.
2013-11-20 Yao Qi <>
* target.c (memory_xfer_partial_1): Update 'target_dcache' if
it is initialized.
2013-11-20 Yao Qi <>
* dcache.c (last_cache): Remove.
(dcache_free, dcache_init): Update.
(dcache_print_line): Add parameter 'dcache'. Replace
'target_dcache' with 'dcache'.
(dcache_info): Move code to dcache_info_1. Call
(dcache_info_1): New function.
(set_dcache_size): Call target_dcache_invalidate.
(set_dcache_line_size): Call target_dcache_invalidate.
* target.c (target_dcache_init_p): New function.
(target_dcache_invalidate): Check target_dcache_init_p first.
(target_dcache_get, target_dcache_get_or_init): New function.
(memory_xfer_partial_1): Adjust.
(initialize_target): Don't initialize 'target_dcache'.
* target.h (struct dcache_struct): Declare.
(target_dcache_get): Declare.
2013-11-19 Yao Qi <>
* varobj.c (varobj_get_type): Fix typo.
2013-11-19 Joel Brobecker <>
* python/py-value.c (is_intlike): Add TYPE_CODE_RANGE handling.
2013-11-19 Joel Brobecker <>
* contrib/ari/ Remove checks for "dirent.h" and
2013-11-18 Tom Tromey <>
* common/gdb_stat.h: Remove.
* ada-lang.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* common/filestuff.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* common/linux-osdata.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* corefile.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* ctf.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* darwin-nat.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* dbxread.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* dwarf2read.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* exec.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* gdbserver/linux-low.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* gdbserver/remote-utils.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* inf-child.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* jit.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* linux-nat.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* m68klinux-nat.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* main.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* mdebugread.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* mi/mi-cmd-env.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* nto-tdep.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* objfiles.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* procfs.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* remote-fileio.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* remote-mips.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* remote.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* rs6000-nat.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* sol-thread.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* solib-spu.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* source.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* symfile.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* symmisc.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* symtab.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* top.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
* xcoffread.c: Use sys/stat.h, not gdb_stat.h.
2013-11-18 Tom Tromey <>
* gnulib/aclocal.m4: Update.
* gnulib/ Update.
* gnulib/configure: Update.
* gnulib/import/ Update.
* gnulib/import/ Update.
* gnulib/import/m4/gnulib-cache.m4: Update.
* gnulib/import/m4/gnulib-comp.m4: Update.
* gnulib/import/m4/sys_stat_h.m4: New.
* gnulib/import/m4/time_h.m4: New.
* gnulib/import/ New.
* gnulib/import/ New.
2013-11-18 Tom Tromey <>
* configure: Rebuild.
* Remove check of HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H.
2013-11-18 Tom Tromey <>
* configure: Rebuild.
* Don't check for unistd.h.
2013-11-18 Tom Tromey <>
* configure: Rebuild.
* Don't check for stdlib.h
* defs.h: Include stdlib.h unconditionally.
2013-11-18 Tom Tromey <>
* Rebuild.
* configure: Rebuild.
* Don't check for stddef.h.
* defs.h: Unconditionally include stddef.h. Remove duplicate
2013-11-18 Tom Tromey <>
* common/common.m4 (GDB_AC_COMMON): Don't use AC_HEADER_DIRENT.
* common/gdb_dirent.h: Remove.
* common/filestuff.c: Use dirent.h.
* common/linux-osdata.c: Use dirent.h.
(NAMELEN): Define.
* Rebuild.
* configure: Rebuild.
* linux-fork.c: Use dirent.h
* linux-nat.c: Use dirent.h.
* nto-procfs.c: Use dirent.h.
* procfs.c: Use dirent.h.
2013-11-18 Tom Tromey <>
* gnulib/ (IMPORTED_GNULIB_MODULES): Add dirent.
* gnulib/aclocal.m4: Update.
* gnulib/ Update.
* gnulib/configure: Update.
* gnulib/import/ Update.
* gnulib/import/ Update.
* gnulib/import/ New.
* gnulib/import/m4/dirent_h.m4: New.
* gnulib/import/m4/gnulib-cache.m4: Update.
* gnulib/import/m4/gnulib-comp.m4: Update.
2013-11-18 Tom Tromey <>
* configure: Rebuild.
* common/common.m4 (GDB_AC_COMMON): Don't check for string.h or
2013-11-18 Tom Tromey <>
* common/gdb_string.h: Remove.
* aarch64-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ada-exp.y: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ada-lang.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ada-lex.l: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ada-typeprint.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ada-valprint.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* aix-thread.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* alpha-linux-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* alpha-mdebug-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* alpha-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* alpha-osf1-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* alpha-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* alphanbsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* amd64-dicos-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* amd64-linux-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* amd64-linux-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* amd64-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* amd64-sol2-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* amd64fbsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* amd64obsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* arch-utils.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* arm-linux-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* arm-linux-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* arm-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* arm-wince-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* armbsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* armnbsd-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* armnbsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* armobsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* avr-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ax-gdb.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ax-general.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* bcache.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* bfin-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* breakpoint.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* build-id.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* buildsym.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* c-exp.y: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* c-lang.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* c-typeprint.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* c-valprint.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* charset.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* cli-out.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* cli/cli-cmds.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* cli/cli-decode.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* cli/cli-dump.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* cli/cli-interp.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* cli/cli-logging.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* cli/cli-script.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* cli/cli-setshow.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* cli/cli-utils.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* coffread.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* common/common-utils.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* common/filestuff.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* common/linux-procfs.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* common/linux-ptrace.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* common/signals.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* common/vec.h: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* core-regset.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* corefile.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* corelow.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* cp-abi.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* cp-support.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* cp-valprint.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* cris-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* d-lang.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* dbxread.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* dcache.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* demangle.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* dicos-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* disasm.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* doublest.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* dsrec.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* dummy-frame.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* dwarf2-frame.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* dwarf2loc.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* dwarf2read.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* elfread.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* environ.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* eval.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* event-loop.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* exceptions.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* exec.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* expprint.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* f-exp.y: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* f-lang.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* f-typeprint.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* f-valprint.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* fbsd-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* findcmd.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* findvar.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* fork-child.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* frame.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* frv-linux-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* frv-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* gdb.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* gdb_bfd.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* gdbarch.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* gdbtypes.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* gnu-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* gnu-v2-abi.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* gnu-v3-abi.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* go-exp.y: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* go-lang.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* go32-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* hppa-hpux-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* hppa-linux-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* hppanbsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* hppaobsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* i386-cygwin-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* i386-dicos-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* i386-linux-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* i386-linux-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* i386-nto-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* i386-sol2-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* i386-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* i386bsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* i386gnu-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* i386nbsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* i386obsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* i387-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ia64-libunwind-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ia64-linux-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* inf-child.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* inf-ptrace.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* inf-ttrace.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* infcall.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* infcmd.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* inflow.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* infrun.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* interps.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* iq2000-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* irix5-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* jv-exp.y: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* jv-lang.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* jv-typeprint.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* jv-valprint.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* language.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* linux-fork.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* linux-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* lm32-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* m2-exp.y: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* m2-typeprint.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* m32c-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* m32r-linux-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* m32r-linux-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* m32r-rom.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* m32r-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* m68hc11-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* m68k-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* m68kbsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* m68klinux-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* m68klinux-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* m88k-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* macrocmd.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* main.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mdebugread.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mem-break.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* memattr.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* memory-map.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mep-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mi/mi-cmd-break.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mi/mi-cmd-disas.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mi/mi-cmd-env.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mi/mi-cmd-stack.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mi/mi-cmd-var.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mi/mi-cmds.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mi/mi-console.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mi/mi-getopt.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mi/mi-interp.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mi/mi-main.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mi/mi-parse.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* microblaze-rom.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* microblaze-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mingw-hdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* minidebug.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* minsyms.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mips-irix-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mips-linux-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mips-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mips64obsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mipsnbsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mipsread.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mn10300-linux-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mn10300-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* monitor.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* moxie-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* mt-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* nbsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* nios2-linux-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* nto-procfs.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* nto-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* objc-lang.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* objfiles.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* opencl-lang.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* osabi.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* osdata.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* p-exp.y: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* p-lang.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* p-typeprint.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* parse.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* posix-hdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ppc-linux-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ppc-sysv-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ppcfbsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ppcnbsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ppcobsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* printcmd.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* procfs.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* prologue-value.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* python/py-auto-load.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* python/py-gdb-readline.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ravenscar-thread.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* regcache.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* registry.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* remote-fileio.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* remote-m32r-sdi.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* remote-mips.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* remote-sim.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* remote.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* reverse.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* rs6000-aix-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ser-base.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ser-go32.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ser-mingw.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ser-pipe.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ser-tcp.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ser-unix.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* serial.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* sh-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* sh64-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* shnbsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* skip.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* sol-thread.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* solib-dsbt.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* solib-frv.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* solib-osf.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* solib-spu.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* solib-target.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* solib.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* somread.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* source.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* sparc-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* sparc-sol2-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* sparc-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* sparc64-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* sparc64fbsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* sparc64nbsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* sparcnbsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* spu-linux-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* spu-multiarch.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* spu-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* stabsread.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* stack.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* std-regs.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* symfile.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* symmisc.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* symtab.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* target.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* thread.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* tilegx-linux-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* tilegx-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* top.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* tracepoint.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* tui/tui-command.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* tui/tui-data.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* tui/tui-disasm.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* tui/tui-file.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* tui/tui-layout.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* tui/tui-out.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* tui/tui-regs.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* tui/tui-source.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* tui/tui-stack.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* tui/tui-win.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* tui/tui-windata.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* tui/tui-winsource.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* typeprint.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ui-file.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* ui-out.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* user-regs.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* utils.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* v850-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* valarith.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* valops.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* valprint.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* value.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* varobj.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* vax-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* vaxnbsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* vaxobsd-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* windows-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* xcoffread.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* xml-support.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* xstormy16-tdep.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
* xtensa-linux-nat.c: Use string.h, not gdb_string.h.
2013-11-18 Tom Tromey <>
* gnulib/ (IMPORTED_GNULIB_MODULES): Add strerror
and strstr.
* gnulib/aclocal.m4: Update.
* gnulib/ Update.
* gnulib/configure: Update.
* gnulib/import/ Update.
* gnulib/import/ Update.
* gnulib/import/ New.
* gnulib/import/intprops.h: New.
* gnulib/import/m4/errno_h.m4: New.
* gnulib/import/m4/gnulib-cache.m4: Update.
* gnulib/import/m4/gnulib-comp.m4: Update.
* gnulib/import/m4/strerror.m4: New.
* gnulib/import/m4/strstr.m4: New.
* gnulib/import/m4/sys_socket_h.m4: New.
* gnulib/import/strerror-override.c: New.
* gnulib/import/strerror-override.h: New.
* gnulib/import/strerror.c: New.
* gnulib/import/strstr.c: New.
2013-11-18 Tom Tromey <>
* gnulib/ (IMPORTED_GNULIB_MODULES): Split into
multiple lines.
2013-11-18 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* sparc-tdep.c (sparc_is_annulled_branch_insn): New function.
* sparc-tdep.h: And its prototype.
* sparc64-linux-tdep.c (sparc64_linux_get_longjmp_target): New
(sparc64_linux_init_abi): Register the get_longjmp_target hook.
2013-11-18 Pedro Alves <>
* dwarf2-frame.c (read_addr_from_reg): Remove stale comment and
use unpack_pointer.
2013-11-18 Joel Brobecker <>
* mi/mi-main.c (mi_cmd_list_features): Add "language-options"
to -list-features output.
2013-11-17 Joel Brobecker <>
* dwarf2expr.h (struct dwarf_expr_context_funcs)
<read_addr_from_reg>: Renames "read_reg".
* dwarf2-frame.c (read_addr_from_reg): Renames "read_reg".
Adjust comment.
(dwarf2_frame_ctx_funcs, execute_stack_op, dwarf2_frame_cache):
Use read_addr_from_reg in place of read_reg.
* dwarf2expr.c (execute_stack_op): Use read_addr_from_reg
in place of read_reg.
* dwarf2loc.c (dwarf_expr_read_addr_from_reg): Renames
(dwarf_expr_ctx_funcs): Replace dwarf_expr_read_reg
with dwarf_expr_read_addr_from_reg.
(needs_frame_read_addr_from_reg): Renames needs_frame_read_reg.
(needs_frame_ctx_funcs): Replace needs_frame_read_reg with
2013-11-15 Jan Kratochvil <>
* NEWS (Changes in GDB 7.5) (New commands) (explore): Fix typo.
2013-11-15 Andreas Arnez <>
* dwarf2loc.c (chain_candidate): Prevent invoking memcpy with
2013-11-15 Tom Tromey <>
PR c++/16117:
* c-exp.y (lex_one_token): Add "is_quoted_name" argument.
(classify_name): Likewise. Prefer a field of "this" over a
(classify_inner_name, yylex): Update.
2013-11-15 Joel Brobecker <>
* dwarf2expr.h (struct dwarf_expr_context_funcs) <read_reg>:
Extend the documentation a bit.
<get_reg_value>: New field.
* dwarf2loc.c (dwarf_expr_get_reg_value)
(needs_frame_get_reg_value): New functions.
(dwarf_expr_ctx_funcs, needs_frame_ctx_funcs): Add "get_reg_value"
* dwarf2-frame.c (get_reg_value): New function.
(dwarf2_frame_ctx_funcs): Add "get_reg_value" callback.
* dwarf2expr.c (execute_stack_op) <DW_OP_GNU_regval_type>:
Use new callback to compute result_val.
2013-11-15 Alan Modra <>
* ppc64-tdep.c (ppc64_plt_entry_point): Renamed from..
(ppc64_desc_entry_point): ..this. Update comments here and at
call points.
(ppc64_standard_linkage1, ppc64_standard_linkage2,
ppc64_standard_linkage3): Update comments.
(ppc64_standard_linkage4, ppc64_standard_linkage5,
(ppc64_standard_linkage6, ppc64_standard_linkage7): New insn
(ppc64_standard_linkage4_target): New function.
(ppc64_skip_trampoline_code): Skip ELFv2 patterns too.
* rs6000-tdep.c (skip_prologue): Skip ELFv2 r2 setup. Correct
nop match. Fix comment wrap.
2013-11-14 Pedro Alves <>
* infrun.c (handle_signal_stop): Move STOP_QUIETLY,
STOP_QUIETLY_REMOTE and 'stop_after_trap' handling earlier.
2013-11-14 Pedro Alves <>
* infrun.c (struct execution_control_state)
<stepped_after_stopped_by_watchpoint>: New field.
(get_inferior_stop_soon): New function.
(handle_inferior_event): 'stepped_after_stopped_by_watchpoint' was
moved to struct execution_control_state -- adjust. Use
get_inferior_stop_soon. Split TARGET_WAITKIND_STOPPED handling to
new function.
(handle_signal_stop): New function, factored out from
2013-11-14 Pedro Alves <>
* break-catch-sig.c (signal_catchpoint_explains_signal): Adjust to
return a boolean.
* breakpoint.c (bpstat_explains_signal): Adjust to return a
(explains_signal_watchpoint, base_breakpoint_explains_signal):
Adjust to return a boolean.
* breakpoint.h (enum bpstat_signal_value): Delete.
(struct breakpoint_ops) <explains_signal>: New returns a boolean.
(bpstat_explains_signal): Likewise.
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event) <random signal checks>:
bpstat_explains_signal now returns a boolean - adjust. No longer
consider hiding signals.
2013-11-14 Pedro Alves <>
* breakpoint.c (bpstat_explains_signal) <Moribund locations>:
(explains_signal_watchpoint): Return BPSTAT_SIGNAL_PASS instead of
(base_breakpoint_explains_signal): Return BPSTAT_SIGNAL_PASS
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Rework random signal checks.
2013-11-14 Pedro Alves <>
* infrun.c (struct execution_control_state): Remove
'random_signal' field.
(handle_syscall_event): Use bpstat_causes_stop instead of
bpstat_explains_signal. Don't set ecs->random_signal.
(handle_inferior_event): New 'random_signal' local.
TARGET_WAITKIND_EXECD>: Use bpstat_causes_stop instead of
bpstat_explains_signal. Don't set ecs->random_signal.
<TARGET_WAITKIND_STOPPED>: Adjust to use local instead of
2013-11-14 Pedro Alves <>
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Move comment from the
function's body to the function's description, adjusted.
2013-11-14 Pedro Alves <>
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event) <TARGET_WAITKIND_LOADED>:
Assert we never fall through out of the TARGET_WAITKIND_LOADED
2013-11-14 Tom Tromey <>
* python/py-linetable.c (ltpy_has_line)
(ltpy_get_all_source_lines): Fix loop termination condition.
2013-11-14 Joel Brobecker <>
* mi/mi-parse.h (struct mi_parse) <language>: New field.
* mi/mi-main.c (mi_cmd_execute): Temporarily set language to
PARSE->LANGUAGE during command execution, if set.
* mi/mi-parse.c: Add "language.h" #include.
(mi_parse): Add parsing of "--language" command option.
* NEWS: Add entry mentioning the new "--language" command option.
2013-11-14 Pedro Alves <>
Joel Brobecker <>
* cli/cli-utils.h (extract_arg_const): Add declaration.
* cli/cli-utils.c (extract_arg_const): New function.
(extract_arg): Reimplement using extract_arg_const.
2013-11-14 Joel Brobecker <>
* language.h: Add "symtab.h" #include.
2013-11-13 Doug Evans <>
* breakpoint.c (bpstat_check_breakpoint_conditions): For thread
specific breakpoints, don't evaluate breakpoint condition if
different thread.
2013-11-13 Keith Seitz <>
PR c++/7935
PR c++/10541
* cp-support.c (insepct_type): Add support for substituting
namespace aliases, too.
* dwarf2read.c (scan_partial_symbols): Add a partial symbol
for DW_TAG_imported_declaration.
(add_partial_symbol): Likewise.
(process_die): Handle namespace aliases with
(die_needs_namespace): Add DW_TAG_imported_declaration.
(read_namespace_alias): New function.
(load_partial_dies): Load DW_TAG_imported_declaration, too.
(new_symbol_full): Handle DW_TAG_imported_declaration.
2013-11-13 Keith Seitz <>
* p-exp.y (uptok): Make first parameter const.
(yylex): Make `tokstart' and `tokptr' const.
Don't copy the lexer input to a temporary buffer.
Make `p' const.
Remove const workaround for parse_escape.
Create a temporary buffer for a convenience variable instead
of doing in-place modification of the input.
If a match is found with a different case from the input,
do not change the input at all.
Use `tmp' to construct the resultant stoken instead of
2013-11-13 Doug Evans <>
* breakpoint.c (breakpoint_cond_eval): Fix and enhance comment.
2013-11-13 Joel Brobecker <>
* mi/mi-main.c (mi_cmd_list_features): Replace "info-ada-exceptions"
entry with "ada-exceptions".
2013-11-13 Joel Brobecker <>
* symfile.c (reread_symbols): Move call to set_objfile_per_bfd
after re-initialization of OBJFILE's obstack.
2013-11-12 Doug Evans <>
* breakpoint.c (bpstat_check_breakpoint_conditions): Assert
bs->stop != 0 on entry. Update function comment. Simplify early
exit for frame mismatch. Reindent rest of function.
2013-11-12 Andreas Arnez <>
* objc-lang.c (uniquify_strings): Prevent invoking qsort with
2013-11-12 Doug Evans <>
Work around gold/15646.
* dwarf2read.c (read_index_from_section): Update comment.
(struct dw2_symtab_iterator): New member global_seen.
(dw2_symtab_iter_init): Initialize it.
(dw2_symtab_iter_next): Skip duplicate global symbols.
(dw2_expand_symtabs_matching): Ditto.
2013-11-12 Joel Brobecker <>
* mi/mi-cmds.h (mi_cmd_info_ada_exceptions): Add declaration.
* mi/mi-cmds.c (mi_cmds): Add entry for -info-ada-exceptions
* mi/mi-cmd-info.c: #include "ada-lang.c" and "arch-utils.c".
(mi_cmd_info_ada_exceptions): New function.
* mi/mi-main.c (mi_cmd_list_features): Add "info-ada-exceptions".
2013-11-12 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-lang.h: #include "vec.h".
(struct ada_exc_info): New.
(ada_exc_info): New typedef.
(DEF_VEC_O(ada_exc_info)): New vector.
(ada_exceptions_list): Add declaration.
* ada-lang.c (ada_is_exception_sym)
(ada_is_non_standard_exception_sym, compare_ada_exception_info)
(ada_exc_search_name_matches, ada_add_standard_exceptions)
(ada_add_exceptions_from_frame, ada_add_global_exceptions)
(ada_exceptions_list_1, ada_exceptions_list)
(info_exceptions_command): New function.
(_initialize_ada_language): Add "info exception" command.
2013-11-11 Phil Muldoon <>
PR python/15629
* NEWS: Add linetable feature.
* (SUBDIR_PYTHON_OBS): Add py-linetable entries.
* python/py-linetable.c: New file.
* python/py-symtab.c (stpy_get_linetable): New function.
* python/python-internal.h (symtab_to_linetable_object): Declare.
(gdbpy_initialize_linetable): Ditto.
* python/python.c (_initialize_python): Call
2013-11-11 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-lang.c (create_ada_exception_catchpoint): Enhance
the documentation of fields "except_string" and "condition".
* mi/mi-cmd-catch.c (mi_cmd_catch_assert): Reallocate
CONDITION on the heap before passing it to
(mi_cmd_catch_exception): Likewise for EXCEPTION_NAME and
2013-11-11 Tom Tromey <>
*, configure: Rebuild.
* (HAVE_TKILL_SYSCALL): Check for "syscall".
2013-11-11 Joel Brobecker <>
* remote-sim.c (gdbsim_detach): Break declaration into
shorter lines. No code change.
2013-11-11 Edjunior Barbosa Machado <>
* remote-sim.c (gdbsim_detach): Fix prototype.
2013-11-08 Doug Evans <>
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_read_debug): Change to unsigned int.
(create_debug_types_hash_table): Only print debugging messages for
each TU if dwarf2-read >= 2.
(process_queue): Ditto.
(_initialize_dwarf2_read): Make "set debug dwarf2-read" a zuinteger.
Update doc string.
2013-11-08 Tom Tromey <>
* configure: Rebuild.
* Remove mentions of HAVE_MULTIPLE_PROC_FDS.
2013-11-08 Tom Tromey <>
* configure, Rebuild.
* Remove unused configury.
2013-11-08 Tom Tromey <>
* m32c-tdep.c: Use gdb_string.h.
2013-11-08 Tom Tromey <>
* configure, Rebuild.
* Remove all link.h-related checks.
2013-11-08 Tom Tromey <>
* acinclude.m4: Include common.m4.
* common/common.m4: New file.
* configure, Rebuild.
2013-11-08 Doug Evans <>
* NEWS: Mention that "set debug symtab-create" now accepts a
verbosity level.
* buildsym.c (end_symtab_from_static_block): Call set_symtab_primary
to set the symtab's primary flag.
* jit.c (finalize_symtab): Ditto.
* mdebugread.c (psymtab_to_symtab_1): Ditto.
* symfile.c (allocate_symtab): Only print debugging messages for
symtab_create_debug levels 2 and higher.
* symtab.c (symtab_create_debug): Change type to unsigned int.
(set_symtab_primary): New function.
(_initialize_symtab): Change "set debug symtab-create" to a
zuinteger option.
* symtab.h (set_symtab_primary): Declare.
(symtab_create_debug): Update decl.
2013-11-08 Tom Tromey <>
* aix-thread.c (aix_thread_detach): Update.
* corelow.c (core_detach): Update.
* darwin-nat.c (darwin_detach): Update.
* dec-thread.c (dec_thread_detach): Update.
* gnu-nat.c (gnu_detach): Update.
* go32-nat.c (go32_detach): Update.
* inf-ptrace.c (inf_ptrace_detach): Update.
* inf-ttrace.c (inf_ttrace_detach): Update.
* linux-fork.c (linux_fork_detach): Update.
* linux-fork.h (linux_fork_detach): Update.
* linux-nat.c (linux_nat_detach): Update. Introduce "tem"
local for const-correctness.
* linux-thread-db.c (thread_db_detach): Update.
* monitor.c (monitor_detach): Update.
* nto-procfs.c (procfs_detach): Update.
* procfs.c (procfs_detach): Update.
* record.c (record_detach): Update.
* record.h (record_detach): Update.
* remote-m32r-sdi.c (m32r_detach): Update.
* remote-mips.c (mips_detach): Update.
* remote-sim.c (gdbsim_detach): Update.
* remote.c (remote_detach_1, remote_detach)
(extended_remote_detach): Update.
* sol-thread.c (sol_thread_detach): Update.
* target.c (target_detach): Make "args" const.
(init_dummy_target): Update.
* target.h (struct target_ops) <to_detach>: Make argument const.
(target_detach): Likewise.
* windows-nat.c (windows_detach): Update.
2013-11-07 Doug Evans <>
PR 11786
* solib-svr4.c (svr4_exec_displacement): Ignore filesz, memsz, flags
and align fields for PT_GNU_RELRO segments.
2013-11-07 Phil Muldoon <>
PR python/15747
* python/py-cmd.c: Add COMPLETE_EXPRESSION constant.
2013-11-07 Phil Muldoon <>
* NEWS: Document Python temporary breakpoint support.
* python/py-breakpoint.c (bppy_get_temporary): New function.
(bppy_init): New keyword: temporary. Parse it and set breakpoint
to temporary if True.
2013-11-07 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* sparc-tdep.c (sparc_analyze_control_transfer): Assertion
removed to allow analyzing unconditional branch instructions
with PC-relative offsets of zero.
2013-11-07 Yao Qi <>
* mi/mi-cmd-var.c: Include "language.h".
(mi_cmd_var_info_expression): Get language name from
* varobj.c (varobj_language_string): Remove.
(variable_language): Remove declaration.
(languages): Remove.
(varobj_get_language): Change the type of return value.
(variable_language): Remove.
* varobj.h (enum varobj_languages): Remove.
(varobj_language_string): Remove declaration.
(varobj_get_language): Update declaration.
2013-11-07 Yao Qi <>
* language.h (struct language_defn) <la_natural_name>: New
* ada-lang.c (ada_language_defn): Initialize field
* c-lang.c (c_language_defn): Likewise.
(cplus_language_defn, asm_language_defn): Likewise.
* d-lang.c (d_language_defn): Likewise.
* f-lang.c (f_language_defn): Likewise.
* go-lang.c (go_language_defn): Likewise.
* jv-lang.c (java_language_defn): Likewise.
* language.c (unknown_language_defn ): Likewise.
(auto_language_defn): Likewise.
* m2-lang.c (m2_language_defn): Likewise.
* objc-lang.c (objc_language_defn): Likewise.
* opencl-lang.c (opencl_language_defn): Likewise.
* p-lang.c (pascal_language_defn): Likewise.
2013-11-07 Yao Qi <>
* language.c (language_str): Return const char *.
(add_language): Add const to 'language_names'
* language.h (struct language_defn) <la_name>: Add const.
(language_str: Update declaration.
2013-11-06 Andreas Arnez <>
* s390-linux-nat.c (s390_read_description): Consider the TE field
in the HWCAP for determining 'have_regset_tdb'.
2013-11-06 Will Newton <>
PR gdb/12866
* dwarf2read.c (skip_one_die): Sanity check DW_AT_sibling
values. (read_partial_die): Likewise.
2013-11-06 Muhammad Bilal <>
PR cli/16122
* top.c (command_line_input): Unify interactivity tests to use
* event-top.c (command_line_handler): Likewise.
2013-11-06 Yao Qi <>
* (check-perf): New target.
2013-11-05 Will Newton <>
PR gdb/7670
* arm-tdep.c (print_fpu_flags): Use filtered output routines.
(arm_print_float_info): Likewise.
2013-11-04 Anton Blanchard <>
* target.c (memory_xfer_partial): Cap write to 4KB.
2013-11-01 Tiago Stürmer Daitx <>
* breakpoint.c (create_longjmp_master_breakpoint): Allow libc
probe scan even when the arch provides no get_longjmp_target.
2013-10-31 Pedro Alves <>
* infrun.c (handle_syscall_event): Don't set or clear stop_signal.
(handle_inferior_event) <TARGET_WAITKIND_FORKED,
TARGET_WAITKIND_VFORKED>: Don't set stop_signal to
GDB_SIGNAL_TRAP, or clear it. Pass GDB_SIGNAL_0 to
bpstat_explains signal, instead of GDB_SIGNAL_TRAP.
<bpstat handling>: If the bpstat chain wants the signal to be
hidden, then set stop_signal to GDB_SIGNAL_0 instead of
2013-10-31 Andrew Burgess <>
* breakpoint.c (update_watchpoint): Update error message and add
an additional error message.
2013-10-30 Andreas Arnez <>
* s390-tdep.h: Rename to...
* s390-linux-tdep.h:
* s390-tdep.c: Rename to...
* s390-linux-tdep.c: Adjust #include.
* s390-nat.c: Rename to...
* s390-linux-nat.c: Adjust #include.
* config/s390/ Rename to...
* config/s390/ Reflect rename s390-nat.o ->
* Reflect host rename "s390" -> "linux".
* configure.tgt: Reflect rename s390-tdep.o -> s390-linux-tdep.o.
* (ALL_TARGET_OBS): Likewise.
(HFILES_NO_SRCDIR): Reflect rename s390-tdep.h ->
(ALLDEPFILES): Reflect rename of .c files.
2013-10-30 Andreas Arnez <>
* s390-nat.c: Whitespace cleanup.
* s390-tdep.c: Likewise.
* s390-tdep.h: Remove empty line at end of file.
2013-10-30 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* linux-tdep.c (linux_corefile_thread_callback): Preinitialize
2013-10-29 Tom Tromey <>
* utils.c (reg): Move undefinition...
* gdb_curses.h: ... here. Update comment to mention AIX.
2013-10-29 Nicolas Blanc <>
* exec.h (add_target_sections_of_objfile): New declaration.
* exec.c (add_target_sections_of_objfile): New function.
* symfile.c (add_symbol_file_command): Update current target sections.
(remove_symbol_file_command): New command.
(symfile_free_objfile): New function.
(_initialize_symfile): Register observer for free_objfile events.
* NEWS: Add description of the remove-symbol-file command.
* breakpoint.c (disable_breakpoints_in_freed_objfile): New function.
* objfiles.c (free_objfile): Notify free_objfile.
(is_addr_in_objfile): New function.
* objfiles.h (is_addr_in_objfile): New declaration.
* printcmd.c (clear_dangling_display_expressions): Act upon free_objfile
events instead of solib_unloaded events.
(_initialize_printcmd): Register observer for free_objfile instead
of solib_unloaded notifications.
* solib.c (remove_user_added_objfile): New function.
(_initialize_symfile): Add remove-symbol-file.
2013-10-29 Andrew Burgess <>
* infcmd.c (default_print_one_register_info): Use val_print to
print all values even optimized out or unavailable ones. Don't
try to print a raw form of optimized out or unavailable values.
2013-10-29 Yao Qi <>
* auto-load.c (auto_load_pspace_data_cleanup): Get data from
parameter 'arg' instead of from program_space_data.
* objfiles.c (objfiles_pspace_data_cleanup): Likewise.
* solib-darwin.c (darwin_pspace_data_cleanup): Likewise.
* solib-dsbt.c (dsbt_pspace_data_cleanup): Likewise.
* solib-svr4.c (svr4_pspace_data_cleanup): Likewise.
* inflow.c (inflow_inferior_data_cleanup): Get data from
parameter 'arg' instead of inferior_data.
* registry.h: Add comments.
2013-10-28 Pedro Alves <>
* breakpoint.c (watchpoints_triggered)
<!target_stopped_data_address>: Hardcode return 1.
2013-10-28 Pedro Alves <>
* infrun.c (process_event_stop_test): Remove unnecessary scoping
level and reindent.
2013-10-28 Pedro Alves <>
* infrun.c (process_event_stop_test): New function, factored out
from handle_inferior_event.
(handle_inferior_event): 'process_event_stop_test' is now a
function instead of a goto label -- adjust.
2013-10-28 Pedro Alves <>
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Move process_event_stop_test
goto label to the else branch of the ecs->random_signal check,
along with FRAME and GDBARCH re-fetching.
2013-10-28 Pedro Alves <>
* infrun.c (switch_back_to_stepped_thread): New function, factored
out from handle_inferior_event.
(handle_inferior_event): Adjust to call
switch_back_to_stepped_thread. Call it also at the tail of the
random signal handling, and return, instead of also handling
random signals just before the stepping tests.
2013-10-28 Pedro Alves <>
* infrun.c (clear_stop_func): Delete.
(handle_inferior_event): Don't call clear_stop_func and don't
clear 'ecs->random_signal'.
2013-10-27 Yao Qi <>
* varobj.c (struct varobj_root) <lang>: Rename to 'lang_ops'.
(varobj_create, varobj_get_path_expr): Update.
(varobj_value_has_mutated, varobj_update): Likewise.
(create_child_with_value, new_root_variable): Likewise.
(number_of_children, name_of_variable): Likewise.
(value_of_child, my_value_of_variable): Likewise.
(varobj_value_is_changeable_p): Likewise.
2013-10-25 Yao Qi <>
* language.h (struct lang_varobj_ops): Declare.
(struct language_defn) <la_varobj_ops>: New field.
* ada-lang.c: Include "varobj.h"
(defn ada_language_defn): Initialize field 'la_varobj_ops' with
* c-lang.c: Include "varobj.h"
(c_language_defn): Initialize field 'la_varobj_ops' with
(cplus_language_defn): Initialize field 'la_varobj_ops' with
(asm_language_defn): Initialize field 'la_varobj_ops' with
(minimal_language_defn): Likewise.
* d-lang.c (d_language_defn): Likewise.
* f-lang.c (f_language_defn): Likewise.
* go-lang.c (go_language_defn): Likewise.
* m2-lang.c (m2_language_defn): Likewise.
* objc-lang.c (objc_language_defn): Likewise.
* opencl-lang.c (opencl_language_defn): Likewise.
* p-lang.c (pascal_language_defn): Likewise.
* language.c (unknown_language_defn): Likewise.
(auto_language_defn): Likewise.
(local_language_defn): Likewise.
* jv-lang.c (java_language_defn): Initialize field
'la_varobj_ops' with java_varobj_ops.
* varobj.c (varobj_create): Update.
* varobj.h (default_varobj_ops): Define macro.
2013-10-25 Pedro Alves <>
* cp-valprint.c (cp_print_value_fields): No longer handle a NULL
static field value.
(cp_print_static_field): If the value is entirely optimized out,
print <optimized out> here.
* jv-valprint.c (java_print_value_fields): No longer handle a NULL
static field value.
* p-valprint.c (pascal_object_print_static_field): If the value is
entirely optimized out, print <optimized out> here.
* valops.c (do_search_struct_field)
(value_struct_elt_for_reference): No longer handle a NULL static
field value.
* value.c (value_static_field): Return an optimized out value
instead of NULL.
2013-10-25 Yao Qi <>
* remote.c (remote_traceframe_info): Return early if
traceframe is not selected.
2013-10-25 Yao Qi <>
* tracepoint.c (traceframe_fun): Remove.
(traceframe_sal): Remove.
(set_traceframe_context): Add local variables.
2013-10-25 Joel Brobecker <>
* varobj.h (struct lang_varobj_ops): Remove spaces between '*'
and parameter name.
2013-10-24 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* linux-tdep.c (linux_corefile_thread_callback): Propagate any
failure from register information collection.
2013-10-24 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* linux-tdep.c (linux_corefile_thread_data): Remove `num_notes'
(linux_corefile_thread_callback): Update accordingly.
(linux_make_corefile_notes): Likewise.
2013-10-24 Pedro Alves <>
* NEWS (New options): Mention set/show startup-with-shell.
* config/alpha/nm-osf3.h (START_INFERIOR_TRAPS_EXPECTED): Set to 2
instead of 3.
* fork-child.c (fork_inferior, startup_inferior): Handle 'set
(show_startup_with_shell): New function.
(_initialize_fork_child): Register the set/show startup-with-shell
* inf-ptrace.c (inf_ptrace_create_inferior): Remove comment.
* inf-ttrace.c (inf_ttrace_him): Remove comment.
* procfs.c (procfs_init_inferior): Remove comment.
* infcmd.c (startup_with_shell): New global.
* inferior.h (startup_with_shell): Declare global.
(START_INFERIOR_TRAPS_EXPECTED): Set to 1 by default instead of 2.
2013-10-23 Pedro Alves <>
* common/gdb_signals.h (gdb_signal_to_symbol_string): Declare.
* common/signals.c: Include "gdb_assert.h".
(signals): New field 'symbol'.
(SET): Use the 'symbol' parameter.
(gdb_signal_to_symbol_string): New function.
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event) <random signal>: In debug
output, print the random signal enum as string in addition to its
* target/waitstatus.c (target_waitstatus_to_string): Print the
signal's enum value as string instead of the (POSIX) signal name.
2013-10-23 Gary Benson <>
PR 16013
* common/linux-osdata.c (command_from_pid): Reduced size of cmd
from 32 to 18. Adjusted fscanf format string accordingly.
(Avoids leaving cmd unterminated.)
(print_sockets): Do not parse tlen, inode, sl, timeout, txq, rxq,
trun, retn or extra. (Avoids leaving extra unterminated.) Check
that local_address and remote_address will not overflow.
(linux_xfer_osdata_modules): Parse lines using strtok to avoid
leaving dependencies unterminated. Parse size as "%u" to match
2013-10-22 Pedro Alves <>
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event) <thread hop>: Don't clear or
set ecs->random signal.
2013-10-22 Pedro Alves <>
* infrun.c (keep_going): Update comments.
2013-10-22 Pedro Alves <>
* remote.c (remote_parse_stop_reply) <'T'/'S'/'X' replies>: Map
invalid signal numbers to GDB_SIGNAL_UNKNOWN.
2013-10-22 Pedro Alves <>
* include/gdb/signals.def (TARGET_EXC_BAD_ACCESS): Rename to
(GDB_SIGNAL_LAST): Change description string.
* common/signals.c (gdb_signal_from_host, do_gdb_signal_to_host):
Adjust to signal renaming.
* darwin-nat.c (darwin_decode_message): Likewise.
2013-10-22 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself to the list.
2013-10-18 Andrew Burgess <>
* breakpoint.c (update_watchpoint): If hardware watchpoints are
forced off, downgrade them to software watchpoints if possible,
and error out if not possible.
(watch_command_1): Move watchpoint type selection closer to
watchpoint creation, and extend the comments.
2013-10-18 Pedro Alves <>
PR gdb/16062
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Keep going if we got a random
signal we should not stop for, instead of falling through to the
step tests.
2013-10-18 Yao Qi <>
* c-varobj.c (cplus_number_of_children): Fix indentation.
2013-10-17 Tom Tromey <>
PR gdb/15995:
* printcmd.c (printcmd): Call gdb_flush.
2013-10-17 Tom Tromey <>
* elfread.c (struct elfinfo) <stabindexsect>: Remove.
(elf_locate_sections): Update.
2013-10-17 Yao Qi <>
* (HFILES_NO_SRCDIR): Remove ada-varobj.h.
* ada-varobj.c: Remove the include of ada-varobj.h.
(ada_varobj_get_number_of_children): Declare.
(ada_varobj_get_name_of_child): Make it static.
(ada_varobj_get_path_expr_of_child): Likewise.
(ada_varobj_get_value_of_child): Likewise.
(ada_varobj_get_type_of_child): Likewise.
(ada_varobj_get_value_of_array_variable): Likewise.
* ada-varobj.h: Remove.
2013-10-17 Yao Qi <>
* (SFILES): Add c-varobj.c and jv-varobj.c.
(COMMON_OBS): Add c-varobj.o and jv-varobj.o.
* ada-varobj.c: Include "varobj.h".
(ada_number_of_children): New. Moved from varobj.c.
(ada_name_of_variable, ada_name_of_child): Likewise.
(ada_path_expr_of_child, ada_value_of_child): Likewise.
(ada_type_of_child, ada_value_of_variable): Likewise.
(ada_value_is_changeable_p, ada_value_has_mutated): Likewise.
(ada_varobj_ops): New.
* c-varobj.c, jv-varobj.c: New file. Moved from varobj.c.
* gdbtypes.c (get_target_type): New. Moved from varobj.c.
* gdbtypes.h (get_target_type): Declare.
* varobj.c: Remove the inclusion of "ada-varobj.h" and
(ANONYMOUS_STRUCT_NAME): Move it to c-varobj.c.
(get_type, get_value_type, get_target_type): Remove declarations.
(value_get_print_value, varobj_value_get_print_value): Likewise.
(c_number_of_children, c_name_of_variable): Likewise.
(c_name_of_child, c_path_expr_of_child): Likewise.
(c_value_of_child, c_type_of_child): Likewise.
(c_value_of_variable, cplus_number_of_children): Likewise.
(cplus_class_num_children, cplus_name_of_variable): Likewise.
(cplus_name_of_child, cplus_path_expr_of_child): Likewise.
(cplus_value_of_child, cplus_type_of_child): Likewise.
(cplus_value_of_variable, java_number_of_children): Likewise.
(java_name_of_variable, java_name_of_child): Likewise.
(java_path_expr_of_child, java_value_of_child): Likewise.
(java_type_of_child, java_value_of_variable): Likewise.
(ada_number_of_children, ada_name_of_variable): Likewise.
(ada_name_of_child, ada_path_expr_of_child): Likewise.
(ada_value_of_child, ada_type_of_child): Likewise.
(ada_value_of_variable, ada_value_is_changeable_p): Likewise.
(ada_value_has_mutated): Likewise.
(struct language_specific): Move it to varobj.h.
(CPLUS_FAKE_CHILD): Move it to varobj.h.
(restrict_range): Rename it varobj_restrict_range. Make it extern.
Callers update.
(get_path_expr_parent): Rename it to varobj_get_path_expr_parent.
Make it extern.
(is_anonymous_child): Move it to c-varobj.c and rename to
varobj_is_anonymous_child. Caller update.
(get_type): Move it to c-varobj.c.
(get_value_type): Rename it varobj_get_value_type. Make it
(get_target_type): Move it gdbtypes.c.
(varobj_formatted_print_options): New function.
(value_get_print_value): Rename it to
varobj_value_get_print_value and make it extern.
(varobj_value_is_changeable_p): Make it extern.
(adjust_value_for_child_access): Move it to c-varobj.c.
(default_value_is_changeable_p): Rename it to
varobj_default_value_is_changeable_p. Make it extern.
(c_number_of_children, c_name_of_variable): Move it to c-varobj.c
(c_name_of_child, c_path_expr_of_child): Likewise.
(c_value_of_child, c_type_of_child): Likewise.
(c_value_of_variable, cplus_number_of_children): Likewise.
(cplus_class_num_children, cplus_name_of_variable): Likewise.
(cplus_name_of_child, cplus_path_expr_of_child): Likewise.
(cplus_value_of_child, cplus_type_of_child): Likewise.
(cplus_value_of_variable): Likewise.
(java_number_of_children, java_name_of_variable): Move it to jv-varobj.c.
(java_name_of_child, java_path_expr_of_child): Likewise.
(java_value_of_child, java_type_of_child): Likewise.
(java_value_of_variable): Likewise.
(ada_number_of_children, ada_name_of_variable): Move it to ada-varobj.c.
(ada_name_of_child, ada_path_expr_of_child): Likewise.
(ada_value_of_child, ada_type_of_child): Likewise.
(ada_value_of_variable, ada_value_is_changeable_p): Likewise.
(ada_value_has_mutated): Likewise.
* varobj.h (CPLUS_FAKE_CHILD): New macro, moved from varobj.c.
(struct lang_varobj_ops): New. Renamed by 'struct language_specific'.
(c_varobj_ops, cplus_varobj_ops): Declare.
(java_varobj_ops, ada_varobj_ops): Declare.
(varobj_default_value_is_changeable_p): Declare.
(varobj_value_is_changeable_p): Declare.
(varobj_get_value_type, varobj_is_anonymous_child): Declare.
(varobj_get_path_expr_parent): Declare.
(varobj_value_get_print_value): Declare.
(varobj_formatted_print_options): Declare.
(varobj_restrict_range): Declare.
2013-10-17 Luis Machado <>
* target/waitstatus.h (target_waitkind): Remove spurious
character from the comments.
2013-10-17 Joel Brobecker <>
* (get_longjmp_target): Add method documentation.
* gdbarch.h: Regenerate.
2013-10-16 Tom Tromey <>
* dbxread.c (read_dbx_symtab) <bss_ext_symbol>: Remove unused
2013-10-16 Luis Machado <>
* Call GDB using the full path to the gcore script.
Error out if the GDB binary is not found.
2013-10-16 Sergio Durigan Junior <>
PR gdb/16014
* dwarf2read.c (dw2_get_real_path): Remove unnecessary call to
2013-10-16 Sergio Durigan Junior <>
PR gdb/16042
* target.c (target_disable_btrace): Fix invalid return value for
void function.
(target_teardown_btrace): Likewise.
2013-10-14 Yao Qi <>
* varobj.c (struct varobj): Move most of the fields to
(struct varobj_dynamic): New struct.
(varobj_get_display_hint) [HAVE_PYTHON]: Adjust.
(varobj_has_more): Likewise.
(dynamic_varobj_has_child_method): Likewise.
(update_dynamic_varobj_children): Likewise.
(varobj_get_num_children): Likewise.
(varobj_list_children, varobj_pretty_printed_p): Likewise.
(install_new_value_visualizer): Likewise.
(install_new_value_visualizer, install_new_value): Likewise.
(varobj_update, new_variable, free_variable): Likewise.
(my_value_of_variable, value_get_print_value): Likewise.
(install_visualizer): Change the type of parameter 'var' to
'struct varobjd_dynamic *'. Callers update.
* varobj.h (struct varobj): Moved from varobj.c.
(struct varobj) <dynamic>: New field.
2013-10-13 Sandra Loosemore <>
* nios2-tdep.c (nios2_reg_names): Use "sstatus" rather than "ba"
as the preferred name of r30.
* nios2-linux-tdep.c (reg_offsets): Likewise.
* features/nios2-cpu.xml: Likewise.
* features/nios2-linux.c: Regenerated.
* features/nios2.c: Regenerated.
* regformats/nios2-linux.dat: Regenerated.
2013-10-13 Jan Kratochvil <>
Canonicalize directories for EXEC_FILENAME.
* exec.c (exec_file_attach): Use gdb_realpath_keepfile for
* utils.c (gdb_realpath_keepfile): New function.
* utils.h (gdb_realpath_keepfile): New declaration.
2013-10-11 Doug Evans <>
* (GDBFLAGS): New variable.
(run): New rule.
2013-10-11 Joel Brobecker <>
* NEWS: Add entry documenting the new "-catch-assert" and
"-catch-exception" GDB/MI commands.
2013-10-11 Joel Brobecker <>
* breakpoint.h (init_ada_exception_breakpoint): Add parameter
* breakpoint.c (init_ada_exception_breakpoint): Add parameter
"enabled". Set B->ENABLE_STATE accordingly.
* ada-lang.h (ada_exception_catchpoint_kind): Move here from
(create_ada_exception_catchpoint): Add declaration.
* ada-lang.c (ada_exception_catchpoint_kind): Move to ada-lang.h.
(create_ada_exception_catchpoint): Make non-static. Add new
parameter "disabled". Use it in call to
(catch_ada_exception_command): Add parameter "enabled" in call
to create_ada_exception_catchpoint.
(catch_assert_command): Likewise.
* mi/mi-cmds.h (mi_cmd_catch_assert, mi_cmd_catch_exception):
Add declarations.
* mi/mi-cmds.c (mi_cmds): Add the "catch-assert" and
"catch-exception" commands.
* mi/mi-cmd-catch.c: Add #include "ada-lang.h".
(mi_cmd_catch_assert, mi_cmd_catch_exception): New functions.
2013-10-11 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-lang.c (enum ada_exception_catchpoint_kind): Renames
"enum exception_catchpoint_kind". Replace the "ex_" prefix
of all its enumerates with "ada_". Update the rest of this
file throughout.
2013-10-11 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-lang.c (ada_decode_exception_location): Delete.
(create_ada_exception_catchpoint): Remove arguments "sal",
"addr_string" and "ops". Add argument "ex_kind" instead.
Adjust implementation accordingly, calling ada_exception_sal
to get the entities it no longer gets passed as arguments.
Document the function's arguments.
(catch_ada_exception_command): Use catch_ada_exception_command_split
instead of ada_decode_exception_location, and update call to
(catch_ada_assert_command_split): Renames
ada_decode_assert_location. Remove parameters "addr_string" and
"ops", and now returns void. Adjust implementation accordingly.
Update the function documentation.
(catch_assert_command): Use catch_ada_assert_command_split
instead of ada_decode_assert_location. Update call to
2013-10-11 Joel Brobecker <>
* utils.h (perror_warning_with_name): Add declaration.
* utils.c (perror_warning_with_name): New function.
* cli/cli-cmds.c (source_script_with_search): Add call to
perror_warning_with_name if from_tty is nul.
2013-10-11 Joel Brobecker <>
* utils.c (perror_string): New function, extracted out of
(throw_perror_with_name): Rework to use perror_string.
2013-10-11 Yao Qi <>
* remote.c (discard_pending_stop_replies_in_queue): Update
(struct stop_reply) <rs>: New field.
(remove_stop_reply_of_remote_state): New function.
(discard_pending_stop_replies_in_queue): Add parameter 'rs'.
Callers update. Pass remove_stop_reply_of_remote_state to
(remote_parse_stop_reply): Initialize field 'rs'.
2013-10-10 Will Newton <>
* aarch64-linux-tdep.c (aarch64_linux_init_abi): Call
2013-10-10 Joel Brobecker <>
* cli/cli-cmds.c (show_baud_rate): Moved to serial.c as
(_initialize_cli_cmds): Delete the code creating the
"set/show remotebaud" commands.
* serial.c (baud_rate): Move here from top.c.
(serial_baud_show_cmd): Move here from cli/cli-cmds.c.
(_initialize_serial): Create "set/show serial baud" commands.
Add "set/show remotebaud" command aliases.
* top.c (baud_rate): Moved to serial.c.
* NEWS: Document the new "set/show serial baud" commands,
replacing "set/show remotebaud".
2013-10-09 Pedro Alves <>
* breakpoint.c (insert_bp_location): Use memory_error_message to
build the memory error string.
* c-lang.c: Include "gdbcore.h".
(c_get_string): Use memory_error to throw error.
(target_xfer_memory_error): Delete.
(memory_error_message): New, factored out from
(memory_error): Change parameter type to target_xfer_error.
(read_memory): Use memory_error instead of
* gdbcore.h: Include "target.h".
(memory_error): Change parameter type to target_xfer_error.
(memory_error_message): Declare function.
* target.c (target_read_memory, target_read_stack)
(target_write_memory, target_write_raw_memory): Return
TARGET_XFER_E_IO on error. Adjust comments.
(get_target_memory): Pass TARGET_XFER_E_IO to memory_error,
instead of EIO.
* target.h (target_read, target_insert_breakpoint)
(target_remove_breakpoint): Adjust comments.
* valprint.c (partial_memory_read): Rename parameter, and adjust
(val_print_string): Use memory_error_message to build the memory
error string.
2013-10-09 Jan Kratochvil <>
* common/filestuff.c (gdb_fopen_cloexec): Remove initialization of
result variable. Rename variable fopen_e_ever_failed to
fopen_e_ever_failed_einval. Retry fopen only for errno EINVAL.
2013-10-09 Pedro Alves <>
* monitor.c (monitor_write_memory, monitor_write_memory_bytes)
(monitor_write_memory_longlongs, monitor_write_memory_block):
Constify 'myaddr' parameter.
(monitor_xfer_memory): Adjust interface as monitor_xfer_partial
(monitor_xfer_partial): New function.
(init_base_monitor_ops): Don't install a deprecated_xfer_memory
hook. Install a to_xfer_partial hook.
2013-10-09 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_get_dwz_file): Update for type change in
2013-10-09 Jan Kratochvil <>
* auto-load.c (auto_load_objfile_script): Check also OBJF_NOT_FILENAME.
* jit.c (jit_object_close_impl): Use OBJF_NOT_FILENAME for
(jit_bfd_try_read_symtab): Use OBJF_NOT_FILENAME for
* jv-lang.c (get_dynamics_objfile): Use OBJF_NOT_FILENAME for
* objfiles.c (allocate_objfile): Assert OBJF_NOT_FILENAME if NAME is
* objfiles.h (OBJF_NOT_FILENAME): New.
2013-10-08 Tom Tromey <>
* (SFILES): Add build-id.c.
(HFILES_NO_SRCDIR): Add build-id.h.
* build-id.c: New file, largely from elfread.c. Modified
most functions.
* build-id.h: New file.
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_get_dwz_file): Update for change to
bfd_get_alt_debug_link_info. Verify dwz file's build-id.
Search for dwz file using build-id.
* elfread.c (build_id_bfd_get, build_id_verify)
(build_id_to_debug_filename, find_separate_debug_file): Remove.
2013-10-08 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-lang.c (compare_names_with_case): Renamed from
compare_names, adding a new parameter "casing" and its handling.
New function documentation.
(compare_names): New function, implemented using
2013-10-08 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-lang.c (ada_exception_sal): Remove advance declaration.
2013-10-07 Tom Tromey <>
* objfiles.c (free_objfile_per_bfd_storage): Delete the
(free_objfile): Don't delete the demangled_names_hash.
* objfiles.h (struct objfile_per_bfd_storage)
<demangled_names_hash>: New field.
(struct objfile) <demangled_names_hash>: Move to
* symfile.c (reread_symbols): Don't delete the
* symtab.c (create_demangled_names_hash): Update.
(symbol_set_names): Update.
2013-10-07 Tom Tromey <>
* gdb_bfd.c (struct gdb_bfd_data) <relocation_computed,
needs_relocations>: New fields.
(gdb_bfd_requires_relocations): New function.
* gdb_bfd.h (gdb_bfd_requires_relocations): Declare.
* objfiles.c (get_objfile_bfd_data): Disallow sharing if
the BFD needs relocations applied.
2013-10-07 Pedro Alves <>
PR breakpoints/11568
* breakpoint.c (remove_threaded_breakpoints): Say "no longer in
the thread list" instead of "gone".
2013-10-06 Sergio Durigan Junior <>
* NEWS: Mention new convenience variable $_exitsignal.
* corelow.c (core_open): Reset exit convenience variables. Set
$_exitsignal to the uncaught signal which generated the corefile.
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Reset exit convenience
variables. Set $_exitsignal for TARGET_WAITKIND_SIGNALLED.
(clear_exit_convenience_vars): New function.
* inferior.h (clear_exit_convenience_vars): New prototype.
2013-10-06 Yao Qi <>
* varobj.h: Add comments to enum varobj_languages.
2013-10-04 Doug Evans <>
Add support for DWP file format version 2.
* NEWS: Mention support for DWP file format version 2.
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_section_info): Convert asection field to a
union of asection, containing_section. New fields virtual_offset
and is_virtual. Change type of readin filed from int to char.
(dwo_sections, dwo_file): Tweak comments.
(dwp_v2_section_ids): New enum.
(dwp_sections): New fields abbrev, info, line, loc, macinfo, macro,
str_offsets, types.
(virtual_v1_dwo_sections): Renamed from virtual_dwo_sections.
All uses updated.
(virtual_v2_dwo_sections): New struct.
(dwp_hash_table): New fields version, nr_columns. Change type of
section_pool field to a union.
(dwp_file): New field version.
(dwarf2_has_info): Check for virtual sections.
(get_containing_section): New function.
(get_section_bfd_owner, get_section_bfd_section): Call it.
(dwarf2_locate_sections): Update.
(dwarf2_section_empty_p): Update.
(dwarf2_read_section): Handle virtual sections.
(locate_dwz_sections): Update.
(create_dwp_hash_table): Document and handle V2 format.
(locate_v1_virtual_dwo_sections): Renamed from
locate_virtual_dwo_sections and update. All callers updated.
(create_dwo_unit_in_dwp_v1): Renamed from create_dwo_in_dwp.
Delete arg htab. Rename arg section_index to unit_index.
All callers updated.
All uses updated.
(create_dwp_v2_section, create_dwo_unit_in_dwp_v2): New functions.
(lookup_dwo_unit_in_dwp): Add V2 support.
(dwarf2_locate_dwo_sections): Update.
(dwarf2_locate_common_dwp_sections): Renamed from
dwarf2_locate_dwp_sections and update. All callers updated.
(dwarf2_locate_v2_dwp_sections): New function.
(open_and_init_dwp_file): Add V2 support.
(read_str_index): New locals str_section, str_offsets_section.
2013-10-04 Pedro Alves <>
* common/ptid.c (null_ptid, minus_one_ptid, ptid_build)
(pid_to_ptid, ptid_get_pid, ptid_get_lwp, ptid_get_tid)
(ptid_equal, ptid_is_pid, ptid_lwp_p, ptid_tid_p): Replace
describing comments with references to ptid.h.
* common/ptid.h: Remove intro description of constructors,
accessors and predicates.
(struct ptid): Reformat.
(minus_one_ptid, ptid_build, pid_to_ptid, ptid_get_pid)
(ptid_get_lwp, ptid_get_tid, ptid_equal, ptid_is_pid): Change
describing comments.
2013-10-04 Joel Brobecker <>
* aix-thread.c (sync_threadlists): Add missing ')' in call
to ptid_build.
2013-10-04 Joel Brobecker <>
* procfs.c (procfs_init_inferior): Fix typo causing the build
to fail.
2013-10-04 Joel Brobecker <>
* aix-thread.c (ptrace32): Remove cast to addr_ptr.
2013-10-04 Joel Brobecker <>
* mi/mi-main.c (run_one_inferior): Add function description.
Make ARG a pointer to an integer whose value determines whether
we should "run" or "start" the program.
(mi_cmd_exec_run): Add handling of the "--start" option.
Reject all other command-line options.
* NEWS: Add entry for "-exec-run"'s new "--start" option.
2013-10-04 Yao Qi <>
* remote-notif.h (REMOTE_NOTIF_ID): New enum.
(struct notif_client) <pending_event>: Moved
to struct remote_notif_state.
<id>: New field.
(struct remote_notif_state) <pending_event>: New field.
(notif_event_xfree): Declare.
* remote-notif.c (handle_notification): Adjust.
(notif_event_xfree): New function.
(do_notif_event_xfree): Call notif_event_xfree.
(remote_notif_state_xfree): Call notif_event_xfree to free
each element in field pending_event.
* remote.c (discard_pending_stop_replies): Remove declaration.
(discard_pending_stop_replies_in_queue): Declare.
(remote_close): Call discard_pending_stop_replies_in_queue
instead of discard_pending_stop_replies.
(remote_start_remote): Adjust.
(stop_reply_xfree): Call notif_event_xfree.
(notif_client_stop): Adjust initialization.
(remote_notif_remove_all): Rename it to ...
(remove_stop_reply_for_inferior): ... this. Update comments.
Don't check INF is NULL.
(discard_pending_stop_replies): Return early if notif_state is
NULL. Adjust. Don't check INF is NULL.
(remote_notif_get_pending_events): Adjust.
(discard_pending_stop_replies_in_queue): New function.
(remote_wait_ns): Likewise.
2013-10-04 Yao Qi <>
* remote-notif.c (DECLARE_QUEUE_P): Remove.
(notif_queue): Remove.
(remote_notif_process): Add one parameter 'notif_queue'.
Update comments. Callers update.
(remote_async_get_pending_events_token): Remove.
(remote_notif_register_async_event_handler): Remove.
(remote_notif_unregister_async_event_handler): Remove.
(handle_notification): Add parameter 'notif_queue'. Update
comments. Callers update.
(notif_xfree): Remove.
(remote_notif_state_allocate): New function.
(remote_notif_state_xfree): New function.
(_initialize_notif): Remove code to allocate queue.
* remote-notif.h (DECLARE_QUEUE_P): Moved from remote-notif.c.
(struct remote_notif_state): New.
(handle_notification): Update declaration.
(remote_notif_process): Likewise.
(remote_notif_register_async_event_handler): Remove.
(remote_notif_unregister_async_event_handler): Remove.
(remote_notif_state_allocate): Declare.
(remote_notif_state_xfree): Declare.
* remote.c (struct remote_state) <notif_state>: New field.
(remote_close): Don't call
remote_notif_unregister_async_event_handler. Call
(remote_open_1): Don't call
remote_notif_register_async_event_handler. Call
2013-10-04 Yao Qi <>
* varobj.c (create_child_with_value): Remove 'const' from the
type of parameter 'name'.
(varobj_add_child): Likewise.
(install_dynamic_child): Remove 'const' from the type of
parameter 'name'.
(varobj_add_child): Likewise.
(create_child_with_value): Likewise. Update comments. Don't
duplicate 'name'.
(update_dynamic_varobj_children): Duplicate 'name'
and pass it to install_dynamic_child.
2013-10-03 Phil Muldoon <>
* python/py-value.c (convert_value_from_python): Move PyInt_Check
conversion logic to occur after PyLong_Check. Comment on order
change significance.
* python/py-arch.c (archpy_disassemble): Comment on order of
conversion for integers and longs.
2013-10-03 Pedro Alves <>
* common/linux-ptrace.c (linux_check_ptrace_features): Factor out
functions. Always test for PTRACE_O_TRACESYSGOOD even if
PTRACE_O_TRACEFORK is not supported.
(linux_test_for_tracesysgood): New function.
(linux_test_for_tracefork): New function, factored out from
linux_check_ptrace_features, and also don't kill child_pid here.
2013-10-03 Tristan Gingold <>
* i386-darwin-nat.c (i386_darwin_dr_set): Fix argument type.
Remove verbose error reporting. Use detected state to
thread_set_state call.
(i386_darwin_dr_get): Fix return type. Remove verbose error
Remove trailing spaces.
2013-10-02 Pedro Alves <>
* cp-valprint.c (cp_print_value_fields): Adjust calls to
* jv-valprint.c (java_print_value_fields): Likewise.
* p-valprint.c (pascal_object_print_value_fields): Likewise.
* dwarf2loc.c (dwarf2_evaluate_loc_desc_full)
<DWARF_VALUE_REGISTER>: If the register was not saved, return a
new optimized out value.
* findvar.c (address_from_register): Likewise.
* frame.c (put_frame_register): Tweak error string to say the
register was not saved, rather than optimized out.
* infcmd.c (default_print_one_register_info): Adjust call to
val_print_optimized_out. Use value_of_register instead of
* mi/mi-main.c (output_register): Use value_of_register instead of
* valprint.c (valprint_check_validity): Likewise.
(val_print_optimized_out): New value parameter. If the value is
lval_register, print <not saved> instead.
(value_check_printable, val_print_scalar_formatted): Adjust calls
to val_print_optimized_out.
* valprint.h (val_print_optimized_out): New value parameter.
* value.c (struct value) <optimized_out>: Extend comment.
(error_value_optimized_out): New function.
(require_not_optimized_out): Use it. Use a different string for
lval_register values.
* value.h (error_value_optimized_out): New declaration.
* NEWS: Mention <not saved>.
2013-10-02 Joel Brobecker <>
* symtab.c (compare_search_syms): Use FILENAME_CMP instead of
strcmp to compare two symtab filenames.
2013-10-02 Joel Brobecker <>
* symtab.c (search_symbols_equal): Delete.
(sort_search_symbols_remove_dups): Replace call to
search_symbols_equal by call to compare_search_syms,
adjusting as necessary.
2013-10-02 Phil Muldoon <>
PR python/15579
* python/python.c: Document gdb.execute command in Python help.
2013-10-02 Phil Muldoon <>
* python/py-frame.c (frame_info_to_frame_object): Use
gdbpy_convert_exception. Clean up Python object on failure.
2013-10-02 Phil Muldoon <>
* python/lib/gdb/command/
(InfoFrameFilter.list_frame_filters): Retrieve exception manually.
(ShowFrameFilterPriority.invoke): Ditto.
2013-10-01 Keith Seitz <>
* linespec.c (struct ls_parser): Make 'saved_arg' const.
(parse_linespec): Make 'argptr' const.
Remove temporary cast of 'argptr' to const char **.
(decode_line_full): Pass const pointer to parse_linespec.
(decode_line_1): Likewise.
(decode_objc): Make local variable 'new_argptr' const.
(find_function_symbols): Remove temporary cast to char *
to find_imps.
* objc-lang.c (find_imps): Make argument 'method' const.
Return const.
* objc-lang.h (find_imps): Likewise.
2013-10-01 Keith Seitz <>
* completer.c (skip_quoted_chars): Make all arguments const.
Return const.
(skip_quoted): Likewise.
* completer.h (skip_quoted_chars): Likewise.
(skip_quoted): Likewise.
* defs.h (skip_quoted): Remove duplicate declaration.
* jv-exp.y: Include completer.h.
(yylex): Remove unneccessary cast to char * fro skip_quoted.
* p-exp.y: Include completer.h.
2013-10-01 Keith Seitz <>
* c-exp.y (parse_number): Make first argument const.
Make a copy of the input to manipulate.
(c_parse_escape): Make first argument const.
Make local variable 'tokptr' const.
(parse_string_or_char): Make first two arguments const.
(macro_original_text): Make const.
(lex_one_token): Make local variable 'tokstart' const.
Likewise for local variables named 'p'.
Cast away const for struct stoken (temporary).
* c-lang.h (c_parse_escpae): Make first argument const.
* cli/cli-cmds.c (echo_command): Make local variable 'p'
* cli/cli-setshow.c (do_set_command): Likewise for 'p' in
var_string case.
* f-exp.y (parse_number): Make first argument const.
(match_string_literal): Make local variable 'tokstart'
(yylex): Make local variable 'p' const.
Cast away const for struct stoken (temporary).
* go-exp.y (parse_number): Make first argument const.
(parse_string_or_char): Likewise.
Make local variable 'tokstart' const.
(lex_one_token): Likewise for numerous locals called 'p'.
Cast away const for struct stoken (temporary).
* jv-exp.y (parse_number): Make first argument const.
Make local variables 'tokstart' and 'tokptr' const.
Cast away const for call to skip_quoted (temporary).
(yylex): Make local variable 'p' const.
Cast away const for struct stoken (temporary).
* m2-exp.y (parse_number): Make local variable 'p' const.
(yylex): Likewise for 'tokstart'.
Cast away const for struct stoken (temporary).
Make local variable 'p' const.
* macroexp.c (get_character_constant): Pass a const string
to c_parse_escape.
(get_string_literal): Likewise.
(macro_expand_next): Make first argument const.
Cast away const for init_shared_buffer.
* macroexp.h (macro_expand_next): Make first argument const.
* p-exp.y (yylex): Make a local copy of 'lexptr'.
Pass a const string to c_parse_escape.
Make local variables 'p' and 'namestart' const.
* parse.c (lexptr): Make const.
(prev_lexptr): Likewise.
(find_template_name_end): Return const.
Make argument const, too.
(parse_exp_in_context): Make first argument const.
Remove the entire const_hack.
(parse_exp_in_context_1): Make first argument const.
* parser-defs.h (find_template_name_end): Return const.
Make argument const, too.
(lexptr): Make const.
(prev_lexptr): Likewise.
* utils.c (parse_escape): Make second argument const.
* utils.h (parse_escape): Likewise.
2013-10-01 Keith Seitz <>
* ada-exp.y (write_object_renaming): Update: struct stoken.ptr
is now const.
(block_lookup): Make 'raw_name' and 'name' const.
* ada-lex.l (processString): Update for struct stoken.ptr.
* c-exp.y (qualified_name : TYPENAME COLONCOLON '~' name): Likewise.
(operator_stoken): Likewise.
(lex_one_token): Remove temporary cast to char * for
* f-exp.y (yylex): Likewise.
* gdb-types.c (lookup_struct_elt_type): Make argument 'name' const.
* gdbtypes.h (lookup_struct_elt_type): Likewisee.
* go-exp.y (lex_one_token): Remove temporary cast to char * for
* jv-exp.y (QualifiedName): Update for struct stoken.ptr.
(yylex): Remove temporary cast to char * for 'yylval.sval.ptr'.
* linespec.c (struct ls_parser): Make 'stream' const.
(find_parameter_list_end): Make argument 'input' and local
variable 'p' const.
(linespec_lexer_lex_string): Make local variables 'start' and
'p' const.
Use skip_spaces_const instead of skip_spaces.
(linespec_lexer_peek_token): Make local variable 'saved_stream'
(parse_linespec): Temporarily cast 'argptr' to const for
* m2-exp.y (yylex): Remove temporary cast to char * for
* objc-lang.c (add_msglist): Make local variable 'p' const.
* p-exp.y (exp : exp '['): Update for struct stoken.ptr.
(exp : STRING): Make 'sp' const.
(parse_number): Make argument 'p' const.
* parser-defs.h (struct stoken): Make 'ptr' const.
2013-10-01 Doug Evans <>
* cli/cli-decode.c: Remove unnecessary inclusion of tui/tui.h.
2013-10-01 Yao Qi <>
* varobj.c (c_value_of_root): Remove declaration.
(cplus_value_of_root, java_value_of_root): Likewise.
(ada_value_of_root): Likewise.
(struct language_specific) <value_of_root>: Remove.
(languages): Update initialization.
(check_scope): Move earlier.
(c_value_of_root): Move earlier and rename to ...
(value_of_root_1): ... this.
(value_of_root): Caller update.
(cplus_value_of_root, java_value_of_root): Remove.
(ada_value_of_root): Remove.
2013-10-01 Yao Qi <>
* varobj.c (varobj_format_string): Remove "unknown".
(languages): Remove the first element.
* varobj.h (enum varobj_languages): Remove vlang_c.
2013-10-01 Yao Qi <>
* varobj.c (struct language_specific) <language>: Remove.
(languages): Update the initialization.
2013-10-01 Yao Qi <>
* arm-wince-tdep.c: Remove inclusion of "solib.h" and
"solib-target.h". Include "windows-tdep.h".
(arm_wince_init_abi): Call windows_init_abi. Remove call to
set_solib_ops and set_gdbarch_has_dos_based_file_system.
* configure.tgt (arm*-wince-pe | arm*-*-mingw32ce*): Append
windows-tdep.o to gdb_target_obs.
2013-10-01 Yao Qi <>
* amd64-windows-tdep.c: Remove inclusion of "solib.h" and
(amd64_windows_init_abi): Don't call set_solib_ops and
set_gdbarch_iterate_over_objfiles_in_search_order. Call
windows_init_abi instead.
* i386-cygwin-tdep.c: Remove inclusion of "solib.h" and
(i386_cygwin_init_abi): Don't call set_solib_ops,
set_gdbarch_has_dos_based_file_system and
set_gdbarch_iterate_over_objfiles_in_search_order. Call
windows_init_abi instead.
* windows-tdep.c: Include "solib.h" and "solib-target.h".
(windows_init_abi): New function.
(windows_iterate_over_objfiles_in_search_order): Make it
* windows-tdep.h (windows_init_abi): Declare.
(windows_iterate_over_objfiles_in_search_order): Remove
2013-10-01 Jerome Guitton <>
Checked in by Joel Brobecker <>
* system-gdbinit/ (get_elinos_environment): Return an
incomplete dictionnary instead of None in case of missing
environment variables.
(elinos_init): in case of an incomplete environment, best
effort to load system libraries instead of abort.
2013-10-01 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-lang.c (ada_has_this_exception_support): Ignore
mst_solib_trampoline minimal symbols.
2013-09-30 Tristan Gingold <>
* i386-darwin-nat.c (darwin_complete_target): Install methods for
hardware watchpoint.
(i386_darwin_dr_set): Support 32 and 64 bit states.
(i386_darwin_dr_get): Likewise.
(i386_darwin_dr_set_control): Make static.
(i386_darwin_dr_set_addr, i386_darwin_dr_get_addr)
(i386_darwin_dr_get_status, i386_darwin_dr_get_control): Likewise.
2013-09-30 Luis Machado <>
* aarch64-linux-nat.c: Replace PIDGET with ptid_get_pid.
Replace TIDGET with ptid_get_lwp.
Replace GET_LWP with ptid_get_lwp.
* aix-thread.c (BUILD_THREAD, BUILD_LWP): Remove.
Replace BUILD_THREAD with ptid_build.
Replace BUILD_LWP with ptid_build.
Replace PIDGET with ptid_get_pid.
Replace TIDGET with ptid_get_lwp.
* alphabsd-nat.c: Replace PIDGET with ptid_get_pid.
* amd64-linux-nat.c: Replace PIDGET with ptid_get_pid.
Replace TIDGET with ptid_get_lwp.
* amd64bsd-nat.c: Replace PIDGET with ptid_get_pid.
* arm-linux-nat.c: Replace PIDGET with ptid_get_pid.
Replace TIDGET with ptid_get_lwp.
Replace GET_LWP with ptid_get_lwp.
* armnbsd-nat.c: Replace PIDGET with ptid_get_pid.
* auxv.c: Likewise.
* breakpoint.c: Likewise.
* common/ptid.c (ptid_is_pid): Condense check for
null_ptid and minus_one_ptid.
(ptid_lwp_p): New function.
(ptid_tid_p): New function.
* common/ptid.h: Update comments for accessors.
(ptid_lwp_p): New prototype.
(ptid_tid_p): New prototype.
* defs.h (PIDGET, TIDGET, MERGEPID): Do not define.
* gcore.c: Replace PIDGET with ptid_get_pid.
* gdbthread.h: Likewise.
* gnu-nat.c: Likewise.
* hppa-linux-nat.c: Replace PIDGET with ptid_get_pid.
Replace TIDGET with ptid_get_lwp.
* hppabsd-nat.c: Replace PIDGET with ptid_get_pid.
* hppanbsd-nat.c: Likewise.
* i386-linux-nat.c: Replace PIDGET with ptid_get_pid.
Replace TIDGET with ptid_get_lwp.
* i386bsd-nat.c: Replace PIDGET with ptid_get_pid.
* ia64-linux-nat.c: Replace PIDGET with ptid_get_pid.
* infcmd.c: Likewise.
* inferior.h: Likewise.
* inflow.c: Likewise.
* infrun.c: Likewise.
* linux-fork.c: Likewise.
* linux-nat.c: Replace PIDGET with ptid_get_pid.
Replace GET_PID with ptid_get_pid.
Replace is_lwp with ptid_lwp_p.
Replace GET_LWP with ptid_get_lwp.
Replace BUILD_LWP with ptid_build.
2013-09-28 Mike Frysinger <>
* common/linux-btrace.c: Move sys/syscall.h out of the
Also check for SYS_perf_event_open before attempting to buid.
2013-09-27 Doug Evans <>
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_section_info): Add comment.
(dwp_file): Split loaded_cutus into loaded_cus, loaded_tus.
All uses updated.
(dwarf2_section_empty_p): Rename arg from "info" to "section".
(dwarf2_read_section): Delete unused local "header". Add section
name to error message.
(create_dwo_in_dwp): Tweak comment.
(MAX_NR_DWO_SECTIONS): Combine count of .debug_macro + .debug_macinfo.
* dwarf2read.c (die_reader_specs): Tweak comment.
(get_section_bfd_owner, get_section_bfd_section): New functions.
(get_section_name, get_section_file_name): New functions.
(get_section_id, get_section_flags): New functions.
(*): Use new functions to access section fields.
* dwarf2read.c (struct dwo_file): Add/tweak comments.
(lookup_dwo_unit_in_dwp): Renamed from lookup_dwo_in_dwp. Remove
arg "htab". All callers updated.
(create_debug_types_hash_table): Remove redundant copy of
(create_dwo_in_dwp): Tweak comments.
(read_str_index): Tweak comment. Record dwarf form name in static
2013-09-27 Pedro Alves <>
* remote.h (REMOTE_SYSROOT_PREFIX): New define.
(remote_filename_p): Add comment.
* remote.c (remote_filename_p): Adjust to use
* solib.c (solib_find): When deciding whether we need to add a
directory separator, check whether the sysroot is "remote:"
instead of checking whether the patch has a drive spec. Add
2013-09-27 Pedro Alves <>
* remote.c (struct stop_reply) <solibs_changed, replay_event>:
Delete fields.
(remote_parse_stop_reply): Adjust, setting event->ws.kind
2013-09-26 Jan Kratochvil <>
Fix set debug frame output.
* frame.c (fprint_frame_type): Add TAILCALL_FRAME entry. Move
SENTINEL_FRAME entry lower to match enum frame_type order.
2013-09-26 Pierre Muller <>
Replace constant values 8 to 15 by AMD64_R8_REGNUM to
AMD64_R15_REGNUM when a register index is expected.
* amd64-windows-tdep.c (amd64_windows_dummy_call_integer_regs):
Substitute in array.
* amd64-tdep.c (amd64_dwarf_regmap): Ditto.
(amd64_push_arguments): Substitute in integer_regnum array.
2013-09-25 Doug Evans <>
* objfiles.c (allocate_objfile): Move comment to better place.
New option "set debug symfile on".
* NEWS: Mention "set debug symfile".
* (SFILES): Add symfile-debug.c.
(COMMON_OBS): Add symfile-debug.o.
* elfread.c (elf_symfile_read): Use objfile_set_sym_fns to set the
objfile's symbol functions.
* objfiles.h (objfile_set_sym_fns): Declare.
* symfile-debug.c: New file.
* symfile.c (syms_from_objfile_1): Use objfile_set_sym_fns to set the
objfile's symbol functions.
(reread_symbols): Ditto.
* symfile.h (struct sym_fns): Delete member "sym_flavour".
All uses updated.
(add_symtab_fns): Update prototype.
* symfile.c (sym_fns_ptr): Delete. Replace with ...
(registered_sym_fns): ... this.
(symtab_fns): Update.
(add_symtab_fns): New arg "flavour". All callers updated.
(find_sym_fns): Rewrite to use new sym_fns registry.
* symfile.h (struct sym_fns): Add "objfile" argument to
sym_read_linetable. All uses updated.
* symtab.c (domain_name, search_domain_name): New functions.
* symtab.h (domain_name, search_domain_name): Declare.
* symfile.h (struct quick_symbol_functions): Reorg arg list of
map_matching_symbols so objfile is first. All uses updated.
* dwarf2read.c (dw2_map_matching_symbols): Update signature.
* psymtab.c (map_matching_symbols_psymtab): Update signature.
2013-09-25 Andreas Arnez <>
PR shlibs/8882
* solib-svr4.c (svr4_read_so_list): Skip the vDSO when reading
link map entries.
2013-09-24 Doug Evans <>
* objfiles.c (free_objfile): Move comment.
2013-09-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* ada-exp.y (string_to_operator): Delete.
(dummy_string_to_ada_operator): Delete.
2013-09-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* i386-tdep.h (enum amd64_reg_class): New, moved here from
(struct gdbarch_tdep): Add fields call_dummy_num_integer_regs,
call_dummy_integer_regs, and classify.
* amd64-tdep.h (amd64_classify): Add declaration.
* amd64-tdep.c (amd64_dummy_call_integer_regs): New static constant.
(amd64_reg_class): Delete, moved to i386-tdep.h.
(amd64_classify): Make non-static. Move declaration to amd64-tdep.h.
Replace call to amd64_classify by call to tdep->classify.
(amd64_push_arguments): Get the list of registers to use for
passing integer parameters from the gdbarch tdep structure,
rather than using a hardcoded one. Replace calls to amd64_classify
by calls to tdep->classify.
(amd64_push_dummy_call): Get the register number used for
the "hidden" argument from tdep->call_dummy_integer_regs.
(amd64_init_abi): Initialize tdep->call_dummy_num_integer_regs
and tdep->call_dummy_integer_regs. Set tdep->classify.
2013-09-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* i386-tdep.h (gdbarch_tdep): Add field memory_args_by_pointer.
* amd64-tdep.c (amd64_push_arguments): Add handling of architectures
where tdep->memory_args_by_pointer is non-zero.
2013-09-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* i386-tdep.h (struct gdbarch_tdep): Add new field
* amd64-tdep.c (amd64_push_dummy_call): Allocate some memory on
stack if tdep->integer_param_regs_saved_in_caller_frame is set.
2013-09-24 Joel Brobecker <>
* amd64-windows-tdep.c: #include "value.h"
(amd64_windows_classify): Delete.
(amd64_windows_store_arg_in_reg, amd64_windows_push_arguments)
(amd64_windows_push_dummy_call): New functions.
(amd64_windows_init_abi): Remove setting of
tdep->call_dummy_num_integer_regs, tdep->call_dummy_integer_regs,
tdep->classify, tdep->memory_args_by_pointer and
Add call to set_gdbarch_push_dummy_call.
2013-09-24 Jan Kratochvil <>
* dwarf2read.c (open_and_init_dwp_file): Try open_dwp_file also with
2013-09-24 Jan Kratochvil <>
Pass down original filename for objfile.
* coffread.c (coff_symfile_read): Update symbol_file_add_separate call.
* elfread.c (elf_symfile_read): Likewise.
* jit.c (jit_object_close_impl): Update allocate_objfile call, no
longer set ORIGINAL_NAME.
(jit_bfd_try_read_symtab): Update symbol_file_add_from_bfd call.
* jv-lang.c (get_dynamics_objfile): Update allocate_objfile call.
* machoread.c (macho_add_oso_symfile): Add parameter name. Update
symbol_file_add_from_bfd call.
(macho_symfile_read_all_oso): Update two macho_add_oso_symfile calls.
(macho_check_dsym): Add parameter filenamep. Change function comment.
Set *filenamep.
(macho_symfile_read): New variable dsym_filename. Update
macho_check_dsym call. Use it for symbol_file_add_separate.
* objfiles.c (allocate_objfile): Add parameter name. New comment for
it. Use it for objfile->original_name.
(objfile_name): Return OBFD's filename, if available.
* objfiles.h (allocate_objfile): Add new parameter name.
* solib.c (solib_read_symbols): Update symbol_file_add_from_bfd call.
* symfile-mem.c (symbol_file_add_from_memory): Update
symbol_file_add_from_bfd call.
* symfile.c (read_symbols): Update symbol_file_add_separate call, new
comment for it.
(symbol_file_add_with_addrs): New parameter name, add function comment
for it. Remove variable name. Update allocate_objfile call.
(symbol_file_add_separate): New parameter name, add function comment
for it. Update symbol_file_add_with_addrs call.
(symbol_file_add_from_bfd): New parameter name. Update
symbol_file_add_with_addrs call.
(symbol_file_add): Update symbol_file_add_from_bfd call.
(reread_symbols): New variable original_name. Save
objfile->original_name by it.
* symfile.h (symbol_file_add_from_bfd, symbol_file_add_separate): Add
second parameter.
2013-09-24 Jan Kratochvil <>
Code cleanup: Add objfile_name accessor function.
* ada-lang.c (is_known_support_routine): Use objfile_name.
* auto-load.c (source_gdb_script_for_objfile)
(auto_load_objfile_script): Likewise.
* coffread.c (coff_symtab_read, read_one_sym): Likewise.
* dbxread.c (dbx_symfile_read): Likewise.
* dwarf2-frame.c (dwarf2_build_frame_info): Likewise.
* dwarf2loc.c (locexpr_describe_location_piece): Likewise.
* dwarf2read.c (dwarf2_get_dwz_file, dwarf2_read_index)
(dw2_symtab_iter_next, dw2_expand_symtabs_matching)
(lookup_dwp_signatured_type, lookup_dwo_unit)
(dwarf2_build_psymtabs_hard, scan_partial_symbols, process_queue)
(fixup_go_packaging, process_imported_unit_die, dwarf2_physname)
(read_import_statement, create_dwo_cu, open_and_init_dwp_file)
(lookup_dwo_cutu, read_call_site_scope, dwarf2_ranges_read)
(dwarf2_record_block_ranges, read_common_block, read_typedef)
(read_subrange_type, load_partial_dies, read_partial_die)
(read_addr_index_1, read_str_index, dwarf_decode_lines_1)
(die_containing_type, build_error_marker_type, lookup_die_type)
(follow_die_ref_or_sig, follow_die_ref, dwarf2_fetch_die_loc_sect_off)
(dwarf2_fetch_constant_bytes, follow_die_sig, get_signatured_type)
(get_DW_AT_signature_type, write_psymtabs_to_index)
(save_gdb_index_command): Likewise.
* elfread.c (find_separate_debug_file_by_buildid, elf_symfile_read):
* expprint.c (dump_subexp_body_standard): Likewise.
* gdbtypes.c (type_name_no_tag_or_error): Likewise.
* jit.c (jit_object_close_impl): Use the objfile field name renamed to
* linux-thread-db.c (try_thread_db_load_from_pdir_1): New variable
obj_name, use objfile_name for it, use the variable.
(try_thread_db_load_from_pdir, has_libpthread, thread_db_new_objfile):
Use objfile_name.
* machoread.c (macho_symtab_read, macho_check_dsym)
(macho_symfile_relocate): Likewise.
* maint.c (maintenance_translate_address): Likewise.
* minidebug.c (find_separate_debug_file_in_section): Likewise.
* minsyms.c (install_minimal_symbols): Likewise.
* objfiles.c (allocate_objfile): Use the objfile field name renamed to
(filter_overlapping_sections): Use objfile_name.
(objfile_name): New function.
* objfiles.h (struct objfile): Rename field name to original_name.
(objfile_name): New prototype.
* printcmd.c (sym_info, address_info): Use objfile_name.
* probe.c (parse_probes, collect_probes, compare_probes)
(info_probes_for_ops): Likewise.
* progspace.c (clone_program_space): Likewise.
* psymtab.c (require_partial_symbols, dump_psymtab, allocate_psymtab)
(maintenance_info_psymtabs): Likewise.
* python/py-auto-load.c (gdbpy_load_auto_script_for_objfile)
(source_section_scripts): Likewise.
* python/py-objfile.c (objfpy_get_filename): Likewise.
* python/py-progspace.c (pspy_get_filename): Likewise.
* solib-aix.c (solib_aix_get_toc_value): Likewise.
* solib-som.c (match_main, som_solib_section_offsets): Likewise.
* solib.c (solib_read_symbols): Likewise.
* stabsread.c (scan_file_globals): Likewise.
* stap-probe.c (handle_stap_probe): Likewise.
* symfile.c (symbol_file_clear, separate_debug_file_exists)
(find_separate_debug_file_by_debuglink): Likewise.
(reread_symbols): Likewise. Use the objfile field name renamed to
(allocate_symtab): Use objfile_name.
* symmisc.c (print_symbol_bcache_statistics, print_objfile_statistics)
(dump_objfile, dump_msymbols, dump_symtab_1)
(maintenance_print_msymbols, maintenance_print_objfiles)
(maintenance_info_symtabs, maintenance_check_symtabs): Likewise.
* target.c (target_translate_tls_address, target_info): Likewise.
* xcoffread.c (xcoff_initial_scan): Make variable name const. Use
2013-09-24 Jan Kratochvil <>
Code cleanup.
* probe.c (parse_probes): Rename variable objfile_name to
2013-09-24 Jan Kratochvil <>
Remove solib-sunos.c.
* (ALLDEPFILES): Remove solib-sunos.c.
* config/m68k/ (NATDEPFILES): Remove solib-sunos.o.
* objfiles.c (rt_common_objfile): Remove.
(free_objfile): Remove rt_common_objfile comparison.
* objfiles.h (rt_common_objfile): Remove.
* solib-sunos.c: Remove.
* symfile.c (reread_symbols): Remove solib-sunos.c comment.
2013-09-24 Jan Kratochvil <>
Remove a.out NetBSD and OpenBSD hosts.
* NEWS (Removed native configurations): New.
* config/arm/ Remove.
* config/i386/ Remove.
* config/i386/ Remove.
* config/m68k/ Remove.
* config/sparc/ Remove.
* config/vax/ Remove.
* (arm*-*-netbsd*, i[34567]86-*-netbsd*)
(i[34567]86-*-openbsd[0-2].*, i[34567]86-*-openbsd3.[0-3])
(m68*-*-netbsd*, sparc-*-netbsd*, vax-*-netbsd*): Add them to obsolete
(arm*-*-netbsd*, i[34567]86-*-netbsd*, i[34567]86-*-openbsd[0-2].*)
(i[34567]86-*-openbsd3.[0-3], m68*-*-netbsd*, sparc-*-netbsdaout*)
(sparc-*-netbsd*, vax-*-netbsd*): Remove.
2013-09-23 Tom Tromey <>
* linespec.c (struct minsym_and_objfile): Remove.
(minsym_and_objfile_d): Remove.
(struct linespec, struct collect_info, linespec_parse_basic)
(convert_linespec_to_sals, linespec_parser_delete, decode_objc)
(compare_msymbols, find_method, find_function_symbols)
(find_linespec_symbols, struct collect_minsyms, compare_msyms)
(add_minsym, search_minsyms_for_name): Update.
2013-09-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* regcache.c: Add include of valprint.h.
(dump_endian_bytes): Delete.
(regcache_dump): Use print_hex_chars not dump_endian_bytes.
2013-09-23 Andrew Burgess <>
* sh64-tdep.c (sh64_do_fp_register): Use print_hex_chars.
2013-09-19 Pedro Alves <>
* breakpoint.c (remove_threaded_breakpoints): Skip non-user
2013-09-19 Pedro Alves <>
Thomas Schwinge <>
Yue Lu <>
* gnu-nat.c (gnu_read_inferior, gnu_write_inferior): Make static.
Take a gdb_byte pointer instead of a char pointer.
* gnu-nat.c (gnu_xfer_memory): Adjust interface as
gnu_xfer_partial helper.
(gnu_xfer_partial): New function.
(gnu_target): Don't install a deprecated_xfer_memory hook.
Install a to_xfer_partial hook.
2013-09-19 Jan Kratochvil <>
* main.c (captured_main): Replace catch_command_errors by
catch_command_errors_const. Twice.
* symfile.c (symbol_file_add_main_1): Make args parameter const.
(symbol_file_add): Make name parameter const.
(symbol_file_add_main, symbol_file_add_main_1): Make args parameter const.
(symfile_bfd_open): Make name parameter const, rename it to cname. Add
variable name. Change their usage accordingly.
* symfile.h (symbol_file_add, symfile_bfd_open): Make first parameter
(symbol_file_add_main): Make args parameter const.
2013-09-18 Raunaq Bathija <>
Ulrich Weigand <>
* xcoffread.c (struct coff_symbol): Use CORE_ADDR as type
of c_value member.
(read_xcoff_symtab): Use CORE_ADDR as type of fcn_start_addr.
2013-09-18 Pedro Alves <>
Yue Lu <>
* gnu-nat.c (inf_validate_procs, gnu_wait, gnu_resume)
(gnu_attach, gnu_thread_alive, gnu_pid_to_str, cur_thread)
(set_sig_thread_cmd): Use the lwpid field of ptids to
store/extract thread ids instead of the tid field.
* i386gnu-nat.c (gnu_fetch_registers): Adjust.
2013-09-18 Andrew Burgess <>
* infcmd.c (default_print_one_register_info): Add detection of
optimized out values.
(default_print_registers_info): Switch to using
2013-09-18 Markus Metzger <>
* infrun.c (handle_inferior_event): Check if we know the
function start address before setting a resume breakpoint.
2013-09-18 Pedro Alves <>
* gnu-nat.c (set_sig_thread_cmd): Compare the thread's ptid to
minus_one_ptid instead of looking at the ptid's tid field and
comparing that to -1.
2013-09-18 Andrew Burgess <>
* main.h (get_gdb_program_name): Remove extra whitespace.
2013-09-18 Andrew Burgess <>
* main.h (get_gdb_program_name): Add declaration.
* main.c (get_gdb_program_name): Add definition.
2013-09-17 Doug Evans <>
* dwarf2read.c: Move definitions of complaint functions to after
forward declarations of local functions.
2013-09-17 Muhammad Waqas <>
Pedro Alves <>
PR gdb/11568
* breakpoint.c (remove_threaded_breakpoints): New function.
(_initialize_breakpoint): Attach remove_threaded_breakpoints
as thread_exit observer.
2013-09-17 Pedro Alves <>
PR gdb/15911
* ada-tasks.c (task_command_1): Adjust call to print_stack_frame.
* bsd-kvm.c (bsd_kvm_open, bsd_kvm_proc_cmd, bsd_kvm_pcb_cmd):
* corelow.c (core_open):
* frame.h (print_stack_frame, print_frame_info): New
'set_current_sal' parameter.
* infcmd.c (finish_command, kill_command): Adjust call to
* inferior.c (inferior_command): Likewise.
* infrun.c (normal_stop): Likewise.
* linux-fork.c (linux_fork_context): Likewise.
* record-full.c (record_full_goto_entry, record_full_restore):
* remote-mips.c (common_open): Likewise.
* stack.c (print_stack_frame): New 'set_current_sal' parameter.
Use it.
(print_frame_info): New 'set_current_sal' parameter. Set the last
displayed sal depending on the new paremeter instead of looking at
(backtrace_command_1, select_and_print_frame, frame_command)
(current_frame_command, up_command, down_command): Adjust call to
* thread.c (print_thread_info, restore_selected_frame)
(do_captured_thread_select): Adjust call to print_stack_frame.
* tracepoint.c (tfind_1): Likewise.
* mi/mi-cmd-stack.c (mi_cmd_stack_list_frames)
(mi_cmd_stack_info_frame): Likewise.
* mi/mi-interp.c (mi_on_normal_stop): Likewise.
* mi/mi-main.c (mi_cmd_exec_return, mi_cmd_trace_find): Likewise.
2013-09-16 Sergio Durigan Junior <>
* value.c (isvoid_internal_fn): Replace "parameter" with
2013-09-16 Stan Shebs <>
* README: Update references to writing code for GDB.
* (build_warnings): Remove obsolete comment.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Remove references to gdbint.texinfo.
* gdbarch.h: Regenerate.
* gdbtypes.c (objfile_type): Remove comments referencing internals
manual and D10V.
2013-09-16 Sergio Durigan Junior <>
* NEWS: Mention new convenience function $_isvoid.
* value.c (isvoid_internal_fn): New function.
(_initialize_values): Add new convenience function $_isvoid.
2013-09-16 Pierre Muller <>
* arm-linux-tdep.c: Add "elf/common.h" header.
Remove AT_HWCAP macro definintion as it is provided in
added include file.
* s390-tdep.c: Remove system header <elf.h>
Add "elf/common.h" header for AT_HWCAP definition.
(s390_core_read_description): Use correct CORE_ADDR
for hwcap local variable used as third parameter
of function target_auxv_search.
2013-09-14 Pierre Muller <>
Tom Tromey <>
Pedro Alves <>
* common/filestuff.c (gdb_fopen_cloexec): Do not try to use "e"
mode if operating system doesn't know O_CLOEXEC.
2013-09-13 Jan Kratochvil <>
Code cleanup.
* symfile.c (reread_symbols): Move variable obfd_filename to a more
inner block.
2013-09-13 Andreas Arnez <>
* NEWS: Mention TDB support.
* features/s390-tdb.xml: New file.
* features/s390-te-linux64.xml: New file.
* features/s390x-te-linux64.xml: New file.
* features/Makefile (WHICH): Add new tdescs above.
(s390-te-linux64-expedite): Set.
(s390x-te-linux64-expedite): Set.
* features/s390-te-linux64.c: New file (generated).
* features/s390x-te-linux64.c: New file (generated).
* regformats/s390-te-linux64.dat: New file (generated).
* regformats/s390x-te-linux64.dat: New file (generated).
* s390-tdep.h (HWCAP_S390_HIGH_GPRS): Define.
(HWCAP_S390_TE): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_DWORD0_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_DWORD0_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_ATIA_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_R0_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_R1_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_R2_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_R3_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_R4_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_R5_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_R6_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_R7_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_R8_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_R9_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_R10_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_R11_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_R12_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_R13_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_R14_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_TDB_R15_REGNUM): Likewise.
(S390_NUM_REGS): Increase.
(S390_IS_TDBREGSET_REGNUM): New macro.
(s390_regmap_tdb): Declare.
(s390_sizeof_tdbregset): Define.
(tdesc_s390_te_linux64): Declare.
(tdesc_s390x_te_linux64): Likewise.
* s390-tdep.c: Add includes for "auxv.h", <elf.h>,
"features/s390-te-linux64.c", and "features/s390x-te-linux64.c".
(s390_regmap_tdb): New regmap.
(s390_supply_tdb_regset): New function.
(s390_tdb_regset): New regset.
(s390_linux64v2_regset_sections): Add TDB regset to list.
(s390x_linux64v2_regset_sections): Likewise.
(s390_regset_from_core_section): Recognize TDB core note section.
(s390_core_read_description): If HWCAP indicates TE support,
select tdesc_s390_te_linux64 or tdesc_s390_s390x_te_linux64.
(s390_gdbarch_init): Handle TDB regset.
(_initialize_s390_tdep): Initialize new tdescs.
* s390-nat.c (HWCAP_S390_HIGH_GPRS): Remove define.
(have_regset_tdb): New variable.
(s390_native_supply): Support register invalidation.
(fetch_regset): Invalidate registers if ptrace yields ENODATA.
(check_regset): Treat ENODATA as "regset exists".
(s390_linux_fetch_inferior_registers): Add TDB.
(s390_read_description): Check for TDB existence and select
appropriate tdesc.
* gdbserver/ (clean): Add removal of new makefile
(s390-te-linux64.c): New makefile target.
(s390x-te-linux64.c): Likewise.
* gdbserver/configure.srv (srv_regobj): Append new objects
s390-te-linux64.o and s390x-te-linux64.o.
(srv_xmlfiles): Append new files s390-te-linux64.xml,
s390x-te-linux64.xml, and s390-tdb.xml.
* gdbserver/linux-s390-low.c (init_registers_s390_te_linux64): New
(tdesc_s390_te_linux64): Likewise.
(init_registers_s390x_te_linux64): Likewise.
(tdesc_s390x_te_linux64): Likewise.
(s390_check_regset): Treat ENODATA as "regset exists".
(s390_arch_setup): Add TDB regset support.
(initialize_low_arch): Initialize registers for new tdescs.
2013-09-13 Andreas Arnez <>
* s390-tdep.h (S390_IS_GREGSET_REGNUM): New macro.
(S390_IS_FPREGSET_REGNUM): New macro.
* s390-tdep.c (s390_dwarf_regmap): Make const.
(regnum_is_gpr_full): New function for replacing repeated code.
(s390_pseudo_register_name): Use it.
(s390_pseudo_register_type): Likewise.
(s390_pseudo_register_read): Likewise.
(s390_pseudo_register_write): Likewise.
(s390_unwind_pseudo_register): Likewise.
(s390_regmap_gregset): New format for regmap.
(s390x_regmap_gregset): Likewise.
(s390_regmap_fpregset): Likewise.
(s390_regmap_upper): Likewise.
(s390_regmap_last_break): Likewise.
(s390_regmap_system_call): Likewise.
(s390_supply_regset): Adjust to new regmap format.
(s390_collect_regset): Likewise.
* s390-nat.c (s390_native_supply): Adjust to new regmap format.
(s390_native_collect): Likewise.
(supply_gregset): Likewise.
(fill_gregset): Likewise.
(supply_fpregset): Likewise.
(fill_fpregset): Likewise.
(fetch_regset): Likewise.
(store_regset): Likewise.
(s390_linux_fetch_inferior_registers): Likewise.
(s390_linux_fetch_inferior_registers): Likewise.
2013-09-12 Andrew Pinski <>
* aarch64-linux-nat.c (aarch64_linux_set_debug_regs): Zero out regs.
2013-09-10 Andreas Arnez <>
* config/s390/ (NATDEPFILES): Add linux-waitpid.o.
2013-09-09 Andrew Burgess <>
* top.c (quit_confirm): Remove use of deprecated_init_ui_hook.
2013-09-06 Pedro Alves <>
* remote-sim.c (dump_mem, gdbsim_fetch_register)
(gdbsim_store_register, gdbsim_kill, gdbsim_load)
(gdbsim_create_inferior, gdbsim_open, gdbsim_close)
(gdbsim_detach, gdbsim_resume_inferior, gdbsim_wait)
(gdbsim_files_info, gdbsim_mourn_inferior): Send debug output to
2013-09-06 Pedro Alves <>
* remote-sim.c (dump_mem): Constify buf parameter.
gdbsim_xfer_inferior_memory): Rename to ...
(gdbsim_xfer_memory): ... this. Adjust interface as
target_xfer_partial helper.
(gdbsim_xfer_partial): New function.
(init_gdbsim_ops): Don't install a deprecated_xfer_memory hook.
Install a to_xfer_partial hook. Send output to gdb_stdlog.
2013-09-06 Pedro Alves <>
* remote-sim.c (gdbsim_xfer_inferior_memory): Use
host_address_to_string, and send debug output to gdb_stdlog.
2013-09-06 Ricard Wanderlof <>
* (ALL_TARGET_OBS): Add cris-linux-tdep.o.
* configure.tgt: Add cris-linux-tdep.o and linux-tdep.o to
gdb_target_obs for cris target.
* cris-tdep.c (struct gdbarch_tdep): Move to cris-tdep.h.
(cris_gdbarch_init): Move calls to
set_gdbarch_fetch_tls_load_module_address and
set_solib_svr4_fetch_link_map_offsets to cris-linux-tdep.c.
Add call to gdbarch_init_osabi.
* cris-linux-tdep.c: New file.
* cris-tdep.h: New file.
2013-09-06 Andrew Burgess <>
* tui/tui-io.c (tui_initialize_io): Remove legacy comment referring
to deprecated_init_ui_hook.
2013-09-06 Andrew Burgess <>
* cli/cli-interp.c (_initialize_cli_interp): Add a
command_loop_proc to interp_procs.
* event-top.c (cli_command_loop): Change signature to match
* event-top.h (cli_command_loop): Same.
* interps.c (interp_new): Require every interpreter to have a
(current_interp_command_loop): Just call the command_loop_proc on
the current interpreter.
* tui/tui-interp.c (_initialize_tui_interp): Add a
command_loop_proc to interp_procs.
2013-09-06 Ricard Wanderlof <>
* cris-tdep.c (cris_gdbarch_init): Add call to
2013-09-06 Ricard Wanderlof <>
* cris-tdep.c (cris_elf_greg_t): Rename from elf_greg_t.
(cris_elf_gregset_t): Rename from elf_gregset_t.
(crisv32_elf_gregset_t): Adjust.
(cris_supply_gregset, fetch_core_registers): Adjust.
2013-09-06 Ricard Wanderlof <>
* cris-tdep.c (elf_greg_t): Change typedef to unsigned char[4]
2013-09-05 Andrew Burgess <>
* defs.h (deprecated_command_loop_hook): Remove, including
references in comments.
* interps.c (current_interp_command_loop): No longer use
(clear_interpreter_hooks): Remove deprecated_command_loop_hook
* top.c (deprecated_command_loop_hook): Remove.
2013-09-05 Pedro Alves <>
* dwarf2loc.c (dwarf2_evaluate_loc_desc_full): 'dwarf_regnum'
local is now int instead of ULONGEST. Print it with %d
instead of paddress.
2013-09-05 Tristan Gingold <>
* MAINTAINERS: Remove avr maintainership.
2013-09-05 Pedro Alves <>
* findvar.c (value_of_register): Rework in terms of
2013-09-05 Muhammad Bilal <>
* symfile.c (add_symbol_file_command): Remove trailing
whitespaces and blank line after comment.
2013-09-05 Pedro Alves <>
* tui/tui-regs.c (tui_register_format): Don't look at the
register's name here. Return string representing register
value instead of storing it in the data element.
(tui_get_register): Compare register string representations
instead of register value states and contents.
2013-09-05 Pedro Alves <>
PR tui/15933
* tui/tui-regs.c (tui_show_registers): Show registers of the
selected frame, not the current frame.
2013-09-05 Ricard Wanderlof <>
* MAINTAINERS (Write After Approval): Add myself to the list.
2013-09-04 Doug Evans <>
* dwarf2read.c (queue_and_load_all_dwo_tus): New function.
(queue_and_load_dwo_tu): New function.
(lookup_dwo_signatured_type): Set per_cu.tu_read.
(maybe_queue_comp_unit): Rename this_cu argument to dependent_cu.
Make dependent_cu optional.
(dw2_do_instantiate_symtab): If we just loaded a CU from a DWO,
and an older .gdb_index is in use, queue and load all its TUs too.
2013-09-04 Jan Kratochvil <>
* cli/cli-cmds.c (find_and_open_script): Add OPF_RETURN_REALPATH to
variable search_flags.
* defs.h (OPF_DISABLE_REALPATH): Rename to ...
* dwarf2read.c (try_open_dwop_file): Set OPF_RETURN_REALPATH for flags.
* exec.c (exec_file_attach): Remove OPF_DISABLE_REALPATH from openp
call. Twice.
* nto-tdep.c (nto_find_and_open_solib): Add OPF_RETURN_REALPATH for
openp call.
* solib.c (solib_find): Likewise. Four times.
in the function comment and for the realpath_fptr variable.
(source_full_path_of): Add OPF_RETURN_REALPATH for openp call.
(find_and_open_source): Likewise. Twice.
* symfile.c (symfile_bfd_open): Likewise, also twice.
2013-09-04 Doug Evans <>
* progspace.c (save_current_space_and_thread): Remove unnecessary
call to save_current_inferior.
2013-09-04 Andrew Burgess <>
* sh64-tdep.c (sh64_do_register): Return after printing message
about unavailable register contents.
2013-09-04 Muhammad Bilal <>
Pedro Alves <>
* symfile.c (add_symbol_file_command): Error out on unknown
options and collapse into single conditional branch.
2013-09-03 Luis Machado <>
* inf-child.c (inf_child_follow_fork): New parameter
* inf-ptrace.c (inf_ptrace_follow_fork): Likewise.
* inf-ttrace.c (inf_ttrace_follow_fork): Likewise.
* inferior.h (detach_fork): Remove.
* infrun.c (detach_fork): Adjust comment and make it
(follow_fork): Pass detach_fork parameter to
* linux-nat.c (linux_child_follow_fork): New parameter
* target.c (target_follow_fork): New parameter detach_fork.
Pass detach_fork as parameter and print its value.
* target.h (struct target_ops) <to_follow_fork>: New int
(target_follow_fork): New parameter detach_fork.
2013-09-03 Joel Brobecker <>
* solib-ia64-hpux.c (ia64_hpux_relocate_section_addresses):
Replace sec->bfd by sec->the_bfd_section->owner.
2013-09-03 Yao Qi <>
* linux-tdep.c (linux_is_uclinux): New function. Code moved
from linux_has_shared_address_space.
(linux_has_shared_address_space): Call linux_is_uclinux.
* linux-tdep.h (linux_is_uclinux): Declare.
* m68klinux-tdep.c (m68k_linux_get_sigtramp_info): Call
2013-09-03 Yao Qi <>
* config/djgpp/fnchange.lst: Remove entry of
i386-interix-nat.c and i386-interix-tdep.c.
* Remove '*-*-interix*'.
* configure: Re-generated.
* defs.h (enum gdb_osabi): Remove GDB_OSABI_INTERIX.
* i386-cygwin-tdep.c (i386_cygwin_osabi_sniffer): Remove
obsolete comments.
* osabi.c (gdb_osabi_names): Remove "Interix".
2013-09-03 Yao Qi <>
* arch-utils.c: Fix typo in the comment to gdbarch_update_p.
2013-09-02 Markus Metzger <>
* record.h (record_print_flag) <record_print_src_line,
record_print_insn_range>: Rename into ...
(record_print_flag) <record_print_src_line,
record_print_insn_range>: ... this. Update all users.
2013-09-02 Pierre Muller <>
* windows-nat.c (windows_xfer_memory): Handle ERROR_PARTIAL_COPY
error code.
2013-09-02 Pierre Muller <>
* windows-nat.c (windows_xfer_memory): Fix compilation failure
by use of plongest function.
2013-09-02 Tristan Gingold <>
* NEWS: Add entry mentioning support for native Windows x64
SEH data.
* amd64-windows-tdep.c: #include "objfiles.h", "frame-unwind.h",
"coff/internal.h", "coff/i386.h", "coff/pe.h" and "libcoff.h".
(struct amd64_windows_frame_cache): New struct.
(amd64_windows_w2gdb_regnum): New global.
(pc_in_range, amd64_windows_frame_decode_epilogue)
(amd64_windows_frame_decode_insns, amd64_windows_find_unwind_info)
(amd64_windows_frame_cache, amd64_windows_frame_prev_register)
(amd64_windows_frame_this_id): New functions.
(amd64_windows_frame_unwind): New static global.
(amd64_windows_skip_prologue): New function.
(amd64_windows_init_abi): Call frame_unwind_prepend_unwinder
with amd64_windows_frame_unwind. Call set_gdbarch_skip_prologue
with amd64_windows_skip_prologue.
2013-08-30 Joel Brobecker <>
GDB 7.6.1 released.
2013-08-30 Pedro Alves <>
* mi/mi-main.c (mi_cmd_trace_find): Use LOC_AND_ADDRESS instead of
2013-08-30 Pedro Alves <>