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# This testcase is part of GDB, the GNU debugger.
# Copyright 2017-2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
# These tests provides certain degree of testing for arc_insn functions,
# however it is not a comprehensive testsuite that would go through all
# possible ARC instructions - instead this particular test is focused on branch
# instructions and whether branch targets are evaluated properly. Most of the
# non-branch aspects of instruction decoder are used during prologue analysis,
# so are indirictly tested there.
# To maintain separation of test data and test logic, all of the information
# about instructions, like if it has delay slot, condition code, branch target
# address, is all specified in the test assembly file as a symbols, while this
# test case reads those symbols to learn which values are right, then compares
# values coming from decoder with those found in symbols. More information
# about requirements to actual test cases can be found in corresponding
# assembly file of this test case (arc-decode-insn.S).
if {![istarget "arc*-*-*"]} then {
verbose "Skipping ARC decoder test."
standard_testfile .S
if { [prepare_for_testing "failed to prepare" $testfile $srcfile] } {
return -1
if ![runto_main] {
return 0
# Helper function that reads properties of instruction from the ELF file via
# its symbols and then confirms that decoder output aligns to the expected
# values.
proc test_branch_insn { test_name } {
# Make messages for failed cases more clear, by using hex in them.
set pc [get_hexadecimal_valueof &${test_name}_start -1]
# Calculate instruction length, based on ${test_name}_end symbol.
set end_pc [get_hexadecimal_valueof &${test_name}_end -1]
set length [expr $end_pc - $pc]
set target_address [get_hexadecimal_valueof &${test_name}_target -1]
# Figure out if there is a delay slot, using symbol
# ${test_name}_has_delay_slot. Note that it should be read via &,
# otherwise it would try to print value at the address specified in
# ${test_name}_has_delay_slot, while a symbol value itself is required.
if { 0 == [get_integer_valueof &${test_name}_has_delay_slot 0] } {
set has_delay_slot 0
} else {
set has_delay_slot 1
set cc [get_hexadecimal_valueof &${test_name}_cc 0]
# Can't use {} to create a list of items, because variables will not be
# evaluated inside the {}.
gdb_test_sequence "mt print arc arc-instruction $pc" "" [list \
"length_with_limm = $length" \
"cc = $cc" \
"is_control_flow = 1" \
"has_delay_slot = $has_delay_slot" \
"branch_target = $target_address"]
set branch_test_list { }
# Add items in the same groups as they can be enabled/disabled in assembly
# file.
lappend branch_test_list \
j_c j_blink j_limm j_u6 j_s12 j_d_c j_d_blink j_d_u6
lappend branch_test_list \
jcc_c jcc_blink jcc_limm jcc_u6 jcc_d_c jcc_d_blink jcc_d_u6 \
jcc_eq_s_blink jcc_ne_s_blink
lappend branch_test_list \
jl_c jl_limm jl_u6 jl_s12 jl_d_c jl_d_u6 jl_d_s12 jl_s_b jl_s_d_b
lappend branch_test_list \
jlcc_c jlcc_limm jlcc_u6 jlcc_d_c jlcc_d_u6
lappend branch_test_list \
b_s25 b_d_s25 b_s_s10
lappend branch_test_list \
bbit0_nt_b_c_s9 bbit0_d_nt_b_c_s9 bbit0_t_b_c_s9 bbit0_d_t_b_c_s9 \
bbit0_nt_b_u6_s9 bbit0_d_nt_b_u6_s9 bbit0_t_b_u6_s9 bbit0_d_t_b_u6_s9 \
bbit0_nt_b_limm_s9 bbit0_t_b_limm_s9 bbit0_nt_limm_c_s9 bbit0_t_limm_c_s9 \
bbit0_nt_limm_u6_s9 bbit0_t_limm_u6_s9 \
bbit1_nt_b_c_s9 bbit1_d_nt_b_c_s9 bbit1_t_b_c_s9 bbit1_d_t_b_c_s9 \
bbit1_nt_b_u6_s9 bbit1_d_nt_b_u6_s9 bbit1_t_b_u6_s9 bbit1_d_t_b_u6_s9 \
bbit1_nt_b_limm_s9 bbit1_t_b_limm_s9 bbit1_nt_limm_c_s9 bbit1_t_limm_c_s9 \
bbit1_nt_limm_u6_s9 bbit1_t_limm_u6_s9
lappend branch_test_list \
bcc_s21 bcc_d_s21 \
beq_s_s10 bne_s_s10 bgt_s_s7 bge_s_s7 blt_s_s7 ble_s_s7 bhi_s_s7 bhs_s_s7 \
blo_s_s7 bls_s_s7
lappend branch_test_list \
bi_c bih_c
lappend branch_test_list \
bl_s25 bl_d_s25 bl_s_s13 \
blcc_s21 blcc_d_s21
lappend branch_test_list \
breq_nt_b_c_s9 breq_d_nt_b_c_s9 breq_t_b_c_s9 breq_d_t_b_c_s9 \
breq_nt_b_u6_s9 breq_d_nt_b_u6_s9 breq_t_b_u6_s9 breq_d_t_b_u6_s9 \
breq_nt_b_limm_s9 breq_t_b_limm_s9 breq_nt_limm_c_s9 breq_t_limm_c_s9 \
breq_nt_limm_u6_s9 breq_t_limm_u6_s9
# lappend branch_test_list jli_s_u10
lappend branch_test_list leave_s
lappend branch_test_list lpcc_u7
runto start_branch_tests
foreach test $branch_test_list {
test_branch_insn $test