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#as: -linker-allocated-gregs
#source: start.s
#source: data-1.s
#source: tm-orph1.s
#source: tm-awpe.s
#ld: -m mmo -u __etext -u __Sdata -u __Edata -u __Sbss -u __Ebss -u __Eall
#objdump: -rst
# An orphan section (.tm_clone_table) would attach after the register
# section, and contents and symbols and related relocations would be
# reduced to be relative to the register section, which is an error.
# We check the original case ("aw",@progbits, to .data or .bss),
# PR ld/1xxxx.
.*: file format mmo
0+ +g +\.text Main
0+8 +g +\.text __etext
20+8 +g +\.data __TMC_END__
20+8 +g +\.data __Ebss
20+8 +g +\.data __Edata
0+ +g +\.text _start
20+8 +g +\.data __Eall
20+ +g +\.data __Sdata
20+8 +g +\.data __Sbss
Contents of section \.text:
0000 e3fd0001 23fcfe00 .*
Contents of section \.data:
2000000000000004 00000042 .*
Contents of section \.MMIX\.reg_contents:
07f0 20000000 0000000f .*