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#source: start4.s
#source: nop123.s
#source: a.s
#source: pad2p26m32.s
#source: pad16.s
#source: pad4.s
#source: pushja.s
#source: start.s
#ld: -m elf64mmix
#objdump: -dr
# Check that PUSHJ with an offset just outside the offset range of a JMP
# stub expansion works, backwards, ELF version.
.*: file format elf64-mmix
Disassembly of section \.init:
0+ <_start>:
0: e37704a6 setl \$119,0x4a6
Disassembly of section \.text:
0+4 <a-0x4>:
4: fd010203 swym 1,2,3
0+8 <a>:
8: e3fd0004 setl \$253,0x4
0+4000000 <pushja>:
4000000: e3fd0002 setl \$253,0x2
4000004: f20c0002 pushj \$12,400000c <pushja\+0xc>
4000008: e3fd0003 setl \$253,0x3
400000c: e3ff0008 setl \$255,0x8
4000010: e6ff0000 incml \$255,0x0
4000014: e5ff0000 incmh \$255,0x0
4000018: e4ff0000 inch \$255,0x0
400001c: 9f00ff00 go \$0,\$255,0
0+4000020 <_start>:
4000020: e3fd0001 setl \$253,0x1