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;# Main file, x.s, with the program (_start) referring to two
;# linkonce functions fn and fn2. The functions fn and fn2 are
;# supposed to be equivalent of C++ template instantiations; the
;# main file instantiates fn. An exception-table-lookalike entry
;# refers to fn via a local label. We use .gcc_except_table as we
;# can't be bothered to produce syntactically valid .eh_frame contents
;# and there's no option to turn off warning messages for invalid
;# contents.
.global _start
.long fn
.long fn2
.section .gnu.linkonce.t.fn,"ax",@progbits
.weak fn
.type fn,@function
.long 1
.long 2
.size fn,L:b-L:a
.section .gcc_except_table,"aw",@progbits
.long 2
.long L:a
.long L:b-L:a