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2021-09-30 Nick Clifton <>
* objcopy.c (filter_symbols): Fail if attempting to dredefine
symbols in an LTO object file.
2021-09-27 Nick Alcock <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-09-20 Andrew Burgess <>
* testsuite/binutils-all/riscv/riscv.exp: New file.
* testsuite/binutils-all/riscv/unknown.d: New file.
* testsuite/binutils-all/riscv/unknown.s: New file.
2021-09-07 Luis Machado <>
Revert: [AArch64] MTE corefile support
2021-05-21 Luis Machado <>
* readelf.c (get_note_type): Handle NT_MEMTAG note types.
2021-08-11 Nick Clifton <>
* po/pt.po: Updated Portuguese translation.
2021-08-10 Nick Clifton <>
* po/sr.po: Updated Serbian translation.
2021-07-16 Nick Clifton <>
* po/sv.po: Updated Swedish translation.
2021-07-14 Clément Chigot <>
* dwarf.h (struct dwarf_section): Add XCOFF name.
* dwarf.c (struct dwarf_section_display): Update.
* objdump.c (load_debug_section): Add XCOFF name handler.
(dump_dwarf_section): Likewise.
2021-07-12 Nick Clifton <>
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2021-07-10 Alan Modra <>
PR 28069
* dwarf.c (display_discr_list): Remove assertions. Delete "end"
parameter, use initial "data" pointer as the end. Formatting.
Don't count down bytes as they are read.
(read_and_display_attr_value): Adjust display_discr_list call.
(read_and_print_leb128): Don't pass __FILE__ and __LINE__ to
* dwarf.h (report_leb_status): Don't report file and line
numbers. Delete file and lnum parameters,
2021-07-07 Rainer Orth <ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* Check for strnlen declaration.
* configure, Regenerate.
2021-07-05 Alan Modra <>
PR 28047
* dwarf.c (get_type_abbrev_from_form): Add cu_end parameter.
Check DW_FORM_ref1 etc. arg against cu_end rather than end of
section. Adjust all callers.
2021-07-03 Nick Clifton <>
* configure: Regenerate.
* po/opcodes.pot: Regenerate.
* README-how-to-make-a-release: Update.
2021-07-03 Nick Clifton <>
* 2.37 release branch created.
2021-07-02 Alan Modra <>
PR 28048
* dwarf.c (get_type_signedness): Don't run off end of buffer
printing DW_FORM_string attribute.
2021-07-01 Nick Clifton <>
PR 28029
* testsuite/binutils-all/debuginfod.exp: Replace -wK with -wk.
2021-07-01 Andrei Homescu <>
* readelf.c (process_archive): Reset file position to the
beginning when calling process_object for thin archive members.
* testsuite/binutils-all/readelf.exp: Add test.
* testsuite/binutils-all/readelf.h.thin: New file.
2021-06-30 Tom Tromey <>
* dwarf.c (read_and_display_attr_value): Handle
2021-06-30 Richard Henderson <>
* dwarf.c (display_debug_frames): Both DW_CFA_def_cfa_sf
and DW_CFA_def_cfa_offset_sf have a signed offset.
2021-06-19 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (display_debug_lines_decoded): Use memcpy rather than
strncpy when trimming file name length to MAX_FILENAME_LENGTH.
Don't make an unnecessary copy when length is good.
2021-06-18 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (print_gnu_property_note): Handle
2021-06-15 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (get_note_type): Add support for NT_GO_BUILDID.
2021-06-15 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (locate_dynamic_section, is_pie): New functions.
(get_file_type): Replace e_type parameter with filedata. Call
is_pie for ET_DYN. Update all callers.
(process_program_headers): Use local variables dynamic_addr and
dynamic_size, updating filedata on exit from function. Set
dynamic_size of 1 to indicate no dynamic section or segment.
Update tests of dynamic_size throughout.
* testsuite/binutils-all/x86-64/pr27708.dump: Update expected output.
2021-06-14 Eric Botcazou <>
* dwarf.c (struct abbrev_attr): Change type of implicit_const.
(add_abbrev_attr): Likewise.
(process_abbrev_set): Likewise.
(display_debug_abbrev): Adjust to above change.
2021-06-12 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (process_file_header): Don't clear section_headers.
2021-06-12 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (get_section_headers): Don't test e_shoff here, leave
that to get_32bit_section_headers or get_64bit_section_headers.
(process_object): Throw away section header read to print file
header extension.
2021-06-11 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (struct filedata): Move archive_file_offset and
archive_file_size earlier.
(free_filedata): Clear using memset.
2021-06-11 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (GET_ELF_SYMBOLS): Delete. Replace with..
(get_elf_symbols): ..this new function throughout.
(get_32bit_section_headers): Don't free section_headers.
(get_64bit_section_headers): Likewise.
(get_section_headers): New function, use throughout in place of
32bit and 64bit variants.
(get_dynamic_section): Similarly.
(process_section_headers): Don't free filedata memory here.
(get_file_header): Don't get section headers here..
(process_object): ..Read them here instead. Don't exit without
freeing filedata memory.
2021-06-09 Nick Clifton <>
* MAINTAINERS: Remove Daniel Jacobwitz from the maintainers list.
2021-06-07 Jan Beulich <>
* dwarf.c (display_debug_aranges): Add u suffix to constant.
2021-05-29 Alan Modra <>
* objdump (usage): Add missing \n.
2021-05-29 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (parse_args): Call dwarf_select_sections_all on
--debug-dump without optarg.
(usage): Associate -w and --debug-dump options closely.
Split up help message. Remove extraneous blank lines around
ctf help.
* objdump.c (usage): Similarly.
2021-05-29 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* testsuite/binutils-all/mips/mips-xpa-virt-1.d: Correct CFC0
operand disassembly.
* testsuite/binutils-all/mips/mips-xpa-virt-3.d: Likewise.
2021-05-29 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* testsuite/binutils-all/mips/mips-xpa-virt-1.d: Use `mips:3000'
machine for disassembly.
* testsuite/binutils-all/mips/mips-xpa-virt-2.d: Likewise.
* testsuite/binutils-all/mips/mips-xpa-virt-3.d: Likewise.
* testsuite/binutils-all/mips/mips-xpa-virt-4.d: Likewise.
2021-05-28 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/27905
* readelf.c (decode_x86_feature_2): Revert commit 50c95a739c9.
2021-05-27 Alan Modra <>
* readelf (usage): Order -w letters to match --debug-dump= and
move common '=' for --debug-dump out of brackets.
2021-05-26 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/27905
* readelf.c (decode_x86_feature_2): Support
2021-05-23 Tiezhu Yang <>
* readelf.c (get_machine_name): Change Loongson Loongarch to
2021-05-21 Luis Machado <>
* readelf.c (get_note_type): Add missing NT_ARM_* entries.
2021-05-21 Luis Machado <>
* readelf.c (get_note_type): Handle NT_MEMTAG note types.
2021-05-19 Eli Schwartz <>
* dwarf.c (ENABLE_CHECKING): Define to 0 if not previously set.
2021-05-19 Alan Modra <>
PR 27884
* dwarf.c (get_type_abbrev_from_form): Replace cu_offset_return
param with map_return, and return map for DW_FORM_ref_addr.
(get_type_signedness): Adjust calls to get_type_abbrev_from_form.
Pass returned cu map start and end to recursive call.
(read_and_display_attr_value): Similarly.
2021-05-19 Alan Modra <>
PR 27879
* sysdump.c (getBARRAY): Sanity check size against max.
(getINT): Avoid UB shift left.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (process_cu_tu_index): Avoid pointer UB. Use _mul_overflow.
Delete dead code.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (display_gdb_index): Avoid pointer UB and overflow in
length calculations.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (display_debug_names): Complain when header length is
too small. Avoid pointer UB. Sanity check augmentation string,
CU table, TU table and foreign TU table sizes.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (display_debug_frames): Delete initial_length_size.
Avoid pointer UB. Constrain data reads to length given in header.
Sanity check cie header length. Only skip up to next FDE on
finding augmentation data too long.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (read_cie): Add more sanity checks to ensure data
pointer is not bumped past end.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (display_debug_ranges): Delete initial_length_size.
Correct fallback size calculated on finding a reloc. Constrain
data reads to length given in header. Avoid pointer UB.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (display_debug_rnglists_list): Avoid pointer UB.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (display_debug_str_offsets): Constrain reads to length
given in header.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (display_debug_aranges): Delete initial_length_size.
Use end_ranges to constrain data reads to header length. Avoid
pointer UB.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (display_loc_list): Avoid pointer UB. Correct check
before reading uleb length. Warn on excess length.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (display_debug_macro): Print strings that might not
be zero terminated with %*s. Don't bump curr if unterminated.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (get_line_filename_and_dirname): Delete initial_length_size.
Simplify length sanity check, and check for too small lengths.
Constrain data reads to header length. Avoid pointer UB.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (display_debug_macinfo): Print strings that might not
be zero terminated with %*s. Don't bump curr if unterminated.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (display_debug_pubnames_worker): Delete initial_length_size.
Simplify length check. Constrain reads to length given by header.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (display_debug_lines_decoded): Don't use strnlen when
we have already checked for NUL termination.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (read_debug_line_header): Delete initial_length_size.
Avoid pointer UB. Keep within length specified by header.
Delete dead code.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (process_debug_info): Always do the first CU length
scan for sanity checks. Remove initial_length_size var and
instead calculate end_cu. Use end_cu to limit data reads.
Delete now dead code checking length.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (SAFE_BYTE_GET_INTERNAL): Assert only when ENABLE_CHECKING.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
* bucomm.h (_mul_overflow): Define.
* dwarf.c (get_encoded_value): Avoid pointer UB.
2021-05-13 Alan Modra <>
PR 27861
* dwarf.c (display_debug_str_offsets): Sanity check dwarf5
header length.
2021-05-13 Alan Modra <>
PR 27860
* dwarf.c (display_debug_frames): Sanity check cie_off before
attempting to read cie.
2021-05-12 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (process_extended_line_op): Don't bump data pointer past
end when strnlen doesn't find string terminator.
(decode_location_expression): Remove dead code.
(skip_attr_bytes): Remove const from end param. Ensure data
pointer doesn't pass end.
(get_type_signedness): Remove const from end param.
(read_and_display_attr_value): Ensure data pointer doesn't pass end.
(display_debug_lines_raw, display_debug_lines_decoded): Likewise.
(display_debug_pubnames_worker): Likewise.
(display_debug_pubnames_worker): Use SAFE_BYTE_GET_AND INC rather
than blindly incrementing data pointer.
(display_debug_addr, display_debug_str_offsets): Likewise. Don't
compare pointers, compare lengths.
2021-05-12 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (SAFE_BYTE_GET_INTERNAL): Define.
(SAFE_BYTE_GET, SAFE_BYTE_GET_AND_INC): Define using the above.
(display_discr_list): Use SAFE_BYTE_GET_AND_INC rather than
SAFE_BYTE_GET followed by increment.
(process_debug_info): Likewise, and test bytes remaining before
incrementing section_begin rather than using pointer comparison.
(display_debug_names): Pass lvalue as SAFE_BYTE_GET PTR.
(process_cu_tu_index): Likewise for SAFE_BYTE_GET_AND_INC.
2021-05-12 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (dwarf_vmatoa64, SAFE_BYTE_GET64, add64): Delete.
(skip_attr_bytes): Replace use of SAFE_BYTE_GET64 with
(read_and_display_attr_value): Likewise. Print using dwarf_vmatoa.
(process_debug_info, process_cu_tu_index): Likewise.
* elfcomm.c (byte_put, byte_put_little_endian, byte_put_big_endian),
(byte_get, byte_get_little_endian, byte_get_big_endian),
(byte_get_signed): Make size param unsigned. Remove code dealing
with 4-byte elf_vma.
(byte_get_64): Delete.
* elfcomm.h (byte_put, byte_put_little_endian, byte_put_big_endian),
(byte_get, byte_get_little_endian, byte_get_big_endian),
(byte_get_signed): Update prototypes.
(byte_get_64): Delete.
2021-05-12 Alan Modra <>
PR 27836
* dwarf.c (display_debug_frames): Don't compare pointers derived
from user input. Test offset against bounds instead.
2021-05-12 Alan Modra <>
PR 27853
* dwarf.c (display_formatted_table): Test for data >= end rather
than data == end.
(process_extended_line_op): Likewise.
(display_debug_lines_raw): Likewise.
(display_debug_lines_decoded): Likewise.
2021-05-12 Alan Modra <>
PR 27849
* dwarf.c (fetch_indexed_string): Correct length sanity checks.
Sanity check section size for version and padding too. Correct
index sanity check. Handle multiple tables in .debug_str_offsets.
2021-05-11 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* dwarf.c (process_abbrev_set): Properly parenthesize before
casting to unsigned long.
2021-05-11 Alan Modra <>
PR 27845
* dwarf.c (process_abbrev_set): Replace start and end parameters
with section, abbrev_base, abbrev_size, abbrev_offset. Update
all callers. Sanity check parameters correctly and emit warnings
here rather than..
2021-05-10 Thomas Wolff <>
PR 4356
PR 26865
PR 27594
* windres.c (quot): Revert previous delta. Do not use double
quotes when spaces are detected in options.
* doc/binutils.texi (windres): Remove suggestion that the
--preprocessor option can take arguments.
2021-05-10 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c (SAFE_BYTE_GET): Check bounds by subtracting amount from
END rather than adding amount to PTR.
2021-05-09 Alan Modra <>
* objcopy.c (eq_string): Delete.
(create_symbol_htab): Use htab_eq_string.
2021-05-08 Mike Frysinger <>
* README-how-to-make-a-release: Update html & pdf entries.
2021-05-08 Mike Frysinger <>
* doc/ (html-local, binutils/index.html): New targets.
* doc/ Regenerate.
2021-05-08 Mike Frysinger <>
* doc/ (AM_MAKEINFOFLAGS): Add --no-split.
* doc/ Regenerate.
2021-05-07 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (no_processor_specific_unwind): New function.
(process_unwind): Use no_processor_specific_unwind for X86
2021-05-07 Michael Forney <>
* dwarf.c: Don't omit second operand of '?' operator.
2021-04-30 Nick Clifton <>
PR 27796
* dwarf.c (load_debug_sup_file): Allocate memory for filename in
.debug_sup section.
2021-04-29 Nick Clifton <>
PR 27594
* doc/binutils.texi (windres): Correct the description of the
default value of the --preprocessor argument.
2021-04-27 Nick Clifton <>
PR 27779
* dwarf.c (parse_gnu_debuglink): Reject empty names.
(parse_gnu_debugaltlink): Likewise.
2021-04-22 Clément Chigot <>
* od-xcoff.c (dump_xcoff32_symbols): Adapt to new
aux structures.
2021-04-21 Nick Lott <>
PR 27672
* readelf.c (sym_base): New variable.
(enum print_mode): Add more modes.
(print_vma): Add suport for new modes.
(options): Add sym-base.
(usage): Add sym-base.
(parse_args): Add support for --sym-base.
(print_dynamic_symbol_size): New function.
(print_dynamic_symbol): Use new function.
* doc/binutils.texi: Document the new feature.
* NEWS: Mention the new feature.
2021-04-21 Nick Clifton <>
* testsuite/binutils-all/mips/global-local-symtab-sort-n64t.d:
Adjust expected output to allow for named section symbols.
* testsuite/binutils-all/mips/global-local-symtab-sort-o32t.d:
* testsuite/binutils-all/readelf.s-64: Likewise.
* testsuite/binutils-all/ Likewise.
* testsuite/binutils-all/ Likewise.
* testsuite/binutils-all/ Likewise.
2021-04-21 Luo Longjun <>
* readelf.c (print_dynamic_symbol): Print the section name for
section symbols without a name of their own.
2021-04-20 Andreas Krebbel <>
* MAINTAINERS: Remove Martin Schwidefsky as s390 maintainer and
add him to Past Maintainers.
Update my email address.
2021-04-19 Nick Clifton <>
PR 21702
* arsup.c (ar_addmod): Enable plugin support, if available.
2021-04-19 Nick Clifton <>
* rename.c: (get_stat_atime_ns): Add prototype.
(get_stat_mtime_ns): Add prototype.
2021-04-16 Alan Modra <>
PR 27725
* rename.c (get_stat_atime, get_stat_mtime): Make static.
(get_stat_atime_ns, get_stat_mtime_ns): Likewise.
2021-04-15 Pekka Seppänen <>
PR 27725
* rename.c (get_stat_atime_ns): Add ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(get_stat_mtime_ns): Likewise.
2021-04-15 Alan Modra <>
PR 27725
* Check for sys/time.h and utimensat. Use standard
checks for mkstemp and mkdtemp. Whitespace. Check for nanosecond
members of struct stat.
* rename.c: Prefer sys/time.h for utimes over utime.h for utime.
(get_stat_atime_ns, get_stat_mtime_ns): New inline functions.
(get_stat_atime, get_stat_mtime): Likewise.
(set_times): Choose first available of utimensat, utimes, utime.
Use above inline functions to set timespec and timeval values.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* testsuite/binutils-all/objcopy.exp (objcopy_test): Add test of
file timestamp when --preserve-dates is used.
2021-04-15 Alan Modra <>
PR 27456
* rename.c (smart_rename): When TO and FROM are equal, just set
file timestamp.
* objcopy.c (strip_main, copy_main): Always call smart_rename.
2021-04-14 H.J. Lu <>
PR binutils/27708
* testsuite/binutils-all/x86-64/pr27708.dump: New file.
* testsuite/binutils-all/x86-64/pr27708.exe.bz2: Likewise.
* testsuite/binutils-all/x86-64/x86-64.exp: Run binutils/27708
2021-04-14 Mark Harmstone <>
PR 27686
* resbin.c (bin_to_res_version): Ignore any trailing bytes at the
end of the structure.
2021-04-14 Frederic Cambus <>
* readelf.c (get_netbsd_elfcore_note_type): Remove unneeded #ifdef
2021-04-14 Alan Modra <>
PR 27716
* objdump.c (show_line): Don't limit paths to PATH_MAX.
* readelf.c (struct filedata): Change program_interpreter from
a char array to a char pointer.
(process_program_headers): Sanity check PT_INTERP p_filesz.
Malloc program_interpreter using p_filesz and read directly from
(process_dynamic_section): Check program_interpreter is non-NULL.
(free_filedata): New function, split out from..
(close_debug_file): Call free_filedata.
* sysdep.h: Don't include sys/param.h.
(PATH_MAX): Don't define.
* Don't check for sys/param.h.
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-04-13 Frederic Cambus <>
* readelf.c (process_netbsd_elf_note): Remove now unneeded #ifdef
check for NT_NETBSD_PAX.
2021-04-12 Alan Modra <>
* (--enable-checking): Add support.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-04-09 Alan Modra <>
* objdump.c (struct objdump_disasm_info): Delete dynrelbuf and
(find_symbol_for_address): Adjust for dynrelbuf and dynrelcount move.
(disassemble_section, disassemble_data): Likewise.
2021-04-06 Alan Modra <>
* objdump.c (objdump_symbol_at_address): Return asymbol*.
2021-04-06 Alan Modra <>
* NEWS: Mention C99 requirement.
* README: Likewise. Modernise examples and "Reporting bugs".
2021-04-05 Alan Modra <>
* Assume long long is available. Don't test for
strings.h, stdlib.h, limits.h, locale.h, or wchar.h. Check
inttypes.h, stdint.h, sys/stat.h and sys/types.h. Don't check for
strcoll, setlocale, setmode or location of time_t. Don't check
for fprintf, getenv, snprintf, strnlen, strstr or vsnprintf decls.
* sysdep.h: Don't include alloca-conf.h, include config.h instead.
Test HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H and reorder includes. Include limits.h,
locale.h, string.h and stdlib.h unconditionally. Remove various
fallback declarations. Assume long long is available.
* addr2line.c: Don't test HAVE_SETLOCALE.
* ar.c: Likewise.
* coffdump.c: Likewise.
* dlltool.c: Likewise.
* dllwrap.c: Likewise.
* elfedit.c: Likewise.
* nm.c: Likewise.
* objcopy.c: Likewise.
* objdump.c: Likewise.
* readelf.c: Likewise.
* size.c: Likewise.
* srconv.c: Likewise.
* strings.c: Likewise.
* sysdump.c: Likewise.
* windmc.c: Likewise.
* windres.c: Likewise.
* bucomm.c: Don't test HAVE_TIME_T_IN_TIME_H or HAVE_TIME_T_IN_TYPES_H.
* dwarf.c: Include limits.h unconditionally. Assume long long
is available.
* nm.c: Don't test HAVE_STRCOLL.
* readelf.c: Don't test HAVE_WCHAR_H.
* strings.c: Assume long long is available.
* syslex.l: Include string.h unconditionally.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* doc/ Regenerate.
2021-04-01 Martin Liska <>
* elfcomm.h (strneq): Remove strneq and use startswith.
* readelf.c (ia64_process_unwind): Likewise.
(process_note): Likewise.
2021-04-01 Martin Liska <>
* dllwrap.c: Use startswith function.
* objcopy.c (is_dwo_section): Likewise.
(handle_remove_section_option): Likewise.
(copy_main): Likewise.
* objdump.c (is_significant_symbol_name): Likewise.
2021-04-01 Martin Liska <>
* dwarf.c (display_debug_lines_raw): Replace const_strneq with
(display_debug_lines_decoded): Likewise.
(display_debug_links): Likewise.
* elfcomm.c (setup_archive): Likewise.
* elfcomm.h (const_strneq): Likewise.
* readelf.c (process_section_headers): Likewise.
(slurp_ia64_unwind_table): Likewise.
(slurp_hppa_unwind_table): Likewise.
(decode_arm_unwind): Likewise.
(display_debug_section): Likewise.
(process_note): Likewise.
2021-03-31 Alan Modra <>
* sysdep.h (POISON_BFD_BOOLEAN): Define.
* addr2line.c, * ar.c, * arsup.c, * bfdtest2.c, * binemul.c,
* binemul.h, * bucomm.c, * bucomm.h, * budbg.h, * coffgrok.c,
* debug.c, * debug.h, * dlltool.c, * dwarf.c, * dwarf.h,
* elfedit.c, * emul_aix.c, * mclex.c, * nm.c, * objcopy.c,
* objdump.c, * od-macho.c, * prdbg.c, * rdcoff.c, * rddbg.c,
* readelf.c, * rename.c, * stabs.c, * strings.c, * windint.h,
* windmc.c, * windmc.h, * windres.c, * winduni.c,
* wrstabs.c: Replace bfd_boolean with bool, FALSE with false,
and TRUE with true throughout.
2021-03-31 Alan Modra <>
* coffdump.c: Include stdint.h in place of bfd_stdint.h.
* dwarf.c: Likewise.
2021-03-31 Alan Modra <>
* prdbg.c (pr_function_type): Replace LITSTTCPY with strcpy.
2021-03-29 Alan Modra <>
* dlltool.c (main): Don't use "boolean_condition ? TRUE : FALSE".
* dwarf.c (read_and_display_attr_value): Likewise.
(display_debug_str_offsets): Likewise.
* objdump.c (dump_bfd): Likewise.
* readelf.c (dump_section_as_strings): Likewise.
(dump_section_as_bytes): Likewise.
2021-03-29 Alan Modra <>
* objdump.c (process_links): Use type int.
* readelf.c (request_dump): Don't increment do_dump, set it.
* windint.h (target_is_bigendian): Use type bfd_boolean.
* windmc.c (target_is_bigendian): Likewise.
* windres.c (target_is_bigendian): Likewise.
2021-03-22 Martin Liska <>
* dlltool.c (scan_drectve_symbols): Replace usage of CONST_STRNEQ
with startswith.
* emul_aix.c (ar_emul_aix_parse_arg): Likewise.
* objcopy.c (is_mergeable_note_section): Likewise.
* objdump.c (dump_dwarf_section): Likewise.
* prdbg.c (pr_method_type): Likewise.
(pr_class_baseclass): Likewise.
(tg_class_baseclass): Likewise.
* readelf.c (process_lto_symbol_tables): Likewise.
* stabs.c (ULLHIGH): Likewise.
(parse_stab_argtypes): Likewise.
(stab_demangle_function_name): Likewise.
2021-03-19 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (get_machine_name): Add EM_INTELGT.
2021-03-18 Nick Clifton <>
PR 27478
* readelf.c (dump_section_as_strings): Mention separate filename.
(dump_section_as_bytes): Likewise.
(dump_section_as_ctf): Likewise.
(initialise_dumkps_byname): Only issue a warning for missing
sections if processing the main file.
(process_section_contents): Only issue a warning for unsumped
section numbers in the main file.
(initialise_dump_sects): New function. Contains code extracted
from ...
(process_object): ... here. Also call initialise_dump_sects for
separate files.
2021-03-16 Nick Clifton <>
PR 27534
* readelf.c (display_debug_section): Also retain .debug_addr
2021-03-16 Nick Clifton <>
PR 27533
* readelf.c (process_section_contents): Only dump debug
information for separate files unless process_links is enabled.
(process_object): Always call process_section_contents for
separate info files.
2021-03-15 Nick Clifton <>
PR 27487
* nm.c (FORMAT_JUST_SYMBOLS): Define.
(struct optput_fns): Add entry for FORMAT_JUST_SYMBOLS.
(long_options): Add just-symbols.
(set_output_format): Add support for just-symbols.
(get_print_format): Likewise.
(do_not_print_object_filename): New function.
(do_not_print_archive_filename): New function.
(do_not_print_archive_member): New function.
(do_not_print_symbol_filename): New function.
(just_print_symbol_name): New function.
(main): Handle --just-symbols.
* NEWS: Mention the new feature.
* doc/binutils.texi: Document the new feature.
2021-03-12 Clément Chigot <>
* od-xcoff.c: Replace RTB by TRL entry.
2021-03-05 Craig Blackmore <>
Andrew Burgess <>
* readelf.c (get_note_type): Handle NT_RISCV_CSR.
2021-03-05 Craig Blackmore <>
Andrew Burgess <>
* readelf.c (get_note_type): Handle NT_GDB_TDESC.
2021-03-05 Nick Clifton <>
PR 27387
* dwarf.c (display_debug_macro): Handle the displaying of
DW_MACRO_define_strp and DW_MACRO_undef_strp in v4
.debug_macro.dwo sections.
2021-03-04 Nick Clifton <>
PR 27478
* objdump.c (process_links): New variable.
(usage): Add --process-links.
(long_options): Likewise.
(dump_bfd): Stop processing once the bfd has been loaded unless
this is the main file or process_links has been enabled.
(main): Handle the process-links option.
* readelf.c (process_links): New variable.
(struct filedata): Add is_separate field.
(options): Add --process-links.
(usage): Likewise.
(parse_args): Likewise.
(process_file_header): Include the filename when dumping
information for separate debuginfo files.
(process_program_headers): Likewise.
(process_section_headers): Likewise.
(process_section_groups): Likewise.
(process_relocs): Likewise.
(process_dynamic_section): Likewise.
(process_version_sections): Likewise.
(display_lto_symtab): Likewise.
(process_symbol_table): Likewise.
(process_syminfo): Likewise.
(initialise_dumps_by_name): Likewise.
(process_section_contents): Likewise.
(process_notes_at): Likewise.
(process_notes): Likewise.
(open_file): Add is_separate parameter. Use to initialise the
is_separate field in the filedata structure.
(open_deug): Update call to open_file.
(process_object): Add processing of the contents of separate
debuginfo files, gated by the process_links variable.
(process_archive): Update call to open_file.
(process_file): Initialise the is_separate field in the filedata
* dwarf.c (load_separate_debug_info_file): Only report the
loading of a separate file if debug links are being dumped.
* objcopy.c (keep_section_symbols): New variable.
(enum command_line_switch): Add OPTION_KEEP_SYMBOLS.
(strip_options): Add keep-section-symbols.
(copy_options): Likewise.
(copy_usage): Likewise.
(strip_usage): Likewise.
(copy_object): Keep section symbols if requested by command line
(strip_main): Handle --keep-section-symbols.
(copy_main): Likewise.
* doc/binutils.texi: Document the new options.
* NEWS: Mention the new features.
* testsuite/binutils-all/compress.exp (test_gnu_debuglink):
Update options passed to objdump. Use diff rather than cmp to
compare the dumped data.
* testsuite/binutils-all/objdump.WK2: Update regexp.
* testsuite/binutils-all/objdump.WK3: Update regexp.
* testsuite/binutils-all/objdump.exp: Use --process-links
instead of --dwarf=follow-links.
* testsuite/binutils-all/readelf.exp (readelf_test): Include
readelf's output in the log when the test fails.
Add the -P option to the -wKis test.
* testsuite/binutils-all/readelf.wKis: Update expected output.
2021-03-03 Alan Modra <>
PR 27493
* objcopy.c (filter_symbols): Apply --weaken to undefined symbols.
* NEWS: Mention feature.
2021-03-01 H.J. Lu <>
PR binutils/27486
* dwarf.c (load_separate_debug_info): Issue warning only if
do_debug_links is set.
* testsuite/binutils-all/compress.exp: Run objdump and readelf
with missing debug file.
2021-03-01 Alan Modra <>
PR 27128
* doc/binutils.texi: Add nm --with-symbol-versions and
--without-symbol-versions documentation.
* nm.c (with_symbol_versions): New variable.
(enum long_option_values): Delete OPTION_WITH_SYMBOL_VERSIONS.
(long_options): Make --with-symbol-versions entry twiddle the flag.
Add --without-symbol-versions.
(print_symname): Strip version when !with_symbol_versions. Add
dynamic version info under control of with_symbol_versions.
2021-02-26 Fangrui Song <>
PR 27408
* readelf.c (quiet): New option flag.
(enum long_option_values): New enum to hold long option value.
(long_options): Add --quiet.
(usage): Mention --quiet.
(display_rel_file): If quiet is enabled, suppress "no symbols".
(main): Handle the new option.
* NEWS: Mention --quiet.
* docs/binutils.texi: Document --quiet.
2021-02-26 Tom de Vries <>
* dwarf.c (display_debug_addr): Handle dwarf-5 .debug_addr bits.
2021-02-26 Tom de Vries <>
PR 27390
* dwarf.c: (skip_attr_bytes): Add support for DW_FORM_str* and
(read_and_display_attr_value): Likewise.
2021-02-25 Nick Clifton <>
* dwarf.c (get_type_abbrev_from_form): Accept but ignore sup
(read_and_display_attr_value): Handle sup forms.
(display_debug_sup): New function. Displays the contents of a
.debug_sup section.
(load_debug_sup_file): New function. Loads the contents of a file
referenced by a .debug_sup section.
(check_for_and_load_links): Call load_debug_sup_file.
(debug_displays): Add entry for .debug_sup.
* dwarf.h (enum dwarf_section_display_enum): Add debug_sup.
* readelf.c (process_section_headers): Add support for debug_sup.
* doc/debug.options.texi: Note that the =links option will display
the contents of .debug_sup sections.
* NEWS: Mention the new support.
2021-02-25 Alan Modra <>
PR 27456
* rename.c (simple_copy): Mark target_stat ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
2021-02-24 Nick Clifton <>
PR 27285
* od-elf32_avr.c (elf32_avr_get_memory_usage): Check for overflows
when adding together the section sizes.
2021-02-24 Nick Clifton <>
* objcopy.c (merge_gnu_build_notes): Remove support for v1/v2 GNU
build notes.
* readelf.c (print_gnu_build_attribute_description): Likewise.
2021-02-24 Alan Modra <>
Siddhesh Poyarekar <>
PR 27456
* bucomm.h (smart_rename): Update prototype.
* rename.c (smart_rename): Add fromfd and preserve_dates params.
Pass fromfd and target_stat to simple_copy. Call set_times
when preserve_dates.
(simple_copy): Accept fromfd rather than from filename. Add
target_stat param. Rewind fromfd rather than opening. Open
"to" file without O_CREAT. Try to preserve S_ISUID and S_ISGID.
* ar.c (write_archive): Rename ofd to tmpfd. Dup tmpfd before
closing output temp file, and pass tmpfd to smart_rename.
* arsup.c (temp_fd): Rename from real_fd.
(ar_save): Dup temp_fd and pass to smart_rename.
* objcopy.c (strip_main, copy_main): Likewise, and pass
2021-02-24 Alan Modra <>
PR 27456
* rename.c: Tidy throughout.
(smart_rename): Always copy. Remove windows specific code.
2021-02-20 Alan Modra <>
* testsuite/lib/binutils-common.exp: Whitespace fixes throughout.
(run_dump_test): Fail if expecting errors from a file like we do
for error strings, if no error is seen.
2021-02-19 Alan Modra <>
* testsuite/binutils-all/readelf.exp (pr26548): Run for 32-bit too.
2021-02-19 Siddhesh Poyarekar <>
* ar.c (write_archive): Remove TARGET_STAT. Adjust call to
* arsup.c (ar_save): Likewise.
* objcopy (strip_main): Don't copy TMPFD. Don't set times on
temporary file and adjust call to SMART_RENAME.
(copy_main): Likewise.
* rename.c [!S_ISLNK]: Remove definitions.
(try_preserve_permissions): Remove function.
(smart_rename): Remove FD, PRESERVE_DATES arguments. Use
rename system call only if TO does not exist.
* bucomm.h (smart_rename): Adjust declaration.
2021-02-18 Nick Clifton <>
* objcopy.c (merge_gnu_build_notes): Handle notes with a start
address that is higher than the end address.
2021-02-17 Alan Modra <>
* dwarf.c: Include limits.h.
(CHAR_BIT): Provide backup define.
(read_leb128): Use CHAR_BIT to size "result" in bits. Correct
signed overflow checking.
* testsuite/binutils-all/pr26548.s,
* testsuite/binutils-all/pr26548.d,
* testsuite/binutils-all/pr26548e.d: New tests.
* testsuite/binutils-all/readelf.exp: Run them.
(readelf_test): Drop unused "xfails" parameter. Update all uses.
2021-02-16 Jan Beulich <>
* dwarf.c (process_debug_info): Initialize "dwo_id".
2021-02-15 Alan Modra <>
* objdump.c (load_specific_debug_section): Don't call
bfd_cache_section_contents. Rearrange so that
bfd_get_full_section_contents is not called on path where
bfd_simple_get_relocated_section_contents is called.
Don't set section->user_data.
(free_debug_section): Always free section->start. Don't twiddle
section flags.
* readelf.c (load_specific_debug_section): Don't set user_data.
* dwarf.h (struct dwarf_section): Remove use_data field.
* dwarf.c (NO_ABBREVS, ABBREV): Adjust to suit.
2021-02-15 Alan Modra <>
* testsuite/binutils-all/compress.exp: Remove nds32 xfails.
* testsuite/binutils-all/objdump.exp: Likewise.
2021-02-14 Alan Modra <>
* objdump.c (slurp_symtab): Don't add an extra entry for NULL
to the symbol array.
(slurp_dynamic_symtab): Likewise.
(dump_bfd): Formatting. Copy terminating NULL from extra_syms.
2021-02-14 Alan Modra <>
* Regenerate.
* doc/ Regenerate.
2021-02-13 Mike Frysinger <>
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
2021-02-12 Nick Clifton <>
* (follow-debug-links): Add option to enable or
disable the following of debug links by default. Set the
default for the option to be 'follow'.
* dwarf.c (do_follow_links): Initialise with DEFAULT_FOR_FOLLOW_LINKS.
(dwarf_select_sections_by_names): Add no-follow-links option.
(dwarf_select_sections_by_letter): Add 'N' option.
* objdump.c (usage): Add conditional text describing the
follow links option.
(slurp_symtab): Ensure that there is a NULL entry at the end
of the symbol table.
(slurp_dynamic_symtab): Likewise.
(dump_bfd): When extending the symbol table, ensure that there
is still a NULL entry at the end.
* readelf.c (usage): Add conditional text describing the
follow links option.
* doc/binutils.texi: Update documentation for objcopy and
* doc/debug.options.texi: Update documentation of the
follow-links option.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* testsuite/binutils-all/compress.exp: Add the -WN option to
objdump command lines that are not expecting to follow links.
* testsuite/binutils-all/readelf.exp: Add the
--debug-dump=no-follow-links option to tests that are not
expecting to follow debug links.
* NEWS: Mention the new behaviour.
2021-02-12 Alan Modra <>
* testsuite/binutils-all/objcopy.exp: Report "unsupported" when
gas or ld fails to build a testcase rather than "unresolved".
Report "fail" when readelf returns an error status rather than
* testsuite/binutils-all/ar.exp: Likewise.
* testsuite/binutils-all/compress.exp: Likewise.
* testsuite/binutils-all/readelf.exp: Likewise.
2021-02-12 Alan Modra <>
* testsuite/binutils-all/pr25662.s: Replace "a" with "aaa" and
"c" with "ccc" labels.
2021-02-12 Tom de Vries <>
* dwarf.h (debug_info): Fix typo in comment.
2021-02-12 Tom de Vries <>
* dwarf.c (display_debug_str_offsets): Handle multiple sets of
2021-02-12 Tom de Vries <>
* dwarf.c (process_debug_info): Print DWO ID.
2021-02-11 Alan Modra <>
PR 27290
PR 27293
PR 27295
* od-elf32_avr.c (elf32_avr_get_note_section_contents): Formatting.
Use bfd_malloc_and_get_section.
(elf32_avr_get_note_desc): Formatting. Return descsz. Sanity
check namesz. Return NULL if descsz is too small. Ensure
string table is terminated.
(elf32_avr_get_device_info): Formatting. Add note_size param.
Sanity check note.
(elf32_avr_dump_mem_usage): Adjust to suit.
2021-02-10 Tom de Vries <>
PR binutils/27391
* dwarf.c (load_dwo_file): Handle case that name is absolute path.
2021-02-10 Tom de Vries <>
PR binutils/27371
* dwarf.c (display_debug_ranges): Filter range lists according to
2021-02-09 Tom de Vries <>
PR binutils/27370
* dwarf.c (get_type_abbrev_from_form): Handle DW_FORM_ref_sig8.
2021-02-09 Tom de Vries <>
PR binutils/27386
* dwarf.c (process_debug_info): Handling DW_UT_skeleton and
2021-02-09 Alan Modra <>
* testsuite/lib/binutils-common.exp (supports_gnu_osabi): Remove
2021-02-07 Alan Modra <>
* unwind-ia64.c (unw_print_xyreg): Don't leave output buffer
uninitialised on invalid input.
2021-02-06 Alan Modra <>
PR 27349
* rename.c (smart_rename): Test for existence and type of output
file with lstat.
2021-02-05 Nick Clifton <>
* MAINTAINERS: Remove Richard Henderson as the ALPHA maintainer.
2021-02-05 Eli Zaretskii <>
PR 27252
* elfedit.c (check_file):
* bucomm.c (get_file_size): Fix typos in comments.
2021-02-05 Alan Modra <>
PR 27345
* arsup.c (ar_save): Use stat rather than lstat.
2021-02-03 Alan Modra <>
PR 27270
PR 27284
PR 26945
* ar.c: Don't include libbfd.h.
(write_archive): Replace xmalloc+strcpy with xstrdup. Use
bfd_stat rather than fstat on iostream. Move stat and fd tests
outside of _WIN32 ifdef. Delete skip_stat variable.
* arsup.c (temp_name, real_ofd): New static variables.
(ar_open): Use make_tempname and bfd_fdopenw.
(ar_save): Adjust to suit ar_open changes. Move stat output
of _WIN32 ifdef.
* objcopy.c: Don't include libbfd.h.
(copy_file): Use bfd_stat.
2021-02-02 H.J. Lu <>
PR binutils/27281
* readelf.c (process_section_headers): Add 'R' and 'D' to
"Key to Flags:".
* testsuite/binutils-all/retain1a.d: Updated.
2021-01-30 Nick Clifton <>
* README-how-to-make-a-release: Small updates after the 2.35.2
2021-01-28 Eli Zaretskii <>
PR 4356
* windres.c (quot): Use double quotes to protect strings on
Windows platforms.
2021-01-28 Eli Zaretskii <>
PR 27252
* bucomm.c (get_file_size): Add code to handle /dev/null on
Windows systems.
* elfedit.c (check_file): Likewise.
2021-01-27 Nick Clifton <>
* objcopy.c (copy_main): Remove conditional control of the calls
to free, simplifying the code and making it easier to detect
2021-01-26 Frederic Cambus <>
* objcopy.c (copy_main): Fix a double free happening when both
--localize-symbols and --globalize-symbols options are invoked
2021-01-24 Nick Clifton <>
* README-how-to-make-a-release: Minor updates after the 2.36 release.
2021-01-16 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (uncompress_section_contents): Tidy inflateEnd result test.
2021-01-15 Alan Modra <>
PR 26539
* readelf.c (uncompress_section_contents): Always call inflateEnd.
2021-01-14 Alexandre Oliva <>
* MAINTAINERS: Update my email address.
2021-01-14 Nick Clifton <>
* po/sv.po: Updated Swedish translation.
2021-01-13 Alan Modra <>
* Regenerate.
* doc/ Regenerate.
2021-01-13 Zebediah Figura <>
PR 27037
* dlltool.c (i386_trampoline): Adjust %rsp immediately on entry
and before exit.
(i386_x64_trampoline): Add SEH annotations.
(struct mac): Add how_seh field.
(make_delay_head): If how_set field is true add SEh instructions.
2021-01-12 H.J. Lu <>
PR binutils/26792
* aclocal.m4: Regenerated.
* configure: Likewise.
2021-01-12 Nick Clifton <>
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2021-01-11 H.J. Lu <>
PR ld/27173
* configure: Regenerated.
2021-01-11 Nick Clifton <>
* po/pt.po: Updated Portuguese translation.
* po/sr.po: Updated Serbian translation.
* po/uk.po: Updated Ukranian translation.
2021-01-09 H.J. Lu <>
* configure: Regenerated.
2021-01-09 Nick Clifton <>
* configure: Regenerate.
* po/binutils.pot: Regenerate.
2021-01-09 Nick Clifton <>
* 2.36 release branch crated.
* README-how-to-make-a-release: Add note about updating Makefiles
and libtool files.
* BRANCHES: Add binutils-2.36-branch.
2021-01-09 Alan Modra <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-01-07 Samuel Thibault <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-01-07 H.J. Lu <>
PR 27109
* objcopy.c (copy_object): Handle section symbols for
non-relocatable inputs.
* testsuite/binutils-all/readelf.exp (readelf_test): Check
* testsuite/binutils-all/readelf.s-64: Updated.
* testsuite/binutils-all/ Likewise.
* testsuite/binutils-all/ Likewise.
* testsuite/binutils-all/readelf.s-64-unused: New file.
* testsuite/binutils-all/ Likewise.
* testsuite/binutils-all/ Likewise.
* testsuite/lib/binutils-common.exp
(is_elf_unused_section_symbols): New proc.
2021-01-06 Reuben Thomas <>
* binutils/readelf.c: Correct grammar in comment.
2021-01-01 Nicolas Boulenguez <>
* coffgrok.c (do_type): Correct spelling of auxiliary in errors.
* doc/binutils.texi: Correct grammar.
* readelf.c (process_version_sections): Correct spelling of auxiliary
in warning.
* testsuite/binutils-all/vax/objdump.exp: Comment grammar fix.
2021-01-01 Alan Modra <>
Update year range in copyright notice of all files.
For older changes see ChangeLog-2020
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are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
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