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2001-12-20 Julian v. Bock <>
* readelf.c (print_symbol): New function: Print a formatted symbol
name. If --wide is specified do not truncate it.
(dump_relocations): Use print_symbol() to print symbol names.
(process_symbol_table): Likewise.
(process_syminfo): Likewise.
(process_mips_specific): Likewise.
(usage): Document new feature of --wide switch.
* doc/binutils.texi (objdump): Document additional behaviour of
2001-12-18 Michael Snyder <>
* objcopy.c (copy_file): Accept corefiles (format bfd_core).
(copy_object): Don't set the start address or flags of a core file.
(copy_section): Don't relocate a core file. Don't copy contents
if the input section has the contents flag set, but the output
section does not (which happens with the fake 'note' pseudo-
sections that BFD creates for corefiles).
2001-12-18 Thiemo Seufer <>
* readelf.c (get_machine_flags): Recognize header flags for ABI and
ASE extensions. More robust code for ISA checking. Ignore empty fields
in header flags for GNU extensions.
2001-12-18 Alan Modra <>
* objcopy.c (copy_archive): Set output bfd format outside the loop.
2001-12-18 Nick Clifton <>
* po/ja.po: Import from translation project.
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add ja.
* configure: Regenerate.
2001-12-18 Thiemo Seufer <>
* addr2line.c (main): Protoype.
* ar.c (main): Protoype.
* nm.c (main): Protoype.
* objcopy.c (main): Protoype.
* objdump.c (main): Protoype.
* size.c (main): Protoype.
* strings.c (main): Protoype.
2001-12-17 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (symtab_shndx_hdr): New global.
(GET_ELF_SYMBOLS): Pass two params rather than three.
(get_32bit_elf_symbols): Take file and section args. Read and
(get_64bit_elf_symbols): Likewise.
(dump_relocations): Use SECTION_HEADER to index "section_headers".
(process_section_headers): Likewise. Use SECTION_HEADER_NUM too.
Remember symtab_shdx_hdr.
(process_program_headers): Scan from index 1 for segment map.
(slurp_ia64_unwind_table): Use SECTION_HEADER to index
(process_relocs): Likewise. Also adjust call to GET_ELF_SYMBOLS.
(process_unwind): Likewise.
(process_version_sections): Likewise.
(process_symbol_table): Likewise.
(display_debug_info): Likewise.
(process_dynamic_segment): Fake up a symtab section for changed
(get_symbol_index_type): Check SHN_LOOS before SHN_LORESERVE.
(process_program_headers): Kill signed/unsigned warning.
(load_debug_str): Likewise.
(display_debug_info): Likewise.
2001-12-13 Jakub Jelinek <>
* readelf.c (get_segment_type): Support PT_GNU_EH_FRAME.
2001-12-11 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (process_file_header): Print extended e_shnum and
e_shdtrndx values. Set elf_header values for same.
(get_32bit_section_headers): Add "num" arg to read "num" headers.
(get_64bit_section_headers): Likewise.
(process_section_headers): Update calls.
(get_file_header): Call get_32bit_section_headers or 64bit variant.
2001-12-10 Jakub Jelinek <>
* objcopy.c (setup_section): Copy entsize.
2001-12-07 Geoffrey Keating <>
* readelf.c (guess_is_rela): Add support for stormy16.
(dump_relocations): Likewise.
(get_machine_name): Likewise.
2001-12-05 Nick Clifton <>
* dllwrap.c (main) Replace multiple strings describing a
single error with a single, newline escaped sentence to permit
better translation into foreign languages.
* readelf.c (get_elf_class): Remove internalionalisation of ELF
class names.
2001-12-04 Thiemo Seufer <>
* strings.c (get_char): Initialize value.
2001-12-04 Thiemo Seufer <>
* arlex.l: Silence compile warnings.
* arsup.h: Likewise. Fix formatting.
2001-12-04 Jakub Jelinek <>
* strings.c: Include config.h before bfd.h.
(file_off): New type.
(file_open): Define.
(print_strings): Use file_off instead of file_ptr. Print addresses
which don't fit into long correctly.
(get_char): Use file_off instead of file_ptr. Use getc_unlocked if
(strings_file): Use file_off instead of file_ptr. Use file_open.
* Check for getc_unlocked.
Check for fopen64 and whether _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE needs to
be defined for it.
* configure: Rebuilt.
* Rebuilt.
2001-11-29 H.J. Lu <>
* bucomm.c (make_tempname): Revert the changes made on
2001-11-14 and 2001-11-12. They won't work with directories.
2001-11-23 John David Anglin <>
* binutils/ (check-DEJAGNU): Pass CC_FOR_TARGET and
CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET to runtest in environment.
* Rebuild.
* doc/ Rebuild.
2001-11-28 Mike Stump <>
* objcopy.c (setup_section): Preserve SEC_RELOC when
--set-section-flags is used.
2001-11-19 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (do_debug_str): New variable.
(display_debug_str): New function: Display the contents of a
.debug_str section.
(load_debug_str): New function: Load in the contents of a
.debug_str section.
(free_debug_str): New function: Free the memory used by
(fetch_indirect_string): Retrieve a string from the .debug_str
(usage): Add -ws.
(parse_args): Accept -ws.
(process_section_headers): Allow the display of the .debug_str
(read_and_display_attr_value): Use fetch_indirect_string. Show
offset into .debug_str section.
(display_debug_info): Use load_debug_str and free_debug_str.
(debug_displays): Add .debug_str.
* doc/binutils.texi: Document -ws.
2001-11-19 Andreas Jaeger <>
* testsuite/binutils-all/objdump.exp: Add x86-64.
2001-11-15 Andreas Schwab <>
* readelf.c: Fix warnings without terminating newline.
2001-11-15 Alan Modra <>
* doc/binutils.texi (objdump): Document ppc -M options.
2001-11-14 Andreas Jaeger <>
* doc/binutils.texi (objdump): Fix description to use x86-64.
2001-11-14 Nick Clifton <>
* bucomm.c (make_tempname): Use mkstemps instead of mkstemp, since
not all systems provide mkstemp.
2001-11-14 Alan Modra <>
* doc/binutils.texi (objdump): Document x86 -M options.
2001-11-13 Keith Walker <>
* readelf.c (read_and_display_attr_value): New function to
handle DW_FORM_indirect.
(read_and_display_attr): Use it.
2001-11-13 Geoffrey Keating <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_lines): Deal with unknown standard
opcodes. Handle DW_LNS_set_prologue_end, DW_LNS_set_epilogue_begin,
2001-11-13 Timothy Wall <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add self as tic54x maintainer. This target
includes the IBM C54XDSP clone.
2001-11-12 * Steven J. Hill <>
* bucomm.c (make_tempname): Use mkstemp in place of mktemp.
2001-11-09 Jeffrey A Law (
* unwind-ia64.c (unw_print_brmask): Fix ISO C portability glitch.
(unw_print_grmask, unw_print_frmask, unw_print_abreg): Likewise.
(unw_print_xyreg, unw_decode_x1, unw_decode_x2): Likewise.
(unw_decode_x3, unw_decode_r1, unw_decode_r2): Likewise.
(unw_decode_r3, unw_decode_p1, unw_decode_p2_p5): Likewise.
(unw_decode_p6, unw_decode_p7_p10, unw_decode_b1): Likewise.
(unw_decode_b2, unw_decode_b3_b4): Likewise.
* readelf.c (get_elf_class): Fix ISO portability glitch.
(get_data_encoding, get_osabi_name, request_dump): Likewise.
2001-11-07 Jakub Jelinek <>
* readelf.c (debug_str, debug_str_size): New.
(display_debug_abbrev): If no abbrevs were read, skip the CU.
Call free_abbrevs.
(read_and_display_addr): Handle DW_FORM_strp.
(display_debug_info): Read .debug_str section if present,
so that DW_FORM_strp can be handled.
Fix test for non-existant .debug_abbrev section.
2001-11-05 Jakub Jelinek <>
* arlex.l: Accept `\' in filenames. Patch by <>.
* arsup.c (ar_open): Prepend tmp- to basename, not whole path.
2001-11-05 Martin Schwidefsky <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add self as s390/s390x maintainer.
2001-11-02 Tom Rix <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add self as PPC XCOFF maintainer.
2001-11-02 Nick Clifton <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add "fr" and "tr".
* configure: Regernate.
* po/fr.po: New file.
* po/tr.po: New file.
2001-10-30 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add self as MMIX port maintainer.
* readelf.c: Include elf/mmix.h.
(guess_is_rela): MMIX is RELA.
(dump_relocations): Handle MMIX relocations.
* Regenerate dependencies.
* Regenerate.
2001-10-13 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (parse_args): Handle multiple options to the -w
2001-10-12 Jakub Jelinek <>
* readelf.c (get_section_type_name): Don't print SHT_ prefix for
2001-10-11 J"orn Rennecke <>
* MAINTAINERS: Update my email address.
2001-10-03 Alan Modra <>
* doc/ Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2001-10-02 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_line, display_debug_pubnames,
display_debug_info, display_debug_frames): Detect and warn
about 64-bit format entries.
(display_debug_aranges): Reword 64-bit warning.
(debug_displays): Add .debug_pubtypes as a known, but not yet
supported, debug section.
2001-10-02 Alan Modra <>
* coffdump.c (PROGRAM_VERSION): Delete.
(main <'V'>): Call print_version.
* srconv.c: Likewise.
* sysdump.c: Likewise.
* version.c (program_version): Remove.
(print_version): Use BFD_VERSION_STRING. Just print the current
year in copyright message.
* addr2line.c (program_version): Remove unused declaration.
* objdump.c (display_target_tables): Use BFD_VERSION_STRING in
place of BFD_VERSION.
* (Makefile): Depend on bfd/
(cplus-dem.o): Depend on Makefile.
Run "make dep-am".
* Regenerate.
2001-10-01 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_aranges): Detect and warn about DWARF64
format .debug_arange sections.
(main): Add missing prototype.
2001-09-30 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* Update dependencies with "make dep-am".
* Regenerate.
2001-09-28 Richard Henderson <>
* objdump.c (dump_section_header): Dump SEC_ARCH_BIT_0.
2001-09-26 Alan Modra <>
* bucomm.c (fatal): Define using VPARAMS, VA_OPEN, VA_FIXEDARG,
(non_fatal): Likewise.
* objdump.c (objdump_sprintf): Likewise.
* readelf.c (error): Likewise.
(warn): Likewise.
2001-09-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
* readelf.c (do_wide): New.
(options): Add --wide.
(usage, parse_args): Likewise.
(process_program_headers): Put each segment on a single line if
--wide is given.
(process_section_headers): Put each section on a single line if
--wide is given.
* doc/binutils.texi: Document it.
* NEWS: Likewise.
2001-09-25 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (print_vma): Print 8 digits of low hex value.
2001-09-24 Andreas Jaeger <>
* nlmconv.c: Fix warnings about unused attributes and function
* strings.c: Add prototype for get_char.
2000-09-19 H.J. Lu <>
* doc/ ($(DEMANGLER_NAME).1): Try and
* doc/ Rebuild.
2001-09-19 Alan Modra <>
* objcopy.c (copy_main): Correct rename-section string parsing.
Consolidate new_name parsing, and error messages.
2001-09-18 Bruno Haible <>
* addr2line.c: Don't include <ctype.h>.
(main): For gettext, also set the LC_CTYPE locate facet.
* ar.c (main): Likewise.
* coffdump.c (main): Likewise.
* dlltool.c: Include "safe-ctype.h" instead of <ctype.h>.
(main): For gettext, also set the LC_CTYPE locate facet.
Use ISALNUM instead of isalpha/isdigit.
* dllwrap.c: Don't include <ctype.h>.
(main): For gettext, also set the LC_CTYPE locate facet.
* nlmconv.c: Include "safe-ctype.h" instead of <ctype.h>.
(main): For gettext, also set the LC_CTYPE locate facet.
Use TOUPPER instead of islower/toupper.
* nlmheader.y: Include "safe-ctype.h" instead of <ctype.h>.
(yylex): Use ISSPACE/ISALNUM instead of isspace/isalnum.
Use TOUPPER instead of islower/toupper.
* nm.c (main): For gettext, also set the LC_CTYPE locate facet.
* objcopy.c (main): Likewise.
* objdump.c: Include "safe-ctype.h" instead of <ctype.h>.
(disassemble_bytes): Use ISPRINT instead of isprint.
(dump_section_stabs): Use ISDIGIT instead of isdigit.
(dump_data): Use ISPRINT instead of isprint.
(main): For gettext, also set the LC_CTYPE locate facet.
* rclex.l: Include "safe-ctype.h" instead of <ctype.h>.
(cpp_line, handle_quotes): Use ISSPACE instead of isspace.
* rcparse.y: Include "safe-ctype.h" instead of <ctype.h>.
Use TOUPPER instead of islower/toupper.
* readelf.c (main): For gettext, also set the LC_CTYPE locate facet.
* resrc.c: Include "safe-ctype.h" instead of <ctype.h>.
(write_rc_accelerators): Use ISPRINT instead of isprint.
(write_rc_rcdata): Likewise.
* size.c (main): For gettext, also set the LC_CTYPE locate facet.
* srconv.c (main): Likewise.
* stabs.c: Include "safe-ctype.h" instead of <ctype.h>.
(parse_number): Use ISDIGIT/ISUPPER/ISLOWER instead of
(parse_stab_string, parse_stab_type, parse_stab_argtypes,
parse_stab_array_type, stab_demangle_count, stab_demangle_get_count,
stab_demangle_prefix, stab_demangle_qualified,
stab_demangle_template, stab_demangle_type,
stab_demangle_fund_type): Use ISDIGIT instead of isdigit.
* strings.c: Include "safe-ctype.h" instead of <ctype.h>.
(isgraphic): Use ISPRINT instead of isascii/isprint.
(main): Remove HAVE_LC_MESSAGES dependency.
* sysdump.c: Include "safe-ctype.h" instead of <ctype.h>.
(pbarray): Use ISPRINT instead of isprint.
(main): For gettext, also set the LC_CTYPE locate facet.
* windres.c: Include "safe-ctype.h" instead of <ctype.h>.
(format_from_filename): Use ISPRINT instead of isprint.
(main): For gettext, also set the LC_CTYPE locate facet.
* winduni.c: Include "safe-ctype.h" instead of <ctype.h>.
(unicode_print): Use ISPRINT instead of isprint.
* wrstabs.c: Include "safe-ctype.h" instead of <ctype.h>.
(stab_variable): Use ISDIGIT instead of isdigit.
2001-09-18 Alan Modra <>
* ar.c (print_contents): Cast args of bfd_seek to the right types.
Replace bfd_read call with call to bfd_bread.
(extract_file): Likewise.
* objdump.c (dump_section_header): Cast section->filepos to
unsigned long to suit printf format string.
* readelf.c (process_section_headers): Similarly for sh_offset.
(process_unwind): Likewise.
2001-09-14 Nick Clifton <>
* strings.c (encoding, encoding_bytes): New variables.
(long_options): Add --encoding.
(main): Accept -e and --encoding.
(get_char): New function. Read a, possibly wide, character from
the input stream.
(print_strings): Use get_char().
(usage): Document new command line option.
* doc/binutils.texi: Document new command line option.
* NEWS: Announce new command line option.
2001-09-12 Alexandre Oliva <>
* readelf.c (guess_is_rela, dump_relocations, get_machine_name,
get_machine_flags): Added EM_M32R, EM_D10V, EM_V850, EM_D30V,
EM_MN10200, EM_MN10300, EM_FR30, EM_AVR_OLD and EM_PJ_OLD.
2001-09-04 Jeffrey A Law (
* readelf.c: Include elf/h8 for H8 series definitions.
(guess_is_rela): H8 series if RELA.
(dump_relocations): Handle H8 series relocations.
2001-08-31 Eric Christopher <>
* readelf.c (get_machine_flags): Remove E_MIPS_MACH_MIPS32_4K.
2001-08-29 Peter Targett <>
* MAINTAINERS: Include ARC Maintainer.
2001-08-29 Ben Elliston <>
* stabs.c (stab_demangle_template): Initialise s4.
2001-08-27 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (dump_relocations): Recognise EM_PPC64.
2001-08-26 Thiemo Seufer <>
* readelf.c (get_machine_flags): Add detection of EF_MIPS_32BITMODE.
2001-08-25 H.J. Lu <>
* nm.c (print_width): New.
(display_rel_file): Set `print_width' according to
(print_symbol_info_bsd): Check `print_width' instead of BFD64.
2001-08-24 Alexandre Oliva <>
* objcopy.c (use_alt_mach_code): New variable.
(copy_options): Added --alt-machine-code.
(copy_main): Handle it.
(copy_object): Switch to alternate machine code if requested.
* doc/binutils.texi: Document new option.
* NEWS: Likewise.
2001-08-22 Thiemo Seufer <>
* readelf.c (get_machine_flags): Add detection of EF_MIPS_UCODE.
2001-08-21 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (dump_relocations): Support ELF64 on 32bit hosts.
(display_debug_info): Cast for 64bit hosts.
(display_debug_frames): Likewise.
(process_mips_specific): Likewise.
2001-08-21 Andreas Jaeger <>
* coffgrok.h: Add missing parameter for prototype of coff_grok.
* sysdump.c: Add missing prototypes.
* srconv.c: Likewise.
* unwind-ia64.c: Likewise.
* coffdump.c: Likewise.
* sysinfo.y: Print prototypes, include <ansidecl.h>.
* coffgrok.c: Add missing prototypes, include libiberty.h instead
of declaring xcalloc.
2001-08-10 H.J. Lu <>
* nm.c (print_value): Add one arg, bfd *.
(print_value): Replace fprintf_vma with bfd_fprintf_vma.
(print_symbol_info_bsd): Also pass `abfd' to print_value ().
(print_symbol_info_sysv): Likewise.
(print_symbol_info_posix): Likewise.
* objdump.c (dump_section_header): Replace printf_vma with
(print_section_stabs): Likewise.
(dump_bfd_header): Likewise.
(objdump_print_value): Replace sprintf_vma with
(disassemble_bytes): Likewise.
(dump_reloc_set): Likewise.
2001-08-10 Andreas Jaeger <>
* Add -Wstrict-prototypes and -Wmissing-prototypes
to build warnings.
* configure: Regenerate.
2001-08-09 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c: Add missing prototypes.
* objdump.c: Likewise. Format existing prototypes.
2001-08-08 Alexandre Oliva <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_info): Add to abbrev_offset the addend
of any RELA relocation for the abbrev_offset memory location that
refers to the .debug_abbrev section symbol.
2001-08-07 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (process_file): Return 0 if OK, otherwise return 1.
(main): Return process_file ().
2001-08-05 Philip Blundell <>
* doc/binutils.texi: Use "Thumb" not "THUMB".
2001-08-03 John Healy <>
Patch suggested by Frank Eigler <>.
* objdump.c (disassemble_data): Fill in section member of the
disasm_info structure.
2001-08-03 Tom Walsh <>
* Added --with-windres option.
* configure: Regenerated.
2001-07-11 Stephane Carrez <>
* doc/binutils.texi: Use @command{name} for commands;
use @option{-opt} for options; use @table @env for list of options;
remove spaces arround [ | ] in synopsis.
* doc/ (POD2MAN): Use 'GNU Development Tools' for the
center title.
2001-07-31 Nick Clifton <>
* objcopy.c: Fix formatting.
(section_rename): New structure.
(copy_usage): Document new switch.
(add_section_rename): New function: Add a node to the section
rename list.
(find_section_rename): New function: Find the new name and
flags for a section.
(setup_section): Call find_section_name to determine the name
of the output section.
(copy_main): Handle OPTION_RENAME_SECTION.
* binutils.texi: Document new switch.
* NEWS: Mention new switch.
2001-07-30 Nick Clifton <>
* README: Rename to
* MAINTAINERS: Rename to
2001-07-28 Matthias Kramm <>
* bucomm.c (list_supported_architectures): New function.
* bucomm.h (list_supported_architectures): Declare.
* objdump.c (usage): Call the above.
2001-07-25 Dave Brolley <>
* objdump.c (SKIP_ZEROES): Only define it if it is not already defined.
(SKIP_ZEROES_AT_END): Only define it if it is not already defined.
2001-07-19 Nick Clifton <>
* README: Update for 2.11. Change bug reporting email address.
* MAINTAINERS: Tidy up. Change bug reporting email address.
2001-07-16 DJ Delorie <>
* resres.c (write_res_header): Align header size.
(res_align_file): Calculate alignment correctly.
* rcparse.y (styles): use SUBLANG_SHIFT instead of 8 (or the more
correct 10).
* resrc.c (write_rc_resource): Likewise.
* windres.h (SUBLANG_SHIFT): Define - as 10.
2001-07-15 Nick Clifton <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add Christian Groessler as maintainer for z8k port.
2001-07-11 Nick Clifton <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add notes about branch checkins.
2001-07-05 Daniel Berlin <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_macinfo): New function, display
.debug_macinfo section.
(do_debug_macinfo): New variable.
(parse_args): Handle "-w[mM]" to mean display macro info.
(process_section_headers): Handle debug_macinfo.
(debug_displays): Replace unsupported function with macinfo
function for .debug_macinfo display.
* doc/binutils.texi: Document new command line switch.
* NEWS: Document new feature of readelf.
2001-07-05 H.J. Lu <>
* objcopy.c (filter_symbols): Don't turn undefined symbols
into local.
2001-07-03 H.J. Lu <>
* doc/ (addr2line.1): Use addr2line.pod instead of
(ar.1): Likewise.
(dlltool.1): Likewise.
(nlmconv.1): Likewise.
(nm.1): Likewise.
(objcopy.1): Likewise.
(objdump.1): Likewise.
(ranlib.1): Likewise.
(readelf.1): Likewise.
(size.1): Likewise.
(strings.1): Likewise.
(strip.1): Likewise.
(windres.1): Likewise.
( Use $(DEMANGLER_NAME).pod instead of $@.pod.
($(DEMANGLER_NAME).1): Also substitute cxxfilt with
(as.1): Removed.
* doc/ Regenerated.
2001-07-03 Nick Clifton <>
* MAINTAINERS: Change MIPS maintainer to Eric Christopher.
2001-07-01 Daniel Berlin <>
* readelf.c: Support DWARF 2.1 tags, encodings, languages.
2001-06-29 James Cownie <>
* readelf.c: Support DWARF 2.1 attributes.
2001-06-28 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (GET_DATA_ALLOC): Remove.
(GET_DATA): Remove.
(get_data): New function combining above macros, with an extra
test for zero size.
(slurp_rela_relocs): Use get_data, and catch error return.
(slurp_rel_relocs): Likewise.
(get_32bit_program_headers): Likewise.
(get_64bit_program_headers): Likewise.
(get_32bit_section_headers): Likewise.
(get_64bit_section_headers): Likewise.
(get_32bit_elf_symbols): Likewise.
(get_64bit_elf_symbols): Likewise.
(process_section_headers): Likewise.
(process_relocs): Likewise.
(slurp_ia64_unwind_table): Likewise.
(process_unwind): Likewise.
(get_32bit_dynamic_segment): Likewise.
(get_64bit_dynamic_segment): Likewise.
(process_dynamic_segment): Likewise.
(process_version_sections): Likewise.
(process_symbol_table): Likewise.
(dump_section): Likewise.
(display_debug_info): Likewise.
(display_debug_section): Likewise.
(process_section_contents): Likewise.
(process_corefile_note_segment): Likewise.
(process_mips_specific): Likewise. Also free econf32, econf64.
2001-06-25 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (dump_relocations): Print "bad symbol index" if
symtab == NULL with non-zero symtab_index.
(process_relocs): Don't bomb if reloc section has no symsec.
2001-06-24 H.J. Lu <>
* objcopy.c (strip_main): Revert the change made on 2001-05-30
by accident.
(copy_main): Apply the change made to strip_main on
2001-05-30 by accident.
2001-06-23 Andreas Jaeger <>
* unwind-ia64.c (unw_decode_x1): Add unused attribute for
parameter 'code'.
(unw_decode_x2): Likewise.
(unw_decode_x3): Likewise.
(unw_decode_x4): Likewise.
2001-06-23 Ben Elliston <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself as M88k maintainer.
2001-06-22 Jocelyn Mayer <>
* objcopy.c (strip_main): Support -o or --output-file command lien
2001-06-19 H.J. Lu <>
* doc/ Regenerated.
2001-06-19 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c: Restore formatting.
2001-06-18 H.J. Lu <> & Nick Clifton <>
* Move documentation into doc subdirectory.
* Regenerated.
* binutils.texi: Move into doc subdirectory.
* addr2line.1: Removed.
* ar.1: Likewise.
* dlltool.1: Likewise.
* nlmconv.1: Likewise.
* nm.1: Likewise.
* objcopy.1: Likewise.
* objdump.1: Likewise.
* ranlib.1: Likewise.
* readelf.1: Likewise.
* size.1: Likewise.
* strings.1: Likewise.
* strip.1: Likewise.
* windres.1: Likewise.
* Likewise.
* doc: New Directory.
* doc/ New file.
* doc/ Generate.
2001-06-09 Alan Modra <>
* NEWS: Fix a typo. Mention hppa64-elf. Add binutils-2.11 marker.
2001-06-01 Alan Modra <>
* MAINTAINERS: Update my email address.
2001-05-30 Honda Hiroki <>
* objcopy.c: Add new switches: --keep-global-symbol,
--keep-symbols, --localize-symbols, --keep-global-symbols and
* binutils.texi: Document new switches.
* objcopy.1: Regenerate.
* NEWS: Announce new feature.
2001-05-28 Andreas Jaeger <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_frames): Fix warnings: Remove unused
variables, fix format strings.
2001-05-28 Nick Clifton <>
* objdump.c (disassemble_bytes): Remove section VMA adjustment
when computing the address of the line to show.
2001-05-16 Richard Henderson <>
* readelf.c (do_debug_frames_interp): New.
(byte_get_little_endian): If BFD64, always read entire 8-byte fields.
(byte_get_big_endian): Likewise.
(parse_args) ['F']: Set do_debug_frames_interp.
(Frame_Chunk): Make data_factor signed, add fde_encoding.
(frame_display_row): Don't trunc pc_begin to int.
(size_of_encoded_value): New.
(display_debug_frames): Handle 64-bit targets. Print raw data
unless do_debug_frames_interp.
(debug_displays): Remove duplicate .debug_frame.
2001-05-15 Ralf Baechle <>
* readelf.c: Replace uses of EM_MIPS_RS4_BE with EM_MIPS_RS3_LE.
The former constant was never in active use and is used otherwise
by the ABI.
2001-05-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
* readelf.c (process_unwind): Print all unwind sections, not just
2001-05-07 Thiemo Seufer <>
* readelf.c (process_unwind): Remove const specifier.
2001-04-27 Michal Svec <>
* strings.c (isgraphic): Do not use isascii() unless it is needed
for isprint() to work.
(main): Set the locale domain to LC_ALL not just LC_MESSAGES.
2001-04-27 Johan Rydberg <>
* NEWS: Announce support for OpenRISC.
2001-04-17 Danny Smith <>
* dlltool.c (do_default_excludes): Initialise to true.
2001-04-10 Alan Modra <>
* MAINTAINERS: Update my email address
* nm.c (print_symbol_info_bsd): Use a simple printf string.
2001-04-05 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_lines): Fix typo for "Prologue".
2001-03-30 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (process_unwind): Just return if do_unwind is 0.
2001-03-28 Roger Sayle <>
* dlltool.c (make_one_lib_file): Fix section flags for
.text, .data and .bss in stub ds*.o files to match those
generated by gas.
2001-03-29 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (process_unwind): Only do unwind sections for
2001-03-28 H.J. Lu <>
* ($(srcdir)/dlltool.1): Remove the extra target.
* Regenerate.
2001-03-26 Andreas Jaeger <>
* binutils.texi (nm): Fix texi syntax.
2001-03-25 Stephane Carrez <>
* binutils.texi: Put @c man begin and @c man end indications
to generate man pages using texi2pod and pod2man. Put @c man title
to identify each man. Add SEEALSO entries.
* (MANCONF, TEXI2POD, POD2MAN): New variable.
(man_MANS): Add dlltool.1, nlmconv.1, readelf.1, windres.1,
sort the list.
(*.1): Build the man pages from binutils.texi.
* Regenerate.
2001-03-13 Eric Kohl <>
* defparse.y (opt_equal_name): allow "." in name.
* dlltool.c (def_exports): Added ability to generate forwarded exports.
(gen_exp_file): Likewise.
2001-03-12 Stefan Geuken <>
* NEWS: Document addition of -B switch to objcopy.
* binutils.texi: Document addition of -B switch to objcopy.
* objcopy.c: (copy_options): Add --binary-architecture.
(copy_usage): Document -B/--binary-architecture.
(copy_main): Support -B/--binary-architecture. Set
2001-03-11 Andreas Jaeger <>
* readelf.c (guess_is_rela): Handle EM_S390_OLD.
(dump_relocations): Likewise.
(get_machine_name): Likewise.
2001-02-28 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c: (struct unw_aux_info): Remove const modifier for
'strtab' field.
(process_unwind): Remove non-K&R compliant LHS type cast in call
to GET_DATA_ALLOC macro.
2001-02-28 Philip Blundell <>
* readelf.c (decode_ARM_machine_flags): Explicitly mention which
ABI is in use; remove ambiguity between the "unknown" EABI and
unrecognised ABIs. Handle version 2 ARM EABI. Update uses of
renamed EF_xx constants.
2001-02-27 Alan Modra <>
* configure: Regenerate.
* Run "make dep-am"
* Regenerate.
2001-02-14 Nick Clifton <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add "Obvious Fix" rule.
2001-02-11 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG>
* unwind-ia64.c: Don't use ANSI C preprocessor stringisation and string
literal concatenation.
2001-02-11 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG>
* readelf.c (struct unw_aux_info): Remove const from the info member.
(process_unwind): Don't type-cast the third argument to the
2001-02-11 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (dump_relocations): Free corrected allocated
(process_unwind): Fix compile time warning.
2001-02-10 Nick Clifton <>
* binutils.texi: Document new --unwind option to readelf.
2001-02-09 Martin Schwidefsky <>
* readelf.c: Add linux target for S/390.
2001-02-10 Alan Modra <>
* nm.c (print_symbol_info_bsd): Don't #ifdef inside printf in case
printf is a macro.
2001-02-08 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* acinclude.m4 (AM_PROG_LEX): Override installed definition.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2001-02-07 Todd Vierling <>
* bucomm.c (bfd_target_vector): Change extern array to pointer.
* objdump.c (bfd_target_vector): Likewise.
2001-02-07 David Mosberger <>
* readelf.c (process_unwind): New function.
(slurp_ia64_unwind_table): Ditto.
(dump_ia64_unwind): Ditto.
(find_symbol_for_address): Ditto.
(slurp_rela_relocs): New function (split off from dump_relocations()).
(slurp_rel_relocs): Ditto.
(parse_args): Handle '-u' option.
* unwind-ia64.c: New file.
* unwind-ia64.h: New file.
* Include unwind-ia64.c in readelf build.
* Regenerate.
* po/binutils.pot: Regenerate.
2001-02-04 Philip Blundell <>
* (OBJDUMP_DEFS): Match `arm*-*', not just `arm-*'.
* configure: Regenerate.
2001-01-31 Steve deRosier <>
* ieee.c (ieee_add_bb11): Don't check for backslashes
unless HAVE_DOS_BASED_FILE_SYSTEM is defined.
2001-01-24 Mark Elbrecht <>
* ieee.c: Update copyright.
(ieee_start_compilation_unit): Don't check for backslashes
unless HAVE_DOS_BASED_FILE_SYSTEM is defined.
* stabs.c: Update copyright. Include "filenames.h".
(parse_stab): Use IS_ABSOLUTE_PATH. Ignore N_WARNING stabs.
2001-01-23 Jakub Jelinek <>
* readelf.c (process_version_sections): Check if VERDEF or VERNEED
sections are present before using them. Remove code duplication.
(process_symbol_table): Check if VERDEF or VERNEED sections are
present before using them.
2001-01-17 Nick Clifton <>
* objcopy.c (copy_object): Fail if attempting to convert the
endianness of the input object file.
* binutils.texi: Explain that objcopy cannot convert endianness.
2001-01-16 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (string_table_length): New variable.
(SECTION_NAME): Catch out of range indices and missing section
(process_section_headers): Delete useless local variable
string_table_offset. Set the value of string_table_length
after loading the string table.
(process_mips_specific): Use SECTION_NAME macro.
(process_file): Set string_table_length to 0 when it is freed.
2001-01-12 Nick Clifton <>
* version.c (print_version): Update copyright date.
2001-01-11 Peter Targett <>
* readelf.c (dump_relocations): Include selection with EM_ARC.
(get_machine_name) Update name to "ARC".
2001-01-09 Nick Clifton <>
* Add rule to build objdump.o from objdump.c and
* Regenerate.
* Define OBJDUMP_DEFS. Default to empty.
(arm, xscale, d10v): For these targets define OBJDUMP_DEFS to
* configure: Regenerate.
* objdump.c (disassemble_bytes): If DISASSEMBLER_NEEDS_RELOCS
is defined read in the relocs even if dump_reloc_info is
2001-01-07 Philip Blundell <>
* binutils.texi (Bug Reporting): Replace `bug-gnu-utils' with
* README: Likewise.
2000-12-19 Nick Clifton <>
* dlltool.c: Add missing support for arm-epoc-pe.
* Add missing support for arm-epoc-pe.
* configure: Regenerate.
2000-12-15 Nick Clifton <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add Diego Novillo as a maintainer for the Intel
Mode parts of the x86 port.
2000-12-04 Andreas Jaeger <>
* readelf.c (guess_is_rela): Add EM_X86_64.
(dump_relocations): Add EM_X86_64.
(get_machine_name): Add EM_X86_64.
Include "elf/x86-64.h".
2000-12-12 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c: Fix formatting.
2000-12-11 Jan Hubicka <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add myself and Andreas Jaeger as x86_64 maintainer.
2000-12-07 Andrew Haley <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_frames): Only display columns that are
referenced by the frame debug info.
2000-12-05 Nick Clifton <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add Jason Merrill as DWARF2 maintainer.
2000-12-04 Jason Merrill <>
* readelf.c (process_section_headers): Handle linkonce.wi sections.
(display_debug_section): Likewise.
(display_debug_info): Display CU header before bailing.
2000-12-01 Chris Demetriou <>
* readelf.c (get_machine_flags): Recognize MIPS32 ISA in
EF_MIPS_ARCH. Replace use of E_MIPS_MACH_MIPS32 with
E_MIPS_MACH_MIPS32_4K and adjust printed CPU name similarly.
* readelf.c (get_machine_flags): Add cases for E_MIPS_ARCH_5,
and E_MIPS_ARCH_64.
* readelf.c (get_machine_flags): Add case for
2000-11-30 Richard Earnshaw <>
* readelf.c (frame_display_row): Output 's' for DW_CFA_same_value.
2000-11-28 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add Jörn Rennecke and self as SH maintainers.
Change to
Fix typo for "amongst".
2000-11-28 Nick Clifton <>
* strip.1 (COPYING): Mention that the GNU Free Documentation
License is present in the sources, but not the output, and
also available from the GNU website.
(GNU Free Documentation License): Comment out this section.
* strings.1: Ditto.
* size.1: Ditto.
* ranlib.1: Ditto.
* objdump.1: Ditto.
* objcopy.1: Ditto.
* nm.1: Ditto.
* nlmconv.1: Ditto.
* ar.1: Ditto.
* addr2line.1: Ditto.
2000-11-27 DJ Delorie <>
* readelf.c (usage): Add -wf (--debug-dump=frames) option.
(parse_args): Support -wf option.
(process_section_headers): Ditto.
(debug_displays): Ditto.
(display_debug_frames): New, dump *_frame sections.
(frame_need_space): Support for above.
(frame_display_row): Ditto.
* binutils.texi: Document it.
2000-11-24 Nick Clifton <>
* NEWS: Announce support for v5t, v5te and XScale.
2000-11-22 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (get_machine_name): Add EM_JAVELIN, EM_FIREPATH,
(get_section_type_name): Add SHT_GROUP and SHT_SYMTAB_SHNDX.
(get_elf_section_flags: Add SHF_GROUP.
(process_section_headers): Adjust output for 32-bit binaries
to look nice on an 80 column terminal.
2000-11-20 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (get_osabi_name): Change ELFOSABI_MONTEREY to
2000-11-17 Richard Henderson <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_lines): Adjust last change to
use sizeof (external->li_length).
2000-11-17 Richard Henderson <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_lines): Fix section length check
and end_of_sequence computation.
2000-11-06 Nick Clifton <>
* binutils.texi: Add GNU Free Documentation License.
* objcopy.1: Add GNU Free Documentation License.
* objdump.1: Add GNU Free Documentation License.
* addr2line.1: Add GNU Free Documentation License.
* ar.1: Add GNU Free Documentation License.
* nlmconv.1: Add GNU Free Documentation License.
* nm.1: Add GNU Free Documentation License.
* ranlib.1: Add GNU Free Documentation License.
* size.1: Add GNU Free Documentation License.
* strings.1: Add GNU Free Documentation License.
* strip.1: Add GNU Free Documentation License.
2000-10-06 Luciano Gemme <>
* objcopy.c (--srec-len=nn): New parameter to set the
maximum length of generated Srecords.
(--srec-forceS3): New parameter that restricts the generation of
Srecords to type S3 only.
* binutils.texi: Document new command line switches.
* objcopy.1: Docuemnt the new command line switches.
* NEWS: Announce the existence of the new command line switches.
2000-10-31 Nick Clifton <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add Jim Wilson as the maintainer for the IA64
code. Add Eric Chrisopher as maintainer of MN10300 port.
2000-10-12 Roger Sayle <>
* Make comma after string after icon/control optional.
2000-09-13 Anders Norlander <>
* readelf.c (get_machine_flags): Also print EF_MIPS_MACH field.
* NEWS: Mention support for MIPS32.
2000-09-08 Nick Clifton <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add Stephane Carrez as maintainer for 68HC[11|12].
2000-09-07 H.J. Lu <>
* configure: Rebuild.
2000-09-06 Alexandre Oliva <>
* configure: Rebuilt with new libtool.m4.
2000-09-05 Nick Clifton <>
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
2000-09-04 Todd Vierling <>
* strip.1: Fix stray '\' in -o formatting.
2000-09-02 Nick Clifton <>
* Increase version number to 2.10.91.
* configure: Regenerate.
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* Regenerate.
* po/binutils.pot: Regenerate.
2000-08-31 Alexandre Oliva <>
* acinclude.m4: Include libtool and gettext macros from the
top level.
* aclocal.m4, configure: Rebuilt.
2000-08-30 Jamie Guinan <>
* resrc.c (close_input_stream): Delete extraneous logic
2000-08-24 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* NEWS: Mention support for CRIS.
2000-08-21 Nick Clifton <>
* addr2line.c: Changed email address for Ulrich Lauther.
2000-08-17 Christopher C. Chimelis <>
* objdump.c (LONGEST_ARCH): Set to sizeof("powerpc:common").
2000-08-17 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (display_debug_pubnames): Only issue warning
message once. Terminate message with a new line.
(display_debug_aranges): Only display version 2 debug info.
2000-08-14 Todd Vierling <>
* objcopy.c (strip_main): Silently accept -d as an alias for -g
for compatibility with old BSD systems.
2000-08-14 Jason Eckhardt <>
* NEWS: Mention i860 support.
2000-08-11 Carlo Wood <>
* addr2line.c (main): Add const to char *.
2000-08-11 Geoff Keating <>
* ar.c (main): Don't crash if called with no arguments
or only '-X32_64' as an argument.
2000-08-08 DJ Delorie <>
* resrc.c: use "gcc -xc" instead of -xc-header
2000-08-05 Jason Eckhardt <>
* readelf.c (elf/i860.h): Include.
(dump_relocations): Add recognition of i860 architecture.
(guess_is_rela): Add recognition of i860 architecture.
2000-08-03 Nick Clifton <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add information about CGEN maintainers.
2000-07-26 Geoff Keating <>
* nm.c (main): Ignore '-X32_64' as an option.
* ar.c (main): Likewise.
* binutils.texi (nm): Document new option.
(ar): Likewise.
2000-07-23 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG>
* rdcoff.c (external_coff_symbol_p): K&R-ise.
2000-07-20 H.J. Lu <>
* binutils.texi: Put back "@end table" deleted by
2000-07-05 Kenneth Block <>
* nm.c: Add optional style to demangle switch.
* objdump.c: Add optional style to demangle switch.
* addr2line.c: Add optional style to demangle switch.
* binutils.texi: Document optional style to demangle
2000-07-20 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add self as CRIS port maintainer.
* readelf.c: Include elf/cris.h.
(guess_is_rela): Handle EM_CRIS.
(dump_relocations): Ditto.
(get_machine_name): Ditto.
* Rebuild dependencies.
* Regenerate.
* po/binutils.pot: Regenerate.
2000-07-19 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (get_dynamic_type): Change "AUXILARY" to
(process_dynamic_segment): Print out strings for DT_CONFIG,
2000-07-19 Mark Kettenis <>
* nm.c (usage): Change output of `nm --help' to include a
description of the purpose of the program and a detailed
description of the accepted options.
2000-07-19 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (process_dynamic_segment): Change DF_1_NODEPLIB
2000-07-19 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (get_dynamic_type): Fix DT_CHECKSUM.
2000-07-19 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (get_dynamic_type): Change DT_FEATURE_1 to
(process_dynamic_segment): Likewise.
* readelf.c (get_dynamic_type): Handle DT_CONFIG, DT_DEPAUDIT,
(process_dynamic_segment): Handle DTF_1_CONFEXP, DF_1_NODEPLIB,
2000-07-18 Nick Clifton <>
* binutils.texi (readelf): Fix spelling typo.
2000-07-11 Mark Kettenis <>
* objdump.c (usage): Make output of `objdump --help' more
consistent with the rest of the GNU world. Add a line describing
the purpose of the program.
2000-07-10 David Huggins-Daines <>
* stabs.c (parse_stab_range_type): Cast to proper type to fix
2000-07-10 Ryan Bradetich <>
* readelf.c (get_dynamic_data): Add casts and use unsigned chars
to fix warnings.
(process_symbol_table): Ditto.
(procesS_extended_line_op): Ditto.
(display_debug_lines): Ditto.
(display_debug_pubnames): Ditto.
(read_and_display_attr): Ditto.
2000-07-09 Nick Clifton <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add several more port specific maintainers.
2000-07-05 Nick Clifton <>
* MAINTAINERS: Add blanket write privs for Michael Meissner.
2000-06-05 DJ Delorie <>
2000-07-01 Eric Fifer <>
* dllwrap.c: Changed mistaken dyn_string_append() calls
to dyn_string_append_cstr().
2000-07-01 Alexander Aganichev <>
* stabs.c (parse_stab_type): Divide size in bits by 8 as binutils
struct debug_type stores size in bytes.
2000-07-01 Alan Modra <>
* (DEP): Fix 2000-06-22. grep after running dep.sed
* Regenerate.
2000-06-27 Alan Modra <>
* ar.c: Revert incorrect 2000-06-25 patch.
* bucomm.c: Likewise.
2000-06-25 Mark Elbrecht <>
* rdcoff (parse_coff_symbol): Treat GNU weak symbols as external.
(external_coff_symbol_p): New function.
(parse_coff): Use it.
2000-06-25 Alexander Aganichev <>
* ar.c (normalize): Advance past both characters in a DOS based
<letter>: filepath prefix.
(main): Likewise.
* bucomm.c (make_tempname): Likewise.
2000-06-24 Nick Clifton <>
* objdump.c (usage): Fix description of --stabs switch.
2000-06-22 Alan Modra <>
* (DEP): grep for leading `/' in DEP1, and fail if we
find one.
* Regenerate.
2000-06-20 Alexander Aganichev <>
* ar.c (normalize): Correct pointer comparison when checking for
(main): Likewise.
* bucomm.c (make_tempname): Likewise.
* ieee.c (ieee_start_compilation_unit): Correct pointer comparison
and search for backslashes in the original pathname.
(ieee_add_bb11): Likewise.
2000-06-18 Nick Clifton <>
* ar.c (print_contents): Improve verbose message.
2000-06-15 H.J. Lu <>
* dyn-string.c: Removed. Not needed with dyn-string.c in
* dyn-string.h: Likewise.
* Remove references to dyn-string.c and
dyn-string.h. Rebuild dependency.
* Rebuild.
2000-06-15 H.J. Lu <>
* binutils.texi: Put a warning on copying relocatable object
files between two different formats.
2000-06-13 DJ Delorie <>
* rcparse.y (control): ICON controls take an id as the first
parameter, not an optional string. Also, call new convenience
function that takes res_id's.
* resrc.c (define_control): missing text means zero-length string,
not zero ID.
(define_icon_control): New.
* windres.h: declare define_icon_control.
2000-06-13 H.J. Lu <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2000-06-08 David O'Brien <>
* (VERSION): Update to show this is the CVS mainline.
2000-06-02 David O'Brien <>
* strings.c (isgraphic): Interpret <TAB> as a printable character,
analogous to <SPACE>.
2000-05-30 Alan Modra <>
* objdump.c (display_target_list): Use bfd_close_all_done, not
bfd_close to fix crash caused by 2000-05-24 change.
2000-05-25 DJ Delorie <>
* resrc.c (close_input_stream): zero out cpp_pipe after closing it.
2000-05-26 Alan Modra <>
* Update dependencies with "make dep-am"
* Regenerate.
2000-05-26 Eli Zaretskii <>
* ar.c: Include filenames.h.
(normalize) [HAVE_DOS_BASED_FILE_SYSTEM]: Support backslashes
and drive letters in file names.
(main): Support backslashes and drive letters in argv[0]. Drop
the .exe suffix, if any, in argv[0] if is_ranlib is negative. Use
FILENAME_CMP instead of strcmp to compare file names.
(open_inarch) [__GO32__]: Don't ifdef errno != ENOENT test for
(do_quick_append) [__GO32__]: Ditto.
(get_pos_bfd, delete_members, move_members, replace_members):
Compare file names with FILENAME_CMP.
* bucomm.c: Include filenames.h.
(make_tempname) [HAVE_DOS_BASED_FILE_SYSTEM]: Support mixed
forward/backward slashes and drive letters in file names.
* ieee.c (ieee_start_compilation_unit, ieee_add_bb11): Support
mixed forward/backward slashes and drive letters in file names.
* strings.c (O_BINARY, setmode, SET_BINARY): Define.
(main) [SET_BINARY]: Use SET_BINARY to switch stdin into binary
* objcopy.c: Include filenames.h.
(main) [HAVE_DOS_BASED_FILE_SYSTEM]: Drop the .exe suffix
before comparing to "strip".
Use FILENAME_CMP to compare file names.
* arsup.c: Include filenames.h.
(map_over_list, ar_delete, ar_replace, ar_extract): Use
FILENAME_CMP to compare file names.
(ar_open): Prepend "tmp-" instead of appending "-tmp", to create
the temporary file name.
* Check for setmode.
* configure: Regenerate.
2000-05-24 Alan Modra <>
* objdump.c (display_target_list): Close the bfd.
(display_info_table): Likewise.
2000-05-14 H.J. Lu (
* objcopy.c (filter_symbols): Don't strip global symbols in
relocatable object files.
2000-05-14 Alan Modra <>
* size.c (usage): Associate short options with corresponding long
option to give a clue as to their function.
2000-05-14 Philippe De Muyter <>
* size.c (main): Accept and ignore `-f' option.
2000-05-13 Alan Modra <>
* bucomm.h (gettext, dgettext, dcgettext, textdomain,
bindtextdomain): Replace defines with those from intl/libgettext.h
to quieten gcc warnings.
2000-05-12 H.J. Lu <>
* nlmconv.c (temp_filename): Removed.
* nlmconv.c (link_inputs): Use make_temp_file () instead of
choose_temp_base ().
* objdump.c (display_target_list): Likewise.
(display_info_table): Likewise.
2000-05-08 Alan Modra <>
* objcopy.c (setup_section): Add const and gettext calls for err.
2000-05-02 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (get_osabi_name): Handle ELFOSABI_NONE instead of
2000-05-02 Kazu Hirata <>
* coffgrok.c: Add ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED as appropriate.
* srconv.c: Likewise.
* sysdump.c: Likewise.
2000-04-23 Denis Chertykov <>
* readelf.c (guess_is_rela): AVR uses RELA relocations.
(get_machine_name): machine name for EM_AVR added.
2000-04-21 Richard Henderson <>
David Mosberger <>
* (readelf.o): Add elf/ia64.h.
* Rebuild.
* readelf.c: Include elf/ia64.h.
(guess_is_rela, dump_relocations): Handle EM_IA_64.
2000-04-17 Timothy Wall <>
* objdump.c (disassemble_data): Set octets per byte *after*
resolving arch/mach for binary files.
2000-04-14 Michael Sokolov <msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG>
* arlex.l: Add directives to increase lex buffer size.
* objdump.c, readelf.c: Don't include strarg.h or varargs.h. They are
already included by bucomm.h.
2000-04-10 Philippe De Muyter <>
* readelf.c (dynamic_segment_mips_val): Call `sprintf', not
`strftime' since strftime is not available on all systems.
(process_mips_specific): Ditto.
2000-04-07 Andrew Cagney <>
* (WARN_CFLAGS): Set to -W -Wall by default. Add
--enable-build-warnings option.
* (AM_CFLAGS, WARN_CFLAGS): Add definitions.
*, configure: Re-generate.
2000-04-06 Alan Modra <>
* addr2line.c: Update copyright.
* objcopy.1: Likewise, and title.
* strings.1: Likewise.
* version.c (print_version): Add 2000.
* rddbg.c (read_section_stabs_debugging_info): Don't use
bfd_size_type for strx to avoid printf problems if BFD64.
* bucomm.c: (report): Remove `static'.
Move inclusion of stdarg.h/vararg.h from here.
* bucomm.h: To here.
(CONST): Change all occurences to const.
(report): Declare it.
(bfd_fatal): Add ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN.
(non_fatal): Add ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF_1.
* ar.c (main): Use fatal or non_fatal instead of fprintf.
Correct a typo in an error message.
(do_quick_append): Use non_fatal instead of fprintf.
(move_members): Use fatal instead of fprintf, exit.
* coffdump.c (main): Same here.
* dlltool.c (display): Delete.
(warn): Delete.
(inform): Use `report' instead of `display'.
(rvaafter): Remove trailing \n from fatal error msg.
(rvabefore): Ditto.
(asm_prefix): Ditto.
(yyerror): Replace `warn' with `non_fatal', and remove \n.
(def_name): Likewise.
(run): Likewise.
(scan_all_symbols): Likewise.
(gen_lib_file): Likewise.
(def_library): Likewise. Remove extra program_name too.
(run): Remove \n from inform strings.
(scan_drectve_symbols): Likewise.
(add_excludes): Likewise.
(scan_open_obj_file): Likewise.
(gen_exp_file): Likewise.
(gen_lib_file): Likewise.
(process_duplicates): Likewise.
* (dllwrap_SOURCES): Add version.c.
* dllwrap.c (program_version): Delete.
(print_version): Delete.
(display): Always print trailing \n.
(warn): New.
(delete_temp_files): Use warn instead of fprintf. Use gettext.
(run): Here too.
(main): And here.
(usage): gettext'ify.
(long_options): Add missing initialisers.
* nlmconv.c (main): Use fatal/non_fatal instead of fprintf.
(select_output_format): Likewise.
(powerpc_mangle_relocs): Likewise.
(link_inputs): Likewise.
* nm.c (set_print_radix): Use fatal instead of fprintf, exit.
(set_output_format): Likewise.
(main): Use non_fatal instead of fprintf.
(display_rel_file): Likewise.
* objdump.c (slurp_symtab): Use non_fatal instead of fprintf.
(slurp_dynamic_symtab): Same here.
(disassemble_data): And here.
(read_section_stabs): And here.
(read_section_stabs): And here.
(dump_bfd): And here.
(main): And here.
(objdump_sprintf): Use fatal instead of fprintf, exit.
(disassemble_data): Same here.
* rdcoff.c (parse_coff_type): Use non_fatal instead of fprintf.
(parse_coff_struct_type): Same here.
(parse_coff_enum_type): And here.
(parse_coff): And here.
* rddbg.c (read_debugging_info): And here.
* size.c (main): And here.
* windres.c (format_from_name): And here.
* wrstabs.c (stab_write_symbol): Here too.
(write_stabs_in_sections_debugging_info): And here.
(stab_int_type): And here.
(stab_struct_field): And here.
(stab_typdef): And here.
* rescoff.c (read_coff_rsrc): Use fatal instead of fprintf, exit.
* srconv.c (main): Same here.
* strings.c (main): And here.
(integer_arg): And here.
* sysdump.c (main): And here.
2000-04-06 Timothy Wall <>
* objdump.c (dump_section_header): Print CLINK and BLOCK flags.
2000-04-06 Jason Merrill <>
* readelf.c (decode_location_expression): Loop through multiple
(read_and_display_attr): Pass in length.
* readelf.c (read_and_display_attr): Add CU offset to references.
(display_debug_info): Pass it in.
2000-04-06 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (decode_ARM_machine_flags): New function.
(get_machine_flags): Call decode_ARM_machine_flags for ARM
(get_machine_name): Catch EM_AVR
2000-04-05 Alan Modra <>
* binutils.texi: Remove optional `=' from long options that have
an `=' in the argument.
* objcopy.1: Here too. Remove extra space on discard-all.
* binutils.texi (objcopy): Mention --redefine-sym.
* objcopy.1: Here too.
* NEWS: And here.
* objcopy.c (parse_flags): Split off flag names from error message
gettext as they are not translated.
(copy_main): Similarly split off option name for --add-section,
--set-section-flags, --change-section-vma, --change-section-lma
error messages.
Some white space changes.
from Matthew Benjamin <>
* objcopy.c (struct redefine_node): New.
(redefine_sym_list): New.
(redefine_list_append): New.
(lookup_sym_redefinition): New.
(copy_options): Add --redefine-sym option.
(copy_usage): Mention it.
(filter_symbols): Rename symbols on redefine_sym_list.
(copy_object): Call filter_symbols if redefine_sym_list != NULL.
(copy_main): Handle OPTION_REDEFINE_SYM.
2000-04-04 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (process_symbol_table): Correctly read in symbol
versioning information.
2000-04-04 Alan Modra <>
* po/binutils.pot: Regenerate.
* addr2line.c (usage): Restore translated part of bug string.
* ar.c (usage): Likewise.
* nlmconv.c (show_usage): Likewise.
* nm.c (usage): Likewise.
* objcopy.c (copy_usage): Likewise.
(strip_usage): Likewise.
* objdump.c (usage): Likewise.
* readelf.c (usage): Likewise.
* size.c (usage): Likewise.
* strings.c (usage): Likewise.
* windres.c (usage): Likewise.
* (MKDEP): Use gcc -MM rather than mkdep.
(DEP): Quote when passing vars to sub-make. Add warning
message to end.
(DEP1): Rewrite for "gcc -MM".
Update dependencies.
* Regenerate.
2000-04-04 H.J. Lu <>
* (GENERATED_HFILES): Add rcparse.h
(arparse.h): Depend on arparse.c
(defparse.h, nlmheader.h, rcparse.h, sysinfo.h): Similarly.
2000-04-03 H.J. Lu (
* size.c (usage): Use REPORT_BUGS_TO.
2000-04-03 Alan Modra <>
* bucomm.h: #include "bin-bugs.h"
* addr2line.c (usage): Use REPORT_BUGS_TO.
* ar.c (usage): Likewise.
* nlmconv.c (show_usage): Likewise.
* nm.c (usage): Likewise.
(long_options): Use OPTION_TARGET rather than 200.
(main): Likewise.
* objcopy.c (copy_usage): Use REPORT_BUGS_TO.
(strip_usage): Likewise.
* objdump.c (usage): Likewise.
* readelf.c (usage): Likewise.
* strings.c (usage): Likewise.
* windres.c (usage): Likewise.
2000-03-31 John David Anglin <>
* readelf.c: Include sys/types.h before sys/stat.h for ultrix.
2000-03-27 Nick Clifton <>
* rddbg.c (read_section_stabs_debugging_info): Catch out of range
string offsets in corrupt stabs entries.
2000-03-27 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c: Include elf/avr.h
(dump_relocations): Add EM_AVR case.
2000-03-09 Tim Waugh <>
* strings.1: Correct '-bytes' to '--bytes'.
2000-03-08 H.J. Lu <>
* (install-exec-local): Depend on
install-binPROGRAMS for parallel make.
* Regenerated.
2000-02-27 Ian Lance Taylor <>
From Brad Lucier <>:
* readelf.c (process_dynamic_segment): Add cast to make sure
argument to %* is int.
2000-02-25 H.J. Lu <>
* (AC_SEARCH_LIBS): Pass m, not -lm.
2000-02-24 Nick Clifton <>
* Add arm-wince, mips-pe and sh-pe targets.
* configure: Regenerate.
* dlltool.c: Add support for sh-pe and mips-pe targets.
* rescoff.c: Add support for sh-pe and mips-pe targets.
2000-02-23 H.J. Lu <>
* readelf.c (get_osabi_name): Handle ELFOSABI_LINUX.
2000-02-22 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (process_symbol_table): Remove use of ELF_ST_OTHER.
2000-02-22 Ian Lance Taylor <>
From Brad Lucier <>:
* readelf.c (process_version_sections): Add casts to make sure
argument to %* is an int.
(process_mips_specific): Add casts to make printf arguments match
2000-02-21 Alan Modra <>
* objdump.c (dump_section_header): Change `opb' to unsigned.
(find_symbol_for_address): Same here.
(disassemble_data): And here. Change `addr_offset',
`stop_offset', `nextstop_offset' to unsigned long.
(dump_data): Change opb to unsigned.
2000-02-18 Frank Ch. Eigler <>
* resrc.c: Remove unmatched #if for cygwin.
2000-02-14 Fernando Nasser <>
* binutils.texi: Document the change of flavor name from atpcs-special
to special-atpcs to prevent name conflict in gdb.
2000-02-08 Timothy Wall <>
* objdump.c (show_line): Fix bug preventing printing of the very
first line (line zero) of a file when interlisting source and
assembly. Added option to print entire context from start of file
when the first line from that file is encountered.
2000-02-03 Timothy Wall <>
* objdump.c (dump_section_header, find_symbol_for_address,
show_line, disassemble_bytes, disassemble_data, dump_data):
distinguish between octets and bytes.
2000-01-27 Thomas de Lellis <>
* nm.c (print_symbol_info_bsd): Use bfd_is_undefined_symclass to
check to unresolved symbols.
(print_symbol_info_sysv): Ditto.
(print_symbol_info_posix): Ditto.
* binutils.texi: Document new 'V' symclass flag for nm.
2000-01-27 Nick Clifton <>
* binutils.texi (objdump): Document new ARM specific
disassembler options.
* objdump.c (usage): Call disassembler_usage().
2000-01-27 Alan Modra <>
* readelf.c (get_dynamic_flags): Return buff.
(process_dynamic_segment): Don't pass error strings to printf
as format arg.
(read_and_display_attr): Use lx and ld to print longs.
(process_corefile_note_segment): Cast bfd_vma to unsigned long
before printing.
Update copyright.
2000-01-17 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (get_osabi_name): Recognise ELFOSABI_ARM.
2000-01-15 Alan Modra <>
* debug.c (debug_name_type): Return DEBUG_TYPE_NULL rather than
(debug_tag_type): Here too.
* ieee.c (ieee_builtin_type): And here.
* stabs.c (parse_stab_type, parse_stab_array_type): And here.
2000-01-13 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (get_machine_name): Change EM_S370 to return "IBM
2000-01-11 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (get_dynamic_type): Remove DT_ENCODING.
2000-01-10 Nick Clifton <>
* readelf.c (get_note_type): Display NT_WIN32PSTATUS notes.
2000-01-07 Mumit Khan <>
* windres.c (long_options): Add --use-temp-file and
--no-use-temp-file options.
(usage): Document.
(main): Handle.
* windres.h: Update read_rc_file prototype.
* resrc.c (cpp_temp_file): New static variable.
(istream_type): New static variable.
(close_pipe): Delete function.
(run_cmd): New static function.
(open_input_stream): New static function.
(close_input_stream): New static function.
(look_for_default): Handle DOS directory separator. Use
open_input_stream instead of popen.
(read_rc_file): Likewise.
* binutils.texi: Document --use-temp-file, --no-use-temp-file
2000-01-04 Mumit Khan <>
* dlltool.c (create_compat_implib): New variable.
(gen_exp_file): Use.
(make_one_lib_file): Use.
(long_options): Add --compat-implib option.
(usage): Handle.
(main): Handle.
* dllwrap.c (enum target_type): Rename MINGW32_TARGET to MINGW_TARGET.
(main): Use. Don't look for "32" in cygwin and mingw target names.
2000-01-03 Nick Clifton <>
* binutils.texi: Document new, ARM specific disassembler
command line switch "-M force-thumb".
For older changes see ChangeLog-9899
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