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# Blackfin testcase for aborting an excepting insn immediately
# mach: bfin
# sim: --environment operating
#include "test.h"
.include ""
# This test keeps P5 as the base of the EVT table
.macro set_evt lvl:req, sym:req
loadsym R1, \sym;
[P5 + 4 * \lvl\()] = R1;
# Set up exception handler
imm32 P4, EVT3;
loadsym R1, _evx;
[P4] = R1;
# Lower ourselves to userspace
loadsym R1, _user;
RETI = R1;
imm32 R0, 0x12345678;
R1 = R0;
imm32 P0, 0xffffffff;
P1 = P0;
# Sometimes this even causes immediate double faults when
# exceptions are not exact since this may trigger multiple
R0 = [P0++];
JUMP fail_lvl;
# RETX should be pointing to the right place
loadsym R6, _user_fail;
R7 = RETX;
CC = R6 == R7;
IF !CC JUMP fail_lvl;
# R0 and P0 should be unchanged
CC = R1 == R0;
IF !CC JUMP fail_lvl;
CC = P1 == P0;
IF !CC JUMP fail_lvl;