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* Blackfin testcase for testing illegal/legal 64-bit opcodes (group 0)
* from userspace. we track all instructions which cause some sort of
* exception when run from userspace, this is normally EXCAUSE :
* - 0x22 : illegal instruction combination
* and walk every instruction from 0xC0000000 to 0xffffffff
* (and have 0x8000000 set)
# Don't want to enable for normal `make check` as it takes way too long in
# the sim -- executes over 3 billion insns, and even at 10 MIPS, that's 10+
# minutes. Useful for directed testing, but that's about it.
# mach: none
# sim: --environment operating
# xfail: too many invalid insns are decoded as valid
#include "test.h"
.include ""
#define SE_ALL_BITS 32
#include "se_allopcodes.h"
.macro se_all_load_insn
R2 = [P5];
R0 = R2 << 16;
R1 = R2 >> 16;
R0 = R0 | R1;
.macro se_all_next_insn
/* increment, and go again. */
R0 = R2;
/* Is this the last insn we'll execute ? */
R1 = -1 (x);
CC = R1 == R0;
IF CC JUMP pass_lvl;
/* cut across the opcode space in an efficient manner:
* increment the high 16bits first since the low 16bits encode
* the type of insn ... */
imm32 R1, 0x10000;
R0 = R1 + R0;
CC = R1 < R0 (IU);
IF CC jump 1f (bp);
R0 += 1;
/* skip any 16bit insn chunks */
R1 = R0;
R1.L = 0xC800;
CC = R0 < R1 (IU);
IF CC R0 = R1;
/* force parallel insns */
BITSET (R0, 11);
/* skip linkage insns */
R1 = R0;
R2 = R0;
R1.L = 0xe800;
R2.L = 0xe802;
CC = R0 == R1;
IF CC R0 = R2;
[P5] = R0;
.macro se_all_insn_init
.dw 0xc800; /* 32bit */
.dw 0x0000; /* insn */
.dw 0x0000; /* || group1 */
.dw 0x0000; /* || group2; */
.macro se_all_insn_table
/* this table must be sorted, and end with zero */
/* start end SEQSTAT */
.dw 0x1a00, 0xc800, 0x1fff, 0xc800, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3a00, 0xc800, 0x3fff, 0xc800, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5a00, 0xc800, 0x5fff, 0xc800, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7a00, 0xc800, 0x7fff, 0xc800, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9a00, 0xc800, 0x9fff, 0xc800, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xba00, 0xc800, 0xbfff, 0xc800, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xda00, 0xc800, 0xdfff, 0xc800, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xfa00, 0xc800, 0xffff, 0xc800, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1a00, 0xc801, 0x1fff, 0xc801, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3a00, 0xc801, 0x3fff, 0xc801, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5a00, 0xc801, 0x5fff, 0xc801, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7a00, 0xc801, 0x7fff, 0xc801, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9a00, 0xc801, 0x9fff, 0xc801, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xba00, 0xc801, 0xbfff, 0xc801, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xda00, 0xc801, 0xdfff, 0xc801, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xfa00, 0xc801, 0xffff, 0xc801, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1a00, 0xc802, 0x1fff, 0xc802, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3a00, 0xc802, 0x3fff, 0xc802, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5a00, 0xc802, 0x5fff, 0xc802, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7a00, 0xc802, 0x7fff, 0xc802, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9a00, 0xc802, 0x9fff, 0xc802, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xba00, 0xc802, 0xbfff, 0xc802, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xda00, 0xc802, 0xdfff, 0xc802, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xfa00, 0xc802, 0xffff, 0xc802, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1a00, 0xc803, 0x1fff, 0xc803, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3a00, 0xc803, 0xffff, 0xc803, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1a00, 0xc804, 0x1fff, 0xc804, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3a00, 0xc804, 0x3fff, 0xc804, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5a00, 0xc804, 0x5fff, 0xc804, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7a00, 0xc804, 0x7fff, 0xc804, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9a00, 0xc804, 0x9fff, 0xc804, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xba00, 0xc804, 0xbfff, 0xc804, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xda00, 0xc804, 0xdfff, 0xc804, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xfa00, 0xc804, 0xffff, 0xc804, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1a00, 0xc805, 0x1fff, 0xc805, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3a00, 0xc805, 0x3fff, 0xc805, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5a00, 0xc805, 0x5fff, 0xc805, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7a00, 0xc805, 0x7fff, 0xc805, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9a00, 0xc805, 0x9fff, 0xc805, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xba00, 0xc805, 0xbfff, 0xc805, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xda00, 0xc805, 0xdfff, 0xc805, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xfa00, 0xc805, 0xffff, 0xc805, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1a00, 0xc806, 0x1fff, 0xc806, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3a00, 0xc806, 0x3fff, 0xc806, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5a00, 0xc806, 0x5fff, 0xc806, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7a00, 0xc806, 0x7fff, 0xc806, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9a00, 0xc806, 0x9fff, 0xc806, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xba00, 0xc806, 0xbfff, 0xc806, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xda00, 0xc806, 0xdfff, 0xc806, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xfa00, 0xc806, 0xffff, 0xc806, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1a00, 0xc807, 0x1fff, 0xc807, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3a00, 0xc807, 0x1fff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2040, 0xc808, 0x207f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x20c0, 0xc808, 0x20ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2140, 0xc808, 0x217f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x21c0, 0xc808, 0x21ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2240, 0xc808, 0x227f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x22c0, 0xc808, 0x22ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2340, 0xc808, 0x237f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x23c0, 0xc808, 0x23ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2440, 0xc808, 0x247f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x24c0, 0xc808, 0x24ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2540, 0xc808, 0x257f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x25c0, 0xc808, 0x25ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2640, 0xc808, 0x267f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x26c0, 0xc808, 0x26ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2740, 0xc808, 0x277f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x27c0, 0xc808, 0x27ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2840, 0xc808, 0x287f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x28c0, 0xc808, 0x28ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2940, 0xc808, 0x297f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x29c0, 0xc808, 0x29ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2a40, 0xc808, 0x2a7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ac0, 0xc808, 0x2aff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2b40, 0xc808, 0x2b7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2bc0, 0xc808, 0x2bff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2c40, 0xc808, 0x2c7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2cc0, 0xc808, 0x2cff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2d40, 0xc808, 0x2d7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2dc0, 0xc808, 0x2dff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2e40, 0xc808, 0x2e7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ec0, 0xc808, 0x2eff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2f40, 0xc808, 0x2f7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2fc0, 0xc808, 0x2fff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3040, 0xc808, 0x307f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x30c0, 0xc808, 0x30ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3140, 0xc808, 0x317f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x31c0, 0xc808, 0x31ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3240, 0xc808, 0x327f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x32c0, 0xc808, 0x32ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3340, 0xc808, 0x337f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x33c0, 0xc808, 0x33ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3440, 0xc808, 0x347f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x34c0, 0xc808, 0x34ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3540, 0xc808, 0x357f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x35c0, 0xc808, 0x35ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3640, 0xc808, 0x367f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x36c0, 0xc808, 0x36ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3740, 0xc808, 0x377f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x37c0, 0xc808, 0x37ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3840, 0xc808, 0x387f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x38c0, 0xc808, 0x38ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3940, 0xc808, 0x397f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x39c0, 0xc808, 0x5fff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6040, 0xc808, 0x607f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x60c0, 0xc808, 0x60ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6140, 0xc808, 0x617f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x61c0, 0xc808, 0x61ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6240, 0xc808, 0x627f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x62c0, 0xc808, 0x62ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6340, 0xc808, 0x637f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x63c0, 0xc808, 0x63ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6440, 0xc808, 0x647f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x64c0, 0xc808, 0x64ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6540, 0xc808, 0x657f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x65c0, 0xc808, 0x65ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6640, 0xc808, 0x667f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x66c0, 0xc808, 0x66ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6740, 0xc808, 0x677f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x67c0, 0xc808, 0x67ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6840, 0xc808, 0x687f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x68c0, 0xc808, 0x68ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6940, 0xc808, 0x697f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x69c0, 0xc808, 0x69ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6a40, 0xc808, 0x6a7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ac0, 0xc808, 0x6aff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6b40, 0xc808, 0x6b7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6bc0, 0xc808, 0x6bff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6c40, 0xc808, 0x6c7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6cc0, 0xc808, 0x6cff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6d40, 0xc808, 0x6d7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6dc0, 0xc808, 0x6dff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6e40, 0xc808, 0x6e7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ec0, 0xc808, 0x6eff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6f40, 0xc808, 0x6f7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6fc0, 0xc808, 0x6fff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7040, 0xc808, 0x707f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x70c0, 0xc808, 0x70ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7140, 0xc808, 0x717f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x71c0, 0xc808, 0x71ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7240, 0xc808, 0x727f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x72c0, 0xc808, 0x72ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7340, 0xc808, 0x737f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x73c0, 0xc808, 0x73ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7440, 0xc808, 0x747f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x74c0, 0xc808, 0x74ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7540, 0xc808, 0x757f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x75c0, 0xc808, 0x75ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7640, 0xc808, 0x767f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x76c0, 0xc808, 0x76ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7740, 0xc808, 0x777f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x77c0, 0xc808, 0x77ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7840, 0xc808, 0x787f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x78c0, 0xc808, 0x78ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7940, 0xc808, 0x797f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x79c0, 0xc808, 0x9fff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa040, 0xc808, 0xa07f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa0c0, 0xc808, 0xa0ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa140, 0xc808, 0xa17f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa1c0, 0xc808, 0xa1ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa240, 0xc808, 0xa27f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa2c0, 0xc808, 0xa2ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa340, 0xc808, 0xa37f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa3c0, 0xc808, 0xa3ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa440, 0xc808, 0xa47f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa4c0, 0xc808, 0xa4ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa540, 0xc808, 0xa57f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa5c0, 0xc808, 0xa5ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa640, 0xc808, 0xa67f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa6c0, 0xc808, 0xa6ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa740, 0xc808, 0xa77f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa7c0, 0xc808, 0xa7ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa840, 0xc808, 0xa87f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa8c0, 0xc808, 0xa8ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa940, 0xc808, 0xa97f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa9c0, 0xc808, 0xa9ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaa40, 0xc808, 0xaa7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaac0, 0xc808, 0xaaff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xab40, 0xc808, 0xab7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xabc0, 0xc808, 0xabff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xac40, 0xc808, 0xac7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xacc0, 0xc808, 0xacff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xad40, 0xc808, 0xad7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xadc0, 0xc808, 0xadff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xae40, 0xc808, 0xae7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaec0, 0xc808, 0xaeff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaf40, 0xc808, 0xaf7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xafc0, 0xc808, 0xafff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb040, 0xc808, 0xb07f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb0c0, 0xc808, 0xb0ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb140, 0xc808, 0xb17f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb1c0, 0xc808, 0xb1ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb240, 0xc808, 0xb27f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb2c0, 0xc808, 0xb2ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb340, 0xc808, 0xb37f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb3c0, 0xc808, 0xb3ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb440, 0xc808, 0xb47f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb4c0, 0xc808, 0xb4ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb540, 0xc808, 0xb57f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb5c0, 0xc808, 0xb5ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb640, 0xc808, 0xb67f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb6c0, 0xc808, 0xb6ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb740, 0xc808, 0xb77f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb7c0, 0xc808, 0xb7ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb840, 0xc808, 0xb87f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb8c0, 0xc808, 0xb8ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb940, 0xc808, 0xb97f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb9c0, 0xc808, 0xdfff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe040, 0xc808, 0xe07f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe0c0, 0xc808, 0xe0ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe140, 0xc808, 0xe17f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe1c0, 0xc808, 0xe1ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe240, 0xc808, 0xe27f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe2c0, 0xc808, 0xe2ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe340, 0xc808, 0xe37f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe3c0, 0xc808, 0xe3ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe440, 0xc808, 0xe47f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe4c0, 0xc808, 0xe4ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe540, 0xc808, 0xe57f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe5c0, 0xc808, 0xe5ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe640, 0xc808, 0xe67f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe6c0, 0xc808, 0xe6ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe740, 0xc808, 0xe77f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe7c0, 0xc808, 0xe7ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe840, 0xc808, 0xe87f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe8c0, 0xc808, 0xe8ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe940, 0xc808, 0xe97f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe9c0, 0xc808, 0xe9ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xea40, 0xc808, 0xea7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeac0, 0xc808, 0xeaff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeb40, 0xc808, 0xeb7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xebc0, 0xc808, 0xebff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xec40, 0xc808, 0xec7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xecc0, 0xc808, 0xecff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xed40, 0xc808, 0xed7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xedc0, 0xc808, 0xedff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xee40, 0xc808, 0xee7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeec0, 0xc808, 0xeeff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xef40, 0xc808, 0xef7f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xefc0, 0xc808, 0xefff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf040, 0xc808, 0xf07f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf0c0, 0xc808, 0xf0ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf140, 0xc808, 0xf17f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf1c0, 0xc808, 0xf1ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf240, 0xc808, 0xf27f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf2c0, 0xc808, 0xf2ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf340, 0xc808, 0xf37f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf3c0, 0xc808, 0xf3ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf440, 0xc808, 0xf47f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf4c0, 0xc808, 0xf4ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf540, 0xc808, 0xf57f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf5c0, 0xc808, 0xf5ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf640, 0xc808, 0xf67f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf6c0, 0xc808, 0xf6ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf740, 0xc808, 0xf77f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf7c0, 0xc808, 0xf7ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf840, 0xc808, 0xf87f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf8c0, 0xc808, 0xf8ff, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf940, 0xc808, 0xf97f, 0xc808, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf9c0, 0xc808, 0x1fff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2040, 0xc809, 0x207f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x20c0, 0xc809, 0x20ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2140, 0xc809, 0x217f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x21c0, 0xc809, 0x21ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2240, 0xc809, 0x227f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x22c0, 0xc809, 0x22ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2340, 0xc809, 0x237f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x23c0, 0xc809, 0x23ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2440, 0xc809, 0x247f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x24c0, 0xc809, 0x24ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2540, 0xc809, 0x257f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x25c0, 0xc809, 0x25ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2640, 0xc809, 0x267f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x26c0, 0xc809, 0x26ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2740, 0xc809, 0x277f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x27c0, 0xc809, 0x27ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2840, 0xc809, 0x287f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x28c0, 0xc809, 0x28ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2940, 0xc809, 0x297f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x29c0, 0xc809, 0x29ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2a40, 0xc809, 0x2a7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ac0, 0xc809, 0x2aff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2b40, 0xc809, 0x2b7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2bc0, 0xc809, 0x2bff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2c40, 0xc809, 0x2c7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2cc0, 0xc809, 0x2cff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2d40, 0xc809, 0x2d7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2dc0, 0xc809, 0x2dff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2e40, 0xc809, 0x2e7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ec0, 0xc809, 0x2eff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2f40, 0xc809, 0x2f7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2fc0, 0xc809, 0x2fff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3040, 0xc809, 0x307f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x30c0, 0xc809, 0x30ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3140, 0xc809, 0x317f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x31c0, 0xc809, 0x31ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3240, 0xc809, 0x327f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x32c0, 0xc809, 0x32ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3340, 0xc809, 0x337f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x33c0, 0xc809, 0x33ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3440, 0xc809, 0x347f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x34c0, 0xc809, 0x34ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3540, 0xc809, 0x357f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x35c0, 0xc809, 0x35ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3640, 0xc809, 0x367f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x36c0, 0xc809, 0x36ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3740, 0xc809, 0x377f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x37c0, 0xc809, 0x37ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3840, 0xc809, 0x387f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x38c0, 0xc809, 0x38ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3940, 0xc809, 0x397f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x39c0, 0xc809, 0x5fff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6040, 0xc809, 0x607f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x60c0, 0xc809, 0x60ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6140, 0xc809, 0x617f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x61c0, 0xc809, 0x61ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6240, 0xc809, 0x627f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x62c0, 0xc809, 0x62ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6340, 0xc809, 0x637f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x63c0, 0xc809, 0x63ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6440, 0xc809, 0x647f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x64c0, 0xc809, 0x64ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6540, 0xc809, 0x657f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x65c0, 0xc809, 0x65ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6640, 0xc809, 0x667f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x66c0, 0xc809, 0x66ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6740, 0xc809, 0x677f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x67c0, 0xc809, 0x67ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6840, 0xc809, 0x687f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x68c0, 0xc809, 0x68ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6940, 0xc809, 0x697f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x69c0, 0xc809, 0x69ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6a40, 0xc809, 0x6a7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ac0, 0xc809, 0x6aff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6b40, 0xc809, 0x6b7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6bc0, 0xc809, 0x6bff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6c40, 0xc809, 0x6c7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6cc0, 0xc809, 0x6cff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6d40, 0xc809, 0x6d7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6dc0, 0xc809, 0x6dff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6e40, 0xc809, 0x6e7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ec0, 0xc809, 0x6eff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6f40, 0xc809, 0x6f7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6fc0, 0xc809, 0x6fff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7040, 0xc809, 0x707f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x70c0, 0xc809, 0x70ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7140, 0xc809, 0x717f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x71c0, 0xc809, 0x71ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7240, 0xc809, 0x727f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x72c0, 0xc809, 0x72ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7340, 0xc809, 0x737f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x73c0, 0xc809, 0x73ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7440, 0xc809, 0x747f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x74c0, 0xc809, 0x74ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7540, 0xc809, 0x757f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x75c0, 0xc809, 0x75ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7640, 0xc809, 0x767f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x76c0, 0xc809, 0x76ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7740, 0xc809, 0x777f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x77c0, 0xc809, 0x77ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7840, 0xc809, 0x787f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x78c0, 0xc809, 0x78ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7940, 0xc809, 0x797f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x79c0, 0xc809, 0x9fff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa040, 0xc809, 0xa07f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa0c0, 0xc809, 0xa0ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa140, 0xc809, 0xa17f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa1c0, 0xc809, 0xa1ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa240, 0xc809, 0xa27f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa2c0, 0xc809, 0xa2ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa340, 0xc809, 0xa37f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa3c0, 0xc809, 0xa3ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa440, 0xc809, 0xa47f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa4c0, 0xc809, 0xa4ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa540, 0xc809, 0xa57f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa5c0, 0xc809, 0xa5ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa640, 0xc809, 0xa67f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa6c0, 0xc809, 0xa6ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa740, 0xc809, 0xa77f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa7c0, 0xc809, 0xa7ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa840, 0xc809, 0xa87f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa8c0, 0xc809, 0xa8ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa940, 0xc809, 0xa97f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa9c0, 0xc809, 0xa9ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaa40, 0xc809, 0xaa7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaac0, 0xc809, 0xaaff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xab40, 0xc809, 0xab7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xabc0, 0xc809, 0xabff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xac40, 0xc809, 0xac7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xacc0, 0xc809, 0xacff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xad40, 0xc809, 0xad7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xadc0, 0xc809, 0xadff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xae40, 0xc809, 0xae7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaec0, 0xc809, 0xaeff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaf40, 0xc809, 0xaf7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xafc0, 0xc809, 0xafff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb040, 0xc809, 0xb07f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb0c0, 0xc809, 0xb0ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb140, 0xc809, 0xb17f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb1c0, 0xc809, 0xb1ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb240, 0xc809, 0xb27f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb2c0, 0xc809, 0xb2ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb340, 0xc809, 0xb37f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb3c0, 0xc809, 0xb3ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb440, 0xc809, 0xb47f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb4c0, 0xc809, 0xb4ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb540, 0xc809, 0xb57f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb5c0, 0xc809, 0xb5ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb640, 0xc809, 0xb67f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb6c0, 0xc809, 0xb6ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb740, 0xc809, 0xb77f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb7c0, 0xc809, 0xb7ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb840, 0xc809, 0xb87f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb8c0, 0xc809, 0xb8ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb940, 0xc809, 0xb97f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb9c0, 0xc809, 0xdfff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe040, 0xc809, 0xe07f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe0c0, 0xc809, 0xe0ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe140, 0xc809, 0xe17f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe1c0, 0xc809, 0xe1ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe240, 0xc809, 0xe27f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe2c0, 0xc809, 0xe2ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe340, 0xc809, 0xe37f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe3c0, 0xc809, 0xe3ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe440, 0xc809, 0xe47f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe4c0, 0xc809, 0xe4ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe540, 0xc809, 0xe57f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe5c0, 0xc809, 0xe5ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe640, 0xc809, 0xe67f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe6c0, 0xc809, 0xe6ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe740, 0xc809, 0xe77f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe7c0, 0xc809, 0xe7ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe840, 0xc809, 0xe87f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe8c0, 0xc809, 0xe8ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe940, 0xc809, 0xe97f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe9c0, 0xc809, 0xe9ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xea40, 0xc809, 0xea7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeac0, 0xc809, 0xeaff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeb40, 0xc809, 0xeb7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xebc0, 0xc809, 0xebff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xec40, 0xc809, 0xec7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xecc0, 0xc809, 0xecff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xed40, 0xc809, 0xed7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xedc0, 0xc809, 0xedff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xee40, 0xc809, 0xee7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeec0, 0xc809, 0xeeff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xef40, 0xc809, 0xef7f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xefc0, 0xc809, 0xefff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf040, 0xc809, 0xf07f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf0c0, 0xc809, 0xf0ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf140, 0xc809, 0xf17f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf1c0, 0xc809, 0xf1ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf240, 0xc809, 0xf27f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf2c0, 0xc809, 0xf2ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf340, 0xc809, 0xf37f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf3c0, 0xc809, 0xf3ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf440, 0xc809, 0xf47f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf4c0, 0xc809, 0xf4ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf540, 0xc809, 0xf57f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf5c0, 0xc809, 0xf5ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf640, 0xc809, 0xf67f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf6c0, 0xc809, 0xf6ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf740, 0xc809, 0xf77f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf7c0, 0xc809, 0xf7ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf840, 0xc809, 0xf87f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf8c0, 0xc809, 0xf8ff, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf940, 0xc809, 0xf97f, 0xc809, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf9c0, 0xc809, 0x1fff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2040, 0xc80a, 0x207f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x20c0, 0xc80a, 0x20ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2140, 0xc80a, 0x217f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x21c0, 0xc80a, 0x21ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2240, 0xc80a, 0x227f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x22c0, 0xc80a, 0x22ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2340, 0xc80a, 0x237f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x23c0, 0xc80a, 0x23ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2440, 0xc80a, 0x247f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x24c0, 0xc80a, 0x24ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2540, 0xc80a, 0x257f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x25c0, 0xc80a, 0x25ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2640, 0xc80a, 0x267f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x26c0, 0xc80a, 0x26ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2740, 0xc80a, 0x277f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x27c0, 0xc80a, 0x27ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2840, 0xc80a, 0x287f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x28c0, 0xc80a, 0x28ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2940, 0xc80a, 0x297f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x29c0, 0xc80a, 0x29ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2a40, 0xc80a, 0x2a7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ac0, 0xc80a, 0x2aff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2b40, 0xc80a, 0x2b7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2bc0, 0xc80a, 0x2bff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2c40, 0xc80a, 0x2c7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2cc0, 0xc80a, 0x2cff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2d40, 0xc80a, 0x2d7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2dc0, 0xc80a, 0x2dff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2e40, 0xc80a, 0x2e7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ec0, 0xc80a, 0x2eff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2f40, 0xc80a, 0x2f7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2fc0, 0xc80a, 0x2fff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3040, 0xc80a, 0x307f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x30c0, 0xc80a, 0x30ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3140, 0xc80a, 0x317f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x31c0, 0xc80a, 0x31ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3240, 0xc80a, 0x327f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x32c0, 0xc80a, 0x32ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3340, 0xc80a, 0x337f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x33c0, 0xc80a, 0x33ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3440, 0xc80a, 0x347f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x34c0, 0xc80a, 0x34ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3540, 0xc80a, 0x357f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x35c0, 0xc80a, 0x35ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3640, 0xc80a, 0x367f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x36c0, 0xc80a, 0x36ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3740, 0xc80a, 0x377f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x37c0, 0xc80a, 0x37ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3840, 0xc80a, 0x387f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x38c0, 0xc80a, 0x38ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3940, 0xc80a, 0x397f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x39c0, 0xc80a, 0x5fff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6040, 0xc80a, 0x607f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x60c0, 0xc80a, 0x60ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6140, 0xc80a, 0x617f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x61c0, 0xc80a, 0x61ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6240, 0xc80a, 0x627f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x62c0, 0xc80a, 0x62ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6340, 0xc80a, 0x637f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x63c0, 0xc80a, 0x63ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6440, 0xc80a, 0x647f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x64c0, 0xc80a, 0x64ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6540, 0xc80a, 0x657f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x65c0, 0xc80a, 0x65ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6640, 0xc80a, 0x667f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x66c0, 0xc80a, 0x66ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6740, 0xc80a, 0x677f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x67c0, 0xc80a, 0x67ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6840, 0xc80a, 0x687f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x68c0, 0xc80a, 0x68ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6940, 0xc80a, 0x697f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x69c0, 0xc80a, 0x69ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6a40, 0xc80a, 0x6a7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ac0, 0xc80a, 0x6aff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6b40, 0xc80a, 0x6b7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6bc0, 0xc80a, 0x6bff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6c40, 0xc80a, 0x6c7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6cc0, 0xc80a, 0x6cff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6d40, 0xc80a, 0x6d7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6dc0, 0xc80a, 0x6dff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6e40, 0xc80a, 0x6e7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ec0, 0xc80a, 0x6eff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6f40, 0xc80a, 0x6f7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6fc0, 0xc80a, 0x6fff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7040, 0xc80a, 0x707f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x70c0, 0xc80a, 0x70ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7140, 0xc80a, 0x717f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x71c0, 0xc80a, 0x71ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7240, 0xc80a, 0x727f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x72c0, 0xc80a, 0x72ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7340, 0xc80a, 0x737f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x73c0, 0xc80a, 0x73ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7440, 0xc80a, 0x747f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x74c0, 0xc80a, 0x74ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7540, 0xc80a, 0x757f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x75c0, 0xc80a, 0x75ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7640, 0xc80a, 0x767f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x76c0, 0xc80a, 0x76ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7740, 0xc80a, 0x777f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x77c0, 0xc80a, 0x77ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7840, 0xc80a, 0x787f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x78c0, 0xc80a, 0x78ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7940, 0xc80a, 0x797f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x79c0, 0xc80a, 0x9fff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa040, 0xc80a, 0xa07f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa0c0, 0xc80a, 0xa0ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa140, 0xc80a, 0xa17f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa1c0, 0xc80a, 0xa1ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa240, 0xc80a, 0xa27f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa2c0, 0xc80a, 0xa2ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa340, 0xc80a, 0xa37f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa3c0, 0xc80a, 0xa3ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa440, 0xc80a, 0xa47f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa4c0, 0xc80a, 0xa4ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa540, 0xc80a, 0xa57f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa5c0, 0xc80a, 0xa5ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa640, 0xc80a, 0xa67f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa6c0, 0xc80a, 0xa6ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa740, 0xc80a, 0xa77f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa7c0, 0xc80a, 0xa7ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa840, 0xc80a, 0xa87f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa8c0, 0xc80a, 0xa8ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa940, 0xc80a, 0xa97f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa9c0, 0xc80a, 0xa9ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaa40, 0xc80a, 0xaa7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaac0, 0xc80a, 0xaaff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xab40, 0xc80a, 0xab7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xabc0, 0xc80a, 0xabff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xac40, 0xc80a, 0xac7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xacc0, 0xc80a, 0xacff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xad40, 0xc80a, 0xad7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xadc0, 0xc80a, 0xadff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xae40, 0xc80a, 0xae7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaec0, 0xc80a, 0xaeff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaf40, 0xc80a, 0xaf7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xafc0, 0xc80a, 0xafff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb040, 0xc80a, 0xb07f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb0c0, 0xc80a, 0xb0ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb140, 0xc80a, 0xb17f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb1c0, 0xc80a, 0xb1ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb240, 0xc80a, 0xb27f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb2c0, 0xc80a, 0xb2ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb340, 0xc80a, 0xb37f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb3c0, 0xc80a, 0xb3ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb440, 0xc80a, 0xb47f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb4c0, 0xc80a, 0xb4ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb540, 0xc80a, 0xb57f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb5c0, 0xc80a, 0xb5ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb640, 0xc80a, 0xb67f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb6c0, 0xc80a, 0xb6ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb740, 0xc80a, 0xb77f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb7c0, 0xc80a, 0xb7ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb840, 0xc80a, 0xb87f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb8c0, 0xc80a, 0xb8ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb940, 0xc80a, 0xb97f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb9c0, 0xc80a, 0xdfff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe040, 0xc80a, 0xe07f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe0c0, 0xc80a, 0xe0ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe140, 0xc80a, 0xe17f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe1c0, 0xc80a, 0xe1ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe240, 0xc80a, 0xe27f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe2c0, 0xc80a, 0xe2ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe340, 0xc80a, 0xe37f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe3c0, 0xc80a, 0xe3ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe440, 0xc80a, 0xe47f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe4c0, 0xc80a, 0xe4ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe540, 0xc80a, 0xe57f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe5c0, 0xc80a, 0xe5ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe640, 0xc80a, 0xe67f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe6c0, 0xc80a, 0xe6ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe740, 0xc80a, 0xe77f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe7c0, 0xc80a, 0xe7ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe840, 0xc80a, 0xe87f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe8c0, 0xc80a, 0xe8ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe940, 0xc80a, 0xe97f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe9c0, 0xc80a, 0xe9ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xea40, 0xc80a, 0xea7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeac0, 0xc80a, 0xeaff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeb40, 0xc80a, 0xeb7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xebc0, 0xc80a, 0xebff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xec40, 0xc80a, 0xec7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xecc0, 0xc80a, 0xecff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xed40, 0xc80a, 0xed7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xedc0, 0xc80a, 0xedff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xee40, 0xc80a, 0xee7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeec0, 0xc80a, 0xeeff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xef40, 0xc80a, 0xef7f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xefc0, 0xc80a, 0xefff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf040, 0xc80a, 0xf07f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf0c0, 0xc80a, 0xf0ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf140, 0xc80a, 0xf17f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf1c0, 0xc80a, 0xf1ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf240, 0xc80a, 0xf27f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf2c0, 0xc80a, 0xf2ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf340, 0xc80a, 0xf37f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf3c0, 0xc80a, 0xf3ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf440, 0xc80a, 0xf47f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf4c0, 0xc80a, 0xf4ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf540, 0xc80a, 0xf57f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf5c0, 0xc80a, 0xf5ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf640, 0xc80a, 0xf67f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf6c0, 0xc80a, 0xf6ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf740, 0xc80a, 0xf77f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf7c0, 0xc80a, 0xf7ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf840, 0xc80a, 0xf87f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf8c0, 0xc80a, 0xf8ff, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf940, 0xc80a, 0xf97f, 0xc80a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf9c0, 0xc80a, 0x1fff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2040, 0xc80b, 0x207f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x20c0, 0xc80b, 0x20ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2140, 0xc80b, 0x217f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x21c0, 0xc80b, 0x21ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2240, 0xc80b, 0x227f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x22c0, 0xc80b, 0x22ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2340, 0xc80b, 0x237f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x23c0, 0xc80b, 0x23ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2440, 0xc80b, 0x247f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x24c0, 0xc80b, 0x24ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2540, 0xc80b, 0x257f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x25c0, 0xc80b, 0x25ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2640, 0xc80b, 0x267f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x26c0, 0xc80b, 0x26ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2740, 0xc80b, 0x277f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x27c0, 0xc80b, 0x27ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2840, 0xc80b, 0x287f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x28c0, 0xc80b, 0x28ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2940, 0xc80b, 0x297f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x29c0, 0xc80b, 0x29ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2a40, 0xc80b, 0x2a7f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ac0, 0xc80b, 0x2aff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2b40, 0xc80b, 0x2b7f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2bc0, 0xc80b, 0x2bff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2c40, 0xc80b, 0x2c7f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2cc0, 0xc80b, 0x2cff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2d40, 0xc80b, 0x2d7f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2dc0, 0xc80b, 0x2dff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2e40, 0xc80b, 0x2e7f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ec0, 0xc80b, 0x2eff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2f40, 0xc80b, 0x2f7f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2fc0, 0xc80b, 0x2fff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3040, 0xc80b, 0x307f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x30c0, 0xc80b, 0x30ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3140, 0xc80b, 0x317f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x31c0, 0xc80b, 0x31ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3240, 0xc80b, 0x327f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x32c0, 0xc80b, 0x32ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3340, 0xc80b, 0x337f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x33c0, 0xc80b, 0x33ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3440, 0xc80b, 0x347f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x34c0, 0xc80b, 0x34ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3540, 0xc80b, 0x357f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x35c0, 0xc80b, 0x35ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3640, 0xc80b, 0x367f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x36c0, 0xc80b, 0x36ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3740, 0xc80b, 0x377f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x37c0, 0xc80b, 0x37ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3840, 0xc80b, 0x387f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x38c0, 0xc80b, 0x38ff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3940, 0xc80b, 0x397f, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x39c0, 0xc80b, 0xffff, 0xc80b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0040, 0xc80c, 0x007f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x00c0, 0xc80c, 0x00ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0140, 0xc80c, 0x017f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x01c0, 0xc80c, 0x01ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0240, 0xc80c, 0x027f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x02c0, 0xc80c, 0x02ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0340, 0xc80c, 0x037f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x03c0, 0xc80c, 0x03ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0440, 0xc80c, 0x047f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x04c0, 0xc80c, 0x04ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0540, 0xc80c, 0x057f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x05c0, 0xc80c, 0x05ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0640, 0xc80c, 0x067f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x06c0, 0xc80c, 0x06ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0740, 0xc80c, 0x077f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x07c0, 0xc80c, 0x07ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0840, 0xc80c, 0x087f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x08c0, 0xc80c, 0x08ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0940, 0xc80c, 0x097f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x09c0, 0xc80c, 0x09ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0a40, 0xc80c, 0x0a7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0ac0, 0xc80c, 0x0aff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0b40, 0xc80c, 0x0b7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0bc0, 0xc80c, 0x0bff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0c40, 0xc80c, 0x0c7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0cc0, 0xc80c, 0x0cff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0d40, 0xc80c, 0x0d7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0dc0, 0xc80c, 0x0dff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0e40, 0xc80c, 0x0e7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0ec0, 0xc80c, 0x0eff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0f40, 0xc80c, 0x0f7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0fc0, 0xc80c, 0x0fff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1040, 0xc80c, 0x107f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x10c0, 0xc80c, 0x10ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1140, 0xc80c, 0x117f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x11c0, 0xc80c, 0x11ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1240, 0xc80c, 0x127f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x12c0, 0xc80c, 0x12ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1340, 0xc80c, 0x137f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x13c0, 0xc80c, 0x13ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1440, 0xc80c, 0x147f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x14c0, 0xc80c, 0x14ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1540, 0xc80c, 0x157f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x15c0, 0xc80c, 0x15ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1640, 0xc80c, 0x167f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x16c0, 0xc80c, 0x16ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1740, 0xc80c, 0x177f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x17c0, 0xc80c, 0x17ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1840, 0xc80c, 0x187f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x18c0, 0xc80c, 0x18ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1940, 0xc80c, 0x197f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x19c0, 0xc80c, 0x1fff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2040, 0xc80c, 0x207f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x20c0, 0xc80c, 0x20ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2140, 0xc80c, 0x217f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x21c0, 0xc80c, 0x21ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2240, 0xc80c, 0x227f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x22c0, 0xc80c, 0x22ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2340, 0xc80c, 0x237f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x23c0, 0xc80c, 0x23ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2440, 0xc80c, 0x247f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x24c0, 0xc80c, 0x24ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2540, 0xc80c, 0x257f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x25c0, 0xc80c, 0x25ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2640, 0xc80c, 0x267f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x26c0, 0xc80c, 0x26ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2740, 0xc80c, 0x277f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x27c0, 0xc80c, 0x27ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2840, 0xc80c, 0x287f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x28c0, 0xc80c, 0x28ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2940, 0xc80c, 0x297f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x29c0, 0xc80c, 0x29ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2a40, 0xc80c, 0x2a7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ac0, 0xc80c, 0x2aff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2b40, 0xc80c, 0x2b7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2bc0, 0xc80c, 0x2bff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2c40, 0xc80c, 0x2c7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2cc0, 0xc80c, 0x2cff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2d40, 0xc80c, 0x2d7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2dc0, 0xc80c, 0x2dff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2e40, 0xc80c, 0x2e7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ec0, 0xc80c, 0x2eff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2f40, 0xc80c, 0x2f7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2fc0, 0xc80c, 0x2fff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3040, 0xc80c, 0x307f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x30c0, 0xc80c, 0x30ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3140, 0xc80c, 0x317f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x31c0, 0xc80c, 0x31ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3240, 0xc80c, 0x327f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x32c0, 0xc80c, 0x32ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3340, 0xc80c, 0x337f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x33c0, 0xc80c, 0x33ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3440, 0xc80c, 0x347f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x34c0, 0xc80c, 0x34ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3540, 0xc80c, 0x357f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x35c0, 0xc80c, 0x35ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3640, 0xc80c, 0x367f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x36c0, 0xc80c, 0x36ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3740, 0xc80c, 0x377f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x37c0, 0xc80c, 0x37ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3840, 0xc80c, 0x387f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x38c0, 0xc80c, 0x38ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3940, 0xc80c, 0x397f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x39c0, 0xc80c, 0x3fff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4040, 0xc80c, 0x407f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x40c0, 0xc80c, 0x40ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4140, 0xc80c, 0x417f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x41c0, 0xc80c, 0x41ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4240, 0xc80c, 0x427f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x42c0, 0xc80c, 0x42ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4340, 0xc80c, 0x437f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x43c0, 0xc80c, 0x43ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4440, 0xc80c, 0x447f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x44c0, 0xc80c, 0x44ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4540, 0xc80c, 0x457f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x45c0, 0xc80c, 0x45ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4640, 0xc80c, 0x467f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x46c0, 0xc80c, 0x46ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4740, 0xc80c, 0x477f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x47c0, 0xc80c, 0x47ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4840, 0xc80c, 0x487f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x48c0, 0xc80c, 0x48ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4940, 0xc80c, 0x497f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x49c0, 0xc80c, 0x49ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4a40, 0xc80c, 0x4a7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4ac0, 0xc80c, 0x4aff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4b40, 0xc80c, 0x4b7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4bc0, 0xc80c, 0x4bff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4c40, 0xc80c, 0x4c7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4cc0, 0xc80c, 0x4cff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4d40, 0xc80c, 0x4d7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4dc0, 0xc80c, 0x4dff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4e40, 0xc80c, 0x4e7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4ec0, 0xc80c, 0x4eff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4f40, 0xc80c, 0x4f7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4fc0, 0xc80c, 0x4fff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5040, 0xc80c, 0x507f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x50c0, 0xc80c, 0x50ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5140, 0xc80c, 0x517f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x51c0, 0xc80c, 0x51ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5240, 0xc80c, 0x527f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x52c0, 0xc80c, 0x52ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5340, 0xc80c, 0x537f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x53c0, 0xc80c, 0x53ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5440, 0xc80c, 0x547f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x54c0, 0xc80c, 0x54ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5540, 0xc80c, 0x557f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x55c0, 0xc80c, 0x55ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5640, 0xc80c, 0x567f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x56c0, 0xc80c, 0x56ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5740, 0xc80c, 0x577f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x57c0, 0xc80c, 0x57ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5840, 0xc80c, 0x587f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x58c0, 0xc80c, 0x58ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5940, 0xc80c, 0x597f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x59c0, 0xc80c, 0x5fff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6040, 0xc80c, 0x607f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x60c0, 0xc80c, 0x60ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6140, 0xc80c, 0x617f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x61c0, 0xc80c, 0x61ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6240, 0xc80c, 0x627f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x62c0, 0xc80c, 0x62ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6340, 0xc80c, 0x637f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x63c0, 0xc80c, 0x63ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6440, 0xc80c, 0x647f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x64c0, 0xc80c, 0x64ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6540, 0xc80c, 0x657f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x65c0, 0xc80c, 0x65ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6640, 0xc80c, 0x667f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x66c0, 0xc80c, 0x66ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6740, 0xc80c, 0x677f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x67c0, 0xc80c, 0x67ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6840, 0xc80c, 0x687f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x68c0, 0xc80c, 0x68ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6940, 0xc80c, 0x697f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x69c0, 0xc80c, 0x69ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6a40, 0xc80c, 0x6a7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ac0, 0xc80c, 0x6aff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6b40, 0xc80c, 0x6b7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6bc0, 0xc80c, 0x6bff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6c40, 0xc80c, 0x6c7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6cc0, 0xc80c, 0x6cff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6d40, 0xc80c, 0x6d7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6dc0, 0xc80c, 0x6dff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6e40, 0xc80c, 0x6e7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ec0, 0xc80c, 0x6eff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6f40, 0xc80c, 0x6f7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6fc0, 0xc80c, 0x6fff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7040, 0xc80c, 0x707f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x70c0, 0xc80c, 0x70ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7140, 0xc80c, 0x717f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x71c0, 0xc80c, 0x71ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7240, 0xc80c, 0x727f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x72c0, 0xc80c, 0x72ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7340, 0xc80c, 0x737f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x73c0, 0xc80c, 0x73ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7440, 0xc80c, 0x747f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x74c0, 0xc80c, 0x74ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7540, 0xc80c, 0x757f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x75c0, 0xc80c, 0x75ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7640, 0xc80c, 0x767f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x76c0, 0xc80c, 0x76ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7740, 0xc80c, 0x777f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x77c0, 0xc80c, 0x77ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7840, 0xc80c, 0x787f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x78c0, 0xc80c, 0x78ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7940, 0xc80c, 0x797f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x79c0, 0xc80c, 0x7fff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8040, 0xc80c, 0x807f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x80c0, 0xc80c, 0x80ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8140, 0xc80c, 0x817f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x81c0, 0xc80c, 0x81ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8240, 0xc80c, 0x827f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x82c0, 0xc80c, 0x82ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8340, 0xc80c, 0x837f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x83c0, 0xc80c, 0x83ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8440, 0xc80c, 0x847f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x84c0, 0xc80c, 0x84ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8540, 0xc80c, 0x857f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x85c0, 0xc80c, 0x85ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8640, 0xc80c, 0x867f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x86c0, 0xc80c, 0x86ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8740, 0xc80c, 0x877f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x87c0, 0xc80c, 0x87ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8840, 0xc80c, 0x887f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x88c0, 0xc80c, 0x88ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8940, 0xc80c, 0x897f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x89c0, 0xc80c, 0x89ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8a40, 0xc80c, 0x8a7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8ac0, 0xc80c, 0x8aff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8b40, 0xc80c, 0x8b7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8bc0, 0xc80c, 0x8bff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8c40, 0xc80c, 0x8c7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8cc0, 0xc80c, 0x8cff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8d40, 0xc80c, 0x8d7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8dc0, 0xc80c, 0x8dff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8e40, 0xc80c, 0x8e7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8ec0, 0xc80c, 0x8eff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8f40, 0xc80c, 0x8f7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8fc0, 0xc80c, 0x8fff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9040, 0xc80c, 0x907f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x90c0, 0xc80c, 0x90ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9140, 0xc80c, 0x917f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x91c0, 0xc80c, 0x91ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9240, 0xc80c, 0x927f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x92c0, 0xc80c, 0x92ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9340, 0xc80c, 0x937f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x93c0, 0xc80c, 0x93ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9440, 0xc80c, 0x947f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x94c0, 0xc80c, 0x94ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9540, 0xc80c, 0x957f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x95c0, 0xc80c, 0x95ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9640, 0xc80c, 0x967f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x96c0, 0xc80c, 0x96ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9740, 0xc80c, 0x977f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x97c0, 0xc80c, 0x97ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9840, 0xc80c, 0x987f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x98c0, 0xc80c, 0x98ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9940, 0xc80c, 0x997f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x99c0, 0xc80c, 0x9fff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa040, 0xc80c, 0xa07f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa0c0, 0xc80c, 0xa0ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa140, 0xc80c, 0xa17f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa1c0, 0xc80c, 0xa1ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa240, 0xc80c, 0xa27f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa2c0, 0xc80c, 0xa2ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa340, 0xc80c, 0xa37f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa3c0, 0xc80c, 0xa3ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa440, 0xc80c, 0xa47f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa4c0, 0xc80c, 0xa4ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa540, 0xc80c, 0xa57f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa5c0, 0xc80c, 0xa5ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa640, 0xc80c, 0xa67f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa6c0, 0xc80c, 0xa6ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa740, 0xc80c, 0xa77f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa7c0, 0xc80c, 0xa7ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa840, 0xc80c, 0xa87f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa8c0, 0xc80c, 0xa8ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa940, 0xc80c, 0xa97f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa9c0, 0xc80c, 0xa9ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaa40, 0xc80c, 0xaa7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaac0, 0xc80c, 0xaaff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xab40, 0xc80c, 0xab7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xabc0, 0xc80c, 0xabff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xac40, 0xc80c, 0xac7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xacc0, 0xc80c, 0xacff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xad40, 0xc80c, 0xad7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xadc0, 0xc80c, 0xadff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xae40, 0xc80c, 0xae7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaec0, 0xc80c, 0xaeff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaf40, 0xc80c, 0xaf7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xafc0, 0xc80c, 0xafff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb040, 0xc80c, 0xb07f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb0c0, 0xc80c, 0xb0ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb140, 0xc80c, 0xb17f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb1c0, 0xc80c, 0xb1ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb240, 0xc80c, 0xb27f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb2c0, 0xc80c, 0xb2ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb340, 0xc80c, 0xb37f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb3c0, 0xc80c, 0xb3ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb440, 0xc80c, 0xb47f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb4c0, 0xc80c, 0xb4ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb540, 0xc80c, 0xb57f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb5c0, 0xc80c, 0xb5ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb640, 0xc80c, 0xb67f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb6c0, 0xc80c, 0xb6ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb740, 0xc80c, 0xb77f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb7c0, 0xc80c, 0xb7ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb840, 0xc80c, 0xb87f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb8c0, 0xc80c, 0xb8ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb940, 0xc80c, 0xb97f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb9c0, 0xc80c, 0xbfff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc040, 0xc80c, 0xc07f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc0c0, 0xc80c, 0xc0ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc140, 0xc80c, 0xc17f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc1c0, 0xc80c, 0xc1ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc240, 0xc80c, 0xc27f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc2c0, 0xc80c, 0xc2ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc340, 0xc80c, 0xc37f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc3c0, 0xc80c, 0xc3ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc440, 0xc80c, 0xc47f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc4c0, 0xc80c, 0xc4ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc540, 0xc80c, 0xc57f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc5c0, 0xc80c, 0xc5ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc640, 0xc80c, 0xc67f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc6c0, 0xc80c, 0xc6ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc740, 0xc80c, 0xc77f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc7c0, 0xc80c, 0xc7ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc840, 0xc80c, 0xc87f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc8c0, 0xc80c, 0xc8ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc940, 0xc80c, 0xc97f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc9c0, 0xc80c, 0xc9ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xca40, 0xc80c, 0xca7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcac0, 0xc80c, 0xcaff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcb40, 0xc80c, 0xcb7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcbc0, 0xc80c, 0xcbff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcc40, 0xc80c, 0xcc7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xccc0, 0xc80c, 0xccff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcd40, 0xc80c, 0xcd7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcdc0, 0xc80c, 0xcdff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xce40, 0xc80c, 0xce7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcec0, 0xc80c, 0xceff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcf40, 0xc80c, 0xcf7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcfc0, 0xc80c, 0xcfff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd040, 0xc80c, 0xd07f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd0c0, 0xc80c, 0xd0ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd140, 0xc80c, 0xd17f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd1c0, 0xc80c, 0xd1ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd240, 0xc80c, 0xd27f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd2c0, 0xc80c, 0xd2ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd340, 0xc80c, 0xd37f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd3c0, 0xc80c, 0xd3ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd440, 0xc80c, 0xd47f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd4c0, 0xc80c, 0xd4ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd540, 0xc80c, 0xd57f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd5c0, 0xc80c, 0xd5ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd640, 0xc80c, 0xd67f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd6c0, 0xc80c, 0xd6ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd740, 0xc80c, 0xd77f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd7c0, 0xc80c, 0xd7ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd840, 0xc80c, 0xd87f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd8c0, 0xc80c, 0xd8ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd940, 0xc80c, 0xd97f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd9c0, 0xc80c, 0xdfff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe040, 0xc80c, 0xe07f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe0c0, 0xc80c, 0xe0ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe140, 0xc80c, 0xe17f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe1c0, 0xc80c, 0xe1ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe240, 0xc80c, 0xe27f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe2c0, 0xc80c, 0xe2ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe340, 0xc80c, 0xe37f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe3c0, 0xc80c, 0xe3ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe440, 0xc80c, 0xe47f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe4c0, 0xc80c, 0xe4ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe540, 0xc80c, 0xe57f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe5c0, 0xc80c, 0xe5ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe640, 0xc80c, 0xe67f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe6c0, 0xc80c, 0xe6ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe740, 0xc80c, 0xe77f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe7c0, 0xc80c, 0xe7ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe840, 0xc80c, 0xe87f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe8c0, 0xc80c, 0xe8ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe940, 0xc80c, 0xe97f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe9c0, 0xc80c, 0xe9ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xea40, 0xc80c, 0xea7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeac0, 0xc80c, 0xeaff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeb40, 0xc80c, 0xeb7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xebc0, 0xc80c, 0xebff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xec40, 0xc80c, 0xec7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xecc0, 0xc80c, 0xecff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xed40, 0xc80c, 0xed7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xedc0, 0xc80c, 0xedff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xee40, 0xc80c, 0xee7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeec0, 0xc80c, 0xeeff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xef40, 0xc80c, 0xef7f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xefc0, 0xc80c, 0xefff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf040, 0xc80c, 0xf07f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf0c0, 0xc80c, 0xf0ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf140, 0xc80c, 0xf17f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf1c0, 0xc80c, 0xf1ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf240, 0xc80c, 0xf27f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf2c0, 0xc80c, 0xf2ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf340, 0xc80c, 0xf37f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf3c0, 0xc80c, 0xf3ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf440, 0xc80c, 0xf47f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf4c0, 0xc80c, 0xf4ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf540, 0xc80c, 0xf57f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf5c0, 0xc80c, 0xf5ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf640, 0xc80c, 0xf67f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf6c0, 0xc80c, 0xf6ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf740, 0xc80c, 0xf77f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf7c0, 0xc80c, 0xf7ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf840, 0xc80c, 0xf87f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf8c0, 0xc80c, 0xf8ff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf940, 0xc80c, 0xf97f, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf9c0, 0xc80c, 0xffff, 0xc80c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0040, 0xc80d, 0x007f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x00c0, 0xc80d, 0x00ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0140, 0xc80d, 0x017f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x01c0, 0xc80d, 0x01ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0240, 0xc80d, 0x027f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x02c0, 0xc80d, 0x02ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0340, 0xc80d, 0x037f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x03c0, 0xc80d, 0x03ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0440, 0xc80d, 0x047f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x04c0, 0xc80d, 0x04ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0540, 0xc80d, 0x057f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x05c0, 0xc80d, 0x05ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0640, 0xc80d, 0x067f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x06c0, 0xc80d, 0x06ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0740, 0xc80d, 0x077f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x07c0, 0xc80d, 0x07ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0840, 0xc80d, 0x087f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x08c0, 0xc80d, 0x08ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0940, 0xc80d, 0x097f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x09c0, 0xc80d, 0x09ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0a40, 0xc80d, 0x0a7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0ac0, 0xc80d, 0x0aff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0b40, 0xc80d, 0x0b7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0bc0, 0xc80d, 0x0bff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0c40, 0xc80d, 0x0c7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0cc0, 0xc80d, 0x0cff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0d40, 0xc80d, 0x0d7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0dc0, 0xc80d, 0x0dff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0e40, 0xc80d, 0x0e7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0ec0, 0xc80d, 0x0eff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0f40, 0xc80d, 0x0f7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0fc0, 0xc80d, 0x0fff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1040, 0xc80d, 0x107f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x10c0, 0xc80d, 0x10ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1140, 0xc80d, 0x117f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x11c0, 0xc80d, 0x11ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1240, 0xc80d, 0x127f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x12c0, 0xc80d, 0x12ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1340, 0xc80d, 0x137f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x13c0, 0xc80d, 0x13ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1440, 0xc80d, 0x147f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x14c0, 0xc80d, 0x14ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1540, 0xc80d, 0x157f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x15c0, 0xc80d, 0x15ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1640, 0xc80d, 0x167f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x16c0, 0xc80d, 0x16ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1740, 0xc80d, 0x177f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x17c0, 0xc80d, 0x17ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1840, 0xc80d, 0x187f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x18c0, 0xc80d, 0x18ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1940, 0xc80d, 0x197f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x19c0, 0xc80d, 0x1fff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2040, 0xc80d, 0x207f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x20c0, 0xc80d, 0x20ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2140, 0xc80d, 0x217f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x21c0, 0xc80d, 0x21ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2240, 0xc80d, 0x227f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x22c0, 0xc80d, 0x22ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2340, 0xc80d, 0x237f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x23c0, 0xc80d, 0x23ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2440, 0xc80d, 0x247f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x24c0, 0xc80d, 0x24ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2540, 0xc80d, 0x257f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x25c0, 0xc80d, 0x25ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2640, 0xc80d, 0x267f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x26c0, 0xc80d, 0x26ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2740, 0xc80d, 0x277f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x27c0, 0xc80d, 0x27ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2840, 0xc80d, 0x287f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x28c0, 0xc80d, 0x28ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2940, 0xc80d, 0x297f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x29c0, 0xc80d, 0x29ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2a40, 0xc80d, 0x2a7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ac0, 0xc80d, 0x2aff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2b40, 0xc80d, 0x2b7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2bc0, 0xc80d, 0x2bff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2c40, 0xc80d, 0x2c7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2cc0, 0xc80d, 0x2cff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2d40, 0xc80d, 0x2d7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2dc0, 0xc80d, 0x2dff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2e40, 0xc80d, 0x2e7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ec0, 0xc80d, 0x2eff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2f40, 0xc80d, 0x2f7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2fc0, 0xc80d, 0x2fff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3040, 0xc80d, 0x307f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x30c0, 0xc80d, 0x30ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3140, 0xc80d, 0x317f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x31c0, 0xc80d, 0x31ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3240, 0xc80d, 0x327f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x32c0, 0xc80d, 0x32ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3340, 0xc80d, 0x337f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x33c0, 0xc80d, 0x33ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3440, 0xc80d, 0x347f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x34c0, 0xc80d, 0x34ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3540, 0xc80d, 0x357f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x35c0, 0xc80d, 0x35ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3640, 0xc80d, 0x367f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x36c0, 0xc80d, 0x36ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3740, 0xc80d, 0x377f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x37c0, 0xc80d, 0x37ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3840, 0xc80d, 0x387f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x38c0, 0xc80d, 0x38ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3940, 0xc80d, 0x397f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x39c0, 0xc80d, 0x3fff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4040, 0xc80d, 0x407f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x40c0, 0xc80d, 0x40ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4140, 0xc80d, 0x417f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x41c0, 0xc80d, 0x41ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4240, 0xc80d, 0x427f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x42c0, 0xc80d, 0x42ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4340, 0xc80d, 0x437f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x43c0, 0xc80d, 0x43ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4440, 0xc80d, 0x447f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x44c0, 0xc80d, 0x44ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4540, 0xc80d, 0x457f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x45c0, 0xc80d, 0x45ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4640, 0xc80d, 0x467f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x46c0, 0xc80d, 0x46ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4740, 0xc80d, 0x477f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x47c0, 0xc80d, 0x47ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4840, 0xc80d, 0x487f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x48c0, 0xc80d, 0x48ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4940, 0xc80d, 0x497f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x49c0, 0xc80d, 0x49ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4a40, 0xc80d, 0x4a7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4ac0, 0xc80d, 0x4aff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4b40, 0xc80d, 0x4b7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4bc0, 0xc80d, 0x4bff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4c40, 0xc80d, 0x4c7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4cc0, 0xc80d, 0x4cff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4d40, 0xc80d, 0x4d7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4dc0, 0xc80d, 0x4dff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4e40, 0xc80d, 0x4e7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4ec0, 0xc80d, 0x4eff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4f40, 0xc80d, 0x4f7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4fc0, 0xc80d, 0x4fff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5040, 0xc80d, 0x507f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x50c0, 0xc80d, 0x50ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5140, 0xc80d, 0x517f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x51c0, 0xc80d, 0x51ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5240, 0xc80d, 0x527f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x52c0, 0xc80d, 0x52ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5340, 0xc80d, 0x537f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x53c0, 0xc80d, 0x53ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5440, 0xc80d, 0x547f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x54c0, 0xc80d, 0x54ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5540, 0xc80d, 0x557f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x55c0, 0xc80d, 0x55ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5640, 0xc80d, 0x567f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x56c0, 0xc80d, 0x56ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5740, 0xc80d, 0x577f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x57c0, 0xc80d, 0x57ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5840, 0xc80d, 0x587f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x58c0, 0xc80d, 0x58ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5940, 0xc80d, 0x597f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x59c0, 0xc80d, 0x5fff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6040, 0xc80d, 0x607f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x60c0, 0xc80d, 0x60ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6140, 0xc80d, 0x617f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x61c0, 0xc80d, 0x61ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6240, 0xc80d, 0x627f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x62c0, 0xc80d, 0x62ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6340, 0xc80d, 0x637f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x63c0, 0xc80d, 0x63ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6440, 0xc80d, 0x647f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x64c0, 0xc80d, 0x64ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6540, 0xc80d, 0x657f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x65c0, 0xc80d, 0x65ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6640, 0xc80d, 0x667f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x66c0, 0xc80d, 0x66ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6740, 0xc80d, 0x677f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x67c0, 0xc80d, 0x67ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6840, 0xc80d, 0x687f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x68c0, 0xc80d, 0x68ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6940, 0xc80d, 0x697f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x69c0, 0xc80d, 0x69ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6a40, 0xc80d, 0x6a7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ac0, 0xc80d, 0x6aff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6b40, 0xc80d, 0x6b7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6bc0, 0xc80d, 0x6bff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6c40, 0xc80d, 0x6c7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6cc0, 0xc80d, 0x6cff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6d40, 0xc80d, 0x6d7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6dc0, 0xc80d, 0x6dff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6e40, 0xc80d, 0x6e7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ec0, 0xc80d, 0x6eff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6f40, 0xc80d, 0x6f7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6fc0, 0xc80d, 0x6fff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7040, 0xc80d, 0x707f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x70c0, 0xc80d, 0x70ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7140, 0xc80d, 0x717f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x71c0, 0xc80d, 0x71ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7240, 0xc80d, 0x727f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x72c0, 0xc80d, 0x72ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7340, 0xc80d, 0x737f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x73c0, 0xc80d, 0x73ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7440, 0xc80d, 0x747f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x74c0, 0xc80d, 0x74ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7540, 0xc80d, 0x757f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x75c0, 0xc80d, 0x75ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7640, 0xc80d, 0x767f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x76c0, 0xc80d, 0x76ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7740, 0xc80d, 0x777f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x77c0, 0xc80d, 0x77ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7840, 0xc80d, 0x787f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x78c0, 0xc80d, 0x78ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7940, 0xc80d, 0x797f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x79c0, 0xc80d, 0x7fff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8040, 0xc80d, 0x807f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x80c0, 0xc80d, 0x80ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8140, 0xc80d, 0x817f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x81c0, 0xc80d, 0x81ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8240, 0xc80d, 0x827f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x82c0, 0xc80d, 0x82ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8340, 0xc80d, 0x837f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x83c0, 0xc80d, 0x83ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8440, 0xc80d, 0x847f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x84c0, 0xc80d, 0x84ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8540, 0xc80d, 0x857f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x85c0, 0xc80d, 0x85ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8640, 0xc80d, 0x867f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x86c0, 0xc80d, 0x86ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8740, 0xc80d, 0x877f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x87c0, 0xc80d, 0x87ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8840, 0xc80d, 0x887f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x88c0, 0xc80d, 0x88ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8940, 0xc80d, 0x897f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x89c0, 0xc80d, 0x89ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8a40, 0xc80d, 0x8a7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8ac0, 0xc80d, 0x8aff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8b40, 0xc80d, 0x8b7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8bc0, 0xc80d, 0x8bff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8c40, 0xc80d, 0x8c7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8cc0, 0xc80d, 0x8cff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8d40, 0xc80d, 0x8d7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8dc0, 0xc80d, 0x8dff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8e40, 0xc80d, 0x8e7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8ec0, 0xc80d, 0x8eff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8f40, 0xc80d, 0x8f7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8fc0, 0xc80d, 0x8fff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9040, 0xc80d, 0x907f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x90c0, 0xc80d, 0x90ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9140, 0xc80d, 0x917f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x91c0, 0xc80d, 0x91ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9240, 0xc80d, 0x927f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x92c0, 0xc80d, 0x92ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9340, 0xc80d, 0x937f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x93c0, 0xc80d, 0x93ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9440, 0xc80d, 0x947f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x94c0, 0xc80d, 0x94ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9540, 0xc80d, 0x957f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x95c0, 0xc80d, 0x95ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9640, 0xc80d, 0x967f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x96c0, 0xc80d, 0x96ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9740, 0xc80d, 0x977f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x97c0, 0xc80d, 0x97ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9840, 0xc80d, 0x987f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x98c0, 0xc80d, 0x98ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9940, 0xc80d, 0x997f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x99c0, 0xc80d, 0x9fff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa040, 0xc80d, 0xa07f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa0c0, 0xc80d, 0xa0ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa140, 0xc80d, 0xa17f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa1c0, 0xc80d, 0xa1ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa240, 0xc80d, 0xa27f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa2c0, 0xc80d, 0xa2ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa340, 0xc80d, 0xa37f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa3c0, 0xc80d, 0xa3ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa440, 0xc80d, 0xa47f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa4c0, 0xc80d, 0xa4ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa540, 0xc80d, 0xa57f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa5c0, 0xc80d, 0xa5ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa640, 0xc80d, 0xa67f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa6c0, 0xc80d, 0xa6ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa740, 0xc80d, 0xa77f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa7c0, 0xc80d, 0xa7ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa840, 0xc80d, 0xa87f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa8c0, 0xc80d, 0xa8ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa940, 0xc80d, 0xa97f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa9c0, 0xc80d, 0xa9ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaa40, 0xc80d, 0xaa7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaac0, 0xc80d, 0xaaff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xab40, 0xc80d, 0xab7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xabc0, 0xc80d, 0xabff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xac40, 0xc80d, 0xac7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xacc0, 0xc80d, 0xacff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xad40, 0xc80d, 0xad7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xadc0, 0xc80d, 0xadff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xae40, 0xc80d, 0xae7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaec0, 0xc80d, 0xaeff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaf40, 0xc80d, 0xaf7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xafc0, 0xc80d, 0xafff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb040, 0xc80d, 0xb07f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb0c0, 0xc80d, 0xb0ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb140, 0xc80d, 0xb17f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb1c0, 0xc80d, 0xb1ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb240, 0xc80d, 0xb27f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb2c0, 0xc80d, 0xb2ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb340, 0xc80d, 0xb37f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb3c0, 0xc80d, 0xb3ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb440, 0xc80d, 0xb47f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb4c0, 0xc80d, 0xb4ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb540, 0xc80d, 0xb57f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb5c0, 0xc80d, 0xb5ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb640, 0xc80d, 0xb67f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb6c0, 0xc80d, 0xb6ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb740, 0xc80d, 0xb77f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb7c0, 0xc80d, 0xb7ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb840, 0xc80d, 0xb87f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb8c0, 0xc80d, 0xb8ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb940, 0xc80d, 0xb97f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb9c0, 0xc80d, 0xbfff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc040, 0xc80d, 0xc07f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc0c0, 0xc80d, 0xc0ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc140, 0xc80d, 0xc17f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc1c0, 0xc80d, 0xc1ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc240, 0xc80d, 0xc27f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc2c0, 0xc80d, 0xc2ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc340, 0xc80d, 0xc37f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc3c0, 0xc80d, 0xc3ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc440, 0xc80d, 0xc47f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc4c0, 0xc80d, 0xc4ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc540, 0xc80d, 0xc57f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc5c0, 0xc80d, 0xc5ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc640, 0xc80d, 0xc67f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc6c0, 0xc80d, 0xc6ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc740, 0xc80d, 0xc77f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc7c0, 0xc80d, 0xc7ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc840, 0xc80d, 0xc87f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc8c0, 0xc80d, 0xc8ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc940, 0xc80d, 0xc97f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc9c0, 0xc80d, 0xc9ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xca40, 0xc80d, 0xca7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcac0, 0xc80d, 0xcaff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcb40, 0xc80d, 0xcb7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcbc0, 0xc80d, 0xcbff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcc40, 0xc80d, 0xcc7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xccc0, 0xc80d, 0xccff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcd40, 0xc80d, 0xcd7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcdc0, 0xc80d, 0xcdff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xce40, 0xc80d, 0xce7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcec0, 0xc80d, 0xceff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcf40, 0xc80d, 0xcf7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcfc0, 0xc80d, 0xcfff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd040, 0xc80d, 0xd07f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd0c0, 0xc80d, 0xd0ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd140, 0xc80d, 0xd17f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd1c0, 0xc80d, 0xd1ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd240, 0xc80d, 0xd27f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd2c0, 0xc80d, 0xd2ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd340, 0xc80d, 0xd37f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd3c0, 0xc80d, 0xd3ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd440, 0xc80d, 0xd47f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd4c0, 0xc80d, 0xd4ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd540, 0xc80d, 0xd57f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd5c0, 0xc80d, 0xd5ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd640, 0xc80d, 0xd67f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd6c0, 0xc80d, 0xd6ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd740, 0xc80d, 0xd77f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd7c0, 0xc80d, 0xd7ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd840, 0xc80d, 0xd87f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd8c0, 0xc80d, 0xd8ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd940, 0xc80d, 0xd97f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd9c0, 0xc80d, 0xdfff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe040, 0xc80d, 0xe07f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe0c0, 0xc80d, 0xe0ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe140, 0xc80d, 0xe17f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe1c0, 0xc80d, 0xe1ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe240, 0xc80d, 0xe27f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe2c0, 0xc80d, 0xe2ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe340, 0xc80d, 0xe37f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe3c0, 0xc80d, 0xe3ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe440, 0xc80d, 0xe47f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe4c0, 0xc80d, 0xe4ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe540, 0xc80d, 0xe57f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe5c0, 0xc80d, 0xe5ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe640, 0xc80d, 0xe67f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe6c0, 0xc80d, 0xe6ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe740, 0xc80d, 0xe77f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe7c0, 0xc80d, 0xe7ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe840, 0xc80d, 0xe87f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe8c0, 0xc80d, 0xe8ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe940, 0xc80d, 0xe97f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe9c0, 0xc80d, 0xe9ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xea40, 0xc80d, 0xea7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeac0, 0xc80d, 0xeaff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeb40, 0xc80d, 0xeb7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xebc0, 0xc80d, 0xebff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xec40, 0xc80d, 0xec7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xecc0, 0xc80d, 0xecff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xed40, 0xc80d, 0xed7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xedc0, 0xc80d, 0xedff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xee40, 0xc80d, 0xee7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeec0, 0xc80d, 0xeeff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xef40, 0xc80d, 0xef7f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xefc0, 0xc80d, 0xefff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf040, 0xc80d, 0xf07f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf0c0, 0xc80d, 0xf0ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf140, 0xc80d, 0xf17f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf1c0, 0xc80d, 0xf1ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf240, 0xc80d, 0xf27f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf2c0, 0xc80d, 0xf2ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf340, 0xc80d, 0xf37f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf3c0, 0xc80d, 0xf3ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf440, 0xc80d, 0xf47f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf4c0, 0xc80d, 0xf4ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf540, 0xc80d, 0xf57f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf5c0, 0xc80d, 0xf5ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf640, 0xc80d, 0xf67f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf6c0, 0xc80d, 0xf6ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf740, 0xc80d, 0xf77f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf7c0, 0xc80d, 0xf7ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf840, 0xc80d, 0xf87f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf8c0, 0xc80d, 0xf8ff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf940, 0xc80d, 0xf97f, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf9c0, 0xc80d, 0xffff, 0xc80d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0040, 0xc80e, 0x007f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x00c0, 0xc80e, 0x00ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0140, 0xc80e, 0x017f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x01c0, 0xc80e, 0x01ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0240, 0xc80e, 0x027f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x02c0, 0xc80e, 0x02ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0340, 0xc80e, 0x037f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x03c0, 0xc80e, 0x03ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0440, 0xc80e, 0x047f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x04c0, 0xc80e, 0x04ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0540, 0xc80e, 0x057f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x05c0, 0xc80e, 0x05ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0640, 0xc80e, 0x067f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x06c0, 0xc80e, 0x06ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0740, 0xc80e, 0x077f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x07c0, 0xc80e, 0x07ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0840, 0xc80e, 0x087f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x08c0, 0xc80e, 0x08ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0940, 0xc80e, 0x097f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x09c0, 0xc80e, 0x09ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0a40, 0xc80e, 0x0a7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0ac0, 0xc80e, 0x0aff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0b40, 0xc80e, 0x0b7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0bc0, 0xc80e, 0x0bff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0c40, 0xc80e, 0x0c7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0cc0, 0xc80e, 0x0cff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0d40, 0xc80e, 0x0d7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0dc0, 0xc80e, 0x0dff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0e40, 0xc80e, 0x0e7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0ec0, 0xc80e, 0x0eff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0f40, 0xc80e, 0x0f7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0fc0, 0xc80e, 0x0fff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1040, 0xc80e, 0x107f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x10c0, 0xc80e, 0x10ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1140, 0xc80e, 0x117f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x11c0, 0xc80e, 0x11ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1240, 0xc80e, 0x127f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x12c0, 0xc80e, 0x12ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1340, 0xc80e, 0x137f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x13c0, 0xc80e, 0x13ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1440, 0xc80e, 0x147f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x14c0, 0xc80e, 0x14ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1540, 0xc80e, 0x157f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x15c0, 0xc80e, 0x15ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1640, 0xc80e, 0x167f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x16c0, 0xc80e, 0x16ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1740, 0xc80e, 0x177f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x17c0, 0xc80e, 0x17ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1840, 0xc80e, 0x187f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x18c0, 0xc80e, 0x18ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1940, 0xc80e, 0x197f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x19c0, 0xc80e, 0x1fff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2040, 0xc80e, 0x207f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x20c0, 0xc80e, 0x20ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2140, 0xc80e, 0x217f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x21c0, 0xc80e, 0x21ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2240, 0xc80e, 0x227f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x22c0, 0xc80e, 0x22ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2340, 0xc80e, 0x237f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x23c0, 0xc80e, 0x23ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2440, 0xc80e, 0x247f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x24c0, 0xc80e, 0x24ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2540, 0xc80e, 0x257f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x25c0, 0xc80e, 0x25ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2640, 0xc80e, 0x267f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x26c0, 0xc80e, 0x26ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2740, 0xc80e, 0x277f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x27c0, 0xc80e, 0x27ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2840, 0xc80e, 0x287f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x28c0, 0xc80e, 0x28ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2940, 0xc80e, 0x297f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x29c0, 0xc80e, 0x29ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2a40, 0xc80e, 0x2a7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ac0, 0xc80e, 0x2aff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2b40, 0xc80e, 0x2b7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2bc0, 0xc80e, 0x2bff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2c40, 0xc80e, 0x2c7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2cc0, 0xc80e, 0x2cff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2d40, 0xc80e, 0x2d7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2dc0, 0xc80e, 0x2dff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2e40, 0xc80e, 0x2e7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ec0, 0xc80e, 0x2eff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2f40, 0xc80e, 0x2f7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2fc0, 0xc80e, 0x2fff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3040, 0xc80e, 0x307f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x30c0, 0xc80e, 0x30ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3140, 0xc80e, 0x317f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x31c0, 0xc80e, 0x31ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3240, 0xc80e, 0x327f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x32c0, 0xc80e, 0x32ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3340, 0xc80e, 0x337f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x33c0, 0xc80e, 0x33ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3440, 0xc80e, 0x347f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x34c0, 0xc80e, 0x34ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3540, 0xc80e, 0x357f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x35c0, 0xc80e, 0x35ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3640, 0xc80e, 0x367f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x36c0, 0xc80e, 0x36ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3740, 0xc80e, 0x377f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x37c0, 0xc80e, 0x37ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3840, 0xc80e, 0x387f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x38c0, 0xc80e, 0x38ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3940, 0xc80e, 0x397f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x39c0, 0xc80e, 0x3fff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4040, 0xc80e, 0x407f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x40c0, 0xc80e, 0x40ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4140, 0xc80e, 0x417f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x41c0, 0xc80e, 0x41ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4240, 0xc80e, 0x427f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x42c0, 0xc80e, 0x42ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4340, 0xc80e, 0x437f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x43c0, 0xc80e, 0x43ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4440, 0xc80e, 0x447f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x44c0, 0xc80e, 0x44ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4540, 0xc80e, 0x457f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x45c0, 0xc80e, 0x45ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4640, 0xc80e, 0x467f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x46c0, 0xc80e, 0x46ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4740, 0xc80e, 0x477f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x47c0, 0xc80e, 0x47ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4840, 0xc80e, 0x487f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x48c0, 0xc80e, 0x48ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4940, 0xc80e, 0x497f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x49c0, 0xc80e, 0x49ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4a40, 0xc80e, 0x4a7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4ac0, 0xc80e, 0x4aff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4b40, 0xc80e, 0x4b7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4bc0, 0xc80e, 0x4bff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4c40, 0xc80e, 0x4c7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4cc0, 0xc80e, 0x4cff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4d40, 0xc80e, 0x4d7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4dc0, 0xc80e, 0x4dff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4e40, 0xc80e, 0x4e7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4ec0, 0xc80e, 0x4eff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4f40, 0xc80e, 0x4f7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4fc0, 0xc80e, 0x4fff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5040, 0xc80e, 0x507f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x50c0, 0xc80e, 0x50ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5140, 0xc80e, 0x517f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x51c0, 0xc80e, 0x51ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5240, 0xc80e, 0x527f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x52c0, 0xc80e, 0x52ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5340, 0xc80e, 0x537f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x53c0, 0xc80e, 0x53ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5440, 0xc80e, 0x547f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x54c0, 0xc80e, 0x54ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5540, 0xc80e, 0x557f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x55c0, 0xc80e, 0x55ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5640, 0xc80e, 0x567f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x56c0, 0xc80e, 0x56ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5740, 0xc80e, 0x577f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x57c0, 0xc80e, 0x57ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5840, 0xc80e, 0x587f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x58c0, 0xc80e, 0x58ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5940, 0xc80e, 0x597f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x59c0, 0xc80e, 0x5fff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6040, 0xc80e, 0x607f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x60c0, 0xc80e, 0x60ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6140, 0xc80e, 0x617f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x61c0, 0xc80e, 0x61ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6240, 0xc80e, 0x627f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x62c0, 0xc80e, 0x62ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6340, 0xc80e, 0x637f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x63c0, 0xc80e, 0x63ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6440, 0xc80e, 0x647f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x64c0, 0xc80e, 0x64ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6540, 0xc80e, 0x657f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x65c0, 0xc80e, 0x65ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6640, 0xc80e, 0x667f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x66c0, 0xc80e, 0x66ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6740, 0xc80e, 0x677f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x67c0, 0xc80e, 0x67ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6840, 0xc80e, 0x687f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x68c0, 0xc80e, 0x68ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6940, 0xc80e, 0x697f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x69c0, 0xc80e, 0x69ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6a40, 0xc80e, 0x6a7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ac0, 0xc80e, 0x6aff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6b40, 0xc80e, 0x6b7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6bc0, 0xc80e, 0x6bff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6c40, 0xc80e, 0x6c7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6cc0, 0xc80e, 0x6cff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6d40, 0xc80e, 0x6d7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6dc0, 0xc80e, 0x6dff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6e40, 0xc80e, 0x6e7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ec0, 0xc80e, 0x6eff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6f40, 0xc80e, 0x6f7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6fc0, 0xc80e, 0x6fff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7040, 0xc80e, 0x707f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x70c0, 0xc80e, 0x70ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7140, 0xc80e, 0x717f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x71c0, 0xc80e, 0x71ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7240, 0xc80e, 0x727f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x72c0, 0xc80e, 0x72ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7340, 0xc80e, 0x737f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x73c0, 0xc80e, 0x73ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7440, 0xc80e, 0x747f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x74c0, 0xc80e, 0x74ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7540, 0xc80e, 0x757f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x75c0, 0xc80e, 0x75ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7640, 0xc80e, 0x767f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x76c0, 0xc80e, 0x76ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7740, 0xc80e, 0x777f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x77c0, 0xc80e, 0x77ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7840, 0xc80e, 0x787f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x78c0, 0xc80e, 0x78ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7940, 0xc80e, 0x797f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x79c0, 0xc80e, 0x7fff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8040, 0xc80e, 0x807f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x80c0, 0xc80e, 0x80ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8140, 0xc80e, 0x817f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x81c0, 0xc80e, 0x81ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8240, 0xc80e, 0x827f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x82c0, 0xc80e, 0x82ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8340, 0xc80e, 0x837f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x83c0, 0xc80e, 0x83ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8440, 0xc80e, 0x847f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x84c0, 0xc80e, 0x84ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8540, 0xc80e, 0x857f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x85c0, 0xc80e, 0x85ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8640, 0xc80e, 0x867f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x86c0, 0xc80e, 0x86ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8740, 0xc80e, 0x877f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x87c0, 0xc80e, 0x87ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8840, 0xc80e, 0x887f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x88c0, 0xc80e, 0x88ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8940, 0xc80e, 0x897f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x89c0, 0xc80e, 0x89ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8a40, 0xc80e, 0x8a7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8ac0, 0xc80e, 0x8aff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8b40, 0xc80e, 0x8b7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8bc0, 0xc80e, 0x8bff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8c40, 0xc80e, 0x8c7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8cc0, 0xc80e, 0x8cff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8d40, 0xc80e, 0x8d7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8dc0, 0xc80e, 0x8dff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8e40, 0xc80e, 0x8e7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8ec0, 0xc80e, 0x8eff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8f40, 0xc80e, 0x8f7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8fc0, 0xc80e, 0x8fff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9040, 0xc80e, 0x907f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x90c0, 0xc80e, 0x90ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9140, 0xc80e, 0x917f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x91c0, 0xc80e, 0x91ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9240, 0xc80e, 0x927f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x92c0, 0xc80e, 0x92ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9340, 0xc80e, 0x937f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x93c0, 0xc80e, 0x93ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9440, 0xc80e, 0x947f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x94c0, 0xc80e, 0x94ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9540, 0xc80e, 0x957f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x95c0, 0xc80e, 0x95ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9640, 0xc80e, 0x967f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x96c0, 0xc80e, 0x96ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9740, 0xc80e, 0x977f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x97c0, 0xc80e, 0x97ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9840, 0xc80e, 0x987f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x98c0, 0xc80e, 0x98ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9940, 0xc80e, 0x997f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x99c0, 0xc80e, 0x9fff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa040, 0xc80e, 0xa07f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa0c0, 0xc80e, 0xa0ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa140, 0xc80e, 0xa17f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa1c0, 0xc80e, 0xa1ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa240, 0xc80e, 0xa27f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa2c0, 0xc80e, 0xa2ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa340, 0xc80e, 0xa37f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa3c0, 0xc80e, 0xa3ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa440, 0xc80e, 0xa47f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa4c0, 0xc80e, 0xa4ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa540, 0xc80e, 0xa57f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa5c0, 0xc80e, 0xa5ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa640, 0xc80e, 0xa67f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa6c0, 0xc80e, 0xa6ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa740, 0xc80e, 0xa77f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa7c0, 0xc80e, 0xa7ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa840, 0xc80e, 0xa87f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa8c0, 0xc80e, 0xa8ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa940, 0xc80e, 0xa97f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa9c0, 0xc80e, 0xa9ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaa40, 0xc80e, 0xaa7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaac0, 0xc80e, 0xaaff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xab40, 0xc80e, 0xab7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xabc0, 0xc80e, 0xabff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xac40, 0xc80e, 0xac7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xacc0, 0xc80e, 0xacff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xad40, 0xc80e, 0xad7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xadc0, 0xc80e, 0xadff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xae40, 0xc80e, 0xae7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaec0, 0xc80e, 0xaeff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaf40, 0xc80e, 0xaf7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xafc0, 0xc80e, 0xafff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb040, 0xc80e, 0xb07f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb0c0, 0xc80e, 0xb0ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb140, 0xc80e, 0xb17f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb1c0, 0xc80e, 0xb1ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb240, 0xc80e, 0xb27f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb2c0, 0xc80e, 0xb2ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb340, 0xc80e, 0xb37f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb3c0, 0xc80e, 0xb3ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb440, 0xc80e, 0xb47f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb4c0, 0xc80e, 0xb4ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb540, 0xc80e, 0xb57f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb5c0, 0xc80e, 0xb5ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb640, 0xc80e, 0xb67f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb6c0, 0xc80e, 0xb6ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb740, 0xc80e, 0xb77f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb7c0, 0xc80e, 0xb7ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb840, 0xc80e, 0xb87f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb8c0, 0xc80e, 0xb8ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb940, 0xc80e, 0xb97f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb9c0, 0xc80e, 0xbfff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc040, 0xc80e, 0xc07f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc0c0, 0xc80e, 0xc0ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc140, 0xc80e, 0xc17f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc1c0, 0xc80e, 0xc1ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc240, 0xc80e, 0xc27f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc2c0, 0xc80e, 0xc2ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc340, 0xc80e, 0xc37f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc3c0, 0xc80e, 0xc3ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc440, 0xc80e, 0xc47f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc4c0, 0xc80e, 0xc4ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc540, 0xc80e, 0xc57f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc5c0, 0xc80e, 0xc5ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc640, 0xc80e, 0xc67f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc6c0, 0xc80e, 0xc6ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc740, 0xc80e, 0xc77f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc7c0, 0xc80e, 0xc7ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc840, 0xc80e, 0xc87f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc8c0, 0xc80e, 0xc8ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc940, 0xc80e, 0xc97f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc9c0, 0xc80e, 0xc9ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xca40, 0xc80e, 0xca7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcac0, 0xc80e, 0xcaff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcb40, 0xc80e, 0xcb7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcbc0, 0xc80e, 0xcbff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcc40, 0xc80e, 0xcc7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xccc0, 0xc80e, 0xccff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcd40, 0xc80e, 0xcd7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcdc0, 0xc80e, 0xcdff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xce40, 0xc80e, 0xce7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcec0, 0xc80e, 0xceff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcf40, 0xc80e, 0xcf7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcfc0, 0xc80e, 0xcfff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd040, 0xc80e, 0xd07f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd0c0, 0xc80e, 0xd0ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd140, 0xc80e, 0xd17f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd1c0, 0xc80e, 0xd1ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd240, 0xc80e, 0xd27f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd2c0, 0xc80e, 0xd2ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd340, 0xc80e, 0xd37f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd3c0, 0xc80e, 0xd3ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd440, 0xc80e, 0xd47f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd4c0, 0xc80e, 0xd4ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd540, 0xc80e, 0xd57f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd5c0, 0xc80e, 0xd5ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd640, 0xc80e, 0xd67f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd6c0, 0xc80e, 0xd6ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd740, 0xc80e, 0xd77f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd7c0, 0xc80e, 0xd7ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd840, 0xc80e, 0xd87f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd8c0, 0xc80e, 0xd8ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd940, 0xc80e, 0xd97f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd9c0, 0xc80e, 0xdfff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe040, 0xc80e, 0xe07f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe0c0, 0xc80e, 0xe0ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe140, 0xc80e, 0xe17f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe1c0, 0xc80e, 0xe1ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe240, 0xc80e, 0xe27f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe2c0, 0xc80e, 0xe2ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe340, 0xc80e, 0xe37f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe3c0, 0xc80e, 0xe3ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe440, 0xc80e, 0xe47f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe4c0, 0xc80e, 0xe4ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe540, 0xc80e, 0xe57f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe5c0, 0xc80e, 0xe5ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe640, 0xc80e, 0xe67f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe6c0, 0xc80e, 0xe6ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe740, 0xc80e, 0xe77f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe7c0, 0xc80e, 0xe7ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe840, 0xc80e, 0xe87f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe8c0, 0xc80e, 0xe8ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe940, 0xc80e, 0xe97f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe9c0, 0xc80e, 0xe9ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xea40, 0xc80e, 0xea7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeac0, 0xc80e, 0xeaff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeb40, 0xc80e, 0xeb7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xebc0, 0xc80e, 0xebff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xec40, 0xc80e, 0xec7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xecc0, 0xc80e, 0xecff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xed40, 0xc80e, 0xed7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xedc0, 0xc80e, 0xedff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xee40, 0xc80e, 0xee7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeec0, 0xc80e, 0xeeff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xef40, 0xc80e, 0xef7f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xefc0, 0xc80e, 0xefff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf040, 0xc80e, 0xf07f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf0c0, 0xc80e, 0xf0ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf140, 0xc80e, 0xf17f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf1c0, 0xc80e, 0xf1ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf240, 0xc80e, 0xf27f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf2c0, 0xc80e, 0xf2ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf340, 0xc80e, 0xf37f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf3c0, 0xc80e, 0xf3ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf440, 0xc80e, 0xf47f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf4c0, 0xc80e, 0xf4ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf540, 0xc80e, 0xf57f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf5c0, 0xc80e, 0xf5ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf640, 0xc80e, 0xf67f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf6c0, 0xc80e, 0xf6ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf740, 0xc80e, 0xf77f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf7c0, 0xc80e, 0xf7ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf840, 0xc80e, 0xf87f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf8c0, 0xc80e, 0xf8ff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf940, 0xc80e, 0xf97f, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf9c0, 0xc80e, 0xffff, 0xc80e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0040, 0xc80f, 0x007f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x00c0, 0xc80f, 0x00ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0140, 0xc80f, 0x017f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x01c0, 0xc80f, 0x01ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0240, 0xc80f, 0x027f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x02c0, 0xc80f, 0x02ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0340, 0xc80f, 0x037f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x03c0, 0xc80f, 0x03ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0440, 0xc80f, 0x047f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x04c0, 0xc80f, 0x04ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0540, 0xc80f, 0x057f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x05c0, 0xc80f, 0x05ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0640, 0xc80f, 0x067f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x06c0, 0xc80f, 0x06ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0740, 0xc80f, 0x077f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x07c0, 0xc80f, 0x07ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0840, 0xc80f, 0x087f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x08c0, 0xc80f, 0x08ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0940, 0xc80f, 0x097f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x09c0, 0xc80f, 0x09ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0a40, 0xc80f, 0x0a7f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0ac0, 0xc80f, 0x0aff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0b40, 0xc80f, 0x0b7f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0bc0, 0xc80f, 0x0bff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0c40, 0xc80f, 0x0c7f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0cc0, 0xc80f, 0x0cff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0d40, 0xc80f, 0x0d7f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0dc0, 0xc80f, 0x0dff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0e40, 0xc80f, 0x0e7f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0ec0, 0xc80f, 0x0eff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0f40, 0xc80f, 0x0f7f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0fc0, 0xc80f, 0x0fff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1040, 0xc80f, 0x107f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x10c0, 0xc80f, 0x10ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1140, 0xc80f, 0x117f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x11c0, 0xc80f, 0x11ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1240, 0xc80f, 0x127f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x12c0, 0xc80f, 0x12ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1340, 0xc80f, 0x137f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x13c0, 0xc80f, 0x13ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1440, 0xc80f, 0x147f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x14c0, 0xc80f, 0x14ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1540, 0xc80f, 0x157f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x15c0, 0xc80f, 0x15ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1640, 0xc80f, 0x167f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x16c0, 0xc80f, 0x16ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1740, 0xc80f, 0x177f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x17c0, 0xc80f, 0x17ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1840, 0xc80f, 0x187f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x18c0, 0xc80f, 0x18ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1940, 0xc80f, 0x197f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x19c0, 0xc80f, 0x1fff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2040, 0xc80f, 0x207f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x20c0, 0xc80f, 0x20ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2140, 0xc80f, 0x217f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x21c0, 0xc80f, 0x21ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2240, 0xc80f, 0x227f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x22c0, 0xc80f, 0x22ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2340, 0xc80f, 0x237f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x23c0, 0xc80f, 0x23ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2440, 0xc80f, 0x247f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x24c0, 0xc80f, 0x24ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2540, 0xc80f, 0x257f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x25c0, 0xc80f, 0x25ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2640, 0xc80f, 0x267f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x26c0, 0xc80f, 0x26ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2740, 0xc80f, 0x277f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x27c0, 0xc80f, 0x27ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2840, 0xc80f, 0x287f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x28c0, 0xc80f, 0x28ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2940, 0xc80f, 0x297f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x29c0, 0xc80f, 0x29ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2a40, 0xc80f, 0x2a7f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ac0, 0xc80f, 0x2aff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2b40, 0xc80f, 0x2b7f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2bc0, 0xc80f, 0x2bff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2c40, 0xc80f, 0x2c7f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2cc0, 0xc80f, 0x2cff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2d40, 0xc80f, 0x2d7f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2dc0, 0xc80f, 0x2dff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2e40, 0xc80f, 0x2e7f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ec0, 0xc80f, 0x2eff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2f40, 0xc80f, 0x2f7f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2fc0, 0xc80f, 0x2fff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3040, 0xc80f, 0x307f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x30c0, 0xc80f, 0x30ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3140, 0xc80f, 0x317f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x31c0, 0xc80f, 0x31ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3240, 0xc80f, 0x327f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x32c0, 0xc80f, 0x32ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3340, 0xc80f, 0x337f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x33c0, 0xc80f, 0x33ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3440, 0xc80f, 0x347f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x34c0, 0xc80f, 0x34ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3540, 0xc80f, 0x357f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x35c0, 0xc80f, 0x35ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3640, 0xc80f, 0x367f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x36c0, 0xc80f, 0x36ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3740, 0xc80f, 0x377f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x37c0, 0xc80f, 0x37ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3840, 0xc80f, 0x387f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x38c0, 0xc80f, 0x38ff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3940, 0xc80f, 0x397f, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x39c0, 0xc80f, 0xffff, 0xc80f, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1a00, 0xc810, 0x1fff, 0xc810, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3a00, 0xc810, 0x3fff, 0xc810, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5a00, 0xc810, 0x5fff, 0xc810, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7a00, 0xc810, 0x7fff, 0xc810, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9a00, 0xc810, 0x9fff, 0xc810, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xba00, 0xc810, 0xbfff, 0xc810, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xda00, 0xc810, 0xdfff, 0xc810, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xfa00, 0xc810, 0xffff, 0xc810, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1a00, 0xc811, 0x1fff, 0xc811, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3a00, 0xc811, 0x3fff, 0xc811, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5a00, 0xc811, 0x5fff, 0xc811, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7a00, 0xc811, 0x7fff, 0xc811, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9a00, 0xc811, 0x9fff, 0xc811, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xba00, 0xc811, 0xbfff, 0xc811, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xda00, 0xc811, 0xdfff, 0xc811, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xfa00, 0xc811, 0xffff, 0xc811, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1a00, 0xc812, 0x1fff, 0xc812, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3a00, 0xc812, 0x3fff, 0xc812, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5a00, 0xc812, 0x5fff, 0xc812, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7a00, 0xc812, 0x7fff, 0xc812, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9a00, 0xc812, 0x9fff, 0xc812, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xba00, 0xc812, 0xbfff, 0xc812, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xda00, 0xc812, 0xdfff, 0xc812, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xfa00, 0xc812, 0xffff, 0xc813, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1a00, 0xc814, 0x1fff, 0xc814, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3a00, 0xc814, 0x3fff, 0xc814, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5a00, 0xc814, 0x5fff, 0xc814, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7a00, 0xc814, 0x7fff, 0xc814, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9a00, 0xc814, 0x9fff, 0xc814, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xba00, 0xc814, 0xbfff, 0xc814, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xda00, 0xc814, 0xdfff, 0xc814, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xfa00, 0xc814, 0xffff, 0xc814, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1a00, 0xc815, 0x1fff, 0xc815, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3a00, 0xc815, 0x3fff, 0xc815, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5a00, 0xc815, 0x5fff, 0xc815, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7a00, 0xc815, 0x7fff, 0xc815, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9a00, 0xc815, 0x9fff, 0xc815, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xba00, 0xc815, 0xbfff, 0xc815, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xda00, 0xc815, 0xdfff, 0xc815, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xfa00, 0xc815, 0xffff, 0xc815, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1a00, 0xc816, 0x1fff, 0xc816, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3a00, 0xc816, 0x3fff, 0xc816, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5a00, 0xc816, 0x5fff, 0xc816, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7a00, 0xc816, 0x7fff, 0xc816, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9a00, 0xc816, 0x9fff, 0xc816, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xba00, 0xc816, 0xbfff, 0xc816, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xda00, 0xc816, 0xdfff, 0xc816, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xfa00, 0xc816, 0xffff, 0xc816, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1a00, 0xc817, 0x1fff, 0xc817, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3a00, 0xc817, 0x1fff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2040, 0xc818, 0x207f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x20c0, 0xc818, 0x20ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2140, 0xc818, 0x217f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x21c0, 0xc818, 0x21ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2240, 0xc818, 0x227f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x22c0, 0xc818, 0x22ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2340, 0xc818, 0x237f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x23c0, 0xc818, 0x23ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2440, 0xc818, 0x247f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x24c0, 0xc818, 0x24ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2540, 0xc818, 0x257f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x25c0, 0xc818, 0x25ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2640, 0xc818, 0x267f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x26c0, 0xc818, 0x26ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2740, 0xc818, 0x277f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x27c0, 0xc818, 0x27ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2840, 0xc818, 0x287f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x28c0, 0xc818, 0x28ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2940, 0xc818, 0x297f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x29c0, 0xc818, 0x29ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2a40, 0xc818, 0x2a7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ac0, 0xc818, 0x2aff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2b40, 0xc818, 0x2b7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2bc0, 0xc818, 0x2bff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2c40, 0xc818, 0x2c7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2cc0, 0xc818, 0x2cff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2d40, 0xc818, 0x2d7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2dc0, 0xc818, 0x2dff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2e40, 0xc818, 0x2e7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ec0, 0xc818, 0x2eff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2f40, 0xc818, 0x2f7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2fc0, 0xc818, 0x2fff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3040, 0xc818, 0x307f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x30c0, 0xc818, 0x30ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3140, 0xc818, 0x317f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x31c0, 0xc818, 0x31ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3240, 0xc818, 0x327f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x32c0, 0xc818, 0x32ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3340, 0xc818, 0x337f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x33c0, 0xc818, 0x33ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3440, 0xc818, 0x347f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x34c0, 0xc818, 0x34ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3540, 0xc818, 0x357f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x35c0, 0xc818, 0x35ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3640, 0xc818, 0x367f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x36c0, 0xc818, 0x36ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3740, 0xc818, 0x377f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x37c0, 0xc818, 0x37ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3840, 0xc818, 0x387f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x38c0, 0xc818, 0x38ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3940, 0xc818, 0x397f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x39c0, 0xc818, 0x5fff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6040, 0xc818, 0x607f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x60c0, 0xc818, 0x60ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6140, 0xc818, 0x617f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x61c0, 0xc818, 0x61ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6240, 0xc818, 0x627f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x62c0, 0xc818, 0x62ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6340, 0xc818, 0x637f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x63c0, 0xc818, 0x63ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6440, 0xc818, 0x647f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x64c0, 0xc818, 0x64ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6540, 0xc818, 0x657f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x65c0, 0xc818, 0x65ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6640, 0xc818, 0x667f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x66c0, 0xc818, 0x66ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6740, 0xc818, 0x677f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x67c0, 0xc818, 0x67ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6840, 0xc818, 0x687f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x68c0, 0xc818, 0x68ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6940, 0xc818, 0x697f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x69c0, 0xc818, 0x69ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6a40, 0xc818, 0x6a7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ac0, 0xc818, 0x6aff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6b40, 0xc818, 0x6b7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6bc0, 0xc818, 0x6bff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6c40, 0xc818, 0x6c7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6cc0, 0xc818, 0x6cff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6d40, 0xc818, 0x6d7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6dc0, 0xc818, 0x6dff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6e40, 0xc818, 0x6e7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ec0, 0xc818, 0x6eff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6f40, 0xc818, 0x6f7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6fc0, 0xc818, 0x6fff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7040, 0xc818, 0x707f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x70c0, 0xc818, 0x70ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7140, 0xc818, 0x717f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x71c0, 0xc818, 0x71ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7240, 0xc818, 0x727f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x72c0, 0xc818, 0x72ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7340, 0xc818, 0x737f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x73c0, 0xc818, 0x73ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7440, 0xc818, 0x747f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x74c0, 0xc818, 0x74ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7540, 0xc818, 0x757f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x75c0, 0xc818, 0x75ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7640, 0xc818, 0x767f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x76c0, 0xc818, 0x76ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7740, 0xc818, 0x777f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x77c0, 0xc818, 0x77ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7840, 0xc818, 0x787f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x78c0, 0xc818, 0x78ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7940, 0xc818, 0x797f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x79c0, 0xc818, 0x9fff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa040, 0xc818, 0xa07f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa0c0, 0xc818, 0xa0ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa140, 0xc818, 0xa17f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa1c0, 0xc818, 0xa1ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa240, 0xc818, 0xa27f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa2c0, 0xc818, 0xa2ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa340, 0xc818, 0xa37f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa3c0, 0xc818, 0xa3ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa440, 0xc818, 0xa47f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa4c0, 0xc818, 0xa4ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa540, 0xc818, 0xa57f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa5c0, 0xc818, 0xa5ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa640, 0xc818, 0xa67f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa6c0, 0xc818, 0xa6ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa740, 0xc818, 0xa77f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa7c0, 0xc818, 0xa7ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa840, 0xc818, 0xa87f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa8c0, 0xc818, 0xa8ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa940, 0xc818, 0xa97f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa9c0, 0xc818, 0xa9ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaa40, 0xc818, 0xaa7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaac0, 0xc818, 0xaaff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xab40, 0xc818, 0xab7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xabc0, 0xc818, 0xabff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xac40, 0xc818, 0xac7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xacc0, 0xc818, 0xacff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xad40, 0xc818, 0xad7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xadc0, 0xc818, 0xadff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xae40, 0xc818, 0xae7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaec0, 0xc818, 0xaeff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaf40, 0xc818, 0xaf7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xafc0, 0xc818, 0xafff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb040, 0xc818, 0xb07f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb0c0, 0xc818, 0xb0ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb140, 0xc818, 0xb17f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb1c0, 0xc818, 0xb1ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb240, 0xc818, 0xb27f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb2c0, 0xc818, 0xb2ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb340, 0xc818, 0xb37f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb3c0, 0xc818, 0xb3ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb440, 0xc818, 0xb47f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb4c0, 0xc818, 0xb4ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb540, 0xc818, 0xb57f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb5c0, 0xc818, 0xb5ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb640, 0xc818, 0xb67f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb6c0, 0xc818, 0xb6ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb740, 0xc818, 0xb77f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb7c0, 0xc818, 0xb7ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb840, 0xc818, 0xb87f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb8c0, 0xc818, 0xb8ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb940, 0xc818, 0xb97f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb9c0, 0xc818, 0xdfff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe040, 0xc818, 0xe07f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe0c0, 0xc818, 0xe0ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe140, 0xc818, 0xe17f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe1c0, 0xc818, 0xe1ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe240, 0xc818, 0xe27f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe2c0, 0xc818, 0xe2ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe340, 0xc818, 0xe37f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe3c0, 0xc818, 0xe3ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe440, 0xc818, 0xe47f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe4c0, 0xc818, 0xe4ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe540, 0xc818, 0xe57f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe5c0, 0xc818, 0xe5ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe640, 0xc818, 0xe67f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe6c0, 0xc818, 0xe6ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe740, 0xc818, 0xe77f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe7c0, 0xc818, 0xe7ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe840, 0xc818, 0xe87f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe8c0, 0xc818, 0xe8ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe940, 0xc818, 0xe97f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe9c0, 0xc818, 0xe9ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xea40, 0xc818, 0xea7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeac0, 0xc818, 0xeaff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeb40, 0xc818, 0xeb7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xebc0, 0xc818, 0xebff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xec40, 0xc818, 0xec7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xecc0, 0xc818, 0xecff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xed40, 0xc818, 0xed7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xedc0, 0xc818, 0xedff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xee40, 0xc818, 0xee7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeec0, 0xc818, 0xeeff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xef40, 0xc818, 0xef7f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xefc0, 0xc818, 0xefff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf040, 0xc818, 0xf07f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf0c0, 0xc818, 0xf0ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf140, 0xc818, 0xf17f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf1c0, 0xc818, 0xf1ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf240, 0xc818, 0xf27f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf2c0, 0xc818, 0xf2ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf340, 0xc818, 0xf37f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf3c0, 0xc818, 0xf3ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf440, 0xc818, 0xf47f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf4c0, 0xc818, 0xf4ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf540, 0xc818, 0xf57f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf5c0, 0xc818, 0xf5ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf640, 0xc818, 0xf67f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf6c0, 0xc818, 0xf6ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf740, 0xc818, 0xf77f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf7c0, 0xc818, 0xf7ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf840, 0xc818, 0xf87f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf8c0, 0xc818, 0xf8ff, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf940, 0xc818, 0xf97f, 0xc818, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf9c0, 0xc818, 0x1fff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2040, 0xc819, 0x207f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x20c0, 0xc819, 0x20ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2140, 0xc819, 0x217f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x21c0, 0xc819, 0x21ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2240, 0xc819, 0x227f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x22c0, 0xc819, 0x22ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2340, 0xc819, 0x237f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x23c0, 0xc819, 0x23ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2440, 0xc819, 0x247f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x24c0, 0xc819, 0x24ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2540, 0xc819, 0x257f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x25c0, 0xc819, 0x25ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2640, 0xc819, 0x267f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x26c0, 0xc819, 0x26ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2740, 0xc819, 0x277f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x27c0, 0xc819, 0x27ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2840, 0xc819, 0x287f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x28c0, 0xc819, 0x28ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2940, 0xc819, 0x297f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x29c0, 0xc819, 0x29ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2a40, 0xc819, 0x2a7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ac0, 0xc819, 0x2aff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2b40, 0xc819, 0x2b7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2bc0, 0xc819, 0x2bff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2c40, 0xc819, 0x2c7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2cc0, 0xc819, 0x2cff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2d40, 0xc819, 0x2d7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2dc0, 0xc819, 0x2dff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2e40, 0xc819, 0x2e7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ec0, 0xc819, 0x2eff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2f40, 0xc819, 0x2f7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2fc0, 0xc819, 0x2fff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3040, 0xc819, 0x307f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x30c0, 0xc819, 0x30ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3140, 0xc819, 0x317f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x31c0, 0xc819, 0x31ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3240, 0xc819, 0x327f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x32c0, 0xc819, 0x32ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3340, 0xc819, 0x337f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x33c0, 0xc819, 0x33ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3440, 0xc819, 0x347f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x34c0, 0xc819, 0x34ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3540, 0xc819, 0x357f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x35c0, 0xc819, 0x35ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3640, 0xc819, 0x367f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x36c0, 0xc819, 0x36ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3740, 0xc819, 0x377f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x37c0, 0xc819, 0x37ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3840, 0xc819, 0x387f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x38c0, 0xc819, 0x38ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3940, 0xc819, 0x397f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x39c0, 0xc819, 0x5fff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6040, 0xc819, 0x607f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x60c0, 0xc819, 0x60ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6140, 0xc819, 0x617f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x61c0, 0xc819, 0x61ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6240, 0xc819, 0x627f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x62c0, 0xc819, 0x62ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6340, 0xc819, 0x637f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x63c0, 0xc819, 0x63ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6440, 0xc819, 0x647f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x64c0, 0xc819, 0x64ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6540, 0xc819, 0x657f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x65c0, 0xc819, 0x65ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6640, 0xc819, 0x667f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x66c0, 0xc819, 0x66ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6740, 0xc819, 0x677f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x67c0, 0xc819, 0x67ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6840, 0xc819, 0x687f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x68c0, 0xc819, 0x68ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6940, 0xc819, 0x697f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x69c0, 0xc819, 0x69ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6a40, 0xc819, 0x6a7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ac0, 0xc819, 0x6aff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6b40, 0xc819, 0x6b7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6bc0, 0xc819, 0x6bff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6c40, 0xc819, 0x6c7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6cc0, 0xc819, 0x6cff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6d40, 0xc819, 0x6d7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6dc0, 0xc819, 0x6dff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6e40, 0xc819, 0x6e7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ec0, 0xc819, 0x6eff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6f40, 0xc819, 0x6f7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6fc0, 0xc819, 0x6fff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7040, 0xc819, 0x707f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x70c0, 0xc819, 0x70ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7140, 0xc819, 0x717f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x71c0, 0xc819, 0x71ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7240, 0xc819, 0x727f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x72c0, 0xc819, 0x72ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7340, 0xc819, 0x737f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x73c0, 0xc819, 0x73ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7440, 0xc819, 0x747f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x74c0, 0xc819, 0x74ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7540, 0xc819, 0x757f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x75c0, 0xc819, 0x75ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7640, 0xc819, 0x767f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x76c0, 0xc819, 0x76ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7740, 0xc819, 0x777f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x77c0, 0xc819, 0x77ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7840, 0xc819, 0x787f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x78c0, 0xc819, 0x78ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7940, 0xc819, 0x797f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x79c0, 0xc819, 0x9fff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa040, 0xc819, 0xa07f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa0c0, 0xc819, 0xa0ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa140, 0xc819, 0xa17f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa1c0, 0xc819, 0xa1ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa240, 0xc819, 0xa27f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa2c0, 0xc819, 0xa2ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa340, 0xc819, 0xa37f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa3c0, 0xc819, 0xa3ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa440, 0xc819, 0xa47f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa4c0, 0xc819, 0xa4ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa540, 0xc819, 0xa57f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa5c0, 0xc819, 0xa5ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa640, 0xc819, 0xa67f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa6c0, 0xc819, 0xa6ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa740, 0xc819, 0xa77f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa7c0, 0xc819, 0xa7ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa840, 0xc819, 0xa87f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa8c0, 0xc819, 0xa8ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa940, 0xc819, 0xa97f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa9c0, 0xc819, 0xa9ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaa40, 0xc819, 0xaa7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaac0, 0xc819, 0xaaff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xab40, 0xc819, 0xab7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xabc0, 0xc819, 0xabff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xac40, 0xc819, 0xac7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xacc0, 0xc819, 0xacff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xad40, 0xc819, 0xad7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xadc0, 0xc819, 0xadff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xae40, 0xc819, 0xae7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaec0, 0xc819, 0xaeff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaf40, 0xc819, 0xaf7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xafc0, 0xc819, 0xafff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb040, 0xc819, 0xb07f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb0c0, 0xc819, 0xb0ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb140, 0xc819, 0xb17f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb1c0, 0xc819, 0xb1ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb240, 0xc819, 0xb27f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb2c0, 0xc819, 0xb2ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb340, 0xc819, 0xb37f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb3c0, 0xc819, 0xb3ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb440, 0xc819, 0xb47f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb4c0, 0xc819, 0xb4ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb540, 0xc819, 0xb57f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb5c0, 0xc819, 0xb5ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb640, 0xc819, 0xb67f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb6c0, 0xc819, 0xb6ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb740, 0xc819, 0xb77f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb7c0, 0xc819, 0xb7ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb840, 0xc819, 0xb87f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb8c0, 0xc819, 0xb8ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb940, 0xc819, 0xb97f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb9c0, 0xc819, 0xdfff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe040, 0xc819, 0xe07f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe0c0, 0xc819, 0xe0ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe140, 0xc819, 0xe17f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe1c0, 0xc819, 0xe1ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe240, 0xc819, 0xe27f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe2c0, 0xc819, 0xe2ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe340, 0xc819, 0xe37f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe3c0, 0xc819, 0xe3ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe440, 0xc819, 0xe47f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe4c0, 0xc819, 0xe4ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe540, 0xc819, 0xe57f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe5c0, 0xc819, 0xe5ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe640, 0xc819, 0xe67f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe6c0, 0xc819, 0xe6ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe740, 0xc819, 0xe77f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe7c0, 0xc819, 0xe7ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe840, 0xc819, 0xe87f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe8c0, 0xc819, 0xe8ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe940, 0xc819, 0xe97f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe9c0, 0xc819, 0xe9ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xea40, 0xc819, 0xea7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeac0, 0xc819, 0xeaff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeb40, 0xc819, 0xeb7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xebc0, 0xc819, 0xebff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xec40, 0xc819, 0xec7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xecc0, 0xc819, 0xecff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xed40, 0xc819, 0xed7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xedc0, 0xc819, 0xedff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xee40, 0xc819, 0xee7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeec0, 0xc819, 0xeeff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xef40, 0xc819, 0xef7f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xefc0, 0xc819, 0xefff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf040, 0xc819, 0xf07f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf0c0, 0xc819, 0xf0ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf140, 0xc819, 0xf17f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf1c0, 0xc819, 0xf1ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf240, 0xc819, 0xf27f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf2c0, 0xc819, 0xf2ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf340, 0xc819, 0xf37f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf3c0, 0xc819, 0xf3ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf440, 0xc819, 0xf47f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf4c0, 0xc819, 0xf4ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf540, 0xc819, 0xf57f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf5c0, 0xc819, 0xf5ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf640, 0xc819, 0xf67f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf6c0, 0xc819, 0xf6ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf740, 0xc819, 0xf77f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf7c0, 0xc819, 0xf7ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf840, 0xc819, 0xf87f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf8c0, 0xc819, 0xf8ff, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf940, 0xc819, 0xf97f, 0xc819, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf9c0, 0xc819, 0x1fff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2040, 0xc81a, 0x207f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x20c0, 0xc81a, 0x20ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2140, 0xc81a, 0x217f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x21c0, 0xc81a, 0x21ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2240, 0xc81a, 0x227f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x22c0, 0xc81a, 0x22ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2340, 0xc81a, 0x237f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x23c0, 0xc81a, 0x23ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2440, 0xc81a, 0x247f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x24c0, 0xc81a, 0x24ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2540, 0xc81a, 0x257f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x25c0, 0xc81a, 0x25ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2640, 0xc81a, 0x267f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x26c0, 0xc81a, 0x26ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2740, 0xc81a, 0x277f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x27c0, 0xc81a, 0x27ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2840, 0xc81a, 0x287f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x28c0, 0xc81a, 0x28ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2940, 0xc81a, 0x297f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x29c0, 0xc81a, 0x29ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2a40, 0xc81a, 0x2a7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ac0, 0xc81a, 0x2aff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2b40, 0xc81a, 0x2b7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2bc0, 0xc81a, 0x2bff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2c40, 0xc81a, 0x2c7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2cc0, 0xc81a, 0x2cff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2d40, 0xc81a, 0x2d7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2dc0, 0xc81a, 0x2dff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2e40, 0xc81a, 0x2e7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ec0, 0xc81a, 0x2eff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2f40, 0xc81a, 0x2f7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2fc0, 0xc81a, 0x2fff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3040, 0xc81a, 0x307f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x30c0, 0xc81a, 0x30ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3140, 0xc81a, 0x317f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x31c0, 0xc81a, 0x31ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3240, 0xc81a, 0x327f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x32c0, 0xc81a, 0x32ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3340, 0xc81a, 0x337f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x33c0, 0xc81a, 0x33ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3440, 0xc81a, 0x347f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x34c0, 0xc81a, 0x34ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3540, 0xc81a, 0x357f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x35c0, 0xc81a, 0x35ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3640, 0xc81a, 0x367f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x36c0, 0xc81a, 0x36ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3740, 0xc81a, 0x377f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x37c0, 0xc81a, 0x37ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3840, 0xc81a, 0x387f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x38c0, 0xc81a, 0x38ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3940, 0xc81a, 0x397f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x39c0, 0xc81a, 0x5fff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6040, 0xc81a, 0x607f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x60c0, 0xc81a, 0x60ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6140, 0xc81a, 0x617f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x61c0, 0xc81a, 0x61ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6240, 0xc81a, 0x627f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x62c0, 0xc81a, 0x62ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6340, 0xc81a, 0x637f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x63c0, 0xc81a, 0x63ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6440, 0xc81a, 0x647f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x64c0, 0xc81a, 0x64ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6540, 0xc81a, 0x657f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x65c0, 0xc81a, 0x65ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6640, 0xc81a, 0x667f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x66c0, 0xc81a, 0x66ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6740, 0xc81a, 0x677f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x67c0, 0xc81a, 0x67ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6840, 0xc81a, 0x687f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x68c0, 0xc81a, 0x68ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6940, 0xc81a, 0x697f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x69c0, 0xc81a, 0x69ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6a40, 0xc81a, 0x6a7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ac0, 0xc81a, 0x6aff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6b40, 0xc81a, 0x6b7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6bc0, 0xc81a, 0x6bff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6c40, 0xc81a, 0x6c7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6cc0, 0xc81a, 0x6cff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6d40, 0xc81a, 0x6d7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6dc0, 0xc81a, 0x6dff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6e40, 0xc81a, 0x6e7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ec0, 0xc81a, 0x6eff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6f40, 0xc81a, 0x6f7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6fc0, 0xc81a, 0x6fff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7040, 0xc81a, 0x707f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x70c0, 0xc81a, 0x70ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7140, 0xc81a, 0x717f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x71c0, 0xc81a, 0x71ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7240, 0xc81a, 0x727f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x72c0, 0xc81a, 0x72ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7340, 0xc81a, 0x737f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x73c0, 0xc81a, 0x73ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7440, 0xc81a, 0x747f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x74c0, 0xc81a, 0x74ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7540, 0xc81a, 0x757f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x75c0, 0xc81a, 0x75ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7640, 0xc81a, 0x767f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x76c0, 0xc81a, 0x76ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7740, 0xc81a, 0x777f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x77c0, 0xc81a, 0x77ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7840, 0xc81a, 0x787f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x78c0, 0xc81a, 0x78ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7940, 0xc81a, 0x797f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x79c0, 0xc81a, 0x9fff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa040, 0xc81a, 0xa07f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa0c0, 0xc81a, 0xa0ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa140, 0xc81a, 0xa17f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa1c0, 0xc81a, 0xa1ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa240, 0xc81a, 0xa27f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa2c0, 0xc81a, 0xa2ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa340, 0xc81a, 0xa37f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa3c0, 0xc81a, 0xa3ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa440, 0xc81a, 0xa47f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa4c0, 0xc81a, 0xa4ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa540, 0xc81a, 0xa57f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa5c0, 0xc81a, 0xa5ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa640, 0xc81a, 0xa67f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa6c0, 0xc81a, 0xa6ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa740, 0xc81a, 0xa77f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa7c0, 0xc81a, 0xa7ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa840, 0xc81a, 0xa87f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa8c0, 0xc81a, 0xa8ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa940, 0xc81a, 0xa97f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa9c0, 0xc81a, 0xa9ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaa40, 0xc81a, 0xaa7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaac0, 0xc81a, 0xaaff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xab40, 0xc81a, 0xab7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xabc0, 0xc81a, 0xabff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xac40, 0xc81a, 0xac7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xacc0, 0xc81a, 0xacff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xad40, 0xc81a, 0xad7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xadc0, 0xc81a, 0xadff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xae40, 0xc81a, 0xae7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaec0, 0xc81a, 0xaeff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaf40, 0xc81a, 0xaf7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xafc0, 0xc81a, 0xafff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb040, 0xc81a, 0xb07f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb0c0, 0xc81a, 0xb0ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb140, 0xc81a, 0xb17f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb1c0, 0xc81a, 0xb1ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb240, 0xc81a, 0xb27f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb2c0, 0xc81a, 0xb2ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb340, 0xc81a, 0xb37f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb3c0, 0xc81a, 0xb3ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb440, 0xc81a, 0xb47f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb4c0, 0xc81a, 0xb4ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb540, 0xc81a, 0xb57f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb5c0, 0xc81a, 0xb5ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb640, 0xc81a, 0xb67f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb6c0, 0xc81a, 0xb6ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb740, 0xc81a, 0xb77f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb7c0, 0xc81a, 0xb7ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb840, 0xc81a, 0xb87f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb8c0, 0xc81a, 0xb8ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb940, 0xc81a, 0xb97f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb9c0, 0xc81a, 0xdfff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe040, 0xc81a, 0xe07f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe0c0, 0xc81a, 0xe0ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe140, 0xc81a, 0xe17f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe1c0, 0xc81a, 0xe1ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe240, 0xc81a, 0xe27f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe2c0, 0xc81a, 0xe2ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe340, 0xc81a, 0xe37f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe3c0, 0xc81a, 0xe3ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe440, 0xc81a, 0xe47f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe4c0, 0xc81a, 0xe4ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe540, 0xc81a, 0xe57f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe5c0, 0xc81a, 0xe5ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe640, 0xc81a, 0xe67f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe6c0, 0xc81a, 0xe6ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe740, 0xc81a, 0xe77f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe7c0, 0xc81a, 0xe7ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe840, 0xc81a, 0xe87f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe8c0, 0xc81a, 0xe8ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe940, 0xc81a, 0xe97f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe9c0, 0xc81a, 0xe9ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xea40, 0xc81a, 0xea7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeac0, 0xc81a, 0xeaff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeb40, 0xc81a, 0xeb7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xebc0, 0xc81a, 0xebff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xec40, 0xc81a, 0xec7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xecc0, 0xc81a, 0xecff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xed40, 0xc81a, 0xed7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xedc0, 0xc81a, 0xedff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xee40, 0xc81a, 0xee7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeec0, 0xc81a, 0xeeff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xef40, 0xc81a, 0xef7f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xefc0, 0xc81a, 0xefff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf040, 0xc81a, 0xf07f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf0c0, 0xc81a, 0xf0ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf140, 0xc81a, 0xf17f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf1c0, 0xc81a, 0xf1ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf240, 0xc81a, 0xf27f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf2c0, 0xc81a, 0xf2ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf340, 0xc81a, 0xf37f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf3c0, 0xc81a, 0xf3ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf440, 0xc81a, 0xf47f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf4c0, 0xc81a, 0xf4ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf540, 0xc81a, 0xf57f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf5c0, 0xc81a, 0xf5ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf640, 0xc81a, 0xf67f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf6c0, 0xc81a, 0xf6ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf740, 0xc81a, 0xf77f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf7c0, 0xc81a, 0xf7ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf840, 0xc81a, 0xf87f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf8c0, 0xc81a, 0xf8ff, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf940, 0xc81a, 0xf97f, 0xc81a, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf9c0, 0xc81a, 0xffff, 0xc81b, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0040, 0xc81c, 0x007f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x00c0, 0xc81c, 0x00ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0140, 0xc81c, 0x017f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x01c0, 0xc81c, 0x01ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0240, 0xc81c, 0x027f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x02c0, 0xc81c, 0x02ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0340, 0xc81c, 0x037f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x03c0, 0xc81c, 0x03ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0440, 0xc81c, 0x047f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x04c0, 0xc81c, 0x04ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0540, 0xc81c, 0x057f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x05c0, 0xc81c, 0x05ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0640, 0xc81c, 0x067f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x06c0, 0xc81c, 0x06ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0740, 0xc81c, 0x077f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x07c0, 0xc81c, 0x07ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0840, 0xc81c, 0x087f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x08c0, 0xc81c, 0x08ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0940, 0xc81c, 0x097f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x09c0, 0xc81c, 0x09ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0a40, 0xc81c, 0x0a7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0ac0, 0xc81c, 0x0aff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0b40, 0xc81c, 0x0b7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0bc0, 0xc81c, 0x0bff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0c40, 0xc81c, 0x0c7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0cc0, 0xc81c, 0x0cff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0d40, 0xc81c, 0x0d7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0dc0, 0xc81c, 0x0dff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0e40, 0xc81c, 0x0e7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0ec0, 0xc81c, 0x0eff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0f40, 0xc81c, 0x0f7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0fc0, 0xc81c, 0x0fff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1040, 0xc81c, 0x107f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x10c0, 0xc81c, 0x10ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1140, 0xc81c, 0x117f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x11c0, 0xc81c, 0x11ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1240, 0xc81c, 0x127f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x12c0, 0xc81c, 0x12ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1340, 0xc81c, 0x137f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x13c0, 0xc81c, 0x13ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1440, 0xc81c, 0x147f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x14c0, 0xc81c, 0x14ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1540, 0xc81c, 0x157f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x15c0, 0xc81c, 0x15ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1640, 0xc81c, 0x167f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x16c0, 0xc81c, 0x16ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1740, 0xc81c, 0x177f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x17c0, 0xc81c, 0x17ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1840, 0xc81c, 0x187f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x18c0, 0xc81c, 0x18ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1940, 0xc81c, 0x197f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x19c0, 0xc81c, 0x1fff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2040, 0xc81c, 0x207f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x20c0, 0xc81c, 0x20ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2140, 0xc81c, 0x217f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x21c0, 0xc81c, 0x21ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2240, 0xc81c, 0x227f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x22c0, 0xc81c, 0x22ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2340, 0xc81c, 0x237f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x23c0, 0xc81c, 0x23ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2440, 0xc81c, 0x247f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x24c0, 0xc81c, 0x24ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2540, 0xc81c, 0x257f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x25c0, 0xc81c, 0x25ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2640, 0xc81c, 0x267f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x26c0, 0xc81c, 0x26ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2740, 0xc81c, 0x277f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x27c0, 0xc81c, 0x27ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2840, 0xc81c, 0x287f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x28c0, 0xc81c, 0x28ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2940, 0xc81c, 0x297f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x29c0, 0xc81c, 0x29ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2a40, 0xc81c, 0x2a7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ac0, 0xc81c, 0x2aff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2b40, 0xc81c, 0x2b7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2bc0, 0xc81c, 0x2bff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2c40, 0xc81c, 0x2c7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2cc0, 0xc81c, 0x2cff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2d40, 0xc81c, 0x2d7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2dc0, 0xc81c, 0x2dff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2e40, 0xc81c, 0x2e7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ec0, 0xc81c, 0x2eff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2f40, 0xc81c, 0x2f7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2fc0, 0xc81c, 0x2fff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3040, 0xc81c, 0x307f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x30c0, 0xc81c, 0x30ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3140, 0xc81c, 0x317f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x31c0, 0xc81c, 0x31ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3240, 0xc81c, 0x327f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x32c0, 0xc81c, 0x32ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3340, 0xc81c, 0x337f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x33c0, 0xc81c, 0x33ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3440, 0xc81c, 0x347f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x34c0, 0xc81c, 0x34ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3540, 0xc81c, 0x357f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x35c0, 0xc81c, 0x35ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3640, 0xc81c, 0x367f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x36c0, 0xc81c, 0x36ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3740, 0xc81c, 0x377f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x37c0, 0xc81c, 0x37ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3840, 0xc81c, 0x387f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x38c0, 0xc81c, 0x38ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3940, 0xc81c, 0x397f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x39c0, 0xc81c, 0x3fff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4040, 0xc81c, 0x407f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x40c0, 0xc81c, 0x40ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4140, 0xc81c, 0x417f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x41c0, 0xc81c, 0x41ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4240, 0xc81c, 0x427f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x42c0, 0xc81c, 0x42ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4340, 0xc81c, 0x437f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x43c0, 0xc81c, 0x43ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4440, 0xc81c, 0x447f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x44c0, 0xc81c, 0x44ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4540, 0xc81c, 0x457f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x45c0, 0xc81c, 0x45ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4640, 0xc81c, 0x467f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x46c0, 0xc81c, 0x46ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4740, 0xc81c, 0x477f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x47c0, 0xc81c, 0x47ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4840, 0xc81c, 0x487f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x48c0, 0xc81c, 0x48ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4940, 0xc81c, 0x497f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x49c0, 0xc81c, 0x49ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4a40, 0xc81c, 0x4a7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4ac0, 0xc81c, 0x4aff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4b40, 0xc81c, 0x4b7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4bc0, 0xc81c, 0x4bff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4c40, 0xc81c, 0x4c7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4cc0, 0xc81c, 0x4cff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4d40, 0xc81c, 0x4d7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4dc0, 0xc81c, 0x4dff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4e40, 0xc81c, 0x4e7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4ec0, 0xc81c, 0x4eff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4f40, 0xc81c, 0x4f7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4fc0, 0xc81c, 0x4fff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5040, 0xc81c, 0x507f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x50c0, 0xc81c, 0x50ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5140, 0xc81c, 0x517f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x51c0, 0xc81c, 0x51ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5240, 0xc81c, 0x527f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x52c0, 0xc81c, 0x52ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5340, 0xc81c, 0x537f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x53c0, 0xc81c, 0x53ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5440, 0xc81c, 0x547f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x54c0, 0xc81c, 0x54ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5540, 0xc81c, 0x557f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x55c0, 0xc81c, 0x55ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5640, 0xc81c, 0x567f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x56c0, 0xc81c, 0x56ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5740, 0xc81c, 0x577f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x57c0, 0xc81c, 0x57ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5840, 0xc81c, 0x587f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x58c0, 0xc81c, 0x58ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5940, 0xc81c, 0x597f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x59c0, 0xc81c, 0x5fff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6040, 0xc81c, 0x607f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x60c0, 0xc81c, 0x60ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6140, 0xc81c, 0x617f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x61c0, 0xc81c, 0x61ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6240, 0xc81c, 0x627f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x62c0, 0xc81c, 0x62ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6340, 0xc81c, 0x637f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x63c0, 0xc81c, 0x63ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6440, 0xc81c, 0x647f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x64c0, 0xc81c, 0x64ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6540, 0xc81c, 0x657f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x65c0, 0xc81c, 0x65ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6640, 0xc81c, 0x667f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x66c0, 0xc81c, 0x66ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6740, 0xc81c, 0x677f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x67c0, 0xc81c, 0x67ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6840, 0xc81c, 0x687f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x68c0, 0xc81c, 0x68ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6940, 0xc81c, 0x697f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x69c0, 0xc81c, 0x69ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6a40, 0xc81c, 0x6a7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ac0, 0xc81c, 0x6aff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6b40, 0xc81c, 0x6b7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6bc0, 0xc81c, 0x6bff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6c40, 0xc81c, 0x6c7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6cc0, 0xc81c, 0x6cff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6d40, 0xc81c, 0x6d7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6dc0, 0xc81c, 0x6dff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6e40, 0xc81c, 0x6e7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ec0, 0xc81c, 0x6eff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6f40, 0xc81c, 0x6f7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6fc0, 0xc81c, 0x6fff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7040, 0xc81c, 0x707f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x70c0, 0xc81c, 0x70ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7140, 0xc81c, 0x717f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x71c0, 0xc81c, 0x71ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7240, 0xc81c, 0x727f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x72c0, 0xc81c, 0x72ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7340, 0xc81c, 0x737f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x73c0, 0xc81c, 0x73ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7440, 0xc81c, 0x747f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x74c0, 0xc81c, 0x74ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7540, 0xc81c, 0x757f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x75c0, 0xc81c, 0x75ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7640, 0xc81c, 0x767f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x76c0, 0xc81c, 0x76ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7740, 0xc81c, 0x777f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x77c0, 0xc81c, 0x77ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7840, 0xc81c, 0x787f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x78c0, 0xc81c, 0x78ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7940, 0xc81c, 0x797f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x79c0, 0xc81c, 0x7fff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8040, 0xc81c, 0x807f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x80c0, 0xc81c, 0x80ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8140, 0xc81c, 0x817f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x81c0, 0xc81c, 0x81ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8240, 0xc81c, 0x827f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x82c0, 0xc81c, 0x82ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8340, 0xc81c, 0x837f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x83c0, 0xc81c, 0x83ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8440, 0xc81c, 0x847f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x84c0, 0xc81c, 0x84ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8540, 0xc81c, 0x857f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x85c0, 0xc81c, 0x85ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8640, 0xc81c, 0x867f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x86c0, 0xc81c, 0x86ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8740, 0xc81c, 0x877f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x87c0, 0xc81c, 0x87ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8840, 0xc81c, 0x887f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x88c0, 0xc81c, 0x88ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8940, 0xc81c, 0x897f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x89c0, 0xc81c, 0x89ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8a40, 0xc81c, 0x8a7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8ac0, 0xc81c, 0x8aff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8b40, 0xc81c, 0x8b7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8bc0, 0xc81c, 0x8bff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8c40, 0xc81c, 0x8c7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8cc0, 0xc81c, 0x8cff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8d40, 0xc81c, 0x8d7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8dc0, 0xc81c, 0x8dff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8e40, 0xc81c, 0x8e7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8ec0, 0xc81c, 0x8eff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8f40, 0xc81c, 0x8f7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8fc0, 0xc81c, 0x8fff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9040, 0xc81c, 0x907f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x90c0, 0xc81c, 0x90ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9140, 0xc81c, 0x917f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x91c0, 0xc81c, 0x91ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9240, 0xc81c, 0x927f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x92c0, 0xc81c, 0x92ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9340, 0xc81c, 0x937f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x93c0, 0xc81c, 0x93ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9440, 0xc81c, 0x947f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x94c0, 0xc81c, 0x94ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9540, 0xc81c, 0x957f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x95c0, 0xc81c, 0x95ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9640, 0xc81c, 0x967f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x96c0, 0xc81c, 0x96ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9740, 0xc81c, 0x977f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x97c0, 0xc81c, 0x97ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9840, 0xc81c, 0x987f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x98c0, 0xc81c, 0x98ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9940, 0xc81c, 0x997f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x99c0, 0xc81c, 0x9fff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa040, 0xc81c, 0xa07f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa0c0, 0xc81c, 0xa0ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa140, 0xc81c, 0xa17f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa1c0, 0xc81c, 0xa1ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa240, 0xc81c, 0xa27f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa2c0, 0xc81c, 0xa2ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa340, 0xc81c, 0xa37f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa3c0, 0xc81c, 0xa3ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa440, 0xc81c, 0xa47f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa4c0, 0xc81c, 0xa4ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa540, 0xc81c, 0xa57f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa5c0, 0xc81c, 0xa5ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa640, 0xc81c, 0xa67f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa6c0, 0xc81c, 0xa6ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa740, 0xc81c, 0xa77f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa7c0, 0xc81c, 0xa7ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa840, 0xc81c, 0xa87f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa8c0, 0xc81c, 0xa8ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa940, 0xc81c, 0xa97f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa9c0, 0xc81c, 0xa9ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaa40, 0xc81c, 0xaa7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaac0, 0xc81c, 0xaaff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xab40, 0xc81c, 0xab7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xabc0, 0xc81c, 0xabff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xac40, 0xc81c, 0xac7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xacc0, 0xc81c, 0xacff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xad40, 0xc81c, 0xad7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xadc0, 0xc81c, 0xadff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xae40, 0xc81c, 0xae7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaec0, 0xc81c, 0xaeff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaf40, 0xc81c, 0xaf7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xafc0, 0xc81c, 0xafff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb040, 0xc81c, 0xb07f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb0c0, 0xc81c, 0xb0ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb140, 0xc81c, 0xb17f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb1c0, 0xc81c, 0xb1ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb240, 0xc81c, 0xb27f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb2c0, 0xc81c, 0xb2ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb340, 0xc81c, 0xb37f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb3c0, 0xc81c, 0xb3ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb440, 0xc81c, 0xb47f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb4c0, 0xc81c, 0xb4ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb540, 0xc81c, 0xb57f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb5c0, 0xc81c, 0xb5ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb640, 0xc81c, 0xb67f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb6c0, 0xc81c, 0xb6ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb740, 0xc81c, 0xb77f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb7c0, 0xc81c, 0xb7ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb840, 0xc81c, 0xb87f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb8c0, 0xc81c, 0xb8ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb940, 0xc81c, 0xb97f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb9c0, 0xc81c, 0xbfff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc040, 0xc81c, 0xc07f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc0c0, 0xc81c, 0xc0ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc140, 0xc81c, 0xc17f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc1c0, 0xc81c, 0xc1ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc240, 0xc81c, 0xc27f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc2c0, 0xc81c, 0xc2ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc340, 0xc81c, 0xc37f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc3c0, 0xc81c, 0xc3ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc440, 0xc81c, 0xc47f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc4c0, 0xc81c, 0xc4ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc540, 0xc81c, 0xc57f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc5c0, 0xc81c, 0xc5ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc640, 0xc81c, 0xc67f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc6c0, 0xc81c, 0xc6ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc740, 0xc81c, 0xc77f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc7c0, 0xc81c, 0xc7ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc840, 0xc81c, 0xc87f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc8c0, 0xc81c, 0xc8ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc940, 0xc81c, 0xc97f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc9c0, 0xc81c, 0xc9ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xca40, 0xc81c, 0xca7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcac0, 0xc81c, 0xcaff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcb40, 0xc81c, 0xcb7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcbc0, 0xc81c, 0xcbff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcc40, 0xc81c, 0xcc7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xccc0, 0xc81c, 0xccff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcd40, 0xc81c, 0xcd7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcdc0, 0xc81c, 0xcdff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xce40, 0xc81c, 0xce7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcec0, 0xc81c, 0xceff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcf40, 0xc81c, 0xcf7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcfc0, 0xc81c, 0xcfff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd040, 0xc81c, 0xd07f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd0c0, 0xc81c, 0xd0ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd140, 0xc81c, 0xd17f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd1c0, 0xc81c, 0xd1ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd240, 0xc81c, 0xd27f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd2c0, 0xc81c, 0xd2ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd340, 0xc81c, 0xd37f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd3c0, 0xc81c, 0xd3ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd440, 0xc81c, 0xd47f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd4c0, 0xc81c, 0xd4ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd540, 0xc81c, 0xd57f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd5c0, 0xc81c, 0xd5ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd640, 0xc81c, 0xd67f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd6c0, 0xc81c, 0xd6ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd740, 0xc81c, 0xd77f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd7c0, 0xc81c, 0xd7ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd840, 0xc81c, 0xd87f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd8c0, 0xc81c, 0xd8ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd940, 0xc81c, 0xd97f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd9c0, 0xc81c, 0xdfff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe040, 0xc81c, 0xe07f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe0c0, 0xc81c, 0xe0ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe140, 0xc81c, 0xe17f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe1c0, 0xc81c, 0xe1ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe240, 0xc81c, 0xe27f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe2c0, 0xc81c, 0xe2ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe340, 0xc81c, 0xe37f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe3c0, 0xc81c, 0xe3ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe440, 0xc81c, 0xe47f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe4c0, 0xc81c, 0xe4ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe540, 0xc81c, 0xe57f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe5c0, 0xc81c, 0xe5ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe640, 0xc81c, 0xe67f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe6c0, 0xc81c, 0xe6ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe740, 0xc81c, 0xe77f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe7c0, 0xc81c, 0xe7ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe840, 0xc81c, 0xe87f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe8c0, 0xc81c, 0xe8ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe940, 0xc81c, 0xe97f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe9c0, 0xc81c, 0xe9ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xea40, 0xc81c, 0xea7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeac0, 0xc81c, 0xeaff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeb40, 0xc81c, 0xeb7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xebc0, 0xc81c, 0xebff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xec40, 0xc81c, 0xec7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xecc0, 0xc81c, 0xecff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xed40, 0xc81c, 0xed7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xedc0, 0xc81c, 0xedff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xee40, 0xc81c, 0xee7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeec0, 0xc81c, 0xeeff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xef40, 0xc81c, 0xef7f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xefc0, 0xc81c, 0xefff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf040, 0xc81c, 0xf07f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf0c0, 0xc81c, 0xf0ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf140, 0xc81c, 0xf17f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf1c0, 0xc81c, 0xf1ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf240, 0xc81c, 0xf27f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf2c0, 0xc81c, 0xf2ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf340, 0xc81c, 0xf37f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf3c0, 0xc81c, 0xf3ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf440, 0xc81c, 0xf47f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf4c0, 0xc81c, 0xf4ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf540, 0xc81c, 0xf57f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf5c0, 0xc81c, 0xf5ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf640, 0xc81c, 0xf67f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf6c0, 0xc81c, 0xf6ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf740, 0xc81c, 0xf77f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf7c0, 0xc81c, 0xf7ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf840, 0xc81c, 0xf87f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf8c0, 0xc81c, 0xf8ff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf940, 0xc81c, 0xf97f, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf9c0, 0xc81c, 0xffff, 0xc81c, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0040, 0xc81d, 0x007f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x00c0, 0xc81d, 0x00ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0140, 0xc81d, 0x017f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x01c0, 0xc81d, 0x01ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0240, 0xc81d, 0x027f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x02c0, 0xc81d, 0x02ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0340, 0xc81d, 0x037f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x03c0, 0xc81d, 0x03ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0440, 0xc81d, 0x047f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x04c0, 0xc81d, 0x04ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0540, 0xc81d, 0x057f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x05c0, 0xc81d, 0x05ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0640, 0xc81d, 0x067f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x06c0, 0xc81d, 0x06ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0740, 0xc81d, 0x077f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x07c0, 0xc81d, 0x07ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0840, 0xc81d, 0x087f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x08c0, 0xc81d, 0x08ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0940, 0xc81d, 0x097f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x09c0, 0xc81d, 0x09ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0a40, 0xc81d, 0x0a7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0ac0, 0xc81d, 0x0aff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0b40, 0xc81d, 0x0b7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0bc0, 0xc81d, 0x0bff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0c40, 0xc81d, 0x0c7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0cc0, 0xc81d, 0x0cff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0d40, 0xc81d, 0x0d7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0dc0, 0xc81d, 0x0dff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0e40, 0xc81d, 0x0e7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0ec0, 0xc81d, 0x0eff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0f40, 0xc81d, 0x0f7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0fc0, 0xc81d, 0x0fff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1040, 0xc81d, 0x107f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x10c0, 0xc81d, 0x10ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1140, 0xc81d, 0x117f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x11c0, 0xc81d, 0x11ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1240, 0xc81d, 0x127f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x12c0, 0xc81d, 0x12ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1340, 0xc81d, 0x137f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x13c0, 0xc81d, 0x13ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1440, 0xc81d, 0x147f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x14c0, 0xc81d, 0x14ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1540, 0xc81d, 0x157f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x15c0, 0xc81d, 0x15ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1640, 0xc81d, 0x167f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x16c0, 0xc81d, 0x16ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1740, 0xc81d, 0x177f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x17c0, 0xc81d, 0x17ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1840, 0xc81d, 0x187f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x18c0, 0xc81d, 0x18ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1940, 0xc81d, 0x197f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x19c0, 0xc81d, 0x1fff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2040, 0xc81d, 0x207f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x20c0, 0xc81d, 0x20ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2140, 0xc81d, 0x217f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x21c0, 0xc81d, 0x21ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2240, 0xc81d, 0x227f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x22c0, 0xc81d, 0x22ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2340, 0xc81d, 0x237f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x23c0, 0xc81d, 0x23ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2440, 0xc81d, 0x247f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x24c0, 0xc81d, 0x24ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2540, 0xc81d, 0x257f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x25c0, 0xc81d, 0x25ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2640, 0xc81d, 0x267f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x26c0, 0xc81d, 0x26ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2740, 0xc81d, 0x277f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x27c0, 0xc81d, 0x27ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2840, 0xc81d, 0x287f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x28c0, 0xc81d, 0x28ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2940, 0xc81d, 0x297f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x29c0, 0xc81d, 0x29ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2a40, 0xc81d, 0x2a7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ac0, 0xc81d, 0x2aff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2b40, 0xc81d, 0x2b7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2bc0, 0xc81d, 0x2bff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2c40, 0xc81d, 0x2c7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2cc0, 0xc81d, 0x2cff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2d40, 0xc81d, 0x2d7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2dc0, 0xc81d, 0x2dff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2e40, 0xc81d, 0x2e7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ec0, 0xc81d, 0x2eff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2f40, 0xc81d, 0x2f7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2fc0, 0xc81d, 0x2fff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3040, 0xc81d, 0x307f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x30c0, 0xc81d, 0x30ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3140, 0xc81d, 0x317f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x31c0, 0xc81d, 0x31ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3240, 0xc81d, 0x327f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x32c0, 0xc81d, 0x32ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3340, 0xc81d, 0x337f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x33c0, 0xc81d, 0x33ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3440, 0xc81d, 0x347f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x34c0, 0xc81d, 0x34ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3540, 0xc81d, 0x357f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x35c0, 0xc81d, 0x35ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3640, 0xc81d, 0x367f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x36c0, 0xc81d, 0x36ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3740, 0xc81d, 0x377f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x37c0, 0xc81d, 0x37ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3840, 0xc81d, 0x387f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x38c0, 0xc81d, 0x38ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3940, 0xc81d, 0x397f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x39c0, 0xc81d, 0x3fff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4040, 0xc81d, 0x407f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x40c0, 0xc81d, 0x40ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4140, 0xc81d, 0x417f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x41c0, 0xc81d, 0x41ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4240, 0xc81d, 0x427f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x42c0, 0xc81d, 0x42ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4340, 0xc81d, 0x437f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x43c0, 0xc81d, 0x43ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4440, 0xc81d, 0x447f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x44c0, 0xc81d, 0x44ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4540, 0xc81d, 0x457f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x45c0, 0xc81d, 0x45ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4640, 0xc81d, 0x467f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x46c0, 0xc81d, 0x46ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4740, 0xc81d, 0x477f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x47c0, 0xc81d, 0x47ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4840, 0xc81d, 0x487f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x48c0, 0xc81d, 0x48ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4940, 0xc81d, 0x497f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x49c0, 0xc81d, 0x49ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4a40, 0xc81d, 0x4a7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4ac0, 0xc81d, 0x4aff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4b40, 0xc81d, 0x4b7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4bc0, 0xc81d, 0x4bff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4c40, 0xc81d, 0x4c7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4cc0, 0xc81d, 0x4cff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4d40, 0xc81d, 0x4d7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4dc0, 0xc81d, 0x4dff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4e40, 0xc81d, 0x4e7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4ec0, 0xc81d, 0x4eff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4f40, 0xc81d, 0x4f7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4fc0, 0xc81d, 0x4fff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5040, 0xc81d, 0x507f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x50c0, 0xc81d, 0x50ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5140, 0xc81d, 0x517f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x51c0, 0xc81d, 0x51ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5240, 0xc81d, 0x527f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x52c0, 0xc81d, 0x52ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5340, 0xc81d, 0x537f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x53c0, 0xc81d, 0x53ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5440, 0xc81d, 0x547f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x54c0, 0xc81d, 0x54ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5540, 0xc81d, 0x557f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x55c0, 0xc81d, 0x55ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5640, 0xc81d, 0x567f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x56c0, 0xc81d, 0x56ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5740, 0xc81d, 0x577f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x57c0, 0xc81d, 0x57ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5840, 0xc81d, 0x587f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x58c0, 0xc81d, 0x58ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5940, 0xc81d, 0x597f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x59c0, 0xc81d, 0x5fff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6040, 0xc81d, 0x607f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x60c0, 0xc81d, 0x60ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6140, 0xc81d, 0x617f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x61c0, 0xc81d, 0x61ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6240, 0xc81d, 0x627f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x62c0, 0xc81d, 0x62ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6340, 0xc81d, 0x637f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x63c0, 0xc81d, 0x63ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6440, 0xc81d, 0x647f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x64c0, 0xc81d, 0x64ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6540, 0xc81d, 0x657f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x65c0, 0xc81d, 0x65ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6640, 0xc81d, 0x667f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x66c0, 0xc81d, 0x66ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6740, 0xc81d, 0x677f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x67c0, 0xc81d, 0x67ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6840, 0xc81d, 0x687f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x68c0, 0xc81d, 0x68ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6940, 0xc81d, 0x697f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x69c0, 0xc81d, 0x69ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6a40, 0xc81d, 0x6a7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ac0, 0xc81d, 0x6aff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6b40, 0xc81d, 0x6b7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6bc0, 0xc81d, 0x6bff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6c40, 0xc81d, 0x6c7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6cc0, 0xc81d, 0x6cff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6d40, 0xc81d, 0x6d7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6dc0, 0xc81d, 0x6dff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6e40, 0xc81d, 0x6e7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ec0, 0xc81d, 0x6eff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6f40, 0xc81d, 0x6f7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6fc0, 0xc81d, 0x6fff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7040, 0xc81d, 0x707f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x70c0, 0xc81d, 0x70ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7140, 0xc81d, 0x717f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x71c0, 0xc81d, 0x71ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7240, 0xc81d, 0x727f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x72c0, 0xc81d, 0x72ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7340, 0xc81d, 0x737f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x73c0, 0xc81d, 0x73ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7440, 0xc81d, 0x747f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x74c0, 0xc81d, 0x74ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7540, 0xc81d, 0x757f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x75c0, 0xc81d, 0x75ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7640, 0xc81d, 0x767f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x76c0, 0xc81d, 0x76ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7740, 0xc81d, 0x777f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x77c0, 0xc81d, 0x77ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7840, 0xc81d, 0x787f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x78c0, 0xc81d, 0x78ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7940, 0xc81d, 0x797f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x79c0, 0xc81d, 0x7fff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8040, 0xc81d, 0x807f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x80c0, 0xc81d, 0x80ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8140, 0xc81d, 0x817f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x81c0, 0xc81d, 0x81ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8240, 0xc81d, 0x827f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x82c0, 0xc81d, 0x82ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8340, 0xc81d, 0x837f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x83c0, 0xc81d, 0x83ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8440, 0xc81d, 0x847f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x84c0, 0xc81d, 0x84ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8540, 0xc81d, 0x857f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x85c0, 0xc81d, 0x85ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8640, 0xc81d, 0x867f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x86c0, 0xc81d, 0x86ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8740, 0xc81d, 0x877f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x87c0, 0xc81d, 0x87ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8840, 0xc81d, 0x887f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x88c0, 0xc81d, 0x88ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8940, 0xc81d, 0x897f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x89c0, 0xc81d, 0x89ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8a40, 0xc81d, 0x8a7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8ac0, 0xc81d, 0x8aff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8b40, 0xc81d, 0x8b7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8bc0, 0xc81d, 0x8bff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8c40, 0xc81d, 0x8c7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8cc0, 0xc81d, 0x8cff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8d40, 0xc81d, 0x8d7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8dc0, 0xc81d, 0x8dff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8e40, 0xc81d, 0x8e7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8ec0, 0xc81d, 0x8eff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8f40, 0xc81d, 0x8f7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8fc0, 0xc81d, 0x8fff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9040, 0xc81d, 0x907f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x90c0, 0xc81d, 0x90ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9140, 0xc81d, 0x917f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x91c0, 0xc81d, 0x91ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9240, 0xc81d, 0x927f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x92c0, 0xc81d, 0x92ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9340, 0xc81d, 0x937f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x93c0, 0xc81d, 0x93ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9440, 0xc81d, 0x947f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x94c0, 0xc81d, 0x94ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9540, 0xc81d, 0x957f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x95c0, 0xc81d, 0x95ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9640, 0xc81d, 0x967f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x96c0, 0xc81d, 0x96ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9740, 0xc81d, 0x977f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x97c0, 0xc81d, 0x97ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9840, 0xc81d, 0x987f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x98c0, 0xc81d, 0x98ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9940, 0xc81d, 0x997f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x99c0, 0xc81d, 0x9fff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa040, 0xc81d, 0xa07f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa0c0, 0xc81d, 0xa0ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa140, 0xc81d, 0xa17f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa1c0, 0xc81d, 0xa1ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa240, 0xc81d, 0xa27f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa2c0, 0xc81d, 0xa2ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa340, 0xc81d, 0xa37f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa3c0, 0xc81d, 0xa3ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa440, 0xc81d, 0xa47f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa4c0, 0xc81d, 0xa4ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa540, 0xc81d, 0xa57f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa5c0, 0xc81d, 0xa5ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa640, 0xc81d, 0xa67f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa6c0, 0xc81d, 0xa6ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa740, 0xc81d, 0xa77f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa7c0, 0xc81d, 0xa7ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa840, 0xc81d, 0xa87f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa8c0, 0xc81d, 0xa8ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa940, 0xc81d, 0xa97f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa9c0, 0xc81d, 0xa9ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaa40, 0xc81d, 0xaa7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaac0, 0xc81d, 0xaaff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xab40, 0xc81d, 0xab7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xabc0, 0xc81d, 0xabff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xac40, 0xc81d, 0xac7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xacc0, 0xc81d, 0xacff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xad40, 0xc81d, 0xad7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xadc0, 0xc81d, 0xadff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xae40, 0xc81d, 0xae7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaec0, 0xc81d, 0xaeff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaf40, 0xc81d, 0xaf7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xafc0, 0xc81d, 0xafff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb040, 0xc81d, 0xb07f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb0c0, 0xc81d, 0xb0ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb140, 0xc81d, 0xb17f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb1c0, 0xc81d, 0xb1ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb240, 0xc81d, 0xb27f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb2c0, 0xc81d, 0xb2ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb340, 0xc81d, 0xb37f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb3c0, 0xc81d, 0xb3ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb440, 0xc81d, 0xb47f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb4c0, 0xc81d, 0xb4ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb540, 0xc81d, 0xb57f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb5c0, 0xc81d, 0xb5ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb640, 0xc81d, 0xb67f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb6c0, 0xc81d, 0xb6ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb740, 0xc81d, 0xb77f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb7c0, 0xc81d, 0xb7ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb840, 0xc81d, 0xb87f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb8c0, 0xc81d, 0xb8ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb940, 0xc81d, 0xb97f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb9c0, 0xc81d, 0xbfff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc040, 0xc81d, 0xc07f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc0c0, 0xc81d, 0xc0ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc140, 0xc81d, 0xc17f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc1c0, 0xc81d, 0xc1ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc240, 0xc81d, 0xc27f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc2c0, 0xc81d, 0xc2ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc340, 0xc81d, 0xc37f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc3c0, 0xc81d, 0xc3ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc440, 0xc81d, 0xc47f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc4c0, 0xc81d, 0xc4ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc540, 0xc81d, 0xc57f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc5c0, 0xc81d, 0xc5ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc640, 0xc81d, 0xc67f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc6c0, 0xc81d, 0xc6ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc740, 0xc81d, 0xc77f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc7c0, 0xc81d, 0xc7ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc840, 0xc81d, 0xc87f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc8c0, 0xc81d, 0xc8ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc940, 0xc81d, 0xc97f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc9c0, 0xc81d, 0xc9ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xca40, 0xc81d, 0xca7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcac0, 0xc81d, 0xcaff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcb40, 0xc81d, 0xcb7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcbc0, 0xc81d, 0xcbff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcc40, 0xc81d, 0xcc7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xccc0, 0xc81d, 0xccff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcd40, 0xc81d, 0xcd7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcdc0, 0xc81d, 0xcdff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xce40, 0xc81d, 0xce7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcec0, 0xc81d, 0xceff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcf40, 0xc81d, 0xcf7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcfc0, 0xc81d, 0xcfff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd040, 0xc81d, 0xd07f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd0c0, 0xc81d, 0xd0ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd140, 0xc81d, 0xd17f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd1c0, 0xc81d, 0xd1ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd240, 0xc81d, 0xd27f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd2c0, 0xc81d, 0xd2ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd340, 0xc81d, 0xd37f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd3c0, 0xc81d, 0xd3ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd440, 0xc81d, 0xd47f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd4c0, 0xc81d, 0xd4ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd540, 0xc81d, 0xd57f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd5c0, 0xc81d, 0xd5ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd640, 0xc81d, 0xd67f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd6c0, 0xc81d, 0xd6ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd740, 0xc81d, 0xd77f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd7c0, 0xc81d, 0xd7ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd840, 0xc81d, 0xd87f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd8c0, 0xc81d, 0xd8ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd940, 0xc81d, 0xd97f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd9c0, 0xc81d, 0xdfff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe040, 0xc81d, 0xe07f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe0c0, 0xc81d, 0xe0ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe140, 0xc81d, 0xe17f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe1c0, 0xc81d, 0xe1ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe240, 0xc81d, 0xe27f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe2c0, 0xc81d, 0xe2ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe340, 0xc81d, 0xe37f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe3c0, 0xc81d, 0xe3ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe440, 0xc81d, 0xe47f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe4c0, 0xc81d, 0xe4ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe540, 0xc81d, 0xe57f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe5c0, 0xc81d, 0xe5ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe640, 0xc81d, 0xe67f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe6c0, 0xc81d, 0xe6ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe740, 0xc81d, 0xe77f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe7c0, 0xc81d, 0xe7ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe840, 0xc81d, 0xe87f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe8c0, 0xc81d, 0xe8ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe940, 0xc81d, 0xe97f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe9c0, 0xc81d, 0xe9ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xea40, 0xc81d, 0xea7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeac0, 0xc81d, 0xeaff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeb40, 0xc81d, 0xeb7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xebc0, 0xc81d, 0xebff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xec40, 0xc81d, 0xec7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xecc0, 0xc81d, 0xecff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xed40, 0xc81d, 0xed7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xedc0, 0xc81d, 0xedff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xee40, 0xc81d, 0xee7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeec0, 0xc81d, 0xeeff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xef40, 0xc81d, 0xef7f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xefc0, 0xc81d, 0xefff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf040, 0xc81d, 0xf07f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf0c0, 0xc81d, 0xf0ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf140, 0xc81d, 0xf17f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf1c0, 0xc81d, 0xf1ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf240, 0xc81d, 0xf27f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf2c0, 0xc81d, 0xf2ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf340, 0xc81d, 0xf37f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf3c0, 0xc81d, 0xf3ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf440, 0xc81d, 0xf47f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf4c0, 0xc81d, 0xf4ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf540, 0xc81d, 0xf57f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf5c0, 0xc81d, 0xf5ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf640, 0xc81d, 0xf67f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf6c0, 0xc81d, 0xf6ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf740, 0xc81d, 0xf77f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf7c0, 0xc81d, 0xf7ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf840, 0xc81d, 0xf87f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf8c0, 0xc81d, 0xf8ff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf940, 0xc81d, 0xf97f, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xf9c0, 0xc81d, 0xffff, 0xc81d, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0040, 0xc81e, 0x007f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x00c0, 0xc81e, 0x00ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0140, 0xc81e, 0x017f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x01c0, 0xc81e, 0x01ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0240, 0xc81e, 0x027f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x02c0, 0xc81e, 0x02ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0340, 0xc81e, 0x037f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x03c0, 0xc81e, 0x03ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0440, 0xc81e, 0x047f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x04c0, 0xc81e, 0x04ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0540, 0xc81e, 0x057f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x05c0, 0xc81e, 0x05ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0640, 0xc81e, 0x067f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x06c0, 0xc81e, 0x06ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0740, 0xc81e, 0x077f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x07c0, 0xc81e, 0x07ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0840, 0xc81e, 0x087f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x08c0, 0xc81e, 0x08ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0940, 0xc81e, 0x097f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x09c0, 0xc81e, 0x09ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0a40, 0xc81e, 0x0a7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0ac0, 0xc81e, 0x0aff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0b40, 0xc81e, 0x0b7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0bc0, 0xc81e, 0x0bff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0c40, 0xc81e, 0x0c7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0cc0, 0xc81e, 0x0cff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0d40, 0xc81e, 0x0d7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0dc0, 0xc81e, 0x0dff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0e40, 0xc81e, 0x0e7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0ec0, 0xc81e, 0x0eff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0f40, 0xc81e, 0x0f7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x0fc0, 0xc81e, 0x0fff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1040, 0xc81e, 0x107f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x10c0, 0xc81e, 0x10ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1140, 0xc81e, 0x117f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x11c0, 0xc81e, 0x11ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1240, 0xc81e, 0x127f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x12c0, 0xc81e, 0x12ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1340, 0xc81e, 0x137f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x13c0, 0xc81e, 0x13ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1440, 0xc81e, 0x147f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x14c0, 0xc81e, 0x14ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1540, 0xc81e, 0x157f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x15c0, 0xc81e, 0x15ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1640, 0xc81e, 0x167f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x16c0, 0xc81e, 0x16ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1740, 0xc81e, 0x177f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x17c0, 0xc81e, 0x17ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1840, 0xc81e, 0x187f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x18c0, 0xc81e, 0x18ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x1940, 0xc81e, 0x197f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x19c0, 0xc81e, 0x1fff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2040, 0xc81e, 0x207f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x20c0, 0xc81e, 0x20ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2140, 0xc81e, 0x217f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x21c0, 0xc81e, 0x21ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2240, 0xc81e, 0x227f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x22c0, 0xc81e, 0x22ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2340, 0xc81e, 0x237f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x23c0, 0xc81e, 0x23ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2440, 0xc81e, 0x247f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x24c0, 0xc81e, 0x24ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2540, 0xc81e, 0x257f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x25c0, 0xc81e, 0x25ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2640, 0xc81e, 0x267f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x26c0, 0xc81e, 0x26ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2740, 0xc81e, 0x277f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x27c0, 0xc81e, 0x27ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2840, 0xc81e, 0x287f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x28c0, 0xc81e, 0x28ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2940, 0xc81e, 0x297f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x29c0, 0xc81e, 0x29ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2a40, 0xc81e, 0x2a7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ac0, 0xc81e, 0x2aff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2b40, 0xc81e, 0x2b7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2bc0, 0xc81e, 0x2bff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2c40, 0xc81e, 0x2c7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2cc0, 0xc81e, 0x2cff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2d40, 0xc81e, 0x2d7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2dc0, 0xc81e, 0x2dff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2e40, 0xc81e, 0x2e7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2ec0, 0xc81e, 0x2eff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2f40, 0xc81e, 0x2f7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x2fc0, 0xc81e, 0x2fff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3040, 0xc81e, 0x307f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x30c0, 0xc81e, 0x30ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3140, 0xc81e, 0x317f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x31c0, 0xc81e, 0x31ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3240, 0xc81e, 0x327f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x32c0, 0xc81e, 0x32ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3340, 0xc81e, 0x337f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x33c0, 0xc81e, 0x33ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3440, 0xc81e, 0x347f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x34c0, 0xc81e, 0x34ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3540, 0xc81e, 0x357f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x35c0, 0xc81e, 0x35ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3640, 0xc81e, 0x367f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x36c0, 0xc81e, 0x36ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3740, 0xc81e, 0x377f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x37c0, 0xc81e, 0x37ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3840, 0xc81e, 0x387f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x38c0, 0xc81e, 0x38ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x3940, 0xc81e, 0x397f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x39c0, 0xc81e, 0x3fff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4040, 0xc81e, 0x407f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x40c0, 0xc81e, 0x40ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4140, 0xc81e, 0x417f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x41c0, 0xc81e, 0x41ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4240, 0xc81e, 0x427f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x42c0, 0xc81e, 0x42ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4340, 0xc81e, 0x437f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x43c0, 0xc81e, 0x43ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4440, 0xc81e, 0x447f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x44c0, 0xc81e, 0x44ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4540, 0xc81e, 0x457f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x45c0, 0xc81e, 0x45ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4640, 0xc81e, 0x467f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x46c0, 0xc81e, 0x46ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4740, 0xc81e, 0x477f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x47c0, 0xc81e, 0x47ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4840, 0xc81e, 0x487f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x48c0, 0xc81e, 0x48ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4940, 0xc81e, 0x497f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x49c0, 0xc81e, 0x49ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4a40, 0xc81e, 0x4a7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4ac0, 0xc81e, 0x4aff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4b40, 0xc81e, 0x4b7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4bc0, 0xc81e, 0x4bff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4c40, 0xc81e, 0x4c7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4cc0, 0xc81e, 0x4cff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4d40, 0xc81e, 0x4d7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4dc0, 0xc81e, 0x4dff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4e40, 0xc81e, 0x4e7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4ec0, 0xc81e, 0x4eff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4f40, 0xc81e, 0x4f7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x4fc0, 0xc81e, 0x4fff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5040, 0xc81e, 0x507f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x50c0, 0xc81e, 0x50ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5140, 0xc81e, 0x517f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x51c0, 0xc81e, 0x51ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5240, 0xc81e, 0x527f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x52c0, 0xc81e, 0x52ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5340, 0xc81e, 0x537f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x53c0, 0xc81e, 0x53ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5440, 0xc81e, 0x547f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x54c0, 0xc81e, 0x54ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5540, 0xc81e, 0x557f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x55c0, 0xc81e, 0x55ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5640, 0xc81e, 0x567f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x56c0, 0xc81e, 0x56ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5740, 0xc81e, 0x577f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x57c0, 0xc81e, 0x57ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5840, 0xc81e, 0x587f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x58c0, 0xc81e, 0x58ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x5940, 0xc81e, 0x597f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x59c0, 0xc81e, 0x5fff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6040, 0xc81e, 0x607f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x60c0, 0xc81e, 0x60ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6140, 0xc81e, 0x617f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x61c0, 0xc81e, 0x61ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6240, 0xc81e, 0x627f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x62c0, 0xc81e, 0x62ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6340, 0xc81e, 0x637f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x63c0, 0xc81e, 0x63ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6440, 0xc81e, 0x647f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x64c0, 0xc81e, 0x64ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6540, 0xc81e, 0x657f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x65c0, 0xc81e, 0x65ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6640, 0xc81e, 0x667f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x66c0, 0xc81e, 0x66ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6740, 0xc81e, 0x677f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x67c0, 0xc81e, 0x67ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6840, 0xc81e, 0x687f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x68c0, 0xc81e, 0x68ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6940, 0xc81e, 0x697f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x69c0, 0xc81e, 0x69ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6a40, 0xc81e, 0x6a7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ac0, 0xc81e, 0x6aff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6b40, 0xc81e, 0x6b7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6bc0, 0xc81e, 0x6bff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6c40, 0xc81e, 0x6c7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6cc0, 0xc81e, 0x6cff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6d40, 0xc81e, 0x6d7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6dc0, 0xc81e, 0x6dff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6e40, 0xc81e, 0x6e7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6ec0, 0xc81e, 0x6eff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6f40, 0xc81e, 0x6f7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x6fc0, 0xc81e, 0x6fff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7040, 0xc81e, 0x707f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x70c0, 0xc81e, 0x70ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7140, 0xc81e, 0x717f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x71c0, 0xc81e, 0x71ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7240, 0xc81e, 0x727f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x72c0, 0xc81e, 0x72ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7340, 0xc81e, 0x737f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x73c0, 0xc81e, 0x73ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7440, 0xc81e, 0x747f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x74c0, 0xc81e, 0x74ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7540, 0xc81e, 0x757f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x75c0, 0xc81e, 0x75ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7640, 0xc81e, 0x767f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x76c0, 0xc81e, 0x76ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7740, 0xc81e, 0x777f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x77c0, 0xc81e, 0x77ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7840, 0xc81e, 0x787f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x78c0, 0xc81e, 0x78ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x7940, 0xc81e, 0x797f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x79c0, 0xc81e, 0x7fff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8040, 0xc81e, 0x807f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x80c0, 0xc81e, 0x80ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8140, 0xc81e, 0x817f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x81c0, 0xc81e, 0x81ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8240, 0xc81e, 0x827f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x82c0, 0xc81e, 0x82ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8340, 0xc81e, 0x837f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x83c0, 0xc81e, 0x83ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8440, 0xc81e, 0x847f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x84c0, 0xc81e, 0x84ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8540, 0xc81e, 0x857f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x85c0, 0xc81e, 0x85ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8640, 0xc81e, 0x867f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x86c0, 0xc81e, 0x86ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8740, 0xc81e, 0x877f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x87c0, 0xc81e, 0x87ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8840, 0xc81e, 0x887f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x88c0, 0xc81e, 0x88ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8940, 0xc81e, 0x897f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x89c0, 0xc81e, 0x89ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8a40, 0xc81e, 0x8a7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8ac0, 0xc81e, 0x8aff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8b40, 0xc81e, 0x8b7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8bc0, 0xc81e, 0x8bff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8c40, 0xc81e, 0x8c7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8cc0, 0xc81e, 0x8cff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8d40, 0xc81e, 0x8d7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8dc0, 0xc81e, 0x8dff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8e40, 0xc81e, 0x8e7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8ec0, 0xc81e, 0x8eff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8f40, 0xc81e, 0x8f7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x8fc0, 0xc81e, 0x8fff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9040, 0xc81e, 0x907f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x90c0, 0xc81e, 0x90ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9140, 0xc81e, 0x917f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x91c0, 0xc81e, 0x91ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9240, 0xc81e, 0x927f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x92c0, 0xc81e, 0x92ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9340, 0xc81e, 0x937f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x93c0, 0xc81e, 0x93ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9440, 0xc81e, 0x947f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x94c0, 0xc81e, 0x94ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9540, 0xc81e, 0x957f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x95c0, 0xc81e, 0x95ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9640, 0xc81e, 0x967f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x96c0, 0xc81e, 0x96ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9740, 0xc81e, 0x977f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x97c0, 0xc81e, 0x97ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9840, 0xc81e, 0x987f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x98c0, 0xc81e, 0x98ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x9940, 0xc81e, 0x997f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0x99c0, 0xc81e, 0x9fff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa040, 0xc81e, 0xa07f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa0c0, 0xc81e, 0xa0ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa140, 0xc81e, 0xa17f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa1c0, 0xc81e, 0xa1ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa240, 0xc81e, 0xa27f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa2c0, 0xc81e, 0xa2ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa340, 0xc81e, 0xa37f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa3c0, 0xc81e, 0xa3ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa440, 0xc81e, 0xa47f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa4c0, 0xc81e, 0xa4ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa540, 0xc81e, 0xa57f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa5c0, 0xc81e, 0xa5ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa640, 0xc81e, 0xa67f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa6c0, 0xc81e, 0xa6ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa740, 0xc81e, 0xa77f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa7c0, 0xc81e, 0xa7ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa840, 0xc81e, 0xa87f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa8c0, 0xc81e, 0xa8ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa940, 0xc81e, 0xa97f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xa9c0, 0xc81e, 0xa9ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaa40, 0xc81e, 0xaa7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaac0, 0xc81e, 0xaaff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xab40, 0xc81e, 0xab7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xabc0, 0xc81e, 0xabff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xac40, 0xc81e, 0xac7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xacc0, 0xc81e, 0xacff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xad40, 0xc81e, 0xad7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xadc0, 0xc81e, 0xadff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xae40, 0xc81e, 0xae7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaec0, 0xc81e, 0xaeff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xaf40, 0xc81e, 0xaf7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xafc0, 0xc81e, 0xafff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb040, 0xc81e, 0xb07f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb0c0, 0xc81e, 0xb0ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb140, 0xc81e, 0xb17f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb1c0, 0xc81e, 0xb1ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb240, 0xc81e, 0xb27f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb2c0, 0xc81e, 0xb2ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb340, 0xc81e, 0xb37f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb3c0, 0xc81e, 0xb3ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb440, 0xc81e, 0xb47f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb4c0, 0xc81e, 0xb4ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb540, 0xc81e, 0xb57f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb5c0, 0xc81e, 0xb5ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb640, 0xc81e, 0xb67f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb6c0, 0xc81e, 0xb6ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb740, 0xc81e, 0xb77f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb7c0, 0xc81e, 0xb7ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb840, 0xc81e, 0xb87f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb8c0, 0xc81e, 0xb8ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb940, 0xc81e, 0xb97f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xb9c0, 0xc81e, 0xbfff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc040, 0xc81e, 0xc07f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc0c0, 0xc81e, 0xc0ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc140, 0xc81e, 0xc17f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc1c0, 0xc81e, 0xc1ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc240, 0xc81e, 0xc27f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc2c0, 0xc81e, 0xc2ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc340, 0xc81e, 0xc37f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc3c0, 0xc81e, 0xc3ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc440, 0xc81e, 0xc47f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc4c0, 0xc81e, 0xc4ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc540, 0xc81e, 0xc57f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc5c0, 0xc81e, 0xc5ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc640, 0xc81e, 0xc67f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc6c0, 0xc81e, 0xc6ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc740, 0xc81e, 0xc77f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc7c0, 0xc81e, 0xc7ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc840, 0xc81e, 0xc87f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc8c0, 0xc81e, 0xc8ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc940, 0xc81e, 0xc97f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xc9c0, 0xc81e, 0xc9ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xca40, 0xc81e, 0xca7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcac0, 0xc81e, 0xcaff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcb40, 0xc81e, 0xcb7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcbc0, 0xc81e, 0xcbff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcc40, 0xc81e, 0xcc7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xccc0, 0xc81e, 0xccff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcd40, 0xc81e, 0xcd7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcdc0, 0xc81e, 0xcdff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xce40, 0xc81e, 0xce7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcec0, 0xc81e, 0xceff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcf40, 0xc81e, 0xcf7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xcfc0, 0xc81e, 0xcfff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd040, 0xc81e, 0xd07f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd0c0, 0xc81e, 0xd0ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd140, 0xc81e, 0xd17f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd1c0, 0xc81e, 0xd1ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd240, 0xc81e, 0xd27f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd2c0, 0xc81e, 0xd2ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd340, 0xc81e, 0xd37f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd3c0, 0xc81e, 0xd3ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd440, 0xc81e, 0xd47f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd4c0, 0xc81e, 0xd4ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd540, 0xc81e, 0xd57f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd5c0, 0xc81e, 0xd5ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd640, 0xc81e, 0xd67f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd6c0, 0xc81e, 0xd6ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd740, 0xc81e, 0xd77f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd7c0, 0xc81e, 0xd7ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd840, 0xc81e, 0xd87f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd8c0, 0xc81e, 0xd8ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd940, 0xc81e, 0xd97f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xd9c0, 0xc81e, 0xdfff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe040, 0xc81e, 0xe07f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe0c0, 0xc81e, 0xe0ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe140, 0xc81e, 0xe17f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe1c0, 0xc81e, 0xe1ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe240, 0xc81e, 0xe27f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe2c0, 0xc81e, 0xe2ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe340, 0xc81e, 0xe37f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe3c0, 0xc81e, 0xe3ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe440, 0xc81e, 0xe47f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe4c0, 0xc81e, 0xe4ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe540, 0xc81e, 0xe57f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe5c0, 0xc81e, 0xe5ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe640, 0xc81e, 0xe67f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe6c0, 0xc81e, 0xe6ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe740, 0xc81e, 0xe77f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe7c0, 0xc81e, 0xe7ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe840, 0xc81e, 0xe87f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe8c0, 0xc81e, 0xe8ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe940, 0xc81e, 0xe97f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xe9c0, 0xc81e, 0xe9ff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xea40, 0xc81e, 0xea7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeac0, 0xc81e, 0xeaff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xeb40, 0xc81e, 0xeb7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xebc0, 0xc81e, 0xebff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xec40, 0xc81e, 0xec7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xecc0, 0xc81e, 0xecff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xed40, 0xc81e, 0xed7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xedc0, 0xc81e, 0xedff, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0
.dw 0xee40, 0xc81e, 0xee7f, 0xc81e, 0x21, 0