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2021-07-05 Alan Modra <>
* mep.opc (macros): Make static and const.
(lookup_macro): Return and use const pointer.
(expand_macro): Make mac param const.
(expand_string): Make pmacro const.
2021-07-03 Nick Clifton <>
* 2.37 release branch created.
2021-05-06 Stafford Horne <>
PR 21464
* or1k.opc (or1k_imm16_relocs, parse_reloc): Define parse logic
for gotha() relocation.
2021-03-31 Alan Modra <>
* frv.opc: Replace bfd_boolean with bool, FALSE with false, and
TRUE with true throughout.
2021-03-29 Alan Modra <>
* frv.opc (frv_is_branch_major, frv_is_float_major),
(frv_is_media_major, frv_is_branch_insn, frv_is_float_insn),
(frv_is_media_insn, spr_valid): Correct prototypes.
2021-01-09 Nick Clifton <>
* 2.36 release branch crated.
2020-10-05 Samanta Navarro <>
* m32r.cpu: Fix spelling mistakes.
2020-09-18 David Faust <>
* bpf.cpu (insn-op-code-alu): Add SDIV and SMOD.
(define-alu-insn-bin, daib): Take ISAs as an argument.
(define-alu-instructions): Update calls to daib pmacro with
ISAs; add sdiv and smod.
2020-09-08 David Faust <>
* bpf.cpu (define-alu-instructions): Correct semantic operators
for div, mod to unsigned versions.
2020-09-01 Alan Modra <>
* mep-core.cpu (f-8s8a2, f-12s4a2, f-17s16a2): Multiply signed
value by two rather than shifting left.
(f-24s5a2n): Similarly multiply signed f-24s5a2n-hi to extract.
2020-08-26 David Faust <>
* bpf.cpu (arch bpf): Add xbpf mach and isas.
(define-xbpf-isa) New pmacro.
(all-isas) Add xbpfle,xbpfbe.
(endian-isas): New pmacro.
(mach xbpf): New.
(model xbpf-def): Likewise.
(h-gpr): Add xbpf mach.
(f-dstle, f-srcle, dstle, srcle): Add xbpfle isa.
(f-dstbe, f-srcbe, dstbe, srcbe): Add xbpfbe isa.
(define-alu-insn-un): Use new endian-isas pmacro.
(define-alu-insn-bin, define-alu-insn-mov): Likewise.
(define-endian-insn, define-lddw): Likewise.
(dlind, dxli, dxsi, dsti): Likewise.
(define-cond-jump-insn, define-call-insn): Likewise.
(define-atomic-insns): Likewise.
2020-07-04 Nick Clifton <>
Binutils 2.35 branch created.
2020-06-25 David Faust <>
* bpf.cpu (f-offset16): Change type from INT to HI.
(dxli): Simplify memory access.
(dxsi): Likewise.
(define-endian-insn): Update c-call in semantics.
(dlabs) Likewise.
(dlind) Likewise.
2020-06-02 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* bpf.cpu (define-bpf-isa): Set base-insn-bitsize to 64.
* bpf.opc (bpf_print_insn): Do not set endian_code here.
2020-06-02 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* mep.opc (print_slot_insn): Pass the insn endianness to
2020-05-28 Jose E. Marchesi <>
David Faust <>
* bpf.cpu (define-alu-insn-un): Add definitions of semantics.
(define-alu-insn-mov): Likewise.
(daib): Likewise.
(define-alu-instructions): Likewise.
(define-endian-insn): Likewise.
(define-lddw): Likewise.
(dlabs): Likewise.
(dlind): Likewise.
(dxli): Likewise.
(dxsi): Likewise.
(dsti): Likewise.
(define-ldstx-insns): Likewise.
(define-st-insns): Likewise.
(define-cond-jump-insn): Likewise.
(dcji): Likewise.
(define-condjump-insns): Likewise.
(define-call-insn): Likewise.
(ja): Likewise.
("exit"): Likewise.
(define-atomic-insns): Likewise.
(sem-exchange-and-add): New macro.
* bpf.cpu ("brkpt"): New instruction.
(bpfbf): Set word-bitsize to 32 and insn-endian big.
(h-gpr): Prefer r0 to `a' and r6 to `ctx'.
(h-pc): Expand definition.
* bpf.opc (bpf_print_insn): Set endian_code to BIG.
2020-05-21 Alan Modra <>
* mep.opc (mep_cgen_expand_macros_and_parse_operand): Replace
"if (x) free (x)" with "free (x)".
2020-05-19 Stafford Horne <>
PR 25184
* or1k.cpu (arch or1k): Remove or64 and or64nd machs.
(ORBIS-MACHS, ORFPX32-MACHS): Remove pmacros.
(cpu or1k64bf, mach or64, mach or64nd): Remove definitions.
* or1kcommon.cpu (h-fdr): Remove hardware.
* or1korfpx.cpu (rDDF, rADF, rBDF): Remove operand definitions.
(float-regreg-insn): Remove lf- mnemonic -d instruction pattern.
(float-setflag-insn-base): Remove lf-sf mnemonic -d pattern.
(float-cust-insn): Remove "lf-cust" cust-num "-d" pattern.
(lf-rem-d, lf-itof-d, lf-ftoi-d, lf-madd-d): Remove.
2020-02-16 David Faust <>
* bpf.cpu (define-cond-jump-insn): Renamed from djci.
(dcji) New version with support for JMP32
2020-02-03 Alan Modra <>
* m32c.cpu (f-dsp-64-s16): Mask before shifting signed value.
2020-02-01 Alan Modra <>
* frv.cpu (f-u12): Multiply rather than left shift signed values.
(f-label16, f-label24): Likewise.
2020-01-30 Alan Modra <>
* m32c.cpu (f-src32-rn-unprefixed-QI): Shift before inverting.
(f-src32-rn-prefixed-QI, f-dst32-rn-unprefixed-QI): Likewise.
(f-dst32-rn-prefixed-QI): Likewise.
(f-dsp-32-s32): Mask before shifting left.
(f-dsp-48-u32, f-dsp-48-s32): Likewise.
(f-bitbase32-16-s11-unprefixed): Multiply signed field rather than
shifting left.
(f-bitbase32-24-s11-prefixed, f-bitbase32-24-s19-prefixed): Likewise.
(h-gr-SI): Mask before shifting.
2020-01-30 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* bpf.cpu (define-alu-insn-un): The unary BPF instructions
(neg and neg32) use OP_SRC_K even if they operate only in
2020-01-18 Nick Clifton <>
Binutils 2.34 branch created.
2020-01-13 Alan Modra <>
* fr30.cpu (f-disp9, f-disp10, f-s10, f-rel9, f-rel12): Don't
left shift signed values.
2020-01-06 Alan Modra <>
* m32c.cpu (f-dsp-8-u16, f-dsp-8-s16): Rearrange to mask any sign
bits before shifting rather than masking after shifting.
(f-dsp-16-u16, f-dsp-16-s16, f-dsp-32-u16, f-dsp-32-s16): Likewise.
(f-dsp-40-u16, f-dsp-40-s16, f-dsp-48-u16, f-dsp-48-s16): Likewise.
(f-dsp-64-u16, f-dsp-8-s24): Likewise.
(f-bitbase32-16-s19-unprefixed): Avoid signed left shift.
2020-01-04 Alan Modra <>
* m32r.cpu (f-disp8): Avoid left shift of negative values.
(f-disp16, f-disp24): Likewise.
2019-12-23 Alan Modra <>
* iq2000.cpu (f-offset): Avoid left shift of negative values.
2019-12-20 Alan Modra <>
* or1korbis.cpu (f-disp26, f-disp21): Don't left shift negative values.
2019-12-17 Alan Modra <>
* bpf.cpu (f-imm64): Avoid signed overflow.
2019-12-16 Alan Modra <>
* xstormy16.cpu (f-rel12a): Avoid signed overflow.
2019-12-11 Alan Modra <>
* epiphany.cpu (f-sdisp11): Don't sign extend with shifts.
* lm32.cpu (f-branch, f-vall): Likewise.
* m32.cpu (f-lab-8-16): Likewise.
2019-12-11 Alan Modra <>
* epiphany.cpu (f-simm8, f-simm24): Use multiply rather than
shift left to avoid UB on left shift of negative values.
2019-11-20 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* bpf.cpu: Fix comment describing the 128-bit instruction format.
2019-09-09 Phil Blundell <>
binutils 2.33 branch created.
2019-07-19 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* bpf.cpu (h-gpr): when disassembling, use %r0 and %r6 instead of
%a and %ctx.
2019-07-15 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* bpf.cpu (dlabs): New pmacro.
(dlind): Likewise.
2019-07-14 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* bpf.cpu (dlsi): ldabs and ldind instructions do not take an
explicit 'dst' argument.
2019-06-13 Stafford Horne <>
* or1korfpx.cpu (float-setflag-insn-base): Add 'sf' to symbol.
2019-06-13 Stafford Horne <>
* or1k.cpu (or64nd, or32nd, or1200nd): Update comment.a
(l-adrp): Improve comment.
2019-06-13 Stafford Horne <>
* or1korfpx.cpu (insn-opcode-float-regreg): Add SFUEQ_S, SFUNE_S,
(float-setflag-insn-base): New pmacro based on float-setflag-insn.
(float-setflag-symantics, float-setflag-unordered-cmp-symantics,
float-setflag-unordered-symantics): New pmacro for instruction
(float-setflag-insn): Update to use float-setflag-insn-base.
(float-setflag-unordered-insn): New pmacro for generating instructions.
2019-06-13 Andrey Bacherov <>
Stafford Horne <>
* or1k.cpu (ORFPX64A32-MACHS): New pmacro.
(ORFPX-MACHS): Removed pmacro.
* or1k.opc (or1k_cgen_insn_supported): New function.
(parse_regpair, print_regpair): New functions.
* or1kcommon.cpu (h-spr, spr-shift, spr-address, h-gpr): Reorder
and add comments.
(h-fdr): Update comment to indicate or64.
(reg-pair-reg-lo, reg-pair-reg-hi): New pmacros for register pairs.
(h-fd32r): New hardware for 64-bit fpu registers.
(h-i64r): New hardware for 64-bit int registers.
* or1korbis.cpu (f-resv-8-1): New field.
* or1korfpx.cpu (rDSF, rASF, rBSF): Update attribute to ORFPX32-MACHS.
(rDDF, rADF, rBDF): Update operand comment to indicate or64.
(f-rdoff-10-1, f-raoff-9-1, f-rboff-8-1): New fields.
(h-roff1): New hardware.
(double-field-and-ops mnemonic): New pmacro to generate operations
rDD32F, rAD32F, rBD32F, rDDI and rADI.
(float-regreg-insn): Update single precision generator to MACH
ORFPX32-MACHS. Add generator for or32 64-bit instructions.
(float-setflag-insn): Update single precision generator to MACH
ORFPX32-MACHS. Fix double instructions from single to double
precision. Add generator for or32 64-bit instructions.
(float-cust-insn cust-num): Update single precision generator to MACH
ORFPX32-MACHS. Add generator for or32 64-bit instructions.
(lf-rem-s, lf-itof-s, lf-ftoi-s, lf-madd-s): Update MACH to
(lf-rem-d): Fix operation from mod to rem.
(lf-rem-d32, lf-itof-d32, lf-ftoi-d32, lf-madd-d32): New instruction.
(lf-itof-d): Fix operands from single to double.
(lf-ftoi-d): Update operand mode from DI to WI.
2019-05-23 Jose E. Marchesi <>
* bpf.cpu: New file.
* bpf.opc: Likewise.
2018-06-24 Nick Clifton <>
2.32 branch created.
2018-10-05 Richard Henderson <>
Stafford Horne <>
* or1korbis.cpu (insn-opcode-mac): Add opcodes for MACU and MSBU.
(insn-opcode-alu-regreg): Add opcodes for MULD and MULDU.
(l-mul): Fix overflow support and indentation.
(l-mulu): Fix overflow support and indentation.
(l-muld, l-muldu, l-msbu, l-macu): New instructions.
(l-div); Remove incorrect carry behavior.
(l-divu): Fix carry and overflow behavior.
(l-mac): Add overflow support.
(l-msb, l-msbu): Add carry and overflow support.
2018-10-05 Richard Henderson <>
* or1k.opc (parse_disp26): Add support for plta() relocations.
(parse_disp21): New function.
(or1k_rclass): New enum.
(or1k_rtype): New enum.
(or1k_imm16_relocs): Define new PO and SPO relocation mappings.
(parse_reloc): Add new po(), gotpo() and gottppo() for LO13 relocations.
(parse_imm16): Add support for the new 21bit and 13bit relocations.
* or1korbis.cpu (f-disp26): Don't assume SI.
(f-disp21): New pc-relative 21-bit 13 shifted to right.
(insn-opcode): Add ADRP.
(l-adrp): New instruction.
2018-10-05 Richard Henderson <>
* or1k.opc: Add RTYPE_ enum.
(or1k_imm16_relocs): New array array.
(parse_reloc): New static function that just does the parsing.
(parse_imm16): New static function for generic parsing.
(parse_simm16): Change to just call parse_imm16.
(parse_simm16_split): New function.
(parse_uimm16): Change to call parse_imm16.
(parse_uimm16_split): New function.
* or1korbis.cpu (simm16-split): Change to use new simm16_split.
(uimm16-split): Change to use new uimm16_split.
2018-07-24 Alan Modra <>
PR 23430
* or1kcommon.cpu (spr-reg-indices): Fix description typo.
2018-05-09 Sebastian Rasmussen <>
* or1kcommon.cpu (spr-reg-info): Typo fix.
2018-03-03 Alan Modra <>
* frv.opc: Include opintl.h.
(add_next_to_vliw): Use opcodes_error_handler to print error.
Standardize error message.
(fr500_check_insn_major_constraints, frv_vliw_add_insn): Likewise.
2018-01-13 Nick Clifton <>
2.30 branch created.
2017-03-15 Stafford Horne <>
* or1kcommon.cpu: Add pc set semantics to also update ppc.
2016-10-06 Alan Modra <>
* mep.opc (expand_string): Add fall through comment.
2016-03-03 Alan Modra <>
* fr30.cpu (f-m4): Replace bogus comment with a better guess
at what is really going on.
2016-03-02 Alan Modra <>
* fr30.cpu (f-m4): Replace -1 << 4 with -16.
2016-02-02 Andrew Burgess <>
* epiphany.opc (epiphany_print_insn): Set info->bytes_per_line to
a constant to better align disassembler output.
2014-07-20 Stefan Kristiansson <>
* or1korbis.cpu (l-msync, l-psync, l-csync): New instructions.
2014-06-12 Alan Modra <>
* or1k.opc: Whitespace fixes.
2014-05-08 Stefan Kristiansson <>
* or1korbis.cpu (h-atomic-reserve): New hardware.
(h-atomic-address): Likewise.
(insn-opcode): Add opcodes for LWA and SWA.
(atomic-reserve): New operand.
(atomic-address): Likewise.
(l-lwa, l-swa): New instructions.
(l-lbs): Fix typo in comment.
(store-insn): Clear atomic reserve on store to atomic-address.
Fix register names in fmt field.
2014-04-22 Christian Svensson <>
* openrisc.cpu: Delete.
* openrisc.opc: Delete.
* or1k.cpu: New file.
* or1k.opc: New file.
* or1kcommon.cpu: New file.
* or1korbis.cpu: New file.
* or1korfpx.cpu: New file.
2013-12-07 Mike Frysinger <>
* epiphany.opc: Remove +x file mode.
2013-03-08 Yann Sionneau <>
PR binutils/15241
* lm32.cpu (Control and status registers): Add CFG2, PSW,
2012-11-30 Oleg Raikhman <>
Joern Rennecke <>
* epiphany.cpu (keyword gr-names): Move sb/sl/ip after r9/r10/r12.
(load_insn): Add NO-DIS attribute to x, p, d, dpm, dl0, dl0.l.
(testset-insn): Add NO_DIS attribute to t.l.
(store-insn): Add NO-DIS attribute to x.l, p.l, d.l, dpm.l, dl0.l.
(move-insns): Add NO-DIS attribute to cmov.l.
(op-mmr-movts): Add NO-DIS attribute to movts.l.
(op-mmr-movfs): Add NO-DIS attribute to movfs.l.
(op-rrr): Add NO-DIS attribute to .l.
(shift-rrr): Add NO-DIS attribute to .l.
(op-shift-rri): Add NO-DIS attribute to i32.l.
(bitrl, movtl): Add NO-DIS attribute.
(op-iextrrr): Add NO-DIS attribute to .l
(op-two_operands-float, op-fabs-float): Add NO-DIS attribute to f32.l.
(op-fix2float-float, op-float2fix-float, op-fextop-float): Likewise.
2012-02-27 Alan Modra <>
* mt.opc (print_dollarhex): Trim values to 32 bits.
2011-12-15 Nick Clifton <>
* frv.opc (parse_uhi16): Fix handling of %hi operator on 64-bit
2011-10-26 Joern Rennecke <>
* epiphany.opc (parse_branch_addr): Fix type of valuep.
Cast value before printing it as a long.
(parse_postindex): Fix type of valuep.
2011-10-25 Joern Rennecke <>
* cpu/epiphany.cpu: New file.
* cpu/epiphany.opc: New file.
2011-08-22 Nick Clifton <>
* fr30.cpu: Newly contributed file.
* fr30.opc: Likewise.
* ip2k.cpu: Likewise.
* ip2k.opc: Likewise.
* mep-avc.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-avc2.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-c5.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-core.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-default.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-ext-cop.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-fmax.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-h1.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-ivc2.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-rhcop.cpu: Likewise.
* mep-sample-ucidsp.cpu: Likewise.
* mep.cpu: Likewise.
* mep.opc: Likewise.
* openrisc.cpu: Likewise.
* openrisc.opc: Likewise.
* xstormy16.cpu: Likewise.
* xstormy16.opc: Likewise.
2010-10-08 Pierre Muller <>
* frv.opc: #undef DEBUG.
2010-07-03 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (f-dsp-8-s24): Mask high byte after shifting it.
2010-02-11 Doug Evans <>
* m32r.cpu (HASH-PREFIX): Delete.
(duhpo, dshpo): New pmacros.
(simm8, simm16): Delete HASH-PREFIX attribute, define with dshpo.
(uimm3, uimm4, uimm5, uimm8, uimm16, imm1): Delete HASH-PREFIX
attribute, define with dshpo.
(uimm24): Delete HASH-PREFIX attribute.
* m32r.opc (CGEN_PRINT_NORMAL): Delete.
(print_signed_with_hash_prefix): New function.
(print_unsigned_with_hash_prefix): New function.
* xc16x.cpu (dowh): New pmacro.
(upof16): Define with dowh, specify print handler.
(qbit, qlobit, qhibit): Ditto.
(upag16): Ditto.
* xc16x.opc (CGEN_PRINT_NORMAL): Delete.
(print_with_dot_prefix): New functions.
(print_with_pof_prefix, print_with_pag_prefix): New functions.
2010-01-24 Doug Evans <>
* frv.cpu (floating-point-conversion): Update call to fp conv op.
(floating-point-dual-conversion, ne-floating-point-dual-conversion,
conditional-floating-point-conversion, ne-floating-point-conversion,
float-parallel-mul-add-double-semantics): Ditto.
2010-01-05 Doug Evans <>
* m32c.cpu (f-dsp-32-u24): Fix mode of extract handler.
(f-dsp-40-u20, f-dsp-40-u24): Ditto.
2010-01-02 Doug Evans <>
* m32c.opc (parse_signed16): Fix typo.
2009-12-11 Nick Clifton <>
* frv.opc: Fix shadowed variable warnings.
* m32c.opc: Fix shadowed variable warnings.
2009-11-14 Doug Evans <>
Must use VOID expression in VOID context.
* xc16x.cpu (mov4): Fix mode of `sequence'.
(mov9, mov10): Ditto.
(movbsrr, moveb1, jmprel, jmpseg, jmps): Fix mode of `if'.
(callr, callseg, calls, trap, rets, reti): Ditto.
(jb, jbc, jnb, jnbs): Fix mode of `if'. Comment out no-op `sll'.
(atomic, extr, extp, extp1, extpg1, extpr, extpr1): Fix mode of `cond'.
(exts, exts1, extsr, extsr1, prior): Ditto.
2009-10-23 Doug Evans <>
* m32c.opc (opc.h): cgen-types.h -> cgen/basic-modes.h.
cgen-ops.h -> cgen/basic-ops.h.
2009-09-25 Alan Modra <>
* m32r.cpu (stb-plus): Typo fix.
2009-09-23 Doug Evans <>
* m32r.cpu (sth-plus): Fix address mode and calculation.
(stb-plus): Ditto.
(clrpsw): Fix mask calculation.
(bset, bclr, btst): Make mode in bit calculation match expression.
* xc16x.cpu (rtl-version): Set to 0.8.
(gr-names, ext-names,psw-names): Update, print-name -> enum-prefix,
make uppercase. Remove unnecessary name-prefix spec.
(grb-names, conditioncode-names, extconditioncode-names): Ditto.
(grb8-names, r8-names, regmem8-names, regdiv8-names): Ditto.
(reg0-name, reg0-name1, regbmem8-names, memgr8-names): Ditto.
(h-cr): New hardware.
(muls): Comment out parts that won't compile, add fixme.
(mulu, divl, divlu, jmpabs, jmpa-, jmprel, jbc, jnbs, callr): Ditto.
(scxti, scxtmg, scxtm, bclear, bclr18, bset19, bitset, bmov): Ditto.
(bmovn, band, bor, bxor, bcmp, bfldl, bfldh): Ditto.
2009-07-16 Doug Evans <>
* cpu/ (*): One line doc strings don't need \n.
(df): Invoke define-full-ifield instead of claiming it's an alias.
(dno): Define.
(dnop): Mark as deprecated.
2009-06-22 Alan Modra <>
* m32c.opc (parse_lab_5_3): Use correct enum.
2009-01-07 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* frv.cpu (mabshs): Explicitly sign-extend arguments of abs to DI.
(DI-ext-HI, DI-ext-UHI, DI-ext-DI): New pmacros.
(media-arith-sat-semantics): Explicitly sign- or zero-extend
arguments of "operation" to DI using "mode" and the new pmacros.
2009-01-03 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cris.cpu (cris-implemented-writable-specregs-v32): Correct size
of number 2, PID.
2008-12-23 Jon Beniston <>
* lm32.cpu: New file.
* lm32.opc: New file.
2008-01-29 Alan Modra <>
* mt.opc (parse_imm16): Apply 2007-09-26 opcodes/mt-asm.c change
to source.
2007-10-22 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cris.cpu (movs, movu): Use result of extension operation when
updating flags.
2007-07-04 Nick Clifton <>
* cris.cpu: Update copyright notice to refer to GPLv3.
* frv.cpu, frv.opc, iq10.cpu, iq2000m.cpu, iq2000.opc, m32c.cpu,
m32c.opc, m32r.cpu, m32r.opc, mt.cpu, mt.opc, sh64-compact.cpu,
sh64-media.cpu, sh.cpu, sh.opc,, xc16x.cpu,
xc16x.opc: Likewise.
* iq2000.cpu: Fix copyright notice to refer to FSF.
2007-04-30 Mark Salter <msalter@sadr.localdomain>
* frv.cpu (spr-names): Support new coprocessor SPR registers.
2007-04-20 Nick Clifton <>
* xc16x.cpu: Restore after accidentally overwriting this file with
2007-03-29 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (Imm-8-s4n): Fix print hook.
(Lab-24-8, Lab-32-8, Lab-40-8): Fix.
(arith-jnz-imm4-dst-defn): Make relaxable.
(arith-jnz16-imm4-dst-defn): Fix encodings.
2007-03-20 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (f-dsp-40-u20, f-dsp-48-u20, Dsp-40-u20, Dsp-40-u20,
mem20): New.
(src16-16-20-An-relative-*): New.
(dst16-*-20-An-relative-*): New.
(dst16-16-16sa-*): New
(dst16-16-16ar-*): New
(dst32-16-16sa-Unprefixed-*): New
(jsri): Fix operands.
(setzx): Fix encoding.
2007-03-08 Alan Modra <>
* m32r.opc: Formatting.
2006-05-22 Nick Clifton <>
* iq2000.cpu: Fix include paths for iq2000m.cpu and iq10.cpu.
2006-04-10 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.opc (parse_unsigned_bitbase): Take a new parameter which
decides if this function accepts symbolic constants or not.
(parse_signed_bitbase): Likewise.
(parse_unsigned_bitbase8): Pass the new parameter.
(parse_unsigned_bitbase11): Likewise.
(parse_unsigned_bitbase16): Likewise.
(parse_unsigned_bitbase19): Likewise.
(parse_unsigned_bitbase27): Likewise.
(parse_signed_bitbase8): Likewise.
(parse_signed_bitbase11): Likewise.
(parse_signed_bitbase19): Likewise.
2006-03-13 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (Bit3-S): New.
(btst:s): New.
* m32c.opc (parse_bit3_S): New.
* m32c.cpu (decimal-subtraction16-insn): Add second operand.
(btst): Add optional :G suffix for MACH32.
(or.b:S): New.
(pop.w:G): Add optional :G suffix for MACH16.
(push.b.imm): Fix syntax.
2006-03-10 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (mul.l): New.
(mulu.l): New.
2006-03-03 Shrirang Khisti <
* xc16x.opc (parse_hash): Return NULL if the input was parsed or
an error message otherwise.
(parse_dot, parse_pof, parse_pag, parse_sof, parse_seg): Likewise.
Fix up comments to correctly describe the functions.
2006-02-24 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (RL_TYPE): New attribute, with macros.
(Lab-8-24): Add RELAX.
(unary-insn-defn-g, binary-arith-imm-dst-defn,
binary-arith-imm4-dst-defn): Add 1ADDR attribute.
(binary-arith-src-dst-defn): Add 2ADDR attribute.
(jcnd16-5, jcnd16, jcnd32, jmp16.s, jmp16.b, jmp16.w, jmp16.a,
jmp32.s, jmp32.b, jmp32.w, jmp32.a, jsr16.w, jsr16.a): Add JUMP
(jsri16, jsri32): Add 1ADDR attribute.
(jsr32.w, jsr32.a): Add JUMP attribute.
2006-02-17 Shrirang Khisti <>
Anil Paranjape <>
Shilin Shakti <>
* xc16x.cpu: New file containing complete CGEN specific XC16X CPU
* xc16x.opc: New file containing supporting XC16C routines.
2006-02-10 Nick Clifton <>
* iq2000.opc (parse_hi16): Truncate shifted values to 16 bits.
2006-01-06 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (mov.w:q): Fix mode.
(push32.b.imm): Likewise, for the comment.
2005-12-16 Nathan Sidwell <>
Second part of ms1 to mt renaming.
* mt.cpu (define-arch, define-isa): Set name to mt.
(define-mach): Adjust.
* mt.opc (CGEN_ASM_HASH): Update.
(mt_asm_hash, mt_cgen_insn_supported): Renamed.
(parse_loopsize, parse_imm16): Adjust.
2005-12-13 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (jsri): Fix order so register names aren't treated as
(indexb, indexbd, indexbs, indexl, indexld, indexls, indexw,
indexwd, indexws): Fix encodings.
2005-12-12 Nathan Sidwell <>
* mt.cpu: Rename from ms1.cpu.
* mt.opc: Rename from ms1.opc.
2005-12-06 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cris.cpu (simplecris-common-writable-specregs)
(simplecris-common-readable-specregs): Split from
simplecris-common-specregs. All users changed.
(cris-implemented-readable-specregs-v0): Similar from
(cris-implemented-readable-specregs-v32): Similar.
(bdap-32-pc, move-m-pcplus-p0, move-m-spplus-p8): New
insns and specializations.
2005-11-08 Nathan Sidwell <>
Add ms2
* ms1.cpu (ms2, ms2bf): New architecture variant, cpu, machine and
(f-uu8, f-uu1, f-imm16l, f-loopo, f-cb1sel, f-cb2sel, f-cb1incr,
f-cb2incr, f-rc3): New fields.
(LOOP): New instruction.
(JAL-HAZARD): New hazard.
(imm16o, loopsize, imm16l, rc3, cb1sel, cb2sel, cb1incr, cb2incr):
New operands.
(mul, muli, dbnz, iflush): Enable for ms2
(jal, reti): Has JAL-HAZARD.
(ldctxt, ldfb, stfb): Only ms1.
(fbcb): Only ms1,ms1-003.
(wfbinc, mefbinc, wfbincr, mwfbincr, fbcbincs, mfbcbincs,
fbcbincrs, mfbcbincrs): Enable for ms2.
(loop, loopu, dfbc, dwfb, fbwfb, dfbr): New ms2 insns.
* ms1.opc (parse_loopsize): New.
(parse_imm16): hi16/lo16 relocs are applicable to IMM16L.
(print_pcrel): New.
2005-10-28 Dave Brolley <>
Contribute the following change:
2003-09-24 Dave Brolley <>
* frv.opc: Use CGEN_ATTR_VALUE_ENUM_TYPE in place of
* m32c.opc (m32c_cgen_insn_supported): Use CGEN_INSN_BITSET_ATTR_VALUE.
Use cgen_bitset_intersect_p.
2005-10-27 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (Imm-8-s4n, Imm-12-s4n): New.
(arith-jnz16-imm4-dst-defn, arith-jnz32-imm4-dst-defn,
arith-jnz-imm4-dst-mach, arith-jnz-imm4-dst): Keep track of which
imm operand is needed.
(adjnz, sbjnz): Pass the right operands.
(unary-insn-defn, unary16-defn, unary32-defn, unary-insn-mach,
unary-insn): Add -g variants for opcodes that need to support :G.
(not.BW:G, push.BW:G): Call it.
(stzx16-imm8-imm8-dsp8sb, stzx16-imm8-imm8-dsp8fb,
stzx16-imm8-imm8-abs16): Fix operand typos.
* m32c.opc (m32c_asm_hash): Support bnCND.
(parse_signed4n, print_signed4n): New.
2005-10-26 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (f-dsp-8-s24, Dsp-8-s24): New.
(mov-dspsp-dst-defn, mov-src-dspsp-defn, mov16-dspsp-dst-defn,
mov16-src-dspsp-defn, mov32-dspsp-dst-defn, mov32-src-dspsp-defn):
dsp8[sp] is signed.
(mov.WL:S #imm,A0/A1): dsp24 is signed (i.e. -0x800000..0xffffff).
(mov.BW:S r0,r1): Fix typo r1l->r1.
(tst): Allow :G suffix.
* m32c.opc (parse_signed24): New, for -0x800000..0xffffff.
2005-10-26 Kazuhiro Inaoka <>
* m32r.opc (parse_hi16): Do not assume a 32-bit host word size.
2005-10-25 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (add16-bQ-sp,add16-wQ-sp): Fix to allow either width by
making one a macro of the other.
2005-10-21 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.cpu (lde, ste): Add dsp[a0] and [a1a] addressing.
(indexb, indexbd, indexbs, indexw, indexwd, indexws, indexl,
indexld, indexls): .w variants have `1' bit.
(rot32.b): QI, not SI.
(rot32.w): HI, not SI.
(xchg16): HI for .w variant.
2005-10-19 Nick Clifton <>
* m32r.opc (parse_slo16): Fix bad application of previous patch.
2005-10-18 Andreas Schwab <>
* m32r.opc (parse_slo16): Better version of previous patch.
2005-10-14 Kazuhiro Inaoka <>
* cpu/m32r.opc (parse_slo16): Do not assume a 32-bit host word
2005-07-25 DJ Delorie <>
* m32c.opc (parse_unsigned8): Add %dsp8().
(parse_signed8): Add %hi8().
(parse_unsigned16): Add %dsp16().
(parse_signed16): Add %lo16() and %hi16().
(parse_lab_5_3): Make valuep a bfd_vma *.
2005-07-18 Nick Clifton <>
* m32c.cpu (f-16-8, f-24-8, f-32-16, f-dsp-8-u24): New opcode
(f-lab32-jmp-s): Fix insertion sequence.
(Dsp-8-u24, Lab-5-3, Lab32-jmp-s): New operands.
(Dsp-40-s8): Make parameter be signed.
(Dsp-40-s16): Likewise.
(Dsp-48-s8): Likewise.
(Dsp-48-s16): Likewise.
(Imm-13-u3): Likewise. (Despite its name!)
(BitBase16-16-s8): Make the parameter be unsigned.
(BitBase16-8-u11-S): Likewise.
(Lab-8-8, Lab-8-16, Lab-16-8, jcnd16-5, jcnd16, jcnd32, jmp16.s,
jmp16.b, jmp16.w, jmp32.s, jmp32.b, jmp32.w, jsp16.w, jsr32.w): Allow
* m32c.opc: Fix formatting.
Use safe-ctype.h instead of ctype.h
Move duplicated code sequences into a macro.
Fix compile time warnings about signedness mismatches.
Remove dead code.
(parse_lab_5_3): New parser function.
2005-07-16 Jim Blandy <>
* m32c.opc (m32c_cgen_insn_supported): Use int, not CGEN_BITSET,
to represent isa sets.
2005-07-15 Jim Blandy <>
* m32c.cpu, m32c.opc: Fix copyright.
2005-07-14 Jim Blandy <>
* m32c.cpu, m32c.opc: Machine description for the Renesas M32C.
2005-07-14 Alan Modra <>
* ms1.opc (print_dollarhex): Correct format string.
2005-07-06 Alan Modra <>
* iq2000.cpu: Include from binutils cpu dir.
2005-07-05 Nick Clifton <>
* iq2000.opc (parse_lo16, parse_mlo16): Make value parameter
unsigned in order to avoid compile time warnings about sign
* ms1.opc (parse_*): Likewise.
(parse_imm16): Use a "void *" as it is passed both signed and
unsigned arguments.
2005-07-01 Nick Clifton <>
* frv.opc: Update to ISO C90 function declaration style.
* iq2000.opc: Likewise.
* m32r.opc: Likewise.
* sh.opc: Likewise.
2005-06-15 Dave Brolley <>
Contributed by Red Hat.
* ms1.cpu: New file. Written by Nick Clifton, Stan Cox.
* ms1.opc: New file. Written by Stan Cox.
2005-05-10 Nick Clifton <>
* Update the address and phone number of the FSF organization in
the GPL notices in the following files:
cris.cpu, frv.cpu, frv.opc, iq10.cpu, iq2000.opc, iq2000m.cpu,
m32r.cpu, m32r.opc, sh.cpu, sh.opc, sh64-compact.cpu,
2005-02-24 Alan Modra <>
* frv.opc (parse_A): Warning fix.
2005-02-23 Nick Clifton <>
* frv.opc: Fixed compile time warnings about differing signed'ness
of pointers passed to functions.
* m32r.opc: Likewise.
2005-02-11 Nick Clifton <>
* iq2000.opc (parse_jtargq10): Change type of valuep argument to
'bfd_vma *' in order avoid compile time warning message.
2005-01-28 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cris.cpu (mstep): Add missing insn.
2005-01-25 Alexandre Oliva <>
2004-11-10 Alexandre Oliva <>
* frv.cpu: Add support for TLS annotations in loads and calll.
* frv.opc (parse_symbolic_address): New.
(parse_ldd_annotation): New.
(parse_call_annotation): New.
(parse_ld_annotation): New.
(parse_ulo16, parse_uslo16): Use parse_symbolic_address.
Introduce TLS relocations.
(parse_d12, parse_s12, parse_u12): Likewise.
(parse_uhi16): Likewise. Fix constant checking on 64-bit host.
(parse_call_label, print_at): New.
2004-12-21 Mikael Starvik <>
* cris.cpu (cris-set-mem): Correct integral write semantics.
2004-11-29 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cris.cpu: New file.
2004-11-15 Michael K. Lechner <>
* iq2000.cpu: Added quotes around macro arguments so that they
will work with newer versions of guile.
2004-10-27 Nick Clifton <>
* iq2000m.cpu (pkrlr1, pkrlr30, rbr1, rbr30, rxr1, rxr30, wbr1,
wbr1u, wbr30, wbr30u, wxr1, wxr1u, wxr30, wxr30u): Add an index
* iq2000.cpu (dnop index): Rename to _index to avoid complications
with guile.
2004-08-27 Richard Sandiford <>
* frv.cpu (cfmovs): Change UNIT attribute to FMALL.
2004-05-15 Nick Clifton <>
* iq2000.opc (iq2000_cgen_insn_supported): Make 'insn' argument const.
2004-03-30 Kazuhiro Inaoka <>
* m32r.opc (parse_hi16): Fixed shigh(0xffff8000) bug.
2004-03-01 Richard Sandiford <>
* frv.cpu (define-arch frv): Add fr450 mach.
(define-mach fr450): New.
(define-model fr450): New. Add profile units to every fr450 insn.
(define-attr UNIT): Add MDCUTSSI.
(define-attr FR450-MAJOR): New enum. Add to every fr450 insn.
(define-attr AUDIO): New boolean.
(f-LRAE, f-LRAD, f-LRAS, f-TLBPRopx, f-TLBPRL)
(f-LRA-null, f-TLBPR-null): New fields.
(scr0, scr1, scr2, scr3, imavr1, damvr1, cxnr, ttbr)
(tplr, tppr, tpxr, timerh, timerl, timerd, btbr): New SPRs.
(LRAE, LRAD, LRAS, TLBPRopx, TLBPRL): New operands.
(LRA-null, TLBPR-null): New macros.
(iacc-multiply-r-r, slass, scutss, int-arith-ss-r-r): Add AUDIO attr.
(load-real-address): New macro.
(lrai, lrad, tlbpr): New instructions.
(media-cut-acc, media-cut-acc-ss): Add fr450-major argument.
(mcut, mcuti, mcutss, mcutssi): Adjust accordingly.
(mdcutssi): Change UNIT attribute to MDCUTSSI.
(media-low-clear-semantics, media-scope-limit-semantics)
(media-quad-limit, media-quad-shift): New macros.
(mqlclrhs, mqlmths, mqsllhi, mqsrahi): New instructions.
* frv.opc (frv_is_branch_major, frv_is_float_major, frv_is_media_major)
(frv_is_branch_insn, frv_is_float_insn, frv_is_media_insn)
(frv_vliw_reset, frv_vliw_add_insn): Handle bfd_mach_fr450.
(fr450_unit_mapping): New array.
(fr400_unit_mapping, fr500_unit_mapping, fr550_unit_mapping): Add entry
for new MDCUTSSI unit.
(fr450_check_insn_major_constraints): New function.
(check_insn_major_constraints): Use it.
2004-03-01 Richard Sandiford <>
* frv.cpu (nsdiv, nudiv, nsdivi, nudivi): Remove fr400 profiling unit.
(scutss): Change unit to I0.
(calll, callil, ccalll): Add missing FR550-MAJOR and profile unit.
(mqsaths): Fix FR400-MAJOR categorization.
(media-quad-multiply-cross-acc, media-quad-cross-multiply-cross-acc)
(media-quad-cross-multiply-acc): Change unit from MDUALACC to FMALL.
* frv.opc (fr400_check_insn_major_constraints): Check for (M-2,M-1)
2004-03-01 Richard Sandiford <>
* frv.cpu (r-store, r-store-dual, r-store-quad): Delete.
(rstb, rsth, rst, rstd, rstq): Delete.
(rstbf, rsthf, rstf, rstdf, rstqf): Delete.
2004-02-23 Nick Clifton <>
* Apply these patches from Renesas:
2004-02-10 Kazuhiro Inaoka <>
* cpu/m32r.opc (my_print_insn): Fixed incorrect output when
disassembling codes for 0x*2 addresses.
2003-12-15 Kazuhiro Inaoka <>
* cpu/m32r.cpu: Add PIPE_O attribute to "pop" instruction.
2003-12-03 Kazuhiro Inaoka <>
* cpu/m32r.cpu : Add new model m32r2.
Add new instructions.
Replace occurrances of 'Mitsubishi' with 'Renesas'.
Changed PIPE attr of push from O to OS.
Care for Little-endian of M32R.
* cpu/m32r.opc (CGEN_DIS_HASH, my_print_insn):
Care for Little-endian of M32R.
(parse_slo16): signed extension for value.
2004-02-20 Andrew Cagney <>
* m32r.opc, m32r.cpu: New files. Written by , Doug Evans, Nick
Clifton, Ben Elliston, Matthew Green, and Andrew Haley.
* sh.cpu, sh.opc, sh64-compact.cpu, sh64-media.cpu: New files, all
written by Ben Elliston.
2004-01-14 Richard Sandiford <>
* frv.cpu (UNIT): Add IACC.
(iacc-multiply-r-r): Use it.
* frv.opc (fr400_unit_mapping): Add entry for IACC.
(fr500_unit_mapping, fr550_unit_mapping): Likewise.
2004-01-06 Alexandre Oliva <>
2003-12-19 Alexandre Oliva <>
* frv.opc (parse_ulo16, parse_uhi16, parse_d12): Fix some
cut&paste errors in shifting/truncating numerical operands.
2003-08-08 Alexandre Oliva <>
* frv.opc (parse_ulo16): Parse gotofflo and gotofffuncdesclo.
(parse_uslo16): Likewise.
(parse_uhi16): Parse gotoffhi and gotofffuncdeschi.
(parse_d12): Parse gotoff12 and gotofffuncdesc12.
(parse_s12): Likewise.
2003-08-04 Alexandre Oliva <>
* frv.opc (parse_ulo16): Parse gotlo and gotfuncdesclo.
(parse_uslo16): Likewise.
(parse_uhi16): Parse gothi and gotfuncdeschi.
(parse_d12): Parse got12 and gotfuncdesc12.
(parse_s12): Likewise.
2003-10-10 Dave Brolley <>
* frv.cpu (dnpmop): New p-macro.
(GRdoublek): Use dnpmop.
(CPRdoublek, FRdoublei, FRdoublej, FRdoublek): Ditto.
(store-double-r-r): Use (.sym regtype doublek).
(r-store-double): Ditto.
(store-double-r-r-u): Ditto.
(conditional-store-double): Ditto.
(conditional-store-double-u): Ditto.
(store-double-r-simm): Ditto.
(fmovs): Assign to UNIT FMALL.
2003-10-06 Dave Brolley <>
* frv.cpu, frv.opc: Add support for fr550.
2003-09-24 Dave Brolley <>
* frv.cpu (u-commit): New modelling unit for fr500.
(mwtaccg): Use frv_ref_SI to reference ACC40Sk as an input operand.
(commit-r): Use u-commit model for fr500.
(commit): Ditto.
(conditional-float-binary-op): Take profiling data as an argument.
Update callers.
(ne-float-binary-op): Ditto.
2003-09-19 Michael Snyder <>
* frv.cpu (nldqi): Delete unimplemented instruction.
2003-09-12 Dave Brolley <>
* frv.cpu (u-clrgr, u-clrfr): New units of model fr500.
(clear-ne-flag-r): Pass insn profiling in as an argument. Call
frv_ref_SI to get input register referenced for profiling.
(clear-ne-flag-all): Pass insn profiling in as an argument.
(clrgr,clrfr,clrga,clrfa): Add profiling information.
2003-09-11 Michael Snyder <>
* frv.cpu: Typographical corrections.
2003-09-09 Dave Brolley <>
* frv.cpu (media-dual-complex): Change UNIT to FMALL.
(conditional-media-dual-complex, media-quad-complex): Likewise.
2003-09-04 Dave Brolley <>
* frv.cpu (register-transfer): Pass in all attributes in on argument.
Update all callers.
(conditional-register-transfer): Ditto.
(cache-preload): Ditto.
(floating-point-conversion): Ditto.
(floating-point-neg): Ditto.
(float-abs): Ditto.
(float-binary-op-s): Ditto.
(conditional-float-binary-op): Ditto.
(ne-float-binary-op): Ditto.
(float-dual-arith): Ditto.
(ne-float-dual-arith): Ditto.
2003-09-03 Dave Brolley <>
* frv.opc (parse_A, parse_A0, parse_A1): New parse handlers.
(A): Removed operand.
(A0,A1): New operands replace operand A.
(mnop): Now a real insn
(mclracc): Removed insn.
(mclracc-0, mclracc-1): New insns replace mclracc.
(all insns): Use new UNIT attributes.
2003-08-21 Nick Clifton <>
* frv.cpu (mbtoh): Replace input parameter to u-media-dual-expand
and u-media-dual-btoh with output parameter.
(cmbtoh): Add profiling hack.
2003-08-19 Michael Snyder <>
* frv.cpu: Fix typo, Frintkeven -> FRintkeven
2003-06-10 Doug Evans <>
* frv.cpu: Add IDOC attribute.
2003-06-06 Andrew Cagney <>
Contributed by Red Hat.
* iq2000.cpu: New file. Written by Ben Elliston, Jeff Johnston,
Stan Cox, and Frank Ch. Eigler.
* iq2000.opc: New file. Written by Ben Elliston, Frank
Ch. Eigler, Chris Moller, Jeff Johnston, and Stan Cox.
* iq2000m.cpu: New file. Written by Jeff Johnston.
* iq10.cpu: New file. Written by Jeff Johnston.
2003-06-05 Nick Clifton <>
* frv.cpu (FRintieven): New operand. An even-numbered only
version of the FRinti operand.
(FRintjeven): Likewise for FRintj.
(FRintkeven): Likewise for FRintk.
(mdcutssi, media-dual-word-rotate-r-r, mqsaths,
media-quad-arith-sat-semantics, media-quad-arith-sat,
conditional-media-quad-arith-sat, mdunpackh,
media-quad-multiply-semantics, media-quad-multiply,
conditional-media-quad-multiply, media-quad-complex-i,
media-quad-multiply-acc-semantics, media-quad-multiply-acc,
conditional-media-quad-multiply-acc, munpackh,
media-quad-multiply-cross-acc-semantics, mdpackh,
media-quad-multiply-cross-acc, mbtoh-semantics,
media-quad-cross-multiply-cross-acc, mbtoh, mhtob-semantics,
media-quad-cross-multiply-acc-semantics, cmbtoh,
media-quad-cross-multiply-acc, media-quad-complex, mhtob,
media-expand-halfword-to-double-semantics, mexpdhd, cmexpdhd,
cmhtob): Use new operands.
(parse_even_register): New function.
2003-06-03 Nick Clifton <>
* frv.cpu (media-dual-word-rotate-r-r): Use a signed 6-bit
immediate value not unsigned.
2003-06-03 Andrew Cagney <>
Contributed by Red Hat.
* frv.cpu: New file. Written by Dave Brolley, Catherine Moore,
and Eric Christopher.
* frv.opc: New file. Written by Catherine Moore, and Dave
* New file. Written by Doug Evans.
2003-05-02 Andrew Cagney <>
* New file.
Copyright (C) 2003-2012 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.
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