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2021-08-10 Nick Clifton <>
* po/sr.po: Updated Serbian translation.
2021-07-20 Alan Modra <>
PR gold/28106
PR gold/27815
* gc.h (gc_process_relocs): Use static_cast in Section_id constructor.
2021-07-17 Michael Krasnyk <>
PR gold/28098
* (Track_relocs::advance): Skip R_*_NONE relocation entries
with r_sym of zero without counting in advance method.
2021-07-03 Nick Clifton <>
* po/gold.pot: Regenerate.
2021-07-03 Nick Clifton <>
* 2.37 release branch created.
2021-05-25 Alan Modra <>
PR gold/27815
* gc.h (gc_process_relocs): Use cast in Section_id constructor.
2021-05-22 Alan Modra <>
PR gold/27815
* gc.h (gc_process_relocs): Use nullptr in Section_id constructor.
2021-05-15 Alan Modra <>
PR 27834
* (General_options::General_options): Init bsymbolic_.
2021-05-04 Fangrui Song <>
PR 27834
* options.h (General_options): Make -Bsymbolic and
-Bsymbolic-functions special and adjust the help messages. Add
enum Bsymbolic_kind and -Bno-symbolic.
* (General_options): Define parse_Bno_symbolic,
parse_Bsymbolic_functions, and parse_Bsymbolic.
2021-03-30 Alan Modra <>
PR gold/27625
* (Powerpc_relobj): Add no_tls_marker_, tls_marker_,
and tls_opt_error_ variables and accessors.
(Target_powerpc::Scan::local, global): Call set_tls_marker and
set_no_tls_marker for GD and LD code sequence relocations.
(Target_powerpc::Relocate::relocate): Downgrade the "lacks marker
reloc" error to a warning when safe to do so, and omit the error
entirely if not optimising TLS sequences. Do not optimise GD and
LD sequences for objects lacking marker relocs.
(Target_powerpc::relocate_relocs): Heed no_tls_marker here too.
2021-03-19 Cary Coutant <>
PR gold/27615
* (Errors::trace): New method.
(gold_trace): New function.
* errors.h (Errors::trace): New method.
* gold.h (gold_trace): New function.
* (Input_objects::add_object): Use gold_trace to print
object file names.
2021-03-19 Cary Coutant <>
PR gold/pr23870
* testsuite/aarch64_pr23870_bar.c: Return a magic value.
* testsuite/aarch64_pr23870_foo.c: Check the magic value and return
success or failure.
2021-03-19 Holger Berger <>
PR gold/26541
* (gold_fallocate): Use errno when calling system fallocate.
2021-03-19 Cary Coutant <>
PR gold/26585
* (main): Fix typo in previous patch.
2021-03-19 Duncan Simpson <>
PR gold/26585
* Add check for mallinfo2.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Regenerate from previous commit.
* (main): Use mallinfo2 if available.
2021-03-19 Cary Coutant <>
PR gold/27246
* (Dwarf_abbrev_table::do_get_abbrev): Handle
(Dwarf_ranges_table::read_ranges_table): Add version parameter;
Adjust all callers. Look for .debug_rnglists section if DWARF 5.
(Dwarf_ranges_table::read_range_list_v5): New method.
(Dwarf_die::read_attributes): Handle new DWARF 5 DW_FORM codes.
(Dwarf_die::skip_attributes): Likewise.
(Dwarf_info_reader::do_parse): Support DWARF 5 unit header format.
(Dwarf_info_reader::read_3bytes_from_pointer): New method.
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::Sized_dwarf_line_info): Initialize
str_buffer_, str_buffer_start, reloc_map_, line_number_map_.
Look for .debug_line_str section.
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::read_header_prolog): Support DWARF 5 prolog.
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::read_header_tables): Rename to...
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::read_header_tables_v2): ... this.
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::read_header_tables_v5): New method.
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::process_one_opcode): Insert missing "this->".
Change advance_line to signed int64_t.
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::read_lines): Add endptr parameter; adjust
callers. Insert missing "this->".
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::read_line_mappings): Support DWARF 5.
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::do_addr2line): Add debug code.
* dwarf_reader.h (Dwarf_abbrev_table::Attribute): Add implicit_const
field. Adjust constructor.
(Dwarf_abbrev_table::add_sttribute): Add implicit_const parameter.
(Dwarf_ranges_table::read_ranges_table): Add version parameter.
(Dwarf_ranges_table::read_range_list_v5): New method.
(Dwarf_die): Remove unused attr_off field.
(Dwarf_info_reader::Dwarf_info_reader): Initialize unit_type_ field.
(Dwarf_info_reader::is_type_unit): New method.
(Dwarf_info_reader::read_3bytes_from_pointer): New method.
(Dwarf_info_reader::read_range_list): Call read_range_list_v5 for
DWARF 5 range lists.
(Dwarf_info_reader::is_type_unit_): Remove.
(Dwarf_info_reader::unit_type_): New field.
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::~Sized_dwarf_line_info): Delete
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::read_header_tables): Rename to...
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::read_header_tables_v2): ... this.
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::read_header_tables_v5): New method.
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::read_lines): Add endptr parameter.
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::Dwarf_line_infoHeader): Add address_size field.
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::str_buffer_): New field.
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::str_buffer_end_): New field.
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::str_buffer_start_): New field.
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::end_of_header_length_): New field.
(Sized_dwarf_line_info::end_of_unit_): New field.
2021-01-28 H.J. Lu <>
PR gold/27246
* (Sized_dwarf_line_info::read_header_prolog):
Skip address size and segment selector for DWARF5.
2021-01-19 Alan Modra <>
PR 27203
* (do_plt_fde_location): Remove doing_static_link
2021-01-17 H.J. Lu <>
* testsuite/ifuncmain6pie.c: Remove non-JUMP_SLOT relocations
against foo in
* testsuite/ifuncmod6.c: Likewise.
2021-01-14 Nick Clifton <>
* po/fr.po: Updated French translation.
2021-01-11 Nick Clifton <>
* po/sr.po: Updated Serbian translation.
* po/uk.po: Updated Ukranian translation.
2021-01-09 Nick Clifton <>
* 2.36 release branch crated.
2021-01-03 Alan Modra <>
PR 27140
* (Target_powerpc::Branch_info::make_stub): Only access
object->st_other() when 64-bit.
(Stub_table::add_long_branch_entry): Ignore "other" when 32-bit.
2021-01-01 Nicolas Boulenguez <>
* Correct comment spelling.
2021-01-01 Alan Modra <>
Update year range in copyright notice of all files.
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