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version 2.0 05-02-96
* Switched to bfd library. Any supported format (elf, coff, ...) can be used.
* The UART devices can be set through -uart1 and -uart2 switches.
* Switched to GNU readline.
* Added -c option to run batch files at startup
* 'reg' command can show different register windows (eg 'reg w3').
* Use 'help' for online help on simulator commands
version 1.8.1 20-01-96
* added -mevrev0 switch to simulate MEC rev.0 bugs in timer and uart
* added -iurev0 switch to simulate IU rev.0 jmpl/restore bug
* Added sis command 'batch' to run batch files
version 1.8 30-10-95
* Added s-record support. Use the '-s' switch with sis or the 'load' command.
* IU load dependencies are now modelled
version 1.7 30-10-95
* Power-down mode implemented in erc32.c.
* Performance display shows the ratio between simulator-time and real-time.
version 1.6.2 25-10-95
* The UARTs can now be run at a given speed (simulator time) to better
simulate the behaviour of interrupt routines. The "true mode" is
selected through a compile switch in the makefile.
version 1.6 28-09-95
* Major reorganisation of the code. mec.c and mem.c merged into erc32.c.
* The load command does NOT longer load the initialised data at an address
defined by .bdata. This is done in srt0.s using _environ.
* Additional MEC functionallity added - software reset, memory access
protection and waitstate configuration register.
* interf.c - a GDB interface added
* -v switch (verbose) added
version 1.5 14-09-95
* Added a instruction trace buffer, enabled through the 'hist' command.
* Added a 'perf' command to display statistics such as instruction mix,
CPI, FPU holds etc.
* Added -nfp switch to disable FPU.
* Added -freq switch to set simulated frequency.
version 1.4 22-08-95
* A -g is provided for those who have problems with GNU readline().
version 1.3 26-07-95
* No major news, just a bug fix release ...
version 1.2 13-07-95
* Added setting of IU registers through the 'reg' command. See README.
* The GNU readline() function is used for command input. However, a
ctrl-D still kills the simulator ...
version 1.1 07-07-95
* Added a 'go' command
* Added cycle counting for interrupt overhead.
* Function 'get_mem_ptr' takes one more parameter to avoid segmentation
faults if a.out files are loaded outside the simulated memory. See README.
* Added user-defined function sim_stop().
* Added a reset command. See README.
* Implemented buffered output for MEC uarts to improve output speed.