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/* Copyright (C) 1995-2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>. */
#include "ansidecl.h"
#include "sim/callback.h"
#include "sim/sim.h"
#include <sim-config.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#define EBT 0
#define EBT 3
#define I_ACC_EXC 1
/* Maximum events in event queue */
#define EVENT_MAX 256
/* Maximum # of floating point queue */
#define FPUQN 1
/* Maximum # of breakpoints */
#define BPT_MAX 256
struct histype {
unsigned addr;
unsigned time;
/* type definitions */
typedef short int int16; /* 16-bit signed int */
typedef unsigned short int uint16; /* 16-bit unsigned int */
typedef int int32; /* 32-bit signed int */
typedef unsigned int uint32; /* 32-bit unsigned int */
typedef float float32; /* 32-bit float */
typedef double float64; /* 64-bit float */
typedef uint64_t uint64; /* 64-bit unsigned int */
typedef int64_t int64; /* 64-bit signed int */
struct pstate {
float64 fd[16]; /* FPU registers */
float32 fs[32];
float32 *fdp;
float32 *fs;
int32 *fsi;
uint32 fsr;
int32 fpstate;
uint32 fpq[FPUQN * 2];
uint32 fpqn;
uint32 ftime;
uint32 flrd;
uint32 frd;
uint32 frs1;
uint32 frs2;
uint32 fpu_pres; /* FPU present (0 = No, 1 = Yes) */
uint32 psr; /* IU registers */
uint32 tbr;
uint32 wim;
uint32 g[8];
uint32 r[128];
uint32 y;
uint32 asr17; /* Single vector trapping */
uint32 pc, npc;
uint32 trap; /* Current trap type */
uint32 annul; /* Instruction annul */
uint32 data; /* Loaded data */
uint32 inst; /* Current instruction */
uint32 asi; /* Current ASI */
uint32 err_mode; /* IU error mode */
uint32 breakpoint;
uint32 bptnum;
uint32 bphit;
uint32 bpts[BPT_MAX]; /* Breakpoints */
uint32 ltime; /* Load interlock time */
uint32 hold; /* IU hold cycles in current inst */
uint32 fhold; /* FPU hold cycles in current inst */
uint32 icnt; /* Instruction cycles in curr inst */
uint32 histlen; /* Trace history management */
uint32 histind;
struct histype *histbuf;
float32 freq; /* Simulated processor frequency */
double tottime;
uint64 ninst;
uint64 fholdt;
uint64 holdt;
uint64 icntt;
uint64 finst;
uint64 simstart;
double starttime;
uint64 tlimit; /* Simulation time limit */
uint64 pwdtime; /* Cycles in power-down mode */
uint64 nstore; /* Number of load instructions */
uint64 nload; /* Number of store instructions */
uint64 nannul; /* Number of annuled instructions */
uint64 nbranch; /* Number of branch instructions */
uint32 ildreg; /* Destination of last load instruction */
uint64 ildtime; /* Last time point for load dependency */
int rett_err; /* IU in jmpl/restore error state (Rev.0) */
int jmpltime;
struct evcell {
void (*cfunc) ();
int32 arg;
uint64 time;
struct evcell *nxt;
struct estate {
struct evcell eq;
struct evcell *freeq;
uint64 simtime;
struct irqcell {
void (*callback) ();
int32 arg;
#define OK 0
#define TIME_OUT 1
#define BPT_HIT 2
#define ERROR 3
#define CTRL_C 4
/* Prototypes */
/* erc32.c */
extern void init_sim (void);
extern void reset (void);
extern void error_mode (uint32 pc);
extern void sim_halt (void);
extern void exit_sim (void);
extern void init_stdio (void);
extern void restore_stdio (void);
extern int memory_iread (uint32 addr, uint32 *data, int32 *ws);
extern int memory_read (int32 asi, uint32 addr, uint32 *data,
int32 sz, int32 *ws);
extern int memory_write (int32 asi, uint32 addr, uint32 *data,
int32 sz, int32 *ws);
extern int sis_memory_write (uint32 addr,
const unsigned char *data, uint32 length);
extern int sis_memory_read (uint32 addr, char *data,
uint32 length);
/* func.c */
extern struct pstate sregs;
extern void set_regi (struct pstate *sregs, int32 reg,
uint32 rval);
extern void get_regi (struct pstate *sregs, int32 reg, char *buf);
extern int exec_cmd (struct pstate *sregs, const char *cmd);
extern void reset_stat (struct pstate *sregs);
extern void show_stat (struct pstate *sregs);
extern void init_bpt (struct pstate *sregs);
extern void init_signals (void);
struct disassemble_info;
extern void dis_mem (uint32 addr, uint32 len,
struct disassemble_info *info);
extern void event (void (*cfunc) (), int32 arg, uint64 delta);
extern void set_int (int32 level, void (*callback) (), int32 arg);
extern void advance_time (struct pstate *sregs);
extern uint32 now (void);
extern int wait_for_irq (void);
extern int check_bpt (struct pstate *sregs);
extern void reset_all (void);
extern void sys_reset (void);
extern void sys_halt (void);
extern int bfd_load (const char *fname);
extern double get_time (void);
/* exec.c */
extern int dispatch_instruction (struct pstate *sregs);
extern int execute_trap (struct pstate *sregs);
extern int check_interrupts (struct pstate *sregs);
extern void init_regs (struct pstate *sregs);
/* interf.c */
extern int run_sim (struct pstate *sregs,
uint64 icount, int dis);
/* float.c */
extern int get_accex (void);
extern void clear_accex (void);
extern void set_fsr (uint32 fsr);
/* help.c */
extern void usage (void);
extern void gen_help (void);