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This is a terse description of the new features added to readline-5.1 since
the release of readline-5.0.
1. New Features in Readline
a. The key sequence sent by the keypad `delete' key is now automatically
bound to delete-char.
b. A negative argument to menu-complete now cycles backward through the
completion list.
c. A new bindable readline variable: bind-tty-special-chars. If non-zero,
readline will bind the terminal special characters to their readline
equivalents when it's called (on by default).
d. New bindable command: vi-rubout. Saves deleted text for possible
reinsertion, as with any vi-mode `text modification' command; `X' is bound
to this in vi command mode.
e. If the rl_completion_query_items is set to a value < 0, readline never
asks the user whether or not to view the possible completions.
f. New application-callable auxiliary function, rl_variable_value, returns
a string corresponding to a readline variable's value.
g. When parsing inputrc files and variable binding commands, the parser
strips trailing whitespace from values assigned to boolean variables
before checking them.
h. A new external application-controllable variable that allows the LINES
and COLUMNS environment variables to set the window size regardless of
what the kernel returns.