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2004-11-04 Per Bothner <>
* pty.c: Import from screen-4.0.2.
*,, Set up autoconf handling,
copying a bunk of stuff over from screen.
* rlfe.c: Use OpenPTY from pty.c instead of get_master_pty.
2004-11-03 Per Bothner <>
* rlfe.c: Get input emphasis (boldening) more robust.
* rlfe.c: Various cleanups on comments and names.
2003-11-07 Wolfgang Taeuber <>
* Specify a history file and the size of the history file with command
* line options; use EDITOR/VISUAL to set vi/emacs preference.
1999-09-03 Chet Ramey <>
* fep.c: Memmove is not universally available. This patch assumes
that an autoconf test has been performed, and that memcpy is
available without checking.
* fep.c: VDISCARD is not universally available, even when termios is.
* fep.c: If a system doesn't have TIOCSCTTY, the first `open'
performed after setsid allocates a controlling terminal. The
original code would leave the child process running on the slave pty
without a controlling tty if TIOCSCTTY was not available.
* fep.c: Most versions of SVR4, including solaris, don't allow
terminal ioctl calls on the master side of the pty.
1999-08-28 Per Bothner <>
* fep.c: Initial release.