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/* -*- c -*-
Declarations and definitions of codes relating to the DWARF2 and
DWARF3 symbolic debugging information formats.
Copyright (C) 1992-2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Written by Gary Funck ( The Ada Joint Program
Office (AJPO), Florida State University and Silicon Graphics Inc.
provided support for this effort -- June 21, 1995.
Derived from the DWARF 1 implementation written by Ron Guilmette
(, November 1990.
This file is part of GCC.
GCC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any later
GCC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
License for more details.
Under Section 7 of GPL version 3, you are granted additional
permissions described in the GCC Runtime Library Exception, version
3.1, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License and
a copy of the GCC Runtime Library Exception along with this program;
see the files COPYING3 and COPYING.RUNTIME respectively. If not, see
<>. */
/* This file is derived from the DWARF specification (a public document)
Revision 2.0.0 (July 27, 1993) developed by the UNIX International
Programming Languages Special Interest Group (UI/PLSIG) and distributed
by UNIX International. Copies of this specification are available from
UNIX International, 20 Waterview Boulevard, Parsippany, NJ, 07054.
This file also now contains definitions from the DWARF 3 specification
published Dec 20, 2005, available from:
This file also now contains definitions from the DWARF 4
specification, available from: */
/* This file declares various DWARF-related constants using a set of
macros which can be redefined by the including file.
The macros are in sections. Each section corresponds to a single
set of DWARF constants and has a corresponding key. The key is
used in all the macro names.
The sections are TAG (for DW_TAG_ constants), FORM (DW_FORM_), AT
(DW_AT_), OP (DW_OP_), ATE (DW_ATE_), and CFA (DW_CFA_).
Using TAG as an example, the following macros may be used for each
DW_FIRST_TAG(name, value) - Introduce the first DW_TAG constant.
DW_TAG(name, value) - Define a subsequent constant.
DW_TAG_DUP(name, value) - Define a subsequent constant whose value
is a duplicate of some other constant. Not all keys use the _DUP
macro form. If more than one name shares a value, then the base
(DW_TAG) form will be the preferred name and DW_TAG_DUP will hold
any alternate names.
DW_END_TAG - Invoked at the end of the DW_TAG constants. */
DW_FIRST_TAG (DW_TAG_padding, 0x00)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_array_type, 0x01)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_class_type, 0x02)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_entry_point, 0x03)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_enumeration_type, 0x04)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_formal_parameter, 0x05)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_imported_declaration, 0x08)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_label, 0x0a)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_lexical_block, 0x0b)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_member, 0x0d)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_pointer_type, 0x0f)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_reference_type, 0x10)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_compile_unit, 0x11)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_string_type, 0x12)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_structure_type, 0x13)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_subroutine_type, 0x15)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_typedef, 0x16)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_union_type, 0x17)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_unspecified_parameters, 0x18)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_variant, 0x19)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_common_block, 0x1a)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_common_inclusion, 0x1b)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_inheritance, 0x1c)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_inlined_subroutine, 0x1d)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_module, 0x1e)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_ptr_to_member_type, 0x1f)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_set_type, 0x20)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_subrange_type, 0x21)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_with_stmt, 0x22)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_access_declaration, 0x23)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_base_type, 0x24)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_catch_block, 0x25)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_const_type, 0x26)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_constant, 0x27)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_enumerator, 0x28)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_file_type, 0x29)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_friend, 0x2a)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_namelist, 0x2b)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_namelist_item, 0x2c)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_packed_type, 0x2d)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_subprogram, 0x2e)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_template_type_param, 0x2f)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_template_value_param, 0x30)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_thrown_type, 0x31)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_try_block, 0x32)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_variant_part, 0x33)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_variable, 0x34)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_volatile_type, 0x35)
/* DWARF 3. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_dwarf_procedure, 0x36)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_restrict_type, 0x37)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_interface_type, 0x38)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_namespace, 0x39)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_imported_module, 0x3a)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_unspecified_type, 0x3b)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_partial_unit, 0x3c)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_imported_unit, 0x3d)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_condition, 0x3f)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_shared_type, 0x40)
/* DWARF 4. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_type_unit, 0x41)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_rvalue_reference_type, 0x42)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_template_alias, 0x43)
/* DWARF 5. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_coarray_type, 0x44)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_generic_subrange, 0x45)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_dynamic_type, 0x46)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_atomic_type, 0x47)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_call_site, 0x48)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_call_site_parameter, 0x49)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_skeleton_unit, 0x4a)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_immutable_type, 0x4b)
DW_TAG_DUP (DW_TAG_lo_user, 0x4080)
DW_TAG_DUP (DW_TAG_hi_user, 0xffff)
/* SGI/MIPS Extensions. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_MIPS_loop, 0x4081)
/* HP extensions. See: . */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_HP_array_descriptor, 0x4090)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_HP_Bliss_field, 0x4091)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_HP_Bliss_field_set, 0x4092)
/* GNU extensions. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_format_label, 0x4101) /* For FORTRAN 77 and Fortran 90. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_function_template, 0x4102) /* For C++. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_class_template, 0x4103) /* For C++. */
/* Template template parameter.
See . */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_GNU_template_template_param, 0x4106)
/* Template parameter pack extension, specified at
The values of these two TAGS are in the DW_TAG_GNU_* space until the tags
are properly part of DWARF 5. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_GNU_template_parameter_pack, 0x4107)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_GNU_formal_parameter_pack, 0x4108)
/* The GNU call site extension, specified at .
The values of these two TAGS are in the DW_TAG_GNU_* space until the tags
are properly part of DWARF 5. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_GNU_call_site, 0x4109)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_GNU_call_site_parameter, 0x410a)
/* Extensions for UPC. See: */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_upc_shared_type, 0x8765)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_upc_strict_type, 0x8766)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_upc_relaxed_type, 0x8767)
/* PGI (STMicroelectronics) extensions. No documentation available. */
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_PGI_kanji_type, 0xA000)
DW_TAG (DW_TAG_PGI_interface_block, 0xA020)
DW_FIRST_FORM (DW_FORM_addr, 0x01)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_block2, 0x03)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_block4, 0x04)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_data2, 0x05)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_data4, 0x06)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_data8, 0x07)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_string, 0x08)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_block, 0x09)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_block1, 0x0a)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_data1, 0x0b)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_flag, 0x0c)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_sdata, 0x0d)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_strp, 0x0e)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_udata, 0x0f)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_ref_addr, 0x10)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_ref1, 0x11)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_ref2, 0x12)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_ref4, 0x13)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_ref8, 0x14)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_ref_udata, 0x15)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_indirect, 0x16)
/* DWARF 4. */
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_sec_offset, 0x17)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_exprloc, 0x18)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_flag_present, 0x19)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_ref_sig8, 0x20)
/* DWARF 5. */
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_strx, 0x1a)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_addrx, 0x1b)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_ref_sup4, 0x1c)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_strp_sup, 0x1d)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_data16, 0x1e)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_line_strp, 0x1f)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_implicit_const, 0x21)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_loclistx, 0x22)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_rnglistx, 0x23)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_ref_sup8, 0x24)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_strx1, 0x25)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_strx2, 0x26)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_strx3, 0x27)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_strx4, 0x28)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_addrx1, 0x29)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_addrx2, 0x2a)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_addrx3, 0x2b)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_addrx4, 0x2c)
/* Extensions for Fission. See */
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_GNU_addr_index, 0x1f01)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_GNU_str_index, 0x1f02)
/* Extensions for DWZ multifile.
See . */
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_GNU_ref_alt, 0x1f20)
DW_FORM (DW_FORM_GNU_strp_alt, 0x1f21)
DW_FIRST_AT (DW_AT_sibling, 0x01)
DW_AT (DW_AT_location, 0x02)
DW_AT (DW_AT_name, 0x03)
DW_AT (DW_AT_ordering, 0x09)
DW_AT (DW_AT_subscr_data, 0x0a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_byte_size, 0x0b)
DW_AT (DW_AT_bit_offset, 0x0c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_bit_size, 0x0d)
DW_AT (DW_AT_element_list, 0x0f)
DW_AT (DW_AT_stmt_list, 0x10)
DW_AT (DW_AT_low_pc, 0x11)
DW_AT (DW_AT_high_pc, 0x12)
DW_AT (DW_AT_language, 0x13)
DW_AT (DW_AT_member, 0x14)
DW_AT (DW_AT_discr, 0x15)
DW_AT (DW_AT_discr_value, 0x16)
DW_AT (DW_AT_visibility, 0x17)
DW_AT (DW_AT_import, 0x18)
DW_AT (DW_AT_string_length, 0x19)
DW_AT (DW_AT_common_reference, 0x1a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_comp_dir, 0x1b)
DW_AT (DW_AT_const_value, 0x1c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_containing_type, 0x1d)
DW_AT (DW_AT_default_value, 0x1e)
DW_AT (DW_AT_inline, 0x20)
DW_AT (DW_AT_is_optional, 0x21)
DW_AT (DW_AT_lower_bound, 0x22)
DW_AT (DW_AT_producer, 0x25)
DW_AT (DW_AT_prototyped, 0x27)
DW_AT (DW_AT_return_addr, 0x2a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_start_scope, 0x2c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_bit_stride, 0x2e)
DW_AT (DW_AT_upper_bound, 0x2f)
DW_AT (DW_AT_abstract_origin, 0x31)
DW_AT (DW_AT_accessibility, 0x32)
DW_AT (DW_AT_address_class, 0x33)
DW_AT (DW_AT_artificial, 0x34)
DW_AT (DW_AT_base_types, 0x35)
DW_AT (DW_AT_calling_convention, 0x36)
DW_AT (DW_AT_count, 0x37)
DW_AT (DW_AT_data_member_location, 0x38)
DW_AT (DW_AT_decl_column, 0x39)
DW_AT (DW_AT_decl_file, 0x3a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_decl_line, 0x3b)
DW_AT (DW_AT_declaration, 0x3c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_discr_list, 0x3d)
DW_AT (DW_AT_encoding, 0x3e)
DW_AT (DW_AT_external, 0x3f)
DW_AT (DW_AT_frame_base, 0x40)
DW_AT (DW_AT_friend, 0x41)
DW_AT (DW_AT_identifier_case, 0x42)
DW_AT (DW_AT_macro_info, 0x43)
DW_AT (DW_AT_namelist_items, 0x44)
DW_AT (DW_AT_priority, 0x45)
DW_AT (DW_AT_segment, 0x46)
DW_AT (DW_AT_specification, 0x47)
DW_AT (DW_AT_static_link, 0x48)
DW_AT (DW_AT_type, 0x49)
DW_AT (DW_AT_use_location, 0x4a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_variable_parameter, 0x4b)
DW_AT (DW_AT_virtuality, 0x4c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_vtable_elem_location, 0x4d)
/* DWARF 3 values. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_allocated, 0x4e)
DW_AT (DW_AT_associated, 0x4f)
DW_AT (DW_AT_data_location, 0x50)
DW_AT (DW_AT_byte_stride, 0x51)
DW_AT (DW_AT_entry_pc, 0x52)
DW_AT (DW_AT_use_UTF8, 0x53)
DW_AT (DW_AT_extension, 0x54)
DW_AT (DW_AT_ranges, 0x55)
DW_AT (DW_AT_trampoline, 0x56)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_column, 0x57)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_file, 0x58)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_line, 0x59)
DW_AT (DW_AT_description, 0x5a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_binary_scale, 0x5b)
DW_AT (DW_AT_decimal_scale, 0x5c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_small, 0x5d)
DW_AT (DW_AT_decimal_sign, 0x5e)
DW_AT (DW_AT_digit_count, 0x5f)
DW_AT (DW_AT_picture_string, 0x60)
DW_AT (DW_AT_mutable, 0x61)
DW_AT (DW_AT_threads_scaled, 0x62)
DW_AT (DW_AT_explicit, 0x63)
DW_AT (DW_AT_object_pointer, 0x64)
DW_AT (DW_AT_endianity, 0x65)
DW_AT (DW_AT_elemental, 0x66)
DW_AT (DW_AT_pure, 0x67)
DW_AT (DW_AT_recursive, 0x68)
/* DWARF 4. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_signature, 0x69)
DW_AT (DW_AT_main_subprogram, 0x6a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_data_bit_offset, 0x6b)
DW_AT (DW_AT_const_expr, 0x6c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_enum_class, 0x6d)
DW_AT (DW_AT_linkage_name, 0x6e)
/* DWARF 5. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_string_length_bit_size, 0x6f)
DW_AT (DW_AT_string_length_byte_size, 0x70)
DW_AT (DW_AT_rank, 0x71)
DW_AT (DW_AT_str_offsets_base, 0x72)
DW_AT (DW_AT_addr_base, 0x73)
DW_AT (DW_AT_rnglists_base, 0x74)
DW_AT (DW_AT_dwo_name, 0x76)
DW_AT (DW_AT_reference, 0x77)
DW_AT (DW_AT_rvalue_reference, 0x78)
DW_AT (DW_AT_macros, 0x79)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_all_calls, 0x7a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_all_source_calls, 0x7b)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_all_tail_calls, 0x7c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_return_pc, 0x7d)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_value, 0x7e)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_origin, 0x7f)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_parameter, 0x80)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_pc, 0x81)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_tail_call, 0x82)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_target, 0x83)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_target_clobbered, 0x84)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_data_location, 0x85)
DW_AT (DW_AT_call_data_value, 0x86)
DW_AT (DW_AT_noreturn, 0x87)
DW_AT (DW_AT_alignment, 0x88)
DW_AT (DW_AT_export_symbols, 0x89)
DW_AT (DW_AT_deleted, 0x8a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_defaulted, 0x8b)
DW_AT (DW_AT_loclists_base, 0x8c)
DW_AT_DUP (DW_AT_lo_user, 0x2000) /* Implementation-defined range start. */
DW_AT_DUP (DW_AT_hi_user, 0x3fff) /* Implementation-defined range end. */
/* SGI/MIPS extensions. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_fde, 0x2001)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_loop_begin, 0x2002)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_tail_loop_begin, 0x2003)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_epilog_begin, 0x2004)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_loop_unroll_factor, 0x2005)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_software_pipeline_depth, 0x2006)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_linkage_name, 0x2007)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_stride, 0x2008)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_abstract_name, 0x2009)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_clone_origin, 0x200a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_MIPS_has_inlines, 0x200b)
/* HP extensions. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_block_index, 0x2000)
DW_AT_DUP (DW_AT_HP_unmodifiable, 0x2001) /* Same as DW_AT_MIPS_fde. */
DW_AT_DUP (DW_AT_HP_prologue, 0x2005) /* Same as DW_AT_MIPS_loop_unroll. */
DW_AT_DUP (DW_AT_HP_epilogue, 0x2008) /* Same as DW_AT_MIPS_stride. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_actuals_stmt_list, 0x2010)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_proc_per_section, 0x2011)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_raw_data_ptr, 0x2012)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_pass_by_reference, 0x2013)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_opt_level, 0x2014)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_prof_version_id, 0x2015)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_opt_flags, 0x2016)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_cold_region_low_pc, 0x2017)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_cold_region_high_pc, 0x2018)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_all_variables_modifiable, 0x2019)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_linkage_name, 0x201a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_prof_flags, 0x201b) /* In comp unit of procs_info for -g. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_unit_name, 0x201f)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_unit_size, 0x2020)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_widened_byte_size, 0x2021)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_definition_points, 0x2022)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_default_location, 0x2023)
DW_AT (DW_AT_HP_is_result_param, 0x2029)
/* GNU extensions. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_sf_names, 0x2101)
DW_AT (DW_AT_src_info, 0x2102)
DW_AT (DW_AT_mac_info, 0x2103)
DW_AT (DW_AT_src_coords, 0x2104)
DW_AT (DW_AT_body_begin, 0x2105)
DW_AT (DW_AT_body_end, 0x2106)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_vector, 0x2107)
/* Thread-safety annotations.
See . */
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_guarded_by, 0x2108)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_pt_guarded_by, 0x2109)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_guarded, 0x210a)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_pt_guarded, 0x210b)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_locks_excluded, 0x210c)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_exclusive_locks_required, 0x210d)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_shared_locks_required, 0x210e)
/* One-definition rule violation detection.
See . */
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_odr_signature, 0x210f)
/* Template template argument name.
See . */
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_template_name, 0x2110)
/* The GNU call site extension.
See . */
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_call_site_value, 0x2111)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_call_site_data_value, 0x2112)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_call_site_target, 0x2113)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_call_site_target_clobbered, 0x2114)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_tail_call, 0x2115)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_all_tail_call_sites, 0x2116)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_all_call_sites, 0x2117)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_all_source_call_sites, 0x2118)
/* Section offset into .debug_macro section. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_macros, 0x2119)
/* Attribute for C++ deleted special member functions (= delete;). */
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_deleted, 0x211a)
/* Extensions for Fission. See */
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_dwo_name, 0x2130)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_dwo_id, 0x2131)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_ranges_base, 0x2132)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_addr_base, 0x2133)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_pubnames, 0x2134)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_pubtypes, 0x2135)
/* Attribute for discriminator.
See */
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_discriminator, 0x2136)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_locviews, 0x2137)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNU_entry_view, 0x2138)
/* VMS extensions. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_VMS_rtnbeg_pd_address, 0x2201)
/* GNAT extensions. */
/* GNAT descriptive type.
See . */
DW_AT (DW_AT_use_GNAT_descriptive_type, 0x2301)
DW_AT (DW_AT_GNAT_descriptive_type, 0x2302)
/* Rational constant extension.
See . */
DW_TAG (DW_AT_GNU_numerator, 0x2303)
DW_TAG (DW_AT_GNU_denominator, 0x2304)
/* Biased integer extension.
See . */
DW_TAG (DW_AT_GNU_bias, 0x2305)
/* UPC extension. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_upc_threads_scaled, 0x3210)
/* PGI (STMicroelectronics) extensions. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_PGI_lbase, 0x3a00)
DW_AT (DW_AT_PGI_soffset, 0x3a01)
DW_AT (DW_AT_PGI_lstride, 0x3a02)
/* Apple extensions. */
DW_AT (DW_AT_APPLE_optimized, 0x3fe1)
DW_AT (DW_AT_APPLE_flags, 0x3fe2)
DW_AT (DW_AT_APPLE_isa, 0x3fe3)
DW_AT (DW_AT_APPLE_block, 0x3fe4)
DW_AT (DW_AT_APPLE_major_runtime_vers, 0x3fe5)
DW_AT (DW_AT_APPLE_runtime_class, 0x3fe6)
DW_AT (DW_AT_APPLE_omit_frame_ptr, 0x3fe7)
DW_AT (DW_AT_APPLE_property_name, 0x3fe8)
DW_AT (DW_AT_APPLE_property_getter, 0x3fe9)
DW_AT (DW_AT_APPLE_property_setter, 0x3fea)
DW_AT (DW_AT_APPLE_property_attribute, 0x3feb)
DW_AT (DW_AT_APPLE_objc_complete_type, 0x3fec)
DW_AT (DW_AT_APPLE_property, 0x3fed)
DW_FIRST_OP (DW_OP_addr, 0x03)
DW_OP (DW_OP_deref, 0x06)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const1u, 0x08)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const1s, 0x09)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const2u, 0x0a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const2s, 0x0b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const4u, 0x0c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const4s, 0x0d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const8u, 0x0e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const8s, 0x0f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_constu, 0x10)
DW_OP (DW_OP_consts, 0x11)
DW_OP (DW_OP_dup, 0x12)
DW_OP (DW_OP_drop, 0x13)
DW_OP (DW_OP_over, 0x14)
DW_OP (DW_OP_pick, 0x15)
DW_OP (DW_OP_swap, 0x16)
DW_OP (DW_OP_rot, 0x17)
DW_OP (DW_OP_xderef, 0x18)
DW_OP (DW_OP_abs, 0x19)
DW_OP (DW_OP_and, 0x1a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_div, 0x1b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_minus, 0x1c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_mod, 0x1d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_mul, 0x1e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_neg, 0x1f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_not, 0x20)
DW_OP (DW_OP_or, 0x21)
DW_OP (DW_OP_plus, 0x22)
DW_OP (DW_OP_plus_uconst, 0x23)
DW_OP (DW_OP_shl, 0x24)
DW_OP (DW_OP_shr, 0x25)
DW_OP (DW_OP_shra, 0x26)
DW_OP (DW_OP_xor, 0x27)
DW_OP (DW_OP_bra, 0x28)
DW_OP (DW_OP_eq, 0x29)
DW_OP (DW_OP_ge, 0x2a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_gt, 0x2b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_le, 0x2c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lt, 0x2d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_ne, 0x2e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_skip, 0x2f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit0, 0x30)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit1, 0x31)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit2, 0x32)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit3, 0x33)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit4, 0x34)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit5, 0x35)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit6, 0x36)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit7, 0x37)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit8, 0x38)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit9, 0x39)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit10, 0x3a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit11, 0x3b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit12, 0x3c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit13, 0x3d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit14, 0x3e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit15, 0x3f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit16, 0x40)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit17, 0x41)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit18, 0x42)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit19, 0x43)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit20, 0x44)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit21, 0x45)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit22, 0x46)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit23, 0x47)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit24, 0x48)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit25, 0x49)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit26, 0x4a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit27, 0x4b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit28, 0x4c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit29, 0x4d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit30, 0x4e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_lit31, 0x4f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg0, 0x50)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg1, 0x51)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg2, 0x52)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg3, 0x53)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg4, 0x54)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg5, 0x55)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg6, 0x56)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg7, 0x57)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg8, 0x58)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg9, 0x59)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg10, 0x5a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg11, 0x5b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg12, 0x5c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg13, 0x5d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg14, 0x5e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg15, 0x5f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg16, 0x60)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg17, 0x61)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg18, 0x62)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg19, 0x63)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg20, 0x64)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg21, 0x65)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg22, 0x66)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg23, 0x67)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg24, 0x68)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg25, 0x69)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg26, 0x6a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg27, 0x6b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg28, 0x6c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg29, 0x6d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg30, 0x6e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reg31, 0x6f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg0, 0x70)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg1, 0x71)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg2, 0x72)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg3, 0x73)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg4, 0x74)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg5, 0x75)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg6, 0x76)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg7, 0x77)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg8, 0x78)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg9, 0x79)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg10, 0x7a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg11, 0x7b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg12, 0x7c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg13, 0x7d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg14, 0x7e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg15, 0x7f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg16, 0x80)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg17, 0x81)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg18, 0x82)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg19, 0x83)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg20, 0x84)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg21, 0x85)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg22, 0x86)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg23, 0x87)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg24, 0x88)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg25, 0x89)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg26, 0x8a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg27, 0x8b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg28, 0x8c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg29, 0x8d)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg30, 0x8e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_breg31, 0x8f)
DW_OP (DW_OP_regx, 0x90)
DW_OP (DW_OP_fbreg, 0x91)
DW_OP (DW_OP_bregx, 0x92)
DW_OP (DW_OP_piece, 0x93)
DW_OP (DW_OP_deref_size, 0x94)
DW_OP (DW_OP_xderef_size, 0x95)
DW_OP (DW_OP_nop, 0x96)
/* DWARF 3 extensions. */
DW_OP (DW_OP_push_object_address, 0x97)
DW_OP (DW_OP_call2, 0x98)
DW_OP (DW_OP_call4, 0x99)
DW_OP (DW_OP_call_ref, 0x9a)
DW_OP (DW_OP_form_tls_address, 0x9b)
DW_OP (DW_OP_call_frame_cfa, 0x9c)
DW_OP (DW_OP_bit_piece, 0x9d)
/* DWARF 4 extensions. */
DW_OP (DW_OP_implicit_value, 0x9e)
DW_OP (DW_OP_stack_value, 0x9f)
/* DWARF 5 extensions. */
DW_OP (DW_OP_implicit_pointer, 0xa0)
DW_OP (DW_OP_addrx, 0xa1)
DW_OP (DW_OP_constx, 0xa2)
DW_OP (DW_OP_entry_value, 0xa3)
DW_OP (DW_OP_const_type, 0xa4)
DW_OP (DW_OP_regval_type, 0xa5)
DW_OP (DW_OP_deref_type, 0xa6)
DW_OP (DW_OP_xderef_type, 0xa7)
DW_OP (DW_OP_convert, 0xa8)
DW_OP (DW_OP_reinterpret, 0xa9)
DW_OP_DUP (DW_OP_lo_user, 0xe0) /* Implementation-defined range start. */
DW_OP_DUP (DW_OP_hi_user, 0xff) /* Implementation-defined range end. */
/* GNU extensions. */
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_push_tls_address, 0xe0)
/* The following is for marking variables that are uninitialized. */
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_uninit, 0xf0)
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_encoded_addr, 0xf1)
/* The GNU implicit pointer extension.
See . */
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_implicit_pointer, 0xf2)
/* The GNU entry value extension.
See . */
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_entry_value, 0xf3)
/* The GNU typed stack extension.
See . */
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_const_type, 0xf4)
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_regval_type, 0xf5)
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_deref_type, 0xf6)
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_convert, 0xf7)
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_reinterpret, 0xf9)
/* The GNU parameter ref extension. */
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_parameter_ref, 0xfa)
/* Extensions for Fission. See */
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_addr_index, 0xfb)
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_const_index, 0xfc)
/* The GNU variable value extension.
See . */
DW_OP (DW_OP_GNU_variable_value, 0xfd)
/* HP extensions. */
DW_OP_DUP (DW_OP_HP_unknown, 0xe0) /* Ouch, the same as GNU_push_tls_address. */
DW_OP (DW_OP_HP_is_value, 0xe1)
DW_OP (DW_OP_HP_fltconst4, 0xe2)
DW_OP (DW_OP_HP_fltconst8, 0xe3)
DW_OP (DW_OP_HP_mod_range, 0xe4)
DW_OP (DW_OP_HP_unmod_range, 0xe5)
DW_OP (DW_OP_HP_tls, 0xe6)
/* PGI (STMicroelectronics) extensions. */
DW_OP (DW_OP_PGI_omp_thread_num, 0xf8)
/* AARCH64 extensions.
DW_OP_AARCH64_operation takes one mandatory unsigned LEB128 operand.
Bits[6:0] of this operand is the action code, all others bits are initialized
to 0 except explicitly documented for one action. Please refer AArch64 DWARF
ABI documentation for details. */
DW_OP (DW_OP_AARCH64_operation, 0xea)
DW_FIRST_ATE (DW_ATE_void, 0x0)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_address, 0x1)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_boolean, 0x2)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_complex_float, 0x3)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_float, 0x4)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_signed, 0x5)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_signed_char, 0x6)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_unsigned, 0x7)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_unsigned_char, 0x8)
/* DWARF 3. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_imaginary_float, 0x9)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_packed_decimal, 0xa)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_numeric_string, 0xb)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_edited, 0xc)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_signed_fixed, 0xd)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_unsigned_fixed, 0xe)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_decimal_float, 0xf)
/* DWARF 4. */
/* DWARF 5. */
DW_ATE_DUP (DW_ATE_lo_user, 0x80)
DW_ATE_DUP (DW_ATE_hi_user, 0xff)
/* HP extensions. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_float80, 0x80) /* Floating-point (80 bit). */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_complex_float80, 0x81) /* Complex floating-point (80 bit). */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_float128, 0x82) /* Floating-point (128 bit). */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_complex_float128, 0x83) /* Complex fp (128 bit). */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_floathpintel, 0x84) /* Floating-point (82 bit IA64). */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_imaginary_float80, 0x85)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_imaginary_float128, 0x86)
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_VAX_float, 0x88) /* F or G floating. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_VAX_float_d, 0x89) /* D floating. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_packed_decimal, 0x8a) /* Cobol. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_zoned_decimal, 0x8b) /* Cobol. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_edited, 0x8c) /* Cobol. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_signed_fixed, 0x8d) /* Cobol. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_unsigned_fixed, 0x8e) /* Cobol. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_VAX_complex_float, 0x8f) /* F or G floating complex. */
DW_ATE (DW_ATE_HP_VAX_complex_float_d, 0x90) /* D floating complex. */
DW_FIRST_CFA (DW_CFA_advance_loc, 0x40)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_offset, 0x80)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_restore, 0xc0)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_nop, 0x00)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_set_loc, 0x01)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_advance_loc1, 0x02)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_advance_loc2, 0x03)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_advance_loc4, 0x04)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_offset_extended, 0x05)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_restore_extended, 0x06)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_undefined, 0x07)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_same_value, 0x08)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_register, 0x09)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_remember_state, 0x0a)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_restore_state, 0x0b)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_def_cfa, 0x0c)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_def_cfa_register, 0x0d)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_def_cfa_offset, 0x0e)
/* DWARF 3. */
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_def_cfa_expression, 0x0f)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_expression, 0x10)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_offset_extended_sf, 0x11)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_def_cfa_sf, 0x12)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_def_cfa_offset_sf, 0x13)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_val_offset, 0x14)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_val_offset_sf, 0x15)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_val_expression, 0x16)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_lo_user, 0x1c)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_hi_user, 0x3f)
/* SGI/MIPS specific. */
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_MIPS_advance_loc8, 0x1d)
/* GNU extensions.
NOTE: DW_CFA_GNU_window_save is multiplexed on Sparc and AArch64. */
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_GNU_window_save, 0x2d)
DW_CFA_DUP (DW_CFA_AARCH64_negate_ra_state, 0x2d)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_GNU_args_size, 0x2e)
DW_CFA (DW_CFA_GNU_negative_offset_extended, 0x2f)
/* Index attributes in the Abbreviations Table. */
DW_FIRST_IDX (DW_IDX_compile_unit, 1)
DW_IDX (DW_IDX_type_unit, 2)
DW_IDX (DW_IDX_die_offset, 3)
DW_IDX (DW_IDX_parent, 4)
DW_IDX (DW_IDX_type_hash, 5)
DW_IDX_DUP (DW_IDX_lo_user, 0x2000)
DW_IDX (DW_IDX_hi_user, 0x3fff)
DW_IDX (DW_IDX_GNU_internal, 0x2000)
DW_IDX (DW_IDX_GNU_external, 0x2001)
/* DWARF5 Unit type header encodings */
DW_FIRST_UT (DW_UT_compile, 0x01)
DW_UT (DW_UT_type, 0x02)
DW_UT (DW_UT_partial, 0x03)
DW_UT (DW_UT_skeleton, 0x04)
DW_UT (DW_UT_split_compile, 0x05)
DW_UT (DW_UT_split_type, 0x06)
DW_UT (DW_UT_lo_user, 0x80)
DW_UT (DW_UT_hi_user, 0xff)