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# Copyright 1988-2020 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
# This file was written by Rob Savoye. (
# Test basic help functionality.
# This is not intended to test the help text of every command,
# or even more than a few commands - too much of a maintenance burden.
# disable pagination
gdb_test_no_output "set height 0" "disable pagination"
# Test all the help classes.
test_class_help "aliases" {"Aliases of other commands\.\[\r\n\]+"}
test_class_help "breakpoints" {
"Making program stop at certain points\.\[\r\n\]+"
with_read1_timeout_factor 10 {
test_class_help "data" {"Examining data\.\[\r\n\]+"}
test_class_help "files" {"Specifying and examining files\.\[\r\n\]+"}
test_class_help "internals" {
"Maintenance commands\.\[\r\n\]+"
"Some gdb commands are provided just for use by gdb maintainers\.\[\r\n\]+"
"These commands are subject to frequent change, and may not be as\[\r\n\]+"
"well documented as user commands\.\[\r\n\]+"
test_class_help "obscure" {"Obscure features\.\[\r\n\]+"}
test_class_help "running" {"Running the program\.\[\r\n\]+"}
test_class_help "stack" {
"Examining the stack\..*\[\r\n\]+"
"When the program being debugged stops, gdb selects the innermost frame\.\[\r\n\]+"
"The commands below can be used to select other frames by number or address\.\[\r\n\]+"
with_read1_timeout_factor 10 {
test_class_help "status" {
"Status inquiries\.\[\r\n\]+"
test_class_help "support" {"Support facilities\.\[\r\n\]+"}
test_class_help "tracepoints" {
"Tracing of program execution without stopping the program\.\[\r\n\]+"
with_read1_timeout_factor 10 {
# Test help of an abbreviated command. "break" is picked at random.
set help_breakpoint_text "Set breakpoint at specified location\..*"
# test help breakpoint "b" abbreviation
gdb_test "help b" $help_breakpoint_text "help breakpoint \"b\" abbreviation"
# test help breakpoint "br" abbreviation
gdb_test "help br" $help_breakpoint_text "help breakpoint \"br\" abbreviation"
# test help breakpoint "bre" abbreviation
gdb_test "help bre" $help_breakpoint_text "help breakpoint \"bre\" abbreviation"
# test help breakpoint "brea" abbreviation
gdb_test "help brea" $help_breakpoint_text "help breakpoint \"brea\" abbreviation"
# test help breakpoint "break" abbreviation
gdb_test "help break" $help_breakpoint_text "help breakpoint \"break\" abbreviation"
# Test help of an aliased command. "bt" is picked at random.
set help_backtrace_text "Print backtrace of all stack frames, or innermost COUNT frames\..*"
# test help backtrace "bt" abbreviation
gdb_test "help bt" $help_backtrace_text "help backtrace \"bt\" abbreviation"
# test help backtrace
gdb_test "help backtrace" $help_backtrace_text
# test help commands
gdb_test "help commands" "Set commands to be executed when the given breakpoints are hit\.\[\r\n\]+Give a space-separated breakpoint list as argument after \"commands\"\.\[\r\n\]+A list element can be a breakpoint number \\(e.g. `5'\\) or a range of numbers\[\r\n\]+\\(e.g. `5-7'\\)\.\[\r\n\]+With no argument, the targeted breakpoint is the last one set\.\[\r\n\]+The commands themselves follow starting on the next line\.\[\r\n\]+Type a line containing \"end\" to indicate the end of them\.\[\r\n\]+Give \"silent\" as the first line to make the breakpoint silent;\[\r\n\]+then no output is printed when it is hit, except what the commands print\."
# Test a prefix command. "delete" is picked at random.
# test help delete "d" abbreviation
set expected_help_delete {
"Delete all or some breakpoints\.\[\r\n\]+"
"Usage: delete \\\[BREAKPOINTNUM\\\]...\[\r\n\]+"
"Arguments are breakpoint numbers with spaces in between\.\[\r\n\]+"
"To delete all breakpoints, give no argument\.\[\r\n\]+"
"Also a prefix command for deletion of other GDB objects\.\[\r\n\]+"
test_prefix_command_help {"d" "delete"} $expected_help_delete "help delete \"d\" abbreviation"
# test help delete
test_prefix_command_help "delete" $expected_help_delete
# Make sure help for help itself is present.
# test help help "h" abbreviation
gdb_test "help h" "Print list of commands\." "help help \"h\" abbreviation"
# test help help
gdb_test "help help" "Print list of commands\."
# The startup banner refers to "show copying" and "show warranty",
# might as well test for them.
# test help info copying
gdb_test "help show copying" "Conditions for redistributing copies of GDB\."
# test help info warranty
gdb_test "help show warranty" "Various kinds of warranty you do not have\."
# Test a few other random "help show" commands.
# test help show commands
gdb_test "help show commands" "Show the history of commands you typed\.\[\r\n\]+You can supply a command number to start with, or a `\[+\]' to start after\[\r\n\]+the previous command number shown\."
# test help show confirm
gdb_test "help show confirm" "Show whether to confirm potentially dangerous operations\."
# test help info bogus-gdb-command
gdb_test "help info bogus-gdb-command" "Undefined info command: \"bogus-gdb-command\"\. Try \"help info\"\."
# test help gotcha
gdb_test "help gotcha" "Undefined command: \"gotcha\"\. Try \"help\"\."
# test apropos regex
gdb_test "apropos \\\(print\[\^\[ bsiedf\\\".-\]\\\)" "handle -- Specify how to handle signals\."
# test apropos >1 word string
gdb_test "apropos handle signal" "handle -- Specify how to handle signals\."
# test apropos apropos
gdb_test "apropos apropos" "apropos -- Search for commands matching a REGEXP.*"