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/* The following is written to tickle a specific bug in the macro
table code (now hopefully fixed), which doesn't insert new included
files in the #including file's list in the proper place. They
should be sorted by the number of the line which #included them, in
increasing order, but the sense of the comparison was reversed, so
the list ends up being built backwards. This isn't a problem by
itself, but the code to pick new, non-conflicting line numbers for
headers alleged to be #included at the same line as some other
header assumes that the list's line numbers are in ascending order.
So, given the following input, lineinc1.h gets added to lineinc.c's
#inclusion list first, at line 10. When the debug info reader
tries to add lineinc2.h at line 10 as well, the code will notice the
duplication --- since there's only one extant element in the list,
it'll find it --- and insert it after lineinc1.h, with line 11.
Since the code is putting the list in order of descending
#inclusion line number, the list is now out of order. When we try
to #include lineinc3.h at line 11, we won't notice the duplication. */
#line 10
#include "lineinc1.h"
#line 10
#include "lineinc2.h"
#line 11
#include "lineinc3.h"
main (int argc, char **argv)