[APX NDD] Support APX NDD for sbb insn

Similar to *add<dwi>3_doubleword, operands[1] may not equal to operands[0] so
extra move and earlyclobber are required.


	* config/i386/i386.md (*sub<dwi>3_doubleword): Add new alternative for
	NDD, adopt '&' modifier to NDD dest and emit move when operands[0] not
	equal to operands[1].
	(*sub<dwi>3_doubleword_zext): Likewise.
	(*subv<dwi>4_doubleword): Likewise.
	(*subv<dwi>4_doubleword_1): Likewise.
	(*subv<mode>4_overflow_1): Add NDD alternatives and adjust output
	(*subv<mode>4_overflow_2): Likewise.
	(@sub<mode>3_carry): Likewise.
	(*addsi3_carry_zext_0r): Likewise, and use nonimmediate_operand for
	operands[1] to accept memory input for NDD alternative.
	(*subsi3_carry_zext): Likewise.
	(subborrow<mode>): Parse TARGET_APX_NDD to ix86_binary_operator_ok.
	(subborrow<mode>_0): Likewise.
	(*sub<mode>3_eq): Likewise.
	(*sub<mode>3_ne): Likewise.
	(*sub<mode>3_eq_1): Likewise.


	* gcc.target/i386/apx-ndd-sbb.c: New test.
2 files changed