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  1. 9e79a25 Daily bump. by GCC Administrator · 2 hours ago master trunk
  2. d01f112 libstdc++: Disable volatile-qualified std::bind for C++20 by Jonathan Wakely · 15 hours ago
  3. fa9bda3 libstdc++: Make INVOKE<R> refuse to create dangling references [PR70692] by Jonathan Wakely · 30 hours ago
  4. f1adf45 Add instruction level discriminator support. by Eugene Rozenfeld · 5 months ago
  5. 9f65eec c++: Add DECL_NTTP_OBJECT_P lang flag by Nathan Sidwell · 10 hours ago
  6. db28823 i386: Mark XMM4-XMM6 as clobbered by encodekey128/encodekey256 by H.J. Lu · 27 hours ago
  7. 03f3365 RISC-V: Add ABI-defined RVV types. by Ju-Zhe Zhong · 2 days ago
  8. 5d7be27 var-tracking: Add entry values up to max register mode by Stefan Schulze Frielinghaus · 11 hours ago
  9. d0b00b6 cselib: Keep track of further subvalue relations by Stefan Schulze Frielinghaus · 11 hours ago
  10. 5e9c4ed arm: Define __ARM_FEATURE_AES and __ARM_FEATURE_SHA2 when march +crypto is selected by Andrea Corallo · 2 weeks ago
  11. b48d7ff LoongArch: Use UNSPEC for fmin/fmax RTL pattern [PR105414] by Xi Ruoyao · 5 days ago
  12. 9a8212d testsuite: Skip intrinsics test if arm by Torbjörn SVENSSON · 36 hours ago
  13. 646ce00 LoongArch: Fixed a typo in the comment information of the function loongarch_asan_shadow_offset. by Lulu Cheng · 18 hours ago
  14. 175a89d libgomp.texi: Status 'P' for 'assume', remove duplicated line by Tobias Burnus · 18 hours ago
  15. fa4bc21 LoongArch: Libitm add LoongArch support. by Lulu Cheng · 3 days ago
  16. a25982a stack-protector: Check stack canary before throwing exception by H.J. Lu · 3 months ago
  17. 2839044 Fix AutoFDO tests to not look for hot/cold splitting. by Eugene Rozenfeld · 26 hours ago
  18. 1f16a02 Daily bump. by GCC Administrator · 26 hours ago
  19. 6bf4730 Fix profile count comparison. by Eugene Rozenfeld · 6 days ago
  20. 772d532 c++: Implement C++23 P2266R1, Simpler implicit move [PR101165] by Marek Polacek · 4 weeks ago