c++: don't predeclare std::type_info [PR48396]

We've always predeclared std::type_info, which has been wrong for a while,
but now with modules it becomes more of a practical problem, if we want to
declare it in the purview of a module.  So don't predeclare it.  For
building up the type_info information to write out with the vtable, we can
use void* instead of type_info*, since they already aren't the real types.

	PR c++/48396


	* cp-tree.h (enum cp_tree_index): Remove CPTI_TYPE_INFO_PTR_TYPE.
	(type_info_ptr_type): Remove.
	* rtti.c (init_rtti_processing): Don't predeclare std::type_info.
	(typeid_ok_p): Check for null const_type_info_type_node.
	(type_info_ptr_type, get_void_tinfo_ptr): New fns.
	(get_tinfo_decl_dynamic, get_tinfo_ptr): Use them.
	(ptr_initializer, ptm_initializer, get_pseudo_ti_init): Use them.
	(get_tinfo_desc): Use const_ptr_type_node.


	* g++.dg/rtti/undeclared1.C: New test.
3 files changed