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/* Copyright (C) 2021-2023 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Contributed by Oracle.
This file is part of GNU Binutils.
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, 51 Franklin Street - Fifth Floor, Boston,
MA 02110-1301, USA. */
#ifndef _DWARFLIB_H_
#define _DWARFLIB_H_
#include "dwarf2.h"
class ElfReloc;
class Dwr_type;
class SourceFile;
template <class ITEM> class Vector;
template <class ITEM> class DbeArray;
template <typename Key_t, typename Value_t> class DefaultMap;
typedef uint64_t ULEB128;
typedef int64_t SLEB128;
typedef unsigned short Dwarf_Half;
typedef unsigned char Dwarf_Small;
typedef uint64_t Dwarf_Off;
typedef uint64_t Dwarf_Addr;
typedef uint64_t Dwarf_Unsigned;
typedef int64_t Dwarf_Die;
typedef int32_t Dwarf_Debug;
typedef int32_t Dwarf_Attribute;
class DwrSec
DwrSec (unsigned char *_data, uint64_t _size, bool _need_swap_endian, bool _addr32);
DwrSec (DwrSec *secp, uint64_t _offset);
~DwrSec ();
unsigned char Get_8 ();
unsigned short Get_16 ();
uint32_t Get_32 ();
uint64_t Get_64 ();
uint64_t GetRef ();
uint64_t GetADDR ();
uint64_t GetADDR_32 ();
uint64_t GetADDR_64 ();
uint64_t GetLong ();
uint64_t ReadLength ();
SLEB128 GetSLEB128 ();
ULEB128 GetULEB128 ();
char *GetString ();
char *GetData (uint64_t len);
uint32_t Get_24 ();
uint64_t get_value (int dw_form);
void dump (char *msg);
inline uint32_t
GetULEB128_32 ()
return (uint32_t) GetULEB128 ();
inRange (uint64_t left, uint64_t right)
return (offset >= left) && (offset < right);
ElfReloc *reloc;
uint64_t sizeSec;
uint64_t size;
uint64_t offset;
bool fmt64;
bool addr32;
bool need_swap_endian;
int address_size;
int segment_selector_size; // DWARF 5
bool isCopy;
unsigned char *data;
bool bounds_violation (uint64_t sz);
class DwrFileName
DwrFileName (char *_fname);
~DwrFileName ();
uint64_t timestamp;
uint64_t file_size;
int dir_index;
char *fname;
char *path;
bool isUsed;
class DwrLine
DwrLine ();
~DwrLine ();
uint64_t address;
uint32_t file;
uint32_t line;
uint32_t column;
class DwrInlinedSubr
DwrInlinedSubr (int64_t _abstract_origin, uint64_t _low_pc, uint64_t _high_pc,
int _file, int _line, int _level);
void dump ();
int64_t abstract_origin;
uint64_t low_pc;
uint64_t high_pc;
int file;
int line;
int level;
class DwrLineRegs
DwrLineRegs (Dwarf *_dwarf, DwrSec *_secp, char *dirName);
~DwrLineRegs ();
char *getPath (int fn);
Vector<DwrLine *> *get_lines ();
void dump ();
Vector<DwrFileName *> *file_names;
void DoExtendedOpcode ();
void DoStandardOpcode (int opcode);
void DoSpecialOpcode (int opcode);
void EmitLine ();
void reset ();
Vector <DwrFileName *> *read_file_names_dwarf5 ();
Dwarf *dwarf;
char *fname;
uint64_t dir_index;
uint64_t timestamp;
uint64_t file_size;
uint64_t address;
int file;
int line;
int column;
Dwarf_Half version;
uint64_t op_index_register;
Dwarf_Small maximum_operations_per_instruction;
Dwarf_Small minimum_instruction_length;
Dwarf_Small default_is_stmt;
Dwarf_Small line_range;
Dwarf_Small opcode_base;
signed char line_base;
bool is_stmt;
bool basic_block;
bool end_sequence;
Vector<DwrLine *> *lines;
Vector<DwrFileName *> *dir_names;
Dwarf_Small *standard_opcode_length;
DwrSec *debug_lineSec;
uint64_t header_length;
uint64_t opcode_start;
typedef struct Dwr_Attr
char *str;
unsigned char *block;
uint64_t offset;
int64_t val;
} u;
uint64_t len; // length of u.str
int at_form;
int at_name;
} Dwr_Attr;
typedef struct Dwr_Tag
Dwr_Attr *get_attr (Dwarf_Half attr);
void dump ();
DbeArray<Dwr_Attr> *abbrevAtForm;
int64_t die;
int64_t offset;
int firstAttribute;
int lastAttribute;
int tag;
int hasChild;
int num;
int level;
} Dwr_Tag;
typedef struct DwrLocation
uint64_t offset;
uint64_t lc_number;
uint64_t lc_number2;
uint32_t op;
} DwrLocation;
typedef struct DwrAbbrevTable
int64_t offset;
int firstAtForm;
int lastAtForm;
int code;
int tag;
bool hasChild;
} DwrAbbrevTable;
class Dwarf_cnt
Dwarf_cnt ();
int64_t cu_offset;
int64_t parent;
int64_t size;
Module *module;
char *name;
Function *func;
Function *fortranMAIN;
datatype_t *dtype;
DwrInlinedSubr *inlinedSubr;
DefaultMap <int64_t, Dwr_type*> *dwr_types;
int level;
Dwr_type *get_dwr_type (int64_t cu_die_offset);
Dwr_type *put_dwr_type (int64_t cu_die_offset, int tag);
Dwr_type *put_dwr_type (Dwr_Tag *dwrTag);
class DwrCU
DwrCU (Dwarf *_dwarf);
~DwrCU ();
Module *parse_cu_header (LoadObject *lo);
void parseChild (Dwarf_cnt *ctx);
void read_hwcprof_info (Dwarf_cnt *ctx);
void map_dwarf_lines (Module *mod);
int set_die (Dwarf_Die die);
DwrLineRegs *get_dwrLineReg ();
static char *at2str (int tag);
static char *form2str (int tag);
static char *tag2str (int tag);
static char *lnct2str (int ty);
uint64_t cu_header_offset;
uint64_t cu_offset;
uint64_t next_cu_offset;
Vector<DwrInlinedSubr*> *dwrInlinedSubrs;
Vector<SourceFile *> *srcFiles;
bool isMemop;
bool isGNU;
void build_abbrevTable (DwrSec *debug_abbrevSec, uint64_t stmt_list_offset);
Function *append_Function (Dwarf_cnt *ctx);
void parse_inlined_subroutine (Dwarf_cnt *ctx);
uint64_t get_low_pc ();
uint64_t get_high_pc (uint64_t low_pc);
DwrLocation *dwr_get_location (DwrSec *secp, DwrLocation *lp);
int read_data_attr (Dwarf_Half attr, int64_t *retVal);
int read_ref_attr (Dwarf_Half attr, int64_t *retVal);
char *get_linkage_name ();
char *Dwarf_string (Dwarf_Half attr);
int64_t Dwarf_data (Dwarf_Half attr);
int64_t Dwarf_ref (Dwarf_Half attr);
DwrSec *Dwarf_block (Dwarf_Half attr);
Dwarf_Addr Dwarf_addr (Dwarf_Half attr);
Dwarf_Addr Dwarf_location (Dwarf_Attribute attr);
Sp_lang_code Dwarf_lang ();
Dwarf *dwarf;
DwrSec *debug_infoSec;
uint64_t debug_abbrev_offset;
uint64_t stmt_list_offset; // offset in .debug_line section (DW_AT_stmt_list)
char *comp_dir; // compilation directory (DW_AT_comp_dir)
Module *module;
int unit_type;
Dwarf_Half version;
Dwarf_Small address_size;
Dwr_Tag dwrTag;
DwrLineRegs *dwrLineReg;
DbeArray<DwrAbbrevTable> *abbrevTable;
DbeArray<Dwr_Attr> *abbrevAtForm;
#endif /* _DWARFLIB_H_ */