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/* microblaze-opcm.h -- Header used in microblaze-opc.h
Copyright (C) 2009-2023 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This file is part of the GNU opcodes library.
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
any later version.
It is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this file; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the
Free Software Foundation, 51 Franklin Street - Fifth Floor, Boston,
MA 02110-1301, USA. */
enum microblaze_instr
add, rsub, addc, rsubc, addk, rsubk, addkc, rsubkc, clz, cmp, cmpu,
addi, rsubi, addic, rsubic, addik, rsubik, addikc, rsubikc, mul,
mulh, mulhu, mulhsu, swapb, swaph,
idiv, idivu, bsll, bsra, bsrl, get, put, nget, nput, cget, cput,
ncget, ncput, muli, bslli, bsrai, bsrli, bsefi, bsifi, mului,
/* 'or/and/xor' are C++ keywords. */
microblaze_or, microblaze_and, microblaze_xor,
andn, pcmpbf, pcmpbc, pcmpeq, pcmpne, sra, src, srl, sext8, sext16,
wic, wdc, wdcclear, wdcextclear, wdcflush, wdcextflush, wdcclearea, mts, mtse,
mfs, mfse, mbar, br, brd, brld, bra, brad, brald, microblaze_brk, beq, beqd,
bne, bned, blt, bltd, ble, bled, bgt, bgtd, bge, bged, ori, andi, xori, andni,
imm, rtsd, rtid, rtbd, rted, bri, brid, brlid, brai, braid, bralid,
brki, beqi, beqid, bnei, bneid, blti, bltid, blei, bleid, bgti,
bgtid, bgei, bgeid, lbu, lbuea, lbur, lhu, lhuea, lhur, lw, lwea, lwr, lwx,
sb, sbea, sbr, sh, shea, shr, sw, swea, swr, swx, lbui, lhui, lwi,
sbi, shi, swi, msrset, msrclr, tuqula, mbi_fadd, frsub, mbi_fmul, mbi_fdiv,
fcmp_lt, fcmp_eq, fcmp_le, fcmp_gt, fcmp_ne, fcmp_ge, fcmp_un, flt,
/* 'fsqrt' is a glibc:math.h symbol. */
fint, microblaze_fsqrt,
tget, tcget, tnget, tncget, tput, tcput, tnput, tncput,
eget, ecget, neget, necget, eput, ecput, neput, necput,
teget, tecget, tneget, tnecget, teput, tecput, tneput, tnecput,
aget, caget, naget, ncaget, aput, caput, naput, ncaput,
taget, tcaget, tnaget, tncaget, taput, tcaput, tnaput, tncaput,
eaget, ecaget, neaget, necaget, eaput, ecaput, neaput, necaput,
teaget, tecaget, tneaget, tnecaget, teaput, tecaput, tneaput, tnecaput,
getd, tgetd, cgetd, tcgetd, ngetd, tngetd, ncgetd, tncgetd,
putd, tputd, cputd, tcputd, nputd, tnputd, ncputd, tncputd,
egetd, tegetd, ecgetd, tecgetd, negetd, tnegetd, necgetd, tnecgetd,
eputd, teputd, ecputd, tecputd, neputd, tneputd, necputd, tnecputd,
agetd, tagetd, cagetd, tcagetd, nagetd, tnagetd, ncagetd, tncagetd,
aputd, taputd, caputd, tcaputd, naputd, tnaputd, ncaputd, tncaputd,
eagetd, teagetd, ecagetd, tecagetd, neagetd, tneagetd, necagetd, tnecagetd,
eaputd, teaputd, ecaputd, tecaputd, neaputd, tneaputd, necaputd, tnecaputd,
enum microblaze_instr_type
arithmetic_inst, logical_inst, mult_inst, div_inst, branch_inst,
return_inst, immediate_inst, special_inst, memory_load_inst,
memory_store_inst, barrel_shift_inst, anyware_inst
#define INST_WORD_SIZE 4
/* Gen purpose regs go from 0 to 31. */
/* Mask is reg num - max_reg_num, ie reg_num - 32 in this case. */
#define REG_PC_MASK 0x8000
#define REG_MSR_MASK 0x8001
#define REG_EAR_MASK 0x8003
#define REG_ESR_MASK 0x8005
#define REG_FSR_MASK 0x8007
#define REG_BTR_MASK 0x800b
#define REG_EDR_MASK 0x800d
#define REG_PVR_MASK 0xa000
#define REG_SLR_MASK 0x8800
#define REG_SHR_MASK 0x8802
#define REG_PID_MASK 0x9000
#define REG_ZPR_MASK 0x9001
#define REG_TLBX_MASK 0x9002
#define REG_TLBLO_MASK 0x9003
#define REG_TLBHI_MASK 0x9004
#define REG_TLBSX_MASK 0x9005
#define MIN_REGNUM 0
#define MAX_REGNUM 31
#define MIN_PVR_REGNUM 0
#define MAX_PVR_REGNUM 15
#define REG_PC 32 /* PC. */
#define REG_MSR 33 /* Machine status reg. */
#define REG_EAR 35 /* Exception reg. */
#define REG_ESR 37 /* Exception reg. */
#define REG_FSR 39 /* FPU Status reg. */
#define REG_BTR 43 /* Branch Target reg. */
#define REG_EDR 45 /* Exception reg. */
#define REG_SHR 50 /* Stack High reg. */
#define REG_SLR 51 /* Stack Low reg. */
#define REG_PVR 40960 /* Program Verification reg. */
#define REG_PID 36864 /* MMU: Process ID reg. */
#define REG_ZPR 36865 /* MMU: Zone Protect reg. */
#define REG_TLBX 36866 /* MMU: TLB Index reg. */
#define REG_TLBLO 36867 /* MMU: TLB Low reg. */
#define REG_TLBHI 36868 /* MMU: TLB High reg. */
#define REG_TLBSX 36869 /* MMU: TLB Search Index reg. */
/* Alternate names for gen purpose regs. */
#define REG_SP 1 /* stack pointer. */
#define REG_ROSDP 2 /* read-only small data pointer. */
#define REG_RWSDP 13 /* read-write small data pointer. */
/* Assembler Register - Used in Delay Slot Optimization. */
#define REG_AS 18
#define REG_ZERO 0
#define RD_LOW 21 /* Low bit for RD. */
#define RA_LOW 16 /* Low bit for RA. */
#define RB_LOW 11 /* Low bit for RB. */
#define IMM_LOW 0 /* Low bit for immediate. */
#define IMM_MBAR 21 /* low bit for mbar instruction. */
#define IMM_WIDTH_LOW 6 /* Low bit for immediate width */
#define RD_MASK 0x03E00000
#define RA_MASK 0x001F0000
#define RB_MASK 0x0000F800
#define IMM_MASK 0x0000FFFF
/* Imm mask for barrel shifts. */
#define IMM5_MASK 0x0000001F
/* Imm mask for mbar. */
#define IMM5_MBAR_MASK 0x03E00000
/* Imm mask for extract/insert width. */
#define IMM5_WIDTH_MASK 0x000007C0
/* FSL imm mask for get, put instructions. */
#define RFSL_MASK 0x000000F
/* Imm mask for msrset, msrclr instructions. */
#define IMM15_MASK 0x00007FFF
#endif /* MICROBLAZE-OPCM */