[APX NDD] Support APX NDD for left shift insns

For left shift, there is an optimization TARGET_DOUBLE_WITH_ADD that shl
1 can be optimized to add. As NDD form of add requires src operand to
be register since NDD cannot take 2 memory src, we currently just keep
using NDD form shift instead of add.

The optimization TARGET_SHIFT1 will try to remove constant 1 to use shorter
opcode, but under NDD assembler will automatically use it whether $1 exist
or not, so do not involve NDD with it.

The doubleword insns for left shift calls ix86_expand_ashl, which assume
all shift related pattern has same operand[0] and operand[1]. For these pattern
we will support them in a standalone patch.


	* config/i386/i386.md (*ashl<mode>3_1): Extend with new
	alternatives to support NDD, limit the new alternative to
	generate sal only, and adjust output template for NDD.
	(*ashlsi3_1_zext): Likewise.
	(*ashlhi3_1): Likewise.
	(*ashlqi3_1): Likewise.
	(*ashl<mode>3_cmp): Likewise.
	(*ashlsi3_cmp_zext): Likewise, and use nonimmediate_operand for
	operands[1] to accept memory input for NDD alternative.
	(*ashl<mode>3_cconly): Likewise.
	(*ashl<dwi>3_doubleword_highpart): Adjust codegen for NDD.


	* gcc.target/i386/apx-ndd.c: Add tests for sal.
2 files changed