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This is libgcj: the runtime library for gcj, the GNU Compiler for Java.
libgcj provides a partial implementation of the Java Class Libraries.
libgcj is free software. See the file LIBGCJ_LICENSE for copying permission.
All documentation, including detailed installation and usage instructions,
can be found on the gcj web pages at this URL:
libgcj must be built with a compatible version of the gcc compiler. libgcj
releases are usually numbered according to their corresponding gcc release.
For example, if this is "libgcj 2.95.3", you need to build it using "gcc
> mkdir build
> cd build
> ../libgcj/configure --enable-threads=<THREADS_TYPE> --prefix=<DIR>
> make
> make install
<THREADS_TYPE> specifies the threads library to be used by libgcj. Currently
the possible values are "posix" and "none". This value must be the same as
the value used when configuring gcc itself.
<DIR> specifies the installation directory. This should be the same location
as where gcc is installed.
Consult the gcj web pages for additional "configure" arguments.
NOTE: libgcj can not be built in the same directory as `configure'. You must
create a separate build directory.
Please submit bug reports via this URL: