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// PR c++/10091
// Original synopsis
// Bug: We were dying because in general, B::a doesn't have enough
// alignment for us to take its address. But if the B is C::b, it does
// have enough alignment, and we should be able to determine that.
// This only failed on STRICT_ALIGNMENT targets (i.e. not i686)
// July 2003
// packing of non-pods is now only allowed if the non-pod is itself
// packed. Also only such pods can be reference bound to non-consts
struct A {
int i;
A(const A&);
A& operator=(const A&);
} __attribute__ ((packed));
struct B {
A a;
} __attribute__ ((packed));
struct C {
B b;
int j;
void f (A&);
void g (C& c)
f (c.b.a);