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// REQUIRED_ARGS: -D -Dd${RESULTS_DIR}/compilable -o-
// TEST_OUTPUT_FILE: extra-files/ddoc_markdown_links.html
// OUTPUT_FILES: ${RESULTS_DIR}/compilable/ddoc_markdown_links.html
# Links
[D Site]: 'D lives here'
[unused reference]:
A link to [printf].
A link to [the base object][Object].
Not a link because it's an associative array: int[Object].
An inline link to [the D homepage](
A reference link to [the **D** homepage][d site].
Not a reference link because it [links to nothing][nonexistent].
A simple link to [dub].
A slightly less simple link to [dub][].
An image: ![D-Man](
Another image: ![D-Man again][dman-error]
[dub]: <>
Here's a [reference to the tour][tour] inside a macro.
module test.compilable.ddoc_markdown_links;
import core.stdc.stdio;