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// REQUIRED_ARGS: -D -Dd${RESULTS_DIR}/compilable -o-
// POST_SCRIPT: compilable/extra-files/
Closely related to std.datetime is <a href="core_time.html">`core.time`</a>,
and some of the time types used in std.datetime come from there - such as
$(CXREF time, Duration), $(CXREF time, TickDuration), and
$(CXREF time, FracSec).
core.time is publically imported into std.datetime, it isn't necessary
to import it separately.
module ddocbackticks;
/// This should produce `inline code`.
void test() {}
/// But `this should NOT be inline'
/// However, restarting on a new line should be `inline again`.
void test2() {}
/// This `int foo;` should show highlight on foo, but not int.
void foo() {}