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fail_compilation/ctfe13612.d(15): Error: function `ctfe13612.S.recurse` CTFE recursion limit exceeded
fail_compilation/ctfe13612.d(20): called from here: `s.recurse()`
fail_compilation/ctfe13612.d(15): 1000 recursive calls to function `recurse`
fail_compilation/ctfe13612.d(23): called from here: `(new S).recurse()`
fail_compilation/ctfe13612.d(23): while evaluating: `static assert((new S).recurse())`
class S
int x;
int recurse()
S s;
assert(!x); // Error: class 'this' is null and cannot be dereferenced
s = new S();
return s.recurse();
static assert(new S().recurse());