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! { dg-do run }
! Test the fix for PR57284 - [OOP] ICE with find_array_spec for polymorphic
! arrays. Once thw ICE was fixed, work was needed to fix a segfault while
! determining the size of 'z'.
! Contributed by Lorenz Huedepohl <>
module testmod
type type_t
integer :: idx
end type type_t
type type_u
type(type_t), allocatable :: cmp(:)
end type
function foo(a, b) result(add)
class(type_t), intent(in) :: a(:), b(size(a))
type(type_t) :: add(size(a))
add%idx = a%idx + b%idx
end function
end module testmod
program p
use testmod
class(type_t), allocatable, dimension(:) :: x, y, z
class(type_u), allocatable :: w
allocate (x, y, source = [type_t (1), type_t(2)])
z = foo (x, y)
if (any (z%idx .ne. [2, 4])) stop 1
! Try something a bit more complicated than the original.
allocate (w)
allocate (w%cmp, source = [type_t (2), type_t(3)])
z = foo (w%cmp, y)
if (any (z%idx .ne. [3, 5])) stop 2
deallocate (w, x, y, z)
end program