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with Ada.Iterator_Interfaces;
package Renaming16_Pkg is
type Results_Type is tagged null record;
type Cursor is access constant Results_Type'Class;
not overriding
function Has_Element (Position : Cursor) return Boolean;
package Base_Iterators is
new Ada.Iterator_Interfaces (Cursor, Has_Element);
-- Can be with null record
type Bindings_Iterator is
new Base_Iterators.Forward_Iterator with
Ref: Cursor;
end record;
not overriding
function Create_Bindings_Iterator
(Results : in out Results_Type'Class)
return Bindings_Iterator;
overriding function First (Object: Bindings_Iterator) return Cursor;
overriding function Next (Object: Bindings_Iterator; Position: Cursor) return Cursor;
function Whatever return Boolean;
subtype Bindings_Query_Results_Type is Results_Type
with Dynamic_Predicate => Whatever;
end Renaming16_Pkg;