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* Contributed by Nicola Pero <>
* Wed Feb 28 12:27:03 CET 2001
* This test contains some no-op code which is needed to keep it
* compile on broken gcc 3.x. Anyway, the no-op code does not
* interfere with what we are testing, which is that the `bycopy'
* keyword generates the _F_BYCOPY qualifier for the return type. */
extern int printf (const char *, ...);
#include <objc/objc.h>
#include "../../objc-obj-c++-shared/runtime.h"
#include "../../objc-obj-c++-shared/TestsuiteObject.m"
@protocol MyProtocol
+ (bycopy id<MyProtocol>) bycopyMethod;
/* This no-op class to keep it compile under broken gcc 3.x */
@interface MyObject : TestsuiteObject <MyProtocol>
@implementation MyObject
+ (bycopy id<MyProtocol>) bycopyMethod
return [MyObject alloc];
/* The following header, together with the implementation included below,
emulate functionality provided by the GNU runtime but not available from
the NeXT runtime. */
#include "../../objc-obj-c++-shared/objc-test-suite-next-encode-assist.h"
int main (void)
struct objc_method_description method;
const char *method_types;
unsigned qualifiers;
Protocol *protocol;
/* This no-op command is needed to keep the test compile on broken
gcc 3.x */
MyObject *object = [MyObject bycopyMethod];
/* Get the protocol object */
protocol = @protocol (MyProtocol);
/* Ask to the protocol for the description of the method bycopyMethod */
method = protocol_getMethodDescription (protocol, @selector (bycopyMethod),
/* Get the method types for the method - which encode return type,
arguments etc. */
method_types = method.types;
if (method_types == NULL)
printf ("Could not find method bycopyMethod in protocol!\n");
return 1;
/* Get the qualifiers for the return type */
qualifiers = objc_get_type_qualifiers (method_types);
/* If _F_BYCOPY is not there, the compiler is broken */
if (! (qualifiers & _F_BYCOPY))
printf ("Failed - selector does not contain _F_BYCOPY qualifier!\n");
return 1;
/* Else, happy end */
return 0;
#ifdef __NEXT_RUNTIME__
objc_get_type_qualifiers (const char *type)
unsigned res = 0;
BOOL flag = YES;
while (flag)
switch (*type++)
case _C_CONST: res |= _F_CONST; break;
case _C_IN: res |= _F_IN; break;
case _C_INOUT: res |= _F_INOUT; break;
case _C_OUT: res |= _F_OUT; break;
case _C_BYCOPY: res |= _F_BYCOPY; break;
case _C_BYREF: res |= _F_BYREF; break;
case _C_ONEWAY: res |= _F_ONEWAY; break;
case _C_GCINVISIBLE: res |= _F_GCINVISIBLE; break;
default: flag = NO;
return res;