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//===-- sanitizer_flags.h ---------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file describes common flags available in all sanitizers.
#error "Define COMMON_FLAG prior to including this file!"
// COMMON_FLAG(Type, Name, DefaultValue, Description)
// Supported types: bool, const char *, int, uptr.
// Default value must be a compile-time constant.
// Description must be a string literal.
bool, symbolize, true,
"If set, use the online symbolizer from common sanitizer runtime to turn "
"virtual addresses to file/line locations.")
const char *, external_symbolizer_path, nullptr,
"Path to external symbolizer. If empty, the tool will search $PATH for "
"the symbolizer.")
bool, allow_addr2line, false,
"If set, allows online symbolizer to run addr2line binary to symbolize "
"stack traces (addr2line will only be used if llvm-symbolizer binary is "
COMMON_FLAG(const char *, strip_path_prefix, "",
"Strips this prefix from file paths in error reports.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, fast_unwind_on_check, false,
"If available, use the fast frame-pointer-based unwinder on "
"internal CHECK failures.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, fast_unwind_on_fatal, false,
"If available, use the fast frame-pointer-based unwinder on fatal "
// ARM thumb/thumb2 frame pointer is inconsistent on GCC and Clang [1]
// and fast-unwider is also unreliable with mixing arm and thumb code [2].
// [1]
// [2]
COMMON_FLAG(bool, fast_unwind_on_malloc,
"If available, use the fast frame-pointer-based unwinder on "
COMMON_FLAG(bool, handle_ioctl, false, "Intercept and handle ioctl requests.")
COMMON_FLAG(int, malloc_context_size, 1,
"Max number of stack frames kept for each allocation/deallocation.")
const char *, log_path, nullptr,
"Write logs to \"\". The special values are \"stdout\" and "
"\"stderr\". If unspecified, defaults to \"stderr\".")
bool, log_exe_name, false,
"Mention name of executable when reporting error and "
"append executable name to logs (as in \"\").")
bool, log_to_syslog, (bool)SANITIZER_ANDROID || (bool)SANITIZER_MAC,
"Write all sanitizer output to syslog in addition to other means of "
int, verbosity, 0,
"Verbosity level (0 - silent, 1 - a bit of output, 2+ - more output).")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, strip_env, 1,
"Whether to remove the sanitizer from DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES to "
"avoid passing it to children. Default is true.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, detect_leaks, !SANITIZER_MAC, "Enable memory leak detection.")
bool, leak_check_at_exit, true,
"Invoke leak checking in an atexit handler. Has no effect if "
"detect_leaks=false, or if __lsan_do_leak_check() is called before the "
"handler has a chance to run.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, allocator_may_return_null, false,
"If false, the allocator will crash instead of returning 0 on "
COMMON_FLAG(bool, print_summary, true,
"If false, disable printing error summaries in addition to error "
COMMON_FLAG(int, print_module_map, 0,
"Print the process module map where supported (0 - don't print, "
"1 - print only once before process exits, 2 - print after each "
COMMON_FLAG(bool, check_printf, true, "Check printf arguments.")
"Controls custom tool's " #signal " handler (0 - do not registers the " \
"handler, 1 - register the handler and allow user to set own, " \
"2 - registers the handler and block user from changing it). "
COMMON_FLAG(HandleSignalMode, handle_segv, kHandleSignalYes,
COMMON_FLAG(HandleSignalMode, handle_sigbus, kHandleSignalYes,
COMMON_FLAG(HandleSignalMode, handle_abort, kHandleSignalNo,
COMMON_FLAG(HandleSignalMode, handle_sigill, kHandleSignalNo,
COMMON_FLAG(HandleSignalMode, handle_sigtrap, kHandleSignalNo,
COMMON_FLAG(HandleSignalMode, handle_sigfpe, kHandleSignalYes,
COMMON_FLAG(bool, allow_user_segv_handler, true,
"Deprecated. True has no effect, use handle_sigbus=1. If false, "
"handle_*=1 will be upgraded to handle_*=2.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, use_sigaltstack, true,
"If set, uses alternate stack for signal handling.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, detect_deadlocks, true,
"If set, deadlock detection is enabled.")
uptr, clear_shadow_mmap_threshold, 64 * 1024,
"Large shadow regions are zero-filled using mmap(NORESERVE) instead of "
"memset(). This is the threshold size in bytes.")
COMMON_FLAG(const char *, color, "auto",
"Colorize reports: (always|never|auto).")
bool, legacy_pthread_cond, false,
"Enables support for dynamic libraries linked with libpthread 2.2.5.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, intercept_tls_get_addr, false, "Intercept __tls_get_addr.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, help, false, "Print the flag descriptions.")
COMMON_FLAG(uptr, mmap_limit_mb, 0,
"Limit the amount of mmap-ed memory (excluding shadow) in Mb; "
"not a user-facing flag, used mosly for testing the tools")
COMMON_FLAG(uptr, hard_rss_limit_mb, 0,
"Hard RSS limit in Mb."
" If non-zero, a background thread is spawned at startup"
" which periodically reads RSS and aborts the process if the"
" limit is reached")
COMMON_FLAG(uptr, soft_rss_limit_mb, 0,
"Soft RSS limit in Mb."
" If non-zero, a background thread is spawned at startup"
" which periodically reads RSS. If the limit is reached"
" all subsequent malloc/new calls will fail or return NULL"
" (depending on the value of allocator_may_return_null)"
" until the RSS goes below the soft limit."
" This limit does not affect memory allocations other than"
" malloc/new.")
COMMON_FLAG(uptr, max_allocation_size_mb, 0,
"If non-zero, malloc/new calls larger than this size will return "
"nullptr (or crash if allocator_may_return_null=false).")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, heap_profile, false, "Experimental heap profiler, asan-only")
COMMON_FLAG(s32, allocator_release_to_os_interval_ms,
((bool)SANITIZER_FUCHSIA || (bool)SANITIZER_WINDOWS) ? -1 : 5000,
"Only affects a 64-bit allocator. If set, tries to release unused "
"memory to the OS, but not more often than this interval (in "
"milliseconds). Negative values mean do not attempt to release "
"memory to the OS.\n")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, can_use_proc_maps_statm, true,
"If false, do not attempt to read /proc/maps/statm."
" Mostly useful for testing sanitizers.")
bool, coverage, false,
"If set, coverage information will be dumped at program shutdown (if the "
"coverage instrumentation was enabled at compile time).")
COMMON_FLAG(const char *, coverage_dir, ".",
"Target directory for coverage dumps. Defaults to the current "
COMMON_FLAG(bool, full_address_space, false,
"Sanitize complete address space; "
"by default kernel area on 32-bit platforms will not be sanitized")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, print_suppressions, true,
"Print matched suppressions at exit.")
bool, disable_coredump, (SANITIZER_WORDSIZE == 64) && !SANITIZER_GO,
"Disable core dumping. By default, disable_coredump=1 on 64-bit to avoid"
" dumping a 16T+ core file. Ignored on OSes that don't dump core by"
" default and for sanitizers that don't reserve lots of virtual memory.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, use_madv_dontdump, true,
"If set, instructs kernel to not store the (huge) shadow "
"in core file.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, symbolize_inline_frames, true,
"Print inlined frames in stacktraces. Defaults to true.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, symbolize_vs_style, false,
"Print file locations in Visual Studio style (e.g: "
" file(10,42): ...")
COMMON_FLAG(int, dedup_token_length, 0,
"If positive, after printing a stack trace also print a short "
"string token based on this number of frames that will simplify "
"deduplication of the reports. "
"Example: 'DEDUP_TOKEN: foo-bar-main'. Default is 0.")
COMMON_FLAG(const char *, stack_trace_format, "DEFAULT",
"Format string used to render stack frames. "
"See sanitizer_stacktrace_printer.h for the format description. "
"Use DEFAULT to get default format.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, no_huge_pages_for_shadow, true,
"If true, the shadow is not allowed to use huge pages. ")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, strict_string_checks, false,
"If set check that string arguments are properly null-terminated")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, intercept_strstr, true,
"If set, uses custom wrappers for strstr and strcasestr functions "
"to find more errors.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, intercept_strspn, true,
"If set, uses custom wrappers for strspn and strcspn function "
"to find more errors.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, intercept_strtok, true,
"If set, uses a custom wrapper for the strtok function "
"to find more errors.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, intercept_strpbrk, true,
"If set, uses custom wrappers for strpbrk function "
"to find more errors.")
bool, intercept_strcmp, true,
"If set, uses custom wrappers for strcmp functions to find more errors.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, intercept_strlen, true,
"If set, uses custom wrappers for strlen and strnlen functions "
"to find more errors.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, intercept_strndup, true,
"If set, uses custom wrappers for strndup functions "
"to find more errors.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, intercept_strchr, true,
"If set, uses custom wrappers for strchr, strchrnul, and strrchr "
"functions to find more errors.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, intercept_memcmp, true,
"If set, uses custom wrappers for memcmp function "
"to find more errors.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, strict_memcmp, true,
"If true, assume that memcmp(p1, p2, n) always reads n bytes before "
"comparing p1 and p2.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, intercept_memmem, true,
"If set, uses a wrapper for memmem() to find more errors.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, intercept_intrin, true,
"If set, uses custom wrappers for memset/memcpy/memmove "
"intrinsics to find more errors.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, intercept_stat, true,
"If set, uses custom wrappers for *stat functions "
"to find more errors.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, intercept_send, true,
"If set, uses custom wrappers for send* functions "
"to find more errors.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, decorate_proc_maps, (bool)SANITIZER_ANDROID,
"If set, decorate sanitizer mappings in /proc/self/maps with "
"user-readable names")
COMMON_FLAG(int, exitcode, 1, "Override the program exit status if the tool "
"found an error")
bool, abort_on_error, (bool)SANITIZER_ANDROID || (bool)SANITIZER_MAC,
"If set, the tool calls abort() instead of _exit() after printing the "
"error report.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, suppress_equal_pcs, true,
"Deduplicate multiple reports for single source location in "
"halt_on_error=false mode (asan only).")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, print_cmdline, false, "Print command line on crash "
"(asan only).")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, html_cov_report, false, "Generate html coverage report.")
COMMON_FLAG(const char *, sancov_path, "sancov", "Sancov tool location.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, dump_instruction_bytes, false,
"If true, dump 16 bytes starting at the instruction that caused SEGV")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, dump_registers, true,
"If true, dump values of CPU registers when SEGV happens. Only "
"available on OS X for now.")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, detect_write_exec, false,
"If true, triggers warning when writable-executable pages requests "
"are being made")
COMMON_FLAG(bool, test_only_emulate_no_memorymap, false,
"TEST ONLY fail to read memory mappings to emulate sanitized "