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//===-- sanitizer_thread_registry.h -----------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file is shared between sanitizer tools.
// General thread bookkeeping functionality.
#include "sanitizer_common.h"
#include "sanitizer_list.h"
#include "sanitizer_mutex.h"
namespace __sanitizer {
enum ThreadStatus {
ThreadStatusInvalid, // Non-existent thread, data is invalid.
ThreadStatusCreated, // Created but not yet running.
ThreadStatusRunning, // The thread is currently running.
ThreadStatusFinished, // Joinable thread is finished but not yet joined.
ThreadStatusDead // Joined, but some info is still available.
enum class ThreadType {
Regular, // Normal thread
Worker, // macOS Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) worker thread
Fiber, // Fiber
// Generic thread context. Specific sanitizer tools may inherit from it.
// If thread is dead, context may optionally be reused for a new thread.
class ThreadContextBase {
explicit ThreadContextBase(u32 tid);
const u32 tid; // Thread ID. Main thread should have tid = 0.
u64 unique_id; // Unique thread ID.
u32 reuse_count; // Number of times this tid was reused.
tid_t os_id; // PID (used for reporting).
uptr user_id; // Some opaque user thread id (e.g. pthread_t).
char name[64]; // As annotated by user.
ThreadStatus status;
bool detached;
ThreadType thread_type;
u32 parent_tid;
ThreadContextBase *next; // For storing thread contexts in a list.
atomic_uint32_t thread_destroyed; // To address race of Joined vs Finished
void SetName(const char *new_name);
void SetDead();
void SetJoined(void *arg);
void SetFinished();
void SetStarted(tid_t _os_id, ThreadType _thread_type, void *arg);
void SetCreated(uptr _user_id, u64 _unique_id, bool _detached,
u32 _parent_tid, void *arg);
void Reset();
void SetDestroyed();
bool GetDestroyed();
// The following methods may be overriden by subclasses.
// Some of them take opaque arg that may be optionally be used
// by subclasses.
virtual void OnDead() {}
virtual void OnJoined(void *arg) {}
virtual void OnFinished() {}
virtual void OnStarted(void *arg) {}
virtual void OnCreated(void *arg) {}
virtual void OnReset() {}
virtual void OnDetached(void *arg) {}
typedef ThreadContextBase* (*ThreadContextFactory)(u32 tid);
class ThreadRegistry {
static const u32 kUnknownTid;
ThreadRegistry(ThreadContextFactory factory, u32 max_threads,
u32 thread_quarantine_size, u32 max_reuse = 0);
void GetNumberOfThreads(uptr *total = nullptr, uptr *running = nullptr,
uptr *alive = nullptr);
uptr GetMaxAliveThreads();
void Lock() { mtx_.Lock(); }
void CheckLocked() { mtx_.CheckLocked(); }
void Unlock() { mtx_.Unlock(); }
// Should be guarded by ThreadRegistryLock.
ThreadContextBase *GetThreadLocked(u32 tid) {
DCHECK_LT(tid, n_contexts_);
return threads_[tid];
u32 CreateThread(uptr user_id, bool detached, u32 parent_tid, void *arg);
typedef void (*ThreadCallback)(ThreadContextBase *tctx, void *arg);
// Invokes callback with a specified arg for each thread context.
// Should be guarded by ThreadRegistryLock.
void RunCallbackForEachThreadLocked(ThreadCallback cb, void *arg);
typedef bool (*FindThreadCallback)(ThreadContextBase *tctx, void *arg);
// Finds a thread using the provided callback. Returns kUnknownTid if no
// thread is found.
u32 FindThread(FindThreadCallback cb, void *arg);
// Should be guarded by ThreadRegistryLock. Return 0 if no thread
// is found.
ThreadContextBase *FindThreadContextLocked(FindThreadCallback cb,
void *arg);
ThreadContextBase *FindThreadContextByOsIDLocked(tid_t os_id);
void SetThreadName(u32 tid, const char *name);
void SetThreadNameByUserId(uptr user_id, const char *name);
void DetachThread(u32 tid, void *arg);
void JoinThread(u32 tid, void *arg);
void FinishThread(u32 tid);
void StartThread(u32 tid, tid_t os_id, ThreadType thread_type, void *arg);
void SetThreadUserId(u32 tid, uptr user_id);
const ThreadContextFactory context_factory_;
const u32 max_threads_;
const u32 thread_quarantine_size_;
const u32 max_reuse_;
BlockingMutex mtx_;
u32 n_contexts_; // Number of created thread contexts,
// at most max_threads_.
u64 total_threads_; // Total number of created threads. May be greater than
// max_threads_ if contexts were reused.
uptr alive_threads_; // Created or running.
uptr max_alive_threads_;
uptr running_threads_;
ThreadContextBase **threads_; // Array of thread contexts is leaked.
IntrusiveList<ThreadContextBase> dead_threads_;
IntrusiveList<ThreadContextBase> invalid_threads_;
void QuarantinePush(ThreadContextBase *tctx);
ThreadContextBase *QuarantinePop();
typedef GenericScopedLock<ThreadRegistry> ThreadRegistryLock;
} // namespace __sanitizer