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2004-09-06 Release Manager
* GCC 3.4.2 released.
2004-07-01 Release Manager
* GCC 3.4.1 released.
2004-04-18 Release Manager
* GCC 3.4.0 released.
2003-02-25 Tim Josling <>
* treetests.exp (run3): set options to force aggressive GC, to
ensure GC is all set up correct,
2002-05-07 Tim Josling <>
* Fix copyright
* a01gcci01.c: Ditto
* a01gcci01.tree: Ditto
* treetests.exp: Ditto
2002-04-13 Tim Josling <>
* treetree.c (tree_code_create_function_initial)
Remove duplicate call to layout_decl
2001-12-02 Tim Josling <>
Ensure directory is built during install (installdirs dependency)
* lex.l
Work around poisoned malloc (undef IN_GCC)
Remove fake definition of tree.
* parse.y
Work around poisoned malloc (undef IN_GCC)
* tree1.c
New front end interface.
(top level) New structure lang_hooks.
(tree_post_options) Remove.
errorcount now a macro so do not define it.
current_nesting_level => work_nesting_level due to clash.
* treelang.h
errorcount now a macro so do not reference it.
* treetree.c
Replace NULL_PTR by NULL.
(tree_code_get_expression) Mark op3 unused.
Do not init builtins.
2001-06-11 Tim Josling <>
* treelang.exp (global) remove COBOL specific code.
2001-05-24 Tim Josling <>
Created this directory and its tests. All derived from the cobol
test swamp which was also all written by me.