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/* This file contains the exception-handling save_world and
* restore_world routines, which need to do a run-time check to see if
* they should save and restore the vector registers.
* Copyright (C) 2004-2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
* This file is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
* Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any
* later version.
* This file is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
* WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* General Public License for more details.
* Under Section 7 of GPL version 3, you are granted additional
* permissions described in the GCC Runtime Library Exception, version
* 3.1, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License and
* a copy of the GCC Runtime Library Exception along with this program;
* see the files COPYING3 and COPYING.RUNTIME respectively. If not, see
* <>.
#ifndef __ppc64__
.machine ppc7400
.align 2
#ifdef __DYNAMIC__
.indirect_symbol __cpu_has_altivec
.long 0
/* For static, "pretend" we have a non-lazy-pointer. */
.long __cpu_has_altivec
.align 2
/* save_world and rest_world save/restore F14-F31 and possibly V20-V31
(assuming you have a CPU with vector registers; we use a global var
provided by the System Framework to determine this.)
SAVE_WORLD takes R0 (the caller`s caller`s return address) and R11
(the stack frame size) as parameters. It returns the updated VRsave
in R0 if we`re on a CPU with vector regs.
For gcc3 onward, we need to save and restore CR as well, since scheduled
prologs can cause comparisons to be moved before calls to save_world.
USES: R0 R11 R12 */
.private_extern save_world
stw r0,8(r1)
mflr r0
bcl 20,31,Ls$pb
Ls$pb: mflr r12
addis r12,r12,ha16(L_has_vec$non_lazy_ptr-Ls$pb)
lwz r12,lo16(L_has_vec$non_lazy_ptr-Ls$pb)(r12)
mtlr r0
lwz r12,0(r12)
/* grab CR */
mfcr r0
/* test HAS_VEC */
cmpwi r12,0
stfd f14,-144(r1)
stfd f15,-136(r1)
stfd f16,-128(r1)
stfd f17,-120(r1)
stfd f18,-112(r1)
stfd f19,-104(r1)
stfd f20,-96(r1)
stfd f21,-88(r1)
stfd f22,-80(r1)
stfd f23,-72(r1)
stfd f24,-64(r1)
stfd f25,-56(r1)
stfd f26,-48(r1)
stfd f27,-40(r1)
stfd f28,-32(r1)
stfd f29,-24(r1)
stfd f30,-16(r1)
stfd f31,-8(r1)
stmw r13,-220(r1)
/* stash CR */
stw r0,4(r1)
/* set R12 pointing at Vector Reg save area */
addi r12,r1,-224
/* allocate stack frame */
stwux r1,r1,r11
/* ...but return if HAS_VEC is zero */
bne+ L$saveVMX
/* Not forgetting to restore CR. */
mtcr r0
/* We're saving Vector regs too. */
/* Restore CR from R0. No More Branches! */
mtcr r0
/* We should really use VRSAVE to figure out which vector regs
we actually need to save and restore. Some other time :-/ */
li r11,-192
stvx v20,r11,r12
li r11,-176
stvx v21,r11,r12
li r11,-160
stvx v22,r11,r12
li r11,-144
stvx v23,r11,r12
li r11,-128
stvx v24,r11,r12
li r11,-112
stvx v25,r11,r12
li r11,-96
stvx v26,r11,r12
li r11,-80
stvx v27,r11,r12
li r11,-64
stvx v28,r11,r12
li r11,-48
stvx v29,r11,r12
li r11,-32
stvx v30,r11,r12
mfspr r0,VRsave
li r11,-16
stvx v31,r11,r12
stw r0,0(r12) /* VRsave lives at -224(R1). */
ori r0,r0,0xfff /* We just saved these. */
mtspr VRsave,r0
/* rest_world is jumped to, not called, so no need to worry about LR.
clobbers R0, R7, R11 and R12. This just undoes the work done above. */
.private_extern rest_world
lwz r11, 0(r1) /* Pickup previous SP */
li r7, 0 /* Stack offset is zero, r10 is ignored. */
b Lrest_world_eh_r7
/* eh_rest_world_r10 is jumped to, not called, so no need to worry about LR.
R10 is the C++ EH stack adjust parameter, we return to the caller`s caller.
clobbers: R0, R7, R11 and R12
uses : R10
RETURNS : C++ EH Data registers (R3 - R6). */
.private_extern eh_rest_world_r10
lwz r11, 0(r1) /* Pickup previous SP */
mr r7,r10 /* Stack offset. */
/* pickup the C++ EH data regs (R3 - R6.) */
lwz r6,-420(r11)
lwz r5,-424(r11)
lwz r4,-428(r11)
lwz r3,-432(r11)
/* Fall through to Lrest_world_eh_r7. */
/* When we are doing the exception-handling epilog, R7 contains the offset to
add to the SP.
clobbers: R0, R11 and R12
uses : R7. */
/* See if we have Altivec. */
bcl 20,31,Lr7$pb
Lr7$pb: mflr r12
addis r12,r12,ha16(L_has_vec$non_lazy_ptr-Lr7$pb)
lwz r12,lo16(L_has_vec$non_lazy_ptr-Lr7$pb)(r12)
lwz r12,0(r12) /* R12 := HAS_VEC */
cmpwi r12,0
lmw r13,-220(r11)
beq L.rest_world_fp_eh
/* We have Altivec, restore VRsave and V20..V31 */
lwz r0,-224(r11)
li r12,-416
mtspr VRsave,r0
lvx v20,r11,r12
li r12,-400
lvx v21,r11,r12
li r12,-384
lvx v22,r11,r12
li r12,-368
lvx v23,r11,r12
li r12,-352
lvx v24,r11,r12
li r12,-336
lvx v25,r11,r12
li r12,-320
lvx v26,r11,r12
li r12,-304
lvx v27,r11,r12
li r12,-288
lvx v28,r11,r12
li r12,-272
lvx v29,r11,r12
li r12,-256
lvx v30,r11,r12
li r12,-240
lvx v31,r11,r12
lwz r0,4(r11) /* recover saved CR */
lfd f14,-144(r11)
lfd f15,-136(r11)
lfd f16,-128(r11)
lfd f17,-120(r11)
lfd f18,-112(r11)
lfd f19,-104(r11)
lfd f20,-96(r11)
lfd f21,-88(r11)
lfd f22,-80(r11)
lfd f23,-72(r11)
lfd f24,-64(r11)
lfd f25,-56(r11)
lfd f26,-48(r11)
lfd f27,-40(r11)
lfd f28,-32(r11)
lfd f29,-24(r11)
lfd f30,-16(r11)
mtcr r0 /* restore the saved cr. */
lwz r0, 8(r11) /* Pick up the 'real' return address. */
lfd f31,-8(r11)
mtctr r0 /* exception-handler ret. address */
add r1,r11,r7 /* set SP to original value + R7 offset */
/* we should never be called on ppc64 for this ... */
/* Done. */