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<chapter xmlns="" version="5.0"
xml:id="std.atomics" xreflabel="Atomics">
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<keyword>ISO C++</keyword>
Facilities for atomic operations.
<!-- Sect1 01 : API -->
<section xml:id="std.atomics.api"><info><title>API Reference</title></info>
All items are declared in the standard header
file <filename>atomic</filename>.
Set of typedefs that map <type>int</type> to
<classname>atomic_int</classname>, and so on for all builtin
integral types. Global enumeration <type>memory_order</type> to
control memory ordering. Also includes
<classname>atomic</classname>, a class template with member
functions such as <function>load</function> and
<function>store</function> that is instantiable such that
<classname>atomic_int</classname> is the base class of
Full API details.
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