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/* jit.c -- Dummy "frontend" for use during JIT-compilation.
Copyright (C) 2013-2020 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This file is part of GCC.
GCC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any later
GCC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GCC; see the file COPYING3. If not see
<>. */
#include "config.h"
#include "system.h"
#include "coretypes.h"
#include "jit-playback.h"
#include "stor-layout.h"
#include "debug.h"
#include "langhooks.h"
#include "langhooks-def.h"
#include "diagnostic.h"
#include <mpfr.h>
/* Language-dependent contents of a type. */
struct GTY(()) lang_type
char dummy;
/* Language-dependent contents of a decl. */
struct GTY((variable_size)) lang_decl
char dummy;
/* Language-dependent contents of an identifier. This must include a
tree_identifier. */
struct GTY(()) lang_identifier
struct tree_identifier common;
/* The resulting tree type. */
union GTY((desc ("TREE_CODE (&%h.generic) == IDENTIFIER_NODE"),
chain_next ("CODE_CONTAINS_STRUCT (TREE_CODE (&%h.generic), TS_COMMON) ? ((union lang_tree_node *) TREE_CHAIN (&%h.generic)) : NULL")))
union tree_node GTY((tag ("0"),
desc ("tree_node_structure (&%h)"))) generic;
struct lang_identifier GTY((tag ("1"))) identifier;
/* We don't use language_function. */
struct GTY(()) language_function
int dummy;
/* GC-marking callback for use from jit_root_tab.
If there's an active playback context, call its marking method
so that it can mark any pointers it references. */
static void my_ggc_walker (void *)
if (gcc::jit::active_playback_ctxt)
gcc::jit::active_playback_ctxt->gt_ggc_mx ();
const char *dummy;
struct ggc_root_tab jit_root_tab[] =
&dummy, 1, 0, my_ggc_walker, NULL
/* JIT-specific implementation of diagnostic callbacks. */
/* Implementation of "begin_diagnostic". */
static void
jit_begin_diagnostic (diagnostic_context */*context*/,
diagnostic_info */*diagnostic*/)
gcc_assert (gcc::jit::active_playback_ctxt);
JIT_LOG_SCOPE (gcc::jit::active_playback_ctxt->get_logger ());
/* No-op (apart from logging); the real error-handling is done in the
"end_diagnostic" hook. */
/* Implementation of "end_diagnostic". */
static void
jit_end_diagnostic (diagnostic_context *context,
diagnostic_info *diagnostic,
gcc_assert (gcc::jit::active_playback_ctxt);
JIT_LOG_SCOPE (gcc::jit::active_playback_ctxt->get_logger ());
/* Delegate to the playback context (and thence to the
recording context). */
gcc::jit::active_playback_ctxt->add_diagnostic (context, diagnostic);
/* Language hooks. */
static bool
jit_langhook_init (void)
gcc_assert (gcc::jit::active_playback_ctxt);
JIT_LOG_SCOPE (gcc::jit::active_playback_ctxt->get_logger ());
static bool registered_root_tab = false;
if (!registered_root_tab)
ggc_register_root_tab (jit_root_tab);
registered_root_tab = true;
gcc_assert (global_dc);
global_dc->begin_diagnostic = jit_begin_diagnostic;
global_dc->end_diagnostic = jit_end_diagnostic;
build_common_tree_nodes (false);
/* I don't know why this has to be done explicitly. */
void_list_node = build_tree_list (NULL_TREE, void_type_node);
build_common_builtin_nodes ();
/* The default precision for floating point numbers. This is used
for floating point constants with abstract type. This may
eventually be controllable by a command line option. */
mpfr_set_default_prec (256);
return true;
static void
jit_langhook_parse_file (void)
/* Replay the activity by the client, recorded on the context. */
gcc_assert (gcc::jit::active_playback_ctxt);
gcc::jit::active_playback_ctxt->replay ();
static tree
jit_langhook_type_for_mode (machine_mode mode, int unsignedp)
/* Build any vector types here (see PR 46805). */
if (VECTOR_MODE_P (mode))
tree inner;
inner = jit_langhook_type_for_mode (GET_MODE_INNER (mode), unsignedp);
if (inner != NULL_TREE)
return build_vector_type_for_mode (inner, mode);
return NULL_TREE;
if (mode == TYPE_MODE (float_type_node))
return float_type_node;
if (mode == TYPE_MODE (double_type_node))
return double_type_node;
if (mode == TYPE_MODE (intQI_type_node))
return unsignedp ? unsigned_intQI_type_node : intQI_type_node;
if (mode == TYPE_MODE (intHI_type_node))
return unsignedp ? unsigned_intHI_type_node : intHI_type_node;
if (mode == TYPE_MODE (intSI_type_node))
return unsignedp ? unsigned_intSI_type_node : intSI_type_node;
if (mode == TYPE_MODE (intDI_type_node))
return unsignedp ? unsigned_intDI_type_node : intDI_type_node;
if (mode == TYPE_MODE (intTI_type_node))
return unsignedp ? unsigned_intTI_type_node : intTI_type_node;
if (mode == TYPE_MODE (integer_type_node))
return unsignedp ? unsigned_type_node : integer_type_node;
if (mode == TYPE_MODE (long_integer_type_node))
return unsignedp ? long_unsigned_type_node : long_integer_type_node;
if (mode == TYPE_MODE (long_long_integer_type_node))
return unsignedp ? long_long_unsigned_type_node : long_long_integer_type_node;
if (COMPLEX_MODE_P (mode))
if (mode == TYPE_MODE (complex_float_type_node))
return complex_float_type_node;
if (mode == TYPE_MODE (complex_double_type_node))
return complex_double_type_node;
if (mode == TYPE_MODE (complex_long_double_type_node))
return complex_long_double_type_node;
if (mode == TYPE_MODE (complex_integer_type_node) && !unsignedp)
return complex_integer_type_node;
/* gcc_unreachable */
return NULL;
/* Record a builtin function. We just ignore builtin functions. */
static tree
jit_langhook_builtin_function (tree decl)
return decl;
static bool
jit_langhook_global_bindings_p (void)
gcc_unreachable ();
return true;
static tree
jit_langhook_pushdecl (tree decl ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED)
gcc_unreachable ();
static tree
jit_langhook_getdecls (void)
return NULL;
#define LANG_HOOKS_NAME "libgccjit"
#define LANG_HOOKS_INIT jit_langhook_init
#define LANG_HOOKS_PARSE_FILE jit_langhook_parse_file
#define LANG_HOOKS_TYPE_FOR_MODE jit_langhook_type_for_mode
#define LANG_HOOKS_BUILTIN_FUNCTION jit_langhook_builtin_function
#define LANG_HOOKS_GLOBAL_BINDINGS_P jit_langhook_global_bindings_p
#define LANG_HOOKS_PUSHDECL jit_langhook_pushdecl
#define LANG_HOOKS_GETDECLS jit_langhook_getdecls
struct lang_hooks lang_hooks = LANG_HOOKS_INITIALIZER;
#include "gt-jit-dummy-frontend.h"
#include "gtype-jit.h"