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! { dg-do run }
! Test of explicit attach/detach clauses and attachment counters. There are no
! acc_attach/acc_detach API routines in Fortran.
program dtype
use openacc
implicit none
integer, parameter :: n = 512
type mytype
integer, allocatable :: a(:)
end type mytype
integer i
type(mytype) :: var
call acc_copyin(var)
call acc_copyin(var%a)
!$acc enter data attach(var%a)
!$acc parallel loop attach(var%a)
do i = 1,n
var%a(i) = i
end do
!$acc end parallel loop
!$acc exit data detach(var%a)
call acc_copyout(var%a)
call acc_copyout(var)
do i = 1,n
if (i .ne. var%a(i)) stop 1
end do
end program dtype