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/* Compiler implementation of the D programming language
* Copyright (C) 1999-2021 by The D Language Foundation, All Rights Reserved
* written by Walter Bright
* Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
#pragma once
It is very important to use version control macros correctly - the
idea is that host and target are independent. If these are done
correctly, cross compilers can be built.
The host compiler and host operating system are also different,
and are predefined by the host compiler. The ones used in
dmd are:
Macros defined by the compiler, not the code:
__DMC__ Digital Mars compiler
_MSC_VER Microsoft compiler
__GNUC__ Gnu compiler
__clang__ Clang compiler
Host operating system:
_WIN32 Microsoft NT, Windows 95, Windows 98, Win32s,
Windows 2000, Win XP, Vista
_WIN64 Windows for AMD64
__linux__ Linux
__FreeBSD__ FreeBSD
__OpenBSD__ OpenBSD
__sun Solaris, OpenSolaris, SunOS, OpenIndiana, etc
For the target systems, there are the target operating system and
the target object file format:
Target operating system:
TARGET_WINDOS Covers 32 bit windows and 64 bit windows
TARGET_LINUX Covers 32 and 64 bit linux
TARGET_OSX Covers 32 and 64 bit Mac OSX
TARGET_FREEBSD Covers 32 and 64 bit FreeBSD
TARGET_OPENBSD Covers 32 and 64 bit OpenBSD
TARGET_SOLARIS Covers 32 and 64 bit Solaris
It is expected that the compiler for each platform will be able
to generate 32 and 64 bit code from the same compiler binary.
There are currently no macros for byte endianness order.
#include "root/dsystem.h"
#ifdef __DMC__
#ifdef DEBUG
#undef assert
#define assert(e) (static_cast<void>((e) || (printf("assert %s(%d) %s\n", __FILE__, __LINE__, #e), halt())))
void unittests();
struct OutBuffer;
#include "globals.h"
#include "root/ctfloat.h"
#include "complex_t.h"
#include "errors.h"
class Dsymbol;
class Library;
struct File;
void obj_start(char *srcfile);
void obj_end(Library *library, File *objfile);
void obj_append(Dsymbol *s);
void obj_write_deferred(Library *library);
/// Utility functions used by both main and frontend.
void readFile(Loc loc, File *f);
void writeFile(Loc loc, File *f);
void ensurePathToNameExists(Loc loc, const char *name);
const char *importHint(const char *s);
/// Little helper function for writing out deps.
void escapePath(OutBuffer *buf, const char *fname);