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# This list is from t-elf, but with lots removed.
LIB1ASMFUNCS += _dvmd_tls _bb_init_func _call_via_rX _interwork_call_via_rX \
_clzsi2 _clzdi2 _ctzsi2
# Derived from t-bpabi
# Add the BPABI C functions.
LIB2ADD += $(srcdir)/config/arm/unaligned-funcs.c
# Not using libgcc for EH.
# Add the BPABI names.
SHLIB_MAPFILES += $(srcdir)/config/arm/libgcc-bpabi.ver
# On ARM, specifying -fnon-call-exceptions will needlessly pull in
# the unwinder in simple programs which use 64-bit division. Omitting
# the option is safe.