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# Turn off the SDA while compiling libgcc2. There are no headers for it
# and we want maximal upward compatibility here.
# We need to use -fpic when we are using gcc to compile the routines in
# initfini.c. This is only really needed when we are going to use gcc/g++
# to produce a shared library, but since we don't know ahead of time when
# we will be doing that, we just always use -fpic when compiling the
# routines in initfini.c.
# -fpic currently isn't supported for the m32r.
# FIXME: No longer true. Empty CRTSTUFF_T_CFLAGS is the default.
# .init/.fini section routines
crtinit.o: $(srcdir)/config/m32r/initfini.c
$(crt_compile) $(CRTSTUFF_T_CFLAGS) -DCRT_INIT \
-finhibit-size-directive -fno-inline-functions -g0 \
-mmodel=medium -c $<
crtfini.o: $(srcdir)/config/m32r/initfini.c
$(crt_compile) $(CRTSTUFF_T_CFLAGS) -DCRT_FINI \
-finhibit-size-directive -fno-inline-functions -g0 \
-mmodel=medium -c $<